The UK offers Scotland a future as a chlorinated chicken

Well there you have it. If Scotland remains a part of the UK, the NHS will not be safe. During the press conference on Tuesday after his meeting with Theresa May, Donald Trump claimed that a “phenomenal” trade deal could be negotiated between the USA and the UK after Brexit, and then went on to add that the NHS was on the table. Whatever right wing ideologue succeeds Theresa May will be bartering away the future of the NHS in return for chlorinated chicken.

This was the most important point to take away from Trump’s press conference. Well that and the fact that no one called him a liar even though his delusions reached an even greater height than the Trump Baby blimp that flew above the protests in London. Trump claimed that “thousands” had turned out to cheer him. This may possibly be because he took the massive papier maché effigy of him sitting on a toilet which blared out fart noises to be a demonstration of support. It’s an easy mistake to make.

Trump’s convoy drove past the protests. The toilet effigy and the Trump Baby blimp were clearly visible to anyone in the motorcade. But during the press conference Trump asserted that the protests were fake news and that London had really turned out to back him. In fact the small gaggle of pro-Trump people were sitting in a Wetherspoons nursing a pint and a chlorinated chicken flavour packet of crisps while the thousands of anti-Trump protesters passed by outside. Yet no one called out Trump for contradicting the evidence of their own, and his own, eyes.

But it’s the fact that we now have confirmation that the NHS is at threat that’s the most important development here. Do you trust Trade Secretary Liam Fox to protect the NHS in trade negotiations with Donald Trump? That would be the Liam Fox who today refused to rule out giving US private health corporations access to the NHS as a part of any post-Brexit trade deal. And it’s not just the NHS which is under threat, so are food standards and safety. Brexit is quite literally putting lives at risk.

In September last year a blueprint for a US-UK trade deal was published by the right wing Initiative for Free Trade, a thinktank headed by Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan, together with input from other opaquely funded right wing groups such as the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute. Boris Johnson and Liam Fox were guests at the launch of the Initiative for Free Trade.  Liam Fox has also given speeches for the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute. The controversial blueprint claims that opening up the NHS to foreign competition would be “beneficial”, and proposed to ditch the so-called cautionary principle which has governed EU regulation on food standards and safety.

Sustain, a thinktank campaigning for better food standards, estimates that if the UK adopted US style food standards, there would be an extra cost of £1billion annually to the NHS and the UK economy. Yesterday, Monday 3 June, an investigation by Channel 4’s Dispatches programme into standards in the US chicken industry found that American rates of campylobacter infection are 10 times higher than they are in the UK. Salmonella, the other leading bacterial cause of food poisoning, is also far more prevalent in the USA.

For more details see:

The US Center for Disease Control estimates that there are an average of between 380 to 450 deaths annually in the USA due to salmonella, as well as 23,000 hospitalisations, and 1.2 million cases of the infection. The CDC reckons that poor food hygiene is the source of 1 million of these infections. With the exception of a single death in 2018 linked to lamb and mutton, the UK has in recent years recorded no deaths at all due to salmonella. If the UK had the same rate of food poisoning as the USA, around 65 to 70 people would lose their lives annually due to salmonella infections, there would be around 3,850 hospitalisations, and 200,000 cases of salmonella annually. The current figure is around 8500 cases annually in England and Wales.

For rates of salmonella infection in England and Wales, see here

The lower rate of salmonella and campylobacter infections in the UK is due to the EU’s far stricter food hygiene and processing regulations. This is an example of some of the EU “red tape” that the Tories want to get rid of. They’re more interested in protecting the profit margins of chicken processing plants than they are in protecting your health.

The problem with US food standards is that chlorine washing is not a good substitute for the more stringent food safety measures which in the EU are mandatory earlier in the processing chain. In the USA, these more stringent measures are not legal requirements. So for example in the EU there are restrictions on flock density and transportation times, restrictions which have an impact on producers’ profit margins. There are also strict regulations governing the processing plants, and guarantees of workers’ rights and health and safety. These restrictions have been shown to be successful in reducing the spread of salmonella and campylobacter bacteria infections as well as in creating a safer working environment for staff, but in the USA processers substitute bathing the chicken carcasses in a dilute chlorine solution. This process kills 90% of the bacteria present in the chicken, but it’s the other 10% that cause the problem.

American chicken is 20% cheaper than its British equivalent. It’s cheaper because food safety standards are less rigorous, and because workers in the processing plants have less protection. A US trade deal would see British markets flooded with cheaper American products which are less safe. That would encourage a drive downwards in standards amongst UK producers.

Brexit is putting our food at risk, our lives at risk, our NHS at risk, and our employment standards at risk. That’s why the Tories are pursuing it. They’re not seeking Brexit in order to strengthen the standards and regulations which ensure our safety, they’re doing it in order to get rid of those standards and regulations so that corporations can enjoy a greater profit. It’s ordinary working people who will pay the price.

We now have confirmation that the greatest threat to Scotland’s safety and security is to remain a part of the UK. As a part of the UK Scotland will have no say, no input, no control over whatever trade deal the Tories strike with Donald Trump’s America. Our NHS will be opened up to private American health companies, our food will be less safe. We’ll be sicker, and we’ll be at greater risk of workplace accidents precisely as the NHS is being stripped and privatised. The only way that Scotland can have any control over its own future is with independence. The Conservatives are determined to ensure that we’re silenced while they poison our food. If we stay under Westminster rule, Scotland will have as much say about its fate as a chlorinated chicken.

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44 comments on “The UK offers Scotland a future as a chlorinated chicken

  1. This has got to be spread far and wide, but our foreign owned media and our UK govt mouthpiece, the BBC, won’t do anything. It is up to us to get it in front of people who ‘aren’t interested in politics’. It isn’t politics any more; it is the future of all of us and generations to come after us.

  2. Indeed,Paul.
    Now we know why hey fought tooth and nail to retain 24 areas of devolved powers returning from Brussels post Brexit.
    You may recall that their Judiciary Down There decided that it was not a ‘power grab’ and that the Sewell Convention did not apply. Back in your box, Sweaties.
    I believe that this is the same Lord Sewell, there can hardly be two, surely, complaining on video wearing a fetching pink bra, that his £200 a day (it’s actually £300) was not enough to pay for his young female companions and cocaine, allegedly.
    A Dolphin Square, a home from home for the Gravy Trainers.
    I c and p the 24 areas of Power Grab here.

    •1. Agricultural support
    •2. Agriculture – fertiliser regulations
    •3. Agriculture – GMO marketing and cultivation
    •4. Agriculture – organic farming
    •5. Agriculture – zootech
    •6. Animal health and traceability
    •7. Animal welfare
    •8. Chemicals regulation (including pesticides)
    •9. Elements of reciprocal healthcare
    •10. Environmental quality – chemicals
    •11. Environmental quality – ozone depleting substances and F-gases
    •12. Environmental quality – pesticides
    •13. Environmental quality – waste packaging and product regulations
    •14. Fisheries management & support
    •15. Food and feed safety and hygiene law (food and feed safety and hygiene law, and
    •the controls that verify compliance with food and feed law (official controls)
    •16. Food compositional standards
    •17. Food labelling
    •18. Hazardous substances planning
    •19. Implementation of EU Emissions Trading System
    •20. Mutual recognition of professional qualifications (MRPQ)
    •21. Nutrition health claims, composition and labelling
    •22. Plant health, seeds and propagating material
    •23. Public procurement
    •24. Services Directive
    WE are to be at the mercy of Fox, Gove, Johnson and Rees Mogg. Aye, tha’ll be shinin’ bright.

    Today, Trump announced that ‘everything was on the table’
    Last Sunday on Marr, Woody Johnson, of Johnson and Johnson confirmed this, including the NHS, agriculture, GM. The Brits would have the choice, but Woody, fresh from his success in the ‘Toy Story’ franchise, revealed that five million Brits a yea visit the US every year and none die of food poison.
    Well, that’s ok the.
    To all those farmers and fishermen and distillers who voted No, Blue Tory, and Leave..your days would appear to be numbered.
    Time for Scotland to wish England all the best.

    • Jaisus, the typos!
      The English media have gone into arse-licking sycophantic overdrive over the past two days.
      I’d imagine Hitler got similar adoration from the press and broadcasters.
      Were medics on hand to remove May’s arse from Trumps butt after the press conference?
      I am ragin’, as you can see/

      • Bob Lamont says:

        I understand the two are easily confused in May’s case but I believe you meant face rather than arse 😉

        • Bob, my reading of Jack’s humourous and pithy description of a scene from Hell, was that her tongue, which no doubt is attached to her head, was so far up Trump’s colon that only May’s arse and legs are now visible.

        • See what blind rage does to my clacking, Bob.
          I end up not knowing my arse from my elbow.
          I just had to tune in to Newsnight.
          Maitlis was actually shrieking seveal times.
          They are all mad Down There.
          The US will swallow England whole, and wash it down with Kenucky ‘Scatch’, and what with No. 17, ‘food labelling’ now being a reserved area, our Scotch industry and Scottish Government will have hee-haw powers to object, unless of course, we opt for Self Determination, and as the 28th member of the biggest Trading bloc in the world, the EU, tell Trump, and PM Johnson to ‘eff off’, to quote David Cameron reassurance that we Scots can always vote them out, during his charm offensive to BP in Aberdeen in 2014.
          I’m finding it increasingly difficult to combine railing at the moon, and writing coherently, in this Ken Russell madhouse that is the UK.
          Johnson set out his stall tonight at a gathering of the Elite.
          When he is PM, then the UK leaves on Hallowe’en, Deal or No Deal.

          $1000 dollars a mile if you call an ambulance, according to a US tweeter..
          Matt Hancock tweeted that the NHS would not be ‘on the table’ in Trade Deals with the US; defiantly tweeting, ‘not on my watch’.

          I bet they all had a good laugh at that one.

          His ‘watch’ will end in three weeks time, when Johnson ascends the throne, and Dr Fox is ‘rewarded’ with the asset stripping Health gig.

          It pains me to say it, but England is seriously doomed, as many of us have been observing since June 2016.
          The Tribe That Lost Its Head.
          Indyref 2 and a Yes victory is inevitable now, unless you lot have a couple of grand spare for an ambulance and $60,000 for a hip replacement.
          BTW, Corbyn screaming into a mic in Trafalgar Sq today was just an embarrassment.
          He is clearly out of his depth and needs to take gardening leave while the English Labour party sorts itself out.

          • Robert Harrison says:

            Im glad England is doomed its brought it on itself the signs was there for years but English ignored them because they believed nothing could kill there precious England in a way im gona enjoy those lot tear each other apart all because of there arrogant attitude whos the next to get the blame when this kicks off should do a poll on that.

      • Theresa May has taken toe curling embarrassment to a new level Jack. The once Great British Establishment now reduced to being patronised and set up for a bad ruinous Trade Deal by a large orange narcissist.
        Surely though, the scales must be falling from many unionist eyes with this inevitable privatisation of the NHS. They’re not going to escape from £40 bills for a simple GP’s appointment. Or, £15 per prescription item. In the US there’s a Black Market in low quality substitute prescription drugs, because lower income citizens can’t afford genuine prescription drugs. First responders checking your level of health insurance before choosing the appropriate level of treatment by destination. Cancer treatment? Can’t afford it. That goes for many treatments we now take for granted. And that’s just scratching the surface. Many elderly people who voted No, will be the hardest hit. Selling their homes to pay for treatment that they now receive for free.
        If this doesn’t open closed minds to independence, what will?

        • The Scottish Government should contact (not write to) every pensioner and explain what the US Trade Deal will mean for their Health Treatments, care services.
          I won’t hold my breath waiting for Tom and Paul at the Herald Britland, or Torcuil, or Sevvie, or the Cleggster condemning this from the columns of the US owned Dead Tree Scrolls. More than their jobs are worth, their jobs being more important than the destruction of their country Scotland.
          Not even the ‘downsizing’ of the Scotsman today will stop the relentless EssEnnPee Bad churned out by those above.

          It could not have been more stark today.
          The US knows that when England and Wales leave the EU in October, then the US Giants will invade and choke the Brexit Babes to death.
          Time for NS to fire the starting gun. There is no time left to dither.
          It’s time for what’s left of Labour in Scotland to back Self Determination.

      • Charles McGregor says:

        It does have a rather Anschluss vibe going on about it.

  3. Welsh Sion says:

    If they won’t accept it from WGD, perhaps an article from the Guardian (yes, I know!) might help.

    Just tryin’ to be useful …

  4. fairliered says:

    Sorry, Paul, I just can’t get my head around the words US UK and Conservative in the same sentence as think tank. Are you sure you didn’t mean septic tank?

  5. […] Wee Ginger Dug The UK offers Scotland a future as a chlorinated chicken Well there you have it. If Scotland remains a part of the UK, the NHS will not be […]

  6. Bob Lamont says:

    Brexit is not the issue, it is Government party ideologies..
    Britain had some of the most stringent food hygiene and safety regulation in Europe long before joining the Common Market. Chlorinated chicken would not have complied with UK standards and regulations in the 1960s, so only by complete deregulation could this be sold in the UK.
    The NHS currently is costing a packet but making a fortune for drug companies, contractors, and managers since the Tories introduced changes, most of which increased the cost.

    1948’s revolution in healthcare was imposed on private enterprise when the country was on it’s post-war financial knees, the fiddles the Tories etc introduced since in the name of “economic efficiency” have made the NHS more expensive not less, the Tory dream of burying the NHS alongside Bevan creeps ever closer, and the public shrugs..

    It is time Britain kicked these asset-strippers out before they scent the next profit, but contrary to logic the same shower lining their own pockets get elected time and again.
    Scotland has no alternative but to sever the ties before it gets dragged under…

    • Spot on, Bob. It was a ‘slow creep’, until Thatcher got the gig.
      Then the flood gates opened.
      Certainly, before the Iron Thingummy, Civil Service Departments just spent money, and submitted the bill at the end of the financial year. No accountability, scant planning, because there was a bottomless pit of public money.
      I’d argue that until we kicked them out, Labour run Glasgow City Council ran the place as though there was a bottomless pit of money, much of it lining their, and their cronies’ pockets.
      I digress.
      Thatcher introduced the notion that Government Departments should be run like companies in the Private sector. ‘Private Good, Public Bad’.
      And Lord knows she had plenty of ammunition to hurl at the Mandarins.
      ‘Yes Minister’ is so funny because it lampoons how the actual system worked.
      The Sir Humphreys ruled, and incredibly, to a great degree, still do.

      No argument there.

      Maggie’s reign coincided with the Rise of The Machines, computerisation, and Whitehall was flooded with mainly US IT ‘Consultants’, IBM, EDH, Arthur Anderson, and so on.

      ‘Let’s run it up the flag pole, and see who salutes it’, ‘efficiency savings’, ‘downsizing’ and ‘rightsizing’. ‘let’s park that for the moment’, ‘do the same with less money, or more with the same money’.
      I’m sure these little examples of ‘consultant speak’ hit a nerve with some of you.

      High Flyers from industry and banking were brought in to head government Departments, and the market strategies used to sell chocolate bars were overlaid on public service departments where claimants and patients were rebranded as ‘customers’, or ‘end users’, and targets were set, and ‘efficiency savings’ set , and career advancement depended on ‘Benefit Savings or cutting staff.
      The tactic to deliberately underfund public services, until they fail through underfunding and lack of resources, to the ‘open up the lame duck to the market’ is well established.

      The ‘hostile environment’ is nothing new.

      Danny Alexander cut 500,000 public service jobs in the name of ‘efficiency savings’.
      He’s now on Hong Kong big bucks as his delayed brown paper envelope reward beras fruit.

      The Blue and Beige Tories have been fattening up the NHS for privatisation since Maggie.
      No Deal Brexit has been the end game engineered by the London Elite since Bevan.

      Trump just confirmed it today.

      Old England was officially inaugurated into the US as the 51st state today, of that there can be no doubt. And Trump tickled May’s belly and made her squeal with delight.

      The English NHS will fall, and no amount of Corbyn and Owen Jones Rallies in London will stop it.

      Corbyn segued from being on the CND Committee to pledging to renew Trident if he becomes PM.
      The man is a sham.

      The New World Order is moving in to Downing Street.
      Johnson was born in New York and has dual citizenship
      England is about to have an American Prime Minister.
      England and Wales have fallen.
      Scotland has an alternative.

  7. Wee Chid says:

    And know what I’ve heard already today “Oh there will always be some sort of health service”. What does it take to get through to these people?

  8. Terry callachan says:

    People often don’t value things until they are gone, it’s a fact , it’s always been that way , the ancient Greeks the ancient Chinese etc etc talked of it wrote poems about it , it won’t change .
    The NHS was a bribe to get people back to work after WWll It was a marvel lauded the world over for decades but since thatchers time it has gradually been attacked and stifled using the same old tactics used to privatise all the other essentials in life, starve it of investment force inefficiency on it and hey presto it’s easy to make out that it could be done better if privatised but what they don’t tell you is that it will only be better for the few and much much worse for the many and instead of being non profit making with all monies reinvested there will be private enterprise but it will only be enterprise for the few who will make huge profits from your misery and death as you pay higher and higher fees and insurance policy costs until you reach a stage where you can’t afford them or your policy doesn’t cover the treatment you need and you are turned away from all the hospitals you desperately seek help from.
    Resist resist resist we must resist this.

    If the NHS is ever dismantled or privatised we will never get it back.

  9. brian lucey says:

    one of the oft-quoted arguments against a United Ireland is: Mrs Murphy on the Creggan might be a republican, but she won’t vote to move from the NHS system to the two-tier system of Ireland.
    That just got into serious deep water.

  10. james says:

    Can’t help but feeling today, watching that press conference, that the look that May gave Trump was one of ” Oh! you fuckin idiot, we were about to sneak it in the backdoor and now you’ve blown our cover”
    Obviously Trump just doesn’t get the underhanded way the ‘British empire’ has worked throughout the centuries, but then he’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the box.
    It will be interesting to watch all the tory contenders try to worm their way out of this.

    P.S Don’t expect Davidson to stick her head over the parapet anytime soon.

  11. Macart says:

    Quite the future they painted. (wonders if there’s an emoji for head in hands or a deep sigh)

    People. Do not say you weren’t warned.

  12. bringiton says:

    BT (Before Trump) the main interest the USA had in the UK was as a guarantee of claiming multi national support for it’s various interventions around the planet.
    The UK was pretty well sure of always doing what Uncle Sam requested.
    The UK also acted to represent USA interests within the EU.
    Trump has clearly decided that undermining the EU in trade negotiations by supporting Brexit is a price worth paying.
    Britnats can forget the “special” relationship with the USA,this is all about American
    interests and the UK is just a side show.
    By the time these idiots find this out,it will be too late however.

  13. Puzzled Puss says:

    Apparently the Americans call the proposed trade deal the US/UK agreement, or USUKA for short. Says it all, really

  14. Luigi says:

    The threat to the NHS is the British establishment’s Achilles heel and this must be driven hard during the Indy campaign. If there is anything pensioners fear aside from a frozen weekly allowance or losing their bus pass, it is any threat to the NHS. This is not scare mo getting. Trump already inficated it is on the table and the Btexiteers failed to challenge this. This is our cue. The threat to the NHS is a powerful message that many soft NOs will pay attention to.

  15. Tol says:

    Chlorinated chicken…its not just that.

    If the UK falls out of the EU and into the US food standards, UK farmers and producers are sunk. Here is that future:
    – UK producers who adheres to EU standard will be priced out of the US + UK markets
    – UK producers who adheres to both standards will be priced out of the US + UK markets
    – UK producers who adhere to US standards won’t be able to sell to EU.

    This is all bad – essentially UK producers only major markets will be on the other side of the world….fighting the law of proximity in trade. While the UK home market will be swamped by the scale of US agribusiness.

    Scotlands normal push to quality and named products will be decimated. All I can say is wow…any small Scottish farmer / food producer who is not now for Indy is wishing to go out of business.

  16. smac1314 says:

    Paul was kind enough to host this post just before the IndyRef 1.

    After the events of yesterday it looks like our NHS is now the most vulnerable it’s been in it’s history.

  17. Shagpile says:

    As a wee aside, the US Ambassador said that the consumers will have a choice, really? When you buy tomatoes in Tesco… if they don’t have a union fleg on the packet, it will state if they come from Holland, Spain, Israel or wherever. In a US UK trade deal, I guarantee you that rules of origin will disappear, union fleg being a case in point here because technically there is no breach in rules of origin. There is the subliminal direction were headed.

    It was the previous Lab/Lib Dem coalition in Holyrood which opened the door to privatisation in NHS Scotland, albeit for administrative roles rather that front line services. But, the precedent is there to exploit. And anyhoo, health is merely devolved, which means it is retained by Westminster.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      I share your concerns, Shagpile – both for your country and mine and also for our health services (plural).

      However, I think you may have missed a trick here. Whereas Health is indeed evolved (to both Wales and Scotland), and we have our appropriate Health Ministers, the SNHS is a separate legal creature created by statute *before* devolution, (1948), and apart from the English (and indeed Welsh) NHS. Indeed, it had a forerunner in 1913 in the Highlands and Islands Medical Service – which admittedly did not cover the whole of Scotland. Likewise, the architect of all the Health Services, my compatriot Aneurin Bevan, also saw the growth of medical societies in the South Wales valleys in the 1920s and 1930s based on the Tredegar Medical Aid Society. (See also AJ Cronin’s “The Citadel”).

      I trust in Nicola Sturgeon (a former Health Minister herself, you will recall) and like-minded politicians (Adam Price is another prime example, with the ‘right’ political and geographical hinterland) to state categorically that our (be it Welsh or Scottish) NHS is not for sale to the asset strippers led by the useful stooge that is Donald Trump and the big pharmaceutical money making asset strippers.

      Yours for Scotland / Dros Gymru.

      • Shagpile says:

        Yes WS, I am aware of the origins of the NHS within the UK. Yet you do make the good reminder to those who are aware and reveal to those who were not the reality.

        Sadly, it is also true that (wherever you are in the UK) YOUR NHS is not safe when Westminster has the power to destroy it. That IS their goal. Labour will not protect it either, another sad truth.

        Glad that more Welsh people are stirring to PC beat.

        Best regards.

  18. and in true subservient mode, the wee 3 minutes of Scotland Shite on BBC Breakfast this morning headlines with Scotland’s Health service shite. A survey of GP’s reveals that one in three GP feel under pressure.
    Well done, Donalda, for such a rapid response to the NHS ‘on the US dissecting table’ threat yesterday.
    What this country needs is a $1000 a mile ambulance service.
    That would take the alleged pressure off our GP’s.
    Can BBC Pacific Quay sink any lower?
    You bet your life, it can, and will as the US invade.
    To the employees at the Pacific Quay Brit Stockade, who still have a conscience, why aren’t you rebelling against this shit?
    Roll on the day, when we are Free and the Beeb is a fading bad taste in the mouth.
    An utter disgrace.
    Where were the Brit Nat politicos Up Here? Weren’t they available to comment on the WM power grab, which of course includes Public Procurement .
    WM can sell off the Scottish Health Service, and there’s nothing we can do about.
    Yet Donalda’s intrepid newshounds can’t come up with an opening headline to report the astonishing events of yesterday, other than that our Health Service is shite, and it’s all that bad SNP’s fault.
    Time to open up Health to competition from the Market?
    Aye, richt.
    Donalda, why don’t you just shut down the transmitter on the Clyde, and crawl back to your spiritual home, the Holy London Empire?
    Think of the ‘savings’ you’d make when you don’t even have to pretend that you are Scotitsh.
    Worth a promotion, I’d venture.

    • bringiton says:

      In future,when you are rushed to A&E after suffering a heart attack,the medics won’t be checking for a pulse but a credit card.

      • You can see why BBC Jockland is avoiding the whole issue.
        To inform, educate, and entertain; but not you Sweaties.
        Where’s Davidson and her Shadow Health Oppo big Miles the Listory Boy from Nowhere.?
        Nowhere to be seen of course.
        Mundell must have barricaded himself in his Edinburgh redoubt.
        I predict a riot.

      • Iain says:

        That’s not as mad as it would have sounded a few years ago.

        A friend of mine who lived in New York thought he had health insurance through his work which he did, except that it was capped at $750,000 unknown to himself. He developed leukaemia and was admitted to a hospital in Manhattan, which was very good apart from things like the price labels still stuck on things like urine bottles. He was in for about 2 weeks then had to leave because the $750,000 limit had been reached. He was discharged on to the street and had to find a taxi home.

        He died about a few weeks later.

  19. Daisy Walker says:

    It is the dark version of a Circular Economy and even the most incompetent business person (as long as they are callus) can make money from it…

    People will always need food… ensure they have to eat crap food, or can’t afford or can’t identify the healthy food, and it will make them ill…

    The relatives of ill people will mortgage, double mortgage and max out the credit cards for the treatment of their loved ones…katching…

    And if you own the Doctors, the health care system, and big pharma… you can engineer the whole system – not to cure, but to keep them sick and on meds for as long as possible, katching again….

    And if you own the Education system, which is so expensive that only already rich students can come through it without a lifetime of crippling debt…. then our finest young minds and freshest eyes will come into all our industries, but particularly the health industry, with an unspoken reality, that even when they want to speak out about a shit system of health care, they cannot afford to do so.

    2/3’s of Scotland’s farms will not survive Brexit. And that’s just how they like it… a beautiful landscape going cheap, and no pesky chippie locals to ‘lower the tone’.

    Does anyone have a concise ‘price list’ of American healthcare costs for typical illnesses, and typical healthcare insurance. Be worth circulating it now if we can get it.

    Oh and one other thing I don’t hear bandied about. In America the healthcare infrastructure – hospitals, GP Surgeries, etc, have all been built with private money, and their private rate of income tax reflect this.

    In the UK about 1/2 our taxes (unless you are really rich and ‘can’t afford’ to pay taxes) go on our NHS…. No-one is talking about us no longer paying this chunk of tax, and no-one is talking about us being re-imbursed for the cost of our hospital buildings.

    Their plan is to make us pay 3 fold, once in our taxes, again for private healthcare insurance, and again when they find an excuse to cancel the private healthcare contract due to a technicality.

    America’s healthcare system is the most expensive and inefficient in the world.
    Medical Debts are first and second causes of bankruptcy and homelessness there.
    It is by far and away their largest money making industry in the USA and it is worth Trillions of Dollars to their economy.

    On so many levels, we cannot afford to lose our SNHS.

    • Tremendous post, Daisy.
      Let them eat sowbelly.
      I have never been in any doubt that the aim of the Blue Tories is to return the UK to a Dickensian hierarchical system, the Good Old Days, with Oi Polloi an Underclass, a Middle Class of merchants, ‘professionals’, the Church Hierarchies, gentlemen Rentiers, and an Upper Tier of Royalty, Nobility, Land Owners. the Finance Sector, and the Law Lords,, and the Filthy Rich behind their overgrown Leylandii Hedges.

      I have no doubt that Davidson, Carlaw, Mundell, and what’s left of Blair’s New Labour, and the Beige Tories, who would erect statues to Maggie T, conspire openly to destroy Scotland’s egalitarian civic society.
      It’s time to rise and drive them out of positions of power.
      Now’s the day, Duggers.

      • Welsh Sion says:

        “Now’s the day, Duggers” says Jack collatin.

        I won’t bore you with the complete poem/song I composed (unless specifically requested) as many will have already seen it. But here’s the start of something I wrote (with acknowledgements to the original some time back.)

        15. (of 20.)

        Scots Wha Hae – Reprise

        Scots, wha hae wi’ Salmond bled,
        Scots, wham Sturgeon aften led,
        Welcome tae yer gory bed
        Or tae destiny.

        Now’s the day, an’ now’s the hour:
        Seize oor chance a’ last fir power.
        See the fearties start tae cower.
        Scotland will be free!


        Lay Westminster oh so low.
        Traitors fall – like every foe.
        Liberty’s oors wi’ every blow!
        Let us vote fir SNP!

        Songs for the New Politics

  20. Charles McGregor says:

    KFC U

  21. Robert Graham says:

    Straight to the point Paul , you cant dress it up ,that is what the future looks like , and its GRIM .

    A few suggestions, all Paul’s recent headlines , transform them into Billboards for all to see .
    Scare the *hit out of the people who voted NO in 2014 because its the repercussions of their vote we are living right now ,

    They own the whole sorry bloody mess.

    Inadvertently Trump has scored for the “YES” campaign , well done the Donald .

  22. Welsh Sion says:

    Advance warning for those interested regarding Question Time tomorrow.

    From Thetford.

    On the panel:

    – Nicky Morgan MP, former education secretary, Conservative;
    – Anneliese Dodds MP, Labour’s shadow treasury minister and a former MEP;
    – Drew Hendry MP, Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy spokesperson, SNP;
    – Alison Phillips, editor of the Daily Mirror;
    – Piers Morgan, journalist, broadcaster and presenter of ITV’s Good Morning

  23. PortJim says:

    And yet we remember the sainted Ruth and her faithful minions actively campaigning to ensure that Scotland has no input into trade deals.
    I just cannot fathom the minds of these “proud Scot butts” – they would take a compassionate society and turn it into a dystopian nightmare, then proudly say “look – we did that”! I guess that’s just being a Tory.

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