The fork in the road

The SNP’s Joanna Cherry was told by a pro-Brexit protester that she was a traitor and that she should go back to her own country. I’m quite sure that Joanna would be more than happy to return to Scotland, however the issue here is that until Scotland achieves independence, Westminster rule, Brexit, and a government headed by whatever careerist climbs to the top of the Tory greasy pole, will only follow her, bringing all the myriad problems and neuroses of the British state with them to visit upon Scotland too.

The government is close to collapse. The sclerotic British political system is deadlocked and in crisis, and there’s no clear route out of a mess that’s been created because the features of the British state which were once seen as the strengths of British democracy have now turned into its greatest weaknesses. A first past the post electoral system no longer produces strong governments, it produces weak governments who presume to absolute power on the basis of a minority of votes. The unwritten constitution is no longer a source of flexibility, but rather an excuse for a mendacious government to make up rules to suit itself. The two party system has become a recipe for majoritarianism where each of the two major parties is more interested in gaining its own turn at absolute power than it is in seeking to build consensus, and short term party interest becomes the only important political consideration. And Scotland is a powerless victim of the malignancies of English nationalism.

All this is happening, and yet the Conservative party’s leadership is far more concerned with an impending leadership contest as the only way of keeping their fractious and inept party of inadequates together. The challengers for the Conservative leadership, and it’s a very long and tedious list, are without exception a feeble bunch of lying, duplicitous chancers. And those are their good qualities. You’ll find more intellectual heft and human kindness in the stale crumbs left at the bottom of a family sized bucket of chicken from KFC the afternoon after the party the night before.

Not one of them has an answer to the many difficulties and issues facing the British state. They don’t want answers to those questions, because it’s only due to the weaknesses of the British state that they have the opportunity of taking the leadership and wielding the absolute power of their predecessor. So we have a series of mediocrities as Prime Minister, each one vying for the title of Worst Prime Minister Ever. It’s not a bug that British rule produces the leadership of the mediocre. It’s a feature.

Take, as an example, the freestyle musings of minor Conservative minister, Jake Berry. No, I’ve no idea either, but apparently he’s the Minister for the Northern Powerhouse. Which is a real government thing which doesn’t actually refer to a rickety nuclear power station in Cumbria. Anyway, Jake thinks that the way to unite the whole of the UK after the traumas of the Brexit that’s not happened yet is to commission a new royal yacht which he’d like to call the Brexitannia. Which would be the first time that a ship has ever hit an iceberg and gone to the bottom of the ocean before it’s even got off the drawing board.

Let’s make sure that we get something clear though, before the Tories start their leadership contest, and try to change the narrative to something more beneficial to themselves. Brexit is their fault. Useless and ideologically hidebound as Jeremy Corbyn is, swithering and equivocating as he is, as mediocre as any Tory leadership candidate as he is, being as useful as a defence against Brexit as a shred of wet toilet paper protects you from a rainstorm as he is, Brexit is not his fault.

Brexit is not the fault of the Lib Dems, even though their desire for a second referendum on the EU issue but their refusal to countenance one for Scotland is as hypocritical as anything you’ll find in the Conservative cabinet.

Brexit is not the fault of the SNP, who have consistently argued against Brexit from the start, and who have proposed policies to mitigate Brexit’s effects which have been ignored by Westminster. This is not the fault of the Greens. It is not the fault of Plaid Cymru. This is most certainly not the fault of the EU, who have been clear about what they will and will not accept from the very beginning.

This mess is the fault of the Conservative party which panders to the Brexcrementalists of Ukip, and it’s particularly the fault of those who hold prominent positions within that Conservative party. They own this shitshow, and no one else. They’ve trashed the UK, they’ve trashed their so-called precious union, and they’ll go on to trash our lives, livelihoods, jobs, and prospects in pursuit of the mythical exceptionalism of the vainglorious English nationalism that wraps itself in a union fleg and calls itself British.

So when you’ve lost your job and your home thanks to the chaos of the Conservatives’ Brexit, and you’re sleeping in a rolled up bit of mouldy carpet next to a burnt out branch of Lidl that was thoroughly looted in the Brextastrophe, you can still rest easy and bask in the warmth of the knowledge that the Tories managed to maintain party cohesion. Thank the gods that they are putting our interests first, eh. Luckily Jacob Rees Mogg’s company had the foresight to buy up all the stock market futures in mouldy bits of carpet and those used cardboard cups from Costas that you need for effective begging.

It’s only going to get worse. Whoever takes over as Conservative leader from Theresa May will only do so by appealing to a Conservative party membership that has been heavily infiltrated by former Ukip members. That’s who will lead the next stage of negotiations with the EU, and they’ll pursue the neo-conservative wet dream of a privatised state. There is a very real prospect of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. And who is his sole supporter amongst Scottish Tory MPs? Who is the sole Scottish Conservative that he can trust? Who is the most likely candidate for Scottish Secretary of State in a Boris Johnson government? That would be Ross Thomson. And you thought things were bad now.

Britain is broken. It’s been broken by its own establishment, by those who claim to love it, by those who seek to lead it. Britain is broken because it has long since turned into a vehicle for personal ambitions and personal enrichment. It would be good if it could be fixed, because it’s not in Scotland’s interests to have a binfire basketcase as a next door neighbour, but we must concentrate on getting ourselves out of this calamity that has been inflicted upon us because as a nation we were too lacking in self-confidence to make our own way in the world. It’s time to reject the banging drums of sectarianism that will only beat louder in Brexit Britain. It’s time to make a moral stand. It’s time to say that we as a nation can be better than this. It’s time to find our voice, and to use it.

An independent Scotland will not be a paradise. It will not lead to the immediate solution for all the ills that beset us. But at least we’d be responsible for our own mess, and have the tools at our disposal to clear it up, and the means to hold to account those who had caused it. It’s time to find some backbone and stand up and become the agents of our own destiny. Otherwise we’ll descend into irrelevance as an impoverished and ignored province of North Britain. We’re standing at a fork in history. Choose the right path. It’s a future as Brexit Britain’s Jockoland Theme Park, a tartan ribbon to allow English nationalists to pretend they’re not nationalist at all while Scotland is traduced, ignored, sidelined, and pauperised, or we can choose independence and self respect.

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58 comments on “The fork in the road

  1. deelsdugs says:

    Independence and self respect for sure.

  2. Muscleguy says:

    I agree in spades, it is time for Nicola Sturgeon to find some courage and determination and lose the lawyerly caution. There is a big difference between calling a referendum campaign and the day of voting. The two are being elided.

    We can also make a very strong case against the Union from the witless chaos at Westminster and Corbyn’s stupidity and lack of practicality. Anyone in Scotland who still thinks Corbyn is the answer to anything (Cat Boyd?) needs their heid analysed.

  3. John Boyd says:

    Just the finest example of well honed invective, Paul. Well done.

  4. Independence, by whatever legal means possible, and with the help of ICJ, ECJ,UN etc, and ASAP!…I fear another Indyref will be tampered with, rigged…too much at stake( mostly our oil) for the BS to risk “losing” – SNP need to get bold, radical, do the unexpected, stop trying to play fair and by WMs rules, which they change at every turn to ensure victory for the British State – it’s how they operate, how they’ve always operated, in regard to Scotland, and globally….if Scotland is truly an equal partner in a United Kingdom of two Kingdoms, then the SNP should simply walk away and declare the treaty of Union withdrawn from….I live in hope…

  5. Clapper57 says:

    Dominic Grieve deselection campaign being led by someone who not only stood against him as Ukip candidate in GE 2017, was a UKIP local council candidate and local branch chairman of Ukip, but also stood for the UKIP National Executive Council in 2016… now a Conservative…..the individual in question was a former ‘pantomime’ producer…..I kid you not.

    Fitting that he, who orchestrated Grieve’s deselection, should move from one pantomime onto another…..Brexit ….a pantomime like no other……whose main characters, in public , act up for the cameras and are given star billing thanks to the media ……while in private the main characters plot…..rehearse their scripts to convince their targeted audience that they, the people, are a part of a great production that will transform their lives and play out as they have been promised.

    The problem is , of course , that it is indeed just play acting….Brexit….will flop as it is so very badly flawed and based on false narratives which seek to tap into raw emotions that are deep rooted in a ‘British’ faux sense of superiority and significance that exists only in the minds of xenophobes, racists and haters towards those who are ‘different’…….in nationality and ethnic origin.

    That any Scot should not be witnessing what is happening in England and still think that hope , peace and prosperity lies with remaining within the UK….then I am sorry but delusional does not even half express what I think of their logic in still reaching this conclusion that we are Better Together.

    There is a toxic and aggressive movement that is succeeding in infesting England….a movement which has been infiltrated by UKIP, wealthy chancers and racist far right individuals…..unfortunately there is too many ‘ordinary’ people who are more than willing to embrace their ideology and adopt it as a cause worth marching for………we in Scotland look on in shock and horror and we fear that this is the future of UKOK and indeed our future should we choose NOT to act.

    The Tories in Scotland ….and indeed other Unionist parties cannot and should not hold us hostage within a Union that is imploding and descending into a toxic wasteland full of people with whom I , and I am sure many Scots , do not associate any shared meaning as to what it means to be a progressive and successful country.

    The baddies are indeed winning……….and only the good people of Scotland can choose to be on the right side and distance , nay remove, themselves from the even bigger failed project…..that is the UKOK.

  6. Welsh Sion says:

    Time for Scotland to tell the British State to fork off.

    Then you can start building the society and country you want, on your own terms , lead and be accountable to your own people, protect your own assets and ensure the strength of your own economy which benefits all in Scotland, with no more subsidising the buffoons and their vanity projects in Westminster.

    (Do try and reserve me a Scottish passport, too, please. I’d be happy to carry one. Thanks.)

  7. Thomas Valentine says:

    I don’t think the Conservative Party has ever had a real political division before the issue of the EU. Only thing near to this was the policies over British colonies and by extension Ireland. Since the Liberals were in charge when Ireland reach it’s peak it was just Tory versus Liberal. Perhaps this why the Labour Party never pushed to be solid pro EU because that would have united the Conservatives against Labour. Better to play warm and cool on the EU and encourage the Tories to war between themselves internally of the issue.

    It’s the tendency of the Tories and their voters to see only themselves as the only real government. Anyone else as being illegitimate in their eyes. For them the continued existence of the Conservative Party is the same as the continued existence of their country. So telling them they risk wrecking the UK economy over an internal party squabble is pointless. As they see it their internal issue is a national issue. At heart they only believe in a one party state with democracy an affront to their right to rule unchallenged. They must find it a terrible irritation to have to go through elections when the think they were born with a right to rule.

  8. Welsh Sion says:

    Thomas Valentine,

    “I don’t think the Conservative Party has ever had a real political division before the issue of the EU.”

    What of the Repeal of the Corn Laws and other previous splits in the Tories?

  9. Jock McDonnell says:

    Brilliant Paul
    Hope you can wrap that in a speech and stick it on YouTube

  10. […] Wee Ginger Dug The fork in the road The SNP’s Joanna Cherry was told by a pro-Brexit protester that she was a traitor […]

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Just Shows how stupid England folk can be when they cant even see the flipping obvious that they only ones in anyway defending them has been our 35 snp mps the Welsh party plaid crymu and Caroline Lucas of the greens stupid blockheaded England folk they still the bloody same pigheaded delusional and bigoted pricks as shown outside Westminster this week.

  11. Wonderful, Paul.
    I note that Banksy’s ‘Devolved parliament’ is on display in Bristol Museum, originally to commemorate Brexit Day, which, of course didn’t happen.
    An astounding work with shrieking monkeys replacing MPs on the green leather benches.
    As any work of art strives to do, this piece got me thinking about Infinite Monkey Theorem.
    It is argued that if you set an infinite amount of monkeys in front of typewriters and they randomly clacked on the keyboards, they’d eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare.
    May is going for a Fourth Meaningless Vote.
    perhaps if she had sat down a (what is the collective noun for monkeys?) ‘gibber’ of monkeys at typewriters in Whitehall in June 2016, they would have come up with a Brexit Deal?
    They couldn’t have made any more of an arse of it than Westminster, Whitehall, and the Lards.
    The first thing we do in independent ‘Jockoland’ is to reclaim that fifth of Scotland that has been the preserve of a posh few as grouse moors.
    We have citizens huddled together in cities and towns, yet, the Lords and their Ladies have a giant Westworld to kill dumb animals for fun. There is a day of reckoning coming.
    My blood is boiling.

  12. Contrary says:

    A good article, but I don’t think the government or the two main parties are in chaos, I think things are going as they planned (which is chaos). Also, I don’t believe British politics has ever worked, so don’t see it as suddenly broken – it always has been barely a democracy (2-party system! Strong governments??! No), one step up from a feudal system, it hasn’t advanced and adapted in centuries. It’s like the dried husk of a corpse. So, nothing is broken, and it’ll spring back to what it was, business as usual, let’s pretend none of this happened, after this hiatus.

    Normally, in any vote, referendum (Welsh and Scottish devolution, Scottish independence), concessions are made to the side that ‘lost’ based on the percentages voting for that option (assembly instead of a parliament for Wales because devolution was won by such a narrow margin. The theoretical Smith commission, etc). This hasn’t happened with the EU ref – why not? The main parties want people divided (it’s like the whole of England have become extremists on this issue!) and are causing the polarised views. It’s like their chaos is continually whipping up a campaign-style frenzy. I don’t know why, just so they can keep saying ‘will of the people’?

    Also, I am starting to get an inkling that people might have the wrong idea about what revoking article 50 means. It won’t mean everything goes back to the way it was. There is only one possibility where that might happen – an overwhelming majority for remain in a new EU referendum. So, even if article 50 is revoked, under any circumstances, there is still the referendum result to take account of – either huge concessions will have to be made or a new referendum. Joanna Cherry’s new motion suggests an inquiry and a process that might involve activating article 50 again, after it has been revoked.

    So, for anyone still holding out for ‘the UK remaining in the EU, just as it is’ – it’s just not gonna happen (or a very very slim chance anyway).

    Economically, socially and culturally, Scotland is much better off in the EU (full member) — for now, at least – in a normal democracy (can we have one please?) this should be regularly evaluated to see if it’s in our best interests. I don’t hold with the trope that a referendum result somehow lasts forever. Anyway, there is only one way that any of us can have full EU membership – for the foreseeable future – and that is if Scotland is independent. There is probably round about roughly zero chance of any kind of decent EU membership deal for us while still part of the uk now.

    (If the EU is your focus, that is. Obviously, there are approximately a zillion reasons Scotland should have independence and be completely and utterly extracted from that atrocious treaty of union with England. Normal countries want to run their own affairs! Make their own choices!)

    We have no idea what’s going to happen, of course, due to the chaos, but it looks like 10th of April (then 12th) is a key date – possibly a last minute call for an independence referendum on the 10th. I wouldn’t like to be leaving it later (depending, of course, on how Westminster plays the next 10 days).

    • Contrary says:

      (When I say ‘people’ with regard to my inkling, I don’t mean anyone here, I mean the ardent remainer people in general! )

      • Welsh Sion says:


        I agree with most of what you said, but I take issue with you re-writing history with the comment:

        “Normally, in any vote, referendum (Welsh and Scottish devolution, Scottish independence), concessions are made to the side that ‘lost’ based on the percentages voting for that option (assembly instead of a parliament for Wales because devolution was won by such a narrow margin. ”

        where it refers to the initial referendum of 1997 to set up a National Assembly, (You may recall that the 1st Devolution – for an Assembly – was lost in 1979, by a much wider margin than that it Scotland. Indeed, as we know, a majority, even then voted for Devolution in Scotland only to be thwarted by the ‘40% rule’.)

        Now, yes the margin in ‘our’ 1997 Devolution was a narrow victory for YES, and as result, there were some who tried to claim it should be re-run, but the prospective First Secretary, the SoS at the time Ron “Moment of Madness” Davies (remember him? He’s now a Plaid Cymru Councillor) held out an olive branch to the “No Campaign” (Mostly Tories who had been wiped out in the earlier General Election of 1997, as in Scotland) to include them in talks as to how the National Assembly would work and also to incorporate some form of PR to the election process. This was eventually accepted and those seeking a re-run of the Referendum just had to suck it up. Ultimately, you could say the Tories were happy to have ‘*some* political voice in Cymru/Wales (they were wiped out again in the 2001 GE.)

        Now, none of this was coz we were not offered a Parliament. On the contrary, |Blair was not really keen on Devolution (particularly to Wales) and so we were sold a non-Exective National Assembly that did not divide the Executive from the National Assembly itself. This was eventually modified by the Government of Wales Act 2006 (creation of the Welsh [Assembly] Government) and then in 2011, we got full law making powers after another Referendum (carried by 63.49% of those voting) in subject areas (i.e. devolved matters).

        Subsequently, Westminster passed the Wales Act 2017 in order to give Wales a similar (but still less) model (i.e. ‘reserved powers’) to the one in Scotland. This Act also allows the National Assembly to change its name to a “Welsh Parliament” or whatever (they’re still discussing the name in Cardiff Bay) and then we might be considered a ‘real’ country by others, instead of having a wee, pretend legislature in the national capital, which is still bound by the legal jurisdiction of England.

        I hope that clarifies matters.

        Tros Gymru / For Scotland.

    • Liz g says:

      Contrary, I totally agree with you on the ” regularly evaluating our EU membership ”
      I would argue for this concept to be included in our Constitution,for,all,Treaties we should not allow Holyrood to bind future generations !
      Something like…….

      Holyrood shall have the authority to make international treaties for Scotland.
      Each and Every Such Treaty must be ratified by the People in a Referendum every 25 years NO exceptions
      If Holyrood fails to hold such a Referendum the Union in question ends by Default……..

      This would negate the need for a party such as UKIP having to stir up and demonize the EU, we would enter in to the conversation about, and potentially with, the EU knowing that we are Constitutionally obliged to revisit it and vote on it in 25yrs.
      Also the danger of a Reunification with Westminster going forward.
      A reunification campaign which will likely start the day after the Yes vote is delivered.But , which could quite quickly be bound by the knowledge, that Scotland’s Constitution would forbid it lasting more than 25yr segments anyway!
      The same would apply to NATO ect…..

      We should learn from our history. Sooner or later we will elect a bad Government in Holyrood.
      But NEVER AGAIN should Holyrood have the ability to sign Scotland up to any Union for Centuries.
      Each generation born into ANY Union Scotland is a part of should have to approve of it as best for their own future.
      And any Union Scotland is a part of should need to demonstrate it’s worth to each generation of Scots to last!

    • Contrary says:

      Welsh Sion, good info. Um, I’m not sure which referendum I was talking about there then – lets just say I was summarising one of them for brevity (clears throat).

      Liz g, the only thing I want written on a constitution is ‘no one will ever sell out Scotland ever again’ (and some kind of punishment). But you are right, treaties are only reevaluated if there is a major change or opinion polls show it (or the leaders decide I guess), certainly putting a time limit on when it should happen is a good idea.

  13. Illy says:

    Scotland, the only country in the world who’s leaders have to say “of course I don’t think we’re better than anyone else” when saying how they’ll make the nation better.

    Seriously, the Scottish Cringe is so ingrained no-one even questions this?

    • Contrary says:

      It is rather disheartening isn’t it? Never to be any better than anyone else, to have a goal of subordination, a bit sickening. But, while we are under the thrall of a foreign power, we shouldn’t be getting any ideas above our station!

      • Illy says:

        If we never get “ideas above our station” we’ll never get out from under the thrall of a foreign power!

        • Welsh Sion says:

          Ach, you poor, wee Scots. You’re not programmed to make difficult decisions.

          Now, get back in your box and eat your cereal!

          pace Johanne Lament

  14. panda paws says:

    “independence and self respect.”

    That will do for me thanks.

  15. Clydebuilt says:

    For the next Indy Ref there needs to be
    1. Exit polls
    2. International monitors.
    3. Postal Vote needs to be secured.

    We have to make it as difficult as possible for the vote to be tampered with.

    As well as running a spectacular YES campaign!

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Just tell all England politicians media and there electoral commission to fuck off out of this as its a Scotland only matter that’s half the problem gone in one swoop.

    • Welsh Sion says:


      4 All New Scots over 16 to be allowed to vote
      5 Only those resident in Scotland allowed to vote
      6 Keep Ruthie away from any envelopes

    • Les Bremner says:

      I agree. If the processes are not made secure, we will definitely lose. I predict 48% Yes.

      We secure the postal voting by keeping the envelope which the voter posted unopened until the personal voting has finished.

      We secure the personal voting by counting twice : once in the Polling Place, and again at the Counting Venue.

      We must all lobby our MSPs to make sure that these simple modifications to the existing processes are implemented.

  16. Craig P says:

    Powerful graphic, Paul.

  17. Patience is a Virtue says:

    In the Independence Referendum campaign to come, take no criticsm from any quarter of Scotland’s ability to govern or finance itself – it certainly can’t do any worse than the current incumbents in the Westminster.government.

    The National today has an interesting article ….due to other distractions, such as Brexit – ‘has no-one-noticed the UK National Debt has topped £2 trillion?

  18. Alba woman says:

    The present situation has revealed without doubt the emperors and empresses of Westminster are stark naked. They have made the great error of drawing international attention to their appalling political system. The eyes of the world are watching them.

    Forwards and onwards Scotland.

  19. Millsy says:

    We have another two weeks before we crash out of the EU .
    Surely we could shoe-horn another three or four ”meaningful votes” into the Parliamentary business to while away the time ?

    Or have I just given our mad PM another crazy idea ?

  20. I did find it interesting that Joanna Cherry was told to ‘go back to her own country’. In the minds of the Brexit-supporting masses it seems the Scotland is regarded as a country in its own right and Scots as foreigners (and this after 312 years of ‘union’). We should capitalise on this.

  21. Macart says:

    Well said Paul.

    Democracy turned against itself. A long broken system of government and politics collapsing under the weight of its own historic and deeply flawed political practices. The tolerance of people, also turned against itself in order to allow the less tolerant of society a platform to make their lives a misery.

    Well, I say system of government…pfft… but Westminster was always in reality a system of population (asset) management and primarily concerned with the accumulation of wealth and power for those and such as those. That’s where the unwritten constitution bit came in handy. Helps if you can make stuff up to suit as you go along. The best trick the devil ever pulled kinda thing.

    It’s all coming a bit unglued now, (both with and without intent), as its various factions fall upon each other over the idiocy that is Brexit.

    Personally? I’m looking for the switch to those neon lights pointing the way to the lifeboats. Some folk might not know the way and could do with the helpful signage.

  22. Robert Graham says:

    Sorry for a bit o/t –
    Brewers wee Sunday stint Not one reference, or any kind of acknowledgement of The Whole of Scotland voting to remain in the EU ,a Tory MP being questioned and it wasn’t mentioned once , its as if it had never happened .
    I give up ,this BBC in Scotland is so wedded to this rotten union they who control it are unable to see half of Scottish voters are on a daily basis are being ignored and they don’t care , because there is no governing authority to keep them in line .

  23. Clapper57 says:

    I see Cat Boyd is latest to adopt rinse and repeat method of making a contemptuous comment……..then…..hold…hold……..hold…..await guaranteed feedback….feedback which is promoted by her and her followers as abuse….make grand Twitter exit……reason ?….Cybernat abuse. ….job done.

    She tweets ‘ Peak Nationalism’ in respect to a video promoting Scotland.

    Then that old overused and abused chestnut deployed where she is now ‘ taking a break from twitter because of Nat abuse’.

    We see the pattern ……getting boring……….insulting intelligence….mute and block is I believe options one has on Twitter…..but Cat knows more effective to cry foul……taking a break from Twitter…..I mean really………..On Twitter if one makes an obvious comment which will instigate contradiction is one then not open to debate…feedback……..or does one simply want to tweet in an echo chamber where only gets consensus from like minded individuals.

    Video was positive and appropriate considering Scots voted to stay in EU and therefore welcoming to Europeans to visit Scotland…what is about being positive and welcoming that people like Cat do not like ?

    We see you Cat….and we know what you are doing and why you are doing it….grow up…you add nothing to the debate other than contempt for people like me who are sick of these games being played to the detriment of our future…..I, for one, am in despair at this whole shit fest and you have the audacity to STILL think it is acceptable to tweet crass and petty comments that belittle Scotland and what is clearly a genuine attempt to show the distinction between Scotland welcoming attitude and England’s current insular and xenophobic attitude towards anyone NOT English.

    Here’s a tip…………stay out of the debate if all you can do is carp from the sidelines….you add nothing to the debate………

    • Millsy says:

      This is the active politico who admitted on BBC QT that she did not vote in the EU referendum for some spurious and indecipherable reason ( and think she didn’t like the question ) yet wants US to take her seriously when she pontificates on her ideas for a socialist utopia in Scotland
      Wake up and smell the porage , Cat !

      • Clapper57 says:

        Yes Millsy she did indeed admit on BBC QT that she did not vote in EU Referendum….she abstained in other words………how very socialist of her !

        Apparently her objection to the video promoting Scotland as being welcoming to other nationalities was due to the apparent sweeping under the carpet of the fact that we too , in Scotland, have our fair share of racists and xenophobes . Well Duh….from what section of society though hmm.

        Well as someone pointed out….it would hardly be good marketing to promote Scotland along the lines of highlighting the moronic few within our population as a winning strategy…… is ,after all a promotional advert to encourage visitors to your country………..not a political message….but to encourage tourists Duh !… To do this one promotes what is best about a country, it’s good people and it’s highlights worth visiting….must everything come back to politics and the pseudo socialism of self promoting political agitators who always seek to drag us down purely to promote their own political ‘socialist’ agendas.

        At least what she said resonated with Paul Sweeney…….that is…… the target of her tweet being the common enemy SNP….not the actual message itself .

        Peak Nationalism ?………… wish Cat…… wish………….don’t think the party you support though will RISE to same prominence as SNP ………an opportunist and chancer takes another cheap shot………….and………….misfires………..again . Boohoo poor you….We bad.

        ps. Are you back on Twitter yet ?…..or will you be off it longer for greater effect.

  24. Welsh Sion says:

    O/T (kinda).

    Help the Anglos on their way.

    Independence for England, now!

  25. Robert Peffers says:

    “sclerotic”! Oh! great word, Paul. Been many years since I heard it used in that context. It fits like the proverbial glove.

  26. benmadigan says:

    used your pic from your open letter in this post. Hope you don’t mind.


  27. susan says:

    Sorry but I have no respect for leftwingers like Boyd. Their idea of politics is offensive wokebro authoritarianism.

  28. Arthur Thomson says:

    Working class solidarity. That’s what we need. Shurely everybody understands that. The plebs are getting above themselves. A message to Europe! A fucking message to Europe! Did the quiet spoken one, the Angel of Islington, approve this? Of course not. Listen to that man’s strange accent. My god, does that sound like a Tony Benn? No, it’s the voice of a pleb. A fucking PLEB!

    Working class solidarity. That’s what we need. Get the Tories off our back so that Labour can have a hurl. We all know deep down that it is their turn. Deep down we know we want it.

    To all Brit plants in the Indy movement – just slope off. You aren’t worth hounding.

  29. ScotsCanuck says:

    well, that was one Hell o’ a post Paul … and right on the money … mair power tae yer pen !!

  30. Charles McGregor says:

    This cartoon collected into my archives some years ago.

  31. Graeme says:

    Cat (it’s all about me) Boyd is an attention seeker pure & simple, I don’t know what her true political affiliations are (if she has any) but she has nothing to offer political debate in this country and should be ignored

  32. Terry callachan says:

    Can you give me an opinion why it is good for SNP to continue to try and get A50 revoked and why doing so is good for the cause of Scottish dependence.
    Revocation of A50 is thought by some such as Richard Murphy to have as good a chance of success as a no deal brexit.
    If Revocation of A50 succeeds it could be followed by a GE and then another brexit referendum which could take a couple of years.
    There are many people in Scotland who think a Scottish independence referendum is imminent but in the circumstances I’ve described above that appears unlikely .
    Personally I’m now at a loss as to what the up to the minute game plan is for Scottish independence .

  33. Grafter says:

    Yet more oil found in our North sea…..

    Neptune Energy announces final investment decision for Seagull project.
    Neptune Energy and its joint venture partners BP and Japex today announced that the final investment decision for the Seagull oil project in the UK North Sea has been agreed. Seagull is expected to initially produce around 50,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day1 (80 per cent oil) across its 10-year design life. Proved plus probable gross reserves are estimated at 50 million barrels of oil equivalent.

    Note the word “estimated”. Heard it all before. Wake up Scotland you are being exploited.

  34. Can I just ask how did you get so many followers ? your content is good but I really struggle to attract traffic to my blog.

    • weegingerdug says:

      I’ve been blogging for years. Started in 2013. You need to keep uploading new content – I post something almost every day. Share it on Facebook and Twitter. And if people like what you’re doing, they’ll spread the word. Takes time, persistence, and patience though.

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