Ruth’s plan for Scotland

Remember when the Leave campaign told us that it wanted the UK out of the EU in order to restore full sovereignty to the Westminster parliament? Turns out that promise was just as hollow as Better Together’s promise that no Westminster government would ever interfere with the devolution settlement without the express consent of the Scottish parliament. There might be some comfort in knowing that it’s not just Scotland that gets lied to by British politicians on the make, but it’s a comfort that’s as cold as Dominic Raab’s heart.

Fresh from fighting to assert the sovereignty of the British parliament, Dominic and his pals in the ERG group of Brextremists are now worried that it has too much sovereignty. It’s all very well and good this sovereignty business, but if parliament is only going to go and use it to do stuff that the ERG doesn’t approve of, then it has to be stopped. The British people didn’t give Dominic an overwhelming mandate just so that MPs could go and override the will of the British people as interpreted by Dominic. Actually, they didn’t give Dominic any such mandate at all, but they did in his mind and that’s all that matters. The Daily Express also channelled Lady Di to tell him that it was all good with her. So that’s the same thing as an electoral mandate really. The medium’s spirit guide said so, and that guide is the Tory party. It’s not dead yet but it’s as good as.

The Westminster Parliament has no idea what sort of Brexit it wants, however it’s pretty clear on what it doesn’t want, and it doesn’t want a no-deal Brexit. However the law as it stands says that the UK will crash out of the EU at the end of the extension period on 31 October unless Parliament intervenes to stop it. That’s what Dominic has got so angry about, although to be fair Dominic spends most of his time in a state of permarage. He’s always got that look about him as though he’d narrowly missed hitting his thumb with a hammer and had hit his crotch instead. When he’s cooking his dinner he crushes the garlic with his fists. Because he’s that butch. If it’s not feminists who are getting his goat, it’s remainers, and failing that he can always get angry at his geography teacher at school who forgot to tell him that Britain is an island.

The only person in the entire UK who is angrier than Dominic is Piers Morgan, a man who lost his rag because Greggs started selling a vegan sausage roll and who went on Question Time to rant about snowflakes being offended by everything. Piers is angry with everyone, except Donald Trump. That’s the model that Dominic Raab is copying for his leadership pitch.

In order to prevent Parliament from doing that democracy thing and taking back control, if Dominic becomes the next Tory leader and Prime Minister, he’s going to prorogue Parliament so that MPs aren’t in session and then they can’t do anything to prevent the UK falling out of the EU by default. It’s a terribly clever plan, in the same way that it’s very clever to cheat at cards and then call it democracy.

To be fair, other Tory leadership contenders have lined up to rule this idea out. Andrea Leadsom called it profoundly undemocratic. Which it is. But we’ve now reached a point in British politics where Andrea Leadson can pose as the voice of reason. That’s like being lectured on particle physics by one of the tellytubbies.

The leadership contest remains Boris Johnson’s to lose, and it hardly needs to be pointed out that he’s very capable of losing it. But failing some dramatic and self-inflicted implosion he’s highly likely to get onto the short list of two who will be put to the Tory membership, and in that case he’s the runaway favourite. The collapse of the Conservative vote in yesterday’s Peterborough by-election and the rise of the Brexit party will only spook Tory MPs even further, and make them even more likely to turn to Boris Johnson as the only candidate who has a chance of taking Nigel Farage on at his own game and rescuing the Conservatives from electoral oblivion. A Conservative party which can’t win a by-election in a marginal constituency when the previous Labour incumbent has gone to jail is not a Conservative party that’s going to win a General Election.

Although this contest remains Boris Johnson’s to lose, we don’t know yet who has won. However we do know who has lost, and that’s Ruth Davidson. Gone are the days when the Scottish Tories mounted Operation Arse to keep Boris Johnson away from the leadership because he’s electoral kryptonite in Scotland. Now Ruth Davidson’s Ruth Davidson’s Vote Ruth Davidson for more Ruth Davidson Party are in full on Operation Arse Lick. They can live with Boris. They can work with Boris. Boris isn’t such a bad guy. They’ll cooperate with Boris, because he’s not as bad as some of the other contenders, like Dominic Raab. And because they can live with Boris, they’re determined to ensure that all of Scotland is going to have to thole him too.

After everything that Ruth Davidson has previously said about Boris Johnson and his lies, his unfitness for power, his opportunism and careerism, this volte-face only shows that Ruth Davidson is cut from exactly the same stained and shabby political cloth. By signalling that they’d be content with Boris Johnson, the Scottish Tories have shown that they’re not fit for getting anywhere near government. They’re spineless, opportunistic, and utterly bereft of any principles. So far, so Tory. But even worse than that they’ve shown that they are not prepared to stand up and speak for Scotland’s interests as a part of the UK. They’ve shown that the concept that Scotland might have distinct interests particular to it is completely alien to them. They’ve shown that they don’t believe Scotland to be a nation, just the North British province of Greater Englandshire. They’re not unionists at all. They’re British incorporationists who seek to ensure that Scotland possesses no distinct political identity at all.

If Ruth Davidson possessed even a gramme of the political heft which is so frequently imputed to her by a sycophantic Scottish media, she’d have used this leadership contest as an opportunity to assert herself. She could have announced that the Scottish Conservatives would return to their position pre-1965, and exist as an independent Scottish Conservative and Unionist party which supported the Conservatives in Westminster but which preserved its own independence, promoted its own policies, and existed in order to protect and defend Scottish interests within the UK. Instead she’s capitulated to her Westminster bosses. That’s precisely what she expects Scotland to do too.

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12 comments on “Ruth’s plan for Scotland

  1. Illy says:

    They’ve ***GOT*** to be trolling us with “Hitler’s rise to power” references with this “close parliament” stuff.

    Please, please be a joke?

  2. Valerie McVey says:

    This isn’t the first time since they vowed to take back parliament’s sovereignty that it’s had to be defended. Remember Gina Miller? Without her, we’d have been out in March.

  3. Bob Lamont says:

    No matter how Ruth Davidson fawns, she must be getting pretty uncomfortable with what her party is morphing into and knows it is fatal to what Tory support remains in Scotland when SNP are in the ascendant, and Independence is increasing favoured..
    ERG and the Brexit Party are the conjoined twins of ultra-Conservatism, and it is this which is set to dominate the next decade of the UK irrespective of the chosen PM or the majority party.
    Even were a GE called, the illusion of choice would be a win-win for these ultras, the majority electorate of England will swallow the spiel because the Press and the Politicians are in harmony.
    Just as Brexit was sold as “Taking back Control” from “Unelected Bureaucrats”, and “No Deal” and “WTO Rules” circulate with gay abandon, this is a propaganda war they are winning, and they will win the next one, probably with “Stick it to the Elites” featuring Jacob Rees-Mogg…
    There is a storm coming, time for Scotland to pull up the drawbridge, close the shutters, and bar the doors…

  4. I a couple of years time, she’ll be found in a bar in Rose Street, hunched over a large glass of Sauvignon, crumbs of cheese ‘n’ onion crisps on her chest, telling anyone who will listen:-
    ‘ I could have been a contender, you know’.

    Ultimately, she backed the biggest loser in the history of politics, ‘Big T’, and rendered her position irredeemable by following her about like a wee waddling sausage dog, as May ventured North for a couple of hours to rally the troops in a scout hut in Aberdeenshire.
    May called a snap GE.
    She lost her majority, although for some inexplicable reason, the Blue Tories Up Here managed to return a Baker’s Dozen, who, perplexingly didn’t see Supermom as their ‘boss’, despite Toodle Oo The Noo and others crediting Davidson with their ‘success’.
    That must have rankled Mudane, The Linesman and the wobbly footed Members’ Bar Fly.
    The dutiful Brit Nat hacks and broadcasters hailed it as Ruth’s victory, and incredibly tipped her as PM in waiting.
    We all had a good laugh at that one.
    What person turns up at work every morning aware that everybody is laughing at them?
    Quite a few in the Dead Tree Scrolls and BBC PQ, apparently.
    They knew they were listening to tyhe ramblings of a bloated egoist, yet none challenged her with the facts.
    She was all over the place, interviewed by a subservient media and no one laughed in her face when she declared that she was going to be the next FM.
    How the hacks and broadcasters must feel, now that the vacuum inside this bloated wee self promoter has imploded, and she has been consigned to the political equivalent of Forth View Retirement Home.
    I observed earlier; after yesterday’s third place in Peterborough, behind Brexit, Carhire and the WATP Prof will usher into a room, with a solitary char, a desk, upon which will sit a bottle of Scotch, a glass, and a pistol..
    Metaphorically speaking of course.
    Ruth, yer tea’s oot.
    May had to resign; so should you.

  5. Macart says:

    The Tories are quite a shower these days and their chooms across the chamber (and across the Westminster spectrum) aren’t much better.

    The political sphere has always had more than its fair share of fibbery involved in its practice tbf. It shouldn’t, but it does (shrugs). Hard to believe, I know. I can hear the shocked outcry from some bods at the back of the room. (Note: there may have been a bit of sarc. involved there)

    Today though? Today it’s become a perennial twisted contest. A gameshow. A winner takes all ugly pageant. Yer biggest fibber wins and regardless of their morality, whether they get caught in their lies, or how criminal their electoral practices proved to be? You’ve to respect the result because… reasons and DEMOCRACY! Democracy undermined might be more accurate. Democracy poisoned and then used against itself. Democracy broken.

    Seems the scale of the fibbery is beyond all control at this point. The practices of the howf have generated the perfect storm of lowbrow soundbite personality with zero ideology other than me, masel’ and I. These geniuses have so polarized public opinion that with the aid of a duck tape and zooperdooper glue, they haven’t an earthly of unifying the populations of these islands behind their wossiname at this point. Not vision. Not union. The other thing. A clusterf…

    The public who voted for said fibbery, (especially if they’re of the same worldview as the ethically challenged winner), are peachy in going along with the shitshow visited upon their fellow citizens at this point. They won after all. They’re not sure what they’ve won and some of them are suffering just as badly as the losers by this point, but … YAY! They still won and someone else didn’t. So that’s alright then. Or is it?

    When the so called losers, (and an increasing number of those who thought they’d won something), no longer have faith in politics, its institutions, the electoral system, in a gamed government itself.

    What then?

    • They are actually on the airwaves no longer pretending to ‘deliver the will of the British people’, well, 52% of them, the 48% can feck off, and Scotland and Norn Irn?
      They’ll do as they’re told as usual.
      It’s what we called the ‘democratic deficit’, the cornerstone of the Independence Movement.
      We are governed by a party for whom we didn’t vote, and will never get a fair shake as long as 560 odd English MP’s always out vote our 59.
      The pundits are not even putting a veneer on it any more.
      It’s all about saving the Blue Tories from the Brexit tsunami.

      Johnson will get the Big Ticket, because only he is the only racist xenophobic buffoon ‘acceptable’ to the Little Englanders who voted for Farage’s Brexit.

      Farage is Boris Lite.

      The Blue Tories need to win back the No Dealers/ Take Back Controllers, and Johnson certainly fits that bill.

      The Flaxon Haired Farage.

      The message is now, Save The Tory Party, and stop Corbyn.

      Leaving the EU comes a poor 3rd; it’s that desperate for the Blue Meanies now.

      There will not be a UK GE before Brexit, that’s for sure.

      The Men in the Grey Suits will throw Red Meat at the Brexit mob and charge out of the EU without a deal, then call a GE, by which time, it will be assumed that Farage’s millions will desert him and revert to Little England Xenophobic type and vote for Boris, the Saviour of England.

      Farage has no manifesto other than to crash out of the EU without a deal.
      He has no chance of getting in to Government.

      Up Here,we need to mobilise now, and fire the Independence starting gun

      • Illy says:

        “He has no chance of getting in to Government.”

        I wouldn’t be so certain of that. I remember reading about a failed Austrian artist who was about as nuts as Farage.

        He talked about shutting down parliament too…

      • Macart says:

        It’s collapsing in upon itself because of its own nature and practice Jack. Who knew?

        The establishment screwed up big time by following their so called ‘winning formulas’. The duopoly were so concerned with winning, they forgot that HOW you achieve a thing is way more important than having it at all.

        They’ve effectively poisoned their own well and by their own actions. (shrugs) Their choice.

  6. Bob Lamont says:

    So after batting eyelashes and having to U-turn previous postures on numerous candidates, Ruth the Mooth backs Sajid Javid, or “Saj” as I noted she refers to him… presumably a hangup from her TA days…
    As PM, the perfect recruiting Saj for Independence after the #PermissionfromSajid rumpus….

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