Get off my f***ing backstop


It’s now clear what Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s game plan is. He’s written a letter to the EU demanding the removal of the Irish backstop but offering no solutions to replace it, all so that he can blame the EU for a refusal to renegotiate the Brexit deal. Then either following a no-deal Brexit, or following the refusal of the Commons to allow a no-deal Brexit, he can call a General Election and blame everyone else for his mess. Just as he does in his personal life, so he does in his political life.

As expected, European leaders have dismissed the letter. It’s “Get off my fucking laptop,” but on a European wide scale – the response to the letter from Europe is the entirely predictable, “Get off my fucking backstop.” How else could they reply? The letter from the Prime Minister offered nothing new, just a series of petulant demands that the EU has already said repeatedly that it’s not going to allow. The EU described the letter as inaccurate and misleading. Which is a kind and diplomatic way of saying that Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has been writing diplomatic letters with the same regard to truth as he displayed in his bendy bananas articles for The Telegraph.

The EU points out that the letter doesn’t provide any sort of framework which can realistically replace the backstop that the British Government is so determined not to accept. It does nothing to ensure the avoidance of a hard border on the island of Ireland. It does nothing to guarantee that any of the alternative arrangements – those arrangements which in any event the letter leaves unspecified – would be in place by the end of the transitional period set out in the leave deal agreed with Theresa May.

Some of the points made by Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson in the letter are breathtaking in their mendacity even by the standards of the man who invented the lie about bendy bananas. The backstop, he avers, is wrong because Northern Ireland will be subject to a regulatory regime that it didn’t vote for. That’s the Northern Ireland that voted against Brexit there. The Northern Ireland that’s getting a Brexit that only the DUP voted for.

He claims that it’s those who support a backstop, a mechanism for ensuring that the border on the island of Ireland remains open, who are the ones who are really risking the Peace Process. That’s because the DUP opposes the backstop and it would be imposing something on them that they don’t support. That would be that DUP which receives around 36% of Northern Irish votes. The votes of the 64% who don’t support the DUP don’t count. It’s very similar to the claims made below the line in the digital editions of newspapers by those who go on about how votes of the minority of Scots who supported Brexit need to be respected, and to hell with the majority who rejected it. Only this time as government policy. There’s hypocrisy, and there’s Tory party hypocrisy.

The desire of the British government to have mutually contradictory outcomes is all the fault of the EU. It’s Britain which is leaving the EU, but the resultant problems are all someone else’s fault, and every other country in Europe ought to make accommodations to the UK. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s letter has only made a bad situation even worse, and made it even less likely that some sort of deal can be reached.

It should be obvious by now that this government is actively pursuing a no deal Brexit. The plan is to leave without a deal, and then to ensure that the public blame the EU and remain minded MPs and their parties for the resultant mess. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson doesn’t care about job losses. He doesn’t care about the cost to the public purse. He doesn’t care about you or me. All he cares about is making sure that he wins a General Election so that he can stay in Number 10. He’s quite prepared to sacrifice the rest of us in order to do so. We are mere pawns in the game of his ambition.

There’s an article in the Guardian today by Poppy Trowbridge, a former advisor to the previous Chancellor Philip Hammond, which discusses the importance of remain minded Conservatives actively blocking no deal. The author urges them to put the interests of the UK before the interests of their careers. She doesn’t hold out much hope that they will. She’s reduced to expressing the hope that the best chance is for Ruth Davidson to speak out strongly against Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s plans. The entire piece reads like a desperate plea for a miracle from someone about to be executed.

Let’s get real here. If your best hope is Ruth Davidson standing up against the Conservative party, you’ve already lost. Ruth has spent the past few weeks in hiding, only popping out from underneath her shed in a forest in Aberdeenshire when the Labour party in Scotland went into meltdown. She was relieved by the distraction caused by branch office manager Randy Legstretcher getting slapped down by John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn. Following the accession to power of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson it took a lot to end up having a worse political time of it than Ruth Davidson, but the branch office managed it. And who said that you could never rely on the Labour party in Scotland?

When all you have left to go on is the wish that there are Conservatives with enough moral fibre to stand up against their own Prime Minister and put their careers on the line, you might as well pack up and go and live in Ruth Davidson’s bunker stockpiled with tins of baked beans. This is however where we are now in the UK. For decades the abiding theme in Scottish politics was the hope that the Labour party could save us from the Tories. We learned the hard way that was never going to happen. Now the very best that British politics can offer Scotland is the wish that the Tories will save us from themselves.

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28 comments on “Get off my f***ing backstop

  1. Bob Lamont says:

    game plane ? Sorry I’m a grammareererer nazi as well…

  2. Alba woman says:

    Pistols at dawn guys!

    I am fascinated as to how for one second Boris Johnson and friends are prepared to risk the health of our beloved children , our little pieces of gold.

    I predict a riot!

  3. Bob Lamont says:

    Fair play, pedantry aside I did make the point “Sorry I’m a grammareererer nazi as well…” thereby did not accuse a grammatical error 😉 Excellent post as always

  4. […] Wee Ginger Dug Get off my f***ing backstop It’s now clear what Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s game plan is. He’s […]

  5. Welsh Sion says:

    Light relief … but be reassured, Alexa will not take over my job, any time soon!

  6. JGedd says:

    ‘The backstop, he avers’

    At first glance, I read that as ‘he havers’. A Freudian eye-slip perhaps? ( Is that a thing?)

  7. Millsy says:

    F*ck me ! If Ruth Davidson is the answer – what the f*ck was the question ?

  8. Petra says:

    Meanwhile in the midst of this Brexit nightmare the Sun is promoting Ruth Davidson (and her book) in a double page spread today. Her phizog is on the front page too along with the following:-

    ”Ruth backs our Mental Health Campaign – ”We must do more … people are dying (she says).”

    You know you couldn’t make this stuff up. Her party is going to create absolute havoc, hell on earth, here and in Ireland and if reports from NIreland are correct we’ll see a repeat of the troubles .. and more deaths, which could include bombing on the mainland. Her party is responsible for thousands of deaths due to their ideologically motivated austerity measures. Her party is responsible for the rise in mental health issues and many of the resulting suicides, imo. Her party is responsible for blocking plans in Scotland to help save drug users lives and yet she has the brass neck to complain about people dying.

    More so she reckons that she could help to resolve this mental health problem due to her party, ”the Scottish Conservatives backing the Scottish Sun’s Mind the Future Campaign to make things better.” Mind the future? What bl**dy future? Even more people suffering from starvation and mental health issues? More suicides?

    And of course the article is chock-full of statistics, supplied by Davidson, attempting to undermine Nicola Sturgeon. You know the usual, ”the suicide rate amongst 15 to 24 year olds has gone up by 50% in a single year.” No mention of last years figure. No mention either of the fact that it’s her political party that’s been cutting our Barnett sweety money, and planning to make more cuts, which makes forking out for more health care professionals, and so on, extremely difficult, if not nigh on impossible. She’s also harping on again about her being saved by ”throwing away her pills.” That might have worked for her but many following her advice could find themselves in a real bad place or worse.

    You say Paul, ”Now the very best that British politics can offer Scotland is the wish that the Tories will save us from themselves.”

    Let’s just wait and see what Ruth Davidson’s Tory Baker’s Dozen does now? They know exactly what a No Deal Brexit will lead to. They’re aware of the contents of the Operation Yellowhammer report. If they support Boris Johnston’s chilling plan, and we’re pulled out of the EU with No Deal, when they return to Scotland they should be .. … well I better not voice my opinion as to what should happen to them on here. Suffice to say that the steam is coming out of my ears.

    • Charles McGregor says:

      Before the great indy scare of the late 70s, the suicide rate in Scotland was LESS than that in England and Wales.

      After the ensuing MSM purge and the ensuing decades of drip drip ‘Scotland shite’ output from our fifth columnists the suicide rate in Scotland doubled. Quelle surprise! It is THEY that have blood on their hands.

    • Ruth Davidson, and the nasty wee Collaboration of Blue Red and Beige Tories have systematically killed hundeds of thousands of their own citizens by implementing policies designed to destroy our society, reward businesses with massive tax breaks, introduced UCS where a third child will be starved to death in a low income / UCS household.
      (And now IDS’ ‘Final Solution’ to the elderly ‘demographic time bomb’ by raising the Pension Age to 75 so that the proles can be worked to death before they are entitled) .
      We must free ourselves from the grip of this Evil Westminster Monster NOW.

      Davidson knows what she’s doing; reducing the masses to Victorian penury and slavery, while the JK Rowlings and Lord Alistair Darlings of the Filthy Rich get a big bung from Davidson’s Blue Tory Puppetmasters.

      Why aren’t the Cardinals, Moderators and Chief Rabbis condemning these people?

      I can guess why.
      The poor and ignorant are their stock in trade.
      It’s time, Scotland.
      It’s time.
      It’s No Deal and chaos by September.
      Time to mobilise and take to the escape pod of Independence; that’s if Annie Wells ‘permits’ us to opt out.
      For Feck’s sake.

  9. Petra says:

    Government update (8th August).

    ”The UK will be leaving the EU on 31 October.”

    • And so it begins, Petra.
      They have surrounded Scotland with barbed wire and will mount armed border guards to keep us in, and we voted Remain.
      The Insurance Companies must be laughing their heads off.
      What does it take for the Uprising to kick off?

      • weegingerdug says:

        Talk of “uprisings” is not helpful, Jack.

        • I don’t mean to be ‘helpful’, Paul. However I am not advocating an Irish ‘Uprising’ as many on here know.
          We must ‘rise up’ and be counted may be a better description of the need for immediate forceful action to stop this madness.
          I’m a lover not a fighter, but can see why you are chary at the use of a word with bellicose connotations.
          You have the reputation of this excellent site to protect and nourish.
          A million Scots AUOB citizens ‘rising up’ and taking to the streets the week before Exit Day would be a start.
          I’d gladly debate on camera with anyone who accuses me of inciting violence.
          Be warned, trolls.
          Non mea culpa, honest.

  10. I know it’s not going to happen, but imagine the havoc, if Sinn Fein were to take up their seats. There would not be enough popcorn in the whole wide world.

  11. Macart says:

    The political class of Westminster. A definite who knew(?) moment.

    Doing the heavy lifting quite nicely though. 😎

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