The Tory government, the Tory state

The Conservative government of Theresa May doesn’t accept that the public might have changed its mind about Brexit, but it’s hell bent on repeatedly bringing Theresa May’s deal back to the Commons in the hope that MPs might have changed their minds. Jacob Rees Mogg changed his mind, but Jacob went to Eton and his personal wealth insulates him from any of the ill effects of Brexit, so Theresa May allows him, indeed encourages him, to change his mind. You and me, well our minds were forever pickled in the aspic of the vote in June 2016 because we’re little people who can’t cope with the complexities of decision making more than once every decade or so. There’s one rule for the Tories, and one rule for everyone else.

Now we’re hearing that if Boris Johnson manages to become the next leader of the Conservatives, then the Scottish Conservatives are considering breaking away. They don’t want independence for Scotland, but they do want it for themselves. Clearly, there’s something of a pattern here with Tories wanting something for themselves that they’re not prepared to let anyone else have.

According to reports over the weekend, the prospect of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister is so horrendous to Ruth Davidson that her and her wee band of spineless photo-oppers are considering breaking away from the Conservative party in order to establish a separate Scottish Conservative and Unionist party. It all sounds a bit like David Mundell’s resignation threats really.

However if we were to believe that the Scottish Tories are serious and aren’t just mouthing off with meaningless threats again, then they’re horrified by the prospect of a Boris Johnson government, but not horrified enough that they’ll do anything to prevent Scotland from suffering under it. This threat of theirs has considerably more to do with their desire to pretend that Boris and his government would have nothing to do with them, even while they continue to prop it up and troop into the voting lobbies alongside Boris Johnson’s Conservatives in Westminster. The move is all about protecting their own prospects of election within Scotland and Ruth Davidson’s laughably unrealistic aim of becoming the next First Minister. Thanks for that. Nice to know where their priorities lie. The real reason that the Conservatives want Scotland to remain a part of the UK is so that they have more people to troll.

The reports also mentioned that many in the Scottish Conservatives would prefer Michael Gove as a new leader, because even though he’s a Brexcrementalist and shares responsibility along with Boris Johnson for leading the Vote Leave campaign which was found guilty of breaking electoral law, he’s seen as more of a centrist. The fact that the Scottish Conservatives think that Michael Gove is more of a centrist only illustrates how far removed from reality the party has become.

Neither Boris Johnson nor Michael Gove should be permitted onto the same landmass as a shot at the leadership of the Conservative party and the prospect of becoming the next Prime Minister. These are individuals who led a referendum campaign which was founded on lies. It was a campaign which refused to define what Brexit means, and Gove and Johnson are now happy for that definition to be hijacked by extremists who claim that Brexit means no deal at all. Yet even worse than any of that, the campaign has been found to have broken electoral law and has announced that it will not appeal against the decision finding that its actions were illegal.

Both Johnson and Gove insist that they did nothing wrong, and if we take them at their word that they were not involved in any law-breaking, then that leaves only two possibilities. Either they knew that the campaign which they led was breaking the law and they chose to turn a blind eye to it, or they didn’t know in which case they are hopelessly incompetent and bereft of the leadership qualities which they are now trying to persuade us all that they possess. Either of those possibilities makes them unfit for high office, and yet they are still willing to allow the result to stand and to reap the benefits of it for their careers, despite the fact that even the Vote Leave campaign itself has conceded that it was obtained illegally.

Gove and Johnson bear a large share of the responsibility for the mess that the UK is now in. Neither of them is fit to become the teaboy in the cabinet office never mind the Prime Minister. They make even David Mundell who hasn’t resigned yet appear a giant of moral and political probity, but they’re still the favourite runners for the leadership amongst the Conservatives. This is a party which is resisting any attempts to revisit the outcome of the referendum and resisting any suggestion that Johnson and Gove’s roles in that campaign should be investigated while excitedly discussing their chances of taking the leadership. All by itself that tells us all we need to know about the moral bankruptcy of the Conservative party.

Today, Monday, the Commons is having a second round of indicative votes in order to try and cobble together something, anything, that MPs can agree on. There are four proposals being put to MPs, all of which either stop Brexit, propose a referendum, or a closer relationship with the EU than Theresa May is prepared to countenance. There’s a vote on a customs union, a Norway style relationship, a referendum to give the public a final say on whatever deal is finally agreed, and finally a vote to seek an extension to Article 50 with a vote between revoking it or pressing ahead with no deal if nothing can be agreed. Whether any of them can get a majority is anyone’s guess, but it’s a safe bet that Theresa May will continue to ignore what the Commons is telling her.

The government is opposed and has instructed cabinet ministers to abstain. Theresa May’s cabinet can’t decide on anything, and it doesn’t want anyone else to either. No one else is allowed to make their minds up, because they might make their minds up that when Theresa May says it’s her deal or no deal, that she’s only showing that the British Prime Minister and reality are not on speaking terms. We’re all in this mess because Theresa May has fought tooth and nail to ensure that the interests of the Conservative party come first and foremost, and she’s not about to give up now. If everyone were allowed to make up their own minds, they might be minded not to put the interests of the Tories first, and that can never be allowed.

Independence activists warned in 2014 that a vote against independence was a vote to subject Scotland to Conservative rule. What’s happening now is even worse than the worst fears voiced then. The entire British state is being subverted to the interests of the Conservatives. All our futures, all our prospects, all our futures are on the line, subordinated to the Conservatives’ single minded desire to put their party before all other considerations. Scotland’s needs don’t even register.

Speculation is mounting that we’re in for another General Election. This will be a vote between prioritising the interests of the Tories, or voting to put Scotland first. You know what makes sense.

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23 comments on “The Tory government, the Tory state

  1. Marconatrix says:

    “Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party” — SCUPpered?

  2. “The entire British state is being subverted to the interests of the Conservatives.”

    When I wonder was it ever otherwise?

    When they have not been in power, Tories have ensured the opposition is either well and truly gelded or no opposition at all – ie. Tony Bleugh. And always they make sure that the will of the people is under control of media barons.

    • Interpolar says:

      Can anyone explain to me what the “interests of the Tory Party” are?

      Unless it’s shooting themselves in the foot and the feet of everyone else around them, I really could not figure it out, even if my life depended on it.

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  4. Wee Chid says:

    And it looks like the SNP are about to back proposal by Tory MP Nick Boles and by backing any Brexit deal are caving in to the idea that our vote counted for nothing. Just when they seemed to be shaking off the Tartan Tory label they back a Tory proposal and risk a backlash in Holyrood elections that will, more than likely, lose them the mandate they have for Indyref. I may well be wrong – and would love to be – but I think my dream of independence will die with this vote. I won’t see it in my lifetime and that makes me terribly sad and angry.

    • Clive Scott says:

      If you listened to Ian Blackford both during and after the debate you will know that your dream of independence is very much alive.

  5. Macart says:

    One more thing…

    I may hurl if one more Blue tinged fuckwit appears on telly stating in their plummiest tones, that ‘the British people have made their choice/voice heard/want us to get on with Brexit’. Seems a bit of a wild generalization on the wants and desires of the several countries in the current political union. (Not to mention wildly inaccurate) But hey. Never let it be said that a Tory (actually most policy gonks) ever let accuracy get in the way of a soundbite for the cameras though.

    The main reason that I’m personally sick of Brexit, has been the naked dishonesty, hypocrisy and backstabbery displayed by all the usual suspects of Tory, Labour and Libdem. Oh, and don’t get me started on the mainstream media.

    Probably also worth saying… No one defines you, but you.

    • Millsy says:

      ,,,,but 17.5 million people voted for Brexit , so the people have spoken !

      Well , the number of voters in the UK is just over 46 million , so clearly only some of the people have spoken .
      I presume that many did not vote because they thought that most people wouldn’t be stupid enough to believe anything that was being promised by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove ?

      • Macart says:

        The folk who didn’t vote (as well as a great many who did) are about to find out just why Westminster politics is broken. They’re not going to like what they find.

        As for Scotland?


      • Robert Harrison says:

        And yet 15 million of that 17.5 million they quote was actually England alone how much more evidence do some people need that is farce called Britain is all about England and no one else as we are to basically sit down shut up and do what England says fuck them this whole mess is there fault why should we suffer because 533 englanders are absolute bastards whipping the fear hate and supremacist ways of the rest of the boneheaded Englanders just because the eu didn’t give them what they want.

  6. Daisy Walker says:

    Brexit – its so bad it makes some tories look human (Dominick Grieves and Ann Soubry) – and then it just makes them look like the truly awful bampots they’ve always been, just the depth of their badness takes the breath away.

    Vote just in – all proposals have lost again. Cherry’s Revoke lost by about 100 votes after Labour refused to back it ‘this time’.

    The pressure is back on for it to be Terrible May’s Deal or No Deal.

    What’s the betting that the Speaker will refuse to allow Cherry to put Revoke before parliament again, under the same rules he refused Mrs Deal MV 4 last week.

    The Red Tories are delivering Brexit just as much as the Blue ones – anything to protect the 1% and their Tax Havens.

    People in Englandshire waking up to the fact of ‘I didn’t leave Labour, Labour left me’ is not just a Scottish thing. Waking up a little bit too little and too late I fear.

    Meanwhile on 29/3/19 we lost (under domestic law) – numerous EU laws that protect us. They are still on the books in Mainland EU, but in order for them to have been carried over into this ‘transition’ period – 12/4/19 an 22/5/19 – it would have required an act of Parliament to specifically ratify them so that they appear on our domestic legislation.

    It’s getting to the point where the only hope is that the EU get thoroughly sick of this and call it for us.

    Someone here might know the exact rules and regs, but from memory I think for a snap GE, or a snap Ref, it requires a minimum of 6 weeks between declaration and voting day. I think I’m right in calculating it as being 7 weeks and 2 days between now and 22/5/19.

    And only 2 working weeks now till 12/4/19 when the EU insists we provide them with some form of answer.

    Any extension request beyond 22/5/19 must involve the UK holding MEP elections and putting forward candidates.

    Could this be the opportunity the Scot Gov needs – hold a second Ref (of some description) at the same time?

    What would happen if the Scot Gov used the opportunity of a EU MEP election to hold a Second Brexit vote? The question could be (instead of an outright Indy Ref)

    Stay (in EU)
    Empower the Scot Gov to negotiate either outcome in full,
    let Westminster continue to negotiate as it sees fit.

    It might also solve the potential issue of Holiday home voting, since those engaged in that would have to choose where they want their vote to count the most.

    If we did that and option 3 Empower Scot Gov won – it would (in effect) potentially deliver Devo Max, while at the same time allowing England to sort out its own mess.

    Anyway, its just an idea.

    If it goes to a snap GE – remember that parliament is Prorogued and there are no sitting MP’s in power, (which may or may not be a bad thing).

    Brexshit and Bad.

    • Millsy says:

      Needs 2/3rds majority of MPs to vote for a General Election . Too many worried about their seat to be arsed !

      • Daisy Walker says:

        Recent polls suggest labour and tories now neck and neck, with snp set to take a further 9 seats – so I think you are right – too close to call for either coloured Torie parties and a no brainer for them not wanting SNP to make increases.

        But if they are serious about an extension past 22/5/19 it would mean holding the EP MEP elections and that would provide Scot Gov with an opportunity at the ballot box to stir things up…. So, they won’t want that either.

        No Deal looks increasingly likely doesn’t it, especially if you can implement the Civil Contingencies Act and shut down Westminster and Holyrood and impose your own puppet into power.

        What’s not to like.

  7. Dave tewart says:

    Just listened to one called Bill Cash.
    He says ‘It’s the Law, we leave on No Deal on the 12th April.
    Strange that the Law stated We leave on the 29th March, but that changed with a QI.
    Why do these people get on their feet and spout rubbish, it used to be against the law to be a male homosexual, that law was changed when people changed their minds.
    We all know that the system of government we have is at present broken, the maybot went for a GE and lost her majority so now we have the DUP , a minority having a disproportional input.
    No PR for westmonster, labour and tory like a system where a third of the electorate voting for them can give them 100 seats of a majority. Scottish representation is 60 members, we know they can comfortably be ignored in this circumstance,
    Nicola needs to start the campaign, we need to see english independence.
    Boles has resigned the tory party in Westminster but his position as an MP will not be resigned I suspect, he will cross the house as an independent.
    Principles are variable and have self limits.

  8. Millsy says:

    A choice between Boris and Gove !
    If any other candidate is running against them they should simply use the following in their campaign ads :

    Against Boris – play on a loop Eddie Mair’s interview when he dissects Boris and calls him ” a nasty piece of work ”.

    Against Gove – put on the side of a bus the Frankie Boyle description of Gove – ” It’s only his glasses stop his face being classified as genitalia ”.

    That’ll work !

  9. And what’s more, Gove thinks it is OK to dismiss serious attempts at a different form of “Break It” because it would be breaking Conningselfservative manifesto promises!!!!!!!!
    When did these bastards ever keep any promises that would benefit anybody but themselves?
    Start Scotland’s “virtual” currency now and get the hell out of the range of these insane people.
    Saor Alba!

  10. Terry callachan says:

    After today’s vote it looks more likely that revoking A50:will not happen.
    It’s now very likely that it will be no deal or Theresa’s deal.
    It’s unlikely enough MPs would call for a GE
    Theresa won’t resign until her deal or no deal is signed sealed delivered.
    It’s the new game in town.
    Cameron started it
    Put something awful in place then run a mile never to be seen or heard of again and the press and BBC pretend nobody can be held responsible so move along everyone nothing to be seen here is the call.
    A new Tory leader chosen thus avoiding a GE
    Ignoring Scotland and Northern Ireland the new Tory prime minister will go all British empire on us.
    SNP will call a Scottish independence referendum
    Westminster will again say it’s not the time and there’s no evidence Scotland wants one.
    The Alexander’s will appear on tv a lot saying the same
    Ruth will appear on tv a lot saying the same

  11. deelsdugs says:

    And needless to say the propaganda going out on the tv with saint May being portrayed as shy and quiet, along with the clownish antics of bawbags because he’s incredibly shy…WHAT.

  12. grafter says:

    No more of this chattering. Time to get the Yes movement started. Time for the SNP to get their backsides off those green benches and rally the people of Scotland for an independent future.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Yes Perth City has been campaigning since 2016. You do not need Nicola to give you permission. Go now.

  13. Terry callachan says:

    So, it looks like Theresa,s brexit or brexit without formal arrangements otherwise known as a no deal brexit or crash out brexit ,is what we are getting as a parting gift from England.

    Whichever brexit it is will be bad for Scotland .

    The SNP reasonable stance was necessary because they have been acting on behalf of the 63% in Scotland that voted to remain in the EU.
    There’s no point calling for a start to the independence campaign until brexit is complete because that is the mandate that SNP intend to deliver on, it was the mandate on which they were elected .

    As yet the SNP have not been acting specifically on behalf of those who want Scottish independence but that is coming ,it’s just that the SNP have to wait until brexit is complete which is likely to be 12th April 2019 although it’s possible that it could be 22nd May 2019 if the “no deal brexit” is chosen by default because of the rejection of all other brexit choices .

    Once the Scottish independence campaign starts expect a dirty fight, much worse than 2014, this time around those in each corner know each other’s tactics there will be no room given up for fair play.
    The worst offenders will be Scots fighting for England there have always been people like that and always will be ,you won’t change them , we are better off without them.

    It’s the people who love Scotland ahead of any other country that will make the difference especially those who voted no last time but will now vote yes.

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