Fantasies from the Ruthiverse

Get out the red white and blue bunting. Arrange the Great British patriotically themed street parties. Bake a cake in the shape of a tank. Huzzah and hurrah! Ruth is back to save the union and to tell us that we can’t have a referendum, not now, not before 2021, and not afterwards.

Ruth is angry that Nicola Sturgeon is calling for another independence referendum. In the Ruthiverse this is because the SNP is failing on policing, education, and health. It certainly has nothing to do with a British state which is failing on everything, up to and including basic competence in government, and which has abjectly failed to fulfil the promises and commitments which it made to the people of Scotland in 2014. Oh no.

Ruth wants us all to believe that we’d be far better off entrusting her with control of Scotland’s police, education and health systems, because the Conservatives are making such a fine job of dealing with them in England. If you define “a fine job” as meaning running them into the ground and provoking a crisis on a scale unlike anything we’ve seen in Scotland. Ruth wants to import all the same failed policies into Scotland. In all this she is assisted by her chummy relationship with the Scottish media pack, a media pack which not so many years ago she herself was a part of. For the Scottish media, holding Ruth to account means taking a cheeky photo of her as she poses with a barnyard animal. Anything to disguise the fact that her party is an ethical desert notable only for its opportunism, its ruthless pursuit of its self-interest, and its hypocrisy.

In a lovely cosy soft soap interview on the BBC, billed as Ruth telling us how motherhood had changed her, it was all fluffy bunnies and bonhomie. Ruth told us that she wants everyone to come together. Because that’s what the Conservatives are most noted for, bringing everyone together, reaching out across party divides, seeking consensus, and building bridges. And in the exact same way Ant McPartlin is most noted for his contribution to road safety.

It was in very marked contrast to any interview with just about any SNP politician you care to mention. There was no interruption, no insistent repetition of questions, no holding to account, and certainly no bitter hollow laughter at the sheer and utter gall of a Conservative politician preaching about the evils of division. There was no attempt to interrogate Ruth on her change of mind. It wasn’t so long ago that she acknowledged that it was for the people of Scotland to decide when they wanted a referendum. Now she thinks it’s for the British government. It was all terribly polite, terribly douce, and a terrible failure from the BBC. We have Hello magazine for that sort of thing.

However it’s Ruth’s remarks on Brexit that really unmask the intellectual vacuuity at the heart of the Davidson project. Ruth wants everyone, leavers, remainers, Norway plussers, and no-dealers, to coalesce around a common Brexit position. She doesn’t say what that position might be of course, because it doesn’t exist. She can’t even get Scottish Conservative MPs to support her, and they were elected as representatives of the Ruth Davidson’s Ruth Davidson for Greater Ruth Davidson Party. They were, let us not forget, supposed to vote in a bloc to defend Scotland’s interests within the UK. It was Ruth herself who assured us of that.

On Brexit, what she’s really saying for Scotland is that she wants Scotland to put up and shut up and to accept whatever it is that Westminster decides. She has nothing positive to say, no policy initiatives, no concrete suggestions. It’s fine that Scotland has no input on Brexit. It’s OK that we haven’t been consulted. It’s just dandy that the British government has used Brexit as an excuse to undermine the devolution settlement and to rip up the explicit promises it made not to change the powers of Holyrood without Holyrood’s express consent. Ruth is fine with all that because Ruth doesn’t want agreement. She wants submission. Her proposal for dealing with the divisions that she claims so exercise her is to demand abject surrender. Everyone needs to compromise except Ruth and the Tories.

Ruth asserted that she doesn’t want to be Prime Minister, and won’t be throwing her hat in the ring for Conservative leadership. That’s because a remain supporting Scottish lesbian has precisely zero chance of securing the support of the English nationalist reactionary Brexcrementalists who make up the majority of Conservative party membership. Ruth may be deluded about her own capabilities, a delusion in which the Scottish media fully collaborates, but even she recognises that she’s never going to lead the UK Conservatives and will never be prime minister. Instead, she’s focussing her efforts on a goal which is every bit as much of a fantasy. But then it can’t be a fantasy because the Scottish media keeps telling us it’s a serious prospect. And to be fair, it is true that it’s not a fantasy. It’s a bad joke that wouldn’t even grace a Christmas cracker. Ruth wants to be the next First Minister of Scotland.

Realistically, my dug has a better chance of becoming the next First Minister than Ruth does. She leads a party which has already reached its ceiling of support and which is set to lose votes hand over fist because of its mishandling of Brexit and its appalling management of public services in England. We get the English news on the telly in Scotland Ruth, your party made sure of that. We can all see what a poor job your colleagues are doing.

We see the ill effects of Conservative rule in Scotland too, the foodbanks, the increasing poverty, the growing gap between rich and poor. We see the demonisation of the poor and the normalisation of deprivation. We see how the UK has become an international laughing stock, insecure, unstable, and marching blindly into an unknown future where the vultures of the Brexit extremists threaten to sell off what’s left of our public assets and privatise what’s left of our public services. That’s the future you promise us Ruth, and we’re not convinced by your cheery grins and your homely anecdotes about how motherhood has changed you.

Even if, by some miracle, the Conservatives do manage to become the largest party in the 2021 elections, who is going to go into coalition with them? There are not enough Lib Dems, and not even Labour is that stupid. But back in the real world, the Conservatives in Scotland are facing huge losses in the elections to come, and no amount of fantasies from the Scottish media ruthiverse are going to save them.

Ruth is yesterday’s news. Very soon even the Scottish media will have to add her to the long list of saviours of the union who couldn’t even save themselves.

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35 comments on “Fantasies from the Ruthiverse

  1. Terry Callachan says:

    Well said
    She is deluded
    Honestly she is the least able politician I have ever known to be leader of a political party
    Who will replace the ruthiverse when she goes to work in one of the Scottish universities ?

    • Saor Alba says:

      The University concerned is the one I graduated from years ago with honours and I am sad and thoroughly ashamed that they see this person as fit to employ to lecture. Argument by reason is not in her capabilities.

  2. Alice Sharp says:

    Excellent piece as ever…..the day that new mother Ruthie announces that the rape clause is no more Is the day that I might look at her dial on the tv …..

  3. velofello says:

    Today’s events…Duckdale and Davidson. I think it best I say nothing.

  4. Macart says:

    I’d trust Ruth Davidson about as far as I could chuck a JCB.

    In 2016 Ms Davidson seemed quite clear on whether UK gov should block a second indyref:


    Today? Not so much.

    Conservatives aren’t big on honourable intentions at the best of times tbs, but they are big on magnanimous statements of intent. Well. Generally when they don’t have to follow through on said statements, or only when they’re left with zero options. At every other time their line(s) in the sand shift with a strong fart. Politics… who knew?

    Apparently, so it is with Ms Davidson. That or like most Conservative politicians, she believes that the public suffer from short term memory issues.

  5. Scott Cameron says:

    Obviously the Ruth cheerleaders are ignoring the consequences of the De Hondt system that currently prevents the SNP from having outright control of HR. Obviously doesn’t apply to the RD Party.

  6. Len says:

    I only saw a bit of the interview thankfully. It reminded me of the Piers Morgan Trump fawnathon.

    I despair that anyone can think all this is acceptable.

  7. Son of Perth says:

    Brian Taylor should hang his head in shame after his appalling sham interview with Davidson today. It was just a PR stunt enabled by BBC Scotland. Did anyone else notice Davidson grinning inanely at the end? Pathetic.

  8. Brian Taylor, resign.
    You were an absolute disgrace to prostitute yourself tonight on Distorting Scotland.
    As a so called ‘political’ journalist’ you provided the perfect foil for a tired jaded looking Ruth Davidson to lie, and compounded the felony by repeatedly reiterating her lies and threats.
    You gleefully summarised her rambling pig headedness by repeating WM ‘s veto of a further Indyref for ever.

    The Scottish Government has a mandate now to hold Indyref 2, a material change’,like being dragged out of the EU against the express wishes of the Scottish people, but did you stop Davidson in her tracks when she lied? Did you ‘ding’.

    Next you ploughed the depths by your wee candy floss adieu to Dugdale who is now moving on to the Jobs For the Boys and Girlls academic gravy train.
    I wonder what the wage is for this wee sinecure? And where does the money come from?

    Mr Taylor, you come across as a Brit Nat Lord Haw Haw, a willing mouthpiece for Supermom Davidson, who is directly responsible for 300,000 Scottish children living in Blue Red and Yellow Brit Hat state engineered poverty, deprivation, and early death, to spout any old garbage that comes out of her mouth..
    No Gordon Brewer Yes Buts, Let me get this clear, no shouting over Ruth or Kez…just obscene boot licking subservience.
    Shame on you, man, shame on you.
    Sarah Smith’s voiceover on the English BC’s six o’clock news Welcome Back, Ruth, was equally as sick inducing.
    Her sister reportedly gave Dugdale the Uni sinecure, allegedly, as I ‘fairly comment’.

    You are selling out Scotland by promoting these third rate opportunists and their lies about Scotland and collude in distorting the real democratic wishes of our people.
    Have you no shame?

  9. Check out my Ypographical Terrors.
    I’m pure raging that this state manage garbage is broadcast using my dosh.
    It is time that pro independence politicians boycotted the BBC, seriously.

    • Millsy says:

      Funny you should say that , Jack ….

      failure of the BBC to televise the FM’s speech on Brexit/Indy 2 ,
      failure of the BBC to show live coverage of the SNP Conference …..
      It seems the Pacific Quay Anti-SNP consortium have matters well in hand .

  10. I cut and paste Socrates McSporran over on WoS here:-

    “Kezia will be their first Director, no salary given, but, it will be big. It’s the board members who are interesting.

    Chair is Catherine Smith, John Smith’s dauighter – Sarah Smith’s wee sister. Her mother, Baroness Smith of Gilmorehill is also on the board.

    Ed Balls is a board member, as is Matt Carter, the former General Secretary of the Labour Party. Another board member is David Muir, former Director of Strategy to Gordon Brown.

    Just for balance, we also have Professor Anne Anderson, an Academic, a Right Honourable Ruth Davidson MSP – whoever she is, and Andrew Wilson, Alex Salmond’s former economic adviser.

    Talk about jobs for the boys and girls.”
    Are we that docile that we allow this corruption to continue in our land?
    Who is paying for all of this?
    Ruth Davidson is a board member.
    Red Blue and Yellow Tories pollute academia, they have access to the minds of our young?
    What a stinking cess pit.

    • Millsy says:

      I hear that Ruthie’s new bairn will be next in line for a directorship at this democratic institution .

    • diabloandco says:

      I do wonder what checks and balances are in place in our academic institutions.

      Is there an Audit Scotland style investigation on a regular basis? If not , why not?

      I wonder how interested the general public would be if over paid nepotism was revealed -then I stop wondering because I realise it would be reported in the media as a two line footnote on the sports page hidden behind an advert for something nobody wants.

  11. clive scott says:

    It is very disappointing, though perhaps not so surprising, that the board appointing Ms Dugdale is so stuffed full of unionist toadies to the British state. Even more disappointing that Andrew Wilson is content to be associated with such a group. On a brighter note, good to see that Andrew Neil and the BBC have been caught out by Ofcom re porkies about educational attainment – must have really stuck in their craw to be forced to publicise their misdeeds on the BBC website.

  12. Cubby says:

    This is what it must have been like living in the Soviet Union. Brian Taylor would have fitted in well in the Soviet Union.

    No democracy in Scotland and no free press and state controlled broadcasting = ……………………

  13. I’m not so sure that Labour in Scotland wouldn’t go into a coalition with the Tories if, by some miracle, the Tories had the largest number of seats after the next Hoplyrood election. They have form for it in several local councils, and I suspect their mutual interest in Unionism would trump any other considerations.

    • Wee Chid says:

      Aye, and I’d suspect that in the event of the SNP failure to deliver another referendum before such an election would lead to exactly that – Rooth the Mooth as FM. I’d like to volunteer for the Elon Musk Mars project please. Beam me up Spotty.

  14. Aikenheed says:

    Could an FOI enquiry be made re the total salary costs of that board at Glasgow Uni (short for unionist? )

  15. Julie (your Tartan Hostess @ Ross County 2016) says:


  16. panda paws says:

    Ruth Davidson. The new Jim Murphy.

    The leader of the Undemocratic Unionist Party.

    (I pinched that from Keith Epps on the Graun because it’s brilliant!)

    • Dave tewart says:

      Love the idea of the UUP as a description.
      Have a look at the John Smith Centre website, they are so busy running it that it is full of out of date bio data. Some one is still working on 2018 list of internships, shades of Winston from 1984.
      It’s got it’s own Professor, a chair, the list of donators includes lord and lady mcfarlane of bearsden and others.
      Nice little job for the dugdale, looking forward to seeing her selling raffle tickets at our rallies.

  17. Daniel Hannan Blue Tory MEP , arch Right Wing Leaver, contributor to articles in the Arch Right Wing Little Englander London Dead Tree Scrolls, a self satisfied SE Brit, who apparently doesn’t bother much about taking part as an MEP in the EUParliament, was on Newsnight last night, and splurted indignantly during an item on, discussed Margaret Thatcher 40 years on:_

    Foodbanks are like mobile phones. 20 Years ago there were two foodbanks, and no mobiles. The increase in usage of both, phones and foodbanks, is because they are readily available.

    We have mobile phones because we manufacture lots of them, ergo, people use food banks because we have set up so many of them.

    This is one of Ruth Davidson’s colleagues talking fascist elitist cynical citizen killing evil rubbish.
    If food banks weren’t available, people would just stoically starve?

    Remeber Cameron’s Big Society? Food banks are part of a deliberate and evil policy by Ruth Davidson (yes I directly blame her, she’s as big a Blue Tory Elitist as Hannan) to destroy civic society, privatise Health, Policing, Education, Welfare services, the aim of which is to take money from the poor and give to the rich.

    The spin off for the Elite Oligarchy is to eradicate our civic society and replace it with Virgin GP surgeries, and G4S zero hours beat bobbies.
    And lots of lovely easy money for her pals and benefactors in Big Business.

    Food banks uptake is because there are more outlets?
    What an arrogant ‘let them eat brie’ Blue Tory smear.

    100,000’s of our Scottish children go to bed hungry while the BBC showcase brave Mother Davidson and Partner in the Maternity ward.

    Willie Rennie boasted of the Yellow Tories’ collaboration with Ruth in cutting public services to bring down England’s Debt and reward their rich benefactors with a 5% cut in taxes.

    Kezia Dugdale joins the long list of Brit Nat failures, rewarded for her guerrilla tactics in hampering the progress of Scotland on its road to its natural destiny, an independent nation, governed by Scots, accountable to Scots, and voted into office by Scots.

    The Dark Influence of of this considerable band of unelected unaccountable Hangers On and faux academics beggars belief.
    We can’t even vote them out of office and prevent them from trousering indecent amounts of public money.
    There’s gonna be a Revolution.

  18. Terry callachan says:

    Now we get the picture.
    Kezia had backers for her wings over Scotland episode ,she agreed to do it , it worked she said, with a little help from my friends, now I’m rewarded ,somewhere where I can carry on as before but cannot be deselected or fail re-election because I’m not answerable to the electorate anymore.
    To be a politician you have to be prepared to shred your moral fibres principals and honour to progress.
    History shows it was always thus.

  19. JimW says:

    Like Ruth, I too want to reach out across party divides and see everyone come together. Like Ruth I don’t want to see another divisive referendum on Scottish independence, but, unlike Ruth, I can’t wait for the happy, inclusive, unifying referendum which the next one is certain to be.

  20. Iain says:

    Our dog – who died 6 years ago – has more chance of becoming FM that the vacant windbag known as Ruth Davidson. Her former colleagues in the BBC and other media can promote her as much as they like, but it’s the public who vote (or rather, don’t vote) for her and her party, and the more people see of Ms Davidson, the less they like her.

    The unionist alliance at the last UK GE which saw Labour voters supporting Conservative candidates and vice versa won’t be repeated. Soft-core British nationalist voters have seen through the Dugdale Tactic and are responsible for the shambles the UK finds itself in.

    If Ms Davidson has any sense, she’ll do a Dugdale and find an institute to employ her. Or get a presenting job flogging a load of old tat on QVC Motherhood.

  21. Welsh Sion says:

    “For the Scottish media, holding Ruth to account means taking a cheeky photo of her as she poses with a barnyard animal.”

    Would that be this one? Yes – I do believe they are shovelling ….. ahem, manure.

  22. Saor Alba says:

    They speak it as well as shovel it Welsh Sion.

  23. susan says:

    A thoroughly unpleasant politician. I’ll say no more about R Davidson.

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