The three sham egos of Brexit

Cheer up. Yes, it’s all a complete mess. Yes, the UK is going to hell in a handbasket. Yes, the Labour and Conservative parties are so consumed by their short term manoeuvring that they don’t care that the entire UK is about to be consumed by the bonfire of Brexit’s vanities. Yes, the bool in the mooth platitudes of Jacob Rees Mogg are hailed as pearls of wisdom. Yes, Nigel Farage the privately educated commodities trader is posing as the saviour of the working man and woman and says he’s sticking it to the elites with his elitely funded egoparty gaslighting in dark donations cash. Yes, the BBC’s idea of balance in Scottish politics is still to put one independence supporter up against two Tories, a Lib Dem, and Labour’s Richard Leotard in front of an audience carefully selected to reflect the balance of political opinion in England. Still, at least Nigel isn’t on Question Time this week. Perhaps he has a cold.

But cheer up. The current state of the UK is a whole lot better than it’s going to get. This is the becalmed before the storm, the quiet before the screaming.

When the EU granted the UK an extension to Article 50 until October, EU Council President Donald Tusk urged the British government to use the time wisely. And that’s exactly what the British government did. They promptly went on holiday, and now that they’re back they’ve decided that the most important issue is to sort out which opportunistic careerist is going to be the next leader of the Conservative party.

To be fair, going on holiday is probably the most productive thing that Theresa May has ever managed to achieve as Prime Minister. It meant that for a short while we didn’t have to look at her at Prime Minister’s Questions, as she glowered at the opposition benches like an iceberg that refuses to believe in global warming. No one missed her non-answers which gave non-sequiteurs a bad name. You could ask Theresa whether she preferred a bourbon or a custard cream biscuit with her tea and she’d only reply that the SNP want to take Scotland out of the EU where there will be no biscuits for anyone because we’d have to accept the euro. Then she’d sit down triumphantly like she’d made an important and cogent point. The real problem with British politics is that it’s considered unparliamentary to tell the Prime Minister that she’s talking shite and insulting our intelligence. Most of us are brighter than Ross Thomson.

Theresa’s most important role as PM has been to sit in the middle of any prospect of progress, a huge immobile and immovable object which refuses to budge and which refuses to accept that it’s the obstacle. The sole strategy that she possesses is to keep coming back to MPs with the same question in the hope that if she does it often enough they’ll eventually change their minds, while claiming it would be a betrayal of democracy to admit to the possibility that the electorate might have changed theirs.

Now her party is consumed with a leadership contest. There will be a choice between the right wing ideologue, the right wing careerist, the right wing self-server, the right wing opportunist, the right wing time-server, the right wing back-stabber, the right wing narcissist, or the rhyming slang Jeremy Hunt. None of the likely candidates have the slightest hope of uniting the UK, but then that’s not in the job description. They don’t need to appeal to the rest of us, they need to appeal to the baying Brexists of the grassroots Tory party. Which means that whoever it is who becomes the next Tory leader, they’re going to be even more in thrall to English nationalism than Theresa May is.

Then there’s the leader of the official opposition, who would prefer to sing the praises of Doris Day than question the Prime Minister on the most pressing topic facing the UK. It was rather more Pillock Talk than Pillow Talk. The reason that Jeremy didn’t want to ask about Brexit, at least this week’s reason, is that Labour and the Conservatives are still theoretically engaged in talks with the equally theoretical aim of finding a compromise that will get through the Commons. Both sides want the other side to compromise, and both sides know that there’s as much chance of striking a deal as there is of Jeremy and Theresa performing a tango during the middle of PMQs, which would at least be a more enteraining version of the dancing about that they usually do. But then these talks were never about finding a compromise. They were always about ensuring that the other side gets the blame for the inevitable breaking down of the talks.

However Jeremy never wants to ask about Brexit, because asking about Brexit means that someone else might ask him about Brexit, and that would mean he couldn’t keep dodging the issue. Jeremy would prefer to keep dangling the possibility of another EU referendum like a carrot on a stick, always out of reach, just like any attempt to pin him down. For a man whose leadership schtick was that he’d break the mould, that he’d be responsive, listening, and do what the membership wanted, he’s doing a very good impression of the control freakery of the New Labour he affects to despise. It illustrates a fundamental problem with British politics, one which applies equally to the Conservatives. Victory means domination. The UK has no real understanding of democracy, only of majoritarianism.

Then waiting on the side like a malignant lump in an oxter is the grimacing attention seeker that is Nigel Farage. He has declared that he’s never going to publish a manifesto, but he doesn’t need one. His party is entirely about promoting himself. Nigel understands one thing about British politics. He understands that in British politics that if you’re not the one dominating, you’re the victim, and no one knows how better to claim victimhood than the privileged who fear losing their privileges. He neither understands Scotland nor cares to, and he’s determined to complete the task of shaping British politics in his image. Brexit is the impossible unicorn that can’t be delivered. It can only be betrayed. Nigel will cry betrayal. It’s the only message he needs. Everyone is to blame for the betrayal of Brexit except those who promised the impossible. The remainers, the Scots, the social democrats, the left, the migrants, the foreigners, the poor, the disabled will all suffer for it.

Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, and Nigel Farage, the triad of mediocrity. British politics these days is in thrall to a woman who has nothing to offer except her rigid inflexibility, an opposition leader who sits on a fence because he knows that his true beliefs will alienate most of his supporters, and a rampant right wing populist who’d rather have no policies at all so that he can pretend to be all things to all people. Or at least to British nationalists. The UK is being led off a cliff by the three sham egos. There’s no place for Scotland in this so-called United Kingdom, only for a deferential and forelock tugging North Britain.

We sit waiting for the dam to burst. The waters are rising. There’s a storm coming. It’s the storm of Scottish protest, the torrent that will wash away the old and allow the new growth of a better country. It’s coming. Then we really will have reason to be cheerful.

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21 comments on “The three sham egos of Brexit

  1. 2p3rf3ct says:

    It is amazing. To live in these times, and see the sham, the mess, the utter incompetence of Westminster et al.

  2. ROBBIE KERR says:

    Thig ar Latha!

  3. Mae Carson says:

    May, Corbyn and Farage the monstrous carbuncle on the arse of UK!

  4. Illy says:

    “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” –Aesop (~550 BC)

    Politics, politics never changes…

  5. Andy Anderson says:

    Their incompetence helps Indy.

    The EU leaders must be saying ‘what now’

  6. Thomas POTTER says:

    Here we….here we….HERE WE FUCKIN’ GO!!!!

  7. jfngw says:

    May (or whoever), Corbyn & Farage, a triptych to the altar of Brexit.

  8. velofello says:

    This article says it for me. Clarity of reasoning.

    • Andrew says:

      Could not agree more with the analysis . ………. our politicians , bereft of Reason or Intelligence ….. how did this happen ? ……. how did we allow it to happen ? …….. surely there must be somewhere men and women of appropriate intelligence and moral standing ……but where are they
      ……. in Industry , Commerce , or Public Service .? Why are they not in Politics ? …. because
      Politics has acquired a reputation no longer suitable for people of intelligence with standards of
      of moral behaviour ?

      But who is at fault here ? Who allowed it to happen ? What are we ,the rest of us , going to do about it ? That is the primary question !

  9. Millsy says:

    I know it’s a bit late now , but I’m sure Jeremy Kyle could have brought Theresa and Jeremy C. together and effected a reconciliation !

  10. Joe. says:

    Just watched question time for a few minutes had to switch of seems another bbc.stitchup overwhelming anti SNP.audiance when will the SNP.learn that any or msp on that program is on a hiding to nothing.(.another Motherwell.) when will we learn.

  11. I c&p my post from the previous thread anticipating the usual Brit Nat stitch up tonight.

    “I note that QT has gone into hiding this week, beaming out from that ‘toddlin’ town…Elgin.
    Looked it up, almost exclusively white, nearly half Church of Scotland goers, constituency MP the Linesman Douglas Ross, population 13% English born, with heavy RAF presence as well; your typical cross section of Scottish Society in other words. Aye, right.
    The Panel, the usual Better Together trio of Red Blue and Beige Tories.
    Who the feck is Bim Afolani?, elected in 2017, and presumably the only Blue Tory mug enough to travel so far North into the Dark Territories of North Britain. He’ll get a nose bleed venturing this far North.
    Douglas the Linesman not available? Big match on tonight?
    Dick Leonard is in the corner for the Corbyn Commies. This should be fun.
    And ex BBC journalist Christine Jardine for the second Referendum (but not a Scottish One!!!) Beige Party. I wonder if there will be a David Steele Cyril Smith question? Breath is not being held.
    And Eilidh Douglas, a young Edinburgh lawyer, whose relevance in the public sphere will no doubt be revealed by Fi-Fi The Brexit tonight.
    Perfectly balanced panel, with doubtless the Usual Brit Nat Plants in the audience primed to attack when Bruce arches her eyebrow and points randomly at a member of the audience in an orange fleece and Butcher’s apron bow tie.
    Imagine Elgin as the centre of the Universe. 60 minutes of fame.
    They are getting maniacally desperate now.”

    I didn’t tune in, Joe.
    Was I far out?

    • Joe says:

      Only watched it for a few minutes Jack.that was enough.i do not know how the bbc get away with I say another Motherwell.the SNP.should stop putting members on that program.when will they ever learn.

      • I suggested sending a haggis every time the Brit Nat broadcasters are looking for a Pro Independence patsy to belittle and lie to.
        BBC Scotland, be proud, you continue to betray the very people who pay your wages.
        The usual plants in the audience, no doubt.
        Boycott the bastards.

        • diabloandco says:

          It seems there were Tory plants aplenty – a couple of Tory councillors and an ex MSP in the audience – ah! that BBBC Balance evident for all to see.

          • angusskye says:

            This from Twitter:

            So I’m @moraysnp convener. I might have expected to see quite a few of our members in the audience but no. I did however see two current Moray Tory councillors, one former Tory MSP and a Tory activist husband and wife sitting together. Poor.

            • J Galt says:

              Well isn’t the best policy to simply ignore it?

              Just pretend it isn’t there, the BBC that is – for most Scots under 70 it more or less isn’t there already, apart from Still Game and Mrs Brown – and they’ve gone now.

              Don’t be impressed by size, even now that vast ugly expensive shed at Plantation Quay is mostly full of arseholes talking to each other, well paid arseholes by you and me of course.

              I’m sure most SNP members would like the SNP to boycott the BBC, however the “management” will have none of it, which begs the question, just who are the “management” working for?

  12. Macart says:

    Nope. Not a leader worthy of the name among them. But they do know how to work their system and milk a narrative for a vote or two.

    Leading a government and representing ALL of a population takes a skill set the three sham egos simply don’t have to hand… and probably never will.

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