How much longer can we put up with this mess?

Westminster is in chaos after May’s deal suffered another catastrophic defeat. Scotland’s voice is being ignored again. The BBC cut away just as Ian Blackford was starting to speak TWICE in the same day. A UK representative explained to Nicola Sturgeon and Michael Russell that they were “not bright enough” to understand the Brexit deal.

We’re being insulted, sidelined, ignored, and taken for granted.  This so-called union and its failing institutions are failing Scotland, even on their own terms.  Remember all the grand promises made to Scotland by Better Together in 2014, remember all the fine words and honeyed voices, and compare them with what has actually been delivered.  Remember them the next time that opponents of independence promise a fine future for Scotland within the UK.

Here Scotland is, teetering on the brink of a British made catastrophe, and parts of the Scottish press prefer to print warnings against a Scottish currency made by opponents of independence who warned in 2014 against keeping the pound.  This is a shameful shambles, and Scotland needs a pro-independence newspaper more than ever.

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19 comments on “How much longer can we put up with this mess?

  1. benmadigan says:

    agree Paul – Scotland and Northern ireland are England’s pawns, blown hither and thither as Westminster decides

  2. mogabee says:

    It’s all such a mess, a disgraceful show of downright ignorance coming from the biggest load of incompetents ever seen.
    Even earlier today I was struck by folk who I normally never hear talking about BRexit or politics tbh, discussing the upcoming vote. I just hope they notice how Scottish MP’s are being treated.
    As for the newspaper…
    I have an order for the National at my local shop and always collect it at the busiest times so that the front page is on show…

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  4. Ken Clark says:

    A well aimed double whammy from you tonight, Paul. Beautifully articulated as always.

    The “once in a generation” schtick has been getting an airing again I see.

    They just don’t get it, do they?

    The Westminster cabal had a once in a generation opportunity in 2014 to address the democratic deficit at the heart of Scottish dissatisfaction. They blew it, big time, with an arrogance and stupidity of breathtaking proportions.

    The display of loyalty by 55% of the Scottish electorate wasn’t just trampled on and ground into the dirt, it was urinated and defecated on at every opportunity.

    Blaming the SNP for not “respecting” the 2014 result reveals a lack of self awareness pathological in scale.

    I have many family members, friends, and former work colleagues in England.

    God help them, but the time of Scots suffering the consequences of England’s chronically poor electoral choices and the increasingly dysfunctional relationship they “enjoy” with their so-called betters is coming to an end.

    As Ian Blackford and Joanna Cherry pointed out, Theresa May likes to laugh at our representatives. She will soon reach the point of having to take them seriously.

    I expect the fighting phase will then begin, followed by, as Gandhi prophesied, us winning.

    The irony being in this case that the British establishment is providing us with all the ammunition we need.

    • astytaylor says:

      Well said, Ken.

    • Macart says:

      Well said.

      The government of the UK is a victim of its own political practices. The populations under their…care…, are victims of those practices and a hopelessly compromised mainstream media.

      What people are seeing and experiencing today? That’s the end result of the tail wagging the dog for waaay too long.

    • Indeed, Ken.
      I watched as much of Newsnight as I could stomach last night.
      The English politicians and the wee Brit Nat clique of hacks and broadcasters are to a man and woman, completely off their trolley.
      May is political toast, but then again she always knew that she would preside over the Death Of England as a democracy.
      Her job was to deliver England and Wales into the hands of the Iron Heel Oligarchy, made up of the Established Movers and Shakers at the top of the English/US/ Scottish hierarchy.
      They will still go through the farce of regular plebiscites every four years or so, with the Blue Tories returned time and again over the next two decades as civic society crumbles to dust.
      They actually discuss the Red Tories’ alternative Brexit Deal as though it offered an alternative to the Blue Tories farce.
      Barry Gardiner lied unchallenged last night suggesting that Commie Corbyn’s Brexit, peddled vaguely as somehow in ‘a’ Customs Union, with some sort of a ‘nebulous’ Trade Deal, that the Red Tories would ‘protect British jobs’, and Workers Rights outside the ECJ, but that the Freedom of Movement within the EU would cease, would be acceptable to the EU 27.
      Absolute ‘dinging’ nonsense of course.
      We are out on No Deal now, probably on 29th March, just as Jacob Boris Liam and Michael planned.
      May will resign and all hell will break loose.
      The SNP and the YES Movement must prepare fort Indyref2 now.
      The notion that we sit about until SGE in 2021 is well, risible.
      There will be blood; ‘ding’ them all.

      • Ken Clark says:

        I watched a bit of Newsnight too, Jack. While trawling through the interminable dross of TV political output I am constantly impressed by our SNP MP’s cool demeanour during their all too rare appearances. Hats off to them.

        My wife and myself have regular laugh triggers when viewing what is essentially ‘In The Thick Of It’ made flesh. “A” customs union rather than “the” customs union never fails.

        Armando Iannuci should sue for theft of intellectual property.

        Our laughter is simply a safety valve, as we are acutely aware of what lies ahead should we fail to achieve independence. Sooner rather than later hopefully.

        May proudly repeating her intent to end free movement of people, cheered on by Question Time audiences up and down England, only serves to question the collective sanity of many of our neighbours.

        Others I’ve spoken to, conversely, are appalled at how poorly governed they are at present.

        My only reply is, “Welcome to Scotland’s world”, where, given the consequences of London rule on our quality of life, it could be reasonably argued that every year is Brexit year.

        • And the Herald Online headlines with Spreadsheet Phil The Chancellor declaring that ‘Scotland Gets More Than Its Fair Share’, and that we Ungrateful Scots should be thanking him.
          Also UCS is a raging success apart from for those who are starving, freezing abd dying in their tens of thousands.
          This garbage is written by a Scot to perpetuate Scotland’s colony status for wages from his Yankee republican Backing employer.

          Here’s a notion.
          We take back control, and manage all our revenue, income, resources, trade, Health, Law and Order, Security and Defence; then the poor English will no longer have the burden of collecting our money, and doling out pocket chunk change to us every year.
          The Scotsman and The Herald have ‘amalgamated’, possibly because they are in terminal decline and are clinging to each other for comfort as they sink slowly but surely into the smothering quagmire which will be the real outcome of betraying their Country Scotland by perpetuating, printing, broadcasting, anything which their English Masters and the Scotia Branch of the English Establishment order them to.
          It’s our wealth, not England’s.
          We are wresting back our country from Imperial England; Self Determination and Freedom are our rights, not favours granted by the occupying force of that ‘third country’ to-be, England.

  5. Terence Callachan says:

    Sorry Paul but you always say Scotland suffering at the hands of the UK you just can’t bring yourself to say England.England the word you never use.

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    I have had enough now. The Wee Ginger Dug on the button as usual.

  7. wm says:

    I have been saying for a few years now, leave things to the Red, yellow,& blue tory plonkers in Westminster and they see that we get indy. I also think that the greedy faceless ones among them will get their no deal Brexit, so as they can continnue avoiding tax by hiding their ill gotten gains in places outside the EU where laws are being prepared to stop such action.

  8. wm says:

    I have been saying for a few years now, leave things to the Red, yellow,& blue tory plonkers in Westminster and they will see that we get indy. I also think that the greedy faceless ones among them will get their no deal Brexit, so as they can continnue avoiding tax by hiding their ill gotten gains in places outside the EU where laws are being prepared to stop such action.

  9. Robert Graham says:

    A good appraisal of our present situation Paul , HOW LONG ? .
    I suppose that depends on the presently comatose Scots about half the population if the Polls are to believed ,

    These pollsters really need to approach a different audience because after everything thats happened since 2014 apparently they haven’t moved ” AYE RIGHT ” .

    The Dunning Kruger effect ,a term i came across the other day , it basically describes people who are so stupid they dont realise the are actually pretty stupid , i believe this presently describes a good proportion of Scots ,

    No doubt someone will leap to the defence of these proud Scots , Aye well it takes all sorts and by god we have all sorts in spades .

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