The Ice Queen’s sandcastle

After the devastating defeat of the government’s Brexit deal on Tuesday, came Wednesday’s vote of confidence called by Jeremy Corbyn. As expected, those Tories who voted down the central policy of their own government yesterday lined up to support it today. They might hate Theresa May’s deal, but they hate Jeremy Corbyn even more. The government has survived, it’s alive but not living.

After the vote, Theresa May came out of Downing Street to address the UK from a podium. “It’s time to put self-interest aside,” said the woman who’s done nothing but pursue self-interest for the past two and a half years. The speech was very much in line with her Brexit strategy to date, which is to waste everyone’s time. The only thing this brief speech had going for it was that it only wasted a couple of minutes of everyone’s time, instead of two and a half years. That is as close to progress on Brexit that this government is going to get.

The gist of Theresa’s speech is that everyone should come together to help Theresa deliver some version of the deal that was so resoundingly rejected just the day before. Plan B is to talk to other parties and other parts of her own party, with the aim of getting them all to agree to Plan A. We’re so glad that Theresa has cleared all that up for us. Hold the front page! The Prime Minister has just come out with the same bollocks that she came out with yesterday. And the day before. And the day before that. And the day before that … We’re living in Groundhog Day without the happy ending.

The Prime Minister’s infamous red lines remain intact. Her determination that only that half of the UK which voted for Brexit needs to be listened to remains intact. Her fixation on immigration and ending freedom of movement remains intact. My husband’s 18 month old niece is currently fixated with videos of The Wheels On The Bus on YouTube. Even she shows greater mental flexibility than Theresa May does. At least the wheels on the wean’s bus are going round and round. Theresa’s are going nowhere. The wean’s going through a phase. With Theresa it’s a way of being.

It seems an eternity ago now, but it really wasn’t that long ago that Theresa May came out of that same door, stood in front of that same podium, and told everyone that she was calling a snap general election in order to get backing for her vision of Brexit from the electorate. The electorate was not impressed with her vision of Brexit and stripped her of her majority. Yet Theresa May continued as though nothing had happened. And here she is, with only a few weeks to go before Brexit day, making the same appeal. She even had the utter gall, the sheer nerve, the complete brass neckery, to repeat the claim that in that general election over 80% of people voted for parties which supported Brexit, trying to claim for herself Labour votes. In Theresaworld everyone who voted Labour supports her now. That’s a consequence that those indy supporters in Scotland who said they’d back the Corbyn project could never have seen coming.

A general election made no difference to Theresa. A vote in the Commons, even a vote as clear and resounding as Monday’s, made not the slightest bit of difference to the government. It’s got to the point where you do have to ask yourself whether the UK remains a representative democracy. Because the only voices being represented here are the ones in Theresa May’s head. Just when you think that she’s been told once and for all that her scheming, her shittery, and her stubborn intransigence won’t wash, there she comes again with a new bucket of soap. She starts off talking about the need to reach out to other parties and other opinions, and then immediately makes her pitch to Brexit supporters.

There’s being stubborn and there’s dangerous self-delusion. It’s now time to ask whether Theresa May’s refusal to engage with reality is pathological. This is a woman whose personal shortcomings are now endangering all of us. Even now, even after all that has happened, she’s still sticking to her red lines and still refusing to rule out a chaotic no deal Brexit. And Jeremy Corbyn is still trying to forestall a second EU referendum. Paralysis is policy.

All we have is chaos. All we have is confusion. All we have is a knot in history that tightens in our stomachs. The safety, security, and stability of the UK. Punching above our weight turns out to be a punch in the head. Safer, faster, better change, off the cliff and into the void. Scotland was told to vote for the sensible choice of the UK. Vote realism, not romanticism, they told us. Scotland listened and found that we got turned to stone in Narnia in the time of the Ice Queen who’s worshipping a unicorn. She’s demanding we join in the Brexit prayer, “We won the war you know. We stood alone we plucky few. They need us more than we need them.”

The ideology of Britishness is a toxic nostalgia that pollutes our airwaves, fills our supermarkets, and tells us that compassion is a crime and empathy is for losers. It has no space in it for a Scotland that’s distinctive in any way. It has no tolerance for a Scotland that seeks a kinder, gentler, way. The old Britain, the Britain of the NHS, of free education, of a social security system that provided a safety net for all, it’s dead now. The lesson of Brexit is that those values can only flourish in an independent Scotland.

Meanwhile a new poll for the Herald has found that 56% of the paper’s readers believe that Scotland should have another independence referendum if Brexit goes ahead. It’s now impossible for opponents of independence to credibly argue that Scotland doesn’t want another referendum, although that won’t stop them trying.

The tide is returning to the sealochs and the firths. The tide is high, the currents running. It’s about to wash away the Ice Queen’s sandcastle with the union fleg in its crumbling turret. It’s time for Scotland to go to the shore and welcome the sea that connects us to the world.



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50 comments on “The Ice Queen’s sandcastle

  1. ” It’s time for Scotland to go to the shore and welcome the sea that connects us to the world.”
    Amen to that!

  2. […] Wee Ginger Dug The Ice Queen’s sandcastle After the devastating defeat of the government’s Brexit deal on Tuesday, came […]

  3. patricknelson750 says:

    Very poetic, you could recite that to a background of and stick it on youtube : )

  4. patricknelson750 says:

    I overheard Oor Wullie reading the above post on his Ipod while sitting on his bucket and drinking Iron Bru. I couldn’t help reading over his shoulder as he wrote a little poem that he was planning to impress Doris Gow with.

    Wee ginger dug his berk wis true, aboot Theresa he really knew, : (

    This can’t gae on anither day, t’s Groundhog Day wi ice Queen May, : (

    She’s luvin ridin unicorns, but she’s the ane that’s grawin horns, : (

    Wi Andi McDowell it wisnasae bad, but this awfu bick coud drive ye mad. : (

    Though I did suggest to him that he should take out the innuendos and insults before he read it to anyone.

  5. Tol says:

    Lets stop being naive. NO DEAL is now where UK is heading.

    May told everyone from the beginning NO DEAL was always the option…there is not a deal that does not include a backstop….Parliment will not pass such a deal, and VoNC will continually fail as the DUP are all signed up to see the end of the Good Friday agreement.

    The reality of the end game is now fully visible. Its time.

  6. I have a wee group of tulips (which I semi deliberately left, well missed, when I was clearing the soil) which pops up every January without fail from beneath the narrow gravel border at our back door.
    Over the years, it has become one of my Rites of Spring, like the crocus, and daffodils, and later in the gentle advance to Spring and warmth, the vibrant red japonica display of the Camellia bush just outside the lounge bay window.

    Life goes on, outside the WM Brit Nat Anglo Iron Heel Oligarchy.

    If the All Crushing Power which runs England and keeps Scotland N Ireland and Wales in colonial subjugation wanted to, it could have, and would have, got rid of May long before now.
    She is collateral damage, a delaying tactic, while the Powerful sort out post Brexit No Deal Britain.
    Paul’s excellent piece here reflects the mood of the People, Remain, Leave, Left, Right.
    The MSM and the political pundits are doing their jobs; keep Hoi Polloi in mind blowing confused fear and dread, with a generous helping of Johnny Foreigner Bad thrown in.
    The tide is indeed turning, Paul.
    I fully expect to be on the YES Campaign trail before I have to give my back garden hedge its first trim of the season.
    England and Wales are in serious trouble now.
    London is bubbling up now.

    • astytaylor says:

      Looking forward to the Scottish Spring, Jack.
      I meet all sorts of folks on the SE Asia meander. Not one person is impressed with the UK government. The UK has become some sort of head shaking bad joke.
      The blanket Brexit bollocks coverage in the media also serves to hide so much more. One set of rules for the wealthy; and the commoners can scrap amongst themselves for the crumbs.
      Anyway, i’m off for a swim before the sun goes down. See you in the Spring! (My old Speyside pals are champing at the bit too.)

  7. selkie says:

    Release the Unicorns!

  8. magisteria says:

    I remember reading this here back on the 19th Sept 2014: “The tide goes out. The tide will return. Stand on the shore undaunted and unafraid, building for the future, and waiting the tide’s return. The high tide will come again. But we have work to do.”

  9. Weechid says:

    You have to wonder exactly who is pulling the strings for her to be so defiant and stubbornly tenacious in the face of such opposition. She must know she has some heavy backing. Either that or she is delaying, awaiting the arrival of the mothership to whisk her and her cohorts back to the plant zanussi. They certainly don’t belong in the real world.

    • Jan Cowan says:

      I agree. She’s too confident to be alone. Also she said (what feels like years ago) that no deal was better than a bad deal – virtually letting us know that we were heading for no deal.

      But Scotland is heading for freedom.

      Wonderful last paragraph. Paul. Really enjoyable read.

      • Interpolar says:

        I’m not so sure. I know Godwin’s Law and all that, but am I the only one that thinks she’s a bit like Hitler stuck in his bunker in the film Downfall? She is grasping at straws, commanding imaginary options, and as for Goeb… I mean Johnson, who thinks he can just roll his tanks into Brussels and demand a different deal, because, well, the Commons have resoundingly said no to this one.

  10. Andy Anderson says:

    Same old tripe time after time.

    If our illustrious MP’s cannot grow up soon and a leader found to knock heads together then it will be No Deal. Even if the EU allows an A50 extension to the ‘end of May’ will that allow us time to find a solution? I have my doubts as there are so many divisions in Parliament and our society.

    I have a dream of freedom

  11. Macart says:

    The spin on the outcomes from the past couple of days hi jinks is truly bizarre. Apparently no deal has been ruled out by parliament. I’m not entirely sure the media have grasped just what no deal actually is yet.

    Lindsay Bruce on the Wings twitter feed has the right of it regards no deal. It is in fact one of the default positions of Brexit. It cannot be removed regardless of what a parliament determined to pursue Brexit insists. If that parliament and its government cannot reach a satisfactory solution with the significant other in this farce (that being the EU), then there are only two default options available. Parliament can cancel Brexit, or no deal it is.

    May set a bunch of red lines. The EU has its own red lines. Brexiteers in parliament and on the streets of the UK have their ideas on red lines t’boot. You can see why it’s fairly essential to lay out, and prepare for, precise outcomes in any ballot at this point. There was of course no Brexit outcome laid out or prepared for by either the leave campaign or Cameron’s government. He really is an epic (fill in as appropriate). Regardless, he did what he did and left the populations of the UK in an economic, political and societal mincer.

    The ONLY people whose opinion truly matters in this farce? That would be the EU. They are the institution who are being left and have made it abundantly clear from the get go that the bod doing the leaving doesn’t get to alter their rules to suit themselves. It doesn’t matter what May’s government wants. It doesn’t matter what the leave campaign’s main players promised the voter. It doesn’t matter what jingoism in the past two years from the likes of May, Bo jo, Fox, Davis and Raab promised either. It doesn’t matter what the Brexiteer in the street wants, or thinks they are entitled to, from the EU. It only matters what the EU are willing to offer that won’t harm the integrity of their charter or disadvantage their twenty seven member states.

    No deal is NOT off the table for the populations of the UK. As for what kind of deal can be returned by May’s government? I doubt very much the one already out there will change significantly. The EU have made their position pretty clear regards their red lines and no, I don’t think ooooohhhh Jeremy Corbyn would have returned a better deal either.

    There is not and never was a Brexit deal for those seeking to enjoy all, or even some, of the access without complying with all the rules. No being in without being in. Right now there is only the difference between a 6% and an 8% contraction of the economy of the UK, a political meltdown and a society hopelessly divided (more like fractured).

    For an idea of the scale of shit storm a 6 or 8% contraction means? Austerity legislation and over a decade of misery for huge swathes of the UK’s populations was brought in on the back of a 2% contraction in 2008. That’s basically a statement of public record.

    Both of those estimates mean disaster. You can fill in your own images of what disaster means.

    We do NOT have to go there. Probably worth a thought.

    • astytaylor says:

      Or, bring the Brexit bollocks on.
      Bring Indyref2 on.
      And see what happens?
      (I do feel sorry for the majority of people in the UK, but…)

    • Indeed, Sam.
      The Brit Media, by design or thickness, NEVER challenge the Brit Nat Brexiteers.

      England (with Wales’ colonists in its coat tails) is leaving the EU.
      No other viewpoint gets airtime or column inches now.

      May repeats this tired old mantra often.
      “Taking back control of borders, law, trading with the world outwith the shackles of the EU Trade Deals, a ‘third country’ ,but somehow, and nobody has been able to articulate this yet, still in, but not in, the EU Trading Bloc..

      Utter nonsense of course.

      The EU is not ‘bullying’ or ‘threatening’ the EngWaland Quitters.
      Dominic Raab was peddling this bloody Johnny Foreigner mince yesterday on the Good Old Beeb, unchallenged by the Brit Nat holding the microphone.
      He even said that their would be pain and hardship for a while after England leaves.
      Not for Raab, his well off relatives or 600 English MPs.
      Just the Great Unwashed.

      A Customs Union, Freedom of Movement, frictionless trade across borders, and the jurisdiction of the European court of Justice, are not ‘red lines’.
      They are the glue that holds a club together.
      Them’s the rules.
      England is fucking off at 23.00 hrs 29th March 2019. There will be de facto No Deal.

      England voted to leave, and the BBC Voces Pop unerringly feature Leavers from Hull, or BBC Scotland’s gem, a Gun Dealer in Perth with an English accent demanding that Leave means Leave, just get on with it.(I found it alarming that a rack of rifles is in open display in a huntin’ shootin’ and fishin’ shop in Perth, BTW.)
      I think the Polis may be interested in an arsenal of guns on open display, don’t you?

      62% of us Scots citizens voted Remain, but Sally and Jackie and Brian and Glenn and Gordon can’t seem to find one supporter for Remain.

      Europe need do nothing to ease Treeza’s and Jezza’s pain.
      Nor will they.

      Europe has moved on.
      No Deal is Boom Time for continental Europe, and Scotland, when we say YES to Self Determination.

      Many financial institutions and manufactures are on the move, out of England and Wales and back into Europe.
      Only an idiot, or the Economics Correspondent at BBC Pacific Quay would deny it, or blame China’s falling demand or diesel cars sales.(Hitachi has pulled the plug on a nuclear reactor in Anglesey).
      Jaguar Land Rover is moving out of England by degrees; to Slovakia in the first instance. 4,500 sackings in UK and 3000 jobs created in the EU.
      Even Rees Mogg’s Venture Capitalist Group have opened up in Dublin and the Netherlands.

      If there were a UK GE, the choice facing English Wales and Norn Irn voters would be Red Tory or Blue Tory Brexit.

      The 48% Down There and the 62% Up Here will not have an option, a party which supports Remain.

      Oh, wait a mo; I just remembered, Scotland does have a choice.
      Now is the time to make it.
      Every cloud, and all that.
      The BBC Glasgow crew get a wee all expenses paid few days in London out of this. After all it’s vital that they stand outside the English parliament to read the News Where We Are?
      It’s coming to an ugly head; get the popcorn teabags and toilet rolls in.

      • Line 13 “He even said that their would be pain and hardship for a while after England leaves.”
        Spot the T/err..
        ‘Delete ‘their’, insert ‘there’.
        My rage-ometer in print.

      • Macart says:

        Sorry I didn’t get back to you, but off on my travels yesterday.

        Word is the FM will be airing her thoughts sooner, rather than later, on an indyref regardless of what happens next week.

        Here’s hoping.

  12. Alasdair Macdonald says:

    I think it is even clearer, since Tuesday’s crushing rejection, that Mrs May is PM on sufferance and only remains as PM because no one else wants the job. The factions within the Cabinet will very quickly begin to exert themselves – as we are told that Mr Hammond has already done with his ‘pledge’ to business leaders. I think things will begin to move pretty rapidly and I think that Mr Dominic Grieve has sufficient allies to shift the balance of power from the Government to Parliament as he and his allies did with their successful votes the previous week. Mr Bercow, too, will have a significant role to play as have other Speakers in history, some of whom lost their heads! I suspect Mrs Leadsom would love to weild the axe!

  13. Millsy says:

    …and to think people actually voted these people ( MPs ) to represent them ! This is not the patients running the asylum , this is the patients setting fire to the asylum , locking the doors with everyone inside , then refusing to call the Fire Service .

    • Anne, arrogant nonsense.Scotland and Ireland are ‘England’ in the EU while England gets to set up Empire 2.
      This is the most insulting sentence in the whole shallow piece.
      “UK corporations that wanted the benefits of EU status could reincorporate in Scotland while keeping their current offices in London – and charging a reasonable reincorporation tax would float Scotland’s budget again.”
      And we scots just stand around letting all this happen?

      • Alasdair Macdonald says:

        Jack Collatin, while I am usually in full agreement with your many posts, I think your dismissal of this suggestion – which comes from someone based in the USA – represents a distinct change in the England/Britain concept that is pretty much omnipresent in the metropolitan media, and particularly in the arrogant and smugly condescending colonialist Guardian/Observer/New Stesman.

        The article is actually stating explicitly what we in Scotland and Ireland have known for a long time about the real nature of ‘our precious union’. Without actually stating it explicitly, the article is saying Scotland and Norther Ireland should be independent. The author provides a ‘shell’ UK idea, where the name of the ‘precious union’ is retained under a similar concept to the status of the examples of Guernsey and the Isle of Man, which she provides, but, could have included The Faroe Islands and, at one time, Greenland.

        Of course, the population size of England and Wales and the size of its economy makes it an entirely different proposition from the Isle of Man. In addition, Scotland and NI, become, in effect the continuing UK within the EU and England and Wales become the overseas territory.

        In the short term – and it would be a very short term,- this could provide the kind of fig leaf behind which egos could be deflated with minimal loss of face, so that what we Scots and Irish know is the reality of the ‘precious union’ could be acknowledged by the English/British nationalists.

        In all likelihood, in the immediate term, that is probably pie-in-the-sky. But, the significant part is that part of the metropolitan media has recognised the actual relationships amongst the four ‘home’ nations. Like the alcoholic the first step is, ‘I am Joe Bloggs and I am an alcoholic’. Now we have, ‘I am English, but I deluded myself I am British’.

        I think Tories I’ll possibly latch on to this far quicker than Labour, which after Mrs Thatcher’s destruction of trade unions and nationalised industries, is one of the few pan-British organisations left. (‘Pan-British’ rather than UK, because it has never had any real presence in Northern Ireland. The SDLP always had a distinctive separateness, despite being an ally. It’s MPs never took the Labour whip, and, indeed, the abstention of its MPs in 1979 contributed to the fall of the Callaghan Government.

        Thanks for providing the link, Anne.

        • Alasdair, I have no interest in continuing in any sort of Union with England, but this one takes the biscuit.
          England and Wales head off into the world of Free Trade, setting their own trade deals with Argentina, China, and the US, in competition with Scotland and NI the ‘successor stae’ within the EU, but somehow have their cake and eat it because Scotland and NI are still ‘governed by’ England , but not the United Kingdom of Scotland and Norn Irn(?), but that this arrangement allows English companies to remain in the EU but retain their head offices, jobs, money, and tax revenue in London/England.

          I do not live in the equivalent of the Channel Islands, which operate an immigration policy that amounts to:- if you’re not filthy rich you can’t move and settle here.
          It is impossible to be a little bit pregnant, or ‘semi-autonomous’ as the Project Fear One Brit Nats tried to sell us in 2014.

          We are returning to Self Determination, an independnet nation, with no ties to England, endof.

          England can’t even negotiate its way out of the EU; imagine the peals of laughter that this odd notion would generate if presented to Tusk and Barnier now.

          BBC Distorting Scotland tonight featured Arlene and Sammy of the DUP on the steps of Downing Street telling us Scots in the News Where We Are, what they demand.

          A bloated ruddy faced Jackson Carlaw, who earlier had acted out his sleazy routine ‘drink fuelled bedroom sex romps of AlecSammon’ in two part harmony with his Red Tory Better Together partner Dick Leonard at FMQ, because there is nothing else of importance happening in, or imposed on, Scotland other than smearing Salmond.

          This whimsy about Scotland and Norn Irn being England’s ‘back door into the EU’ is nonsense, arrant nonsense, as relevant to us Scots as Brian Taylor assertion on the same programme to the programme’s dog whistle 65 year olds, that, Jackson Carlaw will forbid a second Indyref and that ‘senior SNP figures’ revealed to Toodle Oo The Noo that we are all going to sit about meekly, suffer two years of NO DEal Brexit madness and WM butchery of Scotland, include independence on the 2021 SGE ticket, and then petition our English Masters , if the EssEnnPee get back in to Government, for a Article 30 ‘permission’from the English to hold a second Independence Referendum.

          What fools these hacks at Pacific Quay are.
          We are done waiting.

          Sorry, Alasdair, I cannot agree with you this time.
          I am in no mood to bail out the English.
          Leave means Leave, and good luck top them.
          WE are seriously on the verge of civil unrest.
          We are done waiting or appeasing the English.

            The ‘precious Union’ is dead.

            • Jan Cowan says:

              I agree completely, Jack. The answer is DON’T WATCH the ridiculous wee creeps. Not good for the health. Soon we’ll be able to concentrate our energies on the march to independence – as it looks like Nicola is about to blow the start whistle. Can’t come soon enough!

      • Liz g says:

        Aye Jack,and no a mention of who controls the oil?

        • Liz, I’ve just watched both versions of the Red Tories’ PPB on BBC I player, alerted by twitter about Snowdonia footage being used in that Dick Leonard’s ‘Scottish Labour’ promo.
          Distorting Scotland did not broadcast of Leonard or Carlaw at FMQ today because both ‘attacked’ the FM over Salmond’s sex romp scandal allegedly.
          They are Better Together in avoiding the reality of the suffering of The Many at the Hands of the Red Blue and Yellow Tory Few.
          On the day after DWP attacked our poorest pensioners by scrapping Pensions Credit for new pensioners whose partners happen to be younger than them, reducing a pensioner’s income by between £5 and £7 thousand a year, That Dick Leonard was on his pins backing his feloow Tory at the other end of the chamber flogging the Salmond Sex pest Scandal dead horse.
          They are beneath contempt.
          We are not waiting around for two years of England ‘taking back control’.
          Fuck that for a game of sojers.
          Has there evr been such a bunch of third rate Yoons as the dregs populating the Opposition Holyrood benches.
          I predict a riot.
          I could not be in the company of these shallow intellectually challenged enemies of the People of Scotland.

          • wm says:

            Needless to say Jack I am with you all the way, no surprise there then. I am taken with the way you can explain how I think.

    • Interpolar says:

      It’s an interesting idea, but I don’t think much more than that. I doubt it would take very long, and Scotland and Ulster would solemnise the break entirely (with the EU’s assistance), at which point the game is up for the Precious Union. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together in May’s government (yes, admittedly, there are not that many) would anticipate this happening.

  14. Alba woman says:

    Looking at Teresa is very difficult…..She seems shrunken and exhausted. Her health which,being precious generally,should be closely guarded,seems totally thrown to the winds……Not a positive image for young folk Teresa

    All that for a bunch of sociopaths who could not care less if she lives or dies…..

    Ideas of making good choices for yourself and others a joke to these people…Plus not a good image for young people trying to make their way in this world.

  15. susan says:

    The UK is on it’s last legs, I hope.

  16. hoplite39 says:

    TM is making the same mistakes in political strategy as Hitler did in military strategy (and for clarity I am only referring only to Hitler’s military strategy). Hitler refused to give up any territory, despite pleas from his generals, ordering troops to defend indefensible positions to the last man, the las bullet. Inevitably, the Nazis lost these positions, and eventually the war, because of Hitler’s uncompromising attitude.

    At one point, some of the General staff tried to assassinate him and organise a coup. Thus failed, but demonstrated there were doubts and resistance in his own ranks.

    Even when Hitler was driven back to the bunker, he ordered his division, many of them imaginary, still anticipating the final victory against the enemies of the 3rd Reich.

    When Hitler did finally recognise defeat, he of course blames the German people for the defeat, but of course, but did not blame himself.

    Does this all sound familiar?

  17. Phil says:

    I am not too knowledgible of internal EU doings but I would guess the more noise freedom-loving Scots direct toward the EU the more notice of our plight they will take. One useful mechanism for doing this may be “Petition No 0257/2017 by Martin Keatings (British) on delaying the signing of the UK’s exit from the European Union until Scotland has voted on independence from the United Kingdom“.

    It seems they, the EU, has a standard routine of allowing citizens to signup to petitions. Martin’s petition is attracting supporters and can be got to from this link:
    Petition the EU Parliament.

    To participate expect to be asked to create an account, sign-in, and look for the petition named as above. The aim is to give the EU Parliament forward notice of Scots’ intentions and to help prepare the terrain for ease of entry.

  18. J Galt says:

    “Paralysis as Policy”

    You’d better believe it!

    May and Corbyn are now effectively allies, wasting time as we head towards a no deal/clean, WTO rules (take your pick) brexit.

    The SNP should stop banging their heads against the Westminster brick wall and start planning to deal with the post 29/3/19 reality.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      We will get the formal Start gun as soon as Nicola is sure that there will be no General Election called. She will not know this for a few weeks due to the games at Westminster. Having a GE called after we kick of the campaign will kill the campaign for many reasons.

      We all know that if we get a Yes majority that the twats in Westminster will say ‘bollocks’. We will need to wait then until 2021 for the Holyrood elections to get a clear mandate they cannot ignore. We will need patience.

  19. Robert Graham says:

    Sorry a bit o/t , on the BBC website reference is made about the council workers dispute in Glasgow not one single reference to Labours involvement & the part played by the unions this disgusting act of propaganda by omission by this BBC .

    Until this propaganda arm of the English state is confronted head on with all access removed from our government and parliament with no access or contact with any SNP representatives ,Or if they accept a interview every single time anyone from the SNP is interviewed the interview must be disrupted the BBC actor asking questions must be made to feel that uncomfortable that they hope and wise they were somewhere else .

    Until this BBC is called out and people learn what they are up to we are fighting with both hands tied behind our backs , this should be first on the agenda every single time wakey wakey SNP this BBC are not ever going to be your friends .

    • The ‘controversial’ Steven Purcell, Gordon Matheson, and Frrank the Pieman Leerer Macaveety who collectively cost us millions in legal fees fighting these wretched woman, and that Dick Leonard’s Union who tried to con ‘members’ out of their entitlement, racked up half a billion in debt rather than pay these women the rate for the job 11 years ago.
      I’m a ratepayer in Glasgow; I’ve got to find half a billion.
      But hey, as long as Frankie Boy got his subsidised pie beans and roasties in the Holyrood Canteen and got to eye up ra burds…everything is well in the corrupt wee world of the ProudScotsBut wasters.
      Labour, the Red Tories can fuck off out of Scotland and take Momemntum with youi.
      Thousands of workers suffered, some have even died waiting because of the corrupt wee Unionist Brit Nat Branch Office, who do anything to fuck up the EssEnnPee running Scotland.
      Monica Lennon and Alex Rowley stood and asked Q’s at FMQ yesterday while that Dick Leonard challenged the FM on the Salmond Sex Scandal.
      Isn’t it time for Lennon to name names?
      The country is being destroyed by Rennie Carlaw and Leonard.
      Evil little Fifth Columnists.
      Their days are nearly over, thank the Lord.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      This got me mad, again.

  20. Referendum1707 says:

    Anne Martin 1.13

    Not too surprised there aren’t that many signatures, I’ve tried TWICE to sign it but don’t even know if I actually have or not. You have to first create an account, including giving full name address details then click on a confirmatory email which I did.

    That takes you back to the main EU petitions page but which has no sign of any link to the petition itself. Then I noticed another email from them which effectively said click here to sign so I’m thinking right that’s it…… but it’s not!

    It just takes you back to that same page where I now know you’re supposed to SEARCH for the petition. So I entered Martin Keating into the search box but got nowhere, just back to the same page again. Useless.

    I don’t even know if I’ve actually signed it or not, but I do know that there will be many who’d like to sign it but will give up on the rigmarole in exasperation before actually figuring out how to sign it.

  21. Malcolm says:

    Yes I also gave up on the petition. I was at it for ages. I think my problem is I live in SA and it wasnt recognising my address and phone numbers. I have done petitions before without a problem.

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