A One-Off Event?

A guest post by Samuel Miller

It appears some folk aren’t happy with them essenpee and their completely unhealthy obsession with that whole silly independence thing. A subject pro Westminster elements of the political class and meeja keep bringing up near every day, but y’know, fair enough. It seems they’ve grown bored with the whole idea. Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored. All of them bored to tears apparently and they’re not considering that a particularly offensive, insensitive and insulting stance to take in any way, shape, or form at all. Oh no. That would be a needlessly divisive thing to do after all and they don’t like divisive things on principle.

That would mean that for all their demands that around half the population respect NO meaning NO, and their right to raise or drop the subject as they see fit? They wouldn’t respect the rights and principles of others when they said YES and meant it, or when they wish to discuss self determination at a time of their choosing. Presumably it would also mean these parties wouldn’t be up for the right of people to change their minds and voice their concerns and opinions publicly as circumstances change. Why that would be downright anti-democratic, and I’m sure such a thought would never occur.

Mind you… When those others, (who aren’t bored at all), do respond with challenge to some political type or meeja pundit raising the whole (say it softly) i********nce subject in the negative, they’re no happy with that challenge either. Some people would be forgiven for thinking it’s a bit of a damned if you do and damned if you don’t conundrum.

Spare a thought for the poor souls at the pointy end of supporting UK politics though readers. They’ve spent over four years creating a narrative and saturating the meeja with essenpee baddery, you know. Almost every day of that period, some policy gonk or commentator has attempted to hold to account (or would that be undermine?) the Scottish government and/or the very idea that full fat self determination for the population of Scotland might be a good thing. That’s a lot of effort and do they get any thanks for it? There’s no damn gratitude in the world today.

Anyroads. It seems a cornerstone of this narrative, (that being ‘no appetite/demand for a referendum’), took  a bit of a dent on Saturday past… yet again. Aye, apparently there was a bit of a partaaaay in Embra where a few folks gathered to let those and such as those know that they have a somewhat different opinion on how things are working out. (Seein’ as how fair sized chunks of yer meeja and what constitutes the political class in the UK won’t represent them and all.) They turned up in their thousands to set the record straight on the whole ‘no demand for’ thing. They turned up to sing and laugh, to shout and cheer and to let the world know… their appetite for democracy is just fine.  That they have a voice of their own thanks and they know how to use it.

Now, I can understand if those folk supportive of the Westminster system of government are a tad concerned at the moment. Not only have their heroes arguably failed to deliver on the pledges and assurances they gave Scotland’s population in 2014. The government du jour have dropped the UK’s international political standing into a cludgie and precipitated the current Brexit catastrophe with, apparently, hardly a thought given to the economic or constitutional fallout. Their actions have endangered the N.I. Good Friday Agreement, the standing devolution settlements and they are also currently taking the Scottish Parliament, (and by extension the chosen representation of the Scottish electorate), to court over the Continuity Bill/power grab stooshie. Describing the outlook as a bit on the bleak side both economically and societally for the populations of the UK on the back of this? Well, I’d say that’s an understatement of epic proportions. What can’t be denied is that all of the above events are concerning for everyone, whatever their political or constitutional affiliation.

Still, if the pro Westminster political class, their meeja chooms and their public support are so confident that there is no appetite for a change of management despite ALL of this? If they believe they’ve done a bang up job of delivering for and winning over, the electorate with their warm friendly message of unity? There is a simple way of finding out. How about, (just for a laugh), imagining that you actually do care about ALL of the population, democracy and so forth? (Yes, even those people who don’t actually, normally, vote for you) How about… asking them directly? Radical concept I know, but given there’s been the odd update in circumstances in the past four years or so? Might be an idea.

Any plebiscite will do really, though I’d guess most would prefer a referendum. Take, IF YOU CAN, party politics out of the equation and all that. All those in favour of Westminster government need do is vote no, if that is their continued preference. If enough of the electorate agree with that? Then you get a second shot at delivering that vision of the UK going forward. That’s thon democracy thing in action by the by.

Hmmm. Unless of course, they feel their management approach has not been all that successful? Surely not?

What cannot be denied, is that there are currently ongoing changes in constitutional and economic circumstances which fly in the face of pledges and assurances made to the population of Scotland in 2014. That much is a matter of public record and a great many people clearly feel it should require an appropriate and democratic response. Might also be the situation that those who made those pledges and assurances answer some pressing questions the population may have concerning the bill of goods they were sold. An understandable attitude given the situation they find themselves in today, you’d think.

For me? I’d say that democracy isn’t a one-off event. The right to choose, to change your mind in the face of mounting evidence and events, isn’t a serving suggestion. It is an inalienable human right. If the winner of a public ballot can’t, or won’t, deliver on the pledges and assurances they made? It might be considered polite of them to explain why this might be the case. It might also be considered appropriate if they accept that the people they made those commitments to and who voted for them in good faith, have the absolute right to choose again.

One more thing and it really shouldn’t need saying, but to even suggest denying people that right, or that principle? That’s not a good look.

Worth a thought.

26 comments on “A One-Off Event?

  1. Cliff Purvis says:

    Well said. However there are those out there so intwined with the propaganda machine of the chinless Etonian elite, that they will see Saturdays fantastic out poring of desire for self determination as nothing less than anti democratic! Such has been the effectiveness of the Westmonster propaganda.

  2. Och, Sam, Brit Nats don’t do democracy.
    Over on WoS, Campbell is ripping the lungs out of Jamie Greene, LisTory Boy,who has tweeted that he only ‘serves’ the No voting Brexit backing Blue Tories in his midst.
    To the winner a sledge hammer, to pulverise the ‘opposition’.
    Notwithstanding the fact that down Largs way, they have their very own Town Councillor, a constituency MSP who won the seat because a majority voted for them, and likewise , a WM MP and a MEP who were also the ‘people’s choice’, and who unlike Mr Greene, have ‘constituents’ whom they ‘serve’, Mr Greene got the Golden Ticket in the Blue Tory Compartment of the Brit Nat Holyrood Gravy Train, by some backroom selection process hidden from public view or scrutiny.

    Yet he is regularly featured in the Brit Nat Dead Tree Scrolls telling us all off for going on about independence, for which we apparently no longer have an appetite.
    Ther was a conspiracy of Silence on Sunday Morning.
    The AUOB march of the tens of thousands didn’t happen; or at least was met by an equally backed Brit Nat counter protest of Butcher’s Apron waving bull horn blaring zealots, if you are to believe the quite risible snap on the Sunday Herald Online blurb.

    Kevin Pringle, and Gordon ‘Waffle’ Brewer, two middle class men who I’d imagine haven’t visited a food bank or queued at a garage forecourt to top up their Electricity card of a cold bitter winter night, were on Brewer’s Droop last Sunday.
    We had a wee bit of whimsy about the Bad SNP banning free poppadoms and prawn crackers for roughly the same amount of air time devoted to Brewer’s quite frankly hysteric ‘yes but’, talking over, shouting down,insulting, SNP ‘waffle’ (three times), haranguing of Ian Blackford on the vexing question of Indyref 2.
    This man has lost the plot completely.

    Compare this with the cosy wee love-ins he has with Mum2B Davidson which he regularly chairs.

    Pringle, who, surprise surprise, now writes for the Times on Sunday, and ‘Waffle’ Brewer cosily agreed that the Bad SNP should take a second Indy Ref ‘off the table’ until at least after the 2021 Scottish GE, and only seek ‘permission’ from ‘Take Back Control’ Post Brexit WM if the SNP still hold a mandate, which as we all know, and these two well heeled pundits certainly know, they already have by dint of the 2016 GE.

    It is irresponsible, immoral, and oh so comfortably ‘middle class’ to expect one million Scots citizens living below the poverty line, the hundreds of thousands of low paid zero hours ‘Just About Managing’ workers who will be transferred to UCS in a disastrous Big Bang national roll-out next April, and who according the Esther McVey, DWP boss, will see their real income reduce by £50 a week, never mind the fall in their slave wage income in post Brexit Britain, to expect us all to sit on our hands, experience a couple of years of WM Power Grab misery and tens of thousands of premature deaths.
    We are not hanging about, guys, to suffer pain and watch our fellow citizens die needlessly.
    We go now, within the Brexit window.

    I’m sure the plummeting sales of the Brit Nat Dead Tree Scrolls has got the Hackery spooked.
    Their core readership is dying off or finding the Truth elsewhere.
    50;50 now. When No Deal finally announced, it may be 70: 30, even before the Indyref Campaign starts in earnest.

  3. Les Bremner says:

    At the SNP Conference yesterday, I went to the BBC stand to ask a simple question about the new Scottish channel which is to be launched next Spring. Since my area doesn’t get all of the Freeview channels, I asked how it was to be transmitted.

    If she hadn’t replied that it would be ‘generally available’ without giving details, and if she hadn’t had a distinctly English accent, I might not have expressed a view that I hoped that it would be less biased than the current setup.

    Well, the lips pursed and she asked for examples. I will spare you the details of the rest of my time with her, but I was left with the distinct impression that I was wrong and she was right.

    A warm Scottish accent saying that my views were interesting and they would look into them would have been constructive. It was enlightening that the BBC had a presence at an SNP conference to tell me that they were in charge.

  4. diabloandco says:

    beautifully put Sam.
    I didn’t make the march on Saturday as I damaged my back gardening and had no wish to be stuck on the Royal Mile even with a plethora of helpers , but I watched the Live screen and cheered a’body on. The photos were fantastic too.
    Then I waited for the BBBC coverage and the STV coverage – seems hee -haw happened n Edinburgh on Saturday – what a devious , disgusting bunch ‘our ‘ media has become.

  5. chicmac says:

    Off to a flying start this stint Sam, in fact might add ‘drop kick’ to that ‘flying’.

    If any crowd deserves a metaphorical kicking when they are down it is those columnists of the fifth variety, that monstrous regiment of vermin, Westminster’s churnalist chumps in servitude the anti-Scottish meeja.

  6. Andy Anderson says:

    Recently two strongly NO people I know where using the ‘but you had a majority NO vote in 14’ argument yet again. Like a stuck record. In a verbal list format I explained where we were let down etc. etc.

    They still would not accept my points. Then I asked them why do we get General Elections every few years. Silence.

    Your article Sam is good and rational based on fact. Pity that many British Nationalist people have no honesty, no self worth and no personal integrity. If they had the would not spout so much pish.

  7. grafter says:

    INDYREF2 needs to happen before March 2019. The Brexit nightmare begins after that and the “Dunkirk Spirit” will be invoked. The sheeple will be conditioned to accept the new “normality” with “let’s all make this work together” broadcast throughout the UK. Westminster will concede nothing and cannot afford to lose Scotland’s resources. The time for discussion with them will be over and confrontation it seems will be inevitable.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Hello Grafter. I understand your sentiments but March next year is to early. The opinion polls are either side of 50% so we could fail or only get a marginal victory. We need a victory of at least 60% to stop division in this country.

      If we fail that will be it for a generation. Look at Quebec for a comparison.

      • Cubby says:

        Sorry Andy but I disagree. Quebec like Catalonia is not Scotland. Did people just give up in 1979. No. Scotland is one of the worlds oldest nations. We never give up. We just need to vote to dissolve the Union.

  8. bedelsten says:

    From the Grauniad and the ever SNPBaad Severin Carrell,

    ‘At the weekend, about 20,000 hardline independence activists marched through Edinburgh, staging a rally on Holyrood park near the Scottish parliament despite a ban on the event by the conservation quango Historic Environment Scotland which runs the park.’

    So, I count as five people and I am now labelled ‘hardline’. Well, the receding temptation to subscribe the Grauniad has receded even further.

    • Illy says:

      You don’t mean you count as 5 people – you mean that you count as 1/5th of a person.

      If we each counted as 5 people then they’d be reporting numbers of 500,000+ – which is a tenth of the Scottish population!

      Just imagine if we’d actually had *those* numbers.

    • Cubby says:

      Don’t understand why Independence supporters even consider giving their money to papers that print the sort of rubbish Carrell writes. Carrell is just a hardline British Nationalist who writes propaganda.

  9. James cheyne says:

    Sam Its worrying enough to listen to what our supposed mainstream bbc does or does not cover,and they certainly try keep us busy on opposing our views,nobody knows this better than myself,I used to be a cartoonist with two local papers but they eventually had to let me go because my cartoons were very much in favour of independence and the right of people no matter what country they live in.I was an early victim of media bias,
    I wanted to take this opportunity to ask you Sam if you would like to cover an OT subject sometime,and make everyone aware of the,”Constitution reform group.co.uk.Act of union bill,A bill to provide. (In my words)to tie the hands of the devolved government of Scotland wales and Ireland.to continue to bind us together.in the a new treaty of union..

    • Macart says:

      Hi James

      There’s already a fairly comprehensive piece to be found:


      • Patience is a Virtue says:

        Bought my copy of The National today and reading about this proposed Bill to for a new Act of Union ‘to rebalance and stabilise the constitutional relationships between the four nations of the United Kingdom, England, Scotland , Wales and Northern ireland’ (not necessarily in that order, no sorry, in that order).

        It is off to a great start, I note with some amusement post the 2014 Independence Referendum, not only was a proposed Constitutional Convention voted down (as was every other amendment raised whilst ‘listening to Sccotland’) by the Labour Party and Conservative Party as proposed by the remnants of the Liberal Party (during those heady days of the Smith Commission)… but that, to quote today’s ‘National’ ‘

        ……The Scottish Government was not consulted over the group’s new Act.!!

        There seems to be a common theme ….

        Power devolved is of course power retained… so after 300 years of Union and equal ‘pooling ad sharing’ (indeed the evidence shows this works very well for the South East of England, but not so well elsewhere) we very much look forward to seeing the new order of (wait for it)….to

        ‘continue to pool their sovereignty for specified purposes; and to protect social and economic rights for citizens’

        [* specified purposes = …. I leave for the reader to deduce . could be? ‘to the betterment of Scotand’ (insert country/region) .. [you optimist!] .. but would not want to preempt this well intntioned piece of Legislation]

        Personally, I feel that social and economic rights for citizens will be best looked after at a more local level, as experience (over the past few years, indeed 300+) shows no great evidence of either protecting (or augmenting!) the social or economic rights of citizens, which of course is limitless in an independent Country. I suppose you have ask yourself… what sort of a Country do I want to live in?

        I watch its democratic progression with interest.

  10. I note that Nikla was wearing a Salmond pink suit today.
    Is this a subliminal message of support?
    Steady as you go speech, with some delicious digs at Branch Office Labour, Corbyn, and WM Brexit shambles.

    The ultimate insult? Wullie Rennie never even got a mention.

    Professor ‘Sir’ John Curtice is the political equivalent of herpes.

    No sooner have we believed that he has gone away for ever than he flares up again, today in the studio with Andrew Kerr, pollster turned political pundit.

    Clearly Old Brillo Head is not a fan of Nikla; to the Human Herpes NS was seen ‘defending’ her Government’s policies and achievements. To the rest of us, she seemed to be celebrating Scotland’s progress as a caring all inclusive outward looking nation.

    The strange use of the verb ‘defending’ tells us where Curtice’s affiliations lie.

    He is a Brit Nat Tory in the pay of the WM Establishment.

    An ideal BBC Pacific Quay Stockade co-anchor at the SNP Conference.

    Toodle Oo The Noo resurrected the fecking Golden Oldie of Project Fear, lying about the fictitious ‘deficit’ Independent Scotland would ‘inherit’; Project Havering and Quavering?

    The next few weeks will be the tipping point.

    • Dave tewart says:

      Aye Jack,
      I was listening to the speech on the computer.
      I had to leave for work so thought I would continue to listen on our national radio.
      Foolish me, forgot our EBC scotland is under direct control from London.
      Tried all the usual radio stations, not one of which had any reference to a countries major political party having a conference and it’s leader giving a closing speech.
      What I heard on the small part of radio shortbread was the start of a discussion on music.
      Yes I know it was being broadcast on EBC2 television, The Welsh First miniter’s question time was being broadcast on the Parliament channel.
      Maybe we should just refer to the EBC as the North Korean propaganda service, all smoke and mirrors that can see squirrels instead of current events.
      We pay for this rubbish and have little say on what’s broadcast from the Quay of lies and deceit.
      Agree, the next couple of months will see them tipped.
      They say the cabinet will have to have 2 sittings now that there’s not enough room in Downing Street to have all the ministers in at the same time, self preservation by the maybot has created a minister for suicide.
      Maybe I’ve picked up the message in error from the EBC.
      You’ll have had your democracy.

  11. chicmac says:

    “Professor ‘Sir’ John Curtice is the political equivalent of herpes.” Was that a typo? Hermes was the messenger of the Gods wasn’t he? Let me look up ‘herpes’. oops, my bad you were richt enuch.

  12. Waiting for Scotland says:

    It is clear we have achieved Independence. We are now just squabbling about the date.

    It is vital we acknowledge our own history and honor all those who have gone before us. They are all a part of our shared heritage. We have to have the scope to demonstrate our innate shared honor and convictions – in both senses of the latter. Delivered with style and humor, as always. Not with the prats running the UK parliament. But with our fellow English, Welsh and Irish compatriots, friends and family members. We all have a far better chance of a prosperous future as truly equal partners, and no longer in the roles of Master and Man.

    But in 2014, we witnessed a breach within Scottish society over the question of independence. Our pensioners were not yet ready to join the revolution. More’s the pity 🙂

    But I think we should behave in a spirit of friendship and compassion for what has passed, rather than the acrimony and bitterness that has marked our experience these past few years.

    Our pensioners voted to remain in the UK, primarily out of loyalty to Queen Elizabeth. They have grown old together. They will never abandon her and we should stop trying to force them to. We should honor both their expressed desire, and the Queens service to Scotland.

    Not many of us may have liked her, and what she represented, but she will be remembered long after we have all been consigned to oblivion. After all, Balmoral is her real home. We should call a truce until she passes. She is likely to be the only Queen Elizabeth we will ever have.

    Scotland should become independent 1 year to the day after the passing of the Queen. Whenever that happens.

    We should let Liz pass her last years in peace, along with those who are the last of that greatest of generations of us all, whom She represents to our elders. The one and only era of the British Empire which really was worth honoring.

    British defiance of Tyranny and Dictatorship defined us as a people. Except when we were the Tyrants and Dictators. But, it was their efforts towards building a society whose aim was to abolish want, that was their truly noble calling. They did what they could. Too bad their frivolous and entitled children pissed it all against a wall. The boomers really have been a sad crowd of mediocrity’s in comparison. Probably too much cocaine acid and alcohol in the sixties. I waited until the seventies myself 🙂

    The accomplishments of that generation still resonate with anyone with a heart to this day. No matter how much their dotage has been weaponised by the forces of greed and unregulated ambition, they still deserve our honor and respect. Remember that all the best lies always contain a grain of truth.

    Churchill may have been a general twat at the best of times, but even I recognize his thousand year speech was only stating a fact. They stood against evil when the world expected them to cave. The Queen’s Father killed himself defending his subjects during that era. We should not be so miserly as to dishonor that honorable service. Especially in light of his being virtually forced on to the throne. My own Mother and Father manned the barricades.

    The Queen followed him onto the throne when he died before his time, in her twenties. She has endured the tedium of her chains of office with stoicism and restraint. I have a passing admiration for those among us who have leadership thrust upon them, rather than those who seek it out. Reminds me of the legend of Cincinnatus. The archetypal public servant.

    But I don’t think anyone in Scotland will be particularly interested in having Charlie as anything other than a figurehead on some paper and coins. Including our pensioners. An appointed Governor by our Parliament will suffice as our deference to heritage. Just like the rest of the Commonwealth. We can set aside Monarchy as a question and debate for later. After we have matured as a nation again.

    • Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I have often thought about the question of the Royal Family and where such an institution should sit in a modern Scotland.

      The problem I have with the issue is that I am firstly a democrat, therefore it follows that a democrat cannot easily accept an unelected head of state.

      The present day royal family have the slight appearance of an organised crime family they live very well on the back of the public purse the Daily mail would describe such folk as scroungers.

      The royal family are undoubtedly at the pinnacle of this corrupt British state.

      It cannot be suggested that the Queen and her gang do not know what is going on in this country.

      As for service to the country how many former service men and women gave everything for the country and got little in return?

      If you want to ask the former military folk I’m sure you can find them in a nearby gutter or mental ward where they have been discarded by this great country.

      As I say everyone is entitled to their opinion and I don’t blame the royal family for being a bit dodgy after all they are German and Greek typical Europeans, not like us brits.

      Having re read your well written contribution I feel somewhat nauseous however on recovering I shall join the Republic organisation.

      I wish you an excellent Harrumph.

      • Waiting for Scotland says:

        Not at all.

        I completely understand your bitterness. The betrayal of ’79, and the subsequent rape of Scotland, by Thatcher, in the following years, was the end of the Union for me personally. But the current shower of congenital idiots running the UK these days have done more for the cause of independence than anything we ourselves have accomplished since Hardie published his manifesto for Home Rule in Scotland. And as for the Royals, I couldn’t care less for them. I am a socialist to the bone. But I am also a pragmatist. And a human being. A deeply flawed species and hard to categorize.

        I am a boomer child. I did not live through the Depression, or the World War. They touch me only as historical facts. After the vote in 2014, I raged at the pensioners for a time myself. I couldn’t understand the pig headedness of my elders when they marked No on their ballots. I ranted about them on this very blog. My own Mother was one. 93 and still alive and kicking. We became estranged for a time as a result. After much reflection, and converse with her and her cronies, I have simply come to understand why she and they did it.

        Whether I liked it or not, I recognized that memory is a tricky thing for the old. Nostalgia warps logic. You and I recognize Monarchy for the abomination that it is. My own opinion is that Westminster made its fatal error of stopping with Charles the First, when it came to dealing with the establishment. A missed opportunity 🙂 That religious bigot Cromwell tried later, but not enough for my liking.

        But for them, the Depression and War are now their most vivid memories, and the King and Queen, and their daughters, were, and are still, the strongest memories they now retain of the Britain they have always lived in. Not surprising given that the British Press has filled the entire length of their lives with breathless reports of the Royals, on a nearly daily basis. A Pavlovian exercise if looked at objectively.

        I have simply decided that it is time I started thinking like I already lived in a compassionate and tolerant nation. As indeed we all must do if we are to be a successful nation. Why waste our time arguing with idiots who dementedly demand we rationalize the very fact of our existence? In the fog of debate, it can often be hard to see the forest for the trees. Pardon the mixed metaphors.

        It was hard for me to get my head around it at first, as well. But I am positive it will happen to you too. All that is left to do now, constitutionally, is complete the formalities. All I am suggesting is parting as friends with our once fellow citizens. And allowing a son, and fellow Scot, to help ease his mothers, and her friends and contemporaries, passing.

        Whether some resent it or not, the simple fact is that Liz is admired and loved by millions in these lands. And 100’s of millions across the globe. Arguing about the injustice of it is just wasted effort. But we must face up to a truth when it is staring us in the face. Britain will shake at the death of this Queen. She is likely to be the last of her kind. As a rogue, she has been a very quiet one, at least.

        The UK will follow her to the grave soon after, just as night follows day. Allowing those loyal to it a brief period of mourning, is only humane. We will gain no ones respect if all we can come up with is spite and vitriol as our response to her passing. We will also, and in my opinion unnecessarily, antagonize an already wounded beast, awash with blood and soil nationalism, stirred up by sociopathic and unscrupulous imperialists. We will only be pouring oil on a ready flame. Where that would lead, God only knows.

        I recommend you read the advice on the SIC article. We must all do our part to tell the stories of how each of us have made our passage to independence. They will not be fairy tales. I give you mine, for what it is worth, and, I admit, it has little of the latter. But I give it anyway, warts and all. Take it or leave it as you may. I bare no resentment to those who dismiss it. You are still my compatriots 🙂

        I happily look forward to be working with you all in rebuilding our nation. Whatever form of government we choose to adopt. For it will be, finally, our own to decide.

        Scotland Forever!

    • Cubby says:

      Some silly points made by Waiting for Scotland. I’ll let you guess what they are – assuming you actually didn’t stop reading the post after a couple of sentences.

    • Jim says:

      Sorry pal, but pensioners and the oer55’s do NOT back the union owing to some misplaced loyalty to the queen.

      They do so because scottishness itself leaves them with a lingering sense of inadequacy, and britishness is chosen as a form of preference. Conditioned by their newspapers and telly to see the world through british eyes, and scotland through the eyes of tourists (tartanNshortbread etc).

      The oer55 NO brigade simply lack the vision and appetite for such radical change as independence. Essentially saying ‘we’re not worthy’, not good enough to make our own decisions and take responsibility for charting our own course. Someone else can do that. Not interested in building a better society, but worried about paying more tax though only too happy to, in their eyes, benrfit from the charity of english taxpayers.

      There is also the politically ignorant but on the face of it reasonable slant of “there would be a deficit so we would be fucked” which the yes movement needs to do so much more to counter, essentially by educating the electorate. The MSM certainly aren’t going to do it!

      Forget such daft notions as loyalty to the queen, it’s a simple case of ‘I’m alright jack’!

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