A candle in the darkness

It’s at times like this that I wish I still did drugs. Brexit has turned into a cross between the Neverending Story and the Walking Dead, only with gammons instead of dragons, and precious little magic. In recognition of the fact that Theresa May is an undead political leader, the EU have given her until Halloween to sort out Brexit. Then when she comes back begging for another extension because she’s done bugger all at least she won’t have to dress up. She can just come as herself, that’s plenty scary enough for anyone. The rest of the UK can dress up as a cliff edge.

Just three weeks ago, Theresa May stood before the House of Commons and announced that she could not, as Prime Minister, delay the UK’s exit from the EU beyond 30 June. Well now she’s done exactly that. Will she resign? Will she buggery. She’s lied about everything else. She’s lied so often and so frequently that she’s now lost all concept of what truth might be. She lied about not having a snap general election. She lied about reaching out to the other parties in order to find some consensus. She lied about no deal being better than a bad deal. She lied about not pulling her deal in Parliament the first time it was due to be put to a vote. Theresa May infamously doesn’t answer questions, she’s notably only for her abilities to evade, dissemble, and deflect, but you can be pretty certain that on those rare occasions that she does make a statement that appears to contain some solidity to it, that it’s going to be a lie.

We’re not going to crash out of the EU on Friday. Despite the on-going permachaos of the British body politic, this is a good thing. The EU leaders have decided to give the UK until 31 October to come up with something, anything, that might put a stop to this endless faffery. It gives Jeremy Corbyn six more months in which to keep avoiding coming to any decisions. It gives the Commons six more months to fail to agree on anything. Nothing has changed. Nothing has changed. But most importantly of all, for Theresa May it gives her another opportunity to fail to resign as the rest of her cabinet openly vie to succeed her. Then we can look forward to a new Tory leader who is even more obdurate than Theresa is, and who will do his or her damnedest to trash anything that passes for a deal, and embark upon a new round of hostilities with the EU. Those drugs are looking pretty attractive right now.

It’s at times like this that you wonder if half the British political establishment is on drugs. That’s the only possible explanation for the hagiography in the Telegraph asking why we don’t have more MPs like Mark Francois and touting him as a potential leader of the Conservative party. And there was you thinking that we’d already reached the summit of Mount Ludicrous. Oh no. There’s the vast angry splutteration of Mark, bobbing above your head like an irate balloon animal. Mark is the bastard offspring of Middle England and Middle Earth. He’s what you’d get if an Orc served in the TA for a couple of years and took to wearing a blazer. Those scientists who took the photie of the black hole 54 million light years away needed to use a virtual telescope the size of the entire Earth in order to do so, but even they couldn’t locate Mark’s intellect.

There’s no obvious way out of this mess. The Conservatives don’t want a general election. The reason they’ve been trying to avoid having to hold the European elections is because they’ll get thrashed by the voters. Labour, even given the total chaos and dysfunction of the worst Conservative government in living memory, still can’t achieve a meaningful lead over them in the polls. They’re none too keen on a general election either, despite the ritual claims that they want one. Jeremy Corbyn wants Brexit to happen as much as Mark Francois does. He just doesn’t want to take the blame for it, then he can still pose as the saviour of his largely remain supporting party. Neither Corbyn nor May wants another referendum. This crisis is largely a crisis of political leadership. At a time when the UK needs leadership which can reach out, build consensus, make compromises, heal wounds, we get the two most tribal idiots in British political history, products of a broken system which regards tribal idiocy as a strength.

Until now the strategy of the SNP has been to wait for some clarity on Brexit before moving ahead with a Scottish independence referendum. That was a sensible strategy when there was still some modicum of possibility that there were sensible people in charge in British politics. It’s clear now that all that the British political system has to offer is unending chaos, permanent dysfunction, and everlasting confusion. If you’re waiting for clarity on Brexit, you’re going to be waiting forever. The Brexit issue will continue to dominate British politics for the foreseeable future, even if some deal is reached, even if the UK does crash out with no deal at all. Arguments about the UK’s relationship with Europe are still going to dominate British politics. If we do leave, under whatever circumstances, there will be plenty of people offering the possibility of a return to the EU. The arguments are only going to go on.

All we know for sure is that there will be no certainty about anything for at least another six months. We can be certain that Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn will squander the time they’ve been granted and will use it to continue their dance of pointlessness. But we can also be pretty sure that there will be no political stability in the UK for decades to come.

Confusion and political chaos is the new normal for the UK. That’s the reality for the SNP. Waiting for clarity implies that there is some clarity to be found, that a deeply dysfunctional and broken British political system is capable of producing it. It clearly isn’t. That can only mean that it’s up to the Scottish Government to create some clarity of its own instead of waiting passively as a victim of events. We have a window of opportunity, a chance, to achieve Scottish independence before leaving the EU. We must not squander this opportunity by waiting for the clueless to find a clue.

The Scottish Government needs to state now that it wants a Scottish referendum, on Scottish terms, and at a timetable that suits Scotland. It must renew its call for a Section 30 order, while simultaneously testing the legal waters for a referendum without such an order. It must also make sure that the British government understands that a refusal to cooperate with a referendum will mean that the next set of elections in Scotland, whether that’s a UK General Election or the next Scottish Parliament elections, will become an effective referendum on independence. That will be an election fought against the backdrop of a dysfunctional UK which refuses to allow Scotland to ask itself about its own future. That’s going to make it impossible for opponents of independence to pretend that Scotland really is a partner in a union. The British Government must be made to understand that one way or another, Scotland will have a legal vote on its own future – and that the permission of the British Government is not required.

It’s time to stop waiting, and start doing. Clarity only comes to those who light their own candle in the darkness.

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47 comments on “A candle in the darkness

  1. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:
    I only hope that those at the top of the SNP read your blog, Paul.

  2. steelewires says:

    Excellent critique! I disagree, however, on having a referendum before revoking the Treaty and the Act of Union. I agree with Craig Murray’s proposal to revoke first then hold a corroboratory referendum. This is legal under International Law.


    A petition on the Scottish Parliament’s Petitions website to revoke the Treaty and the Act is being prepared. It’s not yet active. When it becomes active it will be advertised.

    • Anne Martin says:

      I would be very surprised if the Scottish Government are not aware of this and are considering it if, as Craig claims (and I have no reason to doubt him) this would both possible and legal.

    • Millsy says:

      At last ! Time is of the essence . Time for the SNP bigwigs to step up and show some political nous . We have dilly-dallied long enough .

  3. Jan Cowan says:

    Wonderful article, Paul! I completely agree. It’s time to take back our country. It’s time the Westminster wally dugs learned to stand on their own two feet, to function without our precious Scottish assets. We have supported them long enough. Onward towards the free world!

    The Scottish Government MUST gird their loins right now!

  4. And during this 6 months deferral?

    Easter recess: two weeks dependent on the date of Easter; April 11th until 26th
    Whitsun recess: a week in late May
    Summer recess: late July to early September
    Conference recess: Mid-September to early October (accommodating the party conferences)
    The Strong Stable parliament is on its holdays and jollies for 12 weeks.
    Now is the time.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      For Jack collatin (and others … on the basis of the appeal in his last sentence).

      With acknowledgements and thanks to Rabbie Burns.

      15. (of 20.)

      Scots Wha Hae – Reprise

      Scots, wha hae wi’ Salmond bled,
      Scots, wham Sturgeon has aften led,
      Welcome tae yer gory bed.
      Or tae destiny.

      Now’s the day, an’ now’s the hour:
      Seize oor chance a’ last fir power.
      See the fearties start tae cower.
      Scotland will be free!

      Wha will be a low appeaser?
      Wha will bow tae Lunnon’s Th’resa?
      Wha sae base as be a greaser?
      Let him turn an’ flee.

      Wha fir Scotland’s Pride an’ Aw’
      Freedom’s sword will strongly draw?
      Bondsman stand or Freeman fa’:
      Let him follow me.

      By th’ oppressive woes and pains,
      Of oor sons in servile chains,
      We will drain oor dearest veins
      But we shall be free!

      Lay Westminster, oh so low.
      Traitors fall – like every foe.
      Liberty’s oors wi’ ev’ry blow!
      Let oor vote be SNP!


      Songs for the New Politics

      • Marconatrix says:

        Indeed, we need to strike while the MPs frolic in their idyllic summer pastures once we get past May Day (Mayday! May’s day??) and before hard reality returns with Halloween and the Winter Half …

        “Ar fore C’lan Mai pêr yw cân / Y fronfraith fry a’r adar mân,
        Ond er mor lwys yw’r hendre lân / Mwy diddan fydd yr hafod!”

      • Superb,
        Ya Big Leek, ye.

    • Kenzie says:

      Indeed, Jack. Now is the time. Now. Not in some unspecified date in the future. I am getting heartily sick of the indecisiveness of the Scottish Government who, to me anyway, seem to be confusing dither with action. C’Mon Nicola et al; it’s all very well getting a reputation as a putative saviour of our southern neighbour but bear in mind it was in Scotland that your party was elected to govern and all your efforts should – must – be to govern in the best interests of Scotland. We’ve done all we can for them, we’ve shown them the road. Let the de’il tak the hindmost.

    • Illy says:

      Personally, If it were my call, I’d probably announce it the monday *after* parliament recesses for summer, with the vote-date the friday before Parliament comes back.

      Get it all over with while they’re on their holiday, and then they can’t complain or get in the way.

  5. Margaret Noakes says:

    Excellent clear resume of the facts.Loved the “orc” bit.Classic.

  6. Alba woman says:

    Totally scunnered with the Brexit situation….I agree it’s time to face the reality that Westminster is a democratic wreck . How best to live ? is an ongoing life question…..an answer for me is to work my socks off in an independence campaign.

  7. Marconatrix says:

    I think that now, finally, as WM approaches total confusion, may well be the time for Nicola to strike.
    A (Welsh?) MP today pointed out that several nations with smaller populations than Wales, let alone Scotland, have full status in the EU. They were amongst the deciders of Britain’s fate last night, while May waited in the corridor like an errant schoolgirl. Oh the irony, were Scotland to become independent within the EU, and have a seat at that table when at some indefinite future date, the final conditions of Brexit (or not) are agreed.
    BTW, could the choice of Oidhche Shamhna as the end of this latest stay of execution be the result of a touch of Irish humour 😉

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Haven’t found the quote or the ‘quoter’ of the Welsh MP you’re referring to, Marconatrix, though, I’d guess it would be Liz Saville Roberts, MP the Westminster Leader of Plaid Cymru. (There are 4 PC MP’s – the highest ever, and our vote doubled at the recent Newport West by-election.) Liz is highly thought of in London SNP, too, having attended a Burns Night Supper and delivered a speech there. I believe she also used Irish in the HoC recently – first time that language was heard there for almost 100 years …

      However, apparently the Chairman of the English Democrats [sic] Robin Tillbrook has been saying much the same thing, too.


      And here are the stats of EU Member States with smaller populations than Cymru (3.1 million):

      Malta 440,400
      Luxembourg 590,700
      Cyprus 854,800
      Estonia 1,315,600
      Latvia 1,950,100
      Slovenia 2,065,900
      Lithuania 2,847,900

      [With thanks to indyref2 on Wings].

      And diolch i ti for the poetry, too! 🙂

      • Welsh Sion says:

        Gotcha! It was in fact retweeted by SNP MP for Glenrothes, Peter Grant. Look for it under his Twitter feed. (I don’t tweet).

        It was definitely Liz! 🙂

        See also: https://www.itv.com/news/2018-10-24/irish-spoken-inside-the-house-of-commons-for-the-first-time-in-modern-history/

      • Marconatrix says:

        I’ll try and find that short speech again amid all the endless ‘debate’ that followed TM’s statement today. However it was a lady who spoke.

        • Welsh Sion says:

          Yes – It was Liz, my friend.

          If all else fails, trail through Peter Grant’s tweets. (I don’t know how to copy his link to Liz’s question to TM here.)

      • Marconatrix says:

        Found it! Dyna hi, Saville Roberts if I caught the name correctly. She says :
        “27 leaders decided the UK’s fate last night, while the PM waited for their decision outside. Seven of those leaders represent countries who populations are smaller than that of Wales. Yet we are told here in WM that Wales is too small, too poor, to have a seat at the table. Does the PM agree that Wales would be best served in a union that treats its members as equals, rather than staying in this self-harming union of inequality.”
        44-08 to 44-46 here :

        • Welsh Sion says:

          First name: Liz
          Clan name: Saville Roberts
          Political Affiliation: Plaid Cymru
          Qualification: Westminster Leader (of 4 MPs)

          • Marconatrix says:

            Here’s the Saville Roberts question and TM’s ‘answer’ in a short clip (sorry I didn’t find this earlier. I wonder how many full EU members are smaller than Scotland?

            • Welsh Sion says:

              To answer your question, my friend, Marconatrix, look @ indyref2’s comment on Wings where I lifted the “smaller than Wales” stats. He refers to the EU Member States which are smaller than Scotland.

              I think the post is about 2 days old, now.

        • Terrific question! And as usual, May came out with pure cant, hypocrisy and waffle. “We work with the devolved administrations across the UK…”, forsooth – surely anyone conscious who lives in Scotland or Wales know that that if anything the reverse is true, and if they live in Northern Ireland, that the May regime listens only to one benighted minority party, Fragrant Arlene and her Orange Marching Dinosaur-Deniers?

          P.S. It’s the deniers who are Orange, of course; dinosaurs undoubtedly weren’t, because they were born before even King Billy. And didn’t march either, and certainly not through Catholic housing schemes.

  8. deelsdugs says:

    Agreed agreed agreed

  9. JGedd says:

    I’ve been gritting my teeth so long now that I practically have lockjaw trying to maintain confidence in the the SNP approach to indyref2. I don’t worship the ground that Nicola walks on – never have done with any politician – but despite having some personal misgivings with some of her political positions re foreign politicians, I believed that as long as she wanted to deliver independence, she had my support.

    However, I am getting nervous about the SNP’s involvement in Brexit. You can’t make a case for Scotland’s separateness re the EU and at the same time try to mitigate the result that the English and Welsh voted for, by getting in the middle of their muddle to help deliver their political class from a disaster of their own making.

    Their system is irrevocably broken and our electorate delivered a clear choice to remain. It is time for Scottish MPs to walk away from this intractable problem and keep clear of the wreckage. It only muddles the message of Scotland’s different system and different polity to get involved any further. No matter how hard we try anyway, we will always be seen as an annoying flea on the hide of an elephant. It is becoming more and more undignified to be swatted away. Compare Scotland’s situation to the higher profile of Ireland.

    I was placated briefly by Ian Blackford’s stirring statement about Scottish sovereignity in the HoC and hope that the SNP feels at last that they have done more than enough to show that they tried to honestly assist in a rescue and didn’t give into understandable hilarity at the travesty of democracy being enacted before them.

    The SNP conference is coming up. Let’s hope for a declaration that enough is enough. I can’t stand another six months of this.

  10. gearratio1 says:

    Feels a straightforward situation. Request a section 30 and if refused withdraw MPs from UK Parliament. There is no point continuing the charade of a Union in this scenario.

  11. Why would we play along with May’s latest kickcannery?
    I caught the Three Brit Stooges Taylor, Porter and Campbell on Distorting Scotland tonight.
    Not for them reporting the Brexit farce from a Scottish Perspective; it’s not as if we pay their wages is it? Oh, wait.
    Taylor tells his audience of 64 year old Brit Nats that May will refuse indyref2 and we shall meekly trundle on in the hope of including Indyref2 in a future UKGE or SGE.
    What utter balderdash and defeatist lies.
    Toodle Oo The Noo knows perfectly well that leaving the EU against our will has already been tested at the last SGE;so the material change has taken place; we are being taken out of Europe against the political will of the people of Scotland.
    Taylor, get you political facts straight.
    We have a mandate from the people.
    If May says ‘Non’, we ignore it and hold the Referendum as mandated.
    They really are a thick bone-headed stubborn Redoubt of ProudscotsButters Brit Nat Propagandists at Pacific Quay, aren’t they?
    WE are not hanging around for two years, Brian, Glen, David, so get that out of your bitter stubborn wee collaborative heads.
    WE await Sturgeon’s statement after the Easter break.
    It better be , ‘Scots wha ha’e’.

  12. Eric the Cheeseman says:

    After 2014 when so many gullible and ill-informed voters were scared or conned into voting No, I’d hate to rush into Ref2 without knowing the chances of Yes are high.

    I believe that time is now.

    There is NO argument for the Union any longer. They’ve used all their scaremongering jokers up, and the shambolic display of contempt shown to Scotland since 2014 has been an utter disgrace.

    They were NEVER going to involve Scotland in their precious Union… and they haven’t failed with that.

    Goodbye Brexit UK, not only have you shown your complete incompetence to the whole world… but you’ve been an absolute godsend to the independence cause. Thankyou.

  13. Robert Louis says:

    Well said, Paul (WGD). I think you are correct, in that there never will be clarity over brexit. Even say if Theresa in a fit of absolute common sense, were to revoke article 50, the problem in England, especially would not go away. Stability in England has ended.

    I’ve been critical of the SNP, but I am now waiting until the announcement by the FM, or her speech at conference.

    Whilst it originally made some sense to wait for clarity, I think right now, we know that the clarity is we will NEVER have clarity – if you know what I mean. The damage to businesses is real and happening now, so Scotland MUST take its own steps forward, away from all this stupidity.

    It is clear the union with England is dead. It’s just that England doesn’t seem to have noticed. If it is legal under international law, then the SNP should revoke the treaty, to be followed by a confirmatory referendum, free of Westminster control and interference. I think given the deceptive, lying and frankly machiavellian ways of Westminster, and its wholly undemocratic abuse of Scotland and its people, it is the only practical solution.

  14. Daisy Walker says:

    What do we know now.

    The 2 cheeks of the establishment arse – blue and red – are terrified of a GE, terrified of a new B ref, and desperate to stop Scotland getting anywhere near the ballot box in any capacity what-so-ever.

    Our EHRights while still on the books in mainland EU, fell off the UK books on 29/3/19 and it requires a specific act of parliament to have them re-ratified for this transition period.

    Meanwhile the EU Tax Haven Legislation has been put on hold for UK during this extension period, while the right to unilaterally revoke A50 remains.

    The EU will not re-open the Withdrawl (Terrible May’s Deal) Agreement. It is a simple choice Cancel (by revoke, by GE or PV – the outcome of which in England is not clear) or chose a crap deal or no deal.

    And this is what we know now – a Soft Brexit (and Terrible May’s deal is not soft) leads to a 3-4% reduction in GPD – a hard Brexit 8% – to put that in context the 2007 Bankers Austerity was a 2% cut. None of our public services will survive this.

    The motivation (from the 1% to save their ill gotten gains from the EU Tax Haven laws) remains in force. The method of delivery – all of the MSM bias, dog whistle racism, English Nationalism, and the British Secret Service – all remain in place and ready to go.

    For the English/British establishment the 22nd May is a real danger point, and for Scottish Indy supporters are real opportunity.

    We should borrow a leaf out of the tory handbook for this – ‘We said Remain and we meant it’.

    Last time out for the EP elections the BBC promoted Farage full time – this time out we have an opportunity to run 2 elections in tandem. Or the one vote with the emphasis on it being a proxy vote For Scotland’s Indy / EU membership.

    If we go for a second vote – I suggest we box clever – rather than IndyRef2… let it be a PV on Remain, this will divide and conquer – WM will have to answer to an English Electorate – 50% of whom are not getting the same opportunity.

    Likewise it gives our former No voters a voice – without ‘forcing’ them to vote for Indy.

    And there is a second positive – for the English Nationalist Gammons voting – they will have to chose where to vote and where they want their vote to count – down in England or at the Holiday Home in Scotland? They can’t do both (and the Scot Gov really need to tighten up on enforcing that).

    Robin MacAlpine (some of who’s ideas I really don’t agree with) said a very sensible thing in one of his reports – he said you don’t win Referendums during the campaign period – you need to cover a lot of that ground in the years and months before hand.

    In this respect the SNP could and should have been a great deal stronger.

    And since we are up against the most established and professional propaganda outfit the world has ever seen – the BBC – we need to utilise our best tools for the job.

    ONE TOPIC PER MONTH (ish) – the real Scottish Economy, the Scottish NHS, the cost of Brexit, etc. The aim being to blanket cover the message throughout Scotland. Someone will need to pick the topic.

    INFO GRAPHICS (since the SNP can’t or won’t) – lets give a great big thank you to IndyPoster Boy (who is also brilliant by the way) – Billboards would be good, but every car is a billboard, and every home printer a route to freedom.

    Every window – home or SNP office is also a potential Billboard.

    PERSON TO PERSON – the best marketing campaign in the world is word of mouth from someone known and trusted locally. It doesn’t come better than that.

    The First Minister may or may not call it soon (and I think its unlikely) – no criticism – its an incredibly difficult one to call. However, there is no excuse for not doing the above. That really would be a failure of Leadership.

    Especially since the SIU drove a legal horse and carriage through the legal argument for not – they won their case with Elect. Com – not declaring their expenses. The ECom said there was no ongoing Indy campaign so it didn’t count. We should use that.

    Worst Case Scenario…. WM manages to pass TM’s deal before 22/5/19, the power grab comes into force and Holyrood is by-passed and mothballed.

    Anyway, just some thinking aloud.

    • Daisy, you’re not far off the mark.
      WM are off on their Easter holidays, so Brexit is relegated to fourth item on the UK Oligarchy’s main propaganda and communications network, the BBC, with McDonnell interviewed purring hopefully about brokering deal with the Blue Tories on a ‘customs union’ and definitely no FoM.
      Farage is back in the limelight launching his new Brexit party which the BBC dutifully cover.
      Perhaps we should begin forming a Scottish Army of Resistance?
      Along the lines of the actions which you outline above.
      To all the Young Hopefuls who signed up to Corbynmania during the euphoria of the Red Tories Leadership Elections, what price his international Socialist credentials now that he is advocating stopping FoM within the continent of Europe and placing Scotland under House Arrest enforced by an English Homeland Security?
      To MacWhirter, Toodle Oo The Noo, and others who whine that the English will not ‘allow’ us Scots to hold a plebiscite, I say, get off your supplicant knees and admit that Scotland needs no one’s ‘permission’ to decide its fate.
      People whose well paid jobs rely on denying the truth are those most likely to undermine it.
      I have never been more ready for anything in my whole life.
      We go, and we go now.
      I hope that the MPs enjoy their fortnight’s break in their gites, villas, and Heilin’ but’n’bens.
      After all, there ain’t much happening, is there?

      • cirsium says:

        “We go, and we go now”. Agree, Jack.

        Thanks for this post, Paul. Well said.

        “Confusion and political chaos is the new normal for the UK.” I think that it is more than that. What has been salutary, has been the level of incompetence displayed by the UK Government. Whether it is deliberate (to torpedo Brexit without enraging the electorate) or real, this incompetence is damaging the economy and people’s lives. If Scotland is to survive as a social democracy, this Union with England has to be dissolved. The SNP needs to take back the initiative and use this lull to start campaigning.

  15. grizebard says:

    An acute summary of the situation, with the usual flashes of biting humour that never fail to crack me up.

    Just one quibble: the Scottish Government has never (yet) formally asked for an S.30 order. Just when it looked imminent, along came the 2017 GE, with the consequences of which we are all too familiar. Whether that’s the best way to proceed now is debatable. However, it may have to be done, if only to invite the expected blank refusal, but there had better be a Plan B to follow.

    As Paul rightly says, that all has to start happening soon. Peak Indy instead of Mount Ludicrous.

  16. Anne Martin says:

    On a purely practical note, Scottish weather being what it is, between now and September is the best time of year for another indy campaign.

  17. Macart says:

    The last line is a keeper. 🙂

  18. Douglas says:

    It was reasonable and responsible for our First Minister to wait until Brexit became clearer.

    By design, this muddy mess will never be absolutely crystal clear until it is too late

    … but it is now clear enough to decide

    Time to get the job done.

  19. Alex Waugh says:

    I notice from this morning’s newsfeed that May has declared that she will remain as PM “…until UK leaves EU”. I have serious doubts that will actually happen – and the longer this shambles goes on the less likely it seems – so it looks like the walking dead will be with us for some time to come. Scotland has no choice but to rid itself of this utterly toxic ‘union’. I am sympathetic to our English cousins; my daughter is in England and individual English people are not the enemy, but Westminster is. I’m afraid that, if the English electorate, en masse, is so stupid and so blind that it keeps electing Tory bloodsuckers and can then be conned into Brexit, there is little Scotland can do to save the English from their own folly. Nor, indeed, is it Scotland’s job to save England from itself. It is the purpose and duty of the Scottish Government to act in the best interests of the citizens of Scotland and if that means leaving England to sink while Scotland swims away then so be it. It is impossible to save someone who refuses, in the face of all logic and evidence, to be saved. I am sure that refugees from the inevitable backward, neo-feudal misery that life in England will become will be made welcome in a sovereign, forward-looking Scotland.

    • Ms. May as PM until the heat death of the Universe, or Armageddon, whichever one comes sooner … Gawd. No, not seriously, but sometime between now and Halloween – and the sooner the better: the Westminster regime could surprise us all and ram through their bloody stupid deal with a toxic mixture of bribery and threats at any moment. We could start with making the EU elections in May a proxy for a referendum.

      We’re facing an existential threat to our nation because if we let them, the forces of English nationalism will squash our democratic institutions like bugs and grab every last vestige of control away from us. However, right now the Westminster regime is divided, unstable and weak, it so involved in navel-gazing and backstabbing that it has little or no attention to spare for us Jockanese, and – if Sun Tzu didn’t say it he ought to have – this is an ideal time to seize the initiative.

      If the English elect a bunch of Nigels to the European Parliament and our people are models of sanity and courtesy, as we are sure they will be, it will be terrific PR and great politics for us, especially if our people ask the European Parliament if they can stay on and participate as observers, with the right to speak but without the right to vote, even if / when the rUK Brexits.

      That last bit should probably be in the SNP manifesto for the EU elections, but I would say that anyway, wouldn’t I.

  20. Muscleguy says:

    Well put, a clarity seeking strategy was sensible when it was created but is an albatross around Ms Sturgeon’s neck. It should be ditched. The Westminster clusterbourach is reason and argument enough. Let’s get to it.

  21. Welsh Sion says:

    Off topic – to share a smile or two, but also in deadly earnest.

    “Welsh” Labour is having its Conference in Llandudno this weekend in Llandudno, with Corbyn due to speak later this afternoon.

    Their slogan, “Standing up for Wales / Sefyll cornel Cymru” is exactly the same as last year’s. Indeed, they were also in Llandudno last year as well How original, eh, readers?

    And I can’t help reading the Welsh version as “Sefyll yng nghornel Cymru” ( = “Standing in Wales’s corner.”) But maybe I’m just an unrepentant Nat.


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