The lullaby that puts the UK to sleep forever


So just when you thought that Mark Dad’s Army Francois had won the trophy for British political clown of the decade, along comes Ann Widdecombe saying “Haud ma coat”. During her first speech to the European Parliament, Ann compared the EU to slave owners. That’s not hyperbole at all, oh no. That’s just a riddie, that’s just an embarrassment. That’s just an affront to all those millions of people who suffered and died at the hands of the slave trade of the British Empire. It’s an insult to them and an insult to their descendants.

The only thing that Ann Widdecombe is a slave to is her ego and her overweening English nationalist entitlement. When an old Tory who supports austerity, who backs homophobia, who once defended putting women prisoners who were actually in the process of giving birth in chains, claims to speak for the oppressed, satire hasn’t just died. It’s been crushed to its atoms, those atoms split into their subatomic particles, and the resultant plasma blasted into a black hole where it has effectively vanished from this universe.

The gist of her speech was to liken the UK within the EU to a colony rebelling against an undemocratic empire. English nationalists like Ann are incapable of conceptualising any relationship between nations that isn’t one predicated on power and domination. The notion of independent states cooperating as equals is alien to them. They view everything through the prism of the relationship between the nations of the UK. You’re either the ruler or the ruled. A partnership of equals is just a lullaby sung to Scottish Unionists to stop them from crying themselves to sleep at night.

The English nationalism that drives Brexit still hankers for the days when Britannia ruled the waves and waived the rules, when Greater England and its hangers on dominated the world and enforced its wishes with gunboats. Ann thinks that oppression is going to a restaurant and being served a meal by someone from Krakow.

British politics is broken and it can’t be fixed. Scotland may have lost faith in the Labour party a long time ago, but now that loss of faith has been replicated across the rest of the UK. According to an opinion poll from YouGov this week, 24% would vote Tory, 23% would vote for Nigel Farage Ltd. 20% for the Lib Dems, and 9% for the Greens. Just 18% of UK voters say that they’d back the Labour party in a General Election. The Labour party has fallen to fourth place in Westminster voting intentions over the UK as a whole. It is likely that if there’s an early General Election, parties in favour of crashing out of the EU with no deal would take a majority of seats in England and Wales. This Conservative government is the worst in living memory, the most inept, the most venal, the most incompetent. Yet Labour is still behind them in the polls.

Those Labour voters still remaining in Scotland can now be under no illusions that the Labour party of Jeremy Corbyn is going to save them from a Tory Brexit, even in the unlikely event that Magic Grandpa does finally get off the fence and comes out in support of a second EU referendum. Meanwhile in Scotland, the Conservatives remain the second largest party but have fallen to a paltry 15%, and on 44% the SNP enjoy a lead over them of 29%. Ross Thomson isn’t the only Scottish Tory MP who’s going to be known as SNP Gain in the next Westminster General Election in Scotland. Together with the Scottish Greens, who are on 7%, pro independence parties in Scotland now enjoy an absolute majority in the polls.

The picture in Scotland is very different. We are politically a different country which wants different things from the rest of the UK. The UK could only ever function as long as voters in Scotland were on the same political page as the rest of the UK. And for the majority of the 20th century, we were. Voters in Scotland alternated between Labour and the Conservatives, and voters in the rest of the UK alternated between Labour and the Conservatives. Scotland got what it voted for often enough to allow the Scottish Unionists to keep singing their comforting lullaby that Scotland was a partner in a family of nations.

On Thursday, Theresa May came to Scotland to deliver her last speech in this country as Prime Minister. It was billed as her announcement of a review of devolution, but as with all Theresa May’s anticipated speeches, it was content free and not worth the effort of bothering to listen to. Blah. Precious Union. Blah blah. It was all the fault of the SNP. Blah. Blah. Blah. Even Reporting Scotland couldn’t be arsed enough to mention it in its headline stories at the top of the programme.

It wasn’t that the speech was too little too late. It was like trying to revive a long decayed corpse with a dead and corroded AA battery. She was asked about the opinion polls that show that support for independence has increased, she replied that the SNP lost seats in the 2017 election. She’s stuck in a time warp. She said that the SNP should stop obsessing about independence and get on with governing, obsessing about independence is the Tories’ job. But judging from the number of times she dodged answering the question about whether a no deal Brexit spells the end of the UK, it was clear that she thinks it does.

The best that she can offer the people of Scotland is that we should accept Brexit, accept massive damage to our economy, accept estrangement from our European allies, accept becoming a minor and sidelined province of Greater Brexitshire, because we’re best pals. Well best pals don’t treat one another the way that Westminster has treated Scotland. Best pals respect one another. All Scotland gets from Westminster is contempt, arrogance, and a lack of respect. Best pals don’t think that they can dictate and give orders, but that’s how Westminster conceives of its relationship with Scotland.

It’s too late. There’s a stale bucket of urine that would be more welcome. Theresa May’s successor is quite likely to be the last British Conservative Prime Minister dictating to Scotland. Brexit has exposed the reality of the UK’s nature. This isn’t a family of nations. It isn’t a partnership of equals. It’s not a union. It’s Greater England. As long as Scotland remains a part of the UK, it will get what England votes for, and it will not be permitted any influence or say. The Scottish Unionist lullaby has been replaced with a new one, a lullaby that sings the final sleep of the UK:

Hush little Tory don’t say a word, Scotland’s gonna reject the Brexit turd,
and when that turd makes Ruthie boak, Scotland’s gonna see the UK’s a joke,
and when that joke is a laughing stock, Scotland’s gonna look to the EU bloc,
and when that bloc makes Boris plead, Scotland’s gonna vote and it will secede,
and when Scotland secedes and says goodbye, poor little Tory’s gonna cry.

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36 comments on “The lullaby that puts the UK to sleep forever

  1. fman says:

    yeah baby!..

  2. Jimmy The Pict says:

    And cry they will, cause they will get the bill.
    And the bill will be large.
    And there will be no Scottish resources to pay it with.

    So sell the NHS
    Sell the …
    oh dear they have already sold the rest

  3. bringiton says:

    The Tories don’t need Lullabies to help them sleep,it appears they use narcotics for that.
    The rest of the world certainly believes that they are all on drugs and the candidates to be their leader have confirmed it.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      11. (of 20.)

      “It’s Over”

      Scotland doesn’t love you anymore.
      Exploiting days now come to an end,
      Your taking her money to spend.
      Scotland won’t be near you anymore.

      Final nights before she flies,
      Bring you tears into your eyes.
      Scotland doesn’t want you anymore.
      It’s over.

      It breaks your heart in two, to know she’s saying bye bye.
      But oh what will you do? That Scotland says “Aye.”
      She’s gonna be free: You’re through, You’re through.
      It’s over. It’s over. It’s over.

      All the Scots who vote for “Aye”
      Start to cheer, then shout “Goodbye!”
      You’ll exploit Scotland no more.
      Setting Empire before its fall,
      Echo to you that’s all, that’s all.
      And you’ll be forever lonely; that’s all

      It’s over. It’s over. It’s over. It’s over.


      [With acknowledgements]

      Songs for the New Politics

  4. Orri says:

    Stale, or rather fermented, urine has a use in tanning and tweed making. Probably other traditional industries. Taking the piss can be profitable in some circumstances.

    • weegingerdug says:

      So did white dog crap. Apparently it was highly prized by the tanning industry. But you never see it anymore, because people no longer give their dogs proper bones to gnaw on. Also because more people clean up their dog’s crap these days and the whiteness is produced the longer that the poo is left out in the open air.

      I know far more about this than is healthy.

      • deelsdugs says:

        Ah well Paul, this raw feeder of nine (used to be 14) big dugs fears not a carcass, nor a white jobby…the commercial pet food industry is not all it’s made out to be…

  5. James Mills says:

    Nicola Sturgeon stated that ”Scottish Independence will be Theresa May’s legacy .”
    I certainly hope so , but a close second will be the Windrush Scandal .

    Her appalling lack of empathy played out to tragic effect during her long stint at the Home Office ( such a cuddly name for something that Kafka could have dreamed up ).
    She was the driving force in the determined effort to chase down and expel so many innocent people – some of whom died while still trying to find a semblance of humanity in that frigid entity called Theresa May’s heart .

  6. jfngw says:

    Strangely when I saw the lullaby it reminded me of Got To Be Free by The Kinks

  7. Cubby says:

    You are totally on fire these days. Brilliant work.

  8. Terry callachan says:

    I like this ,

    “A partnership of equals is just a lullaby sung to Scottish Unionists to stop them from crying themselves to sleep at night”


  9. Bob Lamont says:

    Superbly put.
    Funniest meme I saw was of the Brexit Party’s orchestrated childish back turning for the EU Anthem, with a “Brexit Party accidentally turn toward Mecca” headline or similar.
    Widdecombe’s ridiculous speech and pontificating alongside the cheering grinning Mirage elicited collective groans and barmy headlines everywhere, just when you thought Englishness as portrayed could not get any more embarrassing.
    The common thread of all these players including May and her successor is their unwavering arrogance, English Nationalism and yearning for glory in a long gone era, all wrapped in a Union flag to keep the peasants on side.
    Of my English friends, not one of them understands what is going on in “Britain” these days, but empathise wholeheartedly with Scottish Independence, albeit tinged with regret and envy.
    Fintan o’Toole’s observations on Brexit and English Nationalism come sharper into focus with each passing day, Independence is no longer a goal but an inevitabilty, but for the starting gun.

  10. Bob, originally I alluded to Nicholas Monsarrat’s ‘The Tribe That Lost Its Head’ as an analogy to describe the madness of the 52%, mostly English, who voted to leave the EU back in June 2016, and have revisited this concept several times over the 36 months since as we lived through the farce and mounting crisis that was the Brexit ‘negotiations’.

    It is reported that David Davis met his EU counterparts only three times, before resigning, and Raab and Barclay seem to have been equally as pointless.

    We had Chequers, and May’s red lines, and a mass of resignations, including Janus Faced Johnson, who reportedly wrote pro and anti EU articles simultaneously, before the result was known, just in case.
    May has resigned yet comes to Scotland laying down the Imperial Law, three weeks before she leaves ‘High Office’.
    What’s that behind you splattered on the wall, Theresa? Your career, milady.

    On Wednesday I had forecast her flying in to Perth Flying School, nipping across to Scone Castle, for a wee meeting of The Faithful, and recorded by a gaggle of Brit Nat Scots Hacks and Broadcasters, then skedaddling out of Scotland before we could muster a ‘welcoming committee’.

    I got it wrong, it was ‘in the shadow of Stirling Castle’, in a wee room with the Silver Haired Faithful and the Usual Media Suspects: but Glenn Campbell faithfully paraphrased May’s Pearls of Colonialism on RS last night. I got that right. He is a favoured child of the Establishment, that Son of the Isles.

    Johnson and Swivel Eye are touring the Tory heartlands promising the return of fox hunting, tax cuts for the Blue Rinse Tories, rolling back the nanny state by scrapping ‘sin taxes’ like sugar in fizzy drinks, (the loud cheers you hear are from the dentists of this land) , reintroducing National Service, scrapping Foreign Aid, and bringing back flogging and hanging.

    They will definitely leave with No Deal, and Jeremy Rhyming Slang will begin No Deal Exit from the first day of September.
    For the last time( promise) I dipped into QT and that bloated blob of Blue Toryism This week yesterday evening.

    England truly is the Tribe That Lost Its Head.

    They are cheering and applauding every ‘we hate Johnny Furriners No Deal Britain Great Again ‘nonsense uttered by a front loaded Far Right Brexit array of mouthpieces on the air and in print now.

    They are up for it, our English neighbours.
    I predict summer unrest Down There when Johnson is hailed by the Senate as Imperator Britannicus.

    Goodbye, England, haste ye back, Wales.

    We Scots citizens can no longer stand by and allow our country,Scotland,to be sucked into the vortex.

    Needless to say, many of us are champing at the bit.

    The Scottish Government has a mandate.

    It appears that David Liddington is sitting atop a steaming opinion poll of doo dooh suggesting that we have surpassed the 60% Yes threshold.

    Let’s do it, and do it now.
    Now is the time.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Indeed Jack the writing is on the wall, and well they know it….
      What stuns me most is some Scots friends I know to be intelligent swallowed the Brexit lie wholesale and are now singing No-Deal-Hallelujah-WTO to the rafters, in stark contrast to English friends who are profoundly worried, some expecting civil unrest and potentially fascism to rear it’s ugly head. None wish Scots tied to this mess if they can escape it.
      I sincerely hope their fears are unfounded, but I cannot recall a time where bare-faced lying and manipulation by the rich elites and media was so blindingly obvious, yet the masses seem oblivious to it. Even Goebbels would have been in awe..
      I look in on QT etc and Mail/Sun/Express/Torygraph pieces occasionally, but prefer the european voyeurism of the nutters next door, Indy2 the only upside to being rid of the lunatics…

      • I can understand why you have ‘intelligent’ Scots friends who sing the praises of No Deal WTO and believe all the hype.

        Our Fourth Estate and broadcasters like Marr, Neil, Wark, Campbell, and Nelson are all in the pay of the English Establishment, and are promoting areturn to the Days of Empire Iron Heel Oligarchy.

        This morning, Mike Settle over at the US owned Newsquest Herald, reports from the hustings that Johnson would reverse the cuts of 20,000 officers in Police England, and Settle suggest that Sturgeon should follow Johnson’s lead and use the expected Scots ‘windfall’ of £200 million to increase Police Scotland numbers, inferring of course that Police Scotland has been subject to the same swingeing cuts as those imposed by the Blue Tory Austerity Junkies in England.

        The truth is that police numbers have increased by 900 Up Here since 2007 and they are paid more than their English brothers and sisters.
        The SNP did that.

        But Settle misses that bit out.

        He suggests that our Police Force has been cut by the SNP, who despite losing £200 million in Police cash because of cuts in England, have invested in our officers, rather than cut personnel.

        You see what they do there.
        Boris will reverse the cuts; Nicola should do the same.
        Only, there were no cuts Up Here.
        Why let the facts get in the way of a bit of Jock Bashing?

        As long as the Mike Settles of this world willingly distort, lie, and continually churn out SNP BAD crap, there will be some who believe the lies and smears produced by the English and US owned Scottish Dead Tree Scrolls.

        Mike Settle is paid handsomely to churn out propaganda for his Unionist Masters.
        There is a word for that.

        What did you do in the war, Daddy?
        Lied through my teeth about my own country.
        I write this as ‘Fair Comment’.

        I ask myself, is it a horrible coincidence that all Hacks and broadcasters operating in Scotland, apart from the National, are dyed in the wool British Nationalists who deny Scotland’s right to Self determination?

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Yes, spotted that SGvWM distortion on it’s first outing when the two Eton muppets were willy waving for the blue rinse club, but anything positive by SG is systematically buried by a colluding elite and media even in Scotland.
        How an independent Scotland break this media mafia while trying to ensure press freedom might be a suitable Citizen’s Assembly puzzle. Outright lies and deception should have no place in journalism, it is a cancer which is now malignant in UK media, we deserve much better.
        On a side but associated topic, Neil McLeod’s wrote an incisive piece on St Boris etc in CommonSpace, well worth the read.

        • They do it every time, Bob.
          On QT, or Marr,or the Daily Politics, or BBC Breakfast, when there are heated debates about the dire straits of ‘our’ schools, ‘our’ hospitals, ‘our’ Local Authorities it doesn’t even occur to the participants that they are discussing ‘England’s’ schools, hospitals, police, and councils.
          Any casual viewer, not as acutely sensitive as we poor souls, would assume that knife deaths, for example, we as horrific in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, as they are in England, that the rash of violent deaths over the past few years is a ‘UK’ problem, and not principally London’s, and England’s larger cities’ ghettoised austerity inevitable outcome.

          In England, viewers or readers are rarely informed how Health, Education, Law and Order is faring in Sconnie Botland.

          Free prescriptions, no tuition fees, free care for the elderly, a publicly owned HS, are sold by the Fiona Bruces and Andrew Marrs, (and Johann Something For Nothing Lamont) as freebies paid for by English tax payers.

          You may recall Kelvin McKenzie’s ‘Tartan Tosser/Subsidy Junkies’ outburst unchecked on Dimbleby’s QT, to raucous applause by the English audience.

          It is all about to go pear shaped Down There.

          Scotland will be EU member 28 soon, playing hard ball with Doctor Kerr over Trade agreements, with the backing of 500 million of our fellow European citizens.
          The worm has turned, the shoe’s on the other foot, the mouse that roared, and any other metaphor that springs to mind.

          This Tartan Dug is about to ‘have its day’.

          Never has my freude been so schadened.

          This hedge isn’t going to cut itself.

          A bientot, mon brave.

          • I really must edit.
            Stream of Joycean consciousness rambling may be fun, but the third person plural present tense of the verb ‘to be’ is ‘are’, and we will be torturing ‘Dr Fox’, not the mythical ‘Dr Kerr’.
            I blame my overgrown hedges.
            Is that drizzle I spot on the dining room window?
            Hope so.

          • Bob Lamont says:

            Hah, not quite snap but lawn work before an approaching thunderstorm, strimmed edges and thatch raking done when the 30c in the shade hit minus the shade.
            Retirement has the advantage of permanent flexitime, so fetched a couple of beers from the local shop for the fridge, and now waiting on clouds…
            Yes, we are all disinformed by our elites, but it could be much worse… 😉

            • Did Trump just say that Washington took over the airports, Bob?

              I read Neil McLeod’s piece on Johnson in Commonspace. Thanks for the reference, Bob.

              As I write, I am looking at a photograph of my Dad, posing along with the other 29 foremen (sic) who built the QE2.

              They proudly stand in front of the last great ocean going Clyde built passenger liner on the eve of its launch in 1968.

              My father had just turned 50 when the photograph was taken, and the men around him are roughly the same age, but all look 10 to 15 years older.

              Most of them died in their sixties from the Usual Working Class Killers, lung cancer, drink, asbestos, malnourishment.
              These men went to war for ‘King and Country’, and built the big ships that served the Empire; my dad built the Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mary, and ultimately the QE2.

              Admittedly he had a couple a guys helping him with the heavy lifting, mind, though, but.

              In his excellent Commonspace article, McLeod argues that the nostalgic hankering after the imaginary ‘Good Old Days’, of Empire, of ‘Great Britain’, is a myth, and that following the relatively post war halcyon days of social change in the ‘fifties and ‘sixties, when Mum got a twin tub to replace her Glass Queen scrubbing board and mangle, and young scruffs from a ‘Northern’ town made a million singing ‘She loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’, but that underneath it all, The Elite, the Eton, Oxbridge Royalty Nobility Rich Landowners have always ‘ruled’.

              My father literally worked until he dropped, brought up four sons, who, during that enlightened period in the ‘sixties ‘got an education’, and as testament to the fact that I sit here aged 71 clacking away on my HP, provided a good return on society’s investment.

              Yet many a time back in the day, our Thursday meal was home made Scotch Broth, followed by home made rice pudding with a dollop of mixed fruit jam as a treat.

              There were tens of millions like us at the time.
              They were days, they were old, but they certainly weren’t good.

              It has become tiresome to dip into Orwell on these forums, but a quick scim through ‘The Road To Wigan Pier’ should be enough to realise that miners in pre-war Lancashire and Yorkshire were as down trodden and oppressed as natives in India, Ceylon, or Palestine.

              The Ruling Class has always been there, and will always be there.

              Boris Johnson is not atypical; he is the norm.
              And he is about to become PM.

              Just before they launched the QE2 the families of the men who built this monstrosity of elitism were invited on board to see their parents’ handiwork.
              I vaguely recall the spiral staircase leading to the ballroom, and golden dolphin faucets in the bathrooms.
              I was 20 at the time, but it occurred to me then that none of us shuffling awkwardly past all these symbols of wealth and privilege would ever be passengers aboard a ship which our dads, and some mums, built.
              In part, I was incorrect.
              But only in part.

              But in the main, I was staring at the Shape of Things To Come.

              The merciless march of Food Banks, the dismantling of the Welfare State, the Privatisation of every publicly owned service, organisation, and building during the last third of the Twentieth Century, and the Austerity Years of the 21st Century put paid to any notion of an Egalitarian UK, where the Elite stood aside and ushered in democracy.

              Boris Johnson is the Elite’s Chosen Son.

              They’ll make sure that he has plenty of apple crates and paints to play with in No 10, while the ‘Unseen Hand’ runs England and its colonies.

              32 degrees? Beers in the shade? Enough already, Bob.
              It’s 15 Celsius here, and grey.




              • Dave tewart says:

                Yes Jack
                My memories of my father is that he was an old man, walking up the street in his tackity boots, can still hear him.
                I now , like you, realise that he was in his early fifties, not yearly old but old and worn out.
                We baby boomers have had the support of our NHS, and an improved share of the economy.
                This is about to be retarded back to the haves and the have nots.
                Who could believe that currently we have food parcels for the working class kids, clothing being handed out for children to go to school, schools without books, paper pens, pencils and soap and towels.
                This is civilisation tory party style.
                They know the cost of everything but the value of nothing.
                All the big cities got clean water and sewage systems after the 1850’s, Prince Albert died of a water borne disease, they forget we are all on the same planet and are of the same design.
                A wonderful design but the maintenance is a bit of a problem, we don’t understand the design well enough to maintain it.
                I well remember the day the QE2 was launched in Clydebank, my Father in Law worked on the engines, the original steam turbines that gave trouble.
                The ship’s refit replaced them with Diesels, done in Germany or Poland.
                We are left with Ferguson’s yard in Port Glasgow.
                We need solutions for Scotland not the medicine that englandland serves up, Crossrail, HS2, Heathrow.
                Now is the time.

                • Hear hear, Dave.
                  My Dad was the coppersmith, served in the RN throughout the war, demobbed early ’46 as Chief Petty officer, then back to the Yards; he passed away, aged 66.
                  I miss him to this day, and ‘ask’ his advice often.
                  We are standing on the shoulders of giants.
                  As I write, I am not ashamed to admit that tears are welling up in my tired old eyes when I think of how much he and my mother sacrificed for us, so that we would have a ‘better’ life.
                  Hail to all our magnificent parents.

                • J Galt says:


                  Better not go there!

            • Bob Lamont says:

              “Did Trump just say that Washington took over the airports” – Yup, in 1775, long before the Wright brothers were born. Imagine all the assembled military blinking in complete disbelief at what their CIC stated on National TV and trying not to break formation or composure.
              Over the last month 37 peak, lowest nights 14, it’s getting hotter year by year all over, even Kuwait is sending folks home from work now it’s a record mid 60s. Meanwhile, lawn cut, and all cleared up, Betty Swallocks and I both enjoying a chilled beer in the shade of the terrace.
              I suspect we tend to judge our teenage years by modern benchmarks, the massive improvements brought by the rising influence of the Labour movement don’t register. eg – That home made scotch broth was probably luxury compared to what preceded it for your parents.
              I’ll always blame Thatcher for the reversal of the egalitarian dream, her Keynsian economics a foil to fight back and declaw Unions and Labour, and it’s been going downhill ever since.
              The “I’m all right Jack” brigade “winning” don’t see it all going wrong and no parachute. The imminent AI revoluton with no government led social structure to reform or evolve in their blinkered profit drive, will backfire spectacularly and it will not be pretty.

    • wm says:

      Jack you have done it again, put my thoughts into words. Keep it up, just like to let you know now and again that I am still here. Paul you just get better by the day.

  11. Luigi says:

    Can I ask folk who write:

    1) “They will never let Scotland go”

    to rephrase as something more akin::

    2) “They will do everything they can to hold on to Scotland”

    Of course they will try anything and everything, but it wont work. The people will decide. They cannot hold back the dam forever, so let’s stop giving them more power than they actually have.
    Phrase 1) is rather negative and defeatist, dontcha think?. 🙂

  12. wullie says:

    I can never understand this harking back to the days of the British Empire. At its hieght the majority of the people of these British isles were living in abject poverty, maybe people should try looking at their history. As for Johnny foreigner he or she who must be caste out of the greenest and most pleasant land. When are the Angles the Saxsons the Normans and all the other Johnny furriners going to bugger off EH EH.

    • Wullie, I am loathe to recommend Orwell, for a raft of reasons upon which time and space do not permit the opportunity to elaborate here, but before you die, read, ‘The Road to Wigan Pier’.
      Their British Empire was a farce.

  13. Brian Lucey says:

     If you want to see a mature, reflective, engaged, erudite and educated politicial discourse on Europe, follow the perignations of Miggledy – perhaps the best president Ireland has had You : cat lady Us: Miggeldy All the winning 
    You have Cat Lady
    We have Miggeldy

    • Bob Lamont says:

      The grand old Michael D, ever eloquent and as presidential as they get even if knee high to a grasshopper…

      There IS mature and reflective discussion over Europe in the UK, it simply doesn’t get airtime or public airing due to total domination by a political/media cabal chasing their wet dream of Brexit, the destruction of the EU, and profit from the chaos. Even TV appearances by Anand Menon are carefully scripted and constrained to ensure he doesn’t upset the apple-cart.
      Right now even Michael Healy-Rae would be better suited as UK PM and contribute more to honest public discussion than the current shower, it really is that desperate.

      The Irish view of Ireland and it’s place in the world is normal, no different to most any country in the EU, but the difference between Ireland’s ruling class and Britain’s is 97 years.

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