Put that in a graph

Ruth Davidson has gone, and the gushing eulogies from clueless people who know the square root of hee haw about Scottish politics are already in full flow. All of them ignore the elephant in the Ruthroom, the fact that the only future her career had left was behind her, and all that lay in front was humiliation and defeat. Her career was always buoyed up by the ignorance of a media establishment which knew nothing about Scotland, and the British establishment in Scotland’s desperate need for a saviour from an independence movement that only grows stronger and more entrenched in Scottish politics with every passing slight from Westminster.

On BBC Newsnight last night, the Tory pundit Iain Dale ruefully predicted that without Ruth at the helm, the Scottish Conservatives were facing the likelihood of electoral wipeout in the snap General Election that is being widely forecast. No Iain. That was going to happen anyway, and it’s one of the main reasons why Ruth has decided to resign now. The very best that she could have done is to assist in the damage limitation exercise.

Although she couched her resignation in terms of wishing to spend more time with her young child, it’s pretty obvious that had her political career and ambitions been going wonderfully, that resignation speech today is one that she would not have made. She would certainly not have made it on the very same day that there’s a Holyrood by-election in Shetland. She was so alienated that she couldn’t even wait until Monday. What a shame for poor Brydon Goodlad, the Tory candidate in Shetland who has “Ruth Davidson’s candidate” plastered all over his electoral leaflets. Well I say “shame”, what I really mean is “ha ha”.

Certain media outlets are falling over themselves to distance Ruth’s resignation from Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s annointment as Conservative leader and his drive for a hard Brexit. This is a damage limitation exercise of their own, a transparent attempt to minimise the political damage that her resignation creates for the British Government and the anti-independence campaign. After all, if the leader of the political party most closely associated with opposition to independence has resigned because she can’t put up with Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his plans for Brexit, why should Scotland have to put up with it? So I believe the protestations that Ruth’s resignation had nothing to do with Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson in the exact same way that I believe Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s claim that his decision to prorogue Parliament had nothing to do with silencing MPs and depriving them of the opportunity to scupper his Brexit plans.

For the independence movement, the downside of losing Ruth as leader of the Tories is that we can now expect her to embark on a career on a telly studio sofa somewhere. And when the next Scottish independence referendum campaign starts officially, we can certainly expect some Ruthterventions. That’s something we can live with. However the inescapable fact for the Scotland in Union brigade is that their golden girl has resigned because even she can see that what the British government is proposing for the UK and for Scotland is damaging, unsupportable, and untenable. Put that in a graph.

Ross Thomson issued a statement about Ruth’s resignation. It was the sort of statement that made you go “Aaaawww … bless” as you realised that Ross actually thinks that people care about what he’s got to say. Of course nowhere in the statement did Ross display the slightest recognition that his constant undermining of Ruth’s authority with his support for a hard Brexit and his embarrassing behaviour might just have played a role in leading to her decision to resign. But then if he possessed that degree of self-awareness he’d never have put out a statement in the first place.

The question now for opponents of Scottish independence is who is going to lead the Tories in Scotland, and even more importantly, who is going to front the naw campaign in a second Scottish independence referendum.

I strongly suspect, although it’s the last thing that she would have wanted to mention, that one of the factors leading to Ruth’s resignation was the prospect of heading a losing No campaign in another independence referendum. Brexit made Ruth’s personal position untenable. She’d have been leading a No campaign which sought to keep Scotland out of the EU along with the rest of the UK, and all the while Yes campaigners would have been throwing back ever pro-EU comment she’s ever made in her face. She’d go into the history books as the Unionist who broke the Union, the woman who led the British state into its greatest defeat in Scotland.

Those of us who support independence have criticised Ruth – correctly – as a media construct. She was always bereft of political substance, her biggest strength was that she knew how to manipulate a British media in Scotland that was desperately in search of a Saviour of the Union after the Labour party crashed and burned. Her close ties to the media in Scotland were instrumental in raising her profile and building her up into the figure she became. She gave good photo ops, and that played well with the press. Her successor will not enjoy that same relationship, and will struggle to build the same media and public profile. That will be especially true if, as is likely to be the case, her successor is a middle class white man who is very much in the Tory patrician mould. That’s the kind of person who will struggle to appeal beyond the traditional base of Conservative support in Scotland.

Ruth Davidson may have presented a new modern image of liberal Conservatism, but she led a party that was and is still full of unreconstructed sectarian bigots, racists, and extremists. Their new leader will be drawn from those ranks. Her resignation will only have emboldened those extreme elements which she herself did nothing to quash or to distance herself from. The Tories have killed themselves with Brexit, and they’ve destroyed any chances that they ever had of keeping Scotland within the UK. They only have themselves to blame.

There’s very little that’s predictable in politics these days. As I write this we are still waiting to hear the decision from the court case in Edinburgh where anti-Brexit politicians are seeking a ruling that the UK Government’s decision to prorogue Parliament is illegal. A decision is due tomorrow morning. The plaintiffs, led by the SNP’s estimable Joanna Cherry, are arguing that the British Government’s decision to prorogue Parliament runs contrary to the Scots legal doctrine that Scotland is a legally limited monarchy, and that the power of the crown cannot be used “in violation of the kingdom”. That distinct Scots legal tradition was maintained and enshrined in the Treaty of Union of 1707, it was not superceded or abolished by it.

Should the court rule that Scots law has indeed been broken by the British Government, it will only strengthen the resolve of that large section of the Conservative party in the rest of the UK that it would accept Scottish independence as the price of forcing through Brexit. A Scotland that is seen to stand in the way of Brexit will unleash howls of outrage from the English nationalism which is the motive force of this current government.

Ruth Davidson has stood down because her single policy was to say No to independence, yet she’s faced with a British government which has only fuelled the need and appetite for it. She has belatedly realised that she was leading a party which is the unwitting midwife of Scottish independence.

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58 comments on “Put that in a graph

  1. Statgeek says:

    The Scottish Tories have the same problem Scottish Labour had in 2014. Putting party HQ ahead of people. See where they are now. Probably suggests what seats the Tories have now are off elsewhere at the next election, more than ever.

    Seeing Scottish media types struggling to get Ruth or the new heid bummer was a hoot. I look forward to seeing a gradual shift in the Scottish media, as more and more journos awake to the idea that they too are being used by Scottish politicians.

    All Scotland needs is 2-3 regular articles in 2-3 regular papers, and folk will start to get a better picture. I’m not suggesting they lay off the SNP et al, but treat the unionist politicians in a similar manner.

  2. I heard a eulogy for Davidson on the BBC2 news between 9 and 10 this morning delivered by, I think, a former advisor to Cameron. I went from incredulity to laughing out loud as he described in loving terms the ‘high standards’ of Davidson and how she held all elected reps to the same high standards.

    How dare she cite pressures of motherhood as a reason to resign. She has more support and a whole lot more resources than the women through history who had to work and be mothers as well. Interesting to see she seems to think that being an MSP is not a job as will interfere with her mothering of her wean.

    • Millsy says:

      … nor will all the upcoming media interviews , celebrity appearances , TV guest appearances , chat shows , Strictly etc… none of these calls on her precious ‘family’ time will in any way disrupt her mothering of her child .
      Perhaps she’ll write a book – ” How I singlehandedly saved the Union , while breastfeeding , driving a tank and taming a water buffalo ”.

  3. fillofficer says:

    yep, dug
    even a neck as brassy as hers aint gonna handle the mayhem about to unfold
    sad innit (naw)
    prepare for a tumultuous couple o weeks
    canny hardly contain mesel

  4. Shagpile says:

    Nail hit head!

    Unionistas always make the best case for the independentistas. Please do not interrupt them on their vision of Britishness….

  5. Cubby says:

    Davidson has gone gone because she saw the writing on the wall.

    The biggest letters on the wall were the polls showing that the Tories in Scotland would all but be wiped out if there is an GE. She wants to go out a “winner” in her mind and the stupid Britnat medias mind and let the next Tory leader carry the can for the wipeout. They can then say if only Truthless was still leader it would have been so different. Delusional Tory Britnats.

  6. Welsh Sion says:

    I actually wrote this parable some years ago when there were tensions between Ruthie and Cameron (remember him?). I have also been selective of the original in highlighting only her ‘problem’, but if you wish to read the whole story and the problems other Scottish politicians have asked Catriona Alba to solve for them, let me know.

    19. (of 60.)

    Dear Catriona I …

    Hey girls! We’re pleased to announce a new feature to your magazine of choice, New Scotswoman Today. An experienced and esteemed journalist, Catriona Alba has decided to write for us in the capacity of agony aunt. She has a long and proud history of resolving disputes and of empathising with her readers. We invite you therefore, ladies and gentlemen (no sexism here at New Scotswoman Today), to write in with any problems you may have, and Catriona will answer them for you. Here is a selection of what Catriona has already received.
    The Editor, New Scotswoman Today.


    2 Dear Catriona,

    I am fearful of losing my job. I have been, I believe, a good employee to my boss, in trying to deliver his goods to as many people as I can. However, it seems that no matter how highly I praise his goods, the customers are not buying. When I tell my boss this, he says I should push the goods harder. He doesn’t seem to listen to me either. So, I’m caught between a rock and a hard place – if I can’t shift these goods soon, I’m sure my boss will blame me and sack me. And the people are not buying our produce.

    I really need your help, Catriona. Please help!

    Ruth D.


    • Daisy Walker says:

      Dear Ruth, you say you’ve tried hard, but have you considered selling your wares from on top of a Buffalo? Or a Tank?

      Until these options are exhausted you really can’t say you’ve given your all.

      Kind regards


  7. bringiton says:

    Now that the Tories are effectively the Conservative and Democratic Unionist party,why not ask Arlene to take over the running of the Celtic fringe?
    In that event,Scotland might get some bungs from BoJo to top up our Barnetts.
    No Surrender.

  8. Andy says:

    I think the new leader will be a mirror image of the new Scottish Secretary a hard right wing tory

  9. Petra says:

    I thought that we had seen the last of Davidson but have just heard on the news that she’ll continue as MSP for Edinburgh Central until 2021 …. Mwaaa!

    Paul says, ”Anti-Brexit politicians are seeking a ruling that the UK Government’s decision to prorogue Parliament is illegal. A decision is due tomorrow morning. The plaintiffs, led by the SNP’s estimable Joanna Cherry, are arguing that the British Government’s decision to prorogue Parliament runs contrary to the Scots legal doctrine that Scotland is a legally limited monarchy, and that the power of the crown cannot be used “in violation of the kingdom”. That distinct Scots legal tradition was maintained and enshrined in the Treaty of Union of 1707, it was not superceded or abolished by it.”

    This should be interesting. Now we’re getting right into the legal / monarchical divarication between Kingdoms and not before time. Seemingly Roddy Dunlop QC, representing the UK government, has said that proroguing is an exercise which the Queen alone could enter into, and it’s not a matter for the courts. ”Queen alone?” A bit of a farce, don’t you think? What’s the point of asking someone, a sole person, to do something if they are bound to say yes anyway? What’s the point of her being Queen of Scots when she’s constantly dishonoring her duty towards us? Additionally none of ”it” justifies £70 million a year, some of which is Scottish tax-payers money. It’s a bit like forking out for the BBC license for them in turn to stab us in the back.

  10. velofello says:

    Davidson, a glib nonentity, supported by a craven media has gone. Glad tidings.

  11. Alba Laddie says:

    After witnessing a gutful of nauseating paeans to the one-truck pony Davidson, in our illustrious media I was cheered at the detail in Joanna Cherry’s quite brilliant petition to the Court of Session. I think military strategists would label it as a “pincer movement “.

    If the Court upholds it, it thankfully does establish the supreme sovereignty of the Scottish people, and the bonus ball is it will feed the narrative of the “Scots needed to be put in their place” and subsequently boost the next Indy Yes vote.

    If the court rejects it, cue the crowing of the right-wing media and the self loathers in the batshit SIU, and once again boost the Yes vote next time round.

    Win-win really…you couldn’t resign every day Ruthie, could you?

  12. J Galt says:

    Davidson gave the game away at her press conference – Johnson is going to rehash May’s deal and the remainers will pass it this time. The EU will provide some necessary fig leaves for Johnson to hide behind.

    To do this he needs a Queen’s Speech, May’s deal cannot be re-introduced without one. This has been missed in all the ranting and raving.

    • Daisy Walker says:

      With respect – May’s deal – however cosmetically altered – simply has to have an Irish Backstop which effectively moves the border to the sea.

      In so doing it means Scotland has a different trading arrangement from another part of the UK which is a fundamental breach of the terms of Treaty of Union.

      • Petra says:

        Spot on Daisy. Caught in a trap of their own making. Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp made the case in an excellent article .. which I’m still trying to dig out, lol.

  13. Petra says:

    Well worth a read .. https://twitter.com/GrayInGlasgow

    Now we are getting right down the nitty bl**dy gritty. If it comes to pass that we don’t win this case due to some legal ”Westminster loophole”, we will at least have shaken many individuals to the core, in particular Queen Elizabeth1. It’s a start (continue to use it) followed by involving the EU and UN if this crowd of chancers think that they are going to get away with stymieng our objective .. FREEDOM.

    LOVE IT …

    Counsel: The Claim of Right said ‘evil & wicked counsellors’ could not abuse the legal basis of the constitution of Scotland. Petitioners joke that it is too tempting to consider the similarities to events yesterday.

    Counsel: Idea that a Scottish Court cannot bind the Parliament in London is nonsense. Sovereign exists in Scotland & is subject to its court. Actions are now also being raised in England & Northern Ireland.

    Counsel quotes 1840 decision of Lord President Hope: Supreme Courts of every civilised country have power to compel every person in our noble constitution the law can compel the sovereign himself to do his duty & to restrain him from exceeding his duty.

    The petitioners case is partly based on the independent Scottish constitutional tradition that the monarch is in part subject to public responsibilities – to the people & the law. Her role is to serve, not to rule.

    The sovereign is not above the law, this has always been the tradition in Scots law. This is not an autocracy, of divine right. There is a duty of a constitutional monarch to revoke orders based on an abuse of power.

  14. Petra says:

    Annie Wells was on Scotland Tonight, lol, helping to raise support for Independence. Good idea … NOT … by the Scottish Tories to allow Wells anywhere near a microphone.

    Rona Dougall tried to push the Ruth Davidson ‘mammy” resignation line. Michelle Thompson (and a female Labour politician) put paid to that one, big time. Michelle in fact did a great job in tearing Davidson’s ”legacy” apart until help me Ron(d)a shut her up by saying bye-bye.


    What about helping someone out? Someone who is trying to help us out. A pound or two from all of us would make a massive difference.

    Tartanpigsy says, ”Boring and repetitive as I may be, perhaps the fact that this is now attracting yoon trolls on Twitter might make some of you swithering as to the need for yet more flags and paraphernalia get those dusty wallets out and ease my increasing blood pressure. http://www.gofundme.com/f/the-return-of-10000-flags-for-yes


    Wow Shetland postal votes … 2,414 of 11,835 in total. High time that we adopted the Northern Irish system, imo. And just to scunner you all Alistair Carmichael, the 1 million pound, blatant liar, is there.

    ”00.25pm: Returning officer Jan Riise has just announced voting figures of 11,835 – or 66.5 per cent of the electorate. The postal vote of 2,414 was a whopping return of 83 per cent and 9,421 ballot papers were cast at station, a 63 per cent return.”


  15. ScotsCanuck says:

    …. oh! so bloody true, Paul …. all I would add to your analysis of the latter day “Britannica” is …… ain’t Karma a bitch …. and I concur with previous Posters ….. I’ll shed few tears for the Red, White & Blue “Tank Commander” .

  16. Bob Lamont says:

    About as reasonable a view and reflection as could be expected on Davidson’s resignation, the future for the Tory Party looks bleak in Scotland, and SMSM have lost their figurehead with not a hope of building mystique for the replacement before the next GE.
    @Statgeek said it best – “The Scottish Tories have the same problem Scottish Labour had in 2014. Putting party HQ ahead of people.”
    Traditional party politics has been failing generally in the UK and Scotland in particular for some time, but the nasty aspects of Westminster have infuriated many.
    The manipulators have nailed “No Deal” to their mast with the “will of the majority” tagline, in full knowledge public opinion had swung against Brexit two years ago, long before “No Deal” became the target of choice by the elites, and a blot on the landscape was made PM.
    Public anger is building, the media promotion of Johnson’s increased majority at the next GE is looking shaky, even the Mirage torymk2PLC tactic may backfire spectacularly, but nobody is in any doubt Scotland is taking a different path.
    Davidson’s resignation may yet prove to be tactical, a temporary shelter until the shitstorm passes. Despite her ideological ties to Union, she will be acutely aware the Union she once believed in is no more, and the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

  17. Macart says:

    Libdem vote down by 19.6. and Labour in 6th place. Jinkies!

    That’ll leave a mark.

    • Daisy Walker says:

      I am reminded of when Rosanna Cunningham first ran against Nicki Fairbairn in Perth, didn’t quite get there first time, but got it over the line the next time.

      That Shetland laddie should stand again. We are getting there.

      • Macart says:

        Both Conservatives and Labour losing their deposit. Libdem vote savaged and SNP vote up by a little over 9%. All on the same day that Shouty McShouty exits the stage and nary a peep out of Rumbly Lumberjack.

        Not too bad an end to the week Daisy.

        • Daisy Walker says:

          Aye, getting there.

          This court case is an absolute wee stinker – in the very best sense of the word;)

          I do hope Ms Cherry looks out and submits the footage of Boris referring to Westminster as ‘England’s Parliament’. I have a feeling that could become rather relevant.

  18. Alba woman says:

    For the SNP to take Shetland would have been equivalent in England to Jeremy Corbyn’s lot taking a seat in deepest darkest Buckinghamshire.

    I’m with Macart…..the result will leave a mark….a large one.

  19. Welsh Sion says:

    All this stuff about Ruthie spending more time with her baby.

    Don’t we remember all the hoo-ha that was made of Jo Swinson taking her baby to work and how she was a wonderful juggler of being a politician and looking after her offspring? You can’t have it both ways, MSM.

    Or better yet – take a look at Jacinda Arden. She’s even PM of her country and still manages to find time between governing New Zealand and taking care of her baby.

    Call it for what it is. This ‘looking after baby’ line is a smokescreen, pish and tush, a nonsense.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Indeed, but everything about the Davidson MSM-creation has been a smokescreen…

    • If someone on zero hours contract gave up their job to spend more time with their kids, especially the third or fourth child whom caring Supermom Davidson refuses to financially support, their personal adviser at the Job Centre would stop their benefits for six weeks or more.
      Ruth would have other folks’ children starve, by UCS edict.

      Ruth Davidson is still trousering £1200 a week plus expenses as a ‘backbencher’, where she and her mates Cole Hamilton and Jenny Mara can idle the hours away helping each other complete the Herald Britland Xword.

      The incredible fake emotion charged Resignation Speech in front of the obliging Dead Tree Scrolls and TV crews was a disgusting insult to Scotland and its citizens.

      This woman represents a Government which has brought us food banks, the Rape Clause, the Bedroom Tax, £32 billion in cuts to the Welfare State, and society destroying policies in England, which she would readily visit on Scotland, if we had been mug enough to let her, which have brought about the collapse of the NHS, (There are 100,000 NHS vacancies Down there) Law and Order (20,000 police sacked, to the extent that they are suggesting sending 300 Scots Officers to NI to patrol the Border and provide target practice for the psychos Over There), sacked 500,000 public servants (Yes, you too, Poser Cole Hamilton) sees teachers feeding pupils, and, according to a UN Report, sent 120,000 UK citizens (and counting) to premature deaths through austerity cuts (Fucking ‘austerity’ = Final Solution?) since 2010.

      There are reports of suicides because of benefits sanctions.
      And the media give this awful little woman a platform for a tear filled Mother Courage speech?

      What a corrupt little Scotia Establishment network runs through our country (that’s Scotland, Willie Rennie) like a cancer slowly but surely killing society.

      I wonder how many parents out there get two weeks off at Christmas, and Easter, and 10 weeks in the summer plus to half term weeks in February and October, on full pay, and would moan about the pressure of work?

      I am beyond reason now.

      • Jack, you forgot about talk of rationing. Rationing, fucking rationing, in the 21st century, unbelievable.

        • And the head of NHS England announces that there will be a shortage of ‘Flu jabs this winter.
          When England catches a cold, Scotland will get pneumonia.
          I’m 72 this winter. It may be my last because of Ruth Davidson and Boris Johnson.
          But never worry, JK Rowling and her best buddies, Gordie Broon and Lord Daling of Flipper are all filthy rich, and got a further 5% tax cut by their Blue Tory soul mate, David Cameron.

          But, but, Gordon Brown has negotiated and extension to Article 50…
          The Mad Men of the Dinosaur Age.
          I am more than convinced that Tom Gordon is his love child, hence the Cut and Pastry nonsense in the Herald Britland today.
          WE are being manipulated by the Scottish Elite. Or so they think.

      • John McLeod says:

        Those who see themselves as born to rule need go-betweens to explain their actions to the majority of the population, in a way that makes such policies seem sensible and necessary. They cannot allow the horror, suffering and destruction they have unleashed to be open to scrutiny. When they run out of go-betweens the fall-back position is always violence.

  20. Charles McGregor says:

    Assuming the Court of Session retains its integrity by ruling the suspension of Parliament at a time of constitutional crisis unlawful, there will be an immediate appeal.

    In that instance I wonder whether the CoS, if they can, will refer it straight to the ECJ rather than the Supreme Court. I believe matters challenging the democratic nature of a member state’s governance come within the ECJ’s purview.

    A democratic election system is, of course, a requirement for members as per the acquis.

    There are already murmurings in the EU as to whether the suspension should be challenged from there anyway.

    • Charles McGregor says:

      Well the Court of Session has disgraced itself and Scotland by rejecting the action to block Boris’s suspension.

      • Robert Graham says:

        I just wonder if the Honorable judge received a visit last night from people possibly carrying a non descript little folder , just saying like .The security services apparently have files on every single prominent member of the elite ruling class , just in case one day its required .
        Today might have just been that day .

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Not sure I’d be quite so critical Charles..
      – “I am not satisfied that it has been demonstrated that there is a need for an interim suspension or an interim interdict to be granted at this stage.”
      -The full case will be heard before 9 September – the first possible date that parliament can be suspended.
      The nub of his judgement is “..at this stage”.. The judgement will be delivered before the action the interdict is intended to halt, which seems entirely reasonable.
      The case has also been been advanced to Tuesday from Friday.

      • Charles McGregor says:

        Yes you are quite right. I should know by now not to accept BBC breaking news banner texts prima face. Nevertheless the refusal to grant an interim interdict is dissapointing.

      • Robert Graham says:

        Aye to allow time for the Actors to get their lines straight .
        Of course this Judge wouldnt be swayed by any outside influences would he , Aye ok . A Judge in a Scottish Court would be allowed to hinder the British State Aye ok .

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Disappointing perhaps that the starter was put on hold, but the main course should prove interesting..
        You are not the only one jumping to mistaken conclusions, some of the comments on the BBC Website story from the trolls read it that the case was dismissed, ya-boo-sucks etc. screw the Jocks, traitors, etc., pretty pathetic what Brexit stirred from the bottom of the cesspool…

  21. Cubby says:

    Truthless Davidson promoted by a Truthless Britnat media to ridiculous lengths. Davidson was going to be FM and she was going to be PM or was it both at the same time.

    In the recent poll of Conservative party members Davidson was bottom of the most popular conservatives list. No doubt due to her anti Brexit no deal stance. Did the Britnat media report this – no chance.

    The Britnat media in Scotland are full of sad sad British Nationalists clinging on to any old nonsense that their precious Union that is not a Union but a dictatorship will be saved by bigger and bigger lies. Pathetic individuals that will write and broadcast any old crap as long as it is Britnat crap.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      The Union is simply cover for a mafia to continue their mutually beneficial ways, many of whom are non-Brits and non-doms, it’s all about continued wealth sheltered under a Union Flag..

  22. Votefor Poodles says:

    Are the LibDems to be tthrust into the role of saviours of the Union in Scotland ? Labour are spent and the Scottories are now expendable as Johnston has his majority in England courtesy of the Brexit north .

    The Willie Rennie party could become the ideal vehicle for Johnston and his crew to stymie the SNP . Needless to say that with the merest sniff of power , the LibDems will do their bidding. Divide and conquer is the strategy , it always has been.

  23. Marion Richardson says:


  24. Welsh Sion says:

    Sorry to be off topic, but I know there are good friends of Scottish Gaelic out there – who might want to see some of the latest news regarding my language in my country. (No surprises we’re dealing with Anglos/Tories, here …)


    • Charles McGregor says:

      In these dark times we are witness to, finally, the unveiling of the blood and soil English nationalism which has always been present but which is now in the process of being divested of its protective veneer of ‘Britishness’ A veneer which was, of course, intended to hide it not only from World at large, but even more importantly – from themselves.

      It matters not that there is no substance, no logic, no root, to that belief of theirs. Indeed, that fact only makes them all the more eager to believe.in it.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Pretty much agree with what Charles said, but it begs the question why these people are there in a different culture and history..
      A dead language is one which is no longer spoken (ancient Greek/Latin), one which was almost killed off by subjugation now seeking revival (Gaelic/Welsh) is suppressed not dead.
      The sensitivity of that distinct heritage is lost to those who once subjugated, and here are two examples with a Welsh theme:
      – Years ago I had a girlfriend from Liverpool whose parents had a caravan on Anglesey, and on my first visit there arriving late at night they were all in the pub. Parked up went in and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife, it was like a scene from a western, family around a distant table, locals at the bar, hushed conversations. Went to get a pint and the Scottish accent was noted and queried, friendly banter started up at the bar and what had been hostile atmosphere defrosted into a drunken sing-song by last orders.
      – This is more poignant – A few years back there were 5 minute video spots on possibly C4, one of which featured a girl who showed barren areas where historic Welsh buildings once stood with not a mention by the Welsh Tourist Board (?), who instead promoted buildings post English colonisation, ending with the question what is Welsh?
      The video perfectly encapsulated the re-writing of history by Empire, that this version persists does not mean it’s predecessor is dead rather than sleeping until somebody revives it.

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