Norway: The Twin Nation

The latest in Phantom Power and Lesley Riddoch’s Nation series. The Norway film tells the story of Scotland’s twin nation. We have the same population, share the oil, gas and fishing resources of the North Sea and have similar geography. But over the last 200 years Norway has withdrawn from a Union with first Denmark and then Sweden and has invested its oil wealth wisely while Margaret Thatcher squandered ours. This much we already know.

But did you know Norwegians have chosen to continue paying some of the highest personal taxes in the world to stabilise their oil-based economy – using the oil fund only to top up budgets not underpin them?

Did you know hydro was the first big energy revolution, possible because Norway had no feudal landowners blocking the development of free energy for all?

And – perhaps most importantly – did you know the widespread ownership of land in the 19th century meant Norway created one of the world’s widest electorates and therefore one of its most egalitarian parliaments? These democratic achievements underpin Norway’s success every bit as much as independence and raise hopes and tough questions about Scotland’s future. Can we hope to use renewables to match the incredible achievements of our twin nation?

26 comments on “Norway: The Twin Nation

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  2. Andy Anderson says:

    Saw this in Perth last week with Lesley Riddoch in attendance to answer questions. This for me was better than the previous two films (Faroes and Iceland) as its content had more of a Focus towards the idea of how Scotland can be independent.

    I have a friend who stated that we do not have a big enough gene pool to become independent so he will get a link.

  3. Illy says:

    Sorry to go off-topic so soon, but can anyone still paying the BBC tax tell me if Babylon 5 has been on the telly recently, or if it’s on the “not in Scotland” list?

    I’m watching the DVDs atm, and is it seriously relevant. I can’t help but feel that it would do more good for Scottish Independence than Braveheart and Outlander combined – It has no Scottish window dressing, but it cuts cleanly to the heart of the issues.

  4. Dave Albiston says:

    I’ve been to Norway numerous times for work and on holiday. It makes me angry that it is the kind of country that Scotland could become, but some people just don’t see it. The fact that they have such a thriving, indigenous press means that they see the world from a Norwegian perspective and not a view imposed by the British state or billionaire non-doms. The battle with the media is one that we have to win.

  5. markrussell20085017 says:

    “Did you know hydro was the first big energy revolution, possible because Norway had no feudal landowners blocking the development of free energy for all?”

    I wasn’t aware that hydro schemes had been blocked in Scotland – assuming that is what you suggest – but I often wondered why there haven’t been any new developments for some decades as hydro power would certainly compliment the drive towards renewables. Don’t suppose you have any references?

    Congratulations on your own recent developments btw!

    • Dave tewart says:

      The new Loch Ness scheme is on line after a problem with the tunnel.
      The Loch Awe scheme is being enlarged.
      The Loch Lomond scheme was abandoned in the 1970’s due to the use of Loch Katrine and contamination of the water supply.
      Some private hydro schemes have been commissioned for private estates.
      Don’t know if any other large schemes are planned.
      Norway has spent their oil resource wisely on infrastructure and still has their investment fund to live off for a long time.
      Many happy years together to you and your partner.

      • markrussell20085017 says:

        Hi Dave – I’d be very interested to know how the Awe scheme is being enlarged. I guess additional turbines could be fitted to the dam at the Pass of Brander but can’t see any other potential development opportunity.

        • Dave tewart says:

          The 2 turbines in the Pass of Brander are only in the kW size, 300 or so each and only recover energy from the agreed compensation water released into the river.
          The Inverawe station is 40MW and is fed from the barrage.
          Cruachan at 4x100MW units is being expanded. It is a pumped storage facility, the Black Start fallback station, only around 5% of it’s output is from rainfall, collected by culvert and tunnels from Glen Etive above 1200 feet.
          Loch Nant feeds into Loch Awe through a ,20 MW or so, turbine.
          In Argyll there are 22 hydro stations run by SSEHydro.

          • markrussell20085017 says:

            Probably upgrading the primary turbines in Cruachan. Forgot about Loch Nant – didn’t that just serve Kilchrennan initially? It’s a brilliant operation and illustrates what’s possible when you put your mind to it.

  6. Dr Sophie Grace Chappell says:

    Just so long as we don’t start whaling, or blocking the international plan for an Antarctic Reserve…

  7. M biyd says:

    The SNP fiddle under the Unionist cloak as Michelin closes due to Brexit.

  8. If Phantom Power edited BBC Scotland Breakfast 90 seconds News Where You Are ….

    Speaking of science fiction (Babylon 5) ; while watching this morning’s News Where You Are reminded me of Edward G Robinson’s last movie appearance in ‘Soylent Green’, as the ancient librarian Sol Roth sharing a cramped apartment with Charlton Heston’s detective in dystopian overcrowded NY in 2022(!).

    Soylent Green is the food substitute served at food banks to the masses of poor and unemployed which- SPOILER ALERT- turns out to be made from dead humans and not plankton from the dying oceans.

    In real life, Robinson died from cancer a few days after completing the movie, which made his final scene , where he voluntarily undergoes Euthanasia in a suite surrounded by wall screens depicting meadows and blue skies to the accompaniment of light classical pastoral music,all the more poignant and real.

    I’ve logged Monday and an Tuesday Breakfast BBC News from Scotland, and so far it hardly mirrors the picture painted of our ‘sister country’ Norway.

    Scotland continues to be Shite, according to Donalda McKinnon and her team at the Brit Nat Propaganda Stockade on Pacific Quay.

    This Wednesday morning, it got personal.

    I’m 71, and the main headline warned what a disastrous demographic time bomb that I, and all the Silver Scots are.
    Apparently, there has been no provision in the budget to keep us pesky grizzly duffers in food and shelter because we are living too long.

    Perhaps a Euthanasia suite is the answer?
    Then the young can feed off our corpses?

    Classic divide and conquer.

    It’s the Old Yins who are dragging us down; or Johnny Foreigner, or the immigrants, or dodgy referees.
    Item 2 was about salmon fish farms polluting the sea.
    Item 3, Dundee University has isolated a gene that causes Parkinson’s.
    Item 4 Builders in Orkney working on the hospital cut through the IT cables.Chaos
    Oh yes, and it’s chucking it down today.
    Scotland Shite 3 1/2
    Scotland Not 1/2

    BBC Scotland is Shite running total:

    Scotland Shite 9 1/2
    Scotland Not 2 1/2

    It is the function of BBC Scotland to blacken Scotland and its people at every opportunity.
    In thr4ee days, there has been no good news.

    Yet the presenter smiles and wishes us a good day.

    If only Scotland had an oil fund to fund our old folk living so long.

    Great Video, but will never be seen on MSM, that’s for sure.

  9. Cubby says:

    A foreign country controls all your media (illegal in Norway) and broadcasts propaganda that says Scotland is a crap country and all areas of econonomic activity are rubbish except of course for the foreign owned media.

    Scotland is a colony.

  10. caroline says:

    its the high cost of heating our under insulated homes that keep us oldersters alive . in england they die of hypothermia in scotland we go into suspended animation waiting desparately for independance … no dying till the day dawns . saor alba

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