Wee Ginger Dugcast – 24 May

Welcome to the latest episode of the Dugcast. This week The National’s editor Callum Baird and I discuss Theresa May’s disastrous deal, her resignation announcement, the European elections, the implications for another independence referendum, and the most important story of the week – what’s happened to all the litter bins in Barlanark?

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11 comments on “Wee Ginger Dugcast – 24 May

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  2. douglasclark says:

    Quite strange?

    My political question ain’t here no more?

    Can you tell me why?

  3. douglasclark says:

    I would be fascinated to know what you took exception too.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Nothing. Whatever you posted didn’t show up at my end. I didn’t delete anything.

      I just checked the trash folder and the spam folder, nothing there either. No idea what happened to your comment, sorry. Try posting it again.

      • douglasclark says:

        OK, just weird then.

        The thought was not mine but I am now thurled to it. In brief, the Tory MP’s and their 125,000 odd supporters acclaim Bo Jo as their next leader. They also name his as PM. He goes to the HoC and is immediately faced with a no confidence motion. Which he loses (that being the interesting bit as the HoC no longer has a majority given recent events). Winning the ‘no confidence’ vote forces a general election. The SNP and the Scottish Greens both make it an election manifesto that a vote for either of them is a vote for independence.

        Election happens, SNP + Greens win a majority of Scottish seats and simply declare independence.

        What could possibly be wrong with that scenario.

        Before anything else Nicola Sturgeon will say:

        “On this historic day, I promise the Scottish people that the bins in Barlanark…”

  4. It is an indisputable fact that the bins in Barlanark have been spirited away in a covert MI5 action, coordinated by the Honorary Colonel herself, to transport the piles of pro-SNP ballot papers throughout the West of Scotland which are to be junked under cover of darkness between now and the beginning of counting on Sunday night… the muffled noise of cross-cutting paper shredders will be heard this weekend from unoccupied warehouses and vacant units at light industrial estates throughout the land…

  5. Donald anderson says:

    It is the same in the Socialist Republic of Kelvingdale. The bastards also took the bins aff the lampposts. My dug had just learnt to climb the lampposts, thinking it was an upstairs toilet tae.

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