Majoritarianism is not democracy


As over 1 million people took to the streets of central London demanding that Brexit is cancelled, the petition calling on the Westminster Parliament to revoke Article 50 has now surpassed 4.56 million signatures. It’s the biggest online petition ever seen on the official parliamentary petitions site, and it continues to attract new signatures.

According to the UK Office of National Statistics, there are 3,925,800 registered voters who are eligible to vote in UK elections in Scotland. The total eligible to vote in Scottish and local elections is somewhat higher, standing at 4.11 million according to the National Records for Scotland website. The difference is made up by EU citizens and 16 and 17 year olds who are eligible to vote in Scottish elections, but not UK elections. The UK parliamentary petitions website is only open to those registered to vote in UK elections. I added up the signatures from Scottish constituencies, and as of 7pm on Saturday afternoon the total stood at 416,815. That’s over 10.6% of the entire Scottish UK electorate. That number is likely to grow even more over the next couple of days.

If you haven’t signed yet, the link is here.

In the real world of course, it doesn’t matter how many people sign the petition or who take to the streets of London in protest, it will have no more influence on changing Theresa May’s course than removing a single grain of sand from the Sahara will prevent desertification. This is a Prime Minister who has no respect for a constitution but who is constitutionally incapable of listening. We’re still on course for the Brexit desert of May. Let’s be honest here, Uri Geller’s threat to use telepathy against Theresa May has a better chance of making her change her mind than this petition. It also has the merit of being considerably more realistic than some of the proposals presented by the European Research Group.

But the fact that the petition is not going to sway a notoriously unswayable politician is not the point. The reason for signing is because silence equals complicity. It’s only by making your voice heard that you can register the fact that Brexit is not being carried out in your name. On Wednesday evening, Theresa May stood before a lectern and presumed to speak for you and for me. She has sown division and now claims consensus. She has pursued a Brexit in the interests of the Conservative party and now claims she’s acting for everyone. Speaking up means telling Theresa May that she doesn’t speak for us. Silence means that Theresa May can continue to delude herself that she is on the side of the people. Silence means you agree. Silence means you don’t care. Silence means giving Theresa May permission.

Meanwhile we’ve still got a leader of the Opposition who is as committed to Brexit as the Conservatives. He just doesn’t want to take the blame for it. Even at this late stage Corbyn is still preaching his own unicorn fantasy of a jobs first Brexit, which is like calling for a patients first plague. Silence also means giving consent to Jeremy Corbyn’s deceptions, lethargy, and fantasising. Silence means allowing Jeremy Corbyn to say that he’s listening, when all he’s listening to is the sound of his own voice.

In an interview published at the end of December 2018, the Booker Prize winning Indian author Arundhati Roy remarked that majoritarianism borders on fascism. She was talking about the policies of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s right wing Hindu nationalist government, but her remarks apply equally to Theresa May and the Brexit process. Brexit is likewise driven by populism, fueled by nationalism, and believes that the views of those who won a popular vote can ride roughshod over all other considerations. May has spoken in decidedly populist terms, most notably in her shameful speech last Wednesday when she blamed MPs for the paralysis her own approach to Brexit has created.

The reason that Brexit has become an all consuming binfire is because the British state and its political leaders don’t understand, or care for, the distinction between majoritarianism and democracy. The British state seeks majorities, not consensus. We suffer from a political system in which the winner takes all and the loser is left with nothing. The first past the post electoral system so beloved by Westminster means that a party which attains only a minority of the vote can end up with a crushing majority, and once it does there are few effective limits on the powers of whoever is prime minister. We are in this current mess because Theresa May insists on acting as though she still commanded a majority in the House.

When majoritarianism rules the day, then the majority can impose its will on the minority irrespective of how narrow that majority is. Those who are in the minority, especially those who are a permanent minority like Scotland within the UK, are doomed forever to be subject to the whims of a majority which they are powerless to influence.

The best that can be hoped for is for the permanent minority to swing the difference when the balance of opinion amongst the permanent majority is finely balanced. In other words, Scotland’s voice can only ever have any hope of being heard when there is no consensus within England. Westminster’s fixation on majoritarianism means that Scotland can never have its needs taken into account within the British state, that Scotland will always be dragged along in the wake of decisions made by the electorate in England. There is nothing within the constitutional structures of the UK which can protect Scotland from the malign effects of English nationalism, and that means we’re not a partner in a union.

True democracy means reaching consensus. It means ensuring that the views of as many as possible are taken into account. And above all it means finding means and methods of including those sections of the population which are permanent minorities. That can only be achieved with proportional representation, with a written constitution which strictly separates the powers of the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary, and which strives to attain consensus instead of crushing the minority under the heel of a parliamentary majority. In other words, it can’t be achieved within the British state.

The binfire of Brexit has highlighted the shortcomings, inadequacies, and failures of the British state. It has shown us that the UK is unfit for purpose, that it is only a partial democracy. If we want a political class which can be held to account, which seeks to build consensus, which looks after the interests of the entire nation and not just their own party, we can only do so in an independent Scotland with a written constitution and a proper separation of powers.

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54 comments on “Majoritarianism is not democracy

  1. brianmcgraw says:

    Well said

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  2. benmadigan says:

    well said Paul.

    There are a lot of things I totally agree with
    “Silence is consent” is one and the importance of making our voices heard

    And then there’s the inefficacy of large scale marches against govt policy – Iraq docet!.
    I suppose that AUOB marches in Scotland are such a success because they are in support of SNP (Scottish govt) policy that is Independence

    Finally “majoritarianism rules” aka First Past the Post
    Unionist majoritarianism has been the bane of people’s lives in Northern Ireland, in Scotland and for all I know in Wales too.
    There must be some way of escaping its clutches

  3. Andy in Germany says:

    “The UK parliamentary petitions website is only open to those registered to vote in UK elections.”

    It is open to British Nationals overseas irrespective of voting registration: I could vote and just had to give my German postcode.

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  5. Macart says:

    Well said Paul.

    Democracy used against itself. My number is bigger than your number, therefore I win. Except of course when that majority has been bought on false promises, intimidation, misrepresentation and outright lies. The win. The ‘bigger’ number, is everything to the …. ethically challenged. How they achieve that bigger number? As we’ve heard only too often from the inhabitants of the howf on the Thames, ‘that’s politics’. Rather, that’s politics gone badly, BADLY, wrong. Mind you, I would say that.

    True democracy, consensus, an informed population, the real victims.

    Currently breaking:


  6. CameronB Brodie says:

    The bin-fire of Brexit began with the Tbot’s majoritarian abuse of constitutional power, in order to enable the Brexit vote, which relinquished deliberative decision making to the direct rule of the people (mob rule). The Brexit vote was unconstitutional and certainly isn’t supported by the Supreme Court.

    Of course, we are still stranded in limbo with a seriously weakened parliament to sort things out with and an authoritarian executive under the influence of the ERG and the DUP, though not so much now.


    Constitutional choices
    Consensus v. majoritarian democracies

    Click to access 12%20DPI403%20%20Constitutions.pdf

  7. Thepnr says:

    Brilliant article.

  8. J Galt says:

    And if in 2014 it had been 52% Yes?

    • CameronB Brodie says:

      The cold truth is British nationalist would have every opportunity to put their case for re-yoonification, through the democratic process. Somehow I don’t see it as a viable threat to Scotland’s future integrity. Unlike Brexit.

    • Liz g says:

      The 52% Yes
      Would have been brought about by a Proportionally represented Parliament.
      Not achieved by demonstrable lies .
      There was a plan and the template of many other Countries who have achieved independence
      Implemented by a proportionally represented parliament, which I think is the point Paul was making…

      • SandyW says:

        Correct Cameron Brodie. In an independent Scotland it would be perfectly possible for a party to form and campaign to re-create the UK. That Unionists can’t see that possibility is an admission that their case for the Union is weak and unappealing – they know, in their heart of hearts, that nobody would sign up for that or vote for them following independence.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Well firstly even Better Together supporters like Jo Swinson acknowledge that in 2014 the people of Scotland were voting on a detailed prospectus in the shape of the 600 pages of the White Paper on Independence.

      Secondly, had independence won, by whatever margin large or small, then representatives of no voters and their parties would and should have been invited to participate in negotiating independence, and in negotiations for a new Scottish constitution. Because the new independent Scotland belongs to everyone in Scotland, not just to those who voted yes.

      That’s how to build consensus – and that’s precisely what Theresa May hasn’t done.

      • Robert Harrison says:

        And the English people are being no different on socal media either brexiteers attacking remainers posting images of signs saying forigeners go back where you came from there was even a video of a London cabbie proud he hates forigeners and isn’t the least bit sorry for his xenophobic comments about them and stands by them heck the woman who started the petition that’s gone so high has now received death threats and being labeled by photo editing a terrorist England is a nation of evil lunatics run by even bigger evil lunatics.

      • Exactly, Paul.
        Edinburgh will not be the ‘New London’, and Holyrood would hardly be a ‘mini Westminster’.
        A government of the all the people, elected by the people, accountable to the people of Scotland.
        England is governed by whichever of the Two Parties collects as percentage point or two in each seat in every GE.
        May and Corbyn are twa fleas aff the same mangy corrupt cur; both do their Masters’ bidding, the Iron Heel Oligarchy of the royal Family, nobility, land owners, Finance Barons, and Dark Satanic Mill Owners.
        It was ever thus.
        Check out the hundreds of good Socialist Lords in the most corrupt body of Freeloaders in the world, the House of Lords.
        Of the people, by the people, accountable to all the people.
        That will be Scotland, free at last from the English yolk.
        Another extraordinary piece of writing, sir. Thank you.
        For evil to triumph, good men (sic) need do nothing.
        It is astounding that Murdo Fraser has been rejected at the ballot box 7 times over the past two decades, but gets a seat at Holyrood because of an Old Boys ‘ Secret Society network of privilege and dark money.
        First thing to go come Independence?

        • Welsh Sion says:

          There should surely be a lesson here from our successful 1997 Devolution Referendum. Yes, ‘only’ 50.3% of those who voted said YES to a National Assembly back then, and barely 50% actually did vote. (I couldn’t as I was teaching Cymraeg in Paris at the time so was considered an overseas/ineligible voter).

          Considering the narrowness of the margin, the NO side tried to argue for a re-count, then a re-run of the vote, but their actions didn’t really get off the ground. Ron Davirs (the presumed first First Secretary, as the Head of the executive was known at the time) and others on the YES side offered various olive branches to the losing No side. (Remember this was post a UK General Election which saw no Tories elected as Westminster MPs in Wales – or Scotland – a feat we repeated in 2001, so the Tories were grateful for any sort of representation in our new, wee pretend Assembly.) Subsequently, although you hear the odd grumble from dinosaurs and other internet trolls, the National Assembly (soon to be Parliament) has essentially ‘won its place’ in Welsh life. Not always for good, not with a full Plaid Cymru Government (yet) – although we have been in coalition – not perfect, but at least it gives Cymru some sort of voice in domestic and international affairs, and, fair play, Mark Drakeford (First Minister) seems to work well with Nicola Sturgeon on matters European – at least, for the most part.


        • That’s correct Jack. Yesterday in Parliament, I heard Speaker Bercow call out for a Sir Edward Milliband. Who? I had to replay it several times before it sunk in. Red Ed, another sell out turncoat. Or is he? Isn’t it the case that they’re just red Tories, embedded in the English Establishment? Always have been, always will be.

  9. Andy Anderson says:

    Spent a few hours yesterday at an Indy street stall on my local High Street. If you have not done so please do. You get all shades of opinion on Indy and Brexit.

    Linking this to Paul’s article here it was obvious to me that so many are indoctrinated by our twisted media against the E.U. and independence. Some believe May and that she is doing a great job. They cannot see fact anywhere and when you politely point it out they do not believe.

    To me this is because of the media and political discourse but also the influence of our style of Government which sows divisions.

    Very good article Paul

  10. Daisy Walker says:

    I’m away to sign the petition.

    Well done Uri Gellar – he’s doing a lot more than Corbyn.

    A couple of things re yesterdays march in London.

    Have a read on Twitter of Jo Maugham QC’s thread on 22/3/19 re the Mandelson/Blair involvement with the People’s Vote. They appear to have hijacked the movement to a certain extent, and have actively been putting barriers up to a simple revocation of A50.

    And Secondly, have a read of The Brexit Effect – Extra Time But For What its over on Wings in one of Nana’s links.

    This bit is particularly important I would suggest.

    Parliament is due to recess 4 – 23 April, therefore there is really only 1 additional week possible for a MV.

    Under Treaty EU A50 exit day in UK law is 29/3. Extension beyond (in terms of A50 TEU keeps UK in EU as a matter of EU Law) BUT without UK domestic law giving continuing legal effect to membership.
    In order to preserve our EU rights into the extension period – it will require parliament to pass regulations extending them. (And this is unlikely as it would also include the Tax Haven Legislation).

    I hate to say it, but I suspect that the extension is enabling the Establishment to sneak past the 29/3, while at the same time removing our EU rights, protecting their Tax Havens, and kicking the can down the road again.

    One thing that was made clear – revocation without penalty has been extended to 12/4/19 – it will be interesting to see how complicated and convoluted New Labour (in all its shapes and sizes) makes this.

  11. Craig P says:

    Binfire Britain

    I like it!

  12. Jan Cowan says:

    Excellent article.

  13. Alan Baxter says:

    Not strictly on topic but I need to get the message across – even if it is already understood. I moved to Scotland nearly 10 years ago and have loved everyday. The history, the people, the kindness, the culture, the weather – well maybe not the weather!
    Westminster is an open sewer and on moving North I realised that the SNP offered a refreshing alternative, a new start. I joined the party and voted for the new start in 2014 and was heartbroken when the result was declared. MY BIG CONCERN is water! An article in the Times/BBC R4 recently reported that England will run out of water in 25 years. This will be the challenge facing Independence. England will not let Scotland go. Forget Oil, Wind, Wave power; water is the key resource. So, we need to push for Independence sooner rather than later, before the Long Term Planners wake up (Do we have Long Term Planners?). You can count on the vote of an English born individual gone Native when the day comes. Sorry if this is off topic and this is only my view.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      90% of all fresh water is in Scotland

      • welshsion says:

        You will all recall the 1950’s and 1960’s when parts of my homeland were flooded to construct reservoirs in order to supply thirsty Scousers and Brummies. Indeed, this was a continuation of policies from the Victorian era. Think Elan, Vyrnwy and Tryweryn – at the very least.

        Plus ca change …

        Cymeu and Scotland – you have been warned. (And H2) only came under Welsh control relatively recently under devolution matters, something we have been fighting decades to achieve….)

    • Saor Alba says:

      It is a good view Alan and a very relevant one.

  14. Eduardo Ribeiro says:

    I’m a 100° SNP supporter and member

  15. Millsy says:

    It used to be said that when estimating the public mood , one person marching or writing a protest letter ( or email ? ) is the equivalent of ten more who are tacitly in support .
    I don’t know what truth there is in this but I do know that I would have liked to have joined the march yesterday but was financially and geographically unable – I have no doubt that many others were in a similar position . So if a million people marched , how many did that truly represent in the UK as a whole ?
    Another point that few politicians on either side of the argument make is the possibility that since the vote nearly three years ago , how many voters who were Leavers have changed their minds having only now been made aware of what Leaving actually entails.
    I suspect that those driving the Leave campaign do not wish to address this uncomfortable fact .

  16. What a wonderful summation of where the UK stands now, Paul.

    It was raining and blustery this Sunday morning so I took a deep breath, donned my snorkel and mask and plunged headlong into the murky cess pit that is Sunday BBC’s Propaganda Broadcast to ‘the nation’. ( That would be ‘England’ of course.)

    Marr had his usual trio of Westminster chatterati reviewing ‘the papers’, that is, the London editions of the Dead Tree Scrolls owned by US, English, and Russian Press Barons.

    Then he paraded out the Usual Suspects, Ian Duncan Smith who has such a high opinion of his fellow parliamentarians, that he accused MPs who want to wrest control away from the Cabinet as being ‘unable to run a whelk stall’.

    How’s the UCS ‘whelk stall’ going IDS?

    He was fuming. Bless

    Keir Starmer, or is it ‘Stammer’, waffled on and on and on about a Trade Deal a Customs Union and people’s jobs, while answering nothing.

    And Stephen Barclay must have been having wee whiffs of Helium off camera as his voice rose to a high shrill rambling incoherent crescendo as he tried to defend the indefensible, Theresa May and Brexit.

    The bulging eyed stress on the strained faces of these three hopeless apologists was plain to see.

    They have completely lost it, and if ‘dinging’ well shows.

    The Million People March and the online petition to revoke article 50 got barely a mention.

    There was a pre recorded interview with the Prime Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, who attended yesterday’s Gathering, which probably explains why the Beeb barely covered the event Up Here.

    Sturgeon was her usual calm and collected self.

    She reminded the ‘faithful retainer’ Anglo Marr that The SNP Government had posited a ‘Norway style’ agreement in December 2016 which, as Mike Russell reported, David Davis chucked in the bin in January 2017, dismissing Scotland’s contribution to the EU Way Forward in a reply to Russell on one side of an A4.

    This is the deal Starmer is trying to broker now, 30 months later.

    The usual nonsense from Marr accusing our FM of playing politics; he was gently slapped down by the First Minister.

    Independence is fast becoming our only option.

    No argument at last from Wee Andra.

    Who could argue against Scotland going its own way now?

    The naked panic in the London studios recalled the Nazis fleeing L’Hotel De Ville Paris in August 1945, or the incredible footage of the Last Helicopter leaving Hanoi on the roof of the US Embassy with the North Vietnamese army at the gates of the City.
    None of the WM ‘whelk stall holders’ have a clue what to do next. It’s that bad, folks.

    There is clearly blind panic in London now that they are careering headlong towards the inevitable; the financial, political, and social destruction of England, and poor Wales, because Treeza Caligula is not for turning.

    Gordon Brewer’s BBC Jockland half hour was more of the same shrill ‘what to do?’ Brexit nonsense.

    Yet again, interviews with SNP Heavyweights are pre-recorded, presumably so Donalda can ‘blue pencil’ the content?

    Ian Blackford, in the deserted London newsroom, (except for the cleaners who had to be told to turn their vaccum cleaners off while the Jock was being interviewed) was playing a blinder.

    He knows what distinguishes democracy from majoritarianism.

    We Scots are trying our best to prevent England and Wales being dragged out of Europe on the terms laid down by Farage, Rees, Mogg, Gove and The Iron Heel Brit Nat Oligarchy.
    Brewer interrupted, talked over, and ‘yes butted’ as usual, but you can tell his heart is no longer in it.

    Has anybody retianed a copy of The Brewdog’s ‘shedload of new powers’ nonsense when he tried to defend the Power Grab by his precious Brit Nat Government?

    Then ‘live’ in the studio, with Linsey Laird (You may ask. Who?) Red Tory Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland and from Aberdeen, the Blue Tory parcel rack Noddy Dog that is Andrew Bowie, PPS to the Blessed Treeza no less, who were as helpful as a Mongolian fishwife in attempting to explain/justify the farce unfolding Down There at the heart of their Blessed Union.

    Mundell was asked on but refused to be coaxed out from under his bed to face the People of Scotland. Come out, come out, wherever you are.
    What a waste of space this man is.

    Mike Russell was ‘pre-recordedly’ interviewed in blustery Colintraive, with Brewer demanding to know whether the SNP had enough ships for No Deal Friday.
    You couldn’t make this nonsnesne up if you tried.

    Mike Russell has adopted the demeanor of a patient tolerant grown-up dealing with a child constantly whining ‘are we there yet?’ when he talks to the Brewdog.

    Old Gordo asked what involvement Russell had in Yellowhammer, secret plans to deal with civil unrest during the early days of Eurmageddon UK.
    He reminded us all of death threats to Anna Soubry and others.

    In the background, Mike Russel’s Official Land Rover is seen , the licence plate Number, CR754 SNP clearly identified.
    Well done Editor BBC Jockland.

    I’ll stop now.
    only to observe….Tom Harris has morphed into ‘political commentator’, as opposed to ‘journalist’ for the Brit Nat Far Right Dead Tree Scrolls, or TV, Film Critic, Book Reviewer for BBC Radio Jockland.
    He is now a big portly Blue Tory, but then again, he was an MP in Blair’s New Conservative Govt for 15 years until we kicked him and the ‘dinging’ useless 40 out on their ears.
    This is too long, I know.
    But it’s about to get very nasty indeed.

    • Kenzie says:

      You should write your own blog, Jack. You really are very good.

      • You’re too kind, Kenzie.
        I have neither Paul’s patience, reserve, or technical knowledge to maintain a forum.
        I’d be urging all to buy two rabbits at a pet store and release them in their thousands on the 1/5th of Scotland owned by the posh boys who kill pheasants for fun.
        Now lest there be any doubt, I am not advocating any such thing. Now 4 rabbits each?

    • Jason Smoothpiece says:

      About to get nasty. I think you are quite right Jack, I have predicted for some time that the wounded beast would become dangerous and lash out as it slowly dies.

      I am actually quite concerned about the way things are going.

      Independence is an urgent necessity for Scotland.

    • Saor Alba says:

      I take it that is Mundell of England you are referring to?

  17. markrussell20085017 says:

    Remarkable stuff. Nicola Sturgeon was eloquent as ever yesterday and with Marr this morning, but I wish she would simply declare her intent and concentrate on bringing Independence to Scotland. England needs to be left to sort its own problems – and a significant majority south of the border want out of the EU as quickly as possible, with no deal and no Union with Scotland should that need to happen.Don’t think there will ever be a better moment to say “cheerio et bonjour” than right now.

  18. Terry callachan says:

    I will not sign the petition ,I voted to remain knowing that England might vote to leave, if you go to England regularly you would know the feeling they have for people from overseas, they really do think that jobs have been taken from English people and that their schools and hospitals have changed for the worse.
    I don’t live there but if I did I still would not feel that way.
    I cannot understand why people in the wealthier countries across the world think it is okay to stop people from the poor countries of the world ,people who have nothing other than the clothes on their back, moving to a wealthier country ,it is survival and when it really comes down to it everyone on this planet has an equal right to share in the land and natural resources on it.
    If England want brexit I say let them have it, let them have winner takes all politics let’s face it unlike us they have been able to change that at any time through the ballot box but have chosen not to ,presumably they want to continue with first past the post and the House of Lords.
    We in Scotland have not had those choices because whatever England votes for we have to accept.
    After brexit I reckon the chances of Scottish independence will increase.
    Scottish independence is what matters to me and if England wants brexit so be it, if you subtracted the Scottish votes from the brexit referendum then England’s majority for brexit would be larger and larger still if you subtracted Irish votes so as a Scot I’m of the opinion that I should not be trying to reduce England’s chances of brexit when a majority there voted for it.
    As for so called majoritism it’s the way of the world and Scotland will gladly accept independence on the basis of a majority.

    • Saor Alba says:

      I was talking to a layer friend today whom I have not seen for a while, who has moved from being no to YES. I taught some of his children at school.
      He stated that his earlier views on Independence were based on faith and that he cannot now embrace such views on the basis of what has now become absolutely apparent. He has totally vanquished Labour. Not only that, but he realises that the SNP are worth his vote now.
      How about that.

  19. douglasclark says:

    Can I encourage all of you to sign this petition? It had, at the last time I looked around 5.4 million signatures, Now that looks to me to be the will of the people!

  20. douglasclark says:

    Can I encourage all of you to sign this petition? It had, at the last time I looked around 5.3 million signatures, Now that looks to me to be the will of the people!

  21. douglasclark says:

    Minor correction between 11:47 and 11:48 that may well be overtaken by events!

  22. Alasdair Macdonald says:

    While I have signed the petition myself, I am somewhat amused by the fact that a number of fairly comfortably off people of my acquaintance, who were uncomprehendingly fearful of and hostile to Scottish independence have been emailing me urging me to sign the petition. They had not been in contact since 2014 when they were emailing me to vote NO, because it was a serious matter for OUR nation (i.e. Britain). They knew I had pro independence sympathies but these ‘ideas were romantic frivolities and that I had to be realistic’. Some even said, ‘wake up and smell the coffee’.

    • diabloandco says:

      now they have woken up and smell yon stuff emanating from Westminster – not to mention the coffee!

  23. […] Alban, a’r gefnogaeth, yn aros yr un fath, meddai hi. Gallwch ddarllen yr erthygl, a barnu. Dyna safbwynt Wee Ginger Dug heddiw […]

  24. Robert Graham says:

    Silly me thought i would tune into Parliament TV to listen too Mrs Mayhems Statement today Monday .

    Total waste of time this PM is unable to change the record , its like trying to have a conversation with a demented answering machine .

    I remember Nicola Sturgeon being asked after a meeting at No 10 , have you made any progress First Minister ?, she said she was as wise as the moment she walked through the door , what happened ? your guess is as good as mine she said in baffled astonishment , nothing has changed

    I believe this PM needs to be told what we are going to do ,
    No dialog , no consultations just this is whats going to happen ” your move “

    • Saor Alba says:

      I think you could say that Mayhem is not for turning.
      Now where have I heard that phrase before?

      Plus ça change, plus ça même chose!

  25. Ok, I admit it. I’m an addict, tea being my drug of choice.

    Early doors this morning I discovered that we were down to our last four or five tea bags, a mere two hours drinking, tops, for any self respecting Tea Jenny.

    She Who Protects Me From All This Cruel World Can Throw At Us was out, so I had to girth up my loins and venture forth into a crisp morning breeze on the Great Tea Bag Hunt.

    We have a big brand new Super Lidl Store just opened nearby.

    It’s a German concern, although to stroll through the aisles, you would be forgiven if you assumed that Fluffy Mundell and HMG in Scotland Office had designed the layout.
    The Butcher’s Apron is everywhere.

    Boxes of Spring plants at the entrance are in Union Flag boxes, loaves of bread piled high are wrapped in the Fleg.

    Even all the price stickers have a wee union jack motif.

    The Lasagne I’m reliably informed is 100% British Beef, and the wee butcher’s apron is there to catch my eye.
    Buy ‘British’?

    Of course their Scottish mince, steaks, and cheeses display the saltire, but the overwhelming USP of Lidl UK is Union Jacks’R’Us.

    Being the old retired curmudgeon that I am, I gently took issue with the poor young man marking prices.
    I pointed out that as a campaigner for Independence I would not buy produce with The Union Flag on it.
    He pointed out that Lidl is a German Firm and that he did not believe that there was a ‘political’ motive to plaster the Union Jack all over the shelves.

    I pointed out that to some of us, The Empire Jack is as offensive as the Swastika was in the 30’s; how would he like it if his pan loaf had a swastika emblazoned all over it?

    By now I realised that this innocent young man hadn’t a clue, or cared whether there were Flags or Harry Potter characters on food wrapping, so we left it at that.

    Tea bags, sticky buns, and low fat creamed rice. sorted.

    When I got to the till, the same young man was now manning the check out.
    He scanned my shop, then quipped:

    ‘It’s a pity that you didn’t spend £25 today.
    Spend over £25 and you get a voucher for a free lunch with Nicola Sturgeon’.

    If this lad is anything to go by, the future of Scotland is in good hands.

    We Duggers might be a tad too close to the fight; a bit too ‘precious’.

    This lad deserves a gold star.
    But Lidl, Really?
    Union Jacks everywhere?

    • Robert Graham says:

      Yer getting yer union whether you like it or not Jack .

      Eh maybe think of changing yer Christian name I mean JACK come on ha ha

  26. cubby says:

    The people of Scotland are sovereign.

    It will soon be time that our political representatives will demonstrate that fact to Westminster. English people are not sovereign in England and they certainly are not sovereign over Scots. The English voting to leave the EU gives them no right to drag the sovereign people of Scotland out of the EU against their clearly stated will.

    The only true will of the people May should be listening to is the Scots people’s will.

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