The not so magnificent seven

Well it finally happened. There have been rumours of impending splits for weeks, the only uncertainty was whether it was Labour or the Conservatives which would break first. Now we know, Labour broke itself. In the UK we don’t have a political system, we have an ego massage for no marks who lack even the so bad they’re good talent needed to appear as let’s all have a laff at them candidates in the initial stages of the X Factor or the good looks and expensive teeth required to appear as extras in Hollyoaks. Politics is broken, said the new Independent Group, and so is their website. It’s not incompetence, it’s a metaphor.

For the rest of us, today’s events are confirmation that not even the Labour party thinks that the Labour party can save us from a Tory Brexit. Seven Blairite MPs have flounced off from the Labour party in order to perform a tribute act to the unlamented 1980s one hit wonders the SDP. They will succeed in precisely bugger all, except to make Labour even less electable than it already was. Although you can bet your rapidly depreciating pound coin that they’ll get considerably more favourable media coverage than the entire Scottish Government and SNP combined. Next week’s BBC Question Time will feature one of them fielding a question from a flute band member in the audience about how Scottish independence is even worse than Brexit.

According to a report in the New Statesman, the rebel Labour MPs considered asking Ruth Davidson to head their new movement. Which can only mean that they are as clueless about the true nature of the intensely careerist Ruth, as they are about Scottish politics in general. Either that or they were hoping for some of her dark money and burly men. If they do decide to stand in Scotland they’ll have to change their name to the The Independent But Not For Scotland Group, either that or they’re going to be a Scottish Independent Group that is anything but independent. So not really that different from the Labour party in Scotland after all then.

Surprise surprise, the not remotely magnificent seven spent most of their press conference slagging off the rest of the Labour party, and not attacking the Tories, that hate group which is actually the root cause of the Brexit problems which are screwing over the UK in the first place. On they trotted, each of them laying out their issues with Labour, every one of them greeted with “Who’s that?” from the assembled audience, followed by “Didn’t she once represent a sofa on Gogglebox?” Whoever was caught by the BBC microphone greeting the announcement with an “It’s mad. Between this and Brexit we’re absolutely fucked,” had it spot on.

The Independent Group isn’t social, it’s not democratic, and it’s not a party, but apart from that it’s exactly like the SDP. When the Gang of Four broke away from Labour in the 1980s in protest against Michael Foot daring to take a party that was supposed to be socialist in a vaguely left wing direction, the flouncers were at least big beasts within the party. All of them had been cabinet ministers in previous Labour governments and two of them had held one of the great offices of state. David Owen was a former Foreign Secretary, Roy Jenkins had previously served as Home Secretary. The others were almost as illustrious, Shirley Williams had been Education Secretary, and Bill Rodgers had served as Defence Secretary and Secretary of State for Transport. Yet even though any one of them possessed greater political experience and ability than today’s sorrowful seven combined, they still failed to make any serious electoral impact with their new party and only succeeded in splitting the opposition and ensuring a decade and a half of Conservative rule.

There are, it has to be said, serious issues with Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour party. He is the mirror image of Theresa May, incapable of reaching out beyond his own support base, narrowly tribalist, and ideologically inflexible. He came to power promising to be different, that he’d listen to the membership and prioritise what ordinary Labour members wanted. Once in power he’s done the opposite. He’s turned into exactly the kind of Labour leader that he himself serially rebelled against, and he is doing his utmost to ensure that Brexit happens. He just wants the Conservatives to take the blame for it and then hopes that he can coast to power in the ensuing chaos. It’s a breathtakingly cynical form of politics from a man who promised honesty and moral fibre.

Yet today’s split is self-serving and will ultimately prove futile. It pretty much guarantees that if the Conservative party can hold itself together, that it will remain in power for the foreseeable future even though it is the most incompetent, inept, clueless, and randomly vindictive government that the UK has ever seen. None of the splitters has the slightest intention of submitting themselves to the electorate even though they claim to have split on the question of allowing the electorate to have its say. The kindest thing you can say about The Independent Group is that it’s all an elaborate exercise in trolling the Corbynite wing of the Labour party, who are now demanding that if you’re not giving the voters what they thought they were getting then you need to resign and allow the electorate to vote on it, and thereby logically force them into supporting a second referendum. If that’s the tactic, it’s doomed already.

For Scotland this is merely more confirmation, if yet more confirmation was needed, that British politics are irredeemably knackered. It’s more knackered than a nag that’s already been boiled down for glue, but with less ability to make anything stick. The Labour party isn’t going to save Scotland from Brexit, because the Labour party can’t even save itself. If we want to avoid a repeat of the 1980s and the long dark night of Tory rule with no apparent end, we need to save ourselves. Today, the Labour party gave us seven more reasons for Scottish independence.

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49 comments on “The not so magnificent seven

  1. Andy Anderson says:


    Thinking about Labour I wonder how many different words there are for ‘plonkers’ exist in a thesaurus.

    The other bit of positive news today was on the BBC 6pm news. Did you know that Brexit is not the cause of Honda leaving the UK. Plonkers.

  2. mogabee says:

    Until the parliament in Westminster is reformed and upgraded to better serve its voters, no-one leaving in a flounce is EVER going to make a difference.

    But really, I have no care what the two tribal factions do or say to one another. They are both travesties and those who fought to get the vote will be birling in embarrassment.

    Closer and closer until independence… I mean, we surely must be able to do this governing thing better?

  3. […] Wee Ginger Dug The not so magnificent seven Well it finally happened. There have been rumours of impending splits for weeks, the […]

  4. Wee Chid says:

    Pity there hadn’t been 12 of them. The Dirty Dozen is far more appropriate than the Magnificent Seven

  5. Graham says:

    When the music’s over, turn out the lights…

  6. Alba woman says:

    Spot on as ever WGD…..what a shambles… outing of super egos.

    meanwhile back in reality folk are still being crushed by Tory austerity.

  7. Joe says:

    I have no time for the unionist parties.and wish the people of our proud Scotland.would wake up and what is it they say and smell the coffee.they are trying to crush and destroy. Scotland.the mps.who left the Labour Party today.they told you their reason for leaving.the main two unionist parties are not doing what the electorate and the country does that not tell the people of is time to leave this discredited union.what more proof do the people of Scotland.need.lets get independence.and stand on our own two feet bring it on.

    • ”The sharp suited’ politician’s bling gold watch would probably feed a family of four for a year.
      Chuka Umanna is a Scrabble player’s dream word score (22 points).
      I fear that it is the only game in town where his name adds value to the Left’s cause.
      He is, by his allegedly self penned wiki entry, a Blue Labour man, a spawn of Blair and a ‘Friend of Israel’, as apparently are loads of the Brit Nat Westminster mob.
      Is it a prerequisite to getting on post WM?
      Why the feck does any UK politician need to be a ‘friend’ of Israel?
      Israel is only one smallish country in this big wide world of ours, yet we need to have a special ‘friend of’ category for them over here?
      Am I being anti-Semitic by making this observation?
      I think not.

      England is sinking fast and the English politicians are behaving like stark staring lunatics.
      In a matter of days, Brexit kicks in, yet the Seven are off having a picnic with lashings of lemonade and cress sandwiches.
      Yet Ian Murray has not joined them.
      He ladles in to Corbyn in today’s Dead Tree Scrolls calling him a bully and anti semite.
      But his wage packet is more important to him than taking on the Marxist Commie Momentum militants who have effectively completed the task for Blair Brown and Mandelson by completely destroying the Labour Party.
      Lamont Gray, Dugdale, Sarwar, Kelly, Lennon, and Leonard are the dried up husk of Labour in Scotland.
      Apathetic bunch of moaners from the wings, with not an original thought or idea in their heads.
      Left wing leaning Scots have been abandoned by England, and this latest round of egotistical madness was a schism 3 years in the making.
      We Scots have an option to 15 years of Brexit Tory Rule from London.
      Surely to god we are going to choose Self Determination this time?

      • If we don’t choose independence this time Jack, it’s hard to imagine the wasteland they’ll make of Scotland. And, it will be pointless for the No voters to say when they lose their jobs and their services, “But. .but. .but. . I voted No, I deserve to be treated differently”. They’ll all be in same sinking ship as us.

  8. Mike Settle, the Herald Britland’s UK Political Correspondent is ‘shocked’ at the news that Honda is closing its Swindon plant because of Brexit.
    He obviously hasn’t been reading the Dug over the past 30 months.
    Honda Nissan Jaguar Rover are all effing off, Mike.
    I don’t want to ‘shock’ poor old Mike any further, but if his Brit passport is due to expire in the next 6 months, he’ll not get to holiday in Europe this summer.
    There is no Freedom of Movement come April, regardless of the strength of Brexit delivered.
    So if you’re thinking about retiring to the Coastas, forget it.
    You’ll need expensive private medical insurance too, and possibly a visa, which will cost too.
    If you visit one Eu country, you won’t be able to visit another on the same trip.
    Shocking indeed.
    From 29th March Scotland will become a walled in colony of England controlled by a WM imposed Border Force. They will ‘force’ us to stay put.
    We voted Remain, but England voted leave, so Scotland’s citizens will not be allowed freedom of movement throughout their own continent.
    Shocked, Mike? We’re fucking beilin’.
    Time you Dead Tree Scroll hacks started reading WGD WoS Bateman Grouse Beater Peat worrier and the rest.
    That’s where real news is written and discussed.

  9. Millsy says:

    The smirking Chuka ( I thought that was a session in Polo – not the water kind ) entered the press conference as if he was about to deliver the Gettysburg address – then sounded as if he was reading the ingredients off a can of baked beans .
    Charisma is not his default mode – he is a self-satisfied coward of a politician . He had the opportunity to stand for election against Corbyn but shat it and pulled out before the world saw him for what he was -a preening red Tory with no backbone .

  10. I was on holiday, touring Scandinavia, during the 2015 snap election. The owner of a baker’s shop in a small town in Northern Norway laughed when I answered Scotland to his question about where I cam from. “You love your elections in the U.K.,” he chortled. God only knows what his response would be to the competely farcical meltdown that U.K. politics has become.

  11. Luigi says:

    I initially though the term “Malificent Seven” was apt, but on reflection, this bunch of no-hopers, red tories aka blue tory enablers, are not even worthy of that. No, folks, a more appropriate name would be:

    “The Meaningless Seven”

    The last big split in the Labour Party ushered in 15 years of uninterrupted blue try rule. Will the same happen again? Well, perhaps not. The big difference is that the people of Scotland now have an alternative. After years of sticking with the red tories in vain, they finally gave the SNP a chance and in 2014 45% of them opted for independence. Not quite over the line, but the WM system and dominance of Scotland was over.

    The old brigade – those Scottish Labour voters who endured 18 years of blue tory rule, have long memories – will they opt for another 18 years, with the added salt of Brexit to rub into the wounds, or will they finally pluck up the courage to vote for indy? We will find out soon enough, IMO. To many of us, it’s already a no-brainer, but to others in the old brigade, it’s been a severe disruption to their belief systems. The world they knew and held on to in 2014 has been shattered beyond recognition. Let’s gove them time and space tp work this out for themselves. It won’t take long now. 🙂

  12. Macart says:

    Bit like the magnificent 7 with Lee Van Cleef and the other 6 folk no one can remember. Y’know, the one where the franchise had utterly ran out of steam, originality and relevance.

    So yer UK politics is in full-on self destruct mode. Society is fractured, with more polarised demographics than you can shake a wossiname at. An already damaged economy is about to take a ferocious kicking. Pretty much most historic government institutions are hitting all time lows in the trust stakes and the one glaringly obvious thing missing from all of the above?

    Any sense of responsibility or ownership for all of that by those who had most to do with it. (deep sighing)

    That would be the Conservative and Labour parties. Unless someone else has been in charge of the UK for the past fifty years and they didn’t let on. The buck stops with the party of government, the system of government and the practice of politics. Makes sense really.

    Their own practises brought the populations of the UK to where we’re at today and not a single one of them has ever apologised. Not one party leader or PM has held their hands up and said ‘Sorry, we got that wrong’.

    The omnishambles we’re looking at today? That’s kinda what happens when you put party before people. When the competition for the chair becomes more important than what you do when get it.

    • diabloandco says:

      C’mon Macart ! You must remember Yul Brynner- baldy guy , rather attractive and apparently a right prima donna!

      Will Mr Corbyn miss these folk? And why hasn’t this non event triggered 7 by elections – it damned well should.

      P.S I am told by a neighbour that Nae Pasaran will be on the ‘new’ BBBC channel on Sunday – worth keeping eyes peeled for it.

      • Macart says:

        TBF although Yul’s movie was itself a remake of an original, he at least had a supporting cast everyone remembers and cared about. 😀

        On the by elections? Yes. Yes you’d think their actions should morally merit putting it to their constituents. And no, I don’t think they’d do it either. Especially not now.

        You’d also think that the time to vent their spleen over the state of politics in general today and Labour’s varied directions might have been before the imminent collapse of UK politics. They’ve been with their party an awfy long time all told. UK politics has been a sewer for longer than they’ve been around. So what held them back from making any radical statements or taking any actions through countless scandals emanating from that howf? Why only now? Same goes for the rest of them (still members) and especially Mr ‘kinder more honest’ politics.

        Worth a thought. 😉

        • On a lighter note, in pub quizzes teams can invariably only name 5 or at most six of the actors in Yul Brynner’s version.
          Go on, without googling, name all seven, for seven points.

          The guy who was convinced that there was a secret goldmine in the foothills surrounding the peasant village is the one whom everybody forgets, in my humble experience.
          Just a bit of fluff to lighten the mood.

          I see BTL Britties over on the Hootsman has gone in to Rule Britannia China Syndrome meltdown lashing out at our First Minister’s visit to Paris to open the Scottish Office there.
          Easy Money for Brian Nuclear Wilson to write dog whistle garbage for the baying Gilets Jaunes Brit Natsis.

          • Macart says:

            Brad Dexter wasn’t it? He sadly passed only a few years back.

            On the BTL in the Hoots? Haven’t read the rag in years tbh. Seems it was a good decision.

            • And your prize is a SiU key ring!
              I popped in and stuck a branch in their wee hornets’ nest.
              An immediate barrage of two line rabid reaction replies from what is clearly a coordinated Brit Nat Rapid response and Insult Team.
              No names just pseudonyms.
              The ‘paper is dying and it is not difficult to understand why.
              Remember, this used to be a serious Scottish newspaper and then Andra Neill took over; but like the Herald, it’s Steven Gerard’s and Brendan Rodger’s diary entries that make the news, and nothing much else.
              It’s like a Cordon Bleu restaurant selling burgers and chips because that’s the only grub their clientele will buy now.
              Their ‘Moderator” allows the basest name calling and vilification of our FM; a political if insanely destructive commercially, decision.
              They are pandering to the Brit Nats Lowest Common Denominator, the Bully Boys.

  13. Illy says:

    I wonder what level the SNP strategists are playing at…

    They’ve been suggesting every possible option to mitigate brexit. But they know that anything they propose will get opposed by everyone else at Westminster out of reflex. So by the act of the SNP proposing it they make it less likely to happen. So by the SNP proposing all the ways to mitigate brexit they make a hard brexit more likely. Which solidifies the case for independence, *and* gives them really good optics because they’ve been trying to mitigate brexit. Which makes Scottish Independence more likely.

    Or they’re just good folks trying to save people from disaster.

    Or they’re both. X-D

    • wm says:

      A bit of both I would think, good advice, but if they are not listening, then there is only one answer, lets hope the people that depend on Scotland do the correct thing and free us from this so called united kingdom.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Trying to save England is pointless like you said will get opposed at Westminster but I’m getting angry athat this waiting game especially with the constant arrogance from the conservatives especially may wish Nicola would hurry and call indyref2 the collapse of the uk has already begun in earnest as England has doomed itself to tory rule already another thing they said we would of done if we voted yes in 2014.

  14. bedelsten says:

    A paper TIGer which couldn’t spit its way out of a paper bag. It techy terms: what a waste of bandwidth.

    So, let’s get this straight: hours to the cliff edge, airlines going tits up, motor manufacturers pulling down the shutters, sheep farmers in Wales realising they are now doomed, fish processers in Scotland ditto, pharmacies being allowed to substitute prescriptions without consultation, southern Ingerland being turned into a lorry park, and so on, and this bunch of vanity merchants, most of whom we have never heard, choose this moment to have a hissy fit, throw their toys out of the pram, and have a whinge about the red tory party. Doh!

    Meanwhile, the nouvelle madame ecossaise, à paris has a lot of European diplomats in attendance. I don’t suppose the main stream media will be able to do anything but generate some SNPBaad over that.

    And someone died, aged 85. As they tend to do. Quelle surprise.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      It’s aggravating isn’t it and Nicola sturgeon still won’t call indyref2 yet our escape out of this is independance sure it’s going to be really hard the frist 4 or 5 years but Scotland will survive and be rid of the policys of England imposed on us like austerity bed room tax trident based here so there’s savings as well England doubtful they will they will be brought to financial ruin by the 2.3 trillion debt they accumulated because there’s no way to pay that off.

      • Andy Anderson says:

        Survive we will Robert, and prosper as well.

        England’s economic downfall will not help us but up and up we will go. Hopefully this will in turn help the campaigns in Wales and Ireland. It may not take long before the Union flag is never again flown anywhere.

  15. Gavin C Barrie says:

    @ Robert Harrison, I don’t believe the first Indy years will be hard economically, – Scotland is in export surplus – but will be difficult diplomatically dealing with an intransigent England. An imperative will the removal of the Trident submarines, no negotiations, no “short term” rental deals, just remove them.If Trident remains in post-Indy Scotland, Scotland will not be independent.

    Nb. for intransigent you may choose instead, thick-headed stupid, as the Brexit farce demonstrates.

    And more bad news. potentially. Studies released suggest that a large area of the N Sea may not indeed be barren of oil and gas reserves.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Gavin remember the mess usually bigger than it is you know the britnats always ruining everything look at the mess labour made of Glasgow council and now it’s the snp having to sort the problems those lazy England supremacists neglected to sort and it’s no where near done thats I see the frist 4 years being the hardest because who knows what other crap they pulled on us and kept hidden from us you forget the Englanders are sneaky rats that’s why they never to be underestimated.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      I also think England will be intransigent during negotiations so we simply say all UK debt is yours, which legally it is. We need to negotiate hard and if need be just walk away and get on with it. This would cause issues but could be handled.

      Ideally both sides will negotiate honestly and openly in a fair way, let’s hope so.

    • Illy says:

      Trident is Scotland’s. To do with what we will after independence (including decommission _*safely*_). Unless they move it out of Scotland before we go independent.

      Can we stop handing Westminster the nukes for free please? I don’t care if we want them, Westminster is a bad actor, and we don’t want them thinking they own the nukes near Glasgow.

  16. Vestas says:

    I agree with your latest column in The National.

    No more kicking the can down the road – for either the Tories or the SNP.

    Time for people to step up & do what they promised.

    • Jan Cowan says:

      Yes, Vestas. I really appreciated Paul’s Article in The National. Agree completely.

      • Charles McGregor says:

        I concur. Virtually agree with everything. If I were to make a minor quibble, it would be ‘Scotland doesn’t exist on the radar’ than ‘on the map’. Otherwise, perfect.

  17. Contrary says:

    Well, being of slightly suspicious mind, I don’t think any PM or cabinet minister or opposition leader CAN do anything differently – it seems to be, because there really is no difference in any of these establishment figures and hasn’t been for years, that the security services really are running the show now, and their main aim is to keep the status quo – a lack of oversight and allowing complete secrecy has allowed politicisation and probably extraordinary powers in the secret services.

    Can I post this You Tube video of an After Dark channel 4 production from 1989, it’s very long (about 2h 40), but I absolutely love it, the relaxed chatty atmosphere, the pipe-smoking plummy accents, and the last time they’d be able to have this type of discussion. Tony Benn is there really showing his worth as a master debater – it’s worth watching the first 10 mins to hear him give a good oration (‘the state within a state’). This is where I get my idea of the secret services being in charge and no alternative views allowed – they are discussing the folly of having no public oversight (we have none now), and the methods employed ‘secrecy for secrecy sake’ . I think the discussion was actually about the publication of the book the Spycatcher (? I’d have to check), and involves some interesting characters. I found it insightful anyway:

    Fascinating 1989 After Dark chat about security services just before new official secrets act came into effect

    • grizebard says:

      Anthony Wedgewood Benn was one of the biggest fakers of them all, so God knows why some people deify him so. For those who are too young to know, as government Telecomms Minister back in the 1960s, he was single-handedly responsible for propping-up the tawdry BBC state monopoly by killing-off the popular pirate radio stations. Plummy-voiced “man of the people” who in the 1980s would have cheerfully introduced a neo-Stalinist state if he had been given the chance. All in the name of “democracy”, ‘natch.

      He was the perfect archetype of Orwell’s “everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others”. And made sure, while he was at it, that his descendents continued to benefit from the peerage he shrugged in order to gain power.

      • Contrary says:

        Yup, can’t argue with some of that. He was a politician. No one is deifying here, but he’d have had more power with the peerage. He wasn’t agreeable enough to gain any real power as an MP.

        Good orator and debater though. And he gives some insight into what a scam public schools are too. He WAS part of that establishment.

        Some of what the journalist says is more interesting though, and its the interaction between the people, their range of views, makes you realise how little the security services have moved on since then. And Benn does bring out the intractable nature of Copeland. Fascinating now to see them talk so freely.

      • Iain says:

        I believe he had some commoners prosecuted for trespassing on his land. That story was current in the 70s and 80s, but I’m not sure if it’s true.
        He was just another of that lah-de-dah class who like lecturing their social inferiors.

  18. Oor Hana says:

    Don’t pay too much attention to the goings on with Labour. No longer know what they’re about. They lost me when Blair took us into Iraq. Reading you in the National today. Seriously good article, you said all the things I’ve been thinking, but couldn’t say. Didn’t want to rock the boat. Trouble is I’ve found more than one incident in the last months troubling. I’m no longer sure of the direction we’re going. The FM has enough critics to deal with. Glad to see she keeps busy, during this waiting game. Anyone have a clear idea what Angus Robertson and friends are planning.? They’ve had little to say, so far Hope they know, we’re very short on time. Do you have a list of your next visits? I keep missing you and the Dug. Thanks for all your work. Think I may have fallen by the wayside if it hadn’t been for yourself and the Dug. Be good. Look forward to your next blog.

  19. And then there were eight.
    Joan Ryan Chair of Labour’s ‘Friends of Israel’ group has defected.
    No it’s nothing to do with Corbyn, the Loony Left, or Brexit.
    Rather than the health, wealth, and social cohesion of their constituents, it is the welfare of a foreign power, Israel, that is uppermost in the minds of the After Eights?

    Like Cameron before them, they seem to have just ‘quit’ British politics when they are needed most by their constituents, citing ‘anti Semitism’ as one of their reasons for abandoning their Party and hanging those mug enough to have voted for them on a Leftish ticket out to die.
    England has gone mad.
    Birds Eye announce no more German fish fingers; we are about to get bombarded with pleas from Breakfast TV shows to have a ‘staycation’ this year since we will be held in check on these isles by Treeza’s Border ‘Force’.
    Fly BMI folded because they can’t secure European routes because of Brexit.
    Drip drip drip…
    I’m sure that the Little Englanders will be thrilled to lose their jobs and realise that a Job Centre Pen Pusher has ‘taken back control’ of their lives, their finances, and their food, and the paltry UCS ,frozen for five years, will be their Brexit Bonus, but not for kids 2, 3, 4.
    It is about to erupt Big Time.
    London first, then discontent will spread like bubonic plague throughout the major cities and towns of Olde England.
    Well, we did warn them.
    Unlike our Dead Tree Scrolls hacks, we are not ‘shocked’; we are Ready.

  20. and then there were eleven..
    Murray next?

  21. Morag Frame says:

    I heard prior to their publicity stunt, that they had a meeting which included J.K Rowling the week before? So wonder how much she is bank rolling them, as a limited company based in Panama? Of course, friends of Isreal must be in the account somewhere? Dark money again?

  22. Iain says:

    The Secret Seven, more like. They’re a pretty obscure group.

  23. Some years ago as, before GCC issued individual brown wheelie bins for us gardeners to deposit our hedge and grass clippings, I was parked beside Kirsty Wark and her family as we offloaded our twigs and dead leaves at Dawsholm Cleansing depot.
    I do not know whether she and her family still live in Glasgow, but I am certain that she knows fine well that for some years now, the third largest party at WM is the SNP, although I see that the Scottish Dead Tree Scroll Brit Nat hacks are wetting themselves over the prospect of the TIG group go forth and multiply and reach the magigal figure of 36 and topple the BadEssEnnPee as the third party Down There in Bedlam.
    Through the wonders of the internet, I have just watched last night’s Newsnight, fronted by the said Kirsty Wark, late of this parish.

    Two Tories, Neil Kinnock’s son, and a Lib Dem Woman discussed the TIG revolt.
    You may reall that the Yellow Tories have just 11 MPs at WM, but somehow are the third party according to BBC Britland logic, or is it hegemony.
    I’m sure Donalda MacKinnon will be complaining to her London bosses, or maybe not, it pays too well, that as head of the Scottish Stockade, Kirsty should at least have mentioned the EssEnnPee in 45 minutes of political debate.
    There was no point in any Scottish viewer tuning into this Madness.
    We do not exist if even a token ‘Aunt Tom’ like Wark ignores reality; Her fellow Scots are being dragged out of Europe while she twitters and fritters away as the clock ticks down to Eurmageddeon in her well paid wee Westminster bubble.
    I look forward to BBC ‘Scotland’ launching.
    On a budget of 32 1/2 pence we are to be treated to a news hour which will be in competition with the REAL BBC’s nine o’clock big hitters, and reruns of Tutti Frutti, for which it is reported Byrne won’t be receiving royalties.
    Never mind Martin Geissler, old Edinburgh Watsonian Boy, will provide ‘balance’, I’m sure, and Billy Boy will bring us up to speed on how much a pint of oil is at the Barras.
    We have been airbrushed out of the UK.
    Scotland no longer matters, even to Scots born Anglo Establishment natives like Wark, Marr, and Neil.
    It is coming soon , the end of their empire.
    Has Mundell joined the TIGgers yet?
    England is in meltdown.
    The wonderful thing about TIGgers is, that TIGgers are wonderful things.
    45 minutes and not a mention once about the 35 SNP MPs.
    Shame on you, Kirsty Wark.

  24. “the true nature of the intensely careerist Ruth”

    I occasionally (but not often) wonder if Ruth is just another victim of the machine. Groomed and used. Her personal history has many weird resonances with the story of Shamima Begum, and all the other co-opted brides in uniform.

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