I want independence because …


There’s a new initiative called A Million Reasons for Yes. All you need to do to participate is to write down your reason for wanting independence, and to take a photograph of it, then upload it to amillionreasons.scot or Instagram Direct: amillionreasonsforsi; Facebook: A Million Reasons for Scottish Independence; email reasons to: reasons@amillionreasons.scot. Follow on Twitter @millionscottish.

It’s a great idea, and so here are just a few of my own reasons for yes.

I want Scottish independence … because it’s the only way to rid ourselves of the obscenity of weapons of mass destruction on the Clyde. We’ve marched. We’ve protested. We’ve established peace camps. Those of us who are old and long in the tooth were protesting against Trident when we were young, and now we see young kids embarking on the same journey of protest, a journey with no end, a journey that goes nowhere as long as we are subject to Westminster rule and a British state which fetishes nuclear weapons as the viagra of an impotent ex-empire. The only way to rid ourselves of Trident is with independence.

I want Scottish independence … because I grew up thinking that the poverty and deprivation, the inequality and lack of opportunity, which I witnessed in the East End of Glasgow in the 60s and 70s was normal. And now a new generation of East End weans is growing up thinking that foodbanks are normal. Well it’s not bloody normal. It’s an outrage in one of the richest nations on the face of this Earth. It’s an affront to human dignity that the British state prioritises tax cuts for the wealthy and turning the UK into a tax haven for drug lords and oligarchs over the provision of decent public services. It’s indecent that the poor are forced to pay for the crimes of the rich, but that’s the British way. I want Scottish independence so that we can start to tackle the inequalities and injustices which blight this country.

I want Scottish independence … because so many of us are fatalistic and resigned to our powerlessness that we self medicate on alcohol and drugs. We’ve learned that hope is something for other people, that it doesn’t matter what we say because no one is listening anyway. We’ve learned that the only way to live without hope is to anaesthatise ourselves into oblivion, a brief respite from the pain of the everyday. It’s no way to live. No way to die. We need to know that the bright light is the light of hope and a better future, not a paramedic shining a torch in our eye in order to check for a sign of life. During the independence referendum of 2014, for the first time in my life I saw ordinary working class people discovering that hope was something for them too, that they too could dream, that they too had a voice, and that voice was important and it counted for something. Independence gives us hope.

I want Scottish independence … because we’ve bred generations of Scottish people who have learned that it doesn’t matter how we vote. It doesn’t matter what Scotland’s people say that they want through the ballot box. We get what England votes for, our votes can only make a difference when opinion in England is narrowly divided. It’s only with independence that Scotland can get governments that it votes for, governments which are answerable to the people of Scotland and which work in their interests. It’s only with independence that Scotland can see the true strengths of democracy.

I want Scottish independence … because politicians need to be held to account. The British system rewards political failure. We kicked out Michael Forsyth yet there he still is, all these years later, in the House of Lords influencing our laws and deciding our futures. British governments don’t need to pay any heed to Scotland, so they make decisions without considering us, and we have no remedy against them. I want Scottish independence because politicians cannot be trusted, and we need to keep them close to us so that their arses are within kicking distance of our feet.

I want Scottish independence … because this should be a land that is welcoming. Scotland was always a shelter for people from all over the world, because for centuries it was literally the end of the Earth. Once you got to Scotland, there was nowhere else to go. This is a land of migrants, and we should honour those who do us the honour of choosing to throw their lot in with the rest of us and becoming a part of the story of Scotland. Brexit Britain is closed in, inward looking, intolerant, xenophobic. I want a kinder, gentler, more welcoming country.

I want Scottish independence … because we need to do something about land ownership. Vast tracts of our country are owned by faceless multimillionaires hiding behind shell companies. They’ve turned Scotland into a desert designed as the playground for the wealthy. The Highlands are so beautiful and empty because its people were turfed out into the slums of the Lowland cities to produce the wealth that allowed the rich to buy up the land. Meanwhile rural communities die and decline.

I want Scottish independence … because we need a written constitution that spells out the proper division of powers between the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary. Within the UK we have an unwritten constitution which permits the powerful to make things up to suit themselves as they go along. That has to stop. But above all, we need a written constitution in order to establish once and for all that the only sovereign body in Scotland is the totality of the people of Scotland. This is our land, independence allows us to own it as citizens, instead of being subjects within it.

I want Scottish independence … because there is so much that is wrong with Scotland, and we need to fix it. We have waited patiently for generations for the Westminster system to fix Scotland for us, only to slowly come to the realisation that it has a vested interest in keeping Scotland weak, dependent, powerless, and marginalised. We kept the faith all through the bitter years of Thatcher, only to discover that the British Parliamentary road to socialism ended in bombs on the road to Baghdad. Westminster doesn’t want to solve Scotland’s problems, because it’s only by keeping Scotland impoverished and feeble that it can tell us that we need them, that we’re too small and weak to stand on our own two feet. The truth is that the only people who can fix Scotland’s problems are the people of Scotland themselves, and we need the powers of independence in order to do so. I want Scottish independence because generations of wise Scottish women have always told us, if you want something done, ye need tae dae it yersel.

I want independence … because Scotland is a land that is so rich in resources, possesses such an abundance of talent, is pregnant with so many possibilities. They need to be put to the service of the people of Scotland, and not leeched away to enrich the City of London. It’s only with independence that Scotland can blossom.

I don’t want Scottish independence because I hate anyone. I don’t want Scottish independence because I believe Scotland to be better than anywhere else. I don’t want Scottish independence because I hark back to a rosy vision of a mythical Scotland that has never existed. I recognise the issues Scotland faces. I see the problems of this country with a clear eye. I want to fix them. I want Scottish independence … because I want Scotland to be a normal country.

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43 comments on “I want independence because …

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  2. Michael Laing says:

    Excellent post: one of your best, I’m sure. And not a word I’d disagree with.

  3. Macart says:

    All of this and a wee bit more. 🙂

    I want Scottish independence because we can be and do better.

    I want Scottish independence because the peoples of Scotland,( ALL the peoples of Scotland), should feel THIS land is their home. One they have a very real stake in and one where their voice WILL be heard.

    Well said Paul.

  4. Mike Russell suddenly is backpedalling in an article on the SNP website and doesn’t want to do anything illegal or precipitant. We are now being prepared for being fobbed off. Any suggestions Paul?

  5. Phil says:

    A million times thank you to The Dug. We’ll soon see a million, plus a million, plus a million and more votes to count which all have reasons to support Independence for Scotland.

  6. Werner Klee says:

    I am Swiss, and we are in a lucky position to be indepedent – of course not economically, but at least politically.
    I hope that Scotland and my Scottish friends can finally make their dream coming true to live in an independent state – ALL THE BEST FOR YOU !

    • diabloandco says:

      Thank you and keep reading WGD .

      I want Scottish independence for all the reasons Paul gave and for the children and grandchildren to enjoy freedom of movement to explore the cultures of other lands, to study in other lands and appreciate other ways of thinking.

  7. Malcolm Brown says:

    I want independence because it makes sense.

  8. benmadigan says:

    I want Scottish Independence because the people of Scotland won’t stop until they get it – it’s theirs for the taking

  9. jfngw says:

    I only want independence for one reason, Scotland (any country) should always get the government it voted for. Everything else is for the people of Scotland to decide after we are independent.
    I know I will never have a government that agrees with everything I want, but it is better than decisions being made by a government Scotland rejected (this is most governments in my lifetime).

  10. I want Scotland to be an independent country because it’s perfectly normal & natural for a country to make its own decisions.

  11. Andy Anderson says:

    ‘Aye we can’, ‘Aye we will’ and then we can build a rich economy that will allow us the wealth to support the disadvantaged in our society.

    I want Independence because it is our right.

  12. Yes. The most important paragraph here is the last. I want to live in a country which does not foster hatred.

  13. deelsdugs says:

    Bravo Paul.
    I want independence because Scotland is a country. Westminster has sucked the essence of life from the aquifers, but the spring has been sprung into a surge of ‘we can’ and ‘we will’…

  14. Dave tewart says:

    The people of Scotland have the talent available to run a normal country, a country that looks after all of it’s residents wellbeing. A country with access to all the levers of control to project humanitarian concerns for fellow humans. A country that educates it’s residents to welcome and respect all.
    A normal country that has freedom of choice and the knowledge that with that comes responsibilities.
    A country that decides for it’s people the medicine of economic advancement that’s required and not the receiver of england’s medicines, ones that are not relevant for us.
    Self determination is Normal.

  15. Steve says:

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  16. Resend this message to people who believed the lies last referendum and voted no .We will be a better nation without our current restraints.my immediate family and myself all want independence from whichever political party will do the best for US.

  17. jimboscotto says:


  18. astytaylor says:

    Aye, everything you wrote there, Paul.
    A decent place to live. A place of positive ideas, hope and vision.
    A place to work hard in a meaningful way.
    A place where people can get off their arse and contribute to the greater good of health, happiness and a fair society.

  19. Robert Harrison says:

    I want independence because of lots of reasons Scotland is better governing itself it can decide which path it wants to take etc but if id have to pick the top reason its to end this English supremacist dictatorship imposed on Scotland by Westminster where we are supposed to just shut up and let them run everything and like it all the while believing we are utter garbage fuck of England that attitude is killing you and i dont want Scotland going down with you.

  20. Millsy says:

    I want independence because I shudder to be part of a state that has decisions being influenced by …..

    The DUP
    The BBC ( London )
    BBC Question Time
    All the London based newspapers
    The City of London
    Jacob Rees -Mogg
    Nigel Farage
    Michael Gove
    Boris Johnson
    Kay Burley
    Chuka Umunna
    Yvette Cooper
    Michael Forsyth + the rest of the HoL
    Treeza May or May not
    + hundreds of ‘Labour’ or Tory indentifits in the ”Mother of all Parliaments” as Saddam would say !
    This list is only for descriptive purposes and in no way represents the full depth of the horror I experience when watching the nightmare that is the British State in this the 21st century .

    • astytaylor says:

      hear hear, Millsy.

    • You missed out Marc Francois, the bastard offspring of Billy Bunter, The Fat Owl of the Remove, the Beast of Greyfriars, who seems to be one tuck shop visit away from a serious cardiac episode.
      To think that this odious ruddy faced little man and 500 odd English based MPs have any say whatsoever in any aspect of Life In Scotland from here on in is reason enough to break their precious Union.
      To the estimated 400,000 ‘English’ folk who have shown the good taste, and honoured us by moving here to prosper, have a better quality of life, and to enrich this wonderful country of ours with their energy, commitment, expertise, and drive, I ask:-
      When the crunch comes, will you vote No, and tether your adopted country to the rogue state that is England?
      Scotland is independent now.
      We’ve just got to complete the paperwork, that’s all.
      To those who consider Scotland a ‘Region’ like ‘The North East’, or ‘West Midlands’, you’ll not be missed.
      I’ve had it up to here of ProudscotsButters in the media, politics. and the Scotia Nostra Branch of the Anglo Establishment ( Partick has a Socialist Baroness apparently) telling us what’s good for us.
      Something will snap soon.
      The thought that they are all off on yet another two week break as England douses itself in petrol, the easier to go up in flames on Hallows Eve, makes my blood boil, and not in a frog boiling way.
      Millions of us have had enough.
      But hey, Tiger Woods, Cup Semi Final ‘dramas’, and the final series of something cried ‘Game of Thrones’ in the bread and circus to keep the proles amused and in deepest ignorance?
      Not any longer.

      • panda paws says:

        A Marxist baroness actually. No me neither. I can’t imagine many baroness’s in the Communist Manifesto.

        • Baroness Pauline Bryan of Partick, pp, who was handed a life peerage on the say so of that well known Marxist Comrade Corbyn, the Allotment Man.
          They must think our heids button up the back.
          Still the House of Lards is no diff to the USSR Politburo, made up of the hand picked unelected fascist Few screwing the rest of us Many for money and power, and, oh aye, did I mention the wads of money?.
          I wonder if Neil Findlay leaves the Commie Baroness’ exalted presence walking backwards, head stooped in deferential subservience, because he is in the presence of English Nobility.
          He surely knows his place by now. A footstool for his English Masters to rest their weary bones after a day crushing the plebs Up Here.
          Scotland is in revolt, against plastic commies and Jackson Carhire’s bloated greedy capitalists in equal measure.
          What the hell does a Lord Lieutenant of a County do? Do we pay them to do it?
          We shall not rest until we drive these carpetbaggers and chancers from our shores.

          • astytaylor says:

            Well said, Jack.
            If you ever need to replenish your energy, i’ll be pleased to buy you a pint.

            • asty, if we had known that we were in Baroness Bryan’s patch when we had a pint in the Thornwood t’other week, we could have popped up to Castle Partick to pay homage….
              Thing is, they don’t even realise how ridiculous it sounds.. Partick has a fucking baroness?
              Aye, right.
              Any time you want a wee pint and a lunch time tightener, I am, as you know, yer man.
              You’ll be telling me next that professor Two Jobs WATP Adam Tomkins is my elected representative…..

            • Sounds like a plan, asty. We can visit Castle Partick and pay homage to the Noble Marxist Leninist Lady when next in the Thornwood.

  21. Eric the Cheeseman says:

    I want independence for Scotland because I have no doubt whatsoever that we can continue to contribute positively to the world.

    Whilst we gave the world the telephone, TV, facsimile, penicillin, inflatable tyres, Dolly, GTA, tarmac, kaleidoscopes, whisky, golf, irn bru … the British State systematically TOOK from the world, stealing and robbing the resources and people from all 4 corners…

    They’re still at it, and they will continue to strip us bare of our oil, gas, water and hope, for as long as we allow it.

    Time to show the world that Scotland is ready once more, to GIVE to the world, and ourselves.

  22. Craig P says:

    At the indyref I said I wanted independence because I wanted to live in a fairer country. To be honest that’s not the real reason, because ‘a fairer country’ just sounds like I think the answer is to raise tax on higher earners. Though wouldn’t it be nice to live somewhere governed by a more humane bunch than the British establishment?

    No, the real reason I want independence is because I believe it is the best way to fulfil the potential of the people of Scotland. It’s not the only thing that is required, but I do think it is a necessary first condition. The empire’s over people, there’s nothing left for us in Britain except to be a branch office economy and nobody left to exploit but us. We can do so much better.

  23. Welsh Sion says:

    I want independence for its own sake and to give confidence to those Welshies who say we can’t be either.

  24. Paul, there are those among us who remember protesting against Polaris. Anybody else remember?

    Oh the Yanks have just drapped anchor in Dunoon,
    And they’ve had their civic welcome frae the Toon,
    As they cam’ up the measured mile Bonnie Mary o’ Argyle
    Was wearing spangled drawers below her goon.


    Hello, hello, we are the Eskimoes
    Hello, hello the Glesga Eskimoes
    We’ll gaf that nyaff ca’ed Lannon
    And spear him whaur he blows
    We are the Glesga Eskimoes.

  25. panda paws says:

    I want independence because Scotland is a country not a county.

  26. Robert Langlands says:

    I want independence so we can be ourselves.

  27. Jan Cowan says:

    I simply want independence for my country.

  28. David Leask, Paul Hutcheon, Tom Gordon, Herald Britland, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA .
    What a grubby wee band of Brit Nat hacks.
    The utter toss this lot have churned out over the past few days teeters on the brink of hysteria and panic.
    They know their precious wee Union, and their Jobs for the Boys Clubs cushy wee earners are finished.
    It is little wonder that their circulation now numbers in the thousands and falling.
    The only hand keeping this rag afloat is the Invisible Hand of the Iron Heel Oligarchy.
    Follow the money.
    How many Herald Hacks are the BBC funding now?
    Come independence, what is this bunch of Cut and Pastry Brit Nat Propagandists going to write about? Sorry, reproduce in print for their Foreign Masters.
    By Christ, the day is not far off now.

  29. Even if I was vehemently opposed to independence and a swivel eyed Brit Nat living in Scotland, I would have to consider the repercussions of voting No in Indyref 2. The contempt England now has for Scotland, their “partners” in this toxic union, is impressive in its scope at the moment. Just think of the maelstrom that would be unleashed upon us, if we voted No again.
    Also, a million reasons to vote for Independence is good. However, can anyone provide just one reason, to remain with messed up, enfeebled, humiliated, racist, xenophobic, fascist, rudderless, untrustworthy, mendacious, delusional and stuffed country, known as England?

  30. Robert Roddick says:

    I want Independence because it’s the right thing to be and will enable us to offer our children, grandchildren and in my case great grandchildren a guaranteed better future.

  31. wm says:

    You never left much for the rest of us to say Paul. I agree with every word,can only say that I want Scotland to be independent because like every other country on earth it is the business of the people who live within its borders to grow its natural wealth, and spread this wealth more evenly among its population. To grow this wealth Scotland has the people and natural resource’s to be one of the richest countries p/h of population in the world. We have been kidded on for far to long by Westminster. Bring it on.

  32. Zbob says:

    20-30 years of sustained Daily Fail/Depress/Scum/etc propaganda, unchallenged by mainstream political classes, has resulted in at least one third of the electorate utterly convinced of a view that it is the rest of Europe who are not seeing the obvious, ah, but nobody expects the Farage Inquisition…
    That con-artists have their own financial agenda on the EU and Euro (falling off the same cliff for 20+ years) is surely beyond doubt, but the willing ignorance/pretence of what purport to be political representatives of the UK playing along with it borders on the insane or incompetent, or indeed corrupt. SNP cannot influence this one iota, and other parties dance to the Westminster dancemaster’s tune.
    So what should Scots have learned from the last decade?
    2014 – Lies and exploited fears are what’s left to prop up what purports to be a Union.
    2016 – Lies and exploited fears separated the Union from an external Union.
    2017 – Political pariahs are temporarily acceptable partners in a Union, except Scots.
    2019 – Lies, fears, and party-political ambitions in England matter more than the Union.
    2020 – ? Truth and consequence? Credible Government?
    Aspirations of Independence for some dyed-in-the-wool will be extremely difficult, yet gangrene is never a welcome condition.

  33. douglasclark says:

    I want independence because my daughter was in tears when we didn’t get it last time around. We owe independence to our children.

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