What Ruth Davidson really wants

Ruth Davidson has ruled out trying to lead the UK Conservatives and becoming the UK’s first lesbian prime minister. Instead, she tells us, she has her sights set on becoming the next First Minister of Scotland. This is probably not unrelated to the certainty that should she pitch for the Conservative leadership, the media might start asking her some difficult questions. Questions which can’t be answered by her cradling her baby bump and reminiscing about her teenage years in Upper Largo. She’d need some other policy than Scotland doesn’t want another referendum. And besides, the good people of England already have Hello magazine for reading about vacuous celebrities. They have no need of them in the cabinet too.

Ruth is intensely ambitious. So it’s reasonable to ask why she’s ruled herself out for the biggest prize in British politics. The answer is of course that she knows that if she aimed for it, she’d fail. Scottish lesbians who were strongly remain inclined in the Brexit referendum have a limited appeal amongst the Conservative party membership who will select the next Tory leader. She also knows that she’d not enjoy such an easy ride in the press as she does as a purely Scottish politician. She knows that her trick would be exposed. So instead she insists that she wants to concentrate on becoming the next First Minister, and the adoring British press will still take her seriously, and will still avoid asking her difficult questions, because frankly, they don’t think Scotland is important enough to ask probing questions about.

Thankfully for those of us who prefer to indulge in fantasy in a more self-aware form, like Discworld or Game of Thrones, there is as much chance of Ruth Davidson becoming the next First Minister as there is of this blog being awarded the political commentary of the year award by a panel of Scotsman and Daily Mail leader writers. The media might be seduced by Ruth’s political sleight of hand, but the public are not. The chances of Ruth’s Scottish Conservatives securing a majority in Holyrood in 2021, or even becoming the largest party, are precisely zero.

The fact this is even being discussed is a symptom of the Ruthdavidosis of the media. What Ruth does is very simple. It’s a con trick which works very effectively on the media. It works especially well on an anti-independence media which is desperately seeking a UK Messiah who will magic the Scottish independence movement away with a wave of a sparkly red white and blue wand.

Most politicians avoid talking about their personal lives. They want to talk about policies and politics. They want, in other words, to talk about their day jobs. Of course they lie, they dissemble, they are mendacious. It is as difficult to get yer average politician to respond to a straight question with a straight answer as it is for Theresa May to avoid a robotic soundbite. But it’s even more difficult to get Theresa May to open up about her private life and her inner feelings. Her robotic “I’m being very clear” is always about policy. It’s usually a lie. It’s never clear. But it never gives us any sense that we’re peering into Theresa’s soul. Possibly because she doesn’t have one. Or a shadow for that matter. But that’s beside the point.  This is the sort of performance that political journalists are used to dealing with.  It’s what they expect.

Ruth turns that expectation on its head. She is all too willing to talk about her personal life. She’d rather talk about her personal life. She’s very comfortable talking about her personal life. She’s a whole lot less willing to talk about policies, mainly because she doesn’t have any, and she has no more of a grasp of political detail than Boris Johnson does. But she doesn’t need to have a grasp of political detail, or indeed even the broad picture, and that’s especially true in the incestuously small world of the overwhelmingly anti-independence media in Scotland which is both desperate for a Saviour of Britishness and which looks on Ruth as one of their own. They are happy to overlook Ruth’s policy poverty, and are happy to present her as she wants to be presented, as a personality, not as a politician.

So for example when she’s telling an interviewer about her episodes of self-harm when she was young, it is then very difficult for that interviewer to turn round and say, “OK, enough of that. What about Tory dark money? What about the bigots who infest the Scottish Conservatives?” without sounding crass and insensitive. Ruth avoids exposing her politics by exposing her personality with a disarming smile. That’s her schtick. That’s her con trick. She turns the expectations of a political interviewer upside down. They are seduced by her apparent charm and willingness to talk about subjects that politicians are not usually willing to talk about, so she comes across as human and open and defuses any threat from the interviewer.

And all this, the disarming charm in interviews when she talks about her personal life, the media appearances, the game shows, the collapsed sponges on Bake Off, the cosy sofa chats as she touts her new book, all of it helps to establish Ruth as a brand. All of it is a pretty and distracting curtain over the bare shelves of her policies and political hinterland.

Ruth is the person who is least likely to do what she’s always demanding Nicola Sturgeon does, to concentrate on the day job. Ruth’s kryptonite is not to allow her to talk about her personality, but to insist that she talks about her job. On the rare occasions when an interviewer does that, we see the resentful entitlement of someone hopelessly out of their depth. We see bad grace and the smile disappears.

Ruth will never become First Minister because she can’t coast her way into that position with fireside sofa chats about her teenage years. She knows that too. She’s not stupid. But First Minister isn’t the job that Ruth really wants either, because deep down in her fiercely ambitious soul she knows she has no chance of getting it. Politics for Ruth was only ever a means to an end. She certainly would never admit it, but the job that Ruth really wants is as the presenter of a prime time TV chat show on the BBC. She has a far better chance of achieving that ambition. After all, she’s spent a lot of time schmoozing with people in the media.


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69 comments on “What Ruth Davidson really wants

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  2. Alba woman says:

    Ruth Davidson knows full well that her behaviour towards the people of Scotland is not that of her smiling, chatty media persona.

    Oor Ruth worked a planned strategy of undermining Scottish society in her electoral choices of candidates. Divide and Rule a main strategy of the Tories since time immemorial. She worked hand in glove with the forces of the Orange Order and others sharing their values and deep misogyny.

    She has yet to castigate the despicable Rape Clause and her silence on the dark money is typical of her ignorant treatment of the Scottish people.

    Ruth Davidson under no circumstances deserves the position of First Minister. I would be out there from dawn to dusk working to ensure her failure. I think there would be a fair few folk who would join me.

    • Mary Murray says:

      Alba Woman, this Hibernian woman would join you. I wouldn’t trust Ruth to organise the proverbial in a brewery.

  3. Billy Watt says:

    Isn’t she ex BBC anyway ?

  4. She also seems blind to the fact she is a useless leader of anything other than a tame buffalo, given that in her interviews she’s busy telling anyone who will listen that she’s fully behind Theresa & the Chequers Plan That The EU Have Already Said No To while the Boris Johnson Fan Boy Ross (I’m channelling my inner amoeba) Thomson is sweatily telling Scotland Tonight how he can’t wait to burst out of his underpants with no deal.

    Management skills Ruthie ? Zéro point n’est-ce pas?

    • Tol says:

      She doesn’t need to worry about being a useless leader.

      Westminster will be so happy to have Scotland put back in the box, they and the media will go to all lengths to cover for her.

    • Margaret Barrie says:

      Brilliant! Utterly brilliant. Put better than I ever could.

  5. Wullie B says:

    Surely she would be ruled out as PM anyway unless she was parachuted into an English safe constituency seat due to EVEL, the best she could ever hope for is SoS if in a Scottish seat, and by the look of things today Ross Thomson is aiming to take Fluffys job once Bumbling Boris get the top job,
    I doubt the BBC would give Ruth anything other than a parochial TV job, they have Sarah Smith as politics pundit already and a lot more experienced than the wee researcher ever was

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Speaking of said backstabber see no one really cared at the tory conference much to show up to his anti independance bit I see as it was empty.

    • Alastair Gunn says:

      Why would EVEL prevent Ruth Davidson from being PM even if sitting in the Commons from a Scottish seat? If she’s a Tory PM then the Tories presumably have a majority of the English seats (even at the moment they have a majority of 60 in that respect), so even though she can’t vote on the matter at the Legislative Grand Committee section for an English-only bill she can still vote for the bill on it’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd readings.

      Unless she has an especially obstructive Tory party to deal with (even more so than Theresa May does at the moment) then it’s not like she’s likely to have a problem getting enough votes for the extra EVEL stage surely?

      Also EVEL is only a rules change for the Commons, not legislation, so Ruth PM could always vote through an amendment to said rules giving the PM the right to replace one of the English MPs of their party in the Legislative Grand Committee if representing a seat out-with England.

  6. So the actual hype of all of this must surely be a distraction from the totally destructive English London government. Brutannia is acting out the bully, untRuth is just a pawn in their Eton schoolboy
    tactics, and she freaking loves it.

    The calibre of politicians that we have in Scotland, and the majority if not all are the SNP ones, is lost, demeaned, silenced and ignored, for this type of celebrity ridden hype. God help us all.

    I watched a couple of films by the great, the excellent, Agnes Varda recently, and now she has a new film out, ‘Faces, places’, it’s about ‘ordinary people’. A rejection of the worship of celebrity that has plagued our lives for far far too long.

    When cleaning the cat litter, with the daily rags taken from the paper recycling, I thank heaven that these mind numbing, bland, lifeless, backward rags have no place in my life. It’s dirt, it’s about other peoples’ lives, celebs, meaningless, unintelligent, vacant.

    Celebrity is passe, old hat, dead. Life is about real people, integrity, equality and the future. Not about these people whose sole aim is to use their jumped up sense of superiority for self gain.

    It’s 2018, Scotland is moving forward, and will not be held back any longer.

    Saor Alba!

  7. Tol says:

    5 SEATS….That all it takes.

    Scotland has already had a warning of the danger the English parties pose.
    2017 GE anyone.
    – Angus Robertson
    – Alex Salmond
    – Ahmed-Sheikh

    The English parties will use any means necessary to take down the SNP leading figures. They will target just enough to win. How effective would an SNP be without Nicola Sturgeon, Mike Russell and Humza Yousaf…and throw in a Ruth compliant media. If you think the SNP get a bad press deal now…just imagine what it would be like in that scenario.

    The Tories don’t need to win the majority of seats. They only need to stop the SNP forming any majority and the list Hollyrood voting system gives them the trump cards.

    If you don’t think its possible? How many councils are the SNP the major party but the Labor Torie coalitions give them the levers of power?

    Beware of false bravado.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      The next one here won’t go the way 2017 did because after all this those that went tory doubt they’d do it again if they did they’d be no different than the English people who was saying the torys will be out frist chance they got and 2015 we know how that went there is don’t see Scotland making that kind of mistake twice in a row if no to independence is all they have then people will eventually get so tired of it they’d shout at the conservatives oh just shut up will you just like the bbc Scotland ratings going down when they pump snpbad Scotland bad all the time.

      • Tol says:

        @Robert Harrison

        I wish I had your optimism. Unfortunately any changing YES mood has not yet fed into verifiable poll numbers…or even AUOB walks.

        Heck Westminster just announced a Minister for Rationing with using the arm to distribute (control) food supplies and public only murmur. How are people not incandescent with rage?

        The reasons I don’t share your optimism:
        – SNP low turn out at by-elections (no ground swell of urgency)
        – Polls yet to move (wider public not responding to dangers)
        – Media’s ability to run a dead-cat or false flag attack
        – The list system gives the English parties the advantage
        – When there is only a £400 fine for a £100,000 election donation ‘irregularity’

        I would not be so confident. English parties only need to use every trick in their arsenal in targeted seats (not all electorates).

        • robert harrison says:

          Oh please we are not the English who repeat the most blockhead mistakes like voting con when it’s the cons doing the damage down there have some faith of the Scots we certainly got them crapping there pants if the tory conference was anything to go by as may Davidson and Mundell trying to run us down.

          • Tol says:

            @Robert Harrison

            Never discount the unexpected….The Scots had a swing to London parties during Brexit, and voted not to govern themselves.

            The spate of investigations and fines over the last few years has shown that the election system is open to manipulation…and the list of tricks available to London parties are still growing.

            • Robert Harrison says:

              Then that just proves being British means being a gutless coward who will do anything to win because they chicken of the possibility of failure.

    • davidshaw says:

      Absolutely spot on. Unless,of course, the result is fixed and she does find herself as FM leading an anti SNP coalition gov. I think we had our chance when SNP were strong in Scotland and WM. Sadly,indie won’t happen in my lifetime and,I suspect,SNP will lose control at next election. Hope I am wrong.

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  9. Thepnr says:

    I’ve never before seen a better disassembling of a politician’s fake veneer than you have just done WGD. Every part so true and obvious to all except apparently the media. Cap doffed 🙂

  10. Macart says:

    Neatly done Paul and that’s a keeper.

    Simple question for the interviewers to aim at Ruth Davidson, and I’d say they’d find out all they ever wanted to know about the subject:

    Ms Davidson. If you feel you are incapable of governing and caring for the populations of the United Kingdom. What makes you fit to govern and care for the population of Scotland?

    A simple question, but I’d bet the answer’d be a beaut. You see, caring for a population means you care for ALL of its peoples. Those who put you in power, those who were ambivalent and perhaps most importantly, those who didn’t want you anywhere near power. It means you care for EVERY demographic without fear or favour. ALL those lives, their needs, their aspirations are in your hands.

    Most of us are acutely aware of what that day job description means to a Tory by this point. We’re living that nightmare right now. They are incapable of care for all. Their media, their policies, their attitude screams exceptionalism and exclusion. People are literally told who to vote for and who to hate. Who fits and who doesn’t.

    A real leader. A real politician. A real PUBLIC servant? Doesn’t have that luxury. They’re a bit busy doing a real day job.

    I’d guess Ms Davidson’s answer to that one question would end her entirely cosmetic political career. Probably it’d put a dent in her other ambition of z list celeb t’boot for a while. (shrugs)

  11. manandboy says:

    Ruth Davidson is just like a bubble held up in the breeze with lots of people looking at it and maybe even talking about it, but everyone knows that when that bubble touches anything hard it will burst and then all the attention will be over. Ruth Davidson will burst and perhaps sooner than she is expecting.

  12. While we give this waste of space of a person the oxygen of publicity, Theresa May announces that Freedom of Movement stops now.

    The Blue Tory edict is that Scotland the colony is closed.

    We Scots are under House Arrest.

    We shall not be allowed Freedom of Movement to travel, holiday, resettle, retire, or work in 27 European countries, without England’s (and it is England’s) Homeland Security’s ‘Letters of Transit’.

    (I borrow the terminology from ‘Casablanca’, the movie. You may recall Peter Lorre’s character pleading with ‘Rick’ for travel ‘papers’, so desperate was he to get out of Vichy/Nazi controlled Morocco)

    Jeremy Rhyming Slang (loved it,Paul) likened the EU to the USSR t’other day.
    The UK was being held against its will in the EU?
    Aye, right.

    This week we read that 250,000 Scots children live in absolute poverty.

    That woud be Mum 2B Davidson’s, Wullie, what about mental health of teenagers,Rennie’s, and Dick The Scarf Everybody Out Leonard’s Red Blue and Yellow Brit Nat Fiscal Fuck Up imposed on their fellow Scots citizens by their Masters in London..

    It’s the SNP Beanfeast this week end.

    It will all be Nicola Sturgeon’s fault.

    Salmond the Sex Pest will get big licks from the slithy toves of Scottish Hackery, and the P1 torture of 5 year olds by that nasty John Swinney will once more fill the columns and airwaves.
    SNP BAD: Scotland Shite without David Mundell and Ross Thomson fighting our corner Down There in The Holy London Empire.

    Watching Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees Mogg on Newsnight frightened the bejaisus out of me.
    These men are right wing fanatics who will reduce Scotland to militarily occupied colony status in an instant; and they are at the door step of No 10.
    Rees Mogg would struggle to recall Davidson’s name at a Blue Tory fundraiser cocktail party at the Ritz.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Now you see how stupid the English population can be when those fascist smegheads are so close to that kind of power.

    • Tol says:

      @Jack collatin

      If I put my tin-foil hat on for a moment:

      Doesn’t this look like the English Establishment (and their media) are puffing Ruth up in preparing the ground for if Mundell and UK Gov in Scotland supplant Hollyrood during any “brexit emergency measures”

      The media fallacy of a popular/powerfull Scottish Ruth would give them a ready made figure head that they can sell to the English population.

      • We only need to look across the sea to Ireland and Stormont, Tol.
        For Ruth read Arlene.
        The Dead Tree Scrolls readily quote and consider the DUP Religious nut as the Voice of the People of Norn Irn, which of course she certainly is not.
        WAR IS PEACE.
        It would only take an Assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand incident for Boris and Jacob to order the marines billeted in Faslane to march on Holyrood.
        In this I imply no hyperbole.
        These two men in particular epitomise the Elite privileged Englishman
        The Commonwealth is still the Empire; after all Mamma Queen still rules a third of the world, including Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and the butcher’s apron still flutters somewhere on the ‘People’s Republic of Jam Jar Land’.
        Scotland is too big, too rich, too clever, to grouse moor, to salmon fishing, too deer stalking, too whisky distilling for the Bertie Jeeves of Empire to let go.
        Ruth will be looking out her XXXl size toy uniform any day now and posing atop Edinburgh Castle next to that other big blowhard, Mons Meg.
        WE are about to enter seriously dark and dangerous times. Of that, be in no doubt.
        My advice? Stock up on flour, powdered milk, tea bags, and tins of creamed rice.

      • davidshaw says:


  13. Macart says:

    TBH I don’t think I can raise interest in watching Bratfest heid bummer May’s speech today. I mean you know all you need to know about Brats from ATL. They’re the ideology of me, masel’ and I. Their policies are based on what’s best for a teeny, tiny demographic and supposedly what’s good for them will be good for the rest. When something is bad for them, then the rest can go wanting. No degrees in rocket science required to understand the concept.

    They’re evil, selfish and self obsessed bastirts. Their motto should be along the lines of ‘do what thou wilt is the whole of the law’ kinda thing.

    For them hypocrisy is a tool. As is fibbery, obfuscation, misrepresentation, pretty much all the stuff that makes yer average reasoning human being sick to the back teeth of the sight of the political class. That’s them on steroids. Politics is a vile game right enough and they’re the very team who put the vileness in place so they should know.

    How and ever, it is a teeny tiny demographic. The nanosecond you turn a deaf ear to their poison. What are they then? They have no power over you whatsoever without your say so.

    Worth a thought.

    It’s a bit like following a thread online. You associate a name with trolling or the anguish it can cause you. You walk on by and your life improves immeasurably. You’ve taken away its power to cause you pain. You’ve denied it access to your life. Same goes for the bawbaggery of the Westminster political class. You remove their power to cause you harm by denying them access to your life. You turn your back on their meeja. You walk on by their political parties and their appalling practice of politics. They no longer have the power to cause you harm.

    Also worth a thought come the next ballot (and there will be one). 🙂

    • Illy says:

      “They no longer have the power to cause you harm.”

      Except for the niggling little detail that a lot of heavily armed (and willing to use them) people *do* listen to what they say.

  14. Illy says:

    Ruth Davidson: “She is ambitious, but she has no ambition”

  15. Spot on.

    I’d never heard of her when she apparently worked for the Beeb prior to entering politics. However it is clear after all the cake baking, tank commanding, bull riding and television show presenting it is obvious that “the job that Ruth really wants is as the presenter of a prime time TV chat show on the BBC”. The circle will be complete and she will have achieved her aim of raised personality profile.

    She’ll have done quite well then – all Clement Freud got to do was advertise Chunky.

  16. Frank Gillougley says:

    Just to say i had written a contribution and submitted it to comments but it hasn’t appeared. Worrying.

    • Don’t mention ‘the Red Arrows’, Frank. Quite a few of my posts here and on other sites have disappeared as I type, when I comment of the Brit Nat military threat to our precious land.
      (Pause: no it’s still up on the screen. Send.)

  17. Frank Gillougley says:

    hopefully it was just pilot error – i’ll try again –

    Thank you as ever Paul for your insightful writing. Where would we be without the voice of reason of the WGD?

    Words fail me, as I am sure they also fail hundreds of thousands of others in these absolutely evil times in the cult of the ‘personalities’. Trump mocking the attempted rape of Christine Ford. He is no more than a mobster. The buffoon racist Johnson and his glorious future for England. He’s a cheap Berlusconi and that’s saying something. The list goes on…

    We no longer live in the era of ideologies but in these WH Auden times of narcissistic celeb populist politicians who could scarcely hold a candle to any studied political blogger who know their detailed stuff. It’s an incestuous relationship this celeb and the media business. They spawn one another – The many headed hydra.

    And so to Ruth. Who is intensely tedious and messianic with it. Oh she knows full well what she is doing turning the perception of a politician upside down with her fake credentials. Don’t tell me about your sexuality or your mental health issues Ruth to sell books. There are hundreds of thousands in the same boat who get on with and manage their lives in awful circumstances (and I know). As Paul says,Ruth is only interested in Ruth and how far Ruth can go.

    Yes, she is dangerous. A dangerous populist who makes pronouncements wholly irrespective of her failure as a democratic politician. Democracy? What’s that? Oh that? That’s just an inconvenient truth. But we don’t want to talk about THAT. Instead we get a smokescreen. Nothing of substance.

    But we have a voice amid all this flim flam. The broad YES mass movement and the SNP. The will of the Scottish people will hold sway. History is on our side. History has proven time and time again that governments can not sustain themselves against the mass will of peoples. Countries, or States simply become ungovernable and these tedious tedious fools will be swept away.

    Yes these are dark and evil times, but I know that good will prevail.


    • Hear,hear, Frank.
      Theirs is a law of diminishing returns.
      ‘You can fool all of the people..’ and all that.
      The day of Reckoning is coming.
      Our SNP Government acts as a buffer zone against the Right Wing Brit Nat Blue Yellow and Red Tory extremes being implemented in England and Wales right now.
      England’s NHS, Police, Education, and Social Welfare has been systematically destroyed by Brown, Cameron, Clegg, and now May.
      IT is a deliberate scorched earth policy.
      Destroy the social fabric and reduce the Hoi Polloi to an emasculated frightened powerless mass; reward the rich and the multinationals, and order the peasants to bow down to their rulers, the Lords Bishops and Royalty.
      Know thy place, serf. Bow down to your imperial English Masters, ye Jocks, Paddies, Taffies and dusky peasants.
      We are plunging back in time on the back of Brexit and ‘taking back control’.

      As Macart points out here, and many times before, Brexit will not happen in Scotland, not if we can help it.
      It is in our gift to declare:-‘stop now.’
      We the People of Scotland will decide.

      I shall not rest until the last remnant and symbols of the English Empire are removed from Scottish soil.
      There are now millions of Scots citizens, born here or settled here, who carry the same sentiment.

      This Wonderful Land of ours is not for sale or conquer.

      Be Ready, my friends.

      It is comin’ yet for a’ that.

      • Frank Gillougley says:

        Yes Jack, always a pleasure to read you. Satire of these mad times is sometimes the only response. I have had to have a name change old chap (He of Myles Na Gopaleen reference previously). I believe that new Spookbook algorithms shut me down for pro-independence posts, hence my paranoia. Still, this Frank is very much a real person (even google-able or fb-able) as i don’t really believe in anonymity. Just a name change thats all. 🙂

        • I like to think that your parents chose wisely, and named you after that other ‘Frank’, of Assisi fame.

          Here are some of his Right On Quotes I recall (with the help of Google) from our Summer of Love ‘sixties.

          “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

          “A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.”

          “Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
          Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.”

          “For it is in giving that we receive.”

          “If you have men (sic) who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”

          “While you are proclaiming peace with your lips, be careful to have it even more fully in your heart.”

          I’d venture that you have lived up to your name in your parents’ eyes, Myles Na Gopaleen.

          Peace, Brother.

        • “We drove on down to Zagreb the following day and Zigi
          played Johnny B Goode on his ukulele and sang falsetto.”

          Sheer poetry, Frank.
          Google this man, friends.

  18. tintochiel says:

    A powerful and heartfelt exposure of an odious narcissist, Paul.

    Whenever I think of the likes of Davidson and Bojo’s new bodyguard, Ross Thomson, I am reminded of the words from beyond the grave of Samuel Adams:

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”


  19. Ruth Davidson is a political pigmy. She would have no idea what to do with power, if it was handed to her on a plate. She has no principles and blows in whichever direction she’s told to, by her Westminster bosses. Don’t get me wrong, she is useful to Westminster. Without her and her 13 psychopaths, there would be no Tory Government. However, why Scots would vote for the 13 psychos, is a mystery, wrapped in a quandary and covered in an enigma. And is a question for another day.
    Ruth was very much in favour of remaining in the EU. Now, she says that we must all get behind Theresa May’s Chequer’s Plan. The fact that the EU will never countenance such a plan, doesn’t register with her.
    What she and the rest of the Tories don’t get, is that the fundamental reason behind the EU is peace, not trade. The UK joined the EU for what they could get out of it. This has been England’s policy since it was created. Invade, colonise, steal everything they can and put nothing back.
    They believe that the EU will sell out the four freedoms, that is free movement of people, capital, services and goods, for trade. Because that’s what England would do and has always done. They’ve sold out their people, sold out business, sold their politics and politicians, sold their country down the river. The only question they have asked is, how much are you going to pay?
    The EU try to ensure that no country in the EU has a reason, to want to kick 7 bells out of their neighbours. That’s why they spread wealth to the less affluent areas. This means more of a level playing field for the member countries. The English don’t like that idea. They have moaned and whined for years. They have always wanted special treatment and special deals from the EU. The EU, much to the chagrin of other members, have given them as much as possible without breaking the four freedoms.
    So the EU are for peace and community over trade. The English just do not understand or accept this. That’s why there is going to be a disastrous No Deal Brexit.

    • Well observed, Marlon.
      Thanks for that.
      England’s Empire was built on rape pillage genocide and divide and conquer.
      It is not for nothing that we describe that odious symbol of Oppression as ‘The Butcher’s Apron’.

      You may note that in recent times, especially when May deigns to appear before the Lumpen Proletariat, that the Jack is strategically folded to accentuate the George Cross, which by design was superimposed on the flegs of the other nations, or conquered colonies, as we see it, to remind us all about which was the dominant country on these isles.

      There is no option for Scotland now.

      Yesterday Jacob Rees Mogg and Boris Johnson quite clearly announced that Chequers would be voted down, which leaves only a hissy fit Walk Out option left to that Patsy Dominic Raab.

      Rees Mogg’s Investment Management Branches in Dublin, Australia, Canada, and the States will make a FORTUNE.

      The cliff edge fast approaches.

      Some predict that London will riot first, spreading to the Midlands and the North.

      Northern Ireland will erupt into violent chaos again, but Scotland will announce Indyref 2, but any attempt at a democratic alternative Up Here will be threatened by Black Ops Brit Nat Units stirring up hatred and violence.
      It is about to get very dark indeed.

  20. Frank Gillougley says:

    Is it just me or what…
    Watching 5 minutes of the odious BBC sycophantic report on May’s speech today, why did I get the distinct feeling that I was indeed Winston sitting in the Chestnut Tree Cafe watching propaganda?

  21. Weechid says:

    What worries me is that there are people out there who will vote for Ruth because she is a “personality” rather than a politician.

  22. chicmac says:

    To be fair to Ruth Davidson, consider all those high visibility U-turns she has made.

    No-one has that volatile a decision making process.

    A more likely scenario is that she has been ordered to change her policies by London.

    In that case she may not be a happy bunny, she may well feel it is time to get out.

    Witness the baby, the admission of historical mental health issues and the tying of her stepping down to her not getting the FM job.

    Perhaps she has principles which have made her uncomfortable with policies she has been forced to adopt but does not agree with.

    Perhaps she needs an out where political reasons for stepping down would not come into question.

  23. duncanspence says:

    Every time I hear or see Ruth speak, she seems to me simply incapable of understanding political reality. I don’t think she is that clever at all, which will also make it difficult for her to become a teevee presenter 🙂 Her function seems to me simply to reassure the Tory faithful down south that the jocks are under control.

  24. orri says:

    I was touched by Ruth’s mentioning the crisscross scars on her forearms.


    Good concealer being used there.

    Might be true but I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her even before she was pregnant.

  25. Eckle Fechan says:

    Ruth, haw! What is she good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again.

    As I’ve said elsewhere before, she’s a mediocre woman doing a mediocre job.

    Reality TV-wise I had an idea for a programme, it’s called, “Stuck In A Lift With You”. The pilot to feature Ruth Davidson with Susan Calman (sorry Susan just a joke, if you know what I mean).

    I hope Ruth changes for the better after Motherhood. But as any fan of Ziggy (Freud to the uninitiated) with tell you, real change takes time.

  26. susan says:

    I don’t watch the tv so miss all these exciting interviews with her. I still despise her and hope she moves to England where her odious politics and odious personality will fit right in.

  27. Welsh Sion says:

    Anagram corner (if you permit me an extra ‘t’):

    Ruth Davidson = Avoids d–n truth

  28. For one edifying moment The Dancing Queen May spoke the truth in her Conference speech:-
    “But the British people need to know that the end is in sight.”

    We do indeed know, the ‘end’ is March 29th 2019.
    The End of Days to be biblical about it.

  29. Marconatrix says:

    Well at least she seems to have a personality, which is more than can be said …
    Hopefully she’ll see the light and leave politics before she’s pushed. And you never know, motherhood might transform her (you never know!) So here’s to her future success as an entertaining media ‘personality’, why not?

  30. Macart says:

    An interesting twist.


  31. Macart says:

    Also? Seems Labour in Scotland are having a bit of a civil war.

    Still… better together, pooling and sharing, best of both worlds etc, etc.

    I wonder how that whole kinder, more honest, warm fluffy politics thing of theirs is coming along?

    (hashtag thingy) KARMA

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