What the Yes movement is really anti

A guest post by Ally Farquhar

The man with the rapier-like wit, who always sees the big picture, turning political machinations as they relate to Scotland’s future into incisive language we can all understand, is taking a well-earned break with his hubby. Enjoy guys. Meanwhile the dug, we hear, is lording it up in blissful summer luxury (somebody turn him over before he gets sunburnt).

As a guest post I thought maybe perhaps it’s time, once again, following Ross Thomson’s throwaway comments last week on Politics Live about “anti-Englishness” in the Independence movement, to further address that old misconception that pops up almost on a weekly basis about the motivations and intentions of those who believe that Scotland would be best served by a government of its own people. (Indeed Paul himself, before his happy hols, has written on this very subject).

As regular readers of the weegingerdug are aware there are always a ready bunch of loud British nationalist types out there in the mainstream and social medias claiming, usually through snarling rows of condemned enamel, that the movement for independence in Scotland is just a vile cunning ‘cover’ for wanton anti-Englishness.

They are usually coming at us from the wildly contradictory let’s make Britain “global’ again, whilst isolating the UK from Europe, point of view, with chips on both ‘broad’ shoulders, choked up with the anxieties of the ghost train of a Sunday morning, following the night before, multi-layered prejudices, xenophobia and red white and blue underwear, or they are that manky guy with the megaphone and the aversion to Persil. 

They are often the kind that describe us as divisive nationalists whilst describing themselves as ‘British patriots’, They are proud Scots, but……… yet cannot see the irony of their assertions. 

As we all know, the allegation that those who believe firmly that Scotland is better governed by the people in it, and not by the British state, are anti-English, is an absolute fallacy, is clearly outrageous and couldnae be further from the truth.

Pro-Scottish yes, absolutely on the mark, striving only to live in a normal country, like most other countries of the world, a normal country which makes all the important decisions for itself, a cause which is so right and just that we crave it coming to pass.  Being in a political union where another country has the established powers to rule your own country from theirs is not normal. However, anti-English most definitely we are not. 

Our admirable host best described this delusion recently in one of his insightful posts thus “Scottish independence isn’t defined by nationalist hatred. It’s defined by escaping from it.”

How could a yearning to live in a normal country ever be construed to be about anti-Englishness? Most of us have close family and friends who are English. Many of us are English by birth. Are we planning on never ever planting an affectionate smacker on the foreheads of our grannies fae Liverpool or papa’s from Newcastle ever again? Are we banishing our wives, abandoning our children to a lifetime of Whitley Bay swirly ice-cream cones and raspberry sauce? Are we no more to look forward to sharing Christmas with our sister’s kids from Exeter? Will we shun our lifelong friend from the East End of London because he sounds like Phil Daniels?

No, this simplistic, childish and divisive spin is put on a movement which only wants Scotland to be like the rest of the world to try and show us in a false negative light to those we need to convince. 

We are not better than anyone else, we don’t see ourselves as superior, but we certainly aren’t inferior either, apart from mibbees at the fitbaw, and we are not that particularly good at quiches. 

Once we have our own front door key to our own house I’m sure our friends to the south, and their elected masters, when the dust settles in a few years-time and they eventually politically cull the more rampant of their right-wing heid-the baws, will find us the best of neighbours, naturally and voluntarily. 

Anti-English we are not. However we are most definitely anti other things, things like anti-inequality, anti-unfairness, anti-exploitation, anti-poor health and anti-poverty. 

The dreadful news that last year 1,187 Scottish deaths were drug-related is sobering. Every one of these human beings was once a new born infant untrammelled by parental hang-ups or burdens, unaffected yet by possible poverty, despair or social ills, unaware of their status in life. Fresh to the world, a life full of possibilities and potential, many were the hope for the future of parents naturally seeking only a better life for their children than they themselves had.

This stark mortality statistic highlights the level of urgency which needs to be adopted if Scotland is to take up the reins and return to controlling its own destiny. 

Let us take care of our own and not rely on the policies of another country to solve a health and social problem which they have no intention of solving. For it is their policies over the last 50 years, in a no risk country which doesn’t vote for them, and arithmetically doesn’t matter to them, a country they have used as a social experiment, without compunction, which have caused, and then exacerbated this tragedy, and many others like it in Scotland.

Here are a few other facts about life in Scotland in the 21st century in a country which has been blessed with an abundance of natural resources, innovation in technology and science, world renowned export food and drink industries, resources and expertise which are the envy of many other countries in the developed world.

An Oxfam report in early 2018 highlights that the richest 1% of the population in Scotland own more wealth than the cumulative wealth of the bottom 50%. Just think about that for a minute.

How can that possibly be true? How can it be? Other countries who discovered that they had a vast natural resource around their coastline at the same time as Scotland, some of similar size and population as Scotland, now have some of the highest living standards in the world, the best health care, citizens who live consistently to a ripe old age, with excellent standards of housing and first class public services.

In 2018 1 in 5 Scots were living in poverty of some kind. 1.03million people existing below the poverty threshold, of which 240,000 were children (a comparative figure significantly higher than most other European countries). These figures for Scotland rose by 30,000 Scots in relative poverty over the three year period to 2018.  Around 50% of people in Scotland of working age who are in severe poverty live in households where at least 1 adult is working, in low pay. 

Scotland continues to have the lowest life expectancy of the countries sheltered upon the saggy bosom that lies under the humphy-backed broad shoulders of the union. The average life expectancy of Scots in 2017 in comparison to people living in the South East of England was overall around 2 years less. However looking closer at areas where high poverty exists in Scotland statistics show that that living in some parts of Glasgow means you’ve a fair chance of dying around 8 years earlier than your southern neighbour. Ye’d better hurry finishing that crossword up. 

In 2018 the Trussell Trust recorded 210,605 referrals for three day emergency supplies to feed Scots living in poverty, many of them vulnerable, many of them families with small children. The last time I looked at these figures in 2015 there were 133, 726 referrals for three-day emergency supplies in Scotland for that year, which was a shocking enough statistic itself at the time. In 2018 this had increased by 57%. We are reaching an emergency situation here folks, and that is before Brexit kicks in, and it will. 

Just as a wee contrast though, consider this, around 432 families or corporations own 50% of Scotland’s private land  (that is a lot of land). This level of elite ownership is very different to the norm in most other European countries, Think about that. Who is actually benefitting from this precious union we keep hearing about? It’s certainly not the people of Scotland.

These, and more, are the important challenges Scotland needs to address. A burning desire to work towards fixing what ails our country is the strongest motivation most of us have for seeking an independent Scotland. Westminster needs to get out of the road and let us get on with it. 

It’s absolutely nothing remotely to do with trying to spite English people. My goodness when we get our country patched up and healed our neighbours can look north to an example of progressive social democracy that they may very well decide to follow themselves. Watch out for that one Boris & Co.

See the next time somebody tries to tell you that you must hate English people because you want your country to govern itself please make sure you put them straight, will you? 


50 comments on “What the Yes movement is really anti

  1. Stephanie Taylor says:

    Excellent post.

  2. […] Wee Ginger Dug What the Yes movement is really anti A guest post by Ally Farquhar The man with the rapier-like wit, who always sees the […]

  3. Bob Lamont says:

    Excellent post, spot on…
    Your point over land ownership is indeed pertinent, land reform remains desperately needed, Andy Wightman’s failure to initiate it should weigh heavy on the conscience of the SNP.

  4. Ally, what you describe is only the tip of the iceberg.
    Ever since Tony Blair’s New Labour, through the Big Dinosaur Brown (PFI hospitals and schools/ Tuition Fess/ Iraq failed government, through the corrupt Coalition of Clegg and Cameron where Danny Alexander sacked 500,000 public servants, and cut Welfare Disability and Unemployment benefits by £32 billion between 2010 and 20125, and then Cameron, freed from the Beige Tories, forced through UCS, rewarded the rich, punished the poor, and it is recorded by the UN, 120,000 UK citizens perished prematurely because of the Cuts which Ruth Davidson, Willie Rennie, and the Silent Red Tories implemented in the UK, to give tax cuts to the already Filthy Rich.

    It is reported that nearly 1/5th of Scotland has been cleared so that the idle rich can come Up Here and kill hundreds of thousands of grouse for fun, and that this generates work for only 3000 grouse beaters and forelock tuggers on an average of £11,300 p.a.
    The unfortunate animals are left to rot in the ground. It’s the bloodlust that they pay for.

    Ours is a Revolution, not merely reasserting Self Determination.

    We are quite literally taking our land back, and usurping the feudal system which has been in place doggedly since the Robber Barons sold our country to the English for power, and were illegally awarded chunks of our real estate as a bonus.

    It will be a bloodless revolution, but what I describe is the enormity of the change required.
    1% own 50% of our wealth. That is simply obscene.

    We are not English haters, yet many of our ProudScotsButters are Scotland haters.

    Some like that awful little man, Mundell, even claim that Scotland ceased to exist 300 years ago.
    It may be argued that it is the Scotland haters in our midst who are the ‘enemy’.

    I note that Johnson is to mount a ‘charm offensive’ Up Here.

    What the ‘charm offensive’ entails is like flying visits from English Big Guns before, with the Bullingdon Boy coming North, probably to Aberdeen, under armed escort, and the Glenn Campbells, Tom Gordons and Sarah Smiths of the Brit Nat Hack Pack reporting and broadcasting his every word on our TV screens and in columns and columns in the Daily Blahs.

    He will be here for an hour or so, and Toodle Oo The Noo will relay the Arch Right Wing Messages from their Masters in the South to viewers and readers in the Northern Colony.

    It will be wall to wall Ministry Of Truth Propaganda, sold by the compliant hacks as The Truth.

    As I observed before. Can we find out where he is going to land on Scottish soil?

    We should provide a warm Trump lie welcome.
    Lovely piece of writing, Ally. Thanks.

    There is a gathering storm about to break.

  5. Kenneth G Coutts says:

    Very true, great post.
    I’ve had the anti Scots
    From certain Engerlish.
    From time to time over my lifetime.
    Like, you jocks, or jockanese
    I remember my whole family moved down to hampshire.
    Started at an English School,
    A Scots science teacher would say as I entered the class, hoots coutts boots.
    Shit like that.
    However, I’m back in Scotland.
    Mind you, there was and are people in Scotland, Scots, who put their own down , in the work place.
    Depending on the positions they hold.
    Plus the mindsets of some
    Retired forestry workers and those that had tied houses and employment on these big estates.
    Their blind deference coupled with a fake respect for having been employed by these lord’s etc.
    Knowing, if you questioned them you’d be thrown into the street.
    In those days there was a general societal deference.
    Coupled with the silent anglified sheriff judiciary.
    Sickening the way our society was and is controlled from
    Another country.
    Independence, you bet.
    Onwards and upwards.

  6. panda paws says:

    Excellent post Ally

    “My goodness when we get our country patched up and healed our neighbours can look north to an example of progressive social democracy that they may very well decide to follow themselves.”

    Which is one of the reasons they will cling onto us like limpets. They don’t want there to be an example of how it could be different and certainly not on their doorstep.

  7. Take one part Davidson, one part Dugdale, two parts Goldie, and a hint of Carlaw, add boiling water, stir ’til the mixtures sets, and hey presto, you have instant Swinson.
    The Three UK Parties have now reached the bottom of the barrel. What can go wrong in October?
    Has there ever been such a triumvirate of absolutely hopeless politicians? I mean, ever?
    Happy days.

    • Shagpile says:

      Jack… “two parts Goldie”? I guess, (I’m pretty much in the minority I’m sure), but as a Tory, I quite liked her in Holyrood. She would have “No truck…” with Gordy Broon’s conspiracy with minging Campbell to have her “installed” as FM; to get one over on thatessenpee, sure: she was smart enough to see what Ruth can’t. BUT! In spite of that, she WAS noticeably much better at opposing the Scottish government than Labour could ever have dreamed of. As an ennobled member of the “Lords” however, I despair….

      To clarify, good government needs good opposition too. Thank fuck Ms Sturgeon is showing a bit of metal in response to us impatient Independentistas…. I would seriously worry if she was of the “Boris” type. Then she would be leading something other than a growing desire for inclusive self determination (civic nationalism) into something, perhaps, more sinister.

      I am also impatient, but I do trust her. As for the ‘Dems, Tories and Labour, their chosen leader is their problem. And I write this as a member of no political party.

      Q: “Shagpile is a plant”! (From the extreme “winger” contingent). My response… sigh.

      • I was speaking of her dead posh Girl Guide leader ‘accent’, Shagpile.
        Nobody really speaks like that.
        It is developed and cultivated to create the right first impression. I am a posh Tory with money.
        Carlaw has a roughly similar ridiculously put on accent.
        Swinson cannot settle on one accent for more than three sentences at a time.
        Davidson perfected the jolly hockey sticks Enid Blyton Famous Five accent, with a wee ‘burr’ to betray her Scottish roots.
        Swinson was on the news urging her supporters to prepare for her becoming PM.
        Did nobody explain EVEL to her, in pictures, a diagram, a map?
        She is about to find out that she is Scottish, and we aren’t quoted Down There.
        Finally, Annabel Baroness Goldie was, and is, part of the Blue Tory Destroy Scotland Machine.

        A woman who has made a fortune from doing absolutely nothing politically.
        It is obscene that we have allowed the Brit Nat bench fillers Up here make vast amounts of money for nothing but hindering Scotland’s progress in the world on the orders of their ‘English’ (WM) Masters.

        I have no time for any Tory, be they Blue Red or Beige.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Sorry to prick your bubble, Jo …

      8. (of 60.)

      The four balloons

      Once upon a time, there were four balloons at a party.

      There was the big, red balloon who thought he was the most important balloon there – he had been going to parties for as long as he could remember, and he thought of himself as the partygoers’ natural choice of balloon. He floated silently over the more recently arrived partygoers, but was rather startled when one of them gave him a large smack across his big, red face with the palm of his hand. In his shock, the big, red balloon floated too close to the radiator … until … BBBAAANNNNGGG! The big, red balloon exploded. Most of the partygoers didn’t seem to notice however and they carried on dancing. Others gave a loud cheer – these little, local events adding to the general feeling of mirth at the party. It would take a long time to find a replacement big, red balloon.


      The blue balloon hardly ever got a look in at parties. This was because she was very difficult to inflate. No matter how much one huffed and puffed, more hot air seemed to come out of the wee blue balloon than ever went in. The partygoers eventually decided that it wasn’t worth the effort to try and inflate the blue balloon, so they left her in the corner to wither away and become wrinkled and unloved.

      The yellow balloon was a much smaller balloon than the red and blue balloons. However, when one inflated her, one felt sure that she promised to be just as big and as good looking as the big, red balloon. Sadly though, this was very much only for show. Further, the partygoers had forgotten to tie a knot in the yellow balloon’s neck. As a result, she escaped from their grasp and spluttered all over the room, expelling hot air as she went.

      “Ppppppppppppppuuuuuhhhhhfffffffffffff” said the yellow balloon,

      as she came to land side by side alongside the dishevelled blue balloon.

      And now we come to the gold and black balloon. The partygoers were initially suspicious of balloons which had two colours. The gold and black balloon took some time to be inflated. But when he did – he looked magnificent! The partygoers gave him the thumbs up as the smartest balloon in the party and they started to strike him gently with their hands – batting him to and fro between their friends. The gold and black balloon was in his element – he had become the balloon of choice for partygoers everywhere. The gold and black balloon was exceedingly happy and he was making the partygoers happy too. This was a win-win situation and everyone knew it.

      It was going to be the best party ever!

      Parables for the New Politics

  8. john mclaughlin says:

    Just Excellent Ally, thank you.

  9. Welsh Sion says:

    You need to keep hammering this point as often as possible – and not just anti-English. Just because you are pro-Scottish (or pro-Welsh, in my case) does not lead axiomatically to being anti-English (or indeed anti-anyone else.)

    How could we be? We are not in the business of promoting ourselves as ‘the best’ (whatever does this mean, in any case), but we *want* the best for our respective countries and our people. We can’t do that if we are shackled to a dying ‘Union’ which has never paid in any heed to us previously, nor treated us as equals.

    Go for the best – and let others emulate your new-found normality as an independent, sovereign nation, dependent on none and forging your own way, free with leaders elected by and accountable to you alone.

    Wouldn’t anyone wish for that?

  10. scotsmanic0803 says:

    Very well written. Enjoyed it.

  11. Steve says:

    Agree with much of the post but…. You’ve never judged at a Scottish Women’s Institute competition have you? If you had, then you would know some Scots make the best quiche in the world! Other than that… 😀

    • Golfnut says:

      I don’t know where he got that load of quiche from, must have been imported, did it have a jaik on it.

  12. astytaylor says:

    A fine article, thank you.

    Here’s a wee true story from Canada.
    Just the other day, on Saturday morning, I was sitting at a friend’s stall at the farmer’s market in British Columbia, where he sells his children’s books.
    A young lass, in her 20’s, happened to stop to browse. It was quickly apparent from her accent that she was Scottish. Always being happy to speak with a fellow Scot, I asked her what she thought of Scotland going independent. She launched into “oh no, we’re too small, don’t have the resources, couldn’t do it, etc, etc”. Jesus wept. The British propaganda machine is obviously working well.
    Too wee, too incapable, too feart.
    I asked her how she felt about Boris Johnson and the Conservative party controlling Scotland. She didn’t really have a coherent answer.
    Anyways. I left the so-called “United Kingdom” around 2002, because I felt it was going down the toilet. Now that it’s well and truly going down the toilet, what is the incentive to return?
    (To answer my own question, I would return to an independent Scotland, that had the vision and the courage to create a fairer country.)
    There are huge changes to be made. And if they aren’t made, then Scotland is more or less finished. (That’s only my opinion.)
    Happy Monday morning.

  13. Millsy says:

    Scottish independence is driven by ”Anti-English” feelings/hatred- this is the height of arrogance from those who perpetuate this myth .

    Was Indian independence driven by anti-English resentment , or from a rightful desire for a country to be ruled by the people of that country ?
    Similarly in Kenya , Canada , Australia , ….and every Commonwealth nation .
    Mind you the English /Brits did enough in most of these countries to be rightfully hated .. but that was secondary to people’s determination to run their own affairs .
    So too in present day Scotland ! Time for us to stand on our own feet .

  14. Alistair Kerr says:

    A very concise and constructive article which tears apart the fallacy of us hating the English. We should vigorously refute this at every opportunity and the suggestions here help in winning the argument. Thank you.

  15. Golfnut says:

    Great article. Creating division is westminsters modus operandi, smoke and mirrors covering lies and misinformation another. I happily admit that I loathe Westminster, the political dross that sit within its walls and the corrupt media that facilitates its existence. Anti English definitely not.

  16. wm says:

    The reason for people in Scotland wanting self government is nothing to do with hating the English people as we all know, it is the same reason that the rest of their Empire wanted self government, a big percent of the wealth from these countries just like Scotland’s wealth, was finding its way to England, particularly the city of London and the south east.That is why 90% of the UK wealth is down there in this very unequal UK, and Scotland is still pouring wealth in to England, just think oil, gas, and all the rest of our natural resource’s, how stupid can we be.

  17. Douglas Deans says:

    Excellent post.

    ‘My goodness when we get our country patched up and healed our neighbours can look north to an example of progressive social democracy that they may very well decide to follow themselves.’

    I think that (and the fear of loosing resources) is a major panic for the British establishment.

    They rely on convincing people ‘There is no alternative’ (TINA) as Thatcher often said. They can dismiss Scandinavian examples as strange foreign ways but the prospect of having a living example of an alternative (including faults) on their doorstep scares them deeply.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Indeed, but having sold the “subsidy junkies” myth, they shot themselves in the foot with the majority electorate in England, and it will return to haunt them as much as the Brexit propaganda which leaves a con-artist in charge of the country.
      They have nothing left but bluster and sabotage to stall the inevitable now, and the huge cost of their profligate ways will soon shouldered by the rUK electorate alone, and trouble will loom soon after…
      There is no upside to their power games and manipulation, aside potentially being rid of that awful Mundell…

  18. Welsh Sion says:

    Ballot results

    Boris Johnson – 92,153

    Jeremy Hunt – 46,656

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Like we didnt see that coming it was obvious for weeks that hunt had lost didnt need that announcement to know the evil joker runs the uk.

  19. Robert Graham says:

    22000 missing votes ? . thats quite a few thats kicked the bucket in the last few weeks ,if we wait long enough maybe the rest of the vermin will disappear , oh well we can live in hope i suppose .
    eh fluffys not resigned again , a sad excuse for a human being and a totally disgusting individual .

  20. Mark says:

    Same old tripe!

    You blame Westminster for an intractable problem for which you offer no practical solutions: “last year 1,187 Scottish deaths were drug-related is sobering..,…it is their [UK government] policies over the last 50 years.. , which have caused.. this tragedy…”

    You then quote a contrived statistic to imply that poverty is also Westminster’s fault – “In 2018 1 in 5 Scots were living in poverty of some kind”. If you want to cite real poverty, a passing reference to the housing of 50 years ago with outside toilets, or food rationing 75 years ago, or the work-houses and soup-kitchens of 100 years ago may serve as better examples. If you come from a working-class background, as I have, these will be you references for poverty – not the welfare system as it currently exists.

    And then, you come out with the uplifting but unsubstantiated rhetoric. You claim that it is fact that “Scotland in the 21st century .. has been blessed with an abundance of natural resources, innovation in technology and science, world renowned export food and drink industries, [and] resources and expertise which are the envy of many other countries in the developed world.”

    Can you actually cite examples of the above to substantiate your claim? In contrast, it is a fact that peak North-sea oil is past history and will provide a diminishing tax revenue in the years to come. I will concede that the country has substantial coal reserves but these are no-longer exploited and out of favour. Technology and Science – what are your examples of these and to what extent do they contribute to the economy? As for the whiskey industry – most of this is now owned by foreign multinationals. And as for world renowned food – you are joking, right?

    If Scotland is to be successful as an independent nation, we need real solutions to the underlying problems; not a Scottish version of Obamas hope and change.

    Can you actually inform the blogs readers of what you would change to make things better?

    To show that I am not a troll, but a genuine pro-independence pragmatist – that sees the SNP as a one-trick pony being lead by just another bunch of untrustworthy self-serving politicians with their “indy now” mantra – here is a short list for inclusion in a manifesto for independence that I would welcome:

    1. Remove the queen as head of state, convert to a republic, and transfer all sovereign land, and that bequeathed to the aristocracy by former sovereigns, to public ownership.
    2. Revoke membership of NATO to distance ourselves for US global ambitions and spending requirements.
    3. Close the two nuclear sub bases and all US military bases. Reign in military spending to that necessary for protection of Scotland borders only.
    4. Revise the tax code to: a) ensure the remaining 1%, who own 50% of the land, are taxed on these assets, b) close the tax loopholes that allow corporations to pay virtually no tax on Scottish revenue, c) introduce a higher rate of property tax for second and foreign owned homes, and foreign owned land, d) have as aspirational income tax rate of 10%, with the remainder of that necessary for government and investment coming from land, property and capital-gains tax.
    5. Revise the welfare system to remove ALL payments to landlords who are in receipt of housing benefit for the unemployed and under employed. Use the government funds that this would release to commence a public house building program sufficient for all those effected. Houses to be build on public land (see 1).
    6. Solicit ideas for a Scottish currency. My personal idea is a crypto currency backed by Scottish land in public ownership (see item 1). As the currency would be backed by a fixed and imitable asset, it would be immune from the type of currency speculation and volatility that is ruinous to a countries economy.

    The above is brief a list, but suffice to say that given the economies of scale that come with being part of the UK, it is not without fact that, in all probability, Scotland enjoys a higher standard of living that that it would otherwise experience from being independent. This assertion is based on ignoring any North Sea windfall as this revenue will taper to an irrelevance over the next few decades as output declines.

    So, if you have any real ideas on how to make the country a better place to live, by doing something different form Westminster, whilst spending no more on public services that can be raised through taxation, then please tell us all.

    • mogabee says:

      Dear god. You clearly have absolutely no knowledge of the country you live in!

      Whisky with an *E*? World reknown food and drink is no joke. You do know that most of the gin produced in uk is made in Scotland too?

      Science, space industry which is world leading…even the weans in my local rural school know about the satelites made, designed and assembled in Scotland.

      Research and development with our universities leading the way here. Ah, but maybe we just imagined all of our achievments?

      You rabbit about coal massively overlooking the renewable industry which will power our future and a selling point too!!

      Aye, a troll with blinkers right enough…

    • I often wondered what the heck happened to Wolfie Smith, a prominent denizen in the late and much lamented Power to the People of Tooting Revolutionary Co-operative.
      Now we know.
      Hi, ‘Mark’.
      I take it that Corbyn’s Marxist Lenin Trotsky Momentum/The Far Left Schism Formally Known As ‘Militant’, too right wing for you?
      I am awake at this ungodly hour because of prickly heat, the thought of Jo Swinson lying through her teeth, Davidson, Mundell and WATP Two Jobs Professor Tomkins. three of the most repulsive and insincere Blue Tory Collabortraitors in history, pledging their allegiance and commitment to royally fuck their fellow Scottish citizens for the good of England and Imperator Johnson.
      ‘Mark’, troll somewhere else.
      This is clearly all too much for you.

      • wm says:

        Thank f*** you are there Jack, these trolls wind me up, even although I know they all sit on the little brains they might have.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Unfortunately Jack, he may not even be a “Power to the People of Tooting Revolutionary Co-operative” ghost but a bright young GCHQ type stirring the pot, Alan Bastard reincarnate, or a psychology student testing manipulation skills, such is the world of masks we live in…
      Nice to be reminded of the Wolfie Smith character though, with a not so petty similar criminal and slacker now ingratiated into No 10, the inevitable cockups will follow per similar script..

  21. Bob Lamont says:

    “Here are a few other facts about life in Scotland in the 21st century in a country which has been blessed with an abundance of natural resources, innovation in technology and science, world renowned export food and drink industries, resources and expertise which are the envy of many other countries in the developed world.” with the ” in a country which” deliberately removed completely underlines the falsity of “To show that I am not a troll, but a genuine pro-independence pragmatist…”
    Has WGD developed a woodworm problem ?

  22. Welsh Sion says:

    Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price reacts:

    “During the most serious political crisis in decades, a clown is set to become Prime Minister. But this is no joke,” he said.

    “People will soon realise, this isn’t as good as it gets. By electing Boris Johnson, the question of Welsh independence is not of ‘if’, but ‘when’.”

    Plaid Cymru’s Westminster Leader, Liz-Saville Roberts has tweeted (in Welsh):

    “a message to Mr B Johnson – thank you for your kind gift to the cause of independence in Wales”.

    All friends of indy welcome to AUOB March in Caernarfon on Saturday 27 July.

    If you can’t come, please sign our petition. (I signed yours!!)

    10 000 for Welsh Indy.


  23. bringiton says:

    Unionists have no argument to counter the lack of democracy in Scotland so have to invent deflections in order to justify their position.
    BoJo and his cronies are going to expose this for all to see,even the thickest of Better Together
    supporters are going to have to admit that Westminster acts for England alone.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      And it even fails at that with England even more up 💩 creek under these conservatives than they was under thacther yet its everyone else at fault not them🤦‍♂️

  24. Bob Lamont says:

    Well the flaxen haired one has ended a WGD running joke, he who hasn’t resigned yet no longer has to…

    • Welsh Sion says:

      And as the stuffed penguin of Fate rolls down the steep hill of Destiny. And the Phantom Pirate of Auchtermuchty trips over his wooden leg …

  25. chicmac says:

    Eurostat compiles data on all the EU regions.

    For the Northwestern European nations with similar high GDP pc, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland and the UK, they report that of the top ten EU regions defined by per capita wealth generation. The SE of England is number one. There are no other UK regions in the top ten.

    But most tellingly of all, of the bottom ten regions for wealth NINE of them are in the UK.

    Thankfully, Scotland is not one of them.

    However it remains a shocking indictment of the gross inequality that exists in the UK. It is run like some erstwhile city state like Rome or Athens in ancient times.

    The message here is that we should sympathise with the other non-SE regions of the UK as they too are suffering from a London-centric regional tyranny.

    However we have an escape route to a position where we may watch as the new Nero plays on his lyre as the city burns.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Agreed… Scotland has it’s own governance in part, is on an entirely different page in terms of perspective and outlook, and independence offers an escape clause many parts of the UK are denied. The central propaganda provokes resentment in greater England, but let’s be mindful that vast areas of England and Wales have been even more decimated and deprived to favour investment in quite specific areas, particularly the south-east.
      I vaguely recall a somewhat dry video on this from a Scottish perspective (Tim Rideout?) looking at income and expenditure streams, the figures were at best startling, at worst, horrifying.
      We should we ignore that this inequality has been deliberately fanned by successive Government policies, and that a lash-back was inevitable for the deteriorating condition. Enter the EU as blame-diversion and the lash-back manifesting in Brexit,
      With Mirage’s ToryMk2 running parallel but portrayed as “competition”, they ensured the inequality could be maintained while democracy was “fought” over, but how do they blame it on?
      That is where “Deal” or “No-Deal” comes in, the EU remains the bogeyman for another decade…
      It’s a dirty money-grubbing game for the few, we’re best out of it asap……

  26. I appreciate that Nicola Sturgeon’s opening salvo to PM Johnson was written in haste, and therefore I can overlook the odd split infinitive .

    However (not ‘but’, mind) I find the reserved measured tone and some of the less than assertive language in the text with which I am, to put it mildly, offputting.

    Boris Johnson as PM, and a WM Cabinet stuffed with some of the biggest Far Right politicos in modern politics, including as SoS, ‘B-Lister’ Union Jack, a man of whom very few of us have heard or would recognise if he fell off the top of a building and landed on the roof of our car, is the Independence Movement’s McKenna’s Gold.

    The polls are now hugely in our favour, with even a third of Scottish Labour members (those who have remained despite Murray Dugdale and Leotard at the helm, who would vote Yes now.

    We’re drawn a Full House. “Now is the time” to go All In, as they say in Poker.

    I’d argue that the FM’s missive to The Man Who Destroyed The Union should reflect the strong case which we have to start Indyref2, now, not in September ,after our MSPs and MPs returned from their holidays.

    Imagine if your firm got an urgent big order at peak holiday time, and you assured your customer that you would get right on it, but in six weeks’ time, after the holidays.

    ‘Now is the time’, Nicola.

    Here’s my edited version of Nicola’s ‘Welcome’ Letter.

    “ I write to you in your capacity of newly appointed Prime Minister.

    The First Minister of Wales and I will be writing to you to set out our joint position on a range of pressing issues which need to be addressed at a meeting of the Joint Heads of Government.
    This meeting must be convened as a matter for urgency.

    You are aware of the work undertaken by The Scottish Government detailing the negative impact , including the unacceptable damage to jobs and livelihoods, of any Brexit Deal or No Deal on Scotland.

    The citizens of Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union.

    Scottish Government analysis concludes that a No Deal outcome would cost 100,000 Scottish Jobs; even a Free Trade arrangement will lead to a fall in annual income of £1600 per person compared with remaining in the EU.

    This is unacceptable.

    You have commented publicly that you will leave the EU on October 31st ‘come what may’, and ‘do or die’.
    This too is unacceptable.

    In 2016 the people of Scotland gave the Scottish Government the mandate to make preparations to give our citizens the choice of becoming an independent country once more, should they be faced with being forced out of the EU against their express wishes.

    It is the right of the Scottish peole to determine their future, and it is essential that you respect this basic democratic principle.

    It is for the democratically elected Parliament of Scotland’s to honour the commitment in their 2016 manifesto by offering the people of Scotland the choice.

    There can be no argument that this basic democratic principle must be respected.

    The Scottish Parliament is preparing the necessary framework legislation for a Referendum over the summer recess, and I look forward to taking this now pressing matter forward with you soonest.”

    I’ve removed all the woolly ‘coulds’, the ‘to draw your attention to’ queasiness of the supplicant.

    NS’ version is online, but I lack the skills and frankly, the will power, to reproduce it here.

    Nicola. NOW IS THE TIME, not when you all get back after your 6 week break.

    Do I have to raise an army of pensioners and storm Partick Post Office and form a Revolutionary Government of Scotland before our politicians pay attention?

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Excellent job Jack.
      I have to believe there is logic behind the delay by SNP which we cannot see, and for whatever reason is not being revealed, perhaps less related to the blonde areshole’s verbage than strategy or promise to May, who was acutely aware of the inevitable consequence as was Cameron.
      If the trigger is the legal act of EU departure itself, and if Saint dePfeffel is to be believed (a long shot I realise) it will be Oct 31st when the artillery fires the first rounds in what will be an all out barrage from both sides.
      Whatever gung-ho attitude dominates the debate currently down south, the smoke will be gone in 3 months, leaving only the mirrors and Union flegs, and a most disillusioned public, THEN will be time for the Zimmer’s to storm Partick PO…

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