Buttons up the back

A guest post by Samuel Miller

It’s a safe bet that the next few days are going to be eaten up with dissection of the latest austerity ending budget. Now stop snorting at the back. And we’ll have no swerry wurds either. It’s not seemly you know.

Anyroads. You can get behind the whole budget parade every few months, kick back and let the number crunchers do their thing. Makes for quite the spectacle as, (dependent on the political affiliation), the meeja goes into overdrive to either spin the bestest possible outcome ever, or fall over themselves to savage the chancellor du jour. Except…

Except that this year and this budget is a wee bit different. I mean, we know that he’s a Tory chancellor and that when his lips move, it’s a clear indication that he’s either fibbing or not telling you when the other shoe will drop. Hell, that’s a given. No. This year we have a budget with a caveat. A budget that may or may not be carried through, (steady now), dependent on circumstance.

That’s got to be right up there with the appointment of a food supplies minister and cordoning off chunks of Kent to make a zooper lorry park, now isn’t it? The general idea is that a no deal Brexit could see today’s budget proposals binned in favour of …what?

”We would need to look at a different strategy and, frankly, we’d need to have a new budget that set out a different strategy for the future.” Philip Hammond

One pound down, change off address kinda strategy springs to mind personally. So a new budget and a new strategy? Uh huh! And only a no deal budget could make this happen? Sounds an awfy lot like a sticking plaster proposal t’me, but then I would think that. Now, there’s all sorts of reasons for this caveat thingy I’m sure. It’s just that none of them paint a very pretty picture. Readers can and will draw their own conclusions as to Mr Hammond’s thinking here.

Mibbies just me, but I’d say there’s quite a lot that a Brexit of any kind will have massive and detrimental economic effects upon. Mr Hammond’s pre budget statements aren’t exactly the most inspiring or confidence affirming if truth be told. Be interesting to see, over the next few days, what the breakdown of Mr Hammond’s budget amounts to. What we do know is that given the well documented current contraction of the economy, near historic wage stagnation and growing wealth disparity in the UK, ENDING AUSTERITY for major demographics is probably NOT going to happen any time soon.

Clearly most politicians believe, and/or hope, that your average punter’s head buttons up the back. It is, after all, how they make a living. They count on marketing, mass media saturation and manipulation to sell their product via a headline or a soundbite. Mainly because they, themselves, are pretty rubbish at selling their own flammery face to face (see under Theresa May in any interview ever). This time however, I don’t think it’s going to be quite so easy. Not entirely sure that many folk will be of a mind to simply believe because… reasons.

This time even those pro Conservative outlets in the meeja may have their work cut out for them.

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  1. Movy says:

    ‘This time even those pro Conservative outlets in the meeja may have their work cut out for them.’ About time! Fed up with their lies, half-truths, spin and fake news (where you are).

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  3. Andy Anderson says:

    I agree that a no deal Brexit budget is likely to be horrific.

    I was at a training session yesterday to become one of the Independence Ambassadors being set up by Business for Independence. On the subject of Brexit 47 out of 50 of us thought that there is no way Brexit will be stopped. Most also thought a no deal is likely.

    So a no deal budget is probably a definite.

    Seems the EU agrees with this gloomy future. The Nov meeting has been shelved as Westminster has no new ideas. If a deal is not done in December then a no deal it is. It will be very gloomy from this date forward.

    Even then we know that the MSM will put a spin on it. Say they go for the Canada option this would still be a catastrophe but this is unlikely as the Irish border issue will still be there.

    Your last post Sam informed us that Brexit had cost is £46bn so far reducing the economy by 2.2%. Imagine a no deal budget…..

    Brexit keeps giving us a gift in talking to No voters.

  4. It’s the hunting season.
    She Who Makes the Air I Breathe Seem Sweeter Than Strawberry Jam lets out a shriek from the bathroom.
    Yet another big fat spider, as bloated as a Labour councillor, has managed to find its way into the bath again.
    Earlier the Woman Who Cares For Me In My Twilight Years rushed from the living room mid episode 399 of her ‘Outlander’ box set screaming at the top of her voice.
    Another giant spider had crawled from the fireplace, skirted the edge of the hearth, then froze when it spied my Everlovin’, as spiders do when they know that we’ve spotted them.
    Unlike the psycho Yank idiot who came to Scotland with her big guns to blast innocent animals to smithereens because she enjoys it, I am more humane in my despatch of feral intruders.
    I used to scoop them up and merely chuck them out the back door, until I read that as ‘house’ spiders, chucking them outside was to kill them almost instantly.
    Now I open the garage door and chuck them in there instead.
    It’s the turn in the season. Autumn leaves like giant cornflakes need brushing from footpaths and pavements;

    Spreadsheet Phil is introducing his autumn budget as I clack, and he will turn the clocks back, not an hour, but 120 years.

    Universal Credit continues to roll out, the Rape clause, the two child cap, the cap on levels of UC. will continue as inflation and low wages drive millions into Victorian Poor House poverty.

    A List Blue Tory MSP mother of six is allowed to declare that the ‘poor’, that would be anyone now, or in any date in the future, who loses their job, should not be allowed to have more than 2 children, while my taxes go to paying for an American soap actress who is elevated to the Royal Oligarchy and wanders about the Southern Hemisphere with Prince Redbeard, lording it over the scantily dressed natives as they perform their quaint tribal dances before their Lords and colonial masters.

    Hammond’s budget will be a load of pie in the sky nonsense.

    EngWaland is about to crash out of the EU.
    There will be Dante’s Inferno in 5 months’ time.

    The cuts will continue.
    It’s the Blue Tory way.
    Get the popcorn ready, Sam.

    “Clearly most politicians believe, and/or hope, that your average punter’s head buttons up the back. It is, after all, how they make a living. They count on marketing, mass media saturation and manipulation to sell their product via a headline or a soundbite. Mainly because they, themselves, are pretty rubbish at selling their own flammery face to face (see under Theresa May in any interview ever). This time however, I don’t think it’s going to be quite so easy. Not entirely sure that many folk will be of a mind to simply believe because… reasons.”

    Won’t be fooled again.

    • Popcorn, Jack? We’d better get it in now then. Because, as you know, with a no deal Brexit there will be no imports or exports. And what do you know? We don’t grow in the wonderful UK, the necessary type of corn to make popcorn. The sugar for the coating is also imported. As is the vanilla for the caramel (tasty) coating. So once the shelves are empty, there is no more.
      I have just witnessed the chinless wonder Hammond, walk out of the Chamber as Ian Blackford stood up to make his speech on the Budget. This refugee from the Addams Family, said on Marr, that he may have to change the Budget, depending on the deal with the EU.
      How is that ‘taking back control’? The UK has to wait for the EU to decide if it wants to agree to a deal or not. Of course that means, that the UK Government still doesn’t know what the Brexit deal is, nearly 2yrs and 6 months after the EU Referendum. But, at the same time insisting that they must adhere to the ‘will of the People’ vote. How the hell did the people know what they were voting for 2 and a half years ago, if the British Government still doesn’t know what Brexit means, right now?
      Hammond was standing at the dispatch box doling out money left, right and centre. Knowing, that he’ll never have to give any of it out. Because, in a few short months he’ll be having an emergency Budget to cope with a no deal Brexit and he’ll scrap today’s Budget.
      Anyway, the the UK doesn’t have any money, it’s £2 trillion in debt. That’s 2 million million. Jeeeezo. So the UK is to all intents completely bankrupt. It’s just that our lenders haven’t called in the debts. We’re allowed to stay afloat, as long as we do their bidding. I’ll stop now.

      • Marlon, as you can see from my contributions today, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands during this bright and winter chill Monday morning.
        As Sam points out, it smells like a UKGE bribe to me.

        Of course the poor get next to nothing, pennies for the poor, lots of pounds for the rich.

        Potholes in England will be filled in, but I think that might be nigh impossible on the A2 and A20 approaches to Dover, what with the twenty five mile tail back of lorries with their cargoes melting come April next year as No Deal kicks in.

        Universal Credit is to be increased by £1000 a year, which is merely a bung to Big Business who can now freeze low pay increases.

        In the early ‘fifties, two of my father’s sisters emigrated to the States.

        Rationing was still in force over here, or just ceased.
        Times were hard.

        They would send us parcels from Philadelphia, with clothes, canned goods, exotic toys. copies of the Philadelphia Enquirer with its ‘Funnies’ section in color (sic), and sometimes DC comics, again in full glossy ‘color’. America seemed like heaven on earth to us, and Martin and Lewis technocolo(u)r comedies confirmed this at Saturday afternoon matinees at the Bank Cinema.

        One of my younger brothers was born with a defect in his legs and walked with a pronounced limp, and consequently went through a pair of sturdy boots in weeks at a time.

        My blessed aunts even included straps of LEATHER in some parcels. My dear much missed father had a cobbler’s last and sharp knife. He re-soled my bro’s shoes with this contraband, and the odd heel on the shoes of his other offspring.

        It is a return tothese dark post war days which the Blue Tories are about to lead us next April.
        There will be shortages, and rationing.

        It’s too late now.

        Fortunately I still have relatives in Philly, Maryland, Vancouver, Toronto, Sidney, Cairns, Melbourne, France, Italy, Ireland and the Barras.

        I can see a lot of ‘parcels’ labelled ‘second hand clothing’ coming to Scotland. Perhaps there might be the odd can of rice pudding stuffed in as ballast, or whatever.

        We joke, but this is the harsh reality which awaits us if we meekly follow England and Wales over Beachy Head.
        The madness has begun.
        Bed now. (Thank the Chief for that, you all whisper.)

  5. Macart says:

    That budget smacks of bribe. Raising the higher rate threshold? Election or don’t rock the boat when brexit hits? Take your pick. Either is a fair bet these days.

    • Sam, May’s face is a picture as Hammond bribes Muddle (not a typo) England, SME’s and first time buyers stamp duty exemption on £500,000 starter homes.

      England’s pot holes to be filled in.
      A GE precursor if there ever were one.
      No Deal will of course render all this nonsense irrelevant, like the cold versus hot pasty farce.

      Only declaring war on a defenceless wee country can save them now.

      • Macart says:

        Just this Jack.


        ANYTHING else Con/Lab/Lib says, or their meeja chooms, is guff.

        • Indeed,Sam.
          It is reported on Twitter today that Better Together brought footsoldiers up from Liverpool who deliberately targeted pensions and lies to them, and bullied them into voting No because they were told that their UK Pensions would stop if they voted for Independence.
          Clunking Fist Brown also peddled this lie.
          We know that this lot can sink a lot lower.
          If we do nothing else, we organise for Independence Ambassadors to visit every pensioner household and tell them the truth.
          The UK pension is one of the lowest in Europe, and that come Independence, not only will their pension be secure, that rates will increase to reflect those in other European countries, free from the Hostile Environment of a London regime out to destroy Civic Scotland.
          We have mighty communications battle on our hands.
          All hands to the pumps and keyboards next time.

  6. Jan Cowan says:

    Jack, they’re good at that.

    Just finished reading in the Sunday National that Willie MacRae was murdered…….a fact we’ve always known. Surely the truth will be forced from the “State” this time.

    • Don’t hold your breath, Jan.
      We quite literally live in a militarily occupied subjugated colony of England, and our media answer to their English and US Masters.
      The farce of the Home Helps’ and Teachers’ stikes and the BAD SNP reports by the ‘Scottish’ Rags and broadcasters in the past week or so demonstrates how evil and treacherous some of these ProudScotsBut can be.
      It will get worse when the Indyref2 gun is fired.
      No Deal is inevitable now, as is Scottish Independence.
      It is about to get very ugly indeed.

      • Phil says:

        Exactly Jack. There are two names I try to never forget. One was recently pictured in The National, and is a hero for revealing that Mrs Thatcher lied about The Belgrano threatening our ships when it was in fact sailing away in retreat. That was Clive Ponting.

        The article by Kathleen Nutt brings to mind the other name which ought to never be forgot:
        Karen Silkwood.

        • Clive Pointing revealed that hundreds of Argentinian young men were ‘shot in the back’ as the Belgrano steamed away from the exclusion zone.
          The jury at his Official secrets trial ignored Thatcher’s pet judge and found him innocent, that his revelations to an MP were in the public interest.

          Karen Silkwood was killed/died in a car accident as she was about to meet a reporter to whistleblow the serious breaches of H&S in the US nuclear industry.

          Dr David Kelly, like McRae ,was deemed to have committed suicide after HM Blair’s Govt ‘outed’ him.
          The DG of the BBC had to resign over the cooked up 45 minutes sexed up WMD ‘evidence’ deemed hard enough to destroy Iraq.
          I shall live with the sickening memory of the US and Brit forces carpet bombing Baghdad over 24 hours for the rest of my life.
          God knows how many thousands of innocent men women children the elderly and the infirm died on Day One alone; in my fucking name.
          And Blair walks this land a free and very wealthy man.
          Who gave him his tens of millions since he left politics 10 years ago?

          We are left in no doubt that the ‘New World Order’ will stop at nothing to protect the interests of the Iron Heel Oligarchy of a few thousand who really rule this planet of ours.

          These are the terrifying forces which are being brought to bear on us as we campaign for Scottish self government.

          Trident, oil, gas, our vast natural wealth, and our unique geographical and militarily position between Europe and the Atlantic will not be given up by the Ruling Classes.

          It is obvious now that there is a majority in Scotland for self determination.

          We have been forced to accept all nuclear powered and Trident subs based in Faslane now, and an estimated 13,000 navy submariners and marines are based there on a permanent basis.
          We are in effect a militarily occupied colony of England now.

          Our Dead Tree Scrolls and broadcasters are staffed 100% with Brit Nat sympathisers; their job is to distort, misreport, and blacken Scots who fight for justice and independence.

          Take a look at the online toss in the Herald, Record and Scotsman, to name but three, today.
          Scotland is shite, and the SNP are BAD.
          Only that Dick Leonard can save us now.

          These journos know what they are doing.

          They have picked a side.

          They are the Fourth Estate Fifth Column.

          They are the enemies of Scotland, the agents provocateur in the pay of English and US Press Barons.

          Out Road to Freedom is a mighty challenge.

          Take heart, my fellow Scots citizens; we shall prevail despite them.

          • Check out my typos, my ‘rage’ indicator.

          • grafter says:

            Well said Jack. These are indeed the forces which are ranged against Scotland and it is in our own interests to take this wider view also and understand as to where Scotland stands in the neocon scheme of things for yet more Western aggression before we plan our move towards independence.

  7. xsticks says:

    As I’ve just been posting on twitter – anyone else thinking that spreadsheet Phil’s ‘giveaway’ budget is in part fuelled by the upturn in the Scottish oil industry?

    Looks like the endgame is coming. The british media has cranked it up the anti-indy, anti-SNP message to 11. Labour pulling every string it has left which amounts to whipping up their union (and unionist) pals. The obviously highly orchestrated unionist propaganda pish that was displayed at the footie at the weekend (and all over the press and media). The plastering of Scottish produce with butchers aprons. The unionist supporting placemen like Neil Oliver being put in charge of Scottish institutions. The ramping up of the governor-general’s UK Office in Scotland or whatever it’s called now.

    Then we get to brexit.

    Looks to me like the tories are planning to crash us out before anyone has a chance to do anything about it. How much will Theresa’s hand on the timing be dictated by the cross party legal question to the ECJ about whether Article 50 is revocable? ECJ decision due on the 27th, I think.

    As Jack says, it certainly could get very ugly in the near future. I wish I was quite so sure that Scotland will become independent, but that’s going to come down to us. The game’s afoot.

  8. xsticks says:

    Meant to say, Sam. enjoying your wee stint at holding the fort while Paul’s off gallivanting 🙂

  9. Illy says:

    “The general idea is that a no deal Brexit could see today’s budget proposals binned in favour of …what?”

    If they were a competent government, they’d have the alternate (no deal) budget already prepared and included in the published document.

    That they don’t says everything really. Anyone remember who the only Party with a plan was after the Brexit referendum? Anyone?

    I really with I could find the clip of that news reporter again.

  10. Macart says:

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


    • Andy Anderson says:

      I feel that people that are taken in by this nonsense have either an empty head where it is easy to put junk in it or that there personality profile is that of a spoilt child. In other words “what is in it for me”. Boris Johnston had such a personality.

    • Jan Cowan says:

      Strange how many Americans forget that they’re not indigenous to that part of the globe.

    • chicmac says:

      Alerted by the famous blowing up of the Nazi marble symbol in 1945 at the end of the film it was apparently not the 1943 original as stated in the tweet but an edited re release. On further investigation I uncovered a longer version, but it too has the Nazi symbol scene at the end.

  11. I see Hammond walked out before Ian Blackford gave his views on the budget. Surely a signal for the whole Scottish contingent to walk out in protest at the contempt shown to the leader of the SNP – the majority party in Scotland and second biggest membership in the UK. Why are our representatives in the Commons not taking action to protest at the open contempt shown by the governme and opposition every time an SNP MP opens their mouth.

    Also I note that Belfast is getting and extra £2m to help with repairing damage after the Primark fire. Glasgow has had THREE major fires. Where is the government’s contribution to help with the damage here?

    • Perhaps we need to threaten to start our own fires, and then WM might sit up, Independent Woman?
      Wouldn’t they just love to have an excuse to wade into us and impose martial law?
      They could sell ‘Fun Hunt packages to Yanks who could join the insurgents as mercenaries ‘bayonetting the wounded’ or whatever.
      I don’t want any of Hammond’s Handouts.
      I see Paul Sweeney Red Tory MP who lied about frigates being built Up Here has written to Mundell in the strongest possible terms begging for some more of our own money back from his English Masters.
      Fuck off and move to England, is an alternative to humiliating yourself in front of your captors.
      We are taking our country and our wealth back from our English Oppressors.
      If the ProudScotsBut don’t like it, crawl back under your stones and hide until it’s all over.
      To Paul Sweeney, because I know that WGD is essential reading, get up off your knees and act like a man.

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