Wee Ginger Dugcast – 5 April 2019

This week, Callum Baird and I discuss the on-going mess that is Brexit and how fed up everyone is with it, Theresa May’s trap for Jeremy Corbyn, and sectarianism in Scottish football.


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10 comments on “Wee Ginger Dugcast – 5 April 2019

  1. […] Wee Ginger Dug Wee Ginger Dugcast – 5 April 2019 This week, Callum Baird and I discuss the on-going mess that is Brexit and how fed up […]

  2. douglasclark says:


    If there is to be a General Election shortly, I would hope that the SNP and the Greens, both make a manifesto independence commitment. A majority should be seen as a decision by Scotland to exit this disastrous BREXIT. We should declare independence the same day!

  3. diabloandco says:

    STV is undoubtedly the ‘use football to fill the space so that we don’t have to do any real news’

    I notice that they call it ‘stories around the country ‘ – news doesn’t come into it.

  4. Tol says:

    PAUL…How can so many YES be blinded by Westminster’s frame about the Brexit detail?

    From YES and Scotland’s perspective everything is known about Brexit. The entire process has shown that Westminster would treat Scotland with utter contempt and impose a brutal future where the government is stockpiling body bags…THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

    Even if they don’t follow through, the intent is there. If your partner threatens to abuse you, saying they didn’t actually do it after the threat is ridiculous. The very fact they would treat you with such contempt and disregard says everything you need to know.

    I always thought you were confident in your personal case for YES….(and it wasn’t just economics). Yet your comments fall into the trap of wanting it clean and simple…its the “lets not rock the boat and if we wait it will just fall in our lap”….THAT IS SO NAIVE.

    YES needs to have conviction of their case and be prepared to campaign for it. Even if it is run as a general election or European Parliament elections…SNP should just plaster every billboard and bus in the country with….

    Waiting for Westminster’s final deal is a brilliant Union ploy – forcing YES to wait I fear means Westminster will trap Scotland in their Brexit dystopia.

    • Tol says:

      Just to clarify:
      Westminster’s only options are disastrous for Scotland (May’s Deal or No Deal).
      Revoke is only in the mix because of Scotland…and Westminster fought it all the way.

      Westminster’s actions would only cause major harm. That harm is the detail of Brexit for YES and this has been known since the draft agreement of 19 March 2018.

    • Neil Anderson says:

      Couldn’t agree more Tol. It would seem that some proponents for Scottish Independence imagine that, once the UK leaves the EU, that some sort of normality will descend on the London parliament and they’ll begin to act in a reasonable manner.

      You’re correct; Westminster will punish Scotland for voting to remain and there can be no doubt about it. Witness the behaviour already, toward SNP MPs – both within and without that horrible house – to give a flavour of what is to come.

      I have a very bad feeling about all of this, and I can find nothing amusing in it whatsoever. I’m as ready for a laugh as the next person, but if you think things through (Henry VIII powers, all devolved powers from EU being transferred to London, threat of the loss of 100,000 jobs, flight of EU nationals from Scotland and on and on) there is very little to laugh about.

      One other thing; at the start of the podcast it sounded like Calum Baird was not aware that Mundell had declared the extra tax powers for Scotland as a “trap”. As he is the editor of the only pro-Independence newspaper, I find this slightly worrying.

  5. Jim Morris says:

    The Brexiteers seem to have a bad case of cognitive dissonance, an inability to recognise or accept reality. I think it should be cosmic dissonance, that’s how far out of touch they are. Being fed up with Brexit is not a good engagement and until we are or aren’t to needs the total engagement of every citizen. Not engaging and splitting hairs has not helped. And the same goes for the democratic deficit of not caring about or wanting to engage in the politics of self-determination. Just because it is a big word doesn’t mean it is not a fundamental principle and right.

  6. Neil Anderson says:

    I wonder if the moderators here could please explain why my reply to Tol’s comment above, was considered not suitable for inclusion in these comments?

    • weegingerdug says:

      It’s showing now. I don’t sit on this blog 24 hours a day in order to release comments. Sometimes you need to be patient.

      • Neil Anderson says:

        I apologise for my lack of patience Paul, and I appreciate that you have a life to lead away from the hurly burly of politics. Many thanks for taking the time to reply.

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