The Tory bumble-bluster, kitten smirk, tangent-bombast routine


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Is Boris Johnson racist? Is Brexit an English nationalist fixation? Is Ruth Davidson obsessed with independence? These are questions that shouldn’t need to be asked, because their answers are self-evident. However that didn’t stop a minor stooshiette in the Commons today when Ian Blackford began by asking, “Does the prime minister agree with the frontrunner set to succeed her that the Scottish people are a verminous race that should be placed in ghettos and exterminated?” Then he quoted some of Boris Johnson’s racist comments about black people and Muslims and asked Theresa May, “Does the prime minister realise, not only is the member racist, he is stoking division in communities and has a record of dishonesty?”

Theresa May has, naturally, realised no such thing. She’s far too busy not answering any questions for that. This is a woman who has never knowingly given a direct answer to any question that has ever been put to her in her professional life, and then she berated Ian for asking her a question that wasn’t about what the Prime Minister has done because she’d far rather have preferred not to answer that question.

After this exchange, the Speaker demanded that Ian Blackford retract the statement that Boris Johnson is racist, because it’s far more offensive to accuse someone of being racist than it is to be actually racist. We shouldn’t be surprised. This is after all the House of Commons, where Conservative ministers and backbenchers queue up to tell lies, but where the greatest imaginable breach of parliamentary etiquette is to accuse the liars of lying. Stirlingshire Tories exemplify the problem in the Tory party, tweeting about how Ian Blackford had “embarrassed himself”. It’s far more embarrassing that Stirlingshire Tories think it’s more embarrassing to call out racism than it is to have a party leader who’s a racist.

All this is taking place in the shadow of yesterday’s poll which showed that the grassroots Conservative members who will make the final selection are perfectly happy to destroy the UK in pursuit of their Brexit unicorn.

Ruth was interviewed, very briefly, on the telly yesterday about her reaction to the poll from YouGov which showed that a large majority of Conservative party members in the UK would accept getting rid of Scotland if it was the price of securing Brexit. Ruth had her wasp chewin face on, the one that she wears on those rare occasions when she’s asked a difficult question by the press, or the not so rare occasions when she gets slapped down in Holyrood. It’s the face that you wear when you’ve spent all evening chatting someone up in the pub, only to see them waltz out the door with Nigel Farage, leaving you bereft and alone with a stale milkshake.

Ruth wants Brexit to be delivered, but not at the expense of the UK. Just at the expense of Scotland. “I think there’s a number of people in the Conservative party who need to take a long hard look at themselves,” she harrumphed. And for once Ruth said something that everyone in Scotland could agree with, especially if that number is 100%. She was one of those who peddled the myth that Scotland was a financial drain on the UK, she doesn’t get to complain that Conservatives in England believed her.

On Radio 4 today, Ruth was asked if she could go out on the doorsteps and ask voters to make Boris Johnson Prime Minister. To which Ruth replied “Up against Jeremy Corbyn? Yes,” although that came with the unspoken qualification “in Chelmsford”. She doesn’t do doorsteps in Scotland, or constituency surgeries for that matter. In Scotland she’d just be reminded of all the things that she’s said about Boris Johnson in the past, and in Scotland her opponent isn’t going to be Jeremy Corbyn. But now she’s trying to deny that she called Boris Johnson a liar when she accused the Leave campaign that he led of lying repeatedly. Not sure the bumble-bluster, kitten smirk, tangent-bombast routine is cutting through, Ruth.

Scotland doesn’t want Brexit, but that doesn’t matter to Ruth Davidson or the Scottish Conservatives. Not that she has much control over those Conservative MPs who were supposedly elected as her personal representatives in Westminster. Four of them voted for Boris Johnson in the leadership contest, not one of them backed Ruth’s favoured candidate Sajid Javid. Another six of of them, including David Mundell, are backing the Tweedledum to Boris Johnson’s Tweedledee in the leave campaign leadership, Michael Gove. Michael is a man whose sole qualification for becoming Prime Minister is that he thinks it’s the same as a debating club in Oxford University. He’s marginally less hardline on Brexit than Boris Johnson, in that whereas Boris Johnson insists on leaving the EU on 31 October and to hell with the consequences, Michael Gove is willing to slime his way out a week later, and to hell with the consequences. Scotland’s needs and the votes of its people mean nothing.

It wasn’t just Ruth who was narked by the YouGov poll. He who should not be named because like Beetlejuice if you say his name three times he just pops up pouting about the fiscal transfer, was seriously irritated on Twatter. Scotland’s least favourite dogfood salesman and graph enthusiast was not at all happy with the result of the poll. He even managed to blame the SNP for it. It’s apparently a victory for the SNP’s “strategy of making Scotland’s voice in the UK sound like that of false-grievance mongering dicks”. Bless.

Now I may have missed something, but I thought that the SNP’s strategy over the past few decades has been to tell Scotland that independence would not be the financial and economic calamity that certain opponents of independence claim it would be. And for doing so they’ve been vilified, traduced, insulted, and sneered at by opponents of independence. There is nothing more offensive to a British nationalist than the notion that an independent Scotland might be better off managing its own resources and raising its own taxes.

What British nationalists thought was their greatest strength has turned into their greatest weakness. This poll is actually a victory for all those people who have been constantly producing graphs telling Scotland and the world that Scotland is a financial basket case which relies upon the goodwill and largesse of the rest of the UK in order to stop it turning into an even more impoverished form of Greece, only without the nice weather. It’s a victory for those who never question the methodology or politics of the annual GERS figures because they are eager to use those figures as a weapon. It’s a victory for those who think that the supposed financial and economic weakness of Scotland, a land blessed with an embarrassment of wealth, talent, and natural resources, is an argument for the UK instead of an indictment of generations of Westminster’s rapacious financial mismanagement.

When you keep telling people in England that Scotland is a drain on its resources, that Scotland is a leech, that they pay for Scotland’s public services, you can’t really act surprised when some of them turn round and tell you that they’d be happy to get rid of Scotland if Scotland is perceived as standing in the way of a political goal they actively desire. But hey, let’s just blame the SNP for it shall we.

Today we got the results of the third round of voting in the Tory leadership contest. It’s hard to imagine now what Boris Johnson could do that would blow up his campaign. He has cheerfully fostered racism, he has likened gay marriage to three men marrying a dog, he thinks it’s fine to call gay men “bum boys”, he believes that being Scottish ought to rule you out from being Prime Minister. He’s a serial liar. He’s a cheat. He conspired with one of his pals to have a journalist beaten up.

He could be caught in flagrante delicto with a nun and a dead pig, and it would just be laughed off as Boris being Boris. After all, it has already come to light that he’d allowed the publication of a grossly and offensively racist tract calling for members of a particular ethnic group to be herded into ghettos and exterminated, and it is being dismissed as just a bit of banter and it’s the targets of that racist abuse who are in the wrong for being upset about it. So much for “Stay with us Scotland, we love you.” But none of this matters because Boris Johnson is upper class. Is there a quota of racist stuff you can say before you can be called a racist? If there is the quota is certainly much higher if you’re exceedingly posh like Boris Johnson.

It’s looking like a run off between him and Michael Gove or Jeremy Hunt. The result of the third round of voting saw Boris Johnson increase his lead over the other candidates.  He got as many votes as the next three candidates combined. With 143 votes, he’s only a few votes short of taking an absolute majority of MPs’ votes. Jeremy Hunt came a distant second with 54, Michael Gove trailed on 51, Sajid Javid struggled into the next round with 38, and Rory Stewart went backwards and ended up with a mere 27, dropping out of the race.

The Conservatives don’t want someone who’ll tell the truth about Brexit. They want to wrap themselves in the red white and blue comfort blanket of the fleg and tell themselves that England is special. They want to contort themselves in lies in the hope that they can see the sun shining out of their own backsides. Meanwhile a no deal Brexit gets more and more likely with every passing day. We’re all screwed. The only comfort is that we’re not as screwed as the Tory party.

19 comments on “The Tory bumble-bluster, kitten smirk, tangent-bombast routine

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  2. I said much the same on some threads when G+ was still going. If you keep shouting how much we are subsidised eventually people in England will resent Scotland. The closer we got to indy the worse the figures got. We are definitely watching Rome burn now we have to push open the fire exit. How anyone can take the Mooth seriously now is beyond me. I honestly can’t believe how independence isn’t polling 60% + is astonishing. Well maybe it is and it’s being hushed up, would you put it past them? If they would quite literally beg to lick England’s arse is anything beyond the pale for this shower of shite

  3. benmadigan says:

    here’s my view. I borrowed part of one of your pics from a previous post Paul – Hope you don’t mind . I have acknowledged you as a source among the Refs and Pics below the post.

  4. Charles McGregor says:

    Poor old Rory De Tory scuppered his chances with the ‘no tax cuts, we need to fund public services’ message. Good news for indy, his win would have been problematic for us.

    As it is three English Nationalists and Sajid Javid in a poor fourth place, things are looking good.

    • Simon Taylor says:

      Although this is now academic we should not ” normalise ” Rory Stewart as the ” acceptable face ” of the Conservative Party. The issue, that must be driven home to those still undecided Scots is that there is NO acceptable Prime Ministerial candidate in ANY UK party at any time that will be of benefit to Scotland. A ” softer ” UK leader in the future may be a sop to many Indy undecided who feel they can bide their time in the ” comfort zone ” of the UK. The Westminster system is completely bust. The breakdown in the relationship betwen Scotland and England is irreconcilable. No leader, Tory, Libdem or Labour is going to fix it.

      • A timely reminder, if one were needed, Simon, that the Blue Red and Beige Tories, and their glove puppets Up Here, will crush Scotland, when they ‘take back control’

        Corbyn and Findlay are Old School USSR Communists, saving us from ourselves.
        A Plague on all their Little England houses.

  5. It is quite incredible that Johnson will become the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on the 22nd July.
    I have observed many times that England has simply gone mad; well, 17.4 million have.
    Well, that’s not strictly true.
    I doubt that all of those who voted Leave wanted this to happen.
    It is breathtaking that the Brit Establishment has turned a blind eye to this man’s many shortcomings, just to get out of Europe.
    The 16 million or so who voted Remain, plus the millions who didn’t bother, will surely rail against this insult to democracy, where 100,000 or so elderly well off True Blue Little Englanders pick a buffoon to drive their country over the cliff edge.
    All those fabled Labour voters in the North (of England) who voted for Brexit, arguably because they wanted to poke Cameron and the Blue Tories in the eye, and in many cases because they were basically xenophobes who wanted to stem the flow of Johnny Foreigner coming over and taking all their jobs, hospital beds, and school places, didn’t vote for an arch Right Wing Blue Tory Brexit led by a flaxen haired ‘racist’..
    The WM/London Elite have been hoisted by their own petard.
    6 years of Blue and Beige Tory austerity, food banks, acrumbling English Health Service, and schools failing, were blamed on uncontrolled FOM, not Osborne Alexander Clegg and Cameron.
    It was Europe’s fault.
    Send the Polish plasterers and Latvian fruit pickers packing, and everything will be fine.
    All lies, and deliberate rabble rousing.
    Remember that odious man Brown’s declaration: ‘British jobs for British workers?
    They all jumped on the Blame The EU bandwagon.
    There will be a backlash in England, in the height of the hot summer, the traditional civil unrest and riot season.
    We have a ‘solution’.
    Let’s start the ball rolling now, while we can.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Had occasion this morning to re-read a 2016 Martin Fletcher synopsis of Johnson from 2016, frightening what has transpired since –

      Appalled as I am at the prospect of my country voting to leave the European Union next week, I am hardly surprised.

      For 25 years our press has fed the British public a diet of distorted, mendacious and relentlessly hostile stories about the EU – and the journalist who set the tone was Boris Johnson.

      I know this because I was appointed Brussels correspondent of The Times in 1999, a few years after Johnson’s stint there for The Telegraph, and I had to live with the consequences.

      Johnson, sacked by The Times in 1988 for fabricating a quote, made his mark in Brussels not through fair and balanced reporting, but through extreme euro-scepticism. He seized every chance to mock or denigrate the EU, filing stories that were undoubtedly colourful but also grotesquely exaggerated or completely untrue.

      The Telegraph loved it. So did the Tory Right. Johnson later confessed: “Everything I wrote from Brussels, I found was sort of chucking these rocks over the garden wall and I listened to this amazing crash from the greenhouse next door over in England as everything I wrote from Brussels was having this amazing, explosive effect on the Tory party, and it really gave me this I suppose rather weird sense of power.”

      Johnson’s reports also had an amazing, explosive effect on the rest of Fleet Street. They were much more fun than the usual dry and rather complex Brussels fare. News editors on other papers, particularly but not exclusively the tabloids, started pressing their own correspondents to match them. By the time I arrived in Brussels editors only wanted stories about faceless Brussels eurocrats imposing absurd rules on Britain, or scheming Europeans ganging up on us, or British prime ministers fighting plucky rearguard actions against a hostile continent. Much of Fleet Street seemed unable to view the EU through any other prism. It was the only narrative it was interested in.

      Stories that did not bash Brussels, stories that acknowledged the EU’s many achievements, stories that recognised that Britain had many natural allies in Europe and often won important arguments, almost invariably ended up on the spike.

      Boris Johnson is now campaigning against the cartoon caricature of the EU that he himself created. He is campaigning against a largely fictional EU that bears no relation to reality. That is why he and his fellow Brexiteers could win next week. Johnson may be witty and amusing, just as Donald Rumsfeld was in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, but he is extremely dangerous. What began as a bit of a jape could inflict terrible damage on this country.

      Fight back!!!!!!

      – Hell mend them in getting what they asked for, not what they wanted

      • Bob, we are indebted to you for your horse’s mouth insight.
        England, The Tribe That Lost Its Head.
        Pray for a wet July in the South, for all our sakes.

  6. Andy Anderson says:

    To me all well known British Nationalist MP’s and MSP’s are liars. An absolute disgrace to there voters, themselves and to there families.

    I only hope when we are independent that our constitution has curbs on this blatant lying. Let’s make our parliament the envy of the world.

  7. Bob Lamont says:

    Parliamentary etiquette required Bercow to intervene to request Blackford’s accusation be withdrawn (or stated differently), but unless I missed something IB didn’t withdraw it and instead backed it up with quotations and Bercow didn’t press it despite the donkeys braying..
    Not so sure that the Mooth and Fluffy were narked by the YouGov poll findings so much than finding it emblazoned across every outlet in England, and thereby became open season. Their loyal Scottish Media ignored the earlier Wings poll concluding similarly, so the Mooth’s finger wagging is more self-promotion than anything the blue-rinse set are likely to consider valid input.
    Sponging-Scots has proven to be no less a boomerang than Brexit for the Mooth. Decades of propaganda need at least double that or war to reset mindsets, even an English Civil War would still hold to the Scots myth/mist.
    For Union waverers the YouGov findings will shift attitudes, for Arlene Foster’s Loyalists it will be a body blow to their already meagre support, for Scotland they might sit on the fence with Labour, meatime….
    As to Boris Johnson – There is a entire section devoted to this charlatan in the The New Statesman, 90% of Conservative MPs despise the lazy clown, which doubtless echoes all the way to the 7,000 100,000 or 160,000 Conservative Members despite all the PR manipulation to the contrary.
    As a tactic by those manipulating behind the scenes, Johnson is the prize Patsy to ensure ToryMk2/Brexit get a landslide in England, against Nigel Mirage’s Thatcherism reborn and a duel of lies to the death, he will lose, they will make sure of it. And a prediction, watch Gove jump ship at the next GE 😉
    If SNP don’t throw down the Section 30 gauntlet down in November, it may fall to Scottish Greens to remind them why they were elected, or replace them…

  8. […] What British nationalists thought was their greatest strength has turned into their greatest weakness. This poll is actually a victory for all those people who have been constantly producing graphs telling Scotland and the world that Scotland is a financial basket case which relies upon the goodwill and largesse of the rest of the UK in order to stop it turning into an even more impoverished form of Greece, only without the nice weather. It’s a victory for those who never question the methodology or politics of the annual GERS figures because they are eager to use those figures as a weapon. It’s a victory for those who think that the supposed financial and economic weakness of Scotland, a land blessed with an embarrassment of wealth, talent, and natural resources, is an argument for the UK instead of an indictment of generations of Westminster’s rapacious financial mismanagement. – Wee Ginger Dug, 19th June 2019. […]

  9. yespolitico says:

    Cracking good exposure of the self-contradictory hypocrisy – “Scotland is so poor that we need its resources.” Reposted your central paragraph on

  10. On a day when it is reported that the UK State Pension is the worst in the developed world, 29% of income as opposed to an EU average of 63%, and Warrington Health Trust announces that 71 medical procedures, including hip, and knee replacements, and cataracts removal, will no longer be available free a the point of delivery; a knee replacement will cost £18,000, for example, but our News Hacks and broadcasters are consumed with fake flurry over the Blue Tory Leadership fiasco, the perfect 6 weeks or so to release the baddest news to the Old Wrinklies.

    I’d suggest that every Pensioner Household in Scotland should be delivered of this news on Pensions and the price of hip operations, in England, before the next Indy campaign.

    I see that Ruth Davidson is fast becoming the Billy Bones of the Blue Tories, the Conservative Party, which has scratched ‘and Unionist’ from their lette head now that the Posh Silver Haired Rich Wing have declared, ‘feck Scotland and the North of Ireland’.

    She has delivered the Black Spot to several Blue Tory Leadership Hopefuls now.
    On the bright side we no longer need to ask Javid’s ‘permission’ to hold a second Referendum.

    As you know, The Black Spot was a literary invention by RL Stevenson in Treasure Island.

    This describes the Black Spot pressed in Long John Silver’s hand:-

    “It was around about the size of a crown piece. One side was blank, for it had been the last leaf; [ torn from a Bible] the other contained a verse or two of Revelation—these words among the rest, which struck sharply home upon my mind: “Without are dogs and murderers.” The printed side had been blackened with wood ash, which already began to come off and soil my fingers; on the blank side had been written with the same material the one word “Depposed”.”

    Now that Javid has been ‘depossed’, Davidson has tied her colours to Fish Face Gove’s mast.
    He’s doomed.
    Looks like Hunt will face Johnson in the final Great British Fake Off, or should that be ‘Fuck Off, Scotland, Norn Ireland’.

    Be warned, my fellow Scots citizens,
    ‘Without are dogs and murderers’.
    Let’s keep them ‘without’ Scotland.

    It looks as though many old sods like me, but who have the misfortune to live Down There in Warrington, will be offered the Long John Silver Economy Option to cure severe Osteoarthritis of the knee or hip. amputation, and a £4.99 peg leg.
    We must get out of this hellish Union NOW.

  11. Welsh Sion says:

    Boris Johnson – 162
    Jeremy Hunt – 77
    Michael Gove – 75
    Spoilt ballot paper – 1

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