The Bumper Book of British Brexit
















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50 comments on “The Bumper Book of British Brexit

  1. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:
    Very clever, Paul.

  2. heathermclean19 says:

    Hahahahaha! Brilliantly funny – or it would be if it weren’t all so true!
    Thank you for all you do to keep us smiling and still able to find humour in the face of adversity.

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  4. Cathy Linney says:


  5. Thepnr says:

    These are brilliant and crying out to be made into a series of postcards. Great stuff 🙂

  6. Welsh Sion says:

    Hope you don’t mind me re-upping this, one of my own creations. (Hopefully, it won’t bore old readers and new ones will enjoy it.) If no one likes it, …. ah well, I will have tried.

    59. (of 60.)

    Four men in a nightclub

    George, Dai, Jock and Mick/Mike were work colleagues at Yookay Ltd. and shared the same building. George and Dai tended to work close together (despite Dai not really enjoying such a set up), whilst Jock and Mick/Mike had a little more autonomy within their own offices. George tended to think of himself as being the most important member of their group – the Team Leader or the David Brent, if you like. Consequently, and in the nature of office politics at Yookay Ltd., he tried to control the work practices of Dai, Jock and Mick/Mike; a habit the other three had long grown tired of. Well, although I say the other three had long grown tired of George’s domineering persona, they had not however, as yet, taken the final step of breaking up their partnership with him.

    George then considered himself the leader of their section and tended to exert his influence even outside the offices of Yookay Ltd. Dai was of the type not to upset the apple cart and tended to keep moody silences; keeping his head down and getting on with his projects. Jock however was rather more vocal and would often raise his voice against George’s “unwarranted meddling.”

    Mick/Mike’s was a more special case. You see, he suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder. On some days, the Mick personality was dominant and, after having had a bitter row with George, he would seek reassurances from his half-brother, Paddy; an ex-employee of Yookay Ltd., but who was now working successfully for himself. At other times, the Mike personality would pledge undying loyalty to George and the set up at Yookay Ltd., and not a cross word would be exchanged between him and his colleague.

    In such a way, the colleagues of Yookay Ltd. rubbed along, and the company itself limped on from financial quarter to financial quarter.

    Now, one evening, the four colleagues had gone to the Europa nightclub together. What George had seen in going there in the first place was rather a mystery. You will have already have gathered that George was not very much a team player or a social animal. His attitude at the nightclub confirmed all this. The music was too loud. Or it was not to his taste. The lights were too bright. The guests were performing ‘obscene’ movements as they gyrated on the dance floor. The drinks from the bar were some imported, fancy stuff – not like the warm beer he preferred in the Farage Arms pub back home. And the cost of entry! Goodness gracious! It was so exorbitant – and that for facilities he didn’t like one bit: he was minded to ask for a personal rebate.

    It was then that George announced, “We’re going home.”

    Now, it’s one thing to say that you don’t like a party and that you’re leaving. But, don’t you think it was a bit presumptuous of George to actually say “we” and including Dai, Jock and Mick/Mike in the equation and without making sure with them first? That wasn’t George’s way though. At work, as we have seen, he was known for throwing his weight about and getting his own way. In a similar fashion, he thought he could bully his colleagues into his ways of thinking outside Yookay Ltd.’s offices, too.

    “We’re going home?” Jock retorted scornfully, emphasising the “we.” “And who do you think you are telling us that “we” are the ones going home from this great nightclub?”

    “I saw you flirting with that dark-haired girl over there in the corner,” said George. “Positively unseemly. Not the conduct we’d expect from an employee of Yookay Ltd.”

    “You mean Frances,” Jock replied. He grinned. “Frances was an ex of mine and we lost touch when I started working for Yookay Ltd. We were very close. We even had a very close alliance at one time. I was getting re-acquainted.” The grin disappeared and was replaced by a grimace. “Until your ham-fisted approach broke up our relationship,” Jock added bitterly.

    “Why you ungrateful little creep! I’ve given you more than enough support at Yookay Ltd.! What more could you ask for?” George was shouting.

    “What more could I ask for?” Jock repeated. “Why, you could let me make up my own decisions on projects at work. You could stop looking down on me and telling me what to do all the time. And you’re not telling me that just because this Europa nightclub is not doing the things you want, that we have to leave.” Jock’s resentments over the years were boiling over. “In fact, George, I’ve had enough of you and your bullying over the years – I’m leaving you!” he shouted.

    “He’s right, you know,” mumbled Dai. But people rarely listened to him on account of his soft voice and his lack of self-confidence. It would have taken much more of an effort on his part to sound off in the same way as Jock had done.

    “Shut it!” George roared at Dai, in typical EastEnders fashion. “You told me before you wanted to leave. You’re in this with me! You know your future lies under my stewardship at Yookay Ltd. Think how stupid Jock would be throwing in his lot with this bunch of strangers, and an ex he hasn’t spoken to in years. He wouldn’t last a year with any of them – and away from us at Yookay Ltd.”
    Dai said nothing and looked down at his shoes.

    “You’re wrong, George,” Mick said softly. “My half-brother, Paddy has been coming to this Europa nightclub now for years. And he’s enjoyed the internationalism of it immensely. No more ructions with you at Yookay Ltd. He’s now free to do his own thing and make his own friends. He has a place in the world – he knows it and his friends know it. He’s a happy man. And I want to join him in that happiness.”

    “Another traitor!” George bawled. “Such ingratitude! To be honest with you, when you were in your Mike phases, I tended to over-indulge you. And this is how you repay me! Well, good riddance! I can do without the lot of you! I’m going home – and to hell with this poxy nightclub. I never wanted to come here in the first place. Come on, Dai!”

    “See you,” chorused Jock and Mick, grinning at George. “We should have left you and Yookay Ltd. long ago. We’re going to stay and enjoy the party atmosphere here at the Europa,” Jock added defiantly. “Too bad you can’t stay!”

    George stormed out, muttering threats against Jock and Mick under his breath.

    Dai stood on the threshold, a confused look on his face. He was less sure of where his destiny lay.

    Parables for the New Politics

  7. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Excellent very well done very funny.

    There are two main issues with Brexit for me, one is people were lied to very much as they were by the No side in the independence referendum. Folks made their decisions based on lies.

    The second issue is the Tories went into this mess without a plan. There clearly appears to have been no plan if folks voted yes or no. Simply no plans for the largest political decision for decades.

    Incompetence unbelievable incompetence.

    • Ibus says:

      They didn’t need to have a plan for exiting the EU. Their plans are all for after they leave the EU. Realign constituency borders to make it harder to vote them out. Dissolution of Holyrood, so they control the whole country again and the cherry on top, they continue with their tax dodging and money laundering.

  8. ArtyHetty says:

    Terrifying future awaits. Fck the Brexiters, rot in hell you gits.

  9. Interpolar says:

    Ah the nostalgia! And to think that Brexit will bring the best of the good ol’ days back without the nuisance of those socialist undercurrents that were fashionable back then.

    We must press on. For the glory of the Empire!

    • Marconatrix says:

      Ah, those pics perfectly capture those comforting days when we’d won the war and somehow thought we’d gone back to being Top Nation … then there was Suez … but hey, we were all New Elizabethans … painful to think about really …

  10. Definitely your finest yet, Sir! Absolutely brilliant.

  11. twathater says:

    I hate tae say it Paul but i;m old enough to remember the old Janet and John books , and you are highlighting and demonstrating the crass brainwashing technique the brit establishment used to keep us Jocks convinced we were inferior , this was carried on by the liebour cringers and troughers by telling us it was outwith our DNA to successfully run our own country

    Well F**k the lot of them it is coming soon

    A great expose as someone posted above they should be made into postcards

    • deelsdugs says:

      Me too. And the knuckles and arse getting whalloped if you didn’t speak ‘proper English and behaved like Janet and John’
      Excellent post Paul, pictures often paint the harsh reality…

  12. Embo_Girl says:

    A great piece today. I loved the use of the ladybird layout.

  13. Macart says:

    Neatly done. 🙂

    Folk can’t say it wasn’t laid out for them in simple, yet stylish and eye catching, fashion.

  14. Macart says:

    Aaaaaaand BOOOOOOOM!

    ECJ result HERE.

    and HERE

  15. Ruth says:

    You are brilliant!!

  16. Macart says:

    Just to be clear on what I’m thinking? The ECJ case is a massive result for those involved and seismic in what it sets as precedent, but I’d very much doubt it will alter HMGs determination to bring about ‘a’ Brexit. Remember, it’s about what they choose to offer the UK’s populations. They chose bad deal or no deal.

    The real impact of this ruling should be felt in how it affects the perception of the UK government in the eyes of our respective populations. The REAL question is – Why didn’t the government of the UK want the population to know there was ALWAYS another viable and achievable option available? Why didn’t they pursue this line of inquiry over the past two and a half years? Why didn’t the media?

    When it became clear that the UK was in no way prepared for Brexit, why did those we pay to act as our administrators, advisers, carers, not do their jobs, pursue and provide the population with all the options available?

    Answers on a postcard care of etc, etc.

    I can, however, think of one administration on these islands which kept all options open. Just sayin’. 🙂

  17. John Lowe says:

    Brilliant 😊

  18. Gwendoline Highet says:

    This is totally brilliant. Could you market it as a wee book or sell the images individually as postcards as suggested by another reviewer? It would be a great way to make some money, which I know is needed to help with the ridiculous payments you need to get your husband able to join you in Scotland.

  19. Macart says:

    Rumour of vote in commons being delayed or pulled. Statement due from the PM about 3.30.

    • Meanwhile Mundell is in Peterhead promising all sorts of rubbish to the Rich Fisherman..the poor wans, not so much.
      They don’t even keep him up to date on what’s happening in Cabinet now.
      Will she resign? Second Referendum? UK GE?
      We’ve got a song for that, haven’t we, Johnny?

  20. Robert Graham says:

    Anyone confirm it needs a vote to change the timetable regarding Tuesdays vote , I have heard it said its not up to Mrs Mayhems government but indeed Parliament

    • Parliament needs to vote, Robert.
      It’s kinda like what ‘taking back control’ means.
      They have just spent 4 days debating, well, nothing.
      May’s statement must be convincing enough for a majority to back yet another spell of kicking the can down the road, until after the Crimbo Hols, no doubt.
      Meanwhile Mundell is hiding under a creel in Peterhead.

    • Macart says:

      Yes, I believe that is the case. ‘Course if it turns out you could lose the vote to cancel the vote your going to lose on?

      Can we all say shambolic at once?

      • Macart says:

        Update. Vote deferred as opposed to cancelled.

        • Looks like they’re going to take the Julius Caesar option and plunge their gladii into her back as she stands on the floor of the Senate.
          Vote of no confidence and a Leadership challenge?
          John Bercow certainly pissed off with May and her make shift flat pack Cabinet.
          He wanted a vote.
          At 17. 38 tonight, the EU advised BBC that there was no more cake, or cherries.
          May called the SNP The Scottish Nationalist Party.
          Freudian Slip?
          I’m buying shares in pop corn makers.

          • Macart says:

            In a nutshell Jack. Their chickens are coming home to roost and this is just Monday.

            No fixed date for the vote and Jeremy bottles stating Labour’s position on Brexit. TBF he also didn’t call for a vote of no confidence. January being bandied about as a likely date. Can kicking (pfft).

            Both of them putting party before people and the PM basically showing the greatest of disrespect to the chamber. As for the PM’s treatment of Scotland and the third largest party in chamber? Take a wild guess.

            This is like watching a slow motion train wreck.

            • Jermy Corbyn and John McDonnel are old style USSR lovin’ Commies.
              They hate the prospect of a United Europe.
              He did spring a surprise at half nine tonight and secured an Emergency Debate for 3 hours tomorrow morning.
              As Pete Wishart acknowledged, John Bercow was ‘playng a blinder’.

              I have a sense that he has no time for or patience with any of the Blue Tory strands of Brextremism.

              He was almost chortling under his breath at times during the marathon Jaw Jaw.

              Chaos suits the Rees Moggs and the Boris Johnsons of course.

              If the Tax Dodgers can manage to clog up the works until March ’19 without a Deal, and England falls off the No Deal precipice, then job done.
              The FTSE Top 100 apparently trade in dollars, so they have mad a fortune today as the £ plummeted against the $ following May’s statement.

              We of course have our escape pod.
              It was, as you say, like rubber necking a car crash.
              I hope she is toast by Friday.

  21. Jan Cowan says:

    Creepy, seeing pictures from those boring, old reading books. I can only remember the dog’s name. As all our local dogs were collies named Breac, Glen, or Scot, the name “Nip” appeared to belong to another world – and a boring old world at that. It’s a wonder we ever learned to read!

    Great to see you make use of them, Paul. Brilliant idea. I agree they’d make excellent post cards – or leaflets for Indy.

    • Jan, we were taught German from pocket sized ‘Action’ comics.
      Plucky British Tommies, lantern jawed officers in the thick of battle, and Spitfire pilots zapping the Huns from the skies above the white cliffs of Dover.

      Donner und Blitzen! Kamerad! Achtung (Baby) ?

      We were brainwashed into looking down on the Germans in the 50’s and ’60’s,who were definitely an inferior race.
      ANY villain in Bunter, Just William, or the Famous Five was a portrayed as a ‘foreigner’, usually either Chinese or a garlic chewing European.
      Spaniards on bicycles with strings of onions draped over the handlebars were a constant feature, and so on.
      To be a foreigner lurking in the grounds of Greyfriars was definitely dodgy, and the height of UpToNoGoodness.

      I’d argue that the seeds of xenophobia of the 17.4 million Leavers were sewn in the post war Imperialism of England in mid century WW triumphalism, in comics, movies, TV, novels and newspaper columns.
      Not long now until May gets up on her pins and resigns, or whatever.

  22. Reblogged this on Max Stafford's Kennel and commented:
    Wickedly humorous summary of Brexit so far from the Wee Ginger Dug!

  23. Weechid says:

    I never though I’d see WGD produce “fake news”. The picture of the boy with the dog is obviously taken from “Mick, the disobedient puppy”, a book I won as a prize at primary school and which I still have. Mick’s owner was called Peter – not Kevin. Shame on you Mr Kavanagh 🙂

  24. Andy Anderson says:

    Sheena, she who must be obeyed, is very good at reading body language and having watched a wee bit of Theresa’s chat in the Commons today reckons she is going throw in the towel soon. Here’s hoping.

  25. Macart says:

    Paul, you don’t have enough room on the interwebby to comment on today’s proceedings. 😀

    Donald Tusk HERE.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      and he is not the only one saying the same thing within the EU

      • Macart says:

        No indeedy. Mr Verhofstadt issued a similar sentiment I understand. Treeza, of course, is buying time before the inevitable. Also? See under ‘kicking cans down the road’. If the date they’re bandying around of January (mibbies) is anywhere near accurate, we’re looking at hee haw time to settle anything. Mind you, May’s Brexit or no deal Brexit. It won’t matter much to those on the receiving end.

        Hardship will still be hardship regardless. The myth of no other choice was blown out of the water with the entry of the ECJ ruling. This is ALL about the split in Tory ideology and party politicking. It has bugger all to do with the needs of populations. As if it ever were tbh.

        • The well known put down, ‘If he was chocolate, he would eat himself’, may be levelled atMay latest Brexit Man, Stephen Barclay.
          Smarmy condescending lad in a shiny suit.

          He tried to take on ‘our’ Johanna Cherry over the ECJ Ruling that the UK could reverse Article 50, and got what he deserved, short shrift from a Barrister.

          He tried to argue that the UK Government spent still undisclosed millions (he was asked 3 times for the figure) fighting what he argued was a ‘hypothetical’ scenario: the UK scrapping Brexit.

          In his eyes, the UK was leaving the EU in March 2019, regardless of what the UK Parliament voted for, or a change in the public mood in a second Referendum swinging towards a Remain rethink, now that we know how utterly disastrous any form of Brexit will be.

          He snuck out of the Chamber with his tail between his legs as Bercow took points of order.
          He was literally laughed out of the House.

          With the advent of hand held New Tech, MPs were able to plot May’s movements during the marathon debate; she has flown to Europe this evening to meet up with Leaders to talk Backstop.
          And Tusk has reaffirmed that the Withdrawal Deal cannot be altered to reflect a soft Backstop.

          We are witnessing the end of the UK.
          It was hours of sheer bedlam.
          We shall be free, an’ no’ before time.

        • Weechid says:

          Buying time in which to bully, blackmail and bribe enough people to agree with her maybe?

  26. Movy says:

    Love it. Hope the bus finds Boris, and Farage, and Gove, and May….

  27. Robert Graham says:

    The proceedings tonight in the house of ” ill repute ” should have been broadcast on every TV Station for all to see , I doubt if anyone has witnessed such a bloody farce , all that was missing were custard pies a funny hats ,

    This is presented to the world as the Mother of parliaments ,anyone watching would have seen Government Ministers taking the piss . While the mob behind them goaded and attempted to silence opposition ,it appeared business was proceeding off the cuff and was being made up as their went along ,

    some Tory shouts “tomorrow ” then some archaic ritual proceeds to be enacted . This is after all the opposition MPs stood up , pure Pantomime great Theatre.

    Apparently the messiah Corbyn managed to secure a three hour debate on whether or not the government could suspend the vote they had just suspended , I hope that makes sense because it bloody confused me.

    And these Clowns actually run this country , who would vote for the inmates in the asylum to be in charge it appears ” One Flew over the Cuckoos nest ” wasn’t fiction after all its being re-enacted before our eyes.

  28. Michael Laing says:

    Brilliant! Possibly your best yet!

  29. susan says:

    Love the pics, it was Peter and Jane ladybird books when I was in primary.

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