The year of the making of Scotland

Many thanks to Sam for looking after the blog while I was away. Like the British political establishment, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks avoiding work and responsibilities. I went off to the USA to spend Christmas and the New Year with my husband in Connecticut and had a great time with my significant other. But I’m back now, and unlike the British political establishment I am no longer avoiding my work and responsibilities.

After spending the past two and a half years living in a fantasy world, the British government is proving extremely reluctant to wake up and smell the Brexit coffee. Or rather the boiled mud that will pass for coffee once imports cease after a no deal Brexit. But never fear. Theresa May’s government is making preparations for a no deal Brexit by throwing lots of public money at a ferry company with no ferries. Which is appropriate really, as the entire premise of Brexit is based upon the UK’s non-existent status as a great sea power. The Royal Navy has more admirals than it has ships. And the Conservative party has more MPs than it has functioning neurones.

Just today (Sunday) in the Observer/Guardian newspaper, there was a report that Westminster is swirling with rumours that the government is yet again considering postponing the already postponed vote on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal. In an interview with the Marr Show, Theresa insisted that the vote would be going ahead as planned. But she said that the last time. She also said that there wouldn’t be a snap General Election just before she called one. There’s a clear pattern here, which is the only thing that’s clear about a Prime Minister who’s always saying that she’s being very clear.

The vote on the deal is expected to take place on the 14th or 15th of January. Debates on the deal are due to recommence this week. So far there is little sign that any significant changes have happened since the last time that the deal was postponed because it was obvious that it wasn’t going to get through the Commons. The DUP have rejected it, although to be fair Ulster Says No is their default position, and the hardline ideologues of Rule Britannia are just as opposed now as they were in December because they’re not going to accept anything that falls short of the opening credits to Dad’s Army.

Meanwhile, back in Scotland, this is going to be the year when the Scottish Government has to end its let’s wait and see policy about another indy ref. The chlorinated Brexit chickens are coming home to roost. Or at least they will be once they can clear the 20 mile long lorry queue for customs along the M20 motorway in Kent. It was sensible to delay a decision on another independence referendum while Brexit remains unresolved, but now that the apocalypse fiction section in the bookshop has been shifted to current affairs, pressure for a decision is growing.

There is increasing support for independence. We are closer now to independence than we have been at any point since the last indyref and many more people are now receptive of the idea than previously. Towards the end of 2018 opinion polls found that a clear majority in Scotland thinks independence would be better than Brexit, even a negotiated Brexit. If it’s a no deal Brexit, a large majority think that independence would be the better option.

When even Billy Independence Is All About Hating The English Connolly thinks that independence would be a better option than Brexit Britain, you can see why the diehards are worried. The Herald has been reduced to printing a photo of a graffiti of a swastika on an SNP poster to accompany a story about anti-semiticism in Scotland. Why bother with a considered defence of the UK when you can troll SNP supporters with some snide innuendo?

Pamela Nash of Scotland in Union has been reduced to pleading in the Scotsman for the SNP and the Scottish government to give up on the whole independence thing. She didn’t make a convincing case, but what she did do was to map out the arguments that opponents of independence are going to use next time around. Next time round there will be no Vow Mk2, because not even the misleadingly named Scotland In Union is daft enough to think that the Scottish electorate is going to believe any promises made to them by Westminster. There will be no more talk of the federalism fairy, no hints of extra powers for Holyrood that will later be gloatingly described by the Scottish Secretary of State as a trap for the SNP. There’s only going to be threats and scare stories, leavened with lies and false equivalences.

None of the defenders of the British unitary state have got any clue about how to ensure that Scotland’s views can be represented within the UK, nor indeed how there are any mechanisms within the UK constitution to protect Scotland from the English nationalism which created this entire sorry Brexit mess in the first place. They are just hoping that we haven’t noticed, and if we have noticed, then we just need to suck it up. That’s not a Union. Equating Scotland’s membership of the so-called Union of the UK with the UK’s membership of the EU is a false equivalence parallel to describing a nest of vampires as an NHS blood bank. It is however the best that they’ve got.

Their big argument is that Brexit shows that breaking up is hard to do. Which is true when you’re breaking up in pursuit of the fantasy status of a great power bestriding the globe and making favourable trade deals all on your tod. Breaking up successfully is indeed very hard to achieve when your defintion of success is to retain all the advantages of EU membership but none of the obligations.

Opponents of independence might have arguments as thin as the fantasy of a good Brexit to rely on, but indy supporters have serious work to do this year. This year the Great British avoidance strategies will stop working. The Red White and Blue distraction techniques run out of road. We need to be ready. 2019 is going to be the year of the breaking of Britain and the making of Scotland.

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29 comments on “The year of the making of Scotland

  1. Paul says:

    Welcome home xx

  2. annraynet says:

    I do do hope that you are right and that we can start to extricate ourselves from this clusteref**kingburach and turn Scotland into a normal independent country.

  3. Jan Cowan says:

    A big, big thank you, Paul. I have great faith in your ability to predict Scotland’s future.

    All best wishes to you and your husband for 2019 and many, many years ahead in our independent Scotland.

  4. Hector says:

    Happy New Year, Paul and welcome back. So much going on, mah heid’s burstin! Sovereignty of Scots; Sovereignty of Holyrood, Brexit, Constitution for Scotland, Polls, Polls, internal tory revolt against Ross Thomson?….So glad you will be around to help us pick out way through all of this over the coming months!!

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  6. Oliver Drake says:

    Paul, as usual, many thanks for your insightful blog. I hope that you, your husband and the dug have a great 2019 – keep up the good work!

  7. Macart says:

    A good new year to you Paul. Hope you and Peter had a great festive break. 🙂

    (Been doing the family thing myself for the past few days and just got back last night.)

    On topic? Yes, Ms Nash didn’t sound particularly convincing tbh and that clock is ticking down. Treeza’s Christmas/New Years message was a hoot too. 🙄

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Thanks for passing on that link on the wings over scotland site showing the English politicians wanting to sell our NHS for a trade deal with the USA by neutering our parliament now the real motives out for that power grab for all to see.

  8. ScotsCanuck says:

    Happy New Year, Bud (and tae yer better half) ….. excellent article (as usual) and right on the money.
    Totally correct in your assessment of … “move the ‘fiction’ literature to ‘Current Affairs’ … ” not even Hollywood could dream up a “Disaster Movie” to match this Horror Story ….. and they’ve got Trump !! (Aaarrgghh).
    Still … we’ve got “Strong & Stable” Government and Leadership in P.M. May …. talk about the Blind leading the Brainless !! (arguably it’s the other way around) … God help us !! … or more correctly WE need to help ourselves (a wee bit o’ Devine assistance wouldn’t hurt though.

  9. susan says:

    Welcome back Paul, glad you had a good time over there. Yes the trauma of brexiting is going to be used by the Establishment as a major part of it’s project fear mk2 strategy. We need to hold tight to our belief in Scotland now.

  10. Robert Harrison says:

    Do not believe anything those anti scots like siu the bbc the rest of the msm or even the Westminster lapdogs up here will pump out especially the begging because they are liers and decivers and will never keep a promise even to save there own skin as we are nothing but inferior to them and there England that’s how they always see us and Scotland.

  11. Molly McC says:

    Welcome Back Paul. Happy New Year to you, Peter and everyone who visits this blog.

  12. Luigi says:

    “Like the British political establishment, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks avoiding work and responsibilities.”

    Ha Ha Ha I love it – so true. Welcome back Paul, and Happy New Year t’y’all. 🙂

  13. Andy Anderson says:

    Welcome back Paul, Ginger will be happy.

    There is lots of talk of a no deal which although 3:1 by the bookies may not happen. If her EU withdrawal bill is approved eventually then we are in for a couple of years of trade negotiations with no real day to day change.

    There is actually nothing wrong with her Bill unless you are a brexiteer. Mind you better not to leave in the first place.

    Certainly an interesting period ahead. We have got to keep working to convince as many people as we can to the benefits of Indy.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      In the second paragraph I state nothing will change in the scenario described. I mean for trade only. For us a lot will have changed as we are out the EU

  14. Welcome home, Paul.
    Perhaps we all needed the break.
    I’ve just come back from Ireland; visiting my Mum in law, who is poorly, in Belfast, then South to Dublin as guests at the christening of our nephew’s and his lovely wife’s identical twin boys.
    We took the ferry from Cairn Ryan, booked online, and apart from confirming the booking at Cairn Ryan did not need to produce identification throughout the four days, crossing from North to South at Newry unhindered, the only sign that we had passed across the ‘border’ being the 120 K speed limit sign above Dundalk.
    Ireland is de facto ‘united’ and this excellent motorway, now running all the way from Belfast to Dublin, serves as a powerful symbol to illustrate that at last, at long last, the Troubles are behind the citizens of this incredible island, and the Good Friday Agreement is proving to be a robust and lasting path to peace and unity.
    I am informed that even Ian Paisley Jnr has taken out an Irish Passport.
    Can’t verify this, but I’m hardly surprised.

    Northern Ireland, and Belfast in particular, has a ‘European’ sophisticated feel about it these days.
    Brexit cannot be allowed to ruin that.

    Like Scotland, NI voted to Remain, and like Scotland, who dares defy the will of the people?

    England is dissembling as the world looks on in disbelief, and nobody seems to have an answer Down There.

    We have.

    It’s all bubbling up nicely.

    Ireland is not Nirvana BTW.

    Fiver for a pint of Guinness, and 50 euros fee to see your GP?

    But the Irish people elect their own government, and the government is accountable to the people of Ireland.

    We cannot allow Scotland to be reduced to a militarily occupied colony of England; that’s what ‘taking back control’ means.
    Direct Rule from London.

    It is the beginning of an exciting year for us all.

    We Scots shall prevail; of that I have no doubt.

    • crabbitgits says:

      Jack, you’re bang on when saying ” that’s what ‘taking back control’ means.
      Direct Rule from London.” I’ve mentioned this a few times and once on here. One of the major reasons for Brexshit, I truly believe, is them ” ‘taking back control’ ” and “Direct Rule from London.” You just have to look at the timing of it all and what has proceeded; Cameron’s betrayal speech came immediately after the result of indyref was known; even before all the votes had been counted. That’s how long it took the snakes! Then EVEL, then the Brexit vote and then the power grab; all the while, the shunning and the humiliation of our MP’s in Laandan! And all that time they’ve been laying foundations in Edinburgh, right under our very own collective nose for a Westminster Government in Scotland under the thumb of HM colonial rule! They want to keep the riches of Scottish Oil and other precious resources; come what “may”. That’s it in my book. Always has been. It really is time for our Government in Holyrood to wake up and get the finger out and right now! Otherwise we’re all screwed!

      • Scotland ceased to exist 300 years ago , crabbitbits.
        The Robber Barons, Nobility, the Royals, the Money Men, and Organised Religion wiped Scotland from the map.
        We,the Scots peasants had no say in the matter.

        Rees Mogg, Jackson Carhire, and Iain Murray still believe that we Scots have no say in the matter.

        England ‘won’ 300 years ago, so Scotland was vanquished, and its population subsumed into the Holy English Empire.

        Mundell is on record as asserting that Scotland no longer exists.

        Ruth Davidson doesn’t really believe that she is ‘Scottish’.
        To admit this would to be to acknowledge that Scotland is a ‘nation’, a country, a democracy, in its own right.

        The Blue Red and Yellow Brit Nat ProudSotsBut collaborators Up Here earn their not insignificant wedge betraying their fellow Scots by acting as a Fifth Column for their English Masters, the SE Iron Heel Oligarchy who hold the serfs in England in equally suppressed state engineered suppression and economic slavery.
        The Haves Down There, and their Anglo Scot Oligarchic Colonial Branch Up Here are barely holding the line now.
        Change is coming to these Isles.
        The days of the Filthy Rich and Privileged ‘lording it’ over us are numbered.
        Scottish Independence is as inevitable as it is imminent.

        1/5th of Scotland has been cleared for grouse shooting while Scots can’t get a roof over their head.
        That stops, and it stops now.

        Scotland is our country, our land, our nation.

        If Adam Tomkins, or Dick Leonard, or Wullie Rennie continue to deny this, perhaps they should consider their positions as representatives of the People of Scotland.
        I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this any more.

  15. john burrows says:

    The FM should pull the trigger next month if May’s mafia try to run down the clock.

    By my reckoning, this was the timing she herself suggested for initiating the campaign, after absorbing the losses of the 17 GE.

    I have the distinct feeling the FM is about to throw a cat among the pigeons. The timing seems good. The EU might even consider an extension of A50 for it. Delightful irony.

    The UK establishment would go ballistic. 🙂 The ERG types will be apoplectic with rage.

    Always a good laugh when these types do their stream of conciousesness Trump impressions. It will be like shooting fish in a barrel for us.

  16. cubby says:

    A guid new year to the dug and all other independence supporters. A toast to 2019 the year of the breaking of Britain and the making of Scotland.

  17. Gavin C Barrie says:

    Good to have you back, Sam as normal was first rate.

    The Brexit farce, and concerns over medical supplies, food etc. I have another concern niggling me, The UK’s foreign policy, and friends, once no longer a member of the EU – Gavin Williamson, Defense Sec. has already indicated that overseas military bases will be in place – and the UK’s best friends and military partners, possibly Israel and Saudi Arabia?

    Is military colonial adventures, offshore banking and money laundering Scotland’s future if we placidly remain in the UK?

  18. Phil says:

    . . . ” have got any clue about how to ensure that Scotland’s views can be represented within the UK” . . .

    Everything you write is so true. The ensurance that rUK wants to hear about Scotland will be the winding up of the Holyrood enterprise. All of it can be rolled back into a nice office for Fluffy.

  19. Macart says:

    “If passing the deal proves to be impossible then we have very little time left, we might have to extend Article 50.” Margot James

    Y’know, I’m not entirely sure you’re average government policy gonk has grasped this whole Brexit thingy. It’s either that or the bod involved is being a tad…mmmm… disingenuous.

    For the sake of clarity, Ms May has control of only one aspect in regards the conclusion of Brexit. She can call the whole thing off. That’s the only thing the UK’s parliament has any unilateral say over. ANYTHING else requires the EU’s say so, and at this point? I’m guessing they’re a wee bit fed up with UK gov.

    ANY extension requires the approval of the EU 27 states. An extension may also be granted in the instance of a snap general election being called tbf. But that’s about it really.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Correct Sam.

      Mind you she may be able to just not hold the meaningful vote until everyone falls asleep. She may also say bollocks and let a no deal happen because to use her words over the last two years a no deal is better than a bad deal (for brexiteers)

  20. Andy Anderson says:

    European Union governments agreed on Monday that foreign investment firms wanting to operate in the euro zone will have to set up branches inside the bloc, a move that will mostly hit London-based financial firms.

    From Reuters

  21. cubby says:

    My forecast of no deal, independent Scotland and united Ireland ( not necessarily in that order) still has legs.

  22. Dear Paul, excellent as always. When Indyref2 begins just what will be Better Together’s main arguments?

    Last Time: The oil’s running out.
    This Time: Muckle new oil fields off our North/West coasts.

    Last Time: Frigate factory.
    THis Time: Nae frigates

    Last Time: Vote No to stay in EU.
    This Time: Oops….

    Last Time: Vote NO to keep HM Tax Offices in Scotland.
    This Time: Oops, moved to England.

    Last Time: Vote No to keep your ‘British’pension
    This Time: British pensions worse in civilised world & WASPI

    Last Time: You can’t use the £.
    This Time: Who cares, it’s worthless with Brexit.

    Last Time: All UK wide banks & insurance companies will leave Scotland.
    THis Time: All UK wide banks & insurance Companies will move to Scotland to be in EU.

    Last Time: Security
    This Time: Food/medicine shortages & civil unrest, martial law

    Last Time: Vile narrow Scottish nationalism
    This Time: Brits/EU citizens move to Scotland to avoid rampant English xenophobia

    Last Time: Shifty Spanish politicos being cuddled by Marr BBC types
    This Time: Shifty Spanish politicos not being cuddled by Marr BBC types.

    Last Time: Carney Bank of England tries to sit on fence but according to Joe Pile (Project Fear) told Salmond, ‘Don’t f**k with me’. (pg 50).
    This Time: Carney apocalypse now, warning on No Deal Brexit.

    Last Time: Pooling & sharing
    This Time: Food riots?

    Last Time: Best of Both Worlds.
    THis Time: Third World status.

    Last Time: What’s your Plan B, Alex?
    This Time: What’s your Plan B, Theresa?

    I could go on (& on) but I need to walk the dogs.

    Loose the dogs Jeeves!

    Turn hell hound. Turn. And damned be him who first cries, ‘Hold! Enough!’

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