The proud Scot butters nae neeps

So how’s that respect agenda working out for everyone? Remember that? Respect was supposed to be the keystone in Conservative dealings with Scotland, according to David Cameron before he won the award for worst Prime Minister ever and then flounced off to his garden shed. But it’s not all bad, we’ve now all discovered that he’s only the second worst Prime Minister ever, as Theresa May has taken the prize.

There’s precious little respect on display from the Conservatives towards Scotland. Respect means to have due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of someone. It means to be considerate and attentive to what another is saying. This Conservative government has failed dismally to demonstrate any respect for Scotland.

Actually, that’s being kind. To say that someone has dismally failed to achieve something that they’d claimed they were going to do implies that they had good intentions to begin with, that they had a genuine desire to do whatever it was that they’d said they were going to do. The Conservatives never had the slightest intention of changing how they dealt with Scotland or the Scottish Parliament. The respect agenda is up there with the claim that Scotland is a beloved partner in a family of nations, or the assertion that this is the UK is the most successful partnership of countries that the world has ever seen. It is now and always was meaningless cant designed to make British nationalists in Scotland feel better about themselves.

The reality of Conservative respect for Scotland was on display this week when the UK government cancelled the Joint Ministerial Council meeting that had been scheduled for Thursday, citing diary issues. The Joint Ministerial Council is a regular meeting between the First Ministers of the devolved administrations and the British government, but apparently David Lidington is washing his hair so can’t make it. The cancellation comes just a few days after Theresa May promised an “enhanced role” for the devolved administrations in Brexit negotiations.

We had some more Conservative respect on Wednesday, with reports that the Scottish Conservatives are going to vote in a bloc against Theresa May. Yay! Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives™ are standing up for Scotland just like Ruth Davidson said they were going to! Oh. Wait. Hing oan.

They’re going to vote against any proposals from Theresa May to give the Scottish Government a greater role in post-Brexit trade negotiations. So not standing up for Scotland at all then. They’re standing up for a reduced role for Scotland. They’re standing up for putting Scotland firmly back in the shortbread tin and nailing the lid down. They’re standing up for the narrow party interests of the Scottish Tories and their loathing of Nicola Sturgeon, and if that means that there will be no Scottish voice in post-Brexit trade negotiations, so be it. They’re proud Scots, but not so proud that they want Scotland to speak for itself or have its own interests and views represented. Proud Scot butters no parsnips.

Also on Wednesday, there was an excruciating example of more Proud Scot buttering nae neeps when Scottish Conservative MP Stephen Kerr was chosen to ask the Prime Minister a question during PMQs. There are a lot of things that Stephen could have chosen to ask. He could have asked about measures to protect the Scottish fishing industry, which is the only Scottish industry that has any interests which appear on the Scottish Tories’ Brexit radar. Or rather, the interests of the six wealthy families who have hoovered up most of Scotland’s fishing quotas. But even so, it would have been more worthwhile than what he came out with.

Stephen assured the House and everyone else that he was a Proud Scot. It’s only ever people who are keen to ensure that Scotland has a subordinate role and an inferior position who feel the need to tell us that they are Proud Scots. Stephen wanted the world to know that the United Kingdom was the most successful political union that the world had ever known.

It’s not clear what standard of comparison he was using here. There are plenty of other political unions in which the participants actually retain equal voices or at least equal representation at the highest level of the structures of the union. Unions which, you know, are actually unions, and not incorporations and takeovers.

Possibly he meant that the UK was the most successful political union that the world had ever seen because it gave Stephen a seat in the Westminster parliament where he could pontificate from the back benches and pretend to himself that he was important and influential. And if he keeps his nose clean and his head down he might eventually be in line for a knighthood or even a peerage.

Mainly however, he wanted Theresa May to rule out Scotland having another independence referendum any time soon. Or indeed not so soon. Stephen is such a Proud Scot that he wants to ensure that Scotland doesn’t have any say in whether or not it wants to continue remaining a part of his most successful political union the world has ever seen. He’s such a Proud Scot that he wants to ensure that a Prime Minister whose mandate in Scotland rests upon the votes received by her party elsewhere in the UK has a veto over Scotland. And he wants to ensure that the Scotland that he’s determined to trap into this so-called perfect union has no say in how it charts its course in the storms of the post-Brexit world that his party is dragging an unwilling Scotland into. That’s a strange definition of pride.

You don’t measure pride by words. You don’t measure pride by the number of times a person tells you that they’re proud. You measure it by deeds, by action. You measure it by how many neeps it butters, not by how many proud Scots say but. The proud Scots but of the Scottish Tories are not proud of Scotland. They’re just conceited. The proud Scot butters nae neeps.

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20 comments on “The proud Scot butters nae neeps

  1. Hal Barbera says:

    Here’s to Scotland …

  2. Brian Powell says:

    The Tories have a certain respect for the servant class, so Labour in Scotland is OK with them. They cause no bother and kept the Scots in their place.

  3. Macart says:

    Tories respect power. They respect prestige. They respect a rigid social order. They respect bigger scarier Tories. Everything else? Not so much. They love their self entitlement and false privilege. They particularly like telling folks how much better they are than other human beings because… reasons. Sometimes they even wear tartan… pfft!

    Happily though, like all abusive bullies, they’re a bunch of cowardy custards when faced down, laughed at, ignored, or otherwise marginalized and declawed. No, our Tory representatives apparently aren’t proud Scots despite the accents. It takes a damn sight more than a burr or a glottal stop to make a Scot. They’re proud to be loud though, and I’m sure they’re very proud to be Tories. Their actions on the other hand…

    I’ve met Scots to be proud of. They don’t often tell folks of their pride right enough. They simply make others proud of them. They make others welcome. They go out of their way to offer a hand to those in need. They strive against the odds. Some of them weren’t even born here you know. But those new Scots do us the honour of selecting oor wee corner of the globe to make their home and put to shame the words and actions of the bakers dozen.

    What makes a Scot? In my book not an accident of birth, but a willingness to care. Care about the land, your fellow Scots and it’s freedoms.

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  5. Roy Moore says:

    Bit more like it….

  6. bringiton says:

    Presumably,Scottish Tory MPs reflect the values and aspirations of the people who voted for them.
    They value money,their money,and aspire to ensure that their fellow Scots will never have a say on how Scotland is run.
    Proud they may be but Scottish they ain’t.

  7. Interpolar says:

    Just for the record, I’m an ashamed Scot, no but about it. Ashamed that Scotland can muster enough Tories to let the country down so spectacularly in parliament, let alone find the voters to send them there in the first place.

    Meanwhile, it appears to me that May’s meeting with Sturgeon was nothing more than a cynical prop to attack a second vote on Brexit by arguing that it would almost inevitably invite a second vote on Scottish independence. And our heroic representative Stephan Kerr was a willing handmaiden for May to set this up. What a sorry figure.
    So no enhanced roles for Scotland, and no compromises. Well, what a surprise! All May has done is waste Nicola Sturgeon’s time along with everyone else. And that is her plan.

  8. jfngw says:

    For the Tories it is the best political union in the world. In what other country could you never win an election in over 60 years but still end up governing the country for the majority of this period.

    They know in an independent Scotland they are likely to never be in power.

  9. Robert Graham says:

    A total gift for tomorrow’s FMQs , if the compliant Scottish media won’t highlight this then every question from SNP MSPs must make reference to this total betrayal by this Tory party who are working for another government and against the people who elected them ,

    Nicola Sturgeon really has to drop once and for all the long detailed answers and go for the throats of these ones who would rather see Scots fail ,and by their own admission shows how bafflingly stupid these people are , all pretence is dropped just like the BBC they don’t care because the media in Scotland are cheering them on ,

    The obviously planted question by the dummy from Stirling just before Mrs Mayhem engaged in warm fruitful discussions with our first minister was to say Crude , by now it’s patently obvious there is absolutely no point in attempting to discuss anything with this Tory gang of liars it’s a complete waste of time .

    • Robert Harrison says:

      I agree on the attack Nicola destroys them so bad they can’t recover as the bbc then try to make there Yoons the victims she should do it more often as the more they play the victim the more disgusted people will be with the bbc for playing the card so much and the bbc loses more licence fee payers in that scenario.

  10. ArtyHetty says:

    The Britnats lie because they know that some gullible voters will believe them. They are obviouly panicking now though, as it’s absolutely clear that more and more people in Scotland want an independence referendum, and soon. Brexit is a huge game changer, no matter how the Britnats like to deny that fact.

    England’s Brexit being forced on Scotland, will cause untold dmage to Scotland on so many levels, it’s not an optimistic looking future in any way. People know that, they don’t want things to go backwards. They want a positive life affirming, 21st century country to bring up their kids, not a backward, narrow, isolated poor, overbearing tyrannical cesspit that the so called UK is turning into.

    Brexit is so damaging even now before it’s done and dusted, that the only way for Scotland to escape a terrible, backward future, is to go for independence and soon.

    Ps I am not getting notfications of posts from WGD this past wee while, which is strange, because the settings haven’t been changed. Wonder if anyone else noticed?

    • Anne Martin says:

      I still get an email every time there’s a new WGD.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Blackmail by Willie rennie during the budget Stephen kerr yesterday yep if fear was like body odur they’d be reeking of it for all to smell.

  11. Illy says:

    “Stephen wanted the world to know that the United Kingdom was the most successful political union that the world had ever known.”

    Every time someone says that, I feel the need to ask “What about the USA?” It’s better by every metric that the English seem to care about, and it’s a union of states in a very similar sense to the UK. Except that American States have more autonomy than any of the bits of the UK with devolved parliaments.

    • Cubby says:

      I have never seen any explanation/definition of this statement that it is the most successful Union ever. I think I will ask my Tory MP to explain on what basis this statement is made and how it relates to Scotland.

  12. Grafter says:

    Time for Indyref2 now. The Salmond smear tactic is the final straw from this vile UK Establishment.

  13. Cubby says:

    It is nearly always Britnats who say they are a proud scot but then go on to say they are British.

  14. Robert Graham says:

    Until all becomes clear Thursday the 24th of January will be known as INNUENDO DAY , listen very carefully to how this is being presented , nudge nudge wink wink , linked to etc will be sprinkled throughout all reports , this is what happens when we have a one sided protect the union at all cost media , are MI5 involved who knows I guess another Willie McCrae would have been a step to far , oh gee there’s me falling into the same trap , oh well they started it .

  15. Robert Graham says:

    Well FMQs comes and goes , with not one reference to the proud Scottish Tory party actively seeking to block any involvement by the Scottish government in these calamitous brexit negotiations .
    A total open goal and a shot on target not even attempted , I give up what’s the bloody point , the only guaranteed access bypassing the Scottish media and its missed by a mile , wakey bloody wakey .

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