The National’s Wee Ginger Dugcast

Every Friday I’ll now be doing a podcast for The National which will be published on the newspaper’s site, and which I’ll also be sharing here. So now instead of reading my rants, you’ll get to hear my not-so-dulcet tones every Friday.

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18 comments on “The National’s Wee Ginger Dugcast

  1. Great idea, brings the debate to life.
    well done, Guys.
    However, and it’s not a ‘but’, honest, I don’t think that many of us are going to sit until 2021, 0r 2022, take part in a SGE, or UK GE, then, if the SNP get a mandate to hold a WM sanctioned Indyref2, start a campaign when we are 3 or 3 years outside the EU, and all the hardship and damage that WM can inflict upon the ‘troublesome Scots’ when they ‘take back control’.
    Events of course will overtake Brexit.
    May’s Withdrawal Agreement will fail, and ‘Plan B’ 3 days later, will suffer a similar fate.
    Then the game’s a bogey.
    Corby incredibly is going to defy 72% of his membership who want to remain in the EU by trying to force a UKGE with a manifesto commitment to Brexit.
    There may be a People’s Vote offered by the beleaguered Blue Tories in a last gasp effort to hold on to DUP backed power, or May might plead for an extension to A 50.
    Personally, I believe that it would be folly for us to sit on our hands while England self harms.
    In the first quarter of this year, we make our intention known.
    Ant party that wants to cosy up to the SNP must be told that the price of Cooperation is a section 30 order.
    The UK is about to dissemble in the next 10 weeks.
    God knows what 2021 will look like.
    I doubt that you will get many pro Independence supporters who are prepared to wait for 2 1/2 or 3 1/2 years under Take Back Control Little England’s Iron Heel.

  2. ‘2 or 3 years outside the EU’ even.

    • Joanna Cherry QC MP‏Verified account @joannaccherry · 7h7 hours ago

      “Speaking about #Brexit @The_Convention_ I’ve argued that if it takes a cross-party temporary Govt to #StopBrexit or hold a #PeoplesVote @theSNP must be a part so that #Scotland’s interests are protected & the @ScotParl is given the means to hold #indyref2.”

      As I suggest, we have the muscle now. We will be eviscerated by WM if we hang about for a couple of years post Brexit.

      O/T . I just listened to Richard Leonard’s car crash interview with Hayley Miller on BBC Radio GMS.
      He doesn’t know what the Red Tories’ stance would be on Brexit in their manifesto for the UK GE he demands, 10 weeks before Brexit, he hummed and hawed about NS and Salmondgate, and waffled and fluffed over Labour in Bed with the Tories in Aberdeen and racism in his shrivelled little pointless Branch Office.
      It is incredible that such an incompetent is leading the Red Tories Up Here.
      Is he really this bumblingly thick?

    • Ibus says:

      Many of us may well be dead by then. With even more austerity and a harsher benefit system, the tories plundering our NHS, charging for everything, plus shortages of medication, I’m not even very optimistic about my own survival, nevermind people who are even worse off than me.

  3. Noirin Blackie says:

    Great that will be fab lovely man xx

    Sent from my iPad


    • annraynet says:

      Hello Paul, I would love to be able to hear your podcast but cannot understand it as I have a hearing impairment. Is there any chance that you could supply a transcript that I can read as it is difficult to understand if I cannot see the speaker as I rely to a significant extent on lip-reading though even that is not perfect.
      Thanks for anything you can do and I look forward to enjoying your conversations.

  4. Andy Anderson says:

    Logical and realistic what you say Paul. We do need to take all of Scotland with us and also negotiate with WM. most people I know are gung ho to start the campaign now.

    I say just get on with it there is no need to wait for Nicola. Our support as it stands is not high enough to ensure victory so we need time although a no deal would change things significantly.

    It will be five years in September since the independence vote in 2014. If it takes one or more years to ensure victory so what. Better to be sure than fail.

  5. Hooray…I think?

    Sent from my iPad

  6. Ellie Fiddes says:

    Hi Paul.

    All the best with the podcasts – look forward to hearing them.

    All power to you in the excellent work you do,

    Kindest regards

    Ellie Fiddes

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  7. Pete Barton says:

    That was great, Paul.

    Allows for much more info exchange as ma Nana used to say.

    Way to go, althoug the written word is still a potent backup.

    Love your forthright manner, no bulls hit approach.

    Ps do you think Simon Pia is still Yes?

    I wish you had that MSM slot like he did; hang on, you’re there now!

  8. Marconatrix says:

    Very nice to hear your pleasant Scots voice. Wishing you all the best as you em-bark on this new venture, may it be dugged with success 🙂

  9. Macart says:

    Neatly done and a great idea. 🙂

    Also? Yes, those are pretty much my thoughts on the several scenarios available.

  10. astytaylor says:

    Aye, don’t dilly dally, Scotland.

  11. Macart says:

    This doesn’t miss and hit the wall either.


  12. Archie Hamilton says:

    Happy for you and all those who enjoy podcasts but for the hard of hearing the written word is still a preferred source of thought and discussion.

    • annraynet says:

      Agree, still waiting for a reply to where can it be found in written firm? No being difficult but would just like to be able to share this.

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