Journey to Yes, #24

The latest in Phantom Power’s Journey to Yes series.  WG Saraband says Yes.

WG Saraband is an EU National from Portugal who has made Edinburgh his home since 2015 with his partner, a dentist. He is a history graduate, artist and writer of the acclaimed Braw Blether blog that explores Scotland ‘as others see us’.

WG Saraband reflects on Portuguese parallels – a small European nation and former empire that struggled with political and economic turmoil before realising democracy. With his interest in politics, history and deep love of Scotland (and its weather), Saraband inevitably became involved in the independence debate and civic nationalism. He sees independence as the only way for Scotland to fully realise its huge potential. When the time comes, it will be an emphatic Yes from WG Saraband. Discover WG Saraband’s art and writing:

6 comments on “Journey to Yes, #24

  1. Brian Fleming says:

    A wonderful statement.

  2. Iain Hunter says:

    Excellent image and a beautiful choice, so refreshing to see.

  3. David Connell says:

    Loads of respect for WG, he understands Scotland and its people more than most in such a short time. Great piece. Heartwarming actually.

  4. Macart says:

    Another awesome vid from Phantom Power and a great contribution from WG Saraband. 🙂

  5. Jan Cowan says:

    Only now got round to watching this Phantom Power video.
    I agree with Sam. It’s a great contribution from WG Saraband.

  6. Margaret McQuade McAuslan says:

    Excellent, and a new blog to follow.

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