The Wee Ginger Dugcast : with James Dornan

This week’s special guest on the dugcast is Glasgow MSP James Dornan. We chat about Brexit, the week in Holyrood and the Scottish budget, and of course the broken union and a future indy ref.


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16 comments on “The Wee Ginger Dugcast : with James Dornan

  1. Doreen Milne says:

    Great podcast again. Announcement soon sounds excellent.

  2. Can’t understand the early reference to sectarianism. Thought we were trying to phase that kind of shite out of Scotland?

  3. Who owns The National? That’ll be Newsquest. So, who owns Newsquest? Any clue folks?

  4. Ahem, guys, Freedom of Movement ceases on the 29th March 2019, regardless of whethere Brexit is raw, soft boiled, hard boiled sunny side up or easy over.
    HMG has already issued ‘guidance’ to Brit working abroad that they’ll need take take out medical insurance because ethat we plastic EU Health Card offering reciprocal cover to us all all over Europe will no longer be valid.
    Equally, if one of our citizens is working in a EU 27 nation, their movement is restricted to that nation, unlike now, where we can travel and work with out impediment acroos the EU community.
    So, James, there will be long queues at airports and ferry terminals long before the Summer Hols.
    My point being that we need not ‘wait and see’ the impact of Brexit and tie in Indyref 2 with some future scheduled plebiscite.
    I and many others are not in the mood for waiting…we’re done sitting around ‘leeting things happen’ to us and our families.
    Come April all hell will break loose. To suggest we keep our powder dry until 2021, say, is an ask too far.
    In my humble ‘Bankie’ opinion, for even greater ‘balance’.
    Nice wee broadcast btw.

  5. Paul, I’m surprised yie didny mention James Kelly’s performance in the Parliament, God it wiz woeful. I see yie hiv a sound improvement thingy on the dugcast fir us deaf bastarts. Anyway thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks.

  6. Alba woman says:

    Agree Jack with idea of not waiting for the impact of Brexit….my concerns are with the sick and children…..we need to offer support and protection now.

    Football madness not to be included please plus you did use a sweary word again Paul.

  7. Jeremy Corbyn sneaked into Glasgow today, with that Dick Leonard at his side visiting the poor in Govan and blaming the SNP for Universal Credit, slashing Pension Credit, the Bedroom Tax, the Rape Clause and foodbanks.

    The BadEssEnPee are somehow ‘passing on’ Blue Tory austerity cuts, you know the ones that Willie Rennie lauded as a success in bringing down England’s credit card bill.

    Some of us have a different take on the poverty and early death being visited on hundreds of thousands of our Scots citizens.

    It is Jeremy Corbyn and his inept Red Tories who stand back, abstain, and now in Brexit, even vote alongside, their Blue Tory Comrades who are destroying Scotland, by colonial imperial diktat.

    The Brit Nat Socialists, the ‘Br5tazis’, don’t give a feck about citizens’ suffering anywhere on these isles. It’s all just a game to them, politics, or cynical manipulation by Fear and threats.

    Fuck off back to Islington, you sad old twister.
    And take Leonard and his hundred pound red scarf with you.

    We Scots shall be a Free Nation very soon now.

    Oh, the irony that Jezza will need a visa and health insurance the next time he visits Scotland.

    Teachers are to receive 16%, 9% plus another 3% next April and retire on a final salary based index linked pension, but the Brit Nat Dead Tree Scrolls announce that they will leave in their droves if asked to pay £8 a week to park the cars which they can now miraculously afford, not for 48 weeks a year like the rest of the oppressed work slaves, but 42 weeks a year (Two weeks at Christmas, one week in February, six weeks in the summer, and one week in October).

    It’s all the Bad SNPs fault.

    There’s loadsa money to pay hyperinflated wages…just up my Council Tax, I don’t really need what little I have left. I’d only spend it on trivialities like food, heating, and low fat rice pudding, if Kezia has left any on the shelves.

    Corbyn in Glasgow, tip toe tip toe tip toe.
    Sneaked in like a poacher, and our Hacks obediently turned up and blamed the SNP for the English parliament slaughter of 100,000’s of innocents.
    Pity they didn’t let us know beforehand, I’d liked to have greeted him.

    There is a great bit of me wishing that our Government would resign now and precipitate a SGE, so that we can at last flush these idiots out of office once and for all.
    SNP:SNP next time, if there is one.

  8. ‘Brazis’ see how ragin’ I am.

  9. douglasclark says:


    In my opinion, your rage is justified.

    Just sayin’

    The official opposition are utterly inept and Jeremy Corbyn is no radical. Your message needs repeated everywhere.

    He is. perhaps, a sheep in wolves clothing?



  10. Arthur Thomson says:

    Corbyn and his cabal of 70’s communists are idealogues. They have zero interest in the wellbeing of ordinary people except to use their misery to push their ideological agenda. Central to their philosophy is imperialism. For them, borders are to be removed or put in place as necessary to protect or extend their nineteenth century ideology.

    Fortunately Corbyn is exposing himself through his support for Brexit. The soft spoken one is and has been a fraud since he deceived his way into being leader of the Labour Party. Prior to that he was an unknown irrelevance. Now he is a known irrelevance.

    It is sad that the poor, in desperation, are vulnerable to the lies of the unscrupulous people who inhabit Slab. Hopefully the numbers who are open to this exploitation are falling.

    For clarity, my view of the Tories is that they are beneath contempt.

    We need a politics based on civilised values, not ideology. The SNP is imperfect but it is trying hard to provide that.

    • The herald britland has a photie of Corbyn and Leonard hands raised in a victorious salute to an imaginary mass of Comrades behind the obedient Brit Nat Hacks who cover this nonsense.
      It reported that the Red Tories have lost 5000 of its membership in the last year, then gives us all a good laugh by claiming that this figure represents 20% of its membership Up Here in their colony.
      In other words the Brit Nat Herald is claiming that there are still 20,000 mug enough to be mem3ebrs of the Branch Office? Stuff and nonsense.
      The image is of two tired old men, Marxist automatons, who couldn’t run the tea club, never mind a country.

  11. A. Bruce says:

    Hi Paul, I’d really like to see you getting IndyCar Gordon Ross invited onto “The Wee Ginger Dugcast”. I think he’d provide a lot of food for thought.

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