Grouse moors, land reform, and power


Grouse moors, land reform and power: how members of the Scottish National Party can change the face of Scotland

A guest post by Max Wiszniewski

The membership of the Scottish National Party in recent times, have stood on the side of progress. The SNP grassroots have been instrumental in moving Scotland forward, towards many progressive policies, including land reform, which is why Revive is thrilled to have the opportunity to meet members this week for the first time.

Revive: the coalition for grouse moor reform will be hosting a fringe meeting this Saturday at SNP conference in Edinburgh to highlight why radical action on Scotland’s grouse moors is vital to building the Scotland we aspire to live in.

Almost a fifth of Scotland is managed for grouse shooting. Estimates vary between 12-18% but we don’t really know how much as we don’t yet have an accurate picture of what our land is used for.

In any case, the fact that such a huge amount of our nation is used for the benefit of so few, shows the scale of this problem. The Scottish Government has taken some important steps but while less than 500 people own over half of Scotland’s private land there is much work to be done.

Far from being the wholesome image of Scotland’s countryside that the industry would have you believe, Scotland’s land is scarred and burnt which damages the environment, while hundreds of thousands of animals die every year – all to maximise the number of grouse to be shot for the amusement of very few people. Its economic contribution is also much, much lower than you might believe for the land it uses up.

Revive is a coalition made up of social justice, environmental and animal welfare groups who have come together to tackle these issues in order to benefit Scotland’s people, our wildlife and our environment. We know that grassroots activists like you will be key to that and we’ve already started a movement with over 10,000 people signing up to Revive.

If you are going to SNP conference this Saturday it would be great to see you there but if not and you’re interested in working with the Revive coalition please consider signing and sharing this pledge for radical reform.

Many thanks,

Max Wiszniewski

Max Wiszniewski is Campaign Manager for Revive. Revive is a coalition of like-minded organisations working for reform of Scotland’s grouse moors. The coalition is made up by Common Weal, Friends of the Earth Scotland, League Against Cruel Sports Scotland, OneKind, and Raptor Persecution.

Facebook Event/SNP conference link:

Twitter: @ReviveCoalition


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7 comments on “Grouse moors, land reform, and power

  1. fairliered says:

    The land of Scotland should be owned by the people of Scotland. Everyone should be allowed say 1/2 acre for their home and garden. Most of us will have much less. The rest should be rented by the Scottish Government at a fixed rate, depending on usage. E.g. crofting £1 per acre. Farming £1 per acre for the first 1000 acres, £10 per acre for the next 10000 acres and £100 per acre for the next 100,000 acres. £1 per acre for all hill land used for agriculture, £1,000 per acre for land using for sporting pursuits. Unfortunately, this plan would mean that sporting estates would be uneconomical and the Tories that own them would no longer have any reason to inflict themselves on us.

  2. There are far too many organizations putting in their tuppence worth before independence is achieved. This could put people off voting.

    • strathedin says:

      I tend to agree, William Purves… The burning issue is Independence. EVERYTHING else can, and should, be debated and voted on afterwards.

  3. Del G says:

    The government should work closely with Andy Wightman who has his head screwed on regarding land ownership and management.

  4. Malcolm Jones says:

    In England the Countryside Alliance consider game birds , reared to fly to their deaths in a hail of lead shot , to be the same as any other livestock reared to be killed . The latter get the highest livestock rearing standards in the world and are humanely killed whereas gamebirds spend the greater part of their short lives either imprisoned in cage systems or living on burned out uplands , unaware of the fear to come or what the rich of this land are planning to do to them . Scotland already has the will to reform land ownership and must follow through with land use reforms and end the blood sports .
    What though of England ?

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