Well I am still on holiday, and hadn’t planned to write anything, but I couldn’t let the victory of Boris Johnson pass unremarked.

And so it has come to pass. The Borismageddon is upon us. The UK is now officially the laughing stock of Europe, led by a man who vies only with Donald Trump for the lack of esteem in which he’s held in foreign capitals. Better Together promised Scotland that we’d be punching above our weight, they’ve delivered a nuclear whoopee cushion and UK is the butt of the joke. EU leaders know who Boris Johnson is, and their opinions are not flattering. They’re not going to be disposed to do any favours for the man who brought the European project down with lies about bent bananas.

Yesterday in his first rambling free form speech as Prime Minister, we saw Boris Johnson lecture the nation like a gerbil on crack. He sounded as though he was making it all up as he went along, and he probably was. Amongst the faux bumbling, the spewing out of promises that he had neither the intention nor wherewithal of keeping our new PM was true to form. He lied. He lied with no sense of shame. He lied with no self-awareness. He claimed that it was merely a “remote possibility” that the EU would not reopen negotiations on the terms of the UK’s exit. Yet he knows that it’s a “remote possibility” in the same sense that it’s a remote possibility that the sun will come up in the east tomorrow morning. It’s a remote possibility in the same sense that Facebook will collect all your personal data and claim that it’s doing you a favour. It’s a remote possibility in the same sense that the British press in Scotland will collude in allowing Ruth Davidson to hide from difficult questions.

The Brextremists can long longer blame a government of closet remainers for the failure of Brexit, so the new PM is just getting his excuses in early. When the vanity of Brexit comes crashing into reality it will be the fault of the EU. It will be the fault of MPs. It will be the fault of the SNP and the Scottish Government. What it won’t ever be is the fault of the British Empire nostalgics and fantasists who created the myth of Brexit in the first place.

It’s one thing to anticipate a Boris Johnson government, but you only really grasp the true horror once it has actually happened. We now have the most right wing government in living memory, packed full of Ayn Rand fans, Brextremists, death penalty enthusiasts, and those whose only criticism of Margaret Thatcher is that she didn’t punish the working classes harshly enough. And as if that wasn’t bad enough it is led by an empty egoist who cynically acts the clown, taking the country down a path of lies, in pursuit of a fantasy that doesn’t exist.

Yesterday we didn’t witness a cabinet reshuffle. It was the wholesale appointment of a new government by a man who has no democratic legitimacy beyond the approbation of the selectorate of the Conservative party. Boris Johnson ruthlessly axed all those who didn’t give him their full support. This is a man who believes that individuality is something that only applies to him. The role of everyone else in the universe is to bask in his self-esteem.

The new Prime Minister has signalled that he’s going to pursue the most extreme form of Brexit possible and that the concerns of remainers are of no consequence. Meanwhile Scotland doesn’t even figure in his calculations, despite all the rhetoric about the precious union and the awesome foursome. The awesome foursome sounds like the title of the worst superhero movie ever, the one in which Scotland’s superpowers are invisibility and silence. No one in Westminster can hear us scream or see us protest.

We discovered the true extent of Ruth Davidson’s influence upon the Conservative government in Westminster. It’s approximately the same as the influence of a fly to reduce the speed of a car barrelling down the motorway at 90 mph when it crashes into the windscreen and splatters itself into insignificant oblivion. Despite Ruth’s gushing recommendation, all of Fluffy’s sookery was to no avail, even though by yesterday morning he was sucking up so hard that Dyson are considering marketing him as a new model of vacuum cleaner. We discovered at the very end that Mundell was concerned to protect Scottish jobs after all. It’s just that it was only his own that he cared about. Right to the very end David Mundell did not resign. He got sacked instead.

Mundell couldn’t even manage to resign and retain a modicum of dignity, at least in his own imagination. Dignity and David Mundell are two concepts that don’t generally appear in the same sentence unless there’s a negative in there somewhere. He has become the epitome of Scottish Conservatism, supine, begging, craven, utterly bereft of anything approaching a principle, and still professing loyalty even after his British masters have kicked him in his own self-neutered crotch.

I’ll admit that I was surprised when Alister Jack was appointed as the new Scotland Secretary. Mainly because I had forgotten that he existed. Poor Ross Thomson eh, like Fluffy he discovered that all that sooking came to naught. Alister is one of the least distinguished and least notable Scottish Tory MPs, and let’s be honest here, the bar was set pretty low. He’s an empty sock with a posh education, chosen for his loyalty to the Brexit project, not for his loyalty to what’s best for Scotland. Alister will cheerfully see Scotland taken out of the EU without a deal.

The Tories are now telling us that Boris Johnson will either do or die. Malkie Rifkind appeared on Sky News last night to tell us that this new government could make a success of Brexit and then Boris Johnson will be a hero in Scotland. There’s never been a greater display of wishful thinking since Theresa May bought a pair of red shoes and clicked her heels together three times in the hope that it would deliver her to the end of the yellow brick Brexit road. Even if Boris Johnson does deliver Brexit, he’ll be delivering something that Scotland has repeatedly, insistently, consistently, stated that it does not want. You don’t become a hero by forcing an unwanted dish down an unwilling throat in the hope that it will suddenly become tasty. You become a hated abuser.

Boris Johnson will be the worst PM that the UK has ever had. He is also likely to be the last. This is how the UK ends, with bombast, in self-delusion, in confusion, strangled by the egos of posh boys. It’s not a pretty sight, but amongst the manure of the dying British state, there’s the flower of a new Scotland coming into bud.

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49 comments on “Borismaggedon

  1. Anne Martin says:

    I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist this week Paul! 😂😂😂😂😂

    Another excellent piece.

  2. Bob Lamont says:

    An unexpected cracker, much appreciated, now get back to your break 😉
    You’ve work t do later…

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  4. Molly McC says:

    Great to read this morning. Thanks Paul.
    Like Anne, I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist.

    It’s coming yet……

  5. Doug Porteous. says:

    I’ve forecast that Fluffy would get binned by his Tory masters but I did think that it would be after independence. It seem that Bawless the new resident of No 10 thinks even less of Mundell than we Scots do, his refusal to resign has shown him to be even more craven than I thought. However I am looking forward to him holding Bawless to account as he promised however I shan’t be holding my breath waiting for it to happen.

    • Weechid says:

      He’ll still get his ermine though – and his daft wee boy will step into his seat.

  6. I got this from the BBC website, not having the moral fortitude to sit through his speech.

    “Mr Johnson has pledged to scrap this element (i.e. the backstop) of the plan, saying alternative arrangements to keep checks away from the border were “perfectly compatible” with the Good Friday Agreement – the peace agreement signed in 1998.

    The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, said eliminating the backstop from the withdrawal agreement was “unacceptable”, and after Mr Johnson’s “rather combative speech”, the bloc would have to “be ready for all scenarios”. ”

    So of course Johnson will have the whip hand in negotiations as Barnier is obviously rattled. Maybe Johnson should have a read at ‘To a Louse’ and try to get some idea of how the sane world views him and his antics. And our own ‘Wee, sleekit, cowrin’ tim’rous beastie’ held firm to his principles (and his job) to the last second, by not resigning.

    You couldn’t make it up.

    • james says:

      Independent Woman,

      I think the Bard could see into the future and wrote “To a Louse” specifically for Fluffy.

      I have never had the misfortune to have known of a more arse licking, hypocritic bottom feeder in all my life who would sell his granny to further his aspirations ( other than coronel Ruthie of course)
      This one’s for you Mundell.

      Ye ugly, creepin, blastit wonner

      Detested, shunned by saint an sinner.

      How daur ye set your fit upon her (Scotland) sae fine a lady.

      Gae somewhere else and seek your dinner on some poor body.

      Swith! in some beggars haffet squattle.

      There ye may creep and sprawl and sprattle.

      Wi’ither kindred jumping cattle in shoals and nations.

  7. scotsmanic0803 says:


    ‘insignificant oblivion.’

    Tip of the hat.

  8. Melvin says:

    All hail the bringer of light the man that will free Scotland from the Westmonster welcome sir Boris of bollocks . We have waited long for a British leader like you welcome and thank you.

  9. douglasclark says:

    “This is how the UK ends, with bombast, in self-delusion, in confusion, strangled by the egos of posh boys. It’s not a pretty sight, but amongst the manure of the dying British state, there’s the flower of a new Scotland coming into bud.”

    That is beautiful.

  10. What is the first sign of madness? Hairs growing on the palms of your hands.
    What’s the second sign of madness? Looking for them.

    I had never heard of Alister Jack before today.

    He is apparently a posh land owning huntin’ and shootin’ Tory who would close Holyrood tomorrow, and will ‘forbid’ a second Indyref vote, and apparently got in a tizzy when the Beeb refused to broadcast the Albert Hall singing ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ and ‘Jerusalem’ to the audience in Kelvingrove Park so that they could sing along with their English Overlords.

    Like the rest of the Far Right nut jobs with whom Johnson has surrounded himself (Patel, Rudd, Raab, Rees Mogg) this nobody, this B Listed placemat has been ‘given Scotland’ to set himself up as Lord High Commissioner and Executioner.

    Alister Jack is a ‘B-listed’ Party Man, who’ll do as he’s told.
    as a consequence,I shall henceforth refer to him as ‘Blister’ Union Jack.

    Get back on holiday, Paul, and keep taking the tablets.

    England closed today for a summer of sun fun and Test Cricket.
    Nothing to see here.
    They really have gone stark staring bonkers.

    Perhaps Davidson could stand as the Ruth Davidson Consrvative and Unionist Candidate in Barking and Havering at the soon to be announced UK GE?

    She’s toast Up Here now.

    I don’t see Blister Jack inviting her for tea at QE II House, do you?
    Anybody got any details of PM Johnson charm offensive visit to Jockland on Monday?
    I’d love to attend waving my flag.

    • deelsdugs says:

      Jack, there was bluster of him attending queenie at Balmoral, so that wee village hall again could be useful…

      Paul, think we were all having WGD withdrawals there, just what we needed, ta much and holiday away again.

    • Weechid says:

      He’s my MP – the invisible man. I wasn’t surprised at his appointment – he’s the “right sort” which Fluffy never really was. Loads of dosh, big estate, support from local wealthy landowners. Wrote to complain to the BBC because the jingoistic Britnat songs weren’t included for community singing at Proms in the Park and supported the public funding of a new Royal Yacht. I wrote to him regarding his stance on Brexit, considering his constituents voted to Remain, and other than an electronic acknowledgement, got nothing back. Voted in by local Labour voters who hate the SNP so much that they’d vote for a Tory. B******s every one of them – lost us the best MP we ever had in Richard Arkless.

  11. Millsy says:

    I do hope that Fluffy does not take the huff at his sacking and hide the teabags – Alister Jack will need them to continue the important job that the Secretary in a state for Scotland is required to do at cabinet meetings .

  12. Alba woman says:

    Bye bye Fluffy you will not be missed for a millionith of a second

    The new overseer of Scotland will strut about for a bit before being seen off by his betters.

    The best is yet to come!

  13. Eckle Fechan says:

    “Fluffy’s sookery” – one for the Union’s posthumous glossary..

  14. sassenach says:

    That’s a cracker, Paul, being over the pond has not dulled your blade.
    One of the most enjoyable reads, ever, enjoy the rest of your break, and then return to the fray.
    Many thanks for all you do.

  15. Petra says:

    From the Liar King himself. A ”keeper.”

    ” No country that values its independence and indeed self respect, could agree to a treaty which signed away our economic independence and SELF GOVERNMENT “ (Boris Johnson)

  16. Puzzled Puss says:

    Rumour has it that Fluffy borrowed Boris’s kipper, and then mislaid it down the back of the filing cabinet in the shiny new ‘Scotland Hub’.

    Great post, WGD. Enjoy the rest of your hols!

  17. Daisy Walker says:

    I stole this…. and so the UK ends, not with a bang, but with a wanker.

    Enjoy your hols Paul, the weather here is too hot (honest).

  18. JGedd says:

    You’d like to think that you could go away on holiday without a mad eejit being put in charge while you are away.

    And then there is also the Cabinet of Contemptibles he has put in place…I sometimes think that Boris is doing it all for a laugh and is just a malevolent joker. Hence that smile on his face all the time. He’s daring someone to stop him, while pretty certain that he can outwit the lot of us. What larks!

    We really are living in even more interesting times. Rex Mundi must be laughing.

  19. David Agnew says:

    This man has not sprung out of nowhere. He is well known. The man is a stranger to truth. Yet he lies in the most idiotic ways possible. But he has never been once held to account. He got where he is by lying. He got that because people have become accustomed to it. Worn down by outrage fatigue. Let down by a spineless press that simply won’t look this charlatan in the face and call him a damned liar. He hasn’t united the country. He’s divided it more than May ever could. He doesn’t know how to unite it because he doesn’t do detail. He has failed at everything he has ever been involved with. But he could always rely on his pals to keep him in cash with writing opinion pieces. In this and in all things, he is a vain and remorseless self promoter; and he is profoundly ignorant. He thinks he can solve any crisis with pithy comments about pluck. – his own genius is all that is missing. Therefore he does not need to know anything about any crisis. The only knowledge worth knowing is that Johnson’s skills are absent and trust me, the EU know this pertinent fact all too well. To recap: Johnson lies on any subject he discusses. He is always instantly exposed. The slightest knowledge of the subject would have stopped him from lying. His lies directly harm his own overriding priority with brexit. Its the lack of oversight from Labour or our media that allows him to keep blundering on. He will probably never realise any of this because of his Olympian levels of narcissism. (Ends).

    • Bob Lamont says:

      A classic “not what you know but who..” shyster who made a living at it, now he gets a boosted pension on top…
      As the one who laid the foundations for Brexit from his Brussels tenure, it is only in the UK where his PR shtick has impressed anyone, everywhere else (except Trumpland) he is known as a lazy but dangerous charlatan, now ensconced in No 10.
      Those pulling the strings in the background will be acutely aware of his multiple flaws, whether they can keep a lid on his worst excesses only time will tell. The concerted utterances over his “successful” 2 seasons as London Mayor studiously ignores the multiple financial disasters he piloted, some of which are still unresolved, and the media fall silent.
      Add hot water to a packet of 20,000 instant police, push the already wasteful HS2 vanity project further north, all in less than a week.
      Abe Lincoln’s “You can fool some of the people…” should apply to most Conservatives, but in Johnson’s case he is on borrowed time…..

  20. mogabee says:

    Mundell. The most forgettable UK mouse in Scotland.

    As for that eejit in no. 10, brought up to believe he can do what he wants and now with the ultimate power to force whatever on us.

    So tomorrow will cheer and wave and forget the horror of BJ as march in Campbeltown for indy takes place. 😀

    • David Agnew says:

      The mouse that didn’t squeak let alone roar. This is the mouse who asked permission from Theresa May to stab Theresa May in the back on the withdrawal agreement bill. But only on the understanding that she didn’t sack him. Imagine how little regard little mouse was held in and how unimportant his job was, that permission was given.

  21. bringiton says:

    In the UK,there is no such thing as either a “free” market or a “free” press.
    Both are controlled by a small group of vested interests who use puppets like Johnson to further
    their aims.
    Russia and the USA both have vested interests in undermining the EU and they now have just the man to do that.
    As usual,however,the puppet does what puppets are instructed to do but I blame those people who have allowed this situation to develop.
    Our “free” and democratic system of governance is about to go the same way as our press and market.
    The price being paid for complacency and ignorance.

  22. Charles McGregor says:

    Another great article Paul. The ‘philosophy’ of Ayn Rand (and others),i.e. the justification of hedonism by exceptionalism, sadly does seem to have been the identifiable paradigm shift of the last 4 decades but it at last, seems to have been rumbled, at least in Europe.

    There is no way the dichotomy between rising intolerance and rising hypocrisy in that zeitgeist could be sustained for long.

    These things go in cycles and I believe we are now past the peak. A peak which is not far off the one in the late Victorian era where skirting was placed around ‘sexually provocative’ curvaceous piano legs whilst at one and the same time there was one prostitute for every five men in London.

    Fluffy has been no more than a useful idiot… well one out of two isn’t bad.

  23. Grafter says:

    We have all had enough of these English charlatans ruling Scotland. Here in Aberdeen we have their little helpers in the shape of a shambolic minority Labour council. Their leader – Barney Crockett continues to fly the Union Jack from the Townhouse to show his undying support for this corruption of our democratic right. I would urge the good people of Scotland to join the All Under One Banner / Yes March here in Aberdeen on Saturday 17th August
    starting at Albyn Place 1.30pm.

  24. Charles McGregor says:

    Shamelessly borrowing from a Trump satire piece on another forum. Only the names have been changed to indict the guilty.

    • LOL, Charles.
      I posted this, over on WoS this morning before 7 am which pretty much forecast Johnson’s wee visit to tyeh Northern Colony, culminating in him sneaking out the back door of Bute House with his de’il’s tail between his legs, sent homewards, to think again.

      “Johnson is coming North to review the English Empire’s army navy and air Expeditionary Forces in the Northern Colony.
      Lossiemouth or Faslane?
      He’ll be filmed obligingly by the Jock Fourth Estate Fifth Column at a Microphone splattered lectern in front of fresh face mariners/ squaddies/ airmen and women in the style of his new POTUS, Trump.
      The Red Arrows may even streak across the skies above streaming red white and blue Jackery, the whole menacing little insult to our country Scotland designed as a show of English Might, and a warning to us rebellious Scots; that we are an invaded heavily militarily occupied colony of \England.
      The oil and gas are English, by dint of conquer.
      Any future Yes vote will be slapped down.
      Today’s visit is just to remind us of our chains.”
      Now is the time, Nicola.

  25. I’ll be camped on the stairs at the front door eagerly awaiting the postie delivering a buff HMG envelope with my money order for £28.91, my share of the risible “£300 extra millions’ Boris Johnson was touting, and repeated ad nauseam by the obliging Press Hacks and broadcasters Up here.
    This is my share of the ‘Powerhouse’ cash to be doled out by Johnson to Wales Norn Ireland and Scotland.
    Based on populations: Wales 3,063,456, N Ireland 1,885,400, and Scotland 5,424,800, totalling 10,373, 656 Lost Souls, the £300 million comes to £28.91 each.
    Fatted calf time!
    I note that Johnson’s girlfriend is to be his ‘bidie-in’ in Downing Street, the first time a PM has ‘lived in sin’ there, but not in the 2 bedroomed flat above Number 10, but the 4 bedroomed flat above Number 11.
    Chancellor Javid, father of 4, is staying put at his previous address.
    So much for the Bedroom Tax.
    One law for the rich, poverty, penury, and premature death for the ‘least well off’.
    Ruth Davidson got star treatment yesterday; the biggest Blue Tory political has been doing the rounds, with no influence, no authority, and certainly not holding a mandate from the Scottish electorate was given star billing by Donalda MacKinnon’s eager little Brit Nat Helpers.
    Johnson announced from the English Naval Base at Faslane that the WA and Backstop are dead and that the Jocks would not be allowed to hold another Indy Referendum, so there.
    Looks like 2 or 3 million of us Rebellious Jock types are going to be banished to Canada, Australia, or Canada, if we refuse to give in to the fact that democracy is dead in Scotland, the Last Colony of England.
    Well, they can hardly nuke Glasgow, and Dundee, can they?
    Can They?
    It is about to get very dark and violent, very soon now.
    No Deal Britland is the only option for the Southerners now.
    Davidson Tomkins and their happy wee band of Listory Hangers On are toast now.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      You might be waiting a long time Jack, my suspicions are that this magic-money is the first tranche of “operation-bypass-devolution” proposed by erstwhile Fluffy and pals…

      Johnson’s con-artist-charisma is tarnishing fast even in deepest England, press response to Sturgeon’s comments following their meeting amply demonstrating the credibility gulf is widening not narrowing.
      English public frustrations with it’s failed political class grows with every utterance from this charlatan and his fellow asset-strippers, media “Fact checks” on assertions “No Deal” was “on the tin” in 2016 are not so much wakening folks to the smell of coffee but to the ripe aroma of septic sludge.
      While Mirage’s ToryMk2PLC wait in the wings, and Labour talk of dumping Corbyn, Johnson’s new broom has inflated support for Scots Independence as Ruthless predicted. What she did not foresee was the extent to which Johnson’s toxicity would unravel the cosy cartel in greater England. Even if Mirage presents a temporary reprieve, it will be exceedingly brief..
      Yes, “it is about to get very dark and violent, very soon now”, but I would be looking southward and follow the money.

    • Tatu3 says:

      I read somewhere the money would be given over 15 years, so you’d only get approximately £1.93 a year!

      • Bang goes The Light Of My Life’s New Winter Coat then!
        Of course the money doesn’t exist.
        But if Brian Taylor says there is £300 million then there must be, in the minds of BBC Scotland’s audience of 67 year old pensioners.

        • annraynet says:

          I am 82 year old pensioner and I can see through these useless promises.

          • Ann, I am &1. My intention was not to imply that 67 year olds are in their dotage and will believe anything Sally Magnusson tells them. Far from it.
            I am referring to the Beeb’s own Traffic Study.
            Reporting Scotland is apparently favoured by 67 year olds….
            Many ,like you and I, watch and listen in disbelief.

  26. Willie says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Jack Collatin that democracy is dead in Scotland.

    Elected by no one and like a prostitute secretly being ferried to priory undisclosed photo shoot locations, our man does indeed epitomise the Colonial Emperor.

    Arriving a Bute House Emperor Johnson then has a meeting with the FM in a Bute House unusually devoid of a Scottish Saltire. What was said who knows. Sturgeon is elected by the consent of the Scottish people, Johnson is not.

    And then he leaves by the back door. And not a word of it in the mainstream media. Johnson knows he is hated by the Scottish people, and let’s say it again, he leaves by the back door, slinking away to reappear at another undisclosed photo shoot.

    And what should we do. Well one thing would to make sure is that we face up scum like Johnson every time we meet them. Indeed, to use their words we should make Scotland a “ cold place” for any and all of these colonial bastards from mother England. They resent us and we should resent them.

    Johnston’s backdoor exit into an armoured Jaguar, supported by armed secret service operatives, heading to undisclosed locations, taking unspecified routes, tells you all.

    • Ruth Davidson is truly an empty headed little talking puppet of her English Masters, be they Johnson, Gove, Hancock, or Javid.
      She is not for Scotland; she is a colonial Brit.
      Likewise Tomkins, Leonard Rennie (whar’s this wee gnaff this weather?)and the miserable gang of Fifth Columnist Brit Nat politicos Up Here.
      The Union is Dead, and if they can’t support Scotland, perhaps it’s time for them to go back to the Southern Death Star, their true diabolical homeland.
      Taylor Smith and Kerr we at their forelock tugging worst yesterday, as I predicted.

  27. May I plead with a Dugger with the IT skills to restore the Saltires to their rightful place bedecking the mantelpiece behind our Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon and the Blonde Blob?
    I note that like Salmond before her, it is Nicola Sturgeon who is breaking up their precious Union, not AUOB, not the Scottish Government, not the millions who want out of their seedy little Union.
    They were all at it yesterday; hacks TV Pundits Brit Nats..Nicola Sturgeon is the She Devil.
    Professor Two Jobs WATP Adam Tomkins whom I sent packing at the last SGE, is looking like a rambling fool now.
    Ruth Davidson has no power,or authority, and has zero influence over Johnson and the Brit Nats to avert No Deal.
    When it happens, what then for Supermom?
    Back to the Beeb covering murderrrrs?

  28. Bob Lamont says:

    Had to laugh at the headline pitch after his visit to the Colonies, “No-deal Brexit up to the EU, says Boris Johnson on first Welsh visit”, aka “it is not going to be my fault when this all goes tits up”.
    The responses on the comments section were predominantly brutal of both the man and the Government’s position on “No Deal”, are perhaps folks finally wakening from the stupor?
    It would be more than ironic if it should prove to have taken elevation of a “popular” known charlatan to make England finally recognise the con…

    • I wonder how many Vauxhall car workers at Ellesmere Port voted Leave?
      Probably quite a few.
      I recall interviews with ‘ex-pats’, not ‘immigrants’, mind you, retired to the Costas, who voted Leave, and wondered, do these people really have the intellect to understand what they are voting for?
      Their £ is now trading at 1.11 euros, so they are slowly but surely sinking in to self inflicted pension poverty.
      They’ll have to take out medical insurance too.
      Johnson was in a chicken coop in Wales today, hiding from reality for the second day in a row.
      Doubtless ‘Johnson’s EU chickens have come home to roost’ will feature as a headline tomorrow.
      There will be riots in London, spreading to other English cities as Brexit bites.
      No Deal is the only deal; Johnson Gove and Rees Mogg are making sure of that.
      They must be coining it in, betting against the £.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Johnson’s epistles from Brussels set the tone for all of this, preying on and inflating basic ignorance of what the EU was about, and it became a convenient scapegoat for politicians over the country’s maladministration. For this con-artist to pass blame for his own government’s political cock-ups 3 years on, underscores how rotten UK politics has become.
      The few who will make fortunes from “No Deal” will be enjoying a daiquiri by the pool with fellow asset-strippers in a tax-haven somewhere, while the UK “exceptional” bubble bursts.
      Some expats will have reduced their Sterling exposure, but for the majority of retirees on the Costas etc., their little bit of heaven is unravelling a bit more each day.
      London public disorder was always beneath the surface, the effects of a depleted police force for political dogma are already apparent, widespread public disorder would need the depleted army.

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