A Scottish reply to Theresa’s letter

Dear Theresa,

Thank you for your begging letter. However let’s not be too churlish, congratulations are in order. The UK was divided as never before, fearful of the future, angry and anxious, and against all the odds you have managed to unite this disunited and dysfunctional kingdom. Everyone thinks that your deal sucks.

You ask for everyone to get behind you. That’s pretty rich. You started Brexit negotiations by deciding to ignore the wishes of that half of the UK which had voted to remain, and by deciding unilaterally that those who had voted to leave wanted the hardest possible Brexit. At every stage in these sorry proceedings you were motivated first and foremost by your own career interests, and then by keeping your miserable and fractious party together. Your plan was, and is, to do whatever it takes to further the interests of the Conservative party, and now you have the nerve to write to the people of the UK begging us to get behind you in the national interest.

You began in bad faith and have continued the same way. You initiated the Article 50 process without having a clear plan other than wishful thinking and the unshakeable belief that the EU owed the UK its cake and its cherries because Britain is special. You activated Article 50 when you did because local elections in England were looming. Securing a greater number of Conservative councillors in the shires of England was far more important to you than this so-called national interest which you’re now pleading with us to get behind.

You compounded our view that you were acting purely in your own selfish self-interest by embarking upon an entirely unnecessary general election at a crucial point, at a point when the UK should have been framing a coherent and cohesive set of Brexit plans. Instead you decided that it was an ideal time to try and get one up on the Labour party and secure a large majority for your visionless Brexit, your blank Euro cheque. And you failed. You ended up losing the majority that you did have. The people of the UK told you plainly that we didn’t want your hard nose Brexit that pandered to the Tory right, and yet you ploughed on regardless. Nothing has changed.

Throughout this entire sorry and miserable past two and a half years, you have acted selfishly and mendaciously. And now you wonder why we’re not prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt.

You speak of your precious Union, but you’ve done the square root of hee haw to demonstrate that you understand what a Union means. To you, this precious Union means that Scotland is under your thumb. We have watched you Theresa. We have seen how you revel in power, how you seek control, how you avoid accountability. We know what you mean when you tell us how precious this so-called Union is to you. It means that you believe Scotland to be your possession, your toy, a pretty bauble of a nation that allows you to pretend that your xenophobic foreigner blaming British nationalism isn’t nationalism at all.

You were amongst those telling Scotland in 2014 that this country of ours could only remain a member of the EU by voting to remain a part of the UK. In 2016 Scotland voted to remain a part of the EU by a much larger margin than it voted to remain in the UK. You insisted that the UK took the EU vote as a whole and would leave as a whole. You insisted that no part of the UK was going to be treated differently. Throughout the past two and a half years you have ignored the Scottish governnment, you have treated Scotland with contempt. You have demonstrated that Scotland being a part of this so-called precious Union means that Scotland doesn’t have a voice, Scotland doesn’t get a say, Scotland’s needs will not factor into your calculations.

We’ve seen Northern Ireland getting a special deal. We’ve seen Gibraltar being treated differently. Both of those parts of Brexitland have an independent state putting pressure on your government and standing up to you. What that tells us in Scotland is that the British government will only listen to the will of the Scottish people if we too have an independent state standing up for us. Because you sure as hell won’t. You don’t know the difference between member nation in a precious union and a satrapy. We’ve seen how Dublin has been in a position to dictate terms to you Theresa. We’ve seen how you’ve marginalised, sidelined, and ignored Edinburgh. So we look to Dublin and we think to ourselves – we could do with some of that. As it stands all we have is a David Mundell who hasn’t resigned yet. There are stuffed Hielan coos with tartan bunnets in airport gift shops who do a better job of representing Scotland than him.

Even worse than that, you have used Brexit as a tool to undermine the entire devolution process. You have unilaterally up-ended the principle of the devolution settlement, against the express wishes of the Scottish Parliament, a principle which the people of Scotland voted for overwhelmingly in the referendum of 1997, a principle which the people of Scotland reinforced in the referendum of 2014 when the British parties assured us that a no vote meant stronger and better devolution. What was that about respecting the will of the people Theresa? What was that about respecting the result of the referendum? It seems that no longer applies when it stands in the way of the Conservative party getting what the Conservative party wants.

At every step in this Brexit process, your government has been characterised by selfish self-interest, by mendacity, by greed, by stupidity. You’ve spent the past two and a half years negotiating with your own party. The UK interest hasn’t got a look in, never mind the interests of Scotland. And now you want Scotland to get behind your deal Theresa? Well in your own words: now is not the time.

Now is the time for us to prepare to have a vote on our own future. Now is the time for Scotland to learn the lessons of Brexit and put them into effect. And what we have learned Theresa, the lesson that you yourself have taught us, is that you will only listen to Scotland, you will only pay Scotland heed, you will only treat the people of Scotland with respect, if Scotland is represented by the independent government of an independent Scottish state. Now is the time for Scotland to decide what path it’s going to take. It’s not the path that meekly follows you.  Now is the time for Scotland to say, we’ve had enough.

You’ve brought this upon yourself.


Millions of angry Scottish people

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90 comments on “A Scottish reply to Theresa’s letter

  1. Ah Paul, yir best yet, wonderful.

  2. Weechid says:

    Mine was more brief – Addressee refused delivery – return to sender.

  3. Clare M says:


  4. This should be printed and sent recorded delivery to Treeza.

  5. Dave Simpson says:

    I entirely agree with all of this, but I’m nothing like as eloquent.

  6. Sheryl Hepworth says:

    Oh Paul, I wish every household that receives her missive could copy and paste your reply!! Wonderfully expressed!!

    • grumpydubai says:

      Maybe each Independista could, with Paul’s permission, send this to No. 10?

    • I don’t agree. Credit where credit’s due. After all, Old Theresa has managed to achieve what The Spanish Armada, Napoleon Bonaparte, The Kaiser, Mussolini and Adolf Hitler all failed to do. She has given sovereignty over Britain to Spain, Germany, Italy and France and the other 23. It takes real skill and ability to do that. Our former enemies didn’t have to fire a shot either. It was handed to them on a plate by the English. Btw this isn’t May’s deal, this has been written by the EU. 585 pages? A couple of months ago the Chequer’s deal was written down on the back of a fag packet.
      Why did we fight those World Wars? Why did all those people die? There is no escape from the backstop. There is no solution to the Irish border, so Britain will fall into the backstop and there we will remain until the EU allows us out. But why would they? There is no incentive for them to do so, in fact the reverse is true. They can milk us dry. If we disagree with any of the rules or laws they will legislate for us, we can take our complaint to the European Court. There, we would face 27 EU appointed judges. So, good luck with that. The Tories have been done up like a kipper.

      • Or…..we could remain in the tent pissing out, Marlon.
        I have no sense of belligerence or malfeasance on the part of the EU 27; the opposite seems to be the case.
        To misquote Billy Joel; they didn’t start the fire.
        David Cameron did.
        Tusk is not a tyrant.
        Barnier is not a bully. Merkel is not a moron.
        England and Wales voted by referendum,narrowly, to leave the EU, that’s all.
        In any true ‘democracy’ there can be no cut and dried option to follow if the vote is split so evenly.
        The ‘will of the people’ was markedly riven down the middle.
        Yet we found ourselves at the mercy of a Far Right Wing Blue Tory Cabal who have barged ahead with a Free Market ‘take back control’ of The Herd capitalist ideology, and to hang with the fact that May lost her Parliamentary majority, is propped up by 10 Religious Fundamentalist, well frankly, bigoted evil nuts, and tens of millions of us are to be dragged out of Europe, socially, economically, and physically against our express wishes.
        That’s not ‘democracy’, that’s dictatorship by an Iron Heel Oligarchy.
        The ‘we won, get over it’, fascism which has blighted Scotland for 300 years. There’s more of us than you, and we have a mighty army to back us up, so back in your box, Sweaties.
        The EU 27 have spent 2 years mitigating the impact of Merrie Olde England fucking off into Trump’s ample arms.
        Scotland, the nation, the ‘country’, voted to remain in the EU bloc; so be it. ‘Bye, England and poor old colonised Wales.
        May knows full well that her husband’s bosses won’t allow this Brexit deal to survive Christmas.
        God save them one and all.
        Scotland will find its own way in the world from now on.

        • ‘Scotland will find its own way in the world now”. Absolutely Jack, question is how? How, do we get this Brexit mess to work in favour of attaining Scottish Independence? How can we use this shambles to move soft No’s to Yes, thereby winning Indyref 2. The consequences of losing Indyref 2 doesn’t bear thinking about. We must win it.
          This deal, the EU has handed to Theresa May, is bad for Scotland and rUK. However, because it’s so bad, it actually could be good for independence. Over the months, there would be a steady realisation in Scotland, of how lonely and dangerous it will be out of the EU. There will be a growing desperation of wanting to return to membership of the EU, at any cost. What we don’t want is a No Deal, which could do irreversible harm to Scotland, or Remain, which would undermine the case for independence.
          However, it looks as if the HOC will sink her deal, so what happens then? Who knows?

          • Good set of questions, Marlon.
            No easy answers.
            All the ‘leading’ politicos down South have held the line that the UK is leaving the EU on the 29th March next year.
            Nobody is proposing Remain.
            On that basis, the material change which sparks Indyref 2 stands the test of time.
            Any time after 30th March 2019 is too late in my view.
            I am patient enough to wait until the WM vote on 11th December, thereafter I am revolting, which many have observed of me before now.

      • David Simpson says:

        You do realise that England hasn’t been an independent country for over 300 years?

        • Welsh Sion says:

          Or even longer, David. They annexed us in 1535, remember – although the initial conquest was wrapped up by the Statute of Wales of 1284.

          That’s without considering the conquest of Cornwall …;)

      • Marconatrix says:

        The backstop (I almost typed ‘blackspot’ — lol!) will only end when Ireland re-unifies, as simple as that, surely?

  7. Heather McLean says:

    The letter Nicola Sturgeon probably would love to send if she wasn’t the First Minister bound by the constraints of diplomacy!
    That’s Theresa TELT – you dinnae miss and hit the wa’!

    • Illy says:

      I dunno, Sometimes I think “diplomatic language” needs folks to tell it straight sometimes.

      Imagine the reaction if Nicola literally told May to “Fuck off, and don’t come back ’till you’re willing to be reasonable!”

      May might burst a vein!

  8. Marconatrix says:

    Surely this needs to be somewhere online where folk can sign it?

  9. Alba woman says:

    Top class …Thank you..

    The worst government ever in my 70 year old lifetime. Who are these people…they have been given and have taken so much power…..I hope folk will see how important politics is to the shaping and control of their life experience.

    Haud me back!

  10. Jan Cowan says:

    Brilliant! Couldn’t be better, Paul. This letter HAS to go far and wide.

  11. proudcybernat says:

    Everything I have ever thought about this whole sorry mess Scotland presently finds itself in 100% encapsulated in this article. Thank you, Mr Kavanagh. Just THANK YOU.

    Oh, and the Dug too!

  12. Andy Anderson says:

    Excellent Paul, a metaphorical assassination without even one sweary word.

  13. Macart says:

    Yeah, that pretty much nails it. 🙂

  14. Catherine says:

    Thank you Paul.

  15. Richard palmer says:

    This is a superb article and should be put in print for all to read

  16. absolutely brilliant, Paul.
    May’s mad letter to the Peeple reminds me of Stephen King’s movie, ‘Misery’, where Kathy Bates’ character imprisons author James Caan, when she discovers that he has killed off ‘Misery’, heroine of a series of bodice rippers.
    The lonely insane woman asserts that she is the author’s ‘biggest fan’, but ties him to a bed until he agrees to write the story which she wants, where Misery survives.
    In one horrific scene, the lunatic smashes his legs with a sledge hammer and a block of wood, immobilising him long enough to write the tale that she wants.
    Scotland and Northern Ireland are tied to a bed in May’s back bedroom, and won’t be allowed out until the Mad May’s revised reality of Brexit is published to the world, and there is no turning back.
    Aye, right.
    We go, and we go very soon now.
    The chilling paragraph which announces in triumph that there will be no more freedom of movement did it for me.
    Madness stalks the green lanes of old England.
    Time to exit, stage left, Scotland.
    It really reads like she has lost leave of her senses.
    We stood by and let the English deindustrialise Scotland.
    This time, we are ready.

  17. Hetty says:

    Excellent reply Paul.

    Imagine a PM having to write a letter to a daily rag to get support for something which will damage if not in fact ruin business, which will mean the actual loss of millions of jobs, and livelihoods and therefore lives. What does that say to us? What does it say to Scotland who voted remain by a huge majority? It says fcuk you, ‘unite’ in the suffering,and the normalisation of suffering of the most vulnerable people in your communities, in your country ie Scotland. ‘Come with us, la la la, paradise awaits, ha ha ha’.

    It’s like some kind of freaking cult death wish!

    Then off the rabidly rich Brexiters go, into the freaking sunset, on their fancy boats in their fancy chateau’s, while the rest of the gullible and not so, fight among themselves for a wee scrap of bread. You could hardly make it up!

    Well fck that for a bunch of bendy bananas Treeza May! We are not taking your poisonous medicine, we will not allow you to ruin our childrens’ futures, or take Scotland back into your nasty destructive clutches of British Nationalist poverty and destitution, begging for crumbs!

    No thanks.

    I think we should adopt ‘no thanks’ as part of the indy ref 2 message, there are so many things that Scotland has no need to be thankful for when it comes to the Britnats’ rule of the past 300+ years. Scotland is on a life affiirming path, looking to the future and not the nasty, class ridden cesspit of the past 300 years. Go to the ‘People’s museum’ on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile to see how people survived, or rather didn’t, in lofts, kids starving, freezing to death, all under thye watch of the so called ‘union’.

    ‘Unite?’ I don’t fckg think so Treeza, not on your life!

    Scotland, throw off your chains, be bold, and most of all, we must not be so supine next referendum!

  18. Ibus says:

    Thank you Paul

  19. Brian paterson says:

    David Cameron the Tory asswipe for me is the main culprit here!!! Didn’t get his way sloped off and left others to deal with the problem

  20. Interpolar says:

    Paul – you speak for me. Every word, line for line.

    Theresa – you do not. Get lost.

  21. Dave tewart says:

    Thank you Paul for a well put together reply to the maybot.
    A Scottish Nation shouldn’t have needed to reply to the maybot’s begging letter that was published on a dissappearing paper media. I was looking forward to getting it through the letterbox and returning it to sender but that’s not how it works.
    She should have put her brain in gear before getting it written for her, how to rub the peeeeeeple up with her spin and counter spin. How can we read that stuff and not think that she’s taken leave of her senses. Even today we have the chancellor say it’s a great deal, we’ll be better off sometime in the future, date to be decided. He’s playing the loyalty to the party card so that he doesn’t mess up his chance of being PM.
    You’ll have had youe democracy then Scotland.
    Time to leave and be grown up and live with our own decisions.

  22. Helen Wilson says:

    My sentiments entirely. This TM woman is a disgrace, not only to Scotland, but to the whole of the UK. She is a power seeking, nasty, inhumane individual. We must get Independence for our wonderful Scotland and leave her in retirement where she belongs. She won’t even give the hard working 1950s women their well deserved pension. She prefers to see them struggle to survive while she wallows in her wealth. So let’s go for it now, sooner rather than later, and get our Independence thereby escaping this dreadful WM Government.

  23. Gordon Anderson says:

    We hear politicians glibly talk about the voice of the people, well you my friend, so eloquently, ARE the voice of the people!

  24. Ian Aird says:

    Print it and put a copy into every library and community centre in the country.

  25. Helen Smith says:

    Brilliant! My sentiments exactly but far more eloquently and succinctly expressed than anything I could manage!

  26. deelsdugs says:


  27. Les Bremner says:

    Thank you Paul. You have once again motivated me by your eloquent words and then made me laugh. Adding two kisses at the end was a beautiful touch.

  28. diabloandco says:

    Yes, yes a thousand times YES!

  29. John Low says:

    The only thing I’d disagree with is her priority being her own career.
    Seems to me that her priority number 1 is keeping foreigners out of the UK.

  30. Les Bremner says:

    Here is a similar essay from an Englishman.

    Mike Harding, who used to have an excellent show on television, is four months younger than myself, being born in October of 1944. That last fact might seem irrelevant until you read his fourth paragraph.

    This is what he posted on Facebook, and which has had 9.9k likes, 1.1k comments and nearly 8k shares to date. We are not isolated and alone in our condemnation of her.

    Dear Mrs May
    I am in France having a break having come here on the train all the way from Settle. I just read your letter to me and the rest of Britain wanting us all to unite behind the damp squib you call a deal. Unite? I laughed so much the mouthful of frogs legs I was eating ended up dancing all over the bald head of the bloke on the opposite table.
    Your party’s little civil war has divided this country irreparably. The last time this happened Cromwell discontinued the custom of kings wearing their heads on their shoulders
    I had a mother who was of Irish descent, an English father who lies in a Dutch graveyard in the village where his Lancaster bomber fell in flames. I had a Polish stepfather who drove a tank for us in WW2 and I have two half Polish sisters and a half Polish brother who is married to a girl from Donegal.
    My two uncles of Irish descent fought for Britain in N Africa and in Burma.
    So far you have called us Citizens Of Nowhere and Queue Jumpers. You have now taken away our children and grandchildren’s freedom to travel, settle, live and work in mainland Europe.
    You have made this country a vicious and much diminished place. You as Home Sec sent a van round telling foreigners to go home. You said “ illegal” but that was bollocks as the legally here people of the Windrush generation soon discovered.
    Your party has sold off our railways, water, electricity, gas, telecoms, Royal Mail etc until all we have left is the NHS and that is lined up for the US to have as soon as Hannon and Hunt can arrange it
    You have lied to the people of this country. You voted Remain yet changed your tune when the chance to grab the job of PM came. You should have sacked those lying bastards Gove and Bojo but daren’t because you haven’t the actual power.
    You have no answer to the British border on the island of Ireland nor do you know how the Gib border with Spain will work once we are out
    Mrs May you have helped to divide this country to such an extent that families and friends are now no longer talking to each other, you have managed to negotiate a deal far worse than the one we had and all to keep together a party of millionaires, Eton Bullingdon boys, spivs and WI harridans. Your party conserves nothing. It has sold everything off in the name of the free market.
    You could have kept our industries going with investment and development – Germany managed it. But no – The Free Market won so Sunderland, Barnsley, Hamilton etc could all go to the devil
    So Mrs May my answer to your plea for unity is firstly that it is ridiculous. 48% of us will never forgive you for Brexit and secondly, of the 52% that voted for it many will not forgive you for not giving them what your lying comrades like Rees Mogg and Fox promised them. There are no unicorns, there is no £350 million extra for the NHS. The economy will tank and there will be less taxes to help out the poor. We have 350,000 homeless (not rough sleepers – homeless) in one of the richest countries on Earth and you are about to increase that number with your damn fool Brexit.
    The bald man has wiped the frogs legs of his head, I’ve bought him a glass of wine to say sorry; I’m typing this with one finger on my phone in France and I’m tired now and want to stop before my finger gets too tired to join the other one in a sailors salute to you and your squalid Brexit, your shabby xenophobia and Little Englander
    mentality. Two fingers to you and your unity from this proud citizen of nowhere. I and roughly half the country will never forgive you or your party.

    • Macart says:

      He didn’t miss and hit the wall.

      Well said Mike Harding.

    • EnglishRemainVoter says:

      As an Englishman, like Mike Harding, I can only agree wholeheartedly with every word of that; and of wee ginger dug’s epistle too. Brexit is the biggest mess I’ve seen in my lifetime in the UK. A triumph for dishonesty (by those promoting it) and stupidity by those who voted for it, which includes too many people I know who should know better.
      And what decent, reasonable Englishman could possibly blame you Scots for wanting your independence now? Not this one, that’s for sure. Hey, you never know, an independent Scotland might actually be good for England too; an almighty kick in the nether regions for the Brit Nats might actually bring them to their senses.

  31. Mary Murray says:

    Paul, fantastic letter!

  32. Iain Harey says:

    Right between the eyes, or as we say in Scotland,’telt’

  33. mogabee says:

    I am kinda grateful that the PM is Teresa May. She has done what no other could have achieved and that is to end this damn union. But that’s where my gratitude ends.

    Not content with the ruination of everything decent, the Conservative party has been unable to contain it’s zenophobic, misogynistic and greedy, two-faced members from destroying itself in full view of the public. This all done whilst the media omits the truth and covers up the lies.

    I know that we are almost there. Two folk I NEVER would have dreamt would vote yes are intending to do so and a young person has been asking serious questions of how we got to this awful point and will, I have no doubt, vote for yes too.

    Your letter is a just and true voice of how so many feel. Shared as far as I can! 😀 😀

  34. Guga says:

    I have only one minor addition to your article. Where you wrote “your government has been characterised by selfish self-interest, by mendacity, by greed, by stupidity”, you missed out the words “ignorance” and “arrogance”. Apart from that, your article was, as usual, superb.

  35. Les Bremner says:

    If you have some spare time which you wish to spend in an annoying and pointless task, here is the letter itself. It is a wish list, devoid of facts and utterly lacking in what, if anything, has been agreed with the EU to date.

    For anyone in any doubt about Scotland’s place in May’s universe, or indeed her grasp of geography and history, here is the key paragraph.

    “As prime minister of the United Kingdom, I have from day one been determined to deliver a Brexit deal that works for every part of our country – for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, for our Overseas Territories like Gibraltar, and also for the Crown Dependencies.”

    The ‘Country’ now includes Gibraltar.

    • Anne Martin says:

      As Nicola has quite rightly said, it’s a desperate letter, very little of which is the truth.

  36. Heilan Coo says:

    “There are stuffed Hielan coos….”

    As a Heilan’ Coo, I resent being compared to Captain Snackbeard, Paul.
    May I suggest “Toom Tabard” as a suitable substitute?

    Your’s in Coo-ness

  37. MI5 Troll says:

    Very well said Dug as ever. As we approach the Xmas toy season- I see do May of late like a political Weeble who is wobbling like a devish but still refusing to fall down.

  38. This year’s must have Christmas Gift for your wee Darlings:- a miniature toy Food Bank complete with stock of tiny battered tins of beans spaghetti hoops and including a dozen lifeliked wretched stooped Poor People figurines.
    This year’s Board Game?
    The Universal Credit Rules Snakes and Ladders.
    Fun for all ages.
    Just as you steadily climb out of poverty, you land on a UC Snake and slither back into penury at the throw of the dice.

    Life in WM Austerity Britain goes on, and on, and on.
    I see that the lad who was in the UAE studying their Security Systems has been miraculously ‘pardoned’ this morning thanks to the intervention of Jeremy Rhyming Slang.
    What timing, just as May’s letter hits the fan.
    Imagine if a distinctly Arab looking lad booked into a hotel in Rhu, explained that he was a PHD student from, say, Syria, and started hanging about Faslane, taking pictures and asking locals about the base.
    His or her feet would not touch as they were huckled into the back of a SP van, and spirited away to MI6 land, never to be seen again.
    This whole incident stinks, and his release now, just before Christmas, seems like a cynical bit of UAE/UK engineered ‘good news’ for the Tories as May couldn’t buy a ‘well done’ anywhere else.

    This morning on BBC the wee lass presenting it announced that we were all just wanting them to get on with it, Brexit Insanity Clause that is..
    BBC Goebbels at its Loyal Best.
    No we don’t want to get on with commiting suicide with England and Wales, BBC .
    We are leaving your ‘precious Union’.
    48% of Brits voted Remain. 62% us voted to miss this one out, England.
    We like being able and free to move throughout our own Continent.
    I note that she is delaying a Commons vote on this for another 2 weeks, as England shuts for Christmas.
    I fully expect the Indyref 2 starting gun to be fired before Joseph and Mary log on to Trip Adviser checking out hotels in Bethlehem for a Christmas Break..

    • Molly McC says:

      Jack, all true, but you have me spluttering my tea at “before Joseph and Mary log on to “…..!!!!!

      • My mother, a saint when living, will be turning in her grave, Molly.
        I blaspheme in some eyes.
        She would have given me one of her famous ‘old fashioned looks’ which every mother has in her scold box.
        I recall my youngest brother playing Caiaphas in the original ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’; my mother was treated to a trip to London watch her son ‘star’.

        Invited backstage afterwards, she asked our lad if he could change the line ‘Crucify Him’! much to the gentle amusement of the cast that his Mammy was worried about him losing his immortal soul.

        I have never figured out how Christians,( I cannot speak for other Faiths, or secular groups), can have a belief system that includes the King of Kings being born in a humble stable, working all his life as a joiner, delivering the Sermon on the Mount, and declaring that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God, yet our cardinals, bishops, Moderator, CoS High Commisioner,and the not insubstantial army of clerics,have not risen up in protest against the quite deliberate attempt by WM Politicians to reduce most of the population to Victorian penury, while the Rich get Filthier, and my tax pounds fund the most unfair Universal Credit payment of all, the millions given to the Windsor ‘Firm’ via the Privy Seal every year.
        God bless us, one and all.

        • Les Bremner says:

          I am not sure that it can be classed as rising up, but the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church has spoken up.

          This report is from The Times of 14th May 2018.

          “Austerity is destroying lives and voters who back parties to enrich people like themselves rather than help others are un-Christian.”

          The Most Rev Mark Strange, primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, believes that successive budget cuts have been used to penalise the weakest in the society.

          The Bishop of Moray, Ross and Caithness explained that his political viewpoint had been shaped by his own experience of homelessness in the 1980s, when he and his wife Jane spent two years staying with friends after being evicted by their landlord.

          The bishop, 56, said: “Anyone who thinks that people choose not to work and labels them as scroungers has clearly never had to do it.”

          He has had the courage to risk alienating some of his members, since the Episcopal Church (to which I used to belong) tends to be Conservative and Unionist.

          • Thanks for this, Les.
            I never quite understood the observation:- ‘There but for the grace of God, go I’.
            Always seemed a bit smug and uncaring.
            The established branches of Christianity are by their nature conservative, with a small ‘c’.
            However there surely comes a time when the Faithful cry ‘enough is enough’.
            We are advised that 120,000 UK citizens met their death prematurely since 2010 because of state engineered poverty and deprivation, while the well off and rich titled class has seen their wealth rise at the expense of millions of honest god fearing folks well being and safety.
            Surely we are at the tipping point now?
            If wee meekly stand by and let England frog march us out of Europe, we shall be at the mercy of a Government for whom we did not vote, and will suffer badly in the years to come as the Red Blue and Yellow Tories dismantle our Parliament, suck our NHS, Education, Law, and Scottish institutions into the English system.
            We cannot allow that to happen.
            Hence, our Established Church should have more to say about all of this than at present.
            Foodbanks have overtaken Morrison’s as the fourth largest ‘supermarket’ in the UK.
            We are driving our citizens to poverty and begging.
            Where is Jesus and his knotted rope now?

            • Cubby says:

              Jesus is dead. I don’t remember Jesus intervening in any of the atrocities that have happened throughout the world since his death. This kinda suggests there may not be any intervention ever.

              Politicians make people’s lives miserable. The churches give them some solace.

              Bishops in the House of Lords. Go figure why Church of England gets an input to political discourse but others say religion should be separate from politics.

              Your comment re food banks being 4th largest is this an opinion or do you have facts.

              • It’s a fact, Cubby. Iread it on twitter. I believe.
                I was being allegorical, referencing Jesus driving the money changers from the temple with a knotted rope, reportedly the only reported instance of him losing it.
                I criticise no man or woman for their beliefs, cubby, as long as they don’t harm others.
                I think that the Big Bang is nonsense for example.
                Humankind will go the way of the dinosaurs but Gaia will still rotate the sun for billions of years after our wee stint on the surface.

                • Cubby says:

                  I have enjoyed and respected so many of your posts I couldn’t possibly put a number on them. I am not aware of any evidence of any superior being that created the world and looks after us. If people want to believe that then I am not going to stop them. In my opinion the superior being is not doing a good job of looking after us.

                  Should I pray for independence? Is the problem all these Britnats praying much harde than us?

                  The Big Bang has more science behind it than the idea of a superior creator. Both may well be nonsense but I know which one is more probable.

                  • That there was a ‘singularity’ billions of years ago, before time and space, where a wee bit of matter popped out of nowhere and well, banged bigly, in defiance of all known subsequent ‘scientific’ knowledge seems to be faith based, Cubby..

                    Lux in tenebris.

                    And God said, ‘Let there be light, and there was light’.

                    And Einstein said, Let there be a Big Bang’, and there was a Big Bang.

                    Twa fleas aff the same dug, as far as I’m concerned.

                    Whatever gets you through the night and doesn’t frighten the horses, to quote Lady Astor (?)

                    As a young teenager, Cubby, when clerics were attempting to fill our fertile smartarse young minds with their version of the Hereafter, We asked why God favoured the victor and ignored the prayers of the conquered.
                    Then Dylan brought out, ‘God On Our Side’, and we knew that we, not the blustering red faced maisters, who were on the right track, and that there was blood on the tracks.

        • Cubby says:

          Good post except for the unnecessary last sentence. Relying on a fictional god like creature to make our lives better does nothing for me. However if it works for others so be it.

  39. Laura Dunbar says:


  40. susan says:

    England has never liked taking orders from other countries (except the USA – it’s so far up it’s arse it’s tickling it’s tonsils). How very dare France and Germany tell us what to do. We’re the Empire, we’ve beat them in wars, we’ve saved their bacon umpteen times! That’s the English Brexit mindset. Sad bastards.

  41. Mary Miles says:

    From Tasmania – Wonderful letter Paul, speaking on behalf of thousands of Scots and also what some of us far away but loving Scotland also feel. Feel good reading it!

  42. Andy Anderson says:

    Looking good Theresa? This article states you have lost the financial output equivalent of Wales or the City of London.


  43. Graham says:

    Oh boy Paul, that’s one of your best, if not the best, in all the years we’ve been enjoying your epistles! Keep taking the pills, marriage has obviously given your brain a boost. Hopefully this will be distributed far and wide- brilliant language.

  44. xsticks says:

    I really enjoyed (is that the right word?) that. Couple of cracking comments from our English brethren too.

  45. Zaid a Gee says:

    Everyone needs to print it out and send a copy to Tory headquarters without a stamp, they will not like that at att. 😁😁

  46. Cut number 535 at Herald Britland.
    It passes almost without comment that the Herald has scrapped its BTL comments facility.
    Death by a thousand cuts, sorry, downsizes.
    I wonder why they are stifling online debate now?
    Perhaps David Leask, or Tom Gordon, or Paul Hutcheon can ‘investigate’?
    Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Where did you hear that? Comments are still open on the Herald.

      • Perhaps it is my unsubscribed online version, Paul.
        Before I was able to read the BTL comments but not the article.
        Maybe they are merely blocking freeloaders like I.
        Some of the contributions were comedy gold.

        • Just checked again, Paul. Herald BTL blocked, The Hootsman, which is doggedly a hoot, still open to freeeloaders like I am.
          I stopped buying the herald after nearly 50 years in2014, and refuse to subscribe to any of the papyrus or online versions of the Dead Tree Scrolls any more.
          You are one of my principal sources of news.

  47. Rebecca H says:

    You are,as usual, absolutely correct in what you say. It’s a terrific response and I wish everyone in the country could read it.

  48. Andy Anderson says:

    This article from the National shows increased EU support even amongst fishing communities.


  49. Cubby says:

    Brexit No Thanks – Independence yes please.

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