Mistaking incompetence for sincerity


Well if you were counting on the Labour party to save us all from a Tory Brexit, think again. Jeremy Corbyn has written to Theresa May to lay out his terms for supporting her deal. It’s clear that a second referendum on EU membership is the last thing that he wants. He has as much interest in representing the views of those parts of the UK which voted to remain as he does of appearing on Strictly. Although even the most flat flooted two left feet minor celeb on Strictly possesses considerably more grace than Jezza seems capable of when dealing with remainers.

It’s not just Scotland that Jeremy isn’t representing, it’s also most Labour party members and voters. Opinion polls show that by a large majority, Labour voters believe that May’s deal is bad for the economy. The latest poll makes it clear that if Labour is seen to enable Brexit, voters will punish it at the next election.

Jeremy Corbyn might think that his letter is really a clever ruse, making an offer to Theresa May that she cannot accept. The Prime Minister is never going to sign up to the customs union or agree to remain closely aligned in perpetuity to the single market. But what Jeremy has done is to give her leverage with Labour MPs in leave voting seats. She can sweeten them with bribes in the form of promises of investment in their constituencies. She can offer to respect the rights given to workers by EU law, a meaningless promise that the next Tory leader will quickly trash. And she can do all that telling them that their leader isn’t against her deal, he’s just quibbling with some of its details.

Since the Labour leader only takes action against those of his MPs who adopt pro-Remain positions, and has done absolutely nothing to discipline those Labour MPs who enabled the Conservatives last week, Theresa May knows she’s pushing at an open door. She can pick off Labour MPs safe in the knowledge that they’ve got nothing to fear from their own party leader.

Just today, Jeremy slapped down his MPs who said that Theresa May must accept Labour’s offer in full, or they’d press for another referendum. Labour is complicit in Brexit. It is the enabler and deliverer of a hard Conservative Brexit. Vote Labour, vote for a Tory Brexit. The Labour leadership has signed Labour up to the xenophobic and nativist tendencies of the worst of British nationalism. It’s signed Labour up to the ending of freedom of movement. That’s yer internationalism. That’s a gross betrayal of Scotland, and a gross betrayal of the majority of Labour members. Jeremy never promised to listen to Scotland, but he did promise to listen to his party’s membership. Now it transpires that he’s only going to listen to them when they agree with him.

Meanwhile, the Labour leader has also announced that the last Scottish independence referendum was a “once in a lifetime” event. He’s literally telling Scotland that we can only have another independence vote over his dead body. For a supposed internationalist, he’s doing a damn good impression of being every bit as much a narrow British nationalist as the Conservatives he effects to despise.

Labour’s remainers are deeply unhappy with their leader’s position. Chuka Umunna tweeted that what Corbyn was offering was the opposite of opposition. It was facilitating a Tory deal which would make the UK poorer. He said that it was a joke to suggest that a Prime Minister who had sponsored employment tribunal fees, supported weakening unfair dismissal protection would ensure “dynamic alignment on rights and protections”. In an article for The Independent he angrily castigated the Labour leader for betraying the spirit of Labour’s conference policy, which said that if the party couldn’t get an early election it should back another EU referendum. Meanwhile Owen Smith hinted that he was considering leaving Labour to start a new pro-European party. Thousand of ordinary Labour members are voting with their feet and their membership fees and drifting away.

Labour politicians know better than anyone else that it was the split in the party during the 1980s when the so-called Gang of Four left and founded the SDP which was responsible more than any other single factor for the almost two decades of Tory rule which followed. The fact that they are now willing to consider another split speaks volumes about their desperation and despair with the current party leadership.

And all this, let us not forget, when the official opposition is facing the weakest, most divided, and least capable governments in living memory. A half way competent Labour leader would have his or her party soaring ahead in the polls at this point. Yet the chances are that Labour is going to split, that the leadership will enable a Tory Brexit, and we’ll all be left powerless and helpless in the face of a Brexit driven permausterity.

We’ve known for years that Labour won’t stand up for Scotland. The only point to the Labour party in Scotland, the only justification for its existence, was its claim that it alone can prevent a Conservative government and protect Scotland from the Tories. It’s abundantly clear now that it can’t do even that. Its incompetence, division, and ineptitude means that it enables Tory policies instead. Labour’s inadequacies mean we could be staring at another decade of Conservative rule. The gods alone know what damage the Tories could wreak in that time.

The Tories have acheived gobsmacking incompetence in the two short years that Theresa May has been in power. Labour has been working hard at it for years. The problem with the UK is, in the words of the late great Quentin Crisp, “The English think incompetence is the same thing as sincerity.” Labour is doing nothing and still making a mess of it, and his supporters are still praising Jeremy’s sincerity.

There’s only one way out of this Brexmess, Scotland. We need a vote of our own, and we need to take charge of our own destiny. It’s time to break the chains.

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30 comments on “Mistaking incompetence for sincerity

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  2. So, at last, the most hidden of Sleepers shows himself in daylight (I’m surprised he didn’t turn instantly to dust). Oooooh! Jeremy Corbyn fulfils his British state remit; to stab the entire working class in the back.

    This was always the plan. The so-called pre-eminent socialist of our times, the champion of the underdogs of the world (except Scotland, of course), the great beacon of left-wing hope sells his loyal supporters out. For what? Expect to see Jeremy (how much more of a middle class name can you get?) carousing in an ermine stole before long. Quentin would have scratched his eyes out! Not for the knighthood, you understand, for the stole!

    All of my thinking, logical adult life I’ve been watching this circus. Ever since Vic Feather became Lord Helpus (remember that?) I’ve known that Britain/The United Kingdom (it makes me retch to even type that ordure) was a sham, a diabolical joke. Just, not funny at all.

    You’re perfectly correct Paul. The labour voters will punish their treacherous party at the next election, but how can they possibly achieve that punishment? By voting Tory? Well, Libdem then? I suppose Green would be the most sensible option. Sinn Fein to stand a candidate in Bermondsey? But, of course, being labour supporters, they’ll probably just abstain!

    Here we have it; the British (read English) state in all it’s deceptive glory. National government anyone? Always a good option in time of strife.. No, that was yet another traitorous labour rabble wasn’t it? Barbara Castle, eh? What a left-wing firebrand and champion of the people she was. Not. Yet more fiction and fantasy.

    I’m surprised that you’re quoting Chukkup Umunna, man of the people. Not. A man educated at St. Dunstan’s College, boys independent senior school in Catford. Where he played the cello. Of course he’s no fan of our hero, Jeremy, having resigned from the shadow cabinet when the Anointed One won the leadership. Chukkup describes himself as “One Nation Labour” and has written article for the puzzlingly(?) titled “Blue Labour”. Now, there’s a publication we’d all love to read. And poor old Owen Smith! Thrown back into the limelight after losing to Ol’ Jezza, and threatening to leave labour to form “a new party” (you did mention the Gang of 4). Oh woe! And thrice woe! That’ll be a belter, full of Welsh No voters who’ve quickly changed their minds I expect.

    I also noted, with interest, your reference to “The Labour leadership (having) signed Labour up to the xenophobic and nativist tendencies of the worst of British nationalism.” This always reminds me of “Old Labour”, remember them? And I’m talking OLD. Now, I’ll probably be accused of anti-Zionism for this next, but here goes anyway. I’ve never understood the hero-worship of Manny Shinwell. The reason being, that when I found out he was just another racist, I kind of went off him.

    “Prominent among the leaders of the anti-immigrant campaign in Glasgow was Manny Shinwell, who went on to become a Labour MP [Member of Parliament]. Effectively, the seafarers unions—including the National Sailors’ and Firemen’s Union, the British Seafarers’ Union (of which Shinwell was Glasgow branch leader) and the National Union of Ships’ Stewards, Cooks, Butchers and Bakers—excluded non-British sailors and in some cases campaigned for their deportation by the state. The chauvinist campaign by Labour leaders led to violent racist attacks on immigrant areas by enraged mobs in Glasgow, Cardiff, London, Liverpool, Tyneside and other port cities.” Good old Labour, the Internationalist’s friend!

    I could go on all night, but I fear your bored already. Suffice to say that, Corbyn was and is the British state’s secret weapon. I suspected, as others did, right from the start. Here, we see the truth.

    Onward to an Independent Scotland, free of these traitors!

  3. Illy says:

    “Vote Labour, vote for a Tory”

    Sums them up quite well, I think.

  4. Oh, and just a footnote. Emanuel Shinwell, Baron Shinwell, CH, PC. The CH is for Order of The Companions of Honour (sic), and PC is (you’ll have guessed already) Privy Council of the United Kingdom.. What! A! Firebrand!

  5. ScotsCanuck says:

    ” ….. Scotland that we can only have another independence vote over his dead body” … oh!, Jeremy, be very careful what you wish for !! … seriously though, it reminds me of the quote assigned to Geoffrey Howe when he was trying to come across as combative & adversarial, when his opponent (can’t recall now) retorted that his angst & vitriol was akin to …. “being savaged by a dead sheep”

  6. markrussell20085017 says:

    Don’t you just love Question Time? Where the feck do they get them?

    • weegingerdug says:

      Orange Casting. It’s the only way you can get an audience full of British nationalists and Tories in Motherwell.

      That ranty guy has been on Question Time more often than the SNP.

      • markrussell20085017 says:

        Tracksuit was a dead giveaway FFS!

      • Outrageous, Paul.
        I have observed before that the SNP should boycott BBC completely.
        This is the last straw.
        An audience packed with not only Brit Nat ProudScotsButs but Brexiters to boot!
        My BBC Tax is being used to trash Scotland?
        I implore the SNP and spokespersons for Independence, boycott the Brit Nat Media.
        Absolutely pernicious evil gerrymandering.
        They chose well in Fiona Bruce.
        They didn’t discuss Brexit, just Bad Scottish SNP.
        What an insult to Free Speech this nasty little Corporation has become.
        Ragin’ so I’ll stop now.
        I wonder what the folks in England thought about it all?

        • I see that all is unfolding on twitter.
          The chap with the lurid red top who was allowed to lay into Fiona Hyslop to the raucous laughter and jeering from an hand picked Brit Nat audience has apparently appeared on three WoS QT programmes.
          I take it Ms Bruce was collusive in stage managing this disgusting little heckling stunt.

          He’s a UKIP zealot apparently
          This programme is an absolute disgrace and an insult to our democracy.
          I am seriously thinking of stopping paying the BBC Poll Tax now.
          Hang your heads in shame, BBC Pacific Quay.
          You are betraying your Charter.

          • astytaylor says:

            They are beyond a joke.

            • Anne Martin says:

              I believe that, on QT Extra on radio 5, a woman said that Motherwell is an SNP stronghold and remain in the EU, so why were there so many Tories in the audience?

          • Douglas Deans says:

            Thanks Jack.
            ‘has apparently appeared on three WoS QT programme’
            I’ve read elsewhere his attendance score is now four.
            Probably simpler to just put him on the payroll.

        • South of the Border, there’s no proud English but, they are all proud to be English.

  7. Andy Anderson says:

    Seeing Mr Corbyn performing in Westminster opposite Mrs May reminds me of the puppies Punch and Judy. May landing the blows and the witless leader of Labour taking them all.

  8. J Galt says:

    It is interesting to note that the Irish are paying 16.5m Euro PER DAY in interest only to service the Bailout that was imposed on them to keep them to save the Euro.

    What’s that per person of working age – say 6 euro a day or 40 euro a week? And that doesn’t even begin to pay down the debt. They’ve got them over a barrel.

    Yes I toed the party line and voted remain – holding my nose after what happened to Greece, even making fun of the working class brexiteers of northern England for which I am sorry, however after what happened to Catalonia…nah you can keep it.

    I know I am dealing with two devils, the EU is the devil that has us by the tail, the UK is the devil that has us by the throat!

    I want an Independent sovereign Scotland – not a vassal of the UK, the EU or indeed the US.

    • J Galt, you clearly don’t know what you are talking about.
      Ireland jailed its bankers.
      There are still hundreds of ‘ghost villages’ lying empty, while the carpetbaggers who raked in millions have fled the country.
      Alistair Darling gave UK Carpetbaggers 100’s billions of MY Tax Dollars, and not one of them went to jail.
      Who the fuck ‘imposed’ any deal on Ireland?

    • Andy Anderson says:

      You cannot compare the U.K. and the EU.

      The E.U. is a union of fully independent sovereign states. The E.U. parliament and Administration never interfere publically in the actions of a State.

      In the case of Catalonia the issue is the written Spanish constitution which Catalonia broke. The reaction to independence by the national police was awful. None of this is an EU issue as the EU is not sovereign over anything but it does try to enforce commonly agreed legislation.

      Greece got itself into massive debt by its own actions, to generous state handouts, poor tax collection, massive government overspending. The EU stabilised the chronic situation and stopped a financial meltdown. They helped because they could with the help of the EU bank.

      On the other hand the UK union is one sovereign state that has Scotland a sub partner in it. We unlike the sovereign member states of the E.U. are not (yet) sovereign.

      The Countries within the EU have agreed via treaty to share things such as food hygiene rules for the common good. They have the agreed four freedoms. All countries have a veto. All laws are approved democratically and managed by a civil service in Brussels.

    • The Irish Government did not take up all of the loans, What they did take up has already been repaid.

    • Contrary says:

      J Galt, all the responses to your comment are true, so I won’t elaborate on them, but also you shouldn’t conflate being a member of the EU with being in the euro – certainly Scotland would NOT be in the euro (they would not be allowed to in the first place, and would be daft to join even when we meet the criteria). Watch any YouTube videos of Mark Blyth on Austerity, any monetary union between diverse types of economy is too difficult a thing. (Greece should not have actually been allowed to join the euro in the first place).

      You have to remember that the entire western world bought into the neoliberal dogma of thatcher and Reagan, the uk and EU alike, and trying to unentangle all that and move towards fairer economies is going to take time and effort – in the medium term it makes sense for Scotland to be part of the EU for trade and projects (e.g. Research and development collaboration), for economic reasons – they are a known quantity, and we already comply with all the rules, and we really do need that free movement of people.

      It is possible that what you actually don’t want to be a part of is that neoliberal ideology, which is wholly understandable, but the EU does not actually have any control over our internal political structure or fiscal policy, unlike Westminster. Choices will have to be made in the future, obviously, and all these things about the EU need to be questioned constantly. Most of the regulations from the EU that we are told to hate were actually suggested by the uk in the first place ,,, which is just weird.

      Certainly the EEC and then the EU have made plenty of mistakes – I benefited hugely from the butter mountain as a student in the eighties – and will continue to do so, but the principle behind the project is a good one. I think if you hold your nose for a bit longer, you might find that a fully engaged independent Scotland could do much in the EU and thrive.

      And, we are already sovereign, always have been, always will be – it is just the independence part we need.

  9. Grafter says:

    Stop complaining about the BBC. Stop paying their TV “LICENCE FEE” !!

    • Douglas Deans says:

      It’s interesting that, for ideological reasons , the Torys toyed with the idea of turning BBC into a pay for view private company. This was when they hated them for having ‘left wing bias’
      Don’t hear anything of that idea now… all unionist parties like to keep the BBC in it’s current tamed propaganda form.

      • Weechid says:

        I’m just waiting on them making it a national tax – to be paid whether you use a TV or not.

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