Stronger than fear (part 2)

A guest post by Samuel Miller

Yes. The UK is a pretty dark and forbidding looking place just now. And yes, there has been a marked rise in intolerance, societal division, austerity, isolationism and wealth disparity. Seems whichever way you look there’s anger, fear and uncertainty on the rise. As for the government where the buck stops? Probably the most reactionary, inept and dogma driven Conservative government of anyone’s memory. A party and government that has driven a horse and cart through standing international agreements, devolution settlements, partnerships and alliances by the by. A party and government whose name has become a byword for backstabbery and division. What else can you say that hasn’t been said of them already?

Their honourable opposition? Neither honourable nor very big on the whole opposing thing apparently. Their own recent history in both government and opposition, hasn’t exactly entitled them to any moral high ground. Besides, they’re far too busy these days abstaining needlessly, or having a bit of a disagreement among themselves, to act as any kind of break to yer breaks off Tories. In a certain light, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you couldn’t slip a fag paper between them and their chooms across the floor anyway. And don’t get me started on the state of the mainstream media. Our heroes. Our watchdogs. Absent without leave for quite some time is probably the kindest description possible.

So yes. Things do look pretty dark.

Hope IS stronger than fear though you know. And it’s why Scotland will, hopefully someday soon, become fully self governing again. Not too much is needed mind. Just a spark. It’s all it ever takes. A spark of hope that drives a determination and ambition to change and become something better.

Today? Next year? Ten years? I have no idea when to be honest, though I do know when I’d like it to be. I’m not a seer. I’m not some lettered or well read professor type. I don’t have access to think tanks with cadres of number crunchers and pollsters at my beck and call. I’m not even a writer. I’m just a bod with an opinion and a bit of life experience. Same as every one of you out there really. Oh, that personal opinion thing? That’s quite important as it turns out and we’ll get to that in a minute.

What I do know? Is that it will happen. The process has already begun and it began with the first person willing to believe there was a better way. It’s also going to happen because, if the concept of an independent Scotland didn’t already exist? Someone would have to invent it. Someone would have to invent the concept of a country and a system of government that answers to its population. One that’s directed by their needs, their hurts and their aspirations.

A government and practice of politics that doesn’t punish its population for the legislative mistakes they’ve made themselves. One that doesn’t scapegoat, divide or demonise its population to suit political agenda or self interest. A government that offers service, care, belief in the potential of its entire population. One that doesn’t care about where you come from, only where you choose to be, what you do whilst you’re there and the legacy you leave behind for future generations. Happily we don’t need to invent that concept. We have it here already.

Pie in the sky? An impossible utopia? Some folk would say that if you’re not trying for that, then you shouldn’t be in the job. Also? I like pies (which explains the shape) and whilst I’ve never been to utopia, it sounds awfy nice.

Which takes us neatly back to the subject of you.

Most people think that great events and movements in history are brought about by and are certainly remembered for, the big names. Individuals. Great statesmen and women, leaders, orators, philosophers and such. They tend to take all the credit for pivotal times of change. Which is, y’know, fair comment I suppose. Also tends to lend itself to the whole idea that people should wait around for someone ‘great’ to come along and rescue them from their misery right enough.

Seems to me though, that it’s the ordinary person who makes history happen. Or rather, the ordinary people. That’s folk like you and me mainly. It’s our needs and aspirations, our collective actions and will, which bring about change. Kinda why those and such as those decided a long time ago, that it’s better to direct the mood and the opinion of the ‘ordinary’ person in the street. For if there’s one thing which terrifies establishment politicians and the establishment they serve? It’s that you might have an opinion and a will of your own. That you have needs other than their needs. Standards of care for your fellow citizens better than theirs and a very definite idea of how service to ALL the population should be conducted.

They’re more than fully aware that if enough of those ordinary people (that’s us again) get together and determine their politicians are talking pish, getting out of hand and robbing them blind? There isn’t a thing they could do to prevent that population showing them the door and that would simply never do. Leading us by the nose and/or dividing and subdividing the collective will of a population is something they’ve become awfully good at over the years as a result. Understandable really, why the parties in favour of the Westminster system have become a tad on the nervous side of late.

You know the difference between caring and uncaring. You know the difference between service and self interest. You’ve learned that your opinion on their stewardship matters. You’ve learned you can hold your representatives to account for their actions. You’ve learned that you have the ambition and determination to change things for the better if you want to.

Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things.

All it took to kick the whole thing off? Was that spark of hope.


P.S. This will be my last post before our host returns. Once again, I’d like to thank readers for bearing with my ramblings over the past few weeks and for your contributions below the line. You’re the bestest. 🙂

79 comments on “Stronger than fear (part 2)

  1. Willie says:

    Have really enjoyed your posts as always. Many thanks for keeping our interest levels high.

    • Molly McC says:

      Sam, thanks as always for your take on everything… always informative, always to the point, always thought provoking.
      Happy Hallowe’en!

  2. Westviews says:

    I’ve enjoyed all of your posts and yes, you are most definitely a writer.

    Things are only going to get worse now. This despicable Tory government are already talking of dropping environmental standards to those of the US as well as allowing them to bid for NHS contracts. Independence can’t come soon enough.

  3. Frank Gillougley says:

    Sam, we are truly grateful for you holding the fort in his nibs absence! I have always thoroughly enjoyed your writing over the last 5 years! Keep on truckin’ as they say.

    i tried posting this the other day but the gremlins got in the way so I’ll try again. Anyway,it is still relevant in relation to your Hope over Fear and how the Yes movement I think would be best put to change those vital No voters to Yes voters. And it is simply this: By attraction. How that is done in practice is down to others but for me, this would be by far the best HOPE.

    I remember when Brexit kicked off and you actually had various Tory jokers on those truly arsey programmes like QT (as if the punters views mattered at all in this big con that is loosely referred to as ‘democracy’) saying stuff like – What? Do you think we’d actually tell the EU what our negotiating position is (as if they actually had one) ??? Doh??? And to think they actually got applauded. Unbelievable.

    I don’t think any of us will EVER hear the end of Brexit – a bit like 1966. Wait til the books and quotes come out – ‘where i told Junckers to stick his…etc. etc.’ England’s (or Britain’s, what’s the difference?) finest hour etc. etc. But this is all dead. There’s no mileage or nutrition to be had from any of this cynical shitey political rubbish.

    The real task is in building a new Scotland. Because, if we don’t, then others certainly will. Others, given half a chance, who would sell your granny left right and centre. The conglomerate multi-nationals of this world – the Facebooks, the Amazons, the INEOSs, the wolves in sheeps’ clothing – them who only wish you to be born, consume and die. That’s all they have to offer.

    So the question is how do you get No’s to become Yes’s. Regarding tribal loyalty / party tribalism, I think especially in Scotland that’s what exists. Look at the recent small election in Coatbridge. You ask yourself – HOW ON EARTH could a tiny majority of the folk that voted still have voted LIEBOUR? I don’t think presentation of facts and figures will do it as political strategy (as ther’ll always be turkeys and Christmas).

    Anyway, on that subject, I remember to my shame in 2014 and after the vote, I didn’t talk to some friends because they had voted NO. Only much later did I realise what an arse I’d been. It was clear to me years later that it wasn’t about the argument and the pros and the cons, it was just down to straightforward loyalty. That the naysayers I knew/still know felt that they belonged to the other tribe. So be it. I don’t rub their noses in it now either with smug comments like ‘better together?’ because I don’t think that’s the way to go.

    However, as I’ve said before and I know and respect that others disagree, but I do believe that the First Minister, by example, shows the way to go in how we carry ourselves with others and especially by her demeanour during FMQs in not resorting to petty-point scoring (nice as it would make her tribe feel, but would in fact I believe be counter-productive). THE POINT IS THAT THE INDEPENDENCE VIEW HAS TO BE SEEN TO BE ATTRACTIVE AND THAT PEOPLE HAVE TO BE ATTRACTED BY IT!!! No one is attracted to negativity! Keep accentuating the POSITIVE – THE MESSAGE, using this approach will sink in, given time.

    I ain’t no politician, but if I was, that’s what I’d be looking at in terms of campaigning. HOW do we make voting SNP attractive? Just how do we ATTRACT someone to vote SNP?

    Because I’ve seen what’s out there post-Europe and have worked for Trumps AMAZON and it is very very ugly, believe me. Human rights don’t come even come into it. The multi-nationals are the friends of the Tories and they’d have you all geo-positioned, identified, coded, tagged and fracked before you even got out your bed int’ mornin.

    Personally, I’m with Bob Dylan on this one…

    …You don’t need a weather man
    To know which way the wind blows…

  4. Thanks for keeping us going over the past few weeks. I’ve kept up the hope for more years than I care to count and will still get out and work for Independence – me and the 100,000 (+thousands more supporters across the country) – who demonstrated in Edinburgh.

  5. Odet says:

    Thank you for fanning the spark of Hope, and adding tinder to the growing flame.

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  7. Andy Anderson says:

    As usual Sam I concur with your comments. Hope yes, but actions too, by all of us, to persuade others. Only then will our hopes become reality.

    This blog and many others are great in passing on information, having a moan etc. etc.. They do not in themselves convert people to Yes.

    As about 50% of the adult population would vote YES this shows that many of us, those with hope, are not converting anyone or the opinion polls would be higher than they are. If 10% of us converted one person in the next 6 months the polls would be over 55%. Please, please be active. We can win.

    By getting the polls to this figure Scot Gov would be confident to call a referendum.

    Thank you Sam for keeping the Dugs seat warm.

    • Cubby says:

      As the Britnats pockle everything how can you be sure of the veracity of polls on this critical subject matter?

      • Les Bremner says:

        Herewith comes my broken record. We must increase the security of the voting process, which is currently full of holes. Whether or not these holes have been used in the past is absolutely irrelevant, but we must make the voters have complete confidence in the process.

        Here is how to increase security. Lobby your MSP with this.

        • No broken record, Les. ‘Vigilance’ will be required the next time. No more vans full of ballot boxes speeding off into the night unsupervised.
          ‘Vigilance’ is the word I believe that we settled on over a delicious pint of creamy stout in that fabulous wee bolt hole in Wemyss Bay.
          Sam has been a wonderful host, but doth protesteth too much.
          Her speaks for Everyman (sic).
          He write up a storm when aroused.

          The Dead Tree Scrolls are having a field day today deflecting the Great Unwashed from the reality of Brexit, and the deprivation, subjugation, and suppression of the People of Scotland.
          Lennon brought whatever it was on himself, therefore a troglodyte in a maroon top is perfectly entitled to assault him with a coin projectile.

          Steven Gerrard is not The Second Coming.

          Sellick Rabble tell us to stick our poppies up our collective erse, and a wee Aberdeen player declares ‘feck Rangers’.

          This is the real news. Aye right.

          Stale Bread and circuses.

          May and her wee corrupt Government have actually managed to stagger into November without conceding that All Is Lost.

          EngWaland are out of the EU without a paddle.
          But Ranjurs are millions in debt and their face painter has sent in a Final Demand yet again.
          That’s the news.

          Not Brexit. Not poverty, starvation, food banks, corrupt little Placemats at Holyrood coining it in for doing the opposite of nothing, by lying to the people of Scotland and subverting our Government.

          We, the People of Scotland stand 5.4 million tall.

          The the idiots in Ibrox, Parkhead, Gorgie, and Leath number at best 20,000 psychopaths.

          Guess which demographic is targetted in the column inches of our Dead Tree Scrolls and Brit Nat controlled airwaves?

          It is all about to get very real indeed.

          Even if Neil Lennon announced that he was pregnant and Steven Gerrad the father, will not halt the disastrous real news of England and Wales crashing and burning and trying to take Scotland and the North of Ireland with them any time very soon now.

          It is at the door.

          Take heart. Aye, Ready..

          • Jan Cowan says:

            Not just a worry over ballot boxes AFTER the vote, Jack . Remember Ruth’s “second sight” and her ability to forecast a win for ” No” BEFORE the count.

            • Indeed, Jan.
              John McTernon was able to accurately predict the 55-45 % result in Andrew Neil’s wee makeshift studio outside WM on the afternoon of the Referendum, before 100’s of thousands had even cast their vote.
              This from the man whose predictions are known for being so disastrously wrong.
              The whole thing reeked of conspiracy. Aaron Banks is innocent, BTW.
              Aye, right.
              Won’t be fooled again.

            • Les Bremner says:

              Jan, Here is a full and detailed report on the subject of the ability of certain people to predict the future.


              It is, as I said above, absolutely essential that the security of the voting process is not only enhanced but is seen to have been enhanced.

              • Jan Cowan says:

                Les, although I read this some time ago, I haven’t read any news concerning a police report etc. But you’re right. No point in holding another referendum until we can trust the declared result.

                • Les Bremner says:

                  Jan, there was no police report, there is no police report and there will not be a police report.

                  My own MSP and MP, although both SNP, make public statements that there was no fraud at the first Referendum. The exact words from my MP were “I don’t believe that theory.”.

                  We will never convince them and others like them about inconsistencies at past events. What we must do is to enhance the process so that it is seen by the voters to be secure and that they can cast their votes with confidence.

  8. Illy says:

    “Most people think that great events and movements in history are brought about by and are certainly remembered for, the big names. Individuals. Great statesmen and women, leaders, orators, philosophers and such. They tend to take all the credit for pivotal times of change.”

    The thing to remember, is that if they had fallen, then another would have risen to take their place. They are not the cause of the event – they are a consequence of public opinion: a focal point that makes an easy story for the historians. Maybe when dealing with the whims of kings and dictators the individual is important, but not when dealing with movements.

    Would the independence movement die if Sturgeon had a lethal accident? No. Her replacement is already ready to step up and fill her shoes.

    “Walk in, sing a bar of Alice’s Restaurant, and walk out.”

    Countries are a shared delusion – they only exist because enough people believe in them. If no-one believed in them, then they would go away.

    All we need to do is believe in a better way, and *act* on that belief.

  9. Hugh allan says:

    Thank you ,excellent post .

  10. JSM says:

    Hope has got me through a lot of things in life and I’m holding on to it for Indy. Thanks for keeping His Mightiness’ seat cosy.

  11. Alba woman says:

    Thank you for your excellent posts. You are a writer no doubt. I enjoy your writing style sturdy and with positive direction……

    hopefully you will be writing about Scotland’s independence success despite all the propaganda emanating from the media and our lovely unionist politicians.

  12. Sheryl Hepworth says:

    2 words! Thanks Sam. X

  13. Movy says:

    And another 2 words. Thank you!

  14. Thoroughly enjoy yir posts, Sam. Don’t be a stranger noo.

  15. Referendum1707 says:

    Andy Anderson 10.05

    Polls schmolls, while I don’t just automatically discount anything that any poll says or suggests, I definitely have a hard time believing that with regard to hot button issues like indy and where you have powerful vested interests who want to maintain the status quo that polling can’t be controlled by the regime in the same way that media, Ofcom, the EC etc are.

    Do you think that polls showing a clear and consistent uptick in support for indy would ever see the light of day? I’m not saying that they definitely wouldn’t because of course I don’t know for sure but I definitely have my doubts.

    Remember the US elex 2016, ALL the polls had Clinton winning either by a landslide or a comfortable majority. This just shows clearly that important polls say whatever the political establishment wants them to say and last time I checked the DisUk establishment hates and fears Scottish indy.

    Though having said all that I’m inclined to think that the 50/50 impasse we see here is probably fairly accurate as both sides are afraid of a referendum because both sides know that they don’t have enough support to indicate clearly that they’d likely win.

    Of course if the SNP and the Yes movement were to get the finger out….

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Getting the finger out is what I am suggesting. No need to wait on the SNP for a call to action.

    • mogabee says:

      Just wondering how does the yes movement ‘get the finger out’ when no referendum has been called yet and the FM has repeatedly said she will call it when the BRexit ‘deal’ is obvious…

      The yes movement is ready when that happens. They are organised/ organising as we type.

      Not sure you’re totally right about US polls though and Stu from Wings definitely called the result!!

      • Andy Anderson says:

        Sorry to make this point again. Currently ALL of the nearly 250 yes groups across the vountry are now campaigning. It is building up.

        Business for Scotland through there ambassadors program has nearly 500 trained people on the case and are planning to have thousand converting and selling by next summer.

        I personally have been turning people to Yes for three years.

        If you want independence get out and act now. Please.

  16. Thanks Sam for holding the fort so ably in Paul’s absence. It is always a pleasure to read your blog which always gives me hope for a better way of doing things than at present.

  17. Referendum1707 says:

    Andy Anderson 1.28

    Yes but do you believe that the polls would reflect any uptick that would come about if they did?

    • Andy Anderson says:

      No idea. I assume you imply that the results are twisted by Brit Nat pressure and therefore may not show truth. Unlikely as the polls have moved from 44% to 49% this year.

      However private polls as that carried out every three months by Wings over Scotland will be accurate as we are paying for them.

      • Vestas says:

        Since when did RevStu commission a poll every 3 months?

        I’ve been nagging him for years to do more polls but at £10k+ per poll thats £40k out of the annual fundraiser if he’s doing them that often.

        So where’s your source on this?

  18. Referendum1707 says:

    And I’m not saying that we have to wait for the SNP’s “call to action” either, in fact I wish that mass campaigning by the Yes movement would start yesterday.Not sure how I could have given the impression that we have to wait for the SNP.

  19. Vestas says:

    I think you probably are a “writer”.

    I’ve read several of these articles/blogs who someone has written, so if its not you then patent the algorithms used 😉 as it comes across as very readable and mainly makes perfect sense.

    Enjoy your break.

  20. mogabee says:

    Once again Sam you played it well *sorry, bit cheesy*

    You are aware as are we all at the restlessness of folk itching to go and of those determined to put a spoke in as many wheels as possible! You are the oil on troubled water!

    That you can put your finger on an issue and write so well about it speaks volumes of your talent. Thanks for now. 😀 😀

    Nice that the boss is coming back and it’ll be good to hear about how his wedding went and life in general!!

  21. diabloandco says:

    Sam , I will resist the temptation to encourage you to write your own blog as I know from your past response that it just ain’t that easy . All I will say is thanks for filling the big boots so ably and look how many fans you have!

  22. Rab Urquhart says:

    On polls; wasn’t youguv set up by a tory mp?

  23. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Once again bang on Sam.

    Remember folks we only need to convert one No to Yes just one.

    We owe it to our families to do so.

  24. Margaret Millar says:

    Thank you Sam xx

  25. Well Sam, if you’re not a writer, I wish I wasn’t a writer like you 😉

  26. carolclark1 says:

    Thank you Sam. You’ve done a great job keeping the seat warm for Paul Well done sir.

  27. Jan Cowan says:

    Sam, you are most certainly a writer – and a good one at that. Lucky Paul, having such a competent friend to hold the fort. But you can relax now and enjoy a little peace………till the next time! A big thank you for your work as so many of us look forward to reading this special blog.

  28. Petra says:

    Thanks for standing in for WGD, Sam, and well suffice to say that you’ve done him and us proud. In fact, it never ceases to amaze me how talented so many people in the Yes movement are and often humble to boot. You’re an excellent “writer”, Sam, down to earth and able to get the message across, but more than anything it’s people like you that generate that spark of hope that keeps us all going. So a big thank you from me Sam and hoping that you really enjoy your “me” time now.

    • Macart says:

      Thanks Petra and everyone on thread.

      Just packing and doing some catch up reading on other blogs. Also doing a spot of care with me old dad over the long weekend. Been out of the blog reading loop doing the writing thing at night and the day job. I’ll be looking in and doing some admin, just not posting very much.

      Faither might just be looking after me (again) this weekend. 🙄

  29. benmadigan says:

    macart – you did a wonderful job of “minding the shop”.
    Hope your dad is Ok – I’m confident you’ll do a great job of “minding him”
    Remember that ike all of us, you need to keep fit and well to face up to what what the future brings us Celts.
    Take extra special good care of your health and well-being

    Here’s my Hallowe’en and Celtic New Year Greetings to you, WGD and all the readers and posters

  30. chicmac says:

    As expected you put in a great stint Sam. I dub thee ‘Super Sub’. I’m sure you’ll be off that bench again before this match is over.

  31. grumpydubai says:

    All of the foregoing and all the articles are what an Independent Scotland is about.

    Thanks to all.

  32. grafter says:

    Essential viewing for all Independence supporters……

  33. Any supermarket chain which uses the Butcher’s Apron as a logo on their product will not get my business ever again.
    I am 2 million Scots and counting.
    We have crawled into November and to use football parlance, ‘it’s all gone quiet over there’.
    I mean it. If I am offended by the ‘poppy-isation’ of the Brit Nat supermarkets, I will shun their bload soaked wares.
    I urge all other free thinking Scots to do the same.
    I will not wear a poppy to ‘commemorate’ the so called Fallen.
    Tens of millions of innocent young men, women, and elderly, children, and the infirm died during the 20th Century, so that the Establishment could continue to ‘rule’ over us.
    Future Scotland can do without the regular triumphalist ceremonies of the regurgitated Brit Empire.

    As an aside, and definitely an effect of glorifying the UK’s bloody past, thugs and hooligans took to the slopes of football grounds in the past few months stabbing, hurling bottles, chucking coins, punching and kicking, and singing vile racist bigoted evil songs, free from any restraints by Scottish Parliamentary edict.
    Well done, Patrick Harvie, James I Will Not Sit Down Kelly, WATP Professor Two Jobs Unelected Adam Tomkins, and the Queen’s Eleven 7 times rejected by the electorate Murdo Fraser.
    I said at the time that I would blame you lot when we descended once more into the abyss.
    Well done.
    It is a symptom of the chaos about to unfold.

  34. Frank Gillougley says:

    Ah! Jack, you are truly mah main man!
    Between your lines are many truths, way beyond what is seen.
    Luvvin’ yer posts! Keep on truckin’!

    • Imagine a lapel pin in the shape of a mushroom cloud to ‘commemorate’ the slaughter of 1/4 of a million Japanese men women and children in August 1945, Frank?
      Do we remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
      Do we feck.
      Or how about a ‘Commemoration’ dinner set of Dresden porcelain with a Lancaster Bomber motif to celebrate Bomber Harris’ triumph?

      I’ve had it up to here with this jingoistic bellicose threatening evil.
      It is unrelenting war lust.
      They are selling a replica of the trenches battlefield whistle and urging those mug enough to buy one to use it when they spot some unpatriotic traitor not wearing a poppy.

      Evil stalks the green lanes of Old England.

      It’s all Johnny Foreigner’s fault.

      …and those troublesome Jocks and Micks, of course.

      They will take away my European passport and citizenship over my dead body.

      There are many on reading such an assertion who would muse, ‘No problem, that can be arranged’.(not here, I hasten to add.

      That’s where we are now.

      • wm says:

        Who wins out of war Jack, it certainly is not the punter.

        • wm, my father, my uncles, my grandfather and a nephew all ‘served’.

          I have nothing but respect and heartfelt gratitude for their sacrifice.
          However, today the poppy has been hijacked by the belligerents.
          I shall never forget.

          • wm says:

            Agreed, I knowe how you feel Jack I to had my father and uncles one of them captured and served six years in a prisoner of war camp in Poland. I also had a grandfather and uncle killed in the WW1 for what, who benifitted from these wars, it certainly was not the famillies of those who served.

      • I know it’s impossible, but it’s interesting to speculate on the response of the Brits, if Iraqi, Libyan, Afghani and Syrian warplanes bombed to rubble British cities. In the process killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Brits. If one’s family was totally wiped out by foreign countries weaponry, because they disagreed with the way the UK gov ran the country, one might be forgiven for being a little bit agitated and upset. But as we’re British, they should cheerily accept their families being blasted apart by good old British made missiles.
        One has to have a certain admiration of the absolute brass neck of the British Establishment though. They have the gall to comemerate the fallen in WW1, while closing military hospitals and services for present day servicemen. The servicemen, those who survived WW1, were treated abominably by the state on their return. A war, which the UK could and should have avoided.
        The war cost 750,000 British lives. 1.6 million mained/wounded. 6 million soldiers negatively effected for life.
        The UK establishment had one priority after WW1 and that wasn’t “building a land fit for heroes”. It was ensuring the “heroes” didn’t revolt against the British Empire, as they had in the Russian, German and Austrian Empires.
        The same newspapers who spout state propaganda today, are the same newspapers who did the exact same thing 100 years ago. Only difference, add on the BBC and the commercial TV companies. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

        • Marlon, I’m sure that my views on all this are reasonably well known here.
          The great and the good will be out in their finery next Sunday.
          250,000 children in Scotland are living in poverty with no hope of any future under the ‘Union’.
          Ten years ago food banks were unheard of, now we have baby banks because even families in work, or as I see it, indentured slavery, cannot afford nappies, baby clothes, and food for our youngest.
          A heartless mother of six Blue Tory MSP is allowed to assert in Holyrood that the poor should be prevented from having children, although we are left in the dark which version of the ‘poor to which she refers.
          We can assume that she means the Hoi Polloi, and not the Blue Tory nexus of professionals, wealthy, and Belted Earl Landgrabbers.

          It is now Blue Red and Yellow Tory norm for our poorest citizens to beg from charity for food and clothing.
          Safety net, what safety net?
          They disgust me beyond words.

          The Princes and Princesses of the ‘Realm’ will dress up in their uniforms, their chests weighed down with an array of bright shiny medals and the TV and Dead Tree Scrolls will snap them laying wreaths at cenotaphs throughout these islands, before being chauffeur riven back to their big castles and shiny mansions.
          Well, I for one will not cooperate in this evil sham.
          My father didn’t work until he literally dropped, served in the Navy between 1939 to 1945 (21 years of age to 26 years of age) to prop up this obscene hierarchy.
          My maternal grandfather lied about his age to enlist in WW1.
          I have a photograph of him in his uniform hugging his pipes to his hip on our dining room wall.
          He was one of those plucky pipers who went over the top armed with nothing but his stirring music.
          He spent 18 moths in a sanatorium suffering from mustard gas poison, and spent the Depression, an invalid busking to cinema queues in Glasgow to feed his family.
          He too died prematurely in his early sixties.
          An uncle was in the Artillery during WW2, and was involved in the push into Germany at the close of the war.
          I know from my cousin, because the man himself wouldn’t talk about, that he witnessed hell and horror and man’s inhumanity to his fellow man (sic) that it scarred him emotionally for life.
          I don’t need to watch the English Great and Good on TV next Sunday to commemorate these magnificent men.
          It’s politically charged jingoism.
          ‘And the band played Waltzing Matilda’.

  35. John Lowe says:

    Thanks. I have loved all your blogs. I might not have always commented. However I have to say you write a lot of common sense.

  36. wm says:

    Thank you again Sam, first class posts as usual, are we not lucky to have you, when Paul has a break.

  37. Welsh Sion says:


    Good luck to all my Scottish friends for the rugby union international tomorrow.
    I hope you come a strong second … 😉

  38. Julia Gibb says:

    Thank you Sam for covering the site – great job.
    Hope does trump Fear. However the power of stupidity also played a role in 2014.

  39. diabloandco says:

    P.S some lovely photos in the national of the wedding of the year!

    Paul , I’m sure I speak for the many in wishing you much joy and happiness and can we have some more photos please?

  40. On this drizzly November morning, as some among us (you know who you are) celebrate the thwarting of a plot to blow up the English parliament in 1605 as James I of England James VI of Scotland took over Down There, I struggle to be convinced that ‘burning a Catholic’ to quote Ian Hyslop on HIGNY, atop a bonfire in 2018, In Scotland, has any relevance at all.

    This occurred to me as I dipped into my infrequent dose of Scotland is Shite served up by Donalda McKinnon’s 90 seconds of News Where You Are on BBC England’s Breakfast 3 1/4 hour Snooze break this morning.
    I am tempted to keep a Daily Scotland is Shite BBC Journal.
    This morning, fire crews are urging the hooligans celebrating the Catholics being hung drawn and quartered 400 years ago in England, not to attack them as they tackle the fire raising incidents in our cities tonight.
    Police are asking for witnesses to come forward following a death by a hit and run driver in Perth, and charities in Scotland want carers of terminally ill patients identified earlier.
    Oh yes and Alan Cummings won a Scottish Bafta award last night.

    Scotland Shite-3

    Scotland Not-1

    Imagine an autumn tourist sitting down to a Full Scottish in the Dining Room of a B&B in Oban with this Scotland is Shite nonsense droning on in the background.

    That’s it, i’ll keep a diary this week.
    It is deliberate of course.
    1984 and all that.
    Anybody going out to burn a Kafflick tonight?

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