Wee Ginger Dugcast – Friday 15 March 2019

Welcome to the 15 March edition of the Wee Ginger Dugcast, in which The National’s Callum Baird and I discuss Mini reverse lights and their insistence that you’re going to advertise the union fleg, the BBC’s consistent omission of Ian Blackford in particular and the SNP in general, and of course the latest meaningful vote on Brexit that turns out not to have been so meaningful after all.


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12 comments on “Wee Ginger Dugcast – Friday 15 March 2019

  1. annraynet says:

    I have asked before but have had no reply, so after not bothering for a few weeks, I am trying again. I have a hearing impairment so cannot hear the podcast clearly and this is very frustrating as the subject matter sounds interesting,. I enjoy reading Paul and the Dug’s writings in the National and on the blog but cannot access this. Be cause if my problem I generally use subtitles, e.g. on the tv or on screen. If I can see the person talking, especially if They are a professional speaker, U can sometimes manage but it can be hard if I cannot see the speakers face as I need to be able to impress toxins extent.  Listening something where I cannot see the speaker and with no subtitles or transcript is almost impossible. Please would you consider providing a transcript as this would solve my problems. Thank you. Ann Rayner

    ⁣Sent from Blue ​

  2. Alba woman says:

    Thank you for a top class podcast despite your really bad flu.

  3. Marconatrix says:

    Get well soon, Paul …

    … as for BBC coverage, shameful, but I watched on YouTube where each night there were three or four separate live streams, so you get to hear everyone (including the only effective opposition — lol!) have their say. Indeed you can go back and hear it again if you wish. So highly recommended for anyone who has access 🙂

  4. Dave tewart says:

    try dragon dictation for the apple system

  5. There are free ‘speech to text’ apps on Microsoft Store and elsewhere. And there are pro ones that can cost a fortune.Having been involved in MOOCs I can say that platforms like Coursera provide transcripts for most of their videos; they outsource the transcription. Unfortunately most of their transcripts are error-ridden. Some are so bad they are effectively useless. Some colleagues on an Architecture course got together to transcribe heavily accented Italian into plain English using a wiki as a shared space.
    Would heavily accented Scots be easier, folks?
    Worth talking to the National about, Paul?

  6. Derek Grainge says:

    Start the ball rolling. The first 4 minutes
    National editor Callum Baird and Paul Kavanagh (aka the Wee Ginger Dug) are back this week. After a week of Commons chaos over Brexit, there’s plenty to discuss – especially as it relates to Scotland’s independence.
    CB Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of the Wee Ginger Dugcast. I’m the National editor Callum Baird and I’m joined today by Paul Kavanagh …
    Hi there.
    CB who isn’t feeling well.
    No. That’s why we didn;t have a podcast last week, because I was totally unfit for purpose. Very much like British politics.
    CB agreed. It’s been a wild week. We should probably talk about the big story of the week, of course, which is that it costs £600 to take a union jack off your mini.
    Exactly. Aye I saw one of them the other day actually and I thought “is that union jack flags on the back, on the brake lights” And I thought “that’ll go down well” I thought “with some people”
    CB There was a National reader was wanting to buy a Mini, I think, and went into the shops, and said he’d like to get one, but can we do one without the union jacks on the brake lights and they said it’s going to cost £600 to do. SO he said no, it’s not happening.
    You could probably get someoone from the Barras to do it a lot cheaper?
    CB Yes you probably could. So no that’s not the big story of the week obviously. The big story of the week is Brexit. There’s so much going on.
    It’s just what the …
    CB It’s wild isn’t it?
    We’ve had a second meaningful vote that doesn’t mean anything.
    CB We’re all gearing up for meaningful vote three next week.
    Which won’t mean anything either.
    CB But to take us back to the start of the week then …
    D’you know what struck me about the whole thing. Teresa May spoke after her vote had been defeated, right, and the speech that she gave to the Commons was the exact same speech as she would have given if she’d won.
    CB Yes. That was on the Wednesday night, wasn’t it?
    I think so, aye.
    CB It was really clear she wasn’t for changing anything.
    Yes it was gob-smacking.
    CB So Tuesday was the vote on her deal which was rejected by miles and was a one-off vote.
    Lost by 149 votes
    CB The Wednesday was a vote on no deal. The Parliament rejected no deal. And then Thurday was a vote on do you want to extend article 50. And there seems to be two options. One is they’ll ask for an extensions if the deal is agreed in order to pass the legislation to get things through.
    Because there’s not enough time.
    CB And the other one is potentially a longer extension so we can work out what the hell we’re going to to. So it’s almost feels like we’re where we thought we might be a couple of months ago which is Teresa May effectively threatening the Brexiteers with no brexit or some kinda long extension to get them to finally cave in and sign up to her deal.
    That’s what the tactics have been all along. She’s running down the clock to because she wants to … It’s chicken as government policy.
    CB It it fair to say that Teresa May is a master strategist then?
    No I just think there’s something .. I’ve said this before, and I not something I say lightly, there’s something psychologically wrong with that woman. Seriously, that she does not respond to situations in the way you’d expect a normal person to respond. You know, there’s something missing in Teresa May’s psychological make-up.
    CB Yes, any other Prime Minister would have resigned several times by now. And she somehow just manages to keep going, keep going. You know, she loses a vote by a massive overwhelming margin and she just stands up and says …
    CB I’m just coming back with it. You’ve given me the wrong answer and I’m going to keep on until you give with the right answer.

    • astytaylor says:

      Thanks, Derek, brilliant.
      (I cannae get the sound, either).
      Union flag on the brake lights??
      That’s gotta be a joke, right?
      Union fleg on the reverse light would make some sense.

  7. Craig P says:

    Yep. Fleg lights. WTF.


  8. benmadigan says:

    happy St patrick’s day to Scotland and all our Irish Scots, particularly Paul! https://eurofree3.wordpress.com/2019/03/17/happy-st-patricks-day-2/

  9. Robert Graham says:

    A good listen as usual , it would be nice if it could be turned into an online interactive conversation along the lines of the ones INDYLIVE have done previously.

    Slightly o/t -I watched Blair Jenkins on Brewers Sunday dig at independence , I never realised how bloody useless and inaffective he actually was and still is , how he was appointed to lead anything is totally baffling ,

    A whole show that managed to miss the bloody big Elephant in room ” the whole of Scotland voted to stay in the EU ” not a reference to this was raised , indeed the clown Labour MP Murray talked about English constituencies , I give up ,I am truly baffled about who Labour in Scotland represents .

    The new unionist way of attacking the independence movement by inferring their poor little petals are being abused is truly plumbing the depths ,every toy in the playbook is being used in desperation now , oh dear how sad ,these folk are desperate because it’s dawned on them all their efforts haven’t worked .

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