The end game

It’s going well isn’t it? So much for the puffery that claimed that Ruth Davidson was bidding to become the next First Minister. The erstwhile leader of the Ruth Davidson’s Vote Ruth Davidson for More Ruth Davidson party is going the same way as all the other Saviours of the Union, unable even to save her own career. She’s on the verge of proroguing herself indefinitely. I always believed that the UK would come to an end not because of the actions of the SNP or the Scottish independence movement, but because of the failures of the forces of Scottish Unionism and because of English nationalism. I just never expected them to be so enthusiastic about it.

It is claimed that Ruth’s resignation is not directly related to today’s decision from Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson to suspend Parliament in order to ram though that no-deal Brexit that he doesn’t have the votes for. Aye. Right. That is true in exactly the same way as it is true that Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson swears blind that he’s really progroguing Parliament in order to introduce new legislation about education in England, funding for the polis, and transport infrastructure. We’ll get round to believing that just as soon as we’ve picked our brains up from off the floor, replaced them in our craniums, and done up the buttons at the back of our heads.

A snap YouGov poll carried out on Wednesday found that only 27% of the UK public support the Government’s decision to suspend Parliament. In Scotland that figure drops to 17%. Although the BBC still managed to find one of them for a vox pop on Reporting Scotland. That figure means that a sizeable chunk of those who voted Tory in Scotland in 2017 disagree with the decision and sounds the end of any hopes of the party maintaining its ground in the snap general election that is increasingly likely in the not too distant future. The Golden Girl of the Scottish press doesn’t want to be at the helm when the ship of the Scottish Conservatives doesn’t merely hit the rocks, but it shatters into a thousand pieces and sinks to the bottom of a very deep trench.

It would be exceptionally peculiar timing if there were no direct causation between the respective decisions of the Abandoned Mattress Fire in Downing Street and the darling of the Scottish Press. It means that Ruth will be making a statement about her future as Scottish Tory leader on the very same day as a Holyrood by-election in Shetland. That’s a great look for a Tory candidate, discovering that not even his party leader can support their own party. Of course the Tories were always going to get pumped in Shetland anyway, but this is a casual disregard for even the basic niceties of party leadership. That tells you something about just how hacked off Ruth is.

The resignation will of course be reported by the likes of The Guardian as an honourable move by a politician who had had a great future ahead of her. But that’s only because the English press fails to understand the realities of Scottish politics and never truly appreciated that even when she was still the Golden Girl Ruth Davidson had as much chance of becoming the next First Minister as Ross Thomson does of correctly identifying things that you can legitimately grab onto to stop yourself falling over when you’re pished. Allegedly. In Scottish terms, her position had become untenable. In the wider Conservative party she’d fallen from grace, the least popular politician amongst Conservative party members in the UK as a whole.

The moment that Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson ignored her advice to keep Fluffy Mundell in office, it was clear that Ruth Davidson had lost her sole selling point in Scotland – her supposed influence on the Conservative government in Westminster. It was just one in a series of wounds to her carefully cultivated reputation, a puffed up balloon that started to deflate when those MPs elected as representatives of the Ruth Davidson’s Vote Ruth Davidson for More Ruth Davidson party so publicly refused to toe her line on Brexit. This Prime Minister has signalled the death knell for Scottish Unionism as a political force in its own right and with its own interests. There’s no place for Ruth Davidson in this new political landscape. There’s only a place for a Scotland that’s quiet, obedient, subordinate and submissive.

Ruth Davidson had hoped she could leave before she was found out. It’s a bit too late for that. The failures of Scottish Unionism as a political philosophy are laid bare. There’s nothing left now but the Cringe. And if that’s all that’s left, there’s nothing left for Scotland in the UK. There are no positive arguments to be had, there’s only fear, negativity, and self-doubt.

Reports that Ruth has had enough and is about the resign signal something important for the opposition to Scottish independence. It means that attempts to put a fresh modern face on Scottish Unionism have failed. You can after all only get so far with cheeky photo ops while perched on the back of a buffalo. Strip that away and underneath lurks the same nasty intransigence, the same pursed lipped nawbaggery, the same contempt. The true face of Scottish Conservativism is the patrician disdain of Alister Who He Posho, who is the living embodiment of the saying that every silver lining has its cloud.

This is the last bastion of One Nation Conservatism giving up the struggle, and the Tories in London giving up on Scotland as a lost cause as they transform themselves into an openly English nationalist party. When even the face of opposition to Scottish independence can’t support her own party leader in Westminster, we are in the end game for this so-called union.

The British establishment in Scotland has just lost their latest Saviour of the Union. Ruth has gone the same way as Kezia, who went the same way as Jim Murphy before her. Chris Deerin and Kenny Farquharson are desperately in need of a new one. Step forward Jo Fracking Swinson, and we can see how long you last before you crack under the pressure.

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68 comments on “The end game

  1. Anne Martin says:

    Thank you so much for that wonderful piece Paul. Laugh? I nearly wet myself! 😂😂😂

  2. Bob Lamont says:

    A belter yet again… Bravo

  3. Tom says:

    Well Said Paul. But if memory serves has she not threatened to resign before. So lets not count our chickens just yet.

    • fairliered says:

      It’s really getting interesting. Alistair Who He Posho ©️WGD did himself no favours, when found hiding under his desk, and asked for his opinion, instead of anything giving anything approaching a statesmanlike statement, spat out his usual bitter anti SNP bile. Reasonable people will have asked why the SNP were the target of his ire but democracy wasn’t?

      Jo Fracking Swinson ©️WGD will be wondering if Boris’s actions today will lose her the Shetland by election, and if so, how will it affect her reputation as the new Libdem saviour and latest BBC Shortbread pin up girl.

      I only hope that Mr & Mrs Sturgeon aren’t thinking, oh shit, how do we avoid Independence now?

      • A True Blue correspondent over on the Hootsmon suggests that The Clunking fist, although he doesn’t agree with his Red Tory politics (oh, stop laughing, will ye?) would be the best leader of the Yoons to fight any future ScotRef.
        He asserts that the SNP are a bunch of Commies.
        Now I’ve heard it all; so far, that is.
        Ruth to anchor BBC Scotland’s The Nine?

      • Melvin’ says:

        Ruth Davison “has she reigned yet”
        Must be awesome being the last hope of unionism

  4. smac1314 says:

    I look forward to Ruth’s conversion to believing in an independent Scotland. But I’ll not hold my breath.

  5. fergusgillies says:

    Like all playground bullies she flees at the thought of a good gubbin.

  6. Perhaps she knows that Johnson is going to close Holyrood down in November?
    And merge Police Health and the Judiciary?
    If he thinks that he can get away with shutting down WM, and don’t forget that he checked out the gunboats at Faslane when he was Up Here, he won’t even blink at shutting our wee parish council.

    Do Blue Tories get a vote on who becomes the next Blue Tory Branch Office Manager.
    How much does it cost to join? A fiver?
    Perhaps if 10,000 joined we could install Annie Wells as their new leader? Or Murdo? Or WATP Prof Tomkins?
    The concrete on the High Tower is crumbling.

  7. […] Wee Ginger Dug The end game It’s going well isn’t it? So much for the puffery that claimed that Ruth Davidson […]

  8. Daisy Walker says:

    Her timing is interesting – given her position and experience in PR, and what with a bi election due tomorrow, in Shetland.

    Negotiating with them for a suitable reward so that tomorrow’s resignation speech is suitably damage limitating, me thinks.

    Plus if she doesn’t get a suitable ‘plum’ after all her ‘good’ deeds – who next will take the thankless role.

    Its just such a shame King Boris can’t just ship in some posh English chappie to do the job – well, not yet, best shut down Holyrood first. Tally Ho.

    Anyway, after Indy, can we prorogue the Queen and her ilk – seems only fair.

  9. Cubby says:

    Now we know what Truthless Davidson has been doing recently. Meetings with her Independent Financial Advisor to work out her retirement planning. She won’t be missed. So is Jackson Carcrash next up.

  10. Macart says:

    Neatly done Paul. 🙂

  11. Alba woman says:

    Adieu Rape clause Ruthie…you followed strategy orders to undermine Scottish society with your choices of and legitimisation of misogynistic, racist and sectarian candidates. Nae bother to you Ruthie babes.

    It will take some time, following these choices and actions to clean up the Scottish political scene but it will be done.

  12. Derick fae Yell says:

    This just appeared on Shetland News from a senior Labour activist in Shetland. My mind is officially blown

    Election letters 2019 / Vote SNP, stop Boris

    28 August 2019 19:54

    “We are where we are right now, and I risk my Labour Party membership (which I hold dear and support by standing order each month) by writing this, but we have to address the greatest threat.

    As a life long Labour Party member and former Scottish Labour candidate for the Scottish Parliament (with strong Green sympathies ), who has been impressed by our candidate’s campaign, I am obliged to make this urgent appeal to all readers, seize the day and deliver the result the UK, Scotland and Shetland needs: Vote SNP, stop Boris.

    I expect at this point Ruth Davidson would also agree.”

    Peter Hamilton,

    My goodness.

    Thank you, Peter, thank you

  13. Petra says:

    Another great article Paul.

    It was only a matter of time until Davidson the lying, hypocritical loser bailed out. The golden girl has lost her sheen, control over her Baker’s dozen and all credibility.

    They’ll be debating a No Deal Brexit in Holyrood next week. Will she be there? Or sprint off to hide in her cave …. again?

    ”Mr Russell said: “Their leader in the Scottish Parliament says she is opposed to a no-deal Brexit. This is an opportunity to make that opposition crystal clear and unambiguous.”

    What next for her? Off to the BBC now? Home of the liars.

    Who’s up next? Tomkins? Or can he and the Tory cabal at Holyrood see that all that’s left now is a poisoned chalice and the end of times for them. The end of the Union for us.


    And just watching the news now. England looks as though it’s ready to implode.

  14. Welsh Sion says:

    Meanwhile … west of Offa’s Dyke …

    Too late, Drakeford, too late.

    Indy all round!

  15. Thepnr says:

    It’s about time eh. For the Union the end is nigh, Ruth knew so she jumped, not that daft then.

  16. Red Tory Leaders in the Scottish Parliament

    Donald Dewar (7 May 1999 – 11 October 2000)
    Henry McLeish (27 October 2000 – 8 November 2001) (Acting 11 October 2000 – 27 October 2000)
    Cathy Jamieson (8 November 2001 – 22 November 2001) (Acting)
    Jack McConnell (22 November 2001 – 15 August 2007)
    Cathy Jamieson (15 August 2007 – 14 September 2007) (Acting)
    Wendy Alexander (14 September 2007 – 28 June 2008)
    Cathy Jamieson (28 June 2008 – 13 September 2008) (Acting)
    Iain Gray (13 September 2008 – 17 December 2011)
    Johann Lamont (17 December 2011 – 24 October 2014)
    Jackie Baillie (24 October 2014 – 13 December 2014) (Acting)
    Jim Murphy The Eggman
    Kezia Dugdale (13 December 2014 – 13 June 2015 (Deputy Party Leader, Leader in the Parliament)
    Iain Gray (13 June 2015 – 15 August 2015) (Acting)
    Kezia Dugdale (15 August 2015 – 29 August 2017)
    Alex Rowley (29 August 2017 – 15 November 2017) (Acting, as Deputy Party Leader)
    Jackie Baillie (15 November 2017 – 18 November 2017) (Acting)
    Rumbaba Limpwrist (18 November 2017 – )

    Blue Tory Leaders

    David McLetchie 1999-2005
    Annabel Goldie 2005-2011
    Ruth Davidson 2011-2019

    Beige Tory Branch Office Leaders
    Malcolm Bruce (3 March 1988 – 18 April 1992)
    Jim Wallace (18 April 1992 – 23 June 2005)
    Nicol Stephen (27 June 2005 – 2 July 2008)
    Tavish Scott (26 August 2008 – 7 May 2011)
    Willie Rennie (17 May 2011 – present)

    Alex Salmond, 1990–2000
    John Swinney, 2000–2004
    Alex Salmond, 2004–2014
    Nicola Sturgeon, 2014–

    Where are they now?

    Davidson’s 8 year reign netted her in today’s figures, roughly 8x £86,000 = £688,00 plus expenses, plus car allowance, office and support staff, and an index linked fnal salary pension at the end of it all.
    And she has had not one piece of legislation passed in her name in all that time.
    Gie’s a job, I can do that.

    You may note that the Red Tory Branch Office has been less than strong and stable when it comes to holding on to ‘leaders’, with 17 changes in Heid Bummer in 20 years.
    Surely it must be Jenny’s turn now?

    It is with some alarm that we note that Oor Wullie What about the children? Rennie is still hanging on in there.
    I ‘overheard’ somebody in a pub leaking that Cole Hamilton’s turn is imminent.

    His first job as Beige Tory Leader will be lobby Holyrood to have all those unsightly tower blocks which sprung up out of nowhere in the Internal World of Cole-H’s head, be razed to the ground, and the Queensferry Bridge finally be opened up to traffic.

    When you go down this list of has beens and never weres, , you start to wonder what we could have done with all that money, especially the billion that Lord McConnell gave back to his mate The Mad Broon.
    I’m voting for Annie Wells.

  17. Petra says:

    A couple of journalists on Scotland Tonight, such as from the Sun, discussing Rooth resigning. Both are saying that they knew last week that she was planning to leave, so it’s got nought to do with Coco the Clown suspending Parliament. Let’s see how the media spins this now, for example trying to portray her as taking the moral high ground.

  18. Bob Langford says:

    … ” put another Coconut up on the Shy Frank , roll up , roll up Ladies & ‘chengcalman , 3 x balls ‘forra pound ….. 1st lucky ‘punter to knock that Ross Trouserbandit off his Shy get’s a cuddly Woollen rendition of that Mr.Fluffy Muddle “

  19. Millsy says:

    When Colonel Ruth resigns , does she get to keep the tank ( and the buffalo )?

  20. John Fitzpatrick says:

    Paul, I don´t know how you manage to respond so magnificently and so quickly – and I used to be a reporter for an evening paper in pre-Internet days with six editions and had to work at lightining speed – but this was impressive.

  21. Charles McGregor says:

    According to Eurotrack (yougov)

    Support for remaining in the EU has been in majority since July 2017.

    Strangely, this fact never gets a mention in any MSM discussions.

  22. Petra says:

    Over 1 million signatures against proroguing Parliament. English that is.

    I wonder what Queen Elizabeth 11 (1st in Scotland) will make of this? It’s probably not up for debate right now … get our Independence first .. but the latest move from QE just highlights that the Establishment is totally archaic from top to bottom. And to be honest it just stuck in my craw that three Privy councillors had the brass neck to make their way from London to Scotland to get the Queen to sell the Scots out. They say that she had no option but to do so, however if that’s the case what’s the point of having a monarchy at all?

    • Bob Lamont says:

      The HS2 story was 2015, where the HS2 site quoted “HS2 will benefit the Scottish economy by over £5bn”. This was transformed by the Daily Smell to “Scots to get extra £5bn for HS2: English taxpayers will be forced to pay ‘compensation’ even though journey times to London will be half an hour shorter ” to reinforce the “subsidy junkie” myth…
      At the same time this despicable rag was in full anti-EU propaganda mode feeding the Brexit hysteria…
      They have not improved one jot since…

  23. Bob Lamont says:

    There can be little doubt the change in Tory regime influenced her decision, none but a close few will know the core reason even after the “official” announcement.
    The woman has been a PR job from beginning to end, but her repetitive and exaggerated promotion by media luvvies crafted an image which disintegrated on contact with reality, except in England.. Becoming a potential rival to Johnson was her career downfall, and no media promotion could overcome the brutal tribalism of the Tory machine, and her projected career came to an abrupt stop.
    She may have stuck rigidly to Tory script and avoided the foot-in-mouth habits of Johnson, but she promoted nothing which favoured Scotland’s interests either, only herself and a party which grows more extreme and alien to Scots by the month.

    • Luigi says:

      Possibly, but she may also have been offered a face-saving exit and an alternative career (somewhere) to persuade her to go quietly. We shall find out later today – if she doesn’t go quietly and sticks the knife in, then you are right, but if she does disappear with a whimper (need to spend time with family etc), then chances are she has been offered something worthwhile.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      She will never be disloyal to or critical of the Tories, that is her Achilles Heel…
      She might take a pop at Johnson’s policies and trajectory, but expect no fireworks..

  24. Tol says:

    STOP looking at this as if it’s just normal Ruth propaganda. YES needs to get its game face on and start thinking strategically….Westminster is playing for keeps and they will be brutal.

    The press’ Ruth puffery is not for a Scottish audience, it is for the English audience.

    This gas lighting is a sign they are still trying to cultivate English attitudes for when they need to take action to quash any attempts at a Scottish departure.

  25. Luigi says:

    Ah Well.

    Poor old Ruthie’s time is up. She had to go. After all, with the rise of Jo Swinson, there is a new BritNat Queen on the block. Having done the empire a service, poor Ruthie was fast becoming a liability, an unsightly disraction. Can’t have that, time for someone else to hold the fort and stem the tid of Scottish independence (for a while at least). There is a new Queen, and with Ruthie out of the way, the media will be freed up to promote Jo Swinson as the next saviour of the union. Get your sick bags ready for the tributes to Queen Ruthie and the puffing up of Queen Jo. The latest in line of Queens (remember Queen Dugdale? Nah me neither).

    I’m sure Ruth will have been offered a face-saving way out and a comfortable career (no doubt linked to the establishent in some way). We shall see eventually. Having lost her usefulness, the tarnished tank commander had to surrender to make way for the latest imperial fabrication: Jo Swinson.

    The Queen is dead: Long live the Queen. 🙂

    • Robert Graham says:

      The tripe the media are coming out with over Davidson’s departure borders on the Criminal , they are treating the public like fools , we know Davidson has been bribed or threatened by the security services to keep her ample gob shut , what wee dirty secrets do they have on you eh Ruth ?.

  26. Stuart MacKay says:

    Excellent post, Paul. Thanks.

    I have the feeling that the Brexit process is entirely out of control. The politician are utterly paralysed by it. Nobody really knows how it will play out and there is still a long way to go before the forces driving it are spent.

    Ms. Davidson cannot be entirely clueless so I don’t think she’s simply giving up. More likely she’s getting out of the way now before it really starts hitting the fan. When he dust has cleared she can relaunch herself as the politician with integrity (you can call stop laughing now). So what’s coming next:

    1. It’s clear that Unionism as we currently know it is as dead as a Norwegian Blue. Alister Jack is part of that so what’s going to replace it?

    2. Voters with conservative traits are still going to be conservative after all this is through so is Ms. Davidson getting ready to lead the Independent Scottish Conservatives after Holyrood is closed or the Conservative Party after independence is declared.

    3. Why did Johnson and the Cabinet go for suspending parliament now. It handed the SNP a major propaganda victory. This could be the event that tipped the scales and made independence inevitable. Could they have waited until after the by-election in Shetland?

    Any ideas?

  27. Robert Graham says:

    Surprise surprise even to the end a total Liar , the BBC in Jockland bumming her up as usual with sick inducing tripe , as per usual a short statement with 4 yep a total of 4 questions answered , i guess shes following the script and the non disclosure agreement she has been bribed with .
    Dont let the door hit yer arse on the way out yah lying bars turd .

    • Petra says:

      I didn’t see the programme / news Robert, but wonder if they asked her if the probability of her and her party being hammered at the next GE had anything to do with her decision making?

      • Robert Graham says:

        Quite honestly it was on in the background Petra but the sight and sound of another Tory Liar was to much , the 4 questions I referred to was from a report on another English news channel , because let’s face it’s all about England.

  28. Ruth, we know you read the WGD, so please, please, do something positive for Scotland,


    • Welsh Sion says:

      Ruth, we know you read the WGD, so please, please, do something positive for Scotland,


      … to the moon.

      (You wouldn’t want any other country on this planet to be inflicted with her, would you, The Tree of Liberty?)

    • Oh, there’ll be a CEO post on a ‘ Parenting Think’ Tank’, for Baroness Panzertank of Truant in the offing, ToL.
      And yet another book deal, wir a gushing foreword by one of the Andrews, Marr or Neil.

      The Professor Two Jobs WATP Up To Our Knees ‘It’s The Law, Damn and Blast’ God Bless Her Loyal Majesty No Surrender Northern Branch Office Adam Tomkin’s Party, doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it, does it?

      I see that the Red Tory Mouthpiece has emerged from his summer job settling Compen Claims for GMB brothers and sisters, to ‘forbid’ us Scots from doing what we bliddy well like, because in his psycho brain, he actually thinks that he has some sort of power over us.

      ‘For the idiots, not the sane’, should be the Red Tories new catchphrase.

      Rockhard Legweary, the Shop Steward to whom nobody listens , or would recognise in the street.

      We shall be free by 2020’s close, and we won’t be seeking English Poiticians’ permission, ‘you blocks, you fools, you worse than senseless things’.

      The day I need a carpetbagging Brit Nat collaborator’s permission to do or say anything, is the day after the end of civilisation.

      I can taste steel in the air.
      Must be Anwar’s turn now.

  29. Iain says:

    You have to feel sorry for Brydon Goodlad who has “Ruth Davidson’s Candidate” splattered all over his by-election leaflets in Shetland. You really do, don’t you?


    • Petra says:

      It just shows you how utterly selfish Ruth Davidson is. She could have waited for one more day to spout her farewell guff.

  30. Eckle Fechan says:

    She’ll be back, all over the screens of Sat. night TV eventually. (I’d be happy with that – if I could just get my idea commissioned for “Stuck in a Lift with You”, the inaugural episode to feature Ruthie and Ms S. Calman (sorry suzy, all in the name of fun).

  31. Macart says:

    Shouty McShoutyperson gone and no great loss to the world of politics. Her only use in Scotland was to act as a foil/block for any pro indy Scottish government, or to act as a soundbite machine and placeperson selling Tory ideology and the latest appalling legislation from Westminster. Ms Davidson was never really a leader… of anything.

    Right now? I’d say she’s performing her final duty of office by being the distraction du jour for the latest train wreck in Westminster.

    Still… I suppose it gives the metro meeja something to do. 😎

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Indeed true, but the foil/block approach she and fellow Tory MSPs follow echo the Tory MPs, but this has been the norm in Scottish politics, Reinhardt Leotard does the same from the Labour side, Wee Willie Winkie the same from the Libdems, they all all brand themselves ‘Scottish’ despite not a jot of difference from central London policy with the exception of the Greens and SNP.
      So long as the electorate indulge the whimsies of London centred politics with Scottish media promoting the head of the Tories in Scotland irrespective of which Government is in power, and until we dispel the con of local representation by virtue of that abused adjective “Scottish”, we are doomed to this Groundhog Day loop.
      Despite my unease with the Wings Party idea there is merit to shafting the deHondt system to render a Parliament no longer a sock puppet to London. If there is say only one Tory MP and one Tory MSP in Scotland, the Scottish media and London politics are out on a limb..
      Ruth’s achievements will be lauded by the Luvvy Press with generalities, much as Johnson’s tenure as London Mayor implied success despite the Olympics finishing without his screwing it all up, in reality the worst London Mayor in living memory. Rewriting history is Britain’s forte, perhaps it’s time for Scots to change real history….

      • Andy Anderson says:

        Agree with your thoughts on a Wings party to clear out some WM centric MSP’s from Holyrood in 21. Assuming we have a Holyrood then.

      • Macart says:

        I have no doubt that the shouty one will be promoted sideways for services to the party. A career in political punditry, sofa spots, maybe even a gong or seat in some other chamber (shrugs).

        Today though, I suspect people might want to be keeping their eye on Westminster legal challenges and the Shetland by-election. (Just a feeling)

        If the Libdem majority is so much as dented? It’ll show some real movement. If it’s greatly reduced, or even (say it quietly) overturned? Then it’ll mark a real shift in public opinion.

  32. Jon Southerington says:

    Ruth Davidson, just like the Wizard of Oz, strip away the curtain and what do you find?

  33. velofello says:

    Good riddance is as much as I can be bothered to comment on Davidson.

    I view the prospective Wings party as an excellent proposal, and the selection of candidates, and especially it’s leader critical. And reading the forebodings of many on Twitter on the danger to Holyrood, candidates may be enlisting to a Parliament in exile.

    Now, if the SNP now stated “Scotland is not leaving the EU, as mandated by our people”, what next by Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson? Would he dare close Holyrood?

    Laws are for the guidance of the wise, and the obedience of fools.

    Such is the chicanery of “rules, by convention” at Westminster that Scotland’s people must now ask themselves, are we wise, or are we fools? Do we accept the imposition of Westminster power – by convention – of an unelected charlatan?

    • Charles McGregor says:

      Johnson or the next one on the no-of-course we-are-not Nazi cabal conveyor will recall the Scottish Parliament or utterly emaciate it in the blink of an eye.

      Also high on their agenda, should they gain control, will be a Bill of Rights making secession by Scotland ‘illegal’ as well as removing many of the human rights we have been taking for granted.

  34. Welsh Sion says:

    Alas, my old joke will no longer work.

    Q: What’s the difference between the Leader of North Korea and Ruth Davidson?

    A: One is the Leader of a sycophantic political Party, is beloved by State Media, doesn’t cease looking for photo-ops in promoting themselves alongside military hardware and is into centralising power at the expense of ordinary people. The other is Kim Jong-un.

  35. Charles McGregor says:

    Davidson’s Captain Mainwaring capabilities will be missed by the Tory machine but as I posted (somewhere) before, I suspect she is essentially still human in nature and not like the emotional husks the programmed uber mensch droids that constitute most of the shock troops of the cabal.

    I feel her emotional reasons for getting out are genuine and she will be healthier for it.

  36. spiritmac says:

    “This is the last bastion of One Nation Conservatism giving up the struggle, and the Tories in London giving up on Scotland as a lost cause as they transform themselves into an openly English nationalist party.”

    I only wish this was true.

    But the Tories, Westminster and the Establishment are not about to give up Scotland. No chance.

    The value of Scotland to their ‘precious’ Union is almost incalculable.

    Watch Johnson put money on the table for Scotland, prior to a GE. And it will be billion. not million.

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