Lost and silenced in the dreamscape

What is wrong with Britain? Let me list the ways. Mind you, if anyone embarked upon a serious and detailed accounting of the myriad ways in which the British state is a fundamental screw up, they’d still be listing them by the time that the Sun runs out of hydrogen and starts to consume helium instead, causing it to swell up into a red giant and engulfing the Earth. This is expected to occur in approximately 5 billion years time. So considerably sooner than Theresa May is likely to start listening to alternative opinions then.

Given that, all anyone can really do, at least while maintaining a semblance of sanity, is to mention some of the more egregious ways in which this so called United Kingdom is neither united nor fit for purpose.

Amidst the Brexitosis which has been occupying the body politic, last week Prince Philip crashed his car. Reports say that he was turning out into a main road, was blinded by the sun, even though it’s still not a red giant, and hit another vehicle carrying two women and a baby. This would seem to suggest that the accident was Prince Philip’s fault, as he was the one who had the obligation to give way to oncoming traffic. The women were injured in the collision, not that you’d really have learned that from the press coverage of the event, which focussed almost in its entirety on the fact that the person who appeared to have been responsible for the crash was uninjured despite overturning his Land Rover. Thankfully the baby escaped without any harm.

One way of reporting this incident, typical of the Daily Mail or the Express, would have been to talk about how an elderly EU immigrant from Greece who’s lived off state benefits all his life and has a sense of entitlement the size of the sun after it’s turned into a red giant caused traffic mayhem, injured two women, and risked the death of an infant. There could have been demands to know why this 97 year old was still driving, and how the only reason he’s still doing so is from a wilful pigheadedness, especially since he’s in the fortunate position of being able to rely on staff who can drive for him. That’s something which can’t be said for a 97 year old who relies on the state pension.

Philip’s pride and arrogance risked the lives of other motorists, and in this case an infant as well. Then just two days after the accident, he was seen driving on a public road, and wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Clearly he’s learned nothing, and equally clearly there is no one who is able to stand up to him and take his car keys away from him. There could have been a headline saying, “Out of control pensioner who endangered baby is still driving dangerously.” It’s fine if Prince Philip wants to endanger himself. It’s not fine that he’s endangering other people.

Naturally that’s not how any of this was reported. Instead we got the entirely predictable wall to wall sycophancy and Nicholas Witchelling. Ooooh, isn’t he MARVELLOUS! Isn’t he a wonderful example of British grit. The women and the baby who were the real victims were almost completely ignored.  Pointing out the truth means pointing out the myths upon which the monarchy rests, and that would never do.

Brexit has been reported in a very similar way. It’s all about the prestige of the UK. There’s a fixation on status and an absolute and unquestioning deference to the myths of Britishness. Myths which are never to be questioned or examined critically just like the monarchy can never be challenged. The damage and harm to us plebs is ignored. Yet the UK is founded upon some myths which fall apart on even the most cursory examination. There’s the myth that the UK is a great power, when the reality is that this country acts as a cheerleader for the Pentagon. There’s the myth that the UK punches above its weight, when in fact it is no more influential than any state of a similar size with a similarly large economy.

It’s because of the myths of Britishness that we are told that the UK can’t possibly accept the so-called Norway solution, because “we” can never be rule takers, only rule makers. The UK can’t accept the Irish backstop, because that means having our hands tied until the agreement of Dublin is secured and that would never do. The natural order of British things is for Dublin to have its hands tied, just like Edinburgh’s. Only lesser countries can thole a lesser status, not the UK. Because we’re British and we won the war you know. The only thing that would be damaged here is the pride of those who can’t accept the realities of Britishness and who cling to its myths.

This is in marked contrast to how Scotland is portrayed. Just about everything about Scotland is up for question. It seems at times that there is nothing about Scotland that isn’t derided by proponents of the UK as myth or fiction. It is of course right that a nation should examine itself and its past with a critical eye, but the central myths of Britishness remain unchallenged. The biggest myth of all is the myth of union, a myth which remains as sacrosanct as the press coverage of the royal family. The myth that this is a family of equal nations when the UK is in fact a unitary state in which the majority gets to impose its will on the minority nations.

Let’s spell it out. Let’s burst the bubble. Scotland is not a partner in a union. There is no union. There are no unionists, only British nationalists. Brexit has taught us that. The way in which Scotland has been ignored at every stage in this process proves it. The way in which this Conservative government preaches its respect for the will of the people but undermines, contradicts, and traduces the will of the people of Scotland and the devolution settlement proves it.

If you oppose Scottish independence that doesn’t automatically make you an opponent of nationalism, it makes you a supporter of the British state and British nationalism. You don’t get a free pass like Prince Philip gets a free pass in the press – and as a supporter of an independent Scotland I am not going to support you in your delusion. It’s not the job of independence supporters to repeat the myths of the Nicholas Witchells of British nationalism. We should no longer allow them to endanger everyone else with the stories they tell themselves.

This is not a debate between nationalism and non-nationalism. It’s a debate about whether Scotland wants to wake up and live in reality, or continue to be silenced and endangered amongst the dreamscape of the myths of Britishness.

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25 comments on “Lost and silenced in the dreamscape

  1. Pentland Firth says:

    Absolutely spot on. We must encourage those who are not yet convinced of the need for Scotland to be a normal independent country to question the myths and delusions that define “Britishness”,. (and to make sure that an independent Scotland doesn’t fall victim to foundation myths and delusions)

  2. bringiton says:

    Even in the early 18th century it was widely recognised that the “union” was a myth and that British was just the English state re-branded to create the appearance of being something it wasn’t.
    England certainly expanded it’s borders after 1707 but Scots (those not in hock to the London establishment) still retained their identity and considered Scotland to be a separate country.
    Britishness is a state of mind and once people accept that all that independence is going to do is transfer our state representation from London to Edinburgh such that our country’s policies reflect Scottish wishes,then we will be home and dry.
    Not really such a big deal.

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  4. Wull T'yler says:

    We must push harder to encourage people to register to vote. We should be able to vote ourselves out of the misery. If a snap GE comes along we need people like my mother in law and sister in law, both No voters in 2014 and now say Brexit is the reason for a Yes vote if it comes, they need to be registered.

  5. Douglas Deans says:

    Spot on:
    ‘There’s the myth that the UK is a great power, when the reality is that this country acts as a cheerleader for the Pentagon.’
    The USA finds it useful to have two votes on the UN Security Council.

  6. Macart says:

    That’s a keeper. 🙂

    Also? No. 463,999 in WHO KNEW(?) moments.


  7. markrussell20085017 says:

    “There are no unionists, only British nationalists.”

    Probably the most important sentence you’ve ever written.

    And that’s saying something…

    • Tol says:

      Except it doesn’t carry the truth that Scotland doesn’t have the power of a Union relationship or that Britishness is a concept they would happily wear (DUP anyone)…you can’t insult if everyone thinks its a compliment.

      In reality they are English colonialists but its wrapped in a union…hows that for a bit of Schrodinger.

      That is the problem for YES…its trying to argue against a shape shifter.

  8. At your excoriating best, Paul.
    The fact that a 97 year old who is clearly frail and cannot possibly have the reaction times needed to drive, who recklessly or dangerously nearly kills two women and a baby on the @Queen’s Highway’, is explained away by blindness in the low winter sun.
    Was he charged?
    Was he pulled over the second time when he was again not wearing a seat belt?
    Not likely.
    He’s a ‘Royal’.
    WE gather in our thousands outside Buck House and wave the Butcher’s Apron every time one of them gets hitched, breeds, or pops their pampered clogs.
    I look forward to Indyref 2 and project Fear.
    Will Willie lie and tell us that we are subsidy junkies who will immediately have a £15 billion deficit?
    Will Lord Darling of Flipper lie and warn that the oil is running out, and the EU won’t let us stay, and we can’t use the pound?
    Will Gonzo The Clunking Fist promise Home Rule, honestly this time, will Big Blair McDougall (how does he earn a coin these days?) threaten that ASDA, Sainsburys and Tesco will put their prices up?
    Will Ruth Davidson lie and warn that England will no longer trade with us?
    Will our MSM give this bunch of Freeloaders acres of newsprint and relentless Broadcasts to give this bubch of liars and Enemies of the People of Scotland free propaganda for their threats, and too wee too poor too stupid rants?
    Will we be offered 13 Frigates if we vote No again?

    Bring it on.
    These ProudScotsBut have nothing with which to threaten us and loads to lose.
    We’re Ready this time, by Christos we are,

  9. Tol says:

    Does Prince Phillip drive an ordinary Land Rover? I would have thought it was an armoured version… Imagine the impact of being hit by that.

  10. James cheyne says:

    Wool pulled over eyes,I will say it again.We the sovereign people of the nation and country of Scotland never got asked or voted to join the treaty of union in 1707.so we are not and never were included in the treaty,in fact the Scottish people were furious at a underhand deal that was done by a elitist self elected bureaucrats,selling the sovereign peoples land, to another country as if they owned it,to gain themselves financial profit in which they did indeed receive monies.
    But they were not the owners,and it was not theirs to sell, and the sovereign people of and on that land within the nation of Scotland disagreed then and disagree now. We are legally still sovereign and we should challenge this false concept that we all” joined the treaty of the union in 1707,and we should legally challenge the corrupted elitest who claimed then and still claim now that “Scotland is held fast”
    Every law imposed on Scotland’s sovereign people since 1707 has been propaganda and false.We are still in the EU at this moment,and we should take advantage of the European Court of Justice to challenge wether the sovereign people of Scotland should be included in Westminsters Brexit,or should we have the right to choose ourselves,as a sovereign country and nation.

    • astytaylor says:

      Sept 2014. Should Scotland be an independent country? 55% voted no.
      I think that you are clutching at straws to hark back to 1707, and ask a European referee for a change of decision, no matter how much of a dodgy deal it was, James.
      (We all know that the ball didn’t cross the line in the World Cup final in 66, but the goal stood.)
      Anyway, the goalposts have moved since 2014, and the game has progressed. I suspect, and hope, that a majority will vote “yes” in the next independence referendum.
      All the best.

      • wm says:

        Since 2014 the people who have passed away that were over 65yrs old who voted, probably voted 75% No, and I would think those who have became age to vote, would vote 70% Yes.This would suggest that the Yes vote has moved up to maybe above the 50%. This makes me think that these polls we are fed up hearing about are a load of F*****g lies.

        • Robert Graham says:

          wM tend to agree about these polls , if they favoured independence they would never see the light of day , polls are commissioned for a reason and we are being led to believe they haven’t shifted since 2014 aye right comes to mind , as for older voters not so sure about being old means voting NO many older folk i speak to get it , they know the score and what passes for the truth now

          • wm says:

            Robert,, I hear what you are saying about the older voters, I am 76 we are not all scared of change, but in 2014 most of them were. I think if anything the over 65’s vote wil also have moved up as they realise how much lies they were told by the better together MSM before the 2014 Indy vote,

            • Robert Graham says:

              WM lets hope its ” fool me once” comes into play we all learn every day once you drop this fixation with the union you dont return lost for ever and they know it ,thats why they cant turn down the volume , all the best old timer ha ha .

            • Gordon Brown and Lord Flipper lied and was backed by the MSM that we would lose our pensions if we voted no.
              It is reported that the gang of mercenaries brought North to ‘campaign were lying to pensioners through their teeth that they would lose their pensions.
              We must counter this next time by ensuring that every pensioner gets the facts and the positive case for pensions in Independent Scotland made.
              Shouldn’t be too hard to prove that the English State Pension is under constant threat from the English Parliament.
              Just ask the WASPI women new poor pensioners who are now denied Pensions Credits under UCS rules, and who will lose between £5 and £ thousand a year because Willie Rennie says austerity is a success, or the dementia tax proposed by May herself on old folks who have no longer the mental capacity to choose.
              WE must flood pensioners with the facts. The English Pension is one of the lowest in Europe, but somebody’s got to pay for the Filthy Rich getting a 5% tax break.

      • James cheyne says:

        Why not have a plan B,just because Westminster does not have one does not mean we should fall into the same cesspit.
        Westminster drags up old Henry the eight laws from hundreds of years ago,right after our last referendum,why the suggestion we cannot revisit some old laws,
        Oh I forgot Westminster’s plan B is to charge or find a charge on anyone whom may be supporting independence starting at the top and working their way down,even if by association and get rid of them,the smaller you alternatives the smaller are the chances of gaining independence,this is the last time I will be posting on this as issue as I do not have my own facilities for doing so,I just borrowed James,s,many thanks to James.

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