The National publishes the McCrone Report

nationalfrontpage27feb2019Today, in a historic first, The National publishes the McCrone Report, the secret British government report into Scotland’s oil wealth. Kept hidden from the Scottish public for 45 years, the report demonstrates that had Scotland voted for independence during the 1970s, this country would now be sitting on a sovereign wealth fund of trillions. Scotland would not be facing austerity. Our public services would be well funded, and our infrastructure would be world class.  We would not currently be staring into the Brexit abyss, wondering whether we’ll still have an NHS in ten years time.

Instead of providing a bonanza for Scotland, Scotland’s wealth was squandered by successive British governments on tax cuts for the rich, and on social security payments for the hundreds of thousands who were made unemployed as a direct result of Margaret Thatcher’s decade and a half of vindictiveness.  And all the while, even in the 1980s, British politicians told us that the oil was running out.  Under Westminster rule, Scotland is the only country in the world which discovered oil and then became poorer.

The McCrone Report is a shameful episode which illustrates the deceptions to which British governments will descend in order to maintain Scotland firmly within the UK.  The report was kept quiet in order to dampen down claims arising within Scotland for self-government or even independence.  The McCrone Report demonstrates that the British government is so keen to keep hold of Scotland because it allows Westminster to use Scotland’s wealth in order to benefit the British establishment, and not the people of Scotland.

The McCrone Report shows that Westminster does not now and never had the interests of Scotland at heart.  As such it is essential reading both for everyone who supports independence, but more importantly for those who are unsure.  And even more importantly, it leads us to wonder what other dirty little secrets Westminster is hiding from the people of Scotland.

The McCrone Report and the way it was hidden from the people of Scotland for so long proves that we are ruled by a Westminster establishment which doesn’t trust us, and which holds us in contempt. This is not a partnership of nations, it’s a con job.

Buy an extra copy of The National tomorrow, and give one to your friends who are soft no or who are uncertain about independence.  It will show them that we’re governed by a UK that doesn’t have our interests at heart.  It demonstrates that we need independence in order to have governments which are directly accountable to the people of Scotland.  Then we can vote them out of office if they deceive us.

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23 comments on “The National publishes the McCrone Report

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  2. Tim Rideout says:

    I have ordered 20 extra copies of The National and will post them through letterboxes in Eskbank tomorrow morning.

  3. Molly says:

    Interesting reading….and the National has more…


    • Molly McC says:

      Re above….Sorry! The link to the WGD was still on the email when I sent it to every Scot on my email list!

  4. benmadigan says:

    truth will out – sooner or later!
    let’s hope Scots pay attention to what was, and indeed is, still going on

  5. scrandoonyeah says:

    feckin brilliant……….so one for the bus, one for work, one for cafe, one for bus coming home and one for me……..

  6. panda paws says:

    Have to say you are wrong to suggest Paul that the oil money was only used for tax cuts for rich and social security payments, It was also used for large infrastructure investments in London and SE England (Channel tunnel, M25 etc). Of course all the economic benefits deriving from this are solely attributed to L &SE who of course “subsidise” the rest of us, not.

    • m biyd says:

      The report also noted that with the oil fund the Scottish currency would have been very attractive to overseas investors so Scotland would have got a boon from that also. I suspect the city of London benefited in this manner too. Your point re infrastructural development is explained using Ricardo’s law: The infrastructural development then increased the land values around and the land owners benefited from this and had greater resources for economic diversity/activity and the banks were keen to lend towards this activity given the value of the borrowers assets so in effect an all round win win for London and the south east. i think i also read somewhere that the value of the remaining oil helps London continue to borrow against the oil asset.

  7. Linda McIlvenna says:

    I’ll be putting copies in local libraries and also buying some for our upcoming Yes street stall.

  8. astytaylor says:

    We wuz robbed! (The usual story).
    However, we’d be better off putting our brainpower together and coming up with strategies for the green, clean revolution and the transition away from oil. Get on our electric bikes, so tae speak.

    • Anne Martin says:

      The point is that we don’t actually need the oil to survive any more, but any money from it is better in Scotland’s purse than Westmonster’s.

    • Mark says:

      every one needs to realise that the future of oil is not in the burning of it to make power (fuel for cars;buses ,planes etc ) but for the purpose of making components for all our future green energy solutions making components structures and all the parts that make these projects happen . No matter how green we think we want to be ,OIL is still a major ingredient in this achievement, Oil wont ever stop being a necessity to mine it will just be used more cleverly in the future , infact not so far in the future we will be looking back and saying i cant believe we used to burn the stuff .
      Not so far in the future we will also be saying i cant believe westminster used to burn US and got away with it for so long !

  9. Macart says:


    The oldest, most successful family of nations. A preciousss, preciousss, ‘union’.

    Spooky how one partner keeps hiding stuff from their significant other. How they take stuff from the other without their permission (including powers and rights). How they mislead, denigrate and abuse that partner.

    Mibbies me, but it doesn’t seem like much of a union and it’s certainly not much of a partnership by anyones description. Most reasonable people would say that those things require trust on almost every level. Successive governments of the UK parliament didn’t trust Scotland’s population. Didn’t give them the opportunity to make a decision on their own. They simply took and took aaaaand took without permission.

    New Scots especially, take note. THAT IS NOT A UNION.

    There is however a treaty, which one ‘partner’ has abused and can be dissolved. Treaties and pretendy unions are like that. When one party abuses the trust of the other? That other can walk away.

  10. J White says:

    Military force would prevent oil revenues transfer
    See Chagos Islands status quo on grounds of National Interest (England) despite UN

  11. markrussell20085017 says:

    Can’t open the National webpage. Anyone else having problems?

    • annraynet says:

      Yes, don’t seem to be able to access any version, although subscribed to page suite. I’ve been trying for some time and am beginning to wonder if there is a conspiracy. Surely that wouldn’t happen!!

  12. Andy Anderson says:

    Read it with interest. I have just printed of copies of the report from my electronic version of the National for people I know. Will also provide them with info on today’s economy.

  13. Doug Porteous says:

    I’ve had this problem for a couple of weeks also the Herald they tell me that they’ve a problem with their servers and are working on it.

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