The National’s Wee Ginger Dugcast : Jan 18

The second edition of The National’s Wee Ginger Dugcast featuring yours truly and Callum Baird, editor of The National. This week we discuss the events in Westminster and the growing impetus for Scotland to have a say on its future. And we also talk about the dog’s bollocks. As you do.

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12 comments on “The National’s Wee Ginger Dugcast : Jan 18

  1. Tommy Boyle says:

    Is the podcast also available in written form? I like to catch up in the pup, but not always appreciated by other users if sound on.

    Regards, Tommy


  2. Ross Kennedy says:

    Not one country gained independence by asking. Ignore section 30. Hold a non binding referendum. Recall our reps and declare UDI before Westminster enacts Henry V111 powers and neuter Holyrood.

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  4. Bill Fraser says:

    I’m sure the intention was great. I read WGD and appreciate the rapier wit. The sound quality was not great. Too many sibbilants and microphone quality poor. Get out of the bathroom. My comments meant to be helpful.

  5. I like the idea of ‘guests’ in future broadcasts.
    Get paul Sweeney on to talk about frigates on the Clyde or Rhea Wolfson on to describe the Red Tories and GMB Union’s 11 year ‘fight’ against equal pay for women in Red Tory run Councils.
    The debacle at FMQ on Thursday as the Red and Blue Tories worked in Better Together harmony deserved comment.
    I have a sense that your broadcasts will steer clear of ad hominem/feminam attacks, because it is sponsored by a member of the MSM.
    As such, the weekly broadcast is hide bound in its scope.
    On the issue of when is the right time to fire the Indyref starting gun?
    NS and the Scottish Government’s positional papers on Scotland’s future in the EU, David Davis dismissed the perfectly sensible Norway Plus proposals on one side of an A4 in January ’17, and Mike Russell has been studiously side lined ever since.
    I believe the point of the Scottish Government’s ‘different vision’ for Scotland post Brexit, if the rUK opted for Hard or No Deal Brexit was that Scotland, like NI, could continue in a Customs Union, Single Market,control its own immigration , under the umbrella of ECJ rules and regulations, as part of a UK, where England, and sadly Wales, Leave, and become a ‘third country’.
    This arrangement would of course be the next significant step on the Road to Independence.
    Nobody can accuse the Scottish Government of not trying to help dig England out of a hole.
    We are heading inexorably to the cliff edge of No Deal,and some of the alarming Little England voices I hear on Radio and Television seem tobe designed to drown out the 48% who voted Remain.
    One guy in Sunderland even dismissed the prospect of Toyota pulling out by declaring that ‘we would bounce back’.
    The Charge of the Thick Brigade.
    Patrick Harvie gets the mood of the Yes Movement.
    We go now, not in two years time after ‘not another bloody one’ SGE>
    The Government has a mandate.
    This is the ‘material change’.
    I await no foreign country’s ‘permission’ to take back our country from the Gates of English engineered Hades.
    A phone in with recorded extracts might be an item, guys.
    I’m ready now. So are several million of my fellow countryfolk.
    We have come to the edge, we were pushed, and we are flying, not falling.

    • seriously, get Paul Sweeney and Rhea Wolfson on the show.
      Let them tell me how great Momentum and the Red Tories are for Scotland.
      Hold feet to the Caledonia Fire and Brimstone.
      But…not…that…Dick Leonard…life’s too short.

  6. Macart says:

    Plan A is plan B for sure and no, May isn’t listening to anyone. She’s paying lip service and can kicking for her own purposes. Gambling on the difference between disaster and catastrophe to focus the minds of parliamentarians and the public. A false choice presented as the only choice, where only a very few come out as winners. Using the cameras and the post to play for time and sympathy.

    As for her seemingly teflon like ability to stay in office? Yes, she could have been brought down at least twice by her own party and the DUP, but they don’t really want that and neither does Corbyn…yet. The Conservative’s right may not have been able to remove her but they do so love being in power and there are enough Brexiteers in the ranks of the party as a whole to know that only by being in power can they achieve their wet dream.

    Labour’s leadership? Oh boy. Just as divided really.This isn’t some cunning three dimensional chess plan which will deliver unicorns at the last second. Mr Corbyn would personally deliver a Brexit no less as disastrous to the UK’s population. Nor could he deliver any deal that would differ greatly from Ms May’s. The UK’s red lines don’t matter a damn, ONLY those of the EU, and they’ve been pretty clear they’re not up for debate or negotiation.

    In short? Both parties are keeping May in power to carry that can she’s so fond of kicking. After she’s fulfilled that purpose…(shrugs).


    THIS and THIS

    • Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Sam thats quite scary.

      I have said more than once that the dying monster will lash out and hurt people as it shrinks into its self.

      I honestly believe there will be outrages committed by the Regime as it slowly sinks.

      The snuffing out of the human rights legislation could very well be the start of the process.

      Clear the human rights legislation and then the Regime can get started on the proles who have been forgetting their place.

      Hope I’m wrong but Scotland and its parliament could be targeted in a way we can’t accept.

      The battered British Nationalist state cannot afford the wealthy Scots to swan off with their riches, that wealth is now really needed by England now.

      Brace yourself.

  7. ScotsCanuck says:

    just to say …. I enjoy the Podcast and await the next Friday’s edition … the analysis chimes wi’ me … guid job lads (and dug !!).

  8. Well, through the wonders of BC I Player, I’ve just whisked through BBC Propaganda Sunday morning.
    Keir Starmer wants a people’s Vote and admits that he is a Remainer, but would back a UK GE where his party, and he, would stand ona Brexit manifesto.
    Liam Fox kept going on about the British peple decided, that would be all 100% of them, on Brexit, and the only reason that he and 202 Blue Tories have had in ramming through Treeza’s Brexit Beezer was that the HoC is a ‘Remain’ Parliament.
    The British People decided, the British people decided, the British People decided, and 80% voted for pro Brexit Parties at the last UK GE in ’17.
    So the 48% who didn’t vote Leave, and that would be 62% in Scotland, are not ‘the British People’?
    There are stories emerging that if a PV’s were held and Remmain won the day, there would be ‘civic unrest’ as the Leavers took to the streets and presumably rioted, or some such undefined revolt.
    But since we Yes/Remain bods have been airbrushed out of Liam Fox’s ‘British People’, we will not be rising up and creating merry hell in Merrie England?
    We are such a passive lot, we lily livered Johnny Furriner appeasers?
    Fox melted into a greay spot on Marr’s programme, muttering nonsense about doing a separate deal with Ireland over the border, and lost it completely when Marr quoted Eire’s reaffirmation about the WA and the irish Border.
    Ian Murray headlined on Brewer’s Sunday Joke.
    Ian Murray is now in a Red Tory Party of One, him, on his own, kicked out of the shadow Cabinet by Corbyn.
    Yet Donalda engineered for him to be presented as the Brexit Voice of Reason from the Left (well Blair’s New Labour ‘left’) .
    I was disappointed that he wasn’t wearing his Butcher’s Apron suit.
    Again, this wee man rabbbited on and on, safe in the knowledge that he has absolutely no influence or power in the events unfolding.
    You may ask, why was he invited on, to con the viewers into thinking that he has some sort of pivotal role, either on the developments of Brexit, or as spokesperson for Corbyn’s Commies?.
    He was getting free TV time to big him up in the eyes of the 65 year old Dog Whistlers of Morningside.
    Mary Scanlon, ex Blue Tory MSP who could not even hold on to a List seat at Holyrood sat with Iain McWhirter looking like and sounding like an old Blue Toty Brit Nat extremist.
    Brewer was flogging his pet hobby horse that the SNP are shying away from Indyref 2.
    Nothing to see here, yet tens of thousands of my TV licence money is thrown away producing this tawdry little Brit Nat Rubbish.
    I’ve got news for you guys. Brexit will happen on the 29th March, and this will trigger Indyref 2.

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