The arrogance and hubris that ends the UK

There’s a very important point which has been raised by Ruth Davidson’s return from maternity leave. It’s an issue she raised which was also raised by David Mundell, and one whose implications have – entirely predictably – not been explored by the Scottish media. Both the Scotland Secretary and the leader of Ruth Davidson for Ruth Davidson’s Ruth Davidson party have insisted that not only should the current British Prime Minister refuse to accede to a demand for a Section 30 order for a Scottish independence referendum, but so also should the next British Prime Minister. They go even further, and have stated baldly that this refusal should continue past the next Scottish elections in 2021, and indefinitely into the future.

This is nothing less than a fundamental and unilateral rewriting of the political understanding of Scotland’s constitutional place within the UK. It is, in effect, a constitutional coup and a direct assault upon Scottish democracy. Ruth Davidson and David Mundell have just told us that it doesn’t matter who Scotland votes for. It doesn’t matter if Scotland elects a parliament elected with a clear and unambiguous mandate for a Scottish referendum, the Conservative government in Westminster will make that decision, not the people of Scotland. Scotland’s votes will be subject to a veto from a government elected by the rest of the United Kingdom. What we’re now being told is that even if Scotland votes for pro-independence parties by a massive majority, it will be vetoed by English and Welsh Conservative votes, and by DUP votes.

Ruth and David’s statements have gone largely unchallenged by that Scottish media that likes to tell us that it speaks truth unto power. Although as we’ve discovered is that only holds when the power concerned is an SNP led Scotttish government, and the truth is a Labour or Tory press release. Yet what their statements represent is a theft of the democratic will of the people of Scotland. Until now, it has always been understood that Scotland is willingly and freely a part of the UK, that it remains so subject to the consent of the people of Scotland – with the crucial implication that the people of Scotland have the absolute right to withdraw that consent. That was the basis upon which the 2014 referendum was fought, it was a point which opponents of independence were eager to agree to.

Yet now we discover that the Conservatives have unilaterally decided that it is no longer the case. It is now no longer for the Scottish people to decide the form of government best suited to their needs. That decision is for the Conservative party to make, and the Conservative party will make that decision as and when it suits the interests of the Conservative party.

It wasn’t so long ago that Ruth Davidson was saying that the Westminster government shouldn’t block a Scottish referendum, even though she personally didn’t want a referendum. Referring to the possibility of an independence referendum because of the outcome of the Brexit vote, in an interview in July 2016 Ruth said that “constitutionally, the UK government shouldn’t block it.” It was only a short while before that that she had stated that the way to get a referendum was for the pro-independence parties to get a majority at the ballot box, and then secure a majority in the Scottish parliament. That’s democracy, said Ruth.

It now appears that Ruth has decided that her party’s veto is more important than democracy, and she’s not being held to account for that undemocratic volte-face by a Scottish media that’s far more interested in gushing interviews about how motherhood has changed her. The British nationalist media in Scotland is not challenging her, not questioning her change of mind, not exploring the constitutional implications for Scotland. It’s not just Ruth Davidson and David Mundell who are undermining Scottish democracy, they’re being helped along by a Scottish media which is increasingly unfit for purpose. Holding power to account doesn’t just mean finding a succession of SNPbad stories, guys and girls.

The fact that Ruth Davidson and David Mundell were both insisting within days of one another that there should be a blanket and indeterminate refusal to allow an independence referendum for the foreseeable future, by the next UK Prime Minister and well past the next Scottish elections, clearly shows that the line was agreed between the two of them. These are not off the cuff remarks in interviews, this is a planned and coordinated strategy. The new harder line is a marked departure from “now is not the time”, a line which although infuriatingly patronising, at least seemed to leave open the possibility that the time would come at some point. The line is now “the time is never”.

A Scotland which is being told by the ruling British party that it is subject to a veto on its desire to ask itself about its future within the UK is not a Scotland which is a free agent. Davidson and Mundell’s shift in stance means that we are certainly no longer in the union that we were told we were a part of in 2014, and that we’ve been told for generations that we’ve been a part of. The Conservative party has now unilaterally ripped up the Scottish Claim of Right. They have destroyed any pretence that Scotland is freely and of its own will a part of the UK. Because if that will can never be questioned or tested, then it does not exist.

By making such a fundamental change to the nature of the UK and to the understanding upon which Scotland is a part of it, the Scottish Conservatives have created a new significant change in circumstances which justifies a new independence referendum. Do we want to be a part of a state in which our democratic will can be so casually brushed aside in the interests of a party which has only minority support in Scotland? That was not what anyone voted for in 2014. That is not what anyone understood as the nature of this so-called precious union, this supposed family of nations.

This hardline new position is born of hubris and arrogance. Arrogance because the Conservatives believe that the only legal route to a referendum is via a Section 30 order, because they have a confidence, perhaps misplaced, that the courts would rule in their favour against a referendum without the order. Hubris because they seem to believe that they will always be able to rely upon votes from elsewhere in the UK to overrule the democratic will of the people of Scotland. It is profoundly undemocratic and it will be their undoing and the undoing of the United Kingdom. This time they have overreached. This will not end well for them.

I have always said that the United Kingdom will be ended, not by Scottish nationalists, but by those who claim to love the union. Ruth Davidson and David Mundell are proving me right.

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45 comments on “The arrogance and hubris that ends the UK

  1. Anne Martin says:

    Spot on as ever Paul. The Tory arrogance is really getting on my wick now, but, as you say, it will be their downfall in the end.

  2. gus1940 says:

    This should be the basis of Ian Blackford’s latest attempt at getting an answer to a question at tomprrow;’s PMQs.

    • Russell Hamilton says:

      Ian may ask the question, but we all know he’ll never get an appropriate answer

      • Ordah! Ordah! Ordah!
        I am clacking away in my ‘basement’, in a ‘shouty’ mode, according to a Heral Britland hack, ‘columnist of the year’, as voted by his fellow Fifth ‘columnists’.
        I refuse to write his name here.
        We are de facto a colony, militarily occupied by an English Oligarchy, the subjugated playthings of the huintin’, fishin’ and shootin’ Elite, and their obedient lap dogs, Davidson and Mundell, and the Leffies Leonard and Findlay, and the Beige Tories, Rennie, and Swinson.
        They actually believe that if they declare this nonsense out loud, and Brian Taylor salivates at their feet, then it will come to pass; Scotland will never be ‘given permission’ by our Imperial Masters to break away.
        So if we return 59 MPs, opinion polls indicate a massive swing for independence, and the SNP sweep to power at Holyrood, Davidson and Mundell, and their co-conspirators and fellow fascists on the Red and Beige Tory Benches will simply say No, and Sally Magnusson will confirm the @No’ on Distorting Scotland, right after a shaggy dog rescue by G4S firefighters.

        Their shabby wee world is drawing to a close, one way or another.

        • A Scottish Government can repeal the Treaty of the Union of Parliaments any time it wishes without a referendum, there was no referendum when it was signed in 1707. But there was civil disorder.

        • deelsdugs says:

          It’s been a shabby world since they realised that Scotland is not just an ‘annoying neighbour’ and they could reap the harvest from what they once described as ‘ugly’ and turned it into their own ‘huntin, shootin’ fishin’ fantasy of tartan, gimmickry and sole use of muscle power.

        • Jan Cowan says:

          Not long now, Jack. We have the best politicians. The union politicians either can’t see the truth for their own arrogance or they’re moving serenely, desperately paddling under water and hoping the majority won’t notice. But too late! They’ve already lost the argument.

        • Golfnut says:

          Westminster will meet its fate on the very road it took to avoid it.

  3. Ninian Fergus says:

    Everyone in Scotland with a vote should read this.

  4. Dave tewart says:

    In my opinion there is only one reason untruthful and muddle are singing from the same hymn sheet, provided from London.
    They now know their game is up if they continue with democracy.
    They now have to use the bully tactic.
    We have more votes than you so we win, even if they import the votes from some other part of the universe.
    As PandaPaws said they are now the UUP, the Un-Democratic Unionist Party.
    They must be very worried that their Empire is finished and now they know it is but won’t concede the point.
    Great article Paul.

  5. Are they taking a leaf out of the Spanish government’s book. Will they next declare that even to advocate Independence for Scotland is unconstitutional? Where will that lead? We know where it led the Catalans – the business end of a policeman’s baton.

    • They cannot, Britain has no constitution, they make it as they go along to suit themselves.

    • Jan Cowan says:

      We won’t be breaking away from England since Scotland is a country in its own right. In 1707 our aristocracy (helped along with cash and lies) voted in Parliament to join the UK. At the time the Scottish people were very much against the union – but in those days we didn’t have a vote! .Completely different situation from Spain and Catalonia. So that won’t wash.

  6. orri says:

    I’d say its bravado to a whole new level rather than hubris. The latter requires an overweening self confidence. Why has Davidson changed her tune. Could it be because she didn’t think there would be a change in the likely outcome of indyref2 but now fears the jig is up? And I’m not aping her usual bullshit proposing an absurdity as if it’s a fact that is never challenged. I’m saying she’s had a peek at the polls and know no amount of peeking at the Postal Votes in order to tune your campaign is going to save this one.

    Mundel on the other hand who knows.The man has no shame. Not sure if he’d admitted to being gay at the introduction of Section 28 but for fucks sake grow a pair and call it out for the bigotry it was.

    On the other hand I do love how even the BBC are going with the idea that if they delay things until the next Holyrood election the problem might go away. Not answering the question as to why it’s a problem now if they really believe they can delay indefinitely.

  7. A C Bruce says:

    Just as well self determination is a matter of international law not a matter of Mundell’s and Davidson’s opinions or of domestic law.

    • Ann Rayner says:

      Absolutely correct, as is Paul’s analysis of what’s happening. Westminster’s position would not be upheld in an International Court. If they had any sense, they would concede that we have a right to hold a referendum on independence.
      If they don’t, they will be even more of a parish state than they will be after destroying the Good Friday Agreement.

  8. Pilot 182 says:

    Time for you all to read and back Craig Murray’s ” The Scottish Government Does Have the Right to Withdraw from the Act of Union. Do It, and send a copy to Nicola Sturgeon.

  9. Colin Dawson says:

    Are the mainstream media in Scotland overwhelmingly British Nationalist or are they being subjected to DSMA Notices?

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Overwhelmingly british nationalist which is basically English supremacy rammed down our throats.

  10. Cubby says:

    The veil has been removed – the Tories are not democrats. The UK is on its way to being a fascist state

  11. imacg says:

    Scottish meeja, an oxymoron surely….

  12. Welsh Sion says:

    Does Ruthie think that we can’t use Google or that the internet has no memory – even when she obviously doesn’t?

    Google this phrase, Scotland, and see the Press articles and Twitter videos:

    “Constitutionally, the UK government shouldn’t block it”

  13. Terry callachan says:

    The arrogance and hubris of Mundell and Davidson will end the UK ?
    Sorry but I don’t think that will be enough at all

    Scottish people will have to come out of their shell and get more involved ,take more action ,if Scotland is to be an independent country

    Scotland is being attacked from the inside by Scottish people and by English people many of whom have been sent here to take important places in our institutions and keep the union flag flying and the Scottish identity smothered these are people who care not a jot about Scotland or its people they are only interested in their own personal progression and keeping Scotland under the control of England.
    Forget this Britain ,British, UK nonsense they are terms invented to fool you in to believing you are an equal partner with a say in matters that concern you .
    At last we get to hear what these people really think of Scottish people and Scotland .
    Don’t think for a minute it’s just Mundell and Davidson that think this way, this is the unionist way of thinking through and through, all of them think this way, you will hear a lot more of it now.

    A couple of days ago people were saying we have to wait for a S30 !!

    You still thinking that ??
    If you are , get off your cloud.

  14. Millsy says:

    Just a thought ! As Ruthie and Mundell are obviously very close politically and are clearly using the same script writer , was he the sperm donor for her love child ?
    UuuGGHHHH !!!

  15. The Blue Tories Down There are to privatise the publicly owned service providing agency staff to England’s hospitals.
    Here’s the logic. The Blue Tories (that’s Ruth Davidson’s Party) have starved England of NHS funds, leading to a 50,000 (Yes, FIFTY THOUSAND) shortages which has led to £600 million being spent on agency staff to plug the gap.
    Ruth Davidson argues (oh, yes, I can point the finger at her because she absolutely boast about her True Blueness, that the Public Purse cannot afford to mitigate the shortfall caused by her party so that their well off friends, and Lord Darling of Flipper can get an extra 5% tax cut, so they are going to privatise the lot, and as a consequence continue to drive down standards for profits.
    We cannot let Supermum get up on her pins and criticise our Scottish Health service ever again.
    The dismantling of England’s social infrastructure creeps onwards unabated.
    And a vote for the REd Tories is avote for Leave, so what happened, Corbyn.
    You are now tucked under the sheets in bed with Boris Jacob and Treeza? Un ménage a quatre?
    Jeez, England is going down in flames.

  16. JGedd says:

    Tories are natural bullies. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Tory establishment has become emboldened by the general indifference displayed by the EU and other countries to the Catalan situation and have decided that being intransigent in the face of Scottish independence will play well in England.

    No doubt Ruth and Mundell are secure in the knowledge that their collaborators will be the Scottish media. They expect the independence movement to back down but if their bluff is called, they are quite prepared to move to the next stage, going down the same route as the Spanish government if necessary, all the time controlling the narrative with the MSM and no doubt with certain political actors on the international scene helpfully looking the other way.

    I remember too well how the Tory government managed to get away with brutal tactics and smearing of the miners with the complicity of the media. Those of my age will recall that the miners were held in some regard by the working class public but by the time the Tories were finished with them, they had destroyed the reputation and eventually the power of the mining unions. Ordinary members of the public who vaguely remember those times are generally convinced that the miners deserved their fate.

    You can be sure that the Tories are quite prepared to take the gloves off, but first they will soften up the general public with black propaganda and misrepresentation.They have plenty of opinion formers willing to misrepresent the independence movement and misdirect the public. Witness the fact that the George Square aggressive behaviour of triumphant and violent Union supporters on the 19th of September was captured on the internet and yet British Nationalist still either maintain that it never happened or that both sides were guilty. I don’t know why some independence supporters seem complacent about this and why the official SNP don’t appear concerned by the deliberate concealment of the media.

  17. Rennie M Elliott says:

    UDI needs to be on the table as Plan B, an insurance policy, should Westminster try some emergency measure to close or override Holyrood. Former CIA director James Woolsey, admitted date USA interfered in the last referendum, the officials did not announce the honest results. There can be nothing left to chance if everything will hinge on a referendum result this time, it must be flawless and unquestionable. Nothing done in the dark of night or unobserved, if you have to break the hand that tries pulling fire alarms in counting centers.

  18. panda paws says:

    “Hubris because they seem to believe that they will always be able to rely upon votes from elsewhere in the UK to overrule the democratic will of the people of Scotland”

    The problem, for them, with that is they have spent too much time telling the rest of the UK that Scotland is subsidised by them so a great many would vote to get rid of Scotland. Suits me obvs but law of unintended consequences…

    The Un-democratic Unionist party indeed!

  19. Mac says:

    I’m not a soothsayer, Paul, but, like you, I’ve been saying for years that the ‘UK’ does not exist; that the British unionists would kill off their ‘union’, and that Scotland has to get out.
    We’ve got the tools to let them finish the job.
    What will unfold next in the ‘mother of parliaments’ will be fascinating. My own predictiion is that the ‘BritIsh’ government is so consumed with downright fear – they FEAR us, and, by implication, a strong Scotland – at the thought of losing Scotland, that they’ll bring a watered-down Brexit to Parliament. A no-deal means we’re leaving – and soon.
    Much has changed from five years ago. More and more people are woke to the ‘United Kingdom’ and its unyielding and unedifying English nationalism and Westminster social engineering.
    It is now beyond any doubt that the BBC is dealing in propaganda. Its refusal to air the SNP conference – and never mind its bleating on social media about having ‘broadcast’ the First Minster’s speech – is the icing on a very shitty cake.
    It exists to do us down, to marginalise, to mock, to undermine, to sow the seeds of doubt.
    But it has failed. And it shall continue to fail.
    And to any waverers – remember that In an independent Scotland, you can choose the government of your choice.
    We get to choose. Not England.

  20. Happy May Day, Duggers.

    The Traditional celebration to mark the advent of spring ; let’s party like it’s 2021 and Scotland is free.

    I note that an officer at Croydon Airport ( that would be Boris’ ‘Croydon’ which should get government pounds rather than ‘Strathclyde’) , one Frederick Stanley Mockford, is credited with coming up with ‘May Day’ as the international distress call, a corruption and truncation of ‘Venez m’aider’’, since ther was a lot of traffic between Croydon and Le Bourget airports at the time. Brexit will soon put a stop to that, by Jove!
    It replaced SOS in Morse apparently.

    F Scott Fitzgerald penned a short story ‘May Day’, loosely based on the NYC 1919 riots when a workers protest rally clashed with posh boys from Yale on their way to a ball.
    Shades of Corbyn and his Momentum militants. In Fitzgerald’s story a Jewish man is beaten up by a crowd for his socialist rhetoric.

    Ah, ‘the gesture politics of pointless parades’.

    So says a Herald Britland hack, ‘columnists of the year’, who prefaces His, ‘I’m a Yes supporter, but’ piece of nonsense the other day by predicting that ‘the ugly voices among the grass roots… the abusive, vulgar ( def:‘not in the style preferred by the upper classes’)the reactionary, the dumb…brittle, nasty, online presence..the shrill minority but somehow the dominant voice’ would accuse him of being a Fifth Columnist (of the year!), a ‘Yoon’, and a Secret Agent in the pay of MI5, or MFI, or IKEA.

    He has subsequently taken to Twitland confirming his self fulfilling prophecy.

    Why would anyone level such insults against this poor helpless creature?

    ‘The Gesture Politics of pointless parades.’

    This week end, an estimated 100,000 of his fellow Scots, and former readers of this once Weighty Tome, will gather in Glasgow.

    This hack urges the politicians to consign these ‘shouty’ people to the back of the room. And stop throwing them ‘red meat’.

    The analogy is not lost on this reader.

    The ‘columnist’compares the Yes activists to caged wild animals out of control, a basement catacomb,a cyber warring mob.

    “And when this happens, and when we allow freedom ring , when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city , we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children , black men and white men , Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics , will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual: “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

    This was Martin Luther King Jnr adressing a 250,000 crowd marching for Jobs and Freedom on the steps of the Lincoln Monument in Washington in 1963.

    He was awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 1964.

    Early in 1965 a crowd led by King marched in Selma Alabama in protest that only 300 black citizens out of 15,000 were ‘allowed’ (there’s that word again) to register to vote. Can’t imagine vote rigging and jerrymandering in Scotland today, can you?

    On 15 February 2003, there was a coordinated day of protests across the world in which people in more than 600 cities expressed opposition to the imminent Iraq War. It was part of a series of protests and political events that had begun in 2002 and continued as the war took place. Social movement researchers have described the 15 February protest as “the largest protest event in human history”.
    The BBC estimated (no, don’t snigger at the back there) ‘between six and eleven million people took part across 600 cities, ‘the largest protest in human history’ against the imminent illegal Iraq War during which hundreds of thousands of innocent men women children the elderly and the infirm were murdered to free them from a despot in the name of ‘democracy’.

    I can see why Andrew Neil’s bellowing that 20% Scots kids functionally illiterate was brushed aside by the Beeb as ‘mis-speaking’, and not downright lies..

    On 31 March 1990, between 180,000 and 250,000 converged on London protesting the Poll Tax.
    “By 2.30 pm Trafalgar Square was nearing its capacity. Unable to continue moving easily into Trafalgar Square, at about 3 pm the march stopped in Whitehall. The police, worried about a surge towards the new security gates of Downing Street, blocked the top and bottom of Whitehall, and lined the pavement refusing to let people leave the road. Additional police units were dispatched to reinforce the officers manning the barrier blocking the Downing Street side of Whitehall. The section of the march which stopped opposite Downing Street reportedly contained veteran anarchists and a group called “Bikers Against The Poll Tax”, some of whom became aggravated by reportedly heavy-handed arrests, including one of a man in a wheelchair.”

    Och, all these ‘gesture politics of pointless parades’.

    Herald Britland has upped their war preparations to Defcon 1.

    We have to be nice and polite while our children starve, rape victims have to submit their mobile phones to the Thought Police, and prove to DWP clerks that they need financial support for a third child violently conceived while illogically, three child familes are ‘undeserving’ of Blue (Ruth Davidson) Red (That Dick Leonard) and Beige(Rennie) largesse because the Filthy Rich need more money from the public purse.

    My old daddy observed:

    “You get more done with a spoonful of honey, than a lorry load of salt.”

    Perhaps the author of this piece can take this on board.
    I am ‘abusive, vulgar, reactionary, and dumb.’ am I?
    I will be in the good company of hundreds of thousands, nay millions, this week end.

    I’ll stop now. This is ‘way too long.

    But I’ll be back to discuss Marianne Taylor’s Herald Britland column, the divide and conquer nonsense headed:-

    “Baby Boomers should put their hands in their pockets to help Millennials.”
    I’ll save you the trouble. Don’t bother, it’s the same old garbage.
    Peace and love to all, this fine May Day

    • astytaylor says:

      Many thanks, Jack.
      And all the best to you too.
      I will not squander my money this fine morning buying the Herald or the Hootsmon.
      Off to Edinburgh tomorrow.
      He’s probably busy, but i wouldn’t mind an audience with John Swinney, the education guy.
      I have some ideas.
      The kids need more time outside. (Lots of people know that.)
      More “hands on” stuff. Learn to grow vegetables. Learn to take care of the place. Stay healthy.
      More exercise.
      And why are fruit growers in Blairgowrie having to go to Rumania to look for fruit pickers??
      (And good food goes to waste).
      We need to become a healthy society again. Contributing and looking out for one another.
      Anyways, maybe see you down the road. Could do with a wee walk in Glasgow on Saturday and see a few pals along the way.
      (Blair should have been jailed, but i see he’s still bleating on.)
      Hopefully one day Scotland will not be part of a war-mongering, missile selling, deluded UK.
      Peace and love.
      (ps, thank you, Paul, as always.)

    • mogabee says:

      Heartily agree and concur with every single word.

      We are to become the ‘seen but not *herd* people’ are we…Are we fuck! 😀

  21. Joe Lean says:

    I like the way the conservatives walked straight into Nicola Sturgeon’s trap. She kew she wasn’t getting a Section 30 order but has got them to come out and refuse one in an arrogant undemocratic manner and thereby turned it into something that can only help the independence movement.

  22. Welsh Sion says:

    Off topic.

    Just curious. The BBC (I read it to keep abreast of the local e-Brit propaganda) has recently started featuring the front page of the Edinburgh Evening News in its ‘review of the papers’ (i.e. the latest SNP-baddery from the MSM, and the token appearance – after pressure was put on them – of the National.)

    Why? Could someone enlighten me as to why the EEN is so important to be accorded this privilege? And even, as I recall, there was no clamour for its presence in the first place?

    As I say – jus’ curious.

    • From wiki, Sion:-
      “According to ABC figures for February 2014, the paper’s circulation was 28,000,[2] down from 32,160 in the preceding February.[3] In 2016 this had dropped to 18,362 [4], falling again to 16,660 by February 2018[.
      A wee Brit Nat Thunderer read by 16,000 readers, plus change, of Scotland’s 5.4 million citizens IS the BBC’s version of Scottish Opinion.
      It is all a sick joke now.

  23. Alba woman says:

    Watched the First Ministers speech and endured John Curtis and a BBC interviewer giving it laldy about the ‘difficulties ‘of getting another Indy ref…

    ..enjoyed Nicola’s intelligent and uplifting speech….she had just about finished her last sentence when we were whisked back to John Curtis and interviewer continuing to give it laldy about the serious difficulties of any Indy ref vote….

    the screws are without doubt tightening at the jolly old BBC….they are just following orders from London

  24. ArtyHetty says:

    Great article Paul, thanks once again.

    Thing is, the ‘media’ is not Scottish at all, it’s totally controlled by the Britnats, and even their pals in dodgy regimes, around the globe.

    They are circling the wagons, the Britnats are absolutely terrified that Scotland is on the way to escaping their thieving clutches, on the way to pulling the gravy train carpet from right undertheir feet. With Brexit looming, it could get nasty, look at what the Britnats are doing in Glasgow, attacking religious icons, even flights were cancelled at Glasgow yesterday, false alarm and nothing happening but false flag stuff is happening now.

    Scotland is up against a monster, called the UK, called ‘Britain’, we need to be vigilant. Scotland has been ignored, silenced and told to ‘shut the fck up you are getting no say in Brexit ha ha you sweaty jocks!’ The ‘we own you’ is creeping through, no doubt hatred towards Scotland being ratcheted up in England’s media as well.

    Hope it goes well Saturday, bizarrely I have to be in Glasgow, but can’t make the march unfortunately. I bet the English media will ignore it, but I do fear there may be false flag stuff, put nothing past the Britnats, take care all. ( I know shouldn’t even think it, but things at the mo are becoming quite desperate and sinister).

  25. Welsh Sion says:

    There’s a story doing the Welsh language news blogs that Tony Blair (spinster, late of this parish) has said in an interview that one way of ensuring that the countries of ‘Britain’ don’t go their separate ways post-Brexit is, ‘to unite the English, Scottish and Welsh football leagues.’

    That would go down well on the terraces, I bet …

    (Not seen it in English language news, – yet – though.)

  26. steelewires says:

    Thanks for this, Paul! Surely Mundell and Ruth know that the English parliament of the UK is not sovereign in Scotland, and that the People of Scotland, as a People, are The Sovereign, of Scotland? If, by hook or by crook, the English government of the UK prevents the Scottish Parliament acting for independence, the Sovereign People of Scotland will use another means of gaining independence.

  27. Donna says:

    Stupid is as stupid does!

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