The dangerous hypocrisy of the Conservatives

So that’s you lot telt, you uppity Scottish people who dare to imagine that you have a sovereign right to choose the form of government that’s best for Scotland’s needs. Ruth Davidson, the leader of a party that came a distant second in the last Holyrood elections and an equally distant second in the last Westminster General Election, is laying down the law. There will, according to Ruth, be no second Scottish independence referendum before 2027 at the earliest. The reason she picked that date is because it’s the first year that she doesn’t have any appearances booked on TV reality shows.

This is because, naturally, coming a distant second in popular votes gives you the absolute right to make such decisions and to dictate to the party which won the vote and which possesses a mandate from the people to hold another referendum. That’s how what passes for British nationalist democracy works in the UK. It appears to have escaped Ruth’s notice that the fact that a politician from a losing party can act in the way she does is precisely the reason why so many people in this country are determined to have another independence vote as soon as possible. Scottish democracy? Wouldn’t that be a good idea.

The only bit of Ruth’s pronunciamento which was at all accurate was the bit when she said that Scotland was fed up with nationalism. You got that right Ruth. We’re sick to the back teeth of British nationalism. It’s British nationalism which has led to Brexit. It’s British nationalism which is riding roughshod over the democratic will of the people of Scotland. It’s British nationalism which is imposing austerity and destroying public services. It’s British democracy which is making the UK a laughing stock amongst the states of Europe. It’s British nationalism which is determined to prevent the people of Scotland having a say on their own future.

The Conservatives don’t do irony, and there was us thinking that an appreciation of irony was oh so terribly British. If they did do irony no one would be able to refer with a straight face to Ross Thomson as a rising star of the party. If this idiot is the talent, the rest of them must be on the same evolutionary level as an intestinal parasite.

Just a few short hours before Ruth made her announcement of a random date some time far in the future, the Foreign Secretary Jeremy Rhyming Slang stood up before the Conservative party conference determined to prove to his party colleagues that he could be equally as crass and offensive as his predecessor. And besides, there’s another Jeremy in politics that people go oooooh at, and Tory Jezza was going to ensure that he got a few ooohs of his own. Sadly for him all he managed was an ugh.

Jeremy Rhyming Slang gave a rousing speech to the Tory party conference, insofar as a man who delivers speeches as though he were the bastard offspring of an intestinal parasite and an accountant can ever be rousing. The EU, he asserted to the party conference, was acting like the USSR, and not allowing the UK to leave. Because the Conservatives would never do anything like that. Imagine that, the UK having to ask the EU for permission to hold a referendum and the EU said you can’t have one until several years after Ruth Davidson has appeared on Strictly. That would be wrong wouldn’t it. Jeremy Hunt has just said so. But when it’s the Conservatives doing it to Scotland, that’s perfectly acceptable. We are governed by hypocrites who are so entrenched in their hypocrisy and entitlement that they cannot even see it.

It’s an insulting nonsense to compare the EU to the USSR, but this is part of an emerging pattern. On Monday Dominic Raab, the Brexit Secretary, demanded before a more than half empty hall that the EU get serious and get serious now. Because what’s really been holding up the progress of Brexit negotiations is that Michel Barnier has been far more occupied in doing an impression of Marcel Marceau miming being trapped inside a glass box and not because the UK still hasn’t managed to inform the EU of any realistic proposals for its relationship with the EU post-Brexit.

Then transport secretary Chris Grayling claimed that a no deal Brexit would be like Monarch Airways. Apparently he didn’t mean that we’d be bankrupt and left trapped. He didn’t mean that after Brexit all UK airlines would be like Monarch because they wouldn’t be able to fly anywhere. He meant that shedloads of government money had to be spent rescuing people. Which only shows that Chris shouldn’t be left with sharp objects, transport infrastructure, or Brexit negotiations.

The emerging pattern is that this government is blaming the EU for the inability of this own government to come up with a remotely realistic proposal for leaving the EU. They’re setting the stage for a no deal Brexit that they’re going to blame on those nasty Germans and French. They’re going to blame the EU for their own shortcomings, and they accuse the EU of treating the UK in the exact same way that the British government is treating Scotland. Then when the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal, and there is economic disruption, job losses, and the break down of supply chains, when there’s a hard border in Ireland and the risk of the collapse of the Peace Process, the people who have created this entire mess will stir up xenophobia and blame nasty foreigners for not giving in to plucky Britain.  They’ll use their so-called Henry VIII powers to override Parliament and rule by fiat.

The bottom line here is that British nationalists can have the UK, or they can have the EU. They can’t have both. The people of Scotland have made it abundantly clear that we reject Brexit, and if it is imposed upon us by a UK which is hell bent on ripping up employment and consumer rights and destroying public services, there will be no majority in Scotland for remaining a part of the UK. One way or another, Scotland will have a vote on its future, and no amount of attention seeking foot stomping from Ruth Davidson is going to stop it. Then we will escape the dangerous hypocrisy of the Conservative party.

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51 comments on “The dangerous hypocrisy of the Conservatives

  1. Alison Blackledge says:

    The Conservatives have a keen eye for up and coming talent. The pick of the bunch today seemed to be Ross Thomson, Ruth Davidson and, incredibly, Darren Grimes. Time for a sharp exit if this is the future.

  2. susan says:

    The Tories seem to have an astounding lack of self perception or else they’re a pack of arrogant bastards. Their exceptionalism and sense of self entitlement is disgusting.

  3. Bill McDermott says:

    Somebody should ask Ruth to enlarge on her thoughts of Westminster voting through the SNP motion on the Claim of Right for the Scottish people. Were the Tories insincere or are they now saying they didn’t mean it.

  4. This sad little person actually believes that she can dictate to the citizens of Scotland, who rejected her at Scottish and UK level, because 500 odd English MP’s and the Brit Nat Establishment, including the Anglo Scot Edinburgh Elite, have her back.
    She speaks with the muscle of an invader behind her.

    There must be some reporters, and presenters at The BBC Ministry of Truth Stockade on Pacific Quay, who are sick fed up to the back teeth mouthing words written by the backroom Better Together Brit Nat Team insanely praising this quite frankly vacuous little self seeker.
    I am Scot, born and bred.
    I love my country.
    I will not be forced into slavery by a nasty vindictive little Fifth Columnist and her wealthy privileged ProudScotsBut handlers and puppet masters.
    Her pathological arrogance is never challenged by the Powers That Be, who hold Scotland in their imperial grip.

    • FrankM says:

      Proud Scots but …………
      Everything that comes before but in a sentence, is bullshit.

      • Robert Harrison says:

        What jack is saying is true you English nationalist frankm as in England supremacist frank macorrow trolling here now are we instead of the national website like you usually do.

      • I shall not rest until the last food bank in Scotland closes its doors and we hold a National Day of Celebration and Gratitude to the thousands of donors and volunteers who helped keep our citizens alive despite Willie Renine’s, Ruth Davidson’s, and New Labour Kezia Dugdale’s deliberate attempts to keep them in HMG engineered austerity poverty to reward the JK Rowlings and Lord Darlings with tax reductions.
        I shall not rest until Scotland is once more an independent country and we drive the wasters given Free Rides in list seats in Holyrood from politics when we scrap the corrupt d’Honte system and introduce true democracy to this land.
        I shall not rest until we have a truly Free Press; not one controlled by the US Billionaires, the English Oligarchs, and the Established Scottish Churches.(You know who you are.)
        I shall not rest until every citizen in Scotland is sheltered from racism, sectarianism, bigotry, and state engineered penury, by a democratically elected Scottish Government under a Scottish Constitution, devised by the People of Scotland, for the People of Scotland, and accountable to the people of Scotland.
        I shall not rest until ownership of Scotland is returned to the people, and the old serfdom still in force under Lairdships is outlawed by Acts of Parliament.
        I shall not rest until our Neighbour to the South has no influence or dominance over me, my children and my children’s children.
        I shall not rest until the butcher’s apron is consigned to England’s Imperial Past, and no longer flies from public buildings in Scotland, as a symbol of colonial subjugation.
        I shall not rest as long as Davidson, Leonard, Rennie, and the ProudScotsBut Carpetbaggers, appeasers, and collaborators are no more.

    • gus1940 says:

      What do you mean ‘little’?

  5. Phyl says:

    Jeremy Rhyming slang – too funny 😂

  6. […] Wee Ginger Dug The dangerous hypocrisy of the Conservatives So that’s you lot telt, you uppity Scottish people who dare to imagine that you have […]

  7. Andy Anderson says:

    I watched BBC news and needless to say got annoyed again.

    Ruthy looked a mess and talked rubbish. Does she have charisma, does she have intelligence, does she have any knowledge on Scotland? No, but she does know how to spell four words. No, Referendum, Me and Me.

    That is it, her autobiography.

    The anti EU campaign started months ago and is ramping up. The sad news is that the MSM will not hold the government to account. They continue to be an embarrassment to themselves.

    Last Sunday I met a couple of people in Northumberland and it amazed me their lack of Brexit knowledge and that they did not know our campaign for freedom was still going on. Proof people are easily manipulated.

  8. I’d imagine that some of the presenters and reporters at The BBC Ministry of Truth Stockade at Pacific Quay must be reaching breaking point.
    How long must they present this hapless wee nobody as a voice of authority in Scotland?
    She lost badly in the last Scottish Election.
    ‘Team Ruth’ manged only 13 out of 59 MPs at the last UK GE despite the flush of Dark Money and the whole of the Media propaganda wing at her beck and call.
    She actually believes that the country of her birth is an occupied colony of our Greater Neighbour, and is quite happy to sell her constituents down the river for personal gain a

  9. Lizzy55 says:

    Has anyone seen Fluffy….he seems to have fallen from the lime light…gone to god knows where. No doubt he is making way for Davidson’s crazy MSM love in. Not that I particularly miss him, I don’t, but when he is this quiet I smell a rat. He is meant to be Scotland’s man in the cabinet, our dedicated we helper in Westminster….and not a second rate opposition leader in a devolved parliament. It’s all very weird. But there again if I were to say the Tory party were weird I would be being kind. They are a scheming bunch of lying …rest can’t be witten.

  10. Frank Gillougley says:

    LIke you, Jack, my response to seeing the billy bunter one, can only be one of visceral disgust and outrage to think that that is who represents this provincial outpost to her colonialist heehaw governors. Political discourse is pointless when faced with that and the unquestioning media. Satire and ridicule as the WGD has it, is all it needs to prick their balloon. Come to think of it, there are plenty of pricks and plenty of balloons in Birmingham.

  11. Macart says:

    So far as Ruth Davidson’s proclamation royale is concerned? It’s pretty much guff. The debate on the Claim of Right passed through Commons without division in summer of this year and as per Richard Leonard’s same cunning plan last week? The UN charter makes a fairly clear statement on the rights of self determination of a population. Ruthie’s looking for a headline and baiting the YES movement. She does have a book to sell.

    Also? Given her contradictory and public statements on the issue? Some folk might find her latest offering a tad on the disingenuous/dishonest side.

    Then there’s Mr Hunt… Foreign Secretary? Seriously? Y’know, after Bojo you’d have thought, just how bad could the next incumbent be? Dumbest question ever. Never, EVER, underestimate the capacity for clown shoed idiocy in the current UK government.

    Some choice words from folk who know a little bit about the subject in question:

    Baiba Braze, Latvia’s ambassador, said the USSR had “ruined lives of three generations” in her country while EU membership had brought “prosperity, equality, growth, respect”. Tiina Intelmann, the Estonian ambassador, said: “EU and USSR not comparable. Soviet regime was brutal, I lived under it, comparison is insulting.”

    Vytenis Andriukaitis, Lithania’s EU commissioner took a more personal approach to his criticism.

    “Dear Jeremy Hunt,” he said. “I was born in Soviet gulag and [have] been imprisoned by KGB a few times in my life. Happy to brief you on the main differences between EU and Soviet Union. And also why we escaped the USSR. Anytime. Whatever helps.”

    Just to be absolutely clear in the midst of all this blame shuffling? There was never going to be a successful Brexit. Soft, meejum, hard or no deal. All of them were going to prove disastrous in ever increasing degrees for ever increasing numbers in the populations of these islands. ALL OF THEM. What we’re currently witnessing is the usual Tory ‘Hunt’ for a scapegoat to blame the inevitable hardship upon.

    There is only one place to look and it’s sitting on the banks of the Thames.

    • Those responses from the Baltics to the insufferable idiot Hunt are just so spot-on. Thanks for reporting them to us, Macart.

    • Phil says:

      Thanks Macart, had heard these but was too distracted to take in. There is nothing like real-life, from the horse’s heart and soul to put lying flummery of Torys in their place. And thanks again to The Dug.

  12. One of your very finest, Paul! Where the hell does Moothie Ruthie get off? And as for Jeremy Typo … well ….

  13. RedStarTrout says:

    Are the Tories incompetent? Yes, most of them.
    Are they up to something? Quite possibly yes.
    They are still pushing their internal Chequers deal as if it was useful, despite being told it won’t work, and claiming it’s all the fault of the EU that they can’t get a deal. But are they negotiating in good, if stupid, faith? Or are they faking it and secretly working for a ‘No Deal’ disaster that would wreck both the UK and EU economies?

    Brexit was pushed by money and misinformation from four groups.
    Putin sees it as a way of weakening the West, and so making his kleptocracy look better to his voters. It’s win all the way for him: if Brexit is a success then he can use it as a lever to force others out of the EU, if it’s the expected disaster he’ll say ‘look what a mess democracy gets you into’, and if we cancel then ‘democracy is a fraud’.
    Then we have the American oligarchs who’ve been funding right wing think tanks (as frequented by Fox, Gove and others) for years. They want a free trade deal so they can dump their plastic cheese, chlorinated chicken and all the other stuff that doesn’t meet EU health standards on our plates.They also love fracking and see lots of potential profit in the NHS.
    Then you have the true believers, the kippers and the Empire nostalgia fans, who’d believe anything Boris put on the side of a bus.
    Finally you have the money: Russian, African, Arab or whatever, and the people in the City who manage it and are always looking for a profit.
    All four groups have come together with a common cause – wreck our economy, wreck the EU’s economy, and then swoop in, pick up the pieces and make a fortune at our expense.

    What if you could place a bet on an absolutely sure thing – a one way bet that you couldn’t lose because you controlled the game? You could organise a No Deal Brexit that the EU didn’t see coming because you kept negotiating for an impossible deal. You know the economy and the currency will collapse and you even know the exact day it will happen. And you are betting that it will happen with every penny you can find, because you are making it happen, and you’re going to make a bigger profit than anyone imagined possible.
    Putin will be laughing. The Koch’s and the Mercers in the US will be counting their profits. The City boys will get nice fat bonuses. Other people will be happy just to get a blue ration book. The Tories will open the borders to any food from anywhere, with no health checks, no safety, no workers rights, no human rights, and no choice ever again – it’s an emergency you know. But hey, maybe Corbyn will do it so it doesn’t hurt so much.

    We have to get out of this, anyway we can.
    I suggest good boots. We’re going to need to do a lot of walking, stair climbing and door chapping if we’re going to make it.

    • astytaylor says:

      Happy October, comrade. See you soon.

    • Guga says:

      Whilst I agree with most of your comments, I think you are falling into a trap with your comments on the Russians. The main blame for our problems lies squarely at the feet of the Empire and Raj British nationalists, and their Quislings and Fifth Columnists in our country. These people follow orders from their American puppet masters, including trying to blame the Russians for everything. The Yanks tell them what to do and when to do it, and they fall in line like the obedient mongrels they are. As the old saying goes, the Yanks shout shit, and these mongrels jump on the shovel.

      The YUK government and the MSM in the YUK are owned and controlled by the English, and like other big businesses in the YUK, they are supporters of the Tory government. They need to hold on to Scotland as we subsidize their bankrupt English state. The mongrels are in turn controlled by Yank money. There is no use expecting any help from the Red Tories either, as they, in their turn, kow-tow to the Yanks. Our only salvation is to take control of Scotland for the Scottish people and throw off the English shackles.

      • J Galt says:

        The anti-Russian shite seems to be compulsory these days.

        I don’t think Vlad the Lad gives a tuppeny proverbial whether the trainwreck that is the UK is in or out of the EU!

        • RedStarTrout says:

          You’re right, up to a point. Putin doesn’t care whether the UK is in or out of the EU. But he really,seriously wants to break up the EU and make a mess of as many countries in Europe as he can. He can’t, and won’t, make life better for the people of Russia so he tries to make Russia look better by making everything else worse. He’s been doing it since he got back into power in 2012. It’s quite simple for him, ‘look how terrible the EU is, – full of immigrants and gays and people are desperate to leave it, you’re much better off with me’.And so, they vote for him and let him and his mates steal even more of their money.
          He doesn’t care whether Scotland is independent or not either. He just wants to stir things up. His trolls might push anti-English/British stuff on Facebook or Twitter, but that will be balanced by anti-Scottish stuff. It’s all aimed at pushing people to extremes and getting us to fight. He doesn’t give your tuppensworth who wins because the more chaos he spreads, the better the mess inside Russia looks.

          • J Galt says:

            Yeh, much the same stuff was peddled to the punters by a British elite in the years leading up to 1914 about Kaiser Bill and Imperialist Germany. Imperialist?! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

            Updated elite – same garbage.

  14. alanm says:

    “The bottom line here is that British nationalists can have the UK, or they can have the EU. They can’t have both”

    One of the many dangers of conflating these two entirely separate issues is that we’re handing our opponents a weapon to use against us. Simply by changing their minds and agreeing to remain in the EU or by cobbling together a deal which comes so close remaining as makes no difference, the Tories can claim to have destroyed the case for independence at a stroke.

    I know I’ve said this before but it bears repeating, EU membership is something to be considered after independence has been achieved. It can never be a pre-condition for independence not least because unless and until the power to strike a membership deal for Scotland resides in Edinburgh, the EU itself will only negotiate with Westminster.

    • Sandy Wito says:

      Small flaw in your argument. The British Nationalists cannot agree to remain in the EU or cobble together a deal that looks like we’re in the EU while maintaining the fiction that we’re out. They simply won’t be able to get that through parliament, not with Labour determined to back them on Brexit.

      There is going to be no deal. It will happen, as stated above, by trying to negotiate an impossible deal and running out of time. It can be achieved without a parliamentary vote or general election so that’s where we’re headed. Time for the SNP to recognise this and set a date for Indyref2.

  15. Ruth Davidson – may she go off on maternity leave soon and like the experience of motherhood so much she doesn’t come back. God help the wean.

    • Les Bremner says:

      In Partick, an insult was “Yer maw’s a nun.” In the wean’s case, it will be “Yer maw’s a Tory.”.

  16. gus1940 says:

    As one who doesn’t use Facebook etc. is there a way whereby I can forward The Dug’s articles and Wings articles by just e-mailing them?

    It would be useful to have an option to include the Comments.

    • Anne Martin says:

      Why can’t you just email the URL for the blog and let the recipient read for themselves? That’s what I do.

  17. Robert Graham says:

    Well Paul hasn’t missed the target and hit the wall with his assessment of this Tory gang of shysters

    A real problem with perception every unionist party has had unwarranted coverage over the last few weeks , the SNP have been marked absent ,every single unionist party has had their views on a second referendum apart from the one party that actually has a mandate to call one .

    All this unreturned fire must be making a difference what the f/k are the SNP playing at are they all asleep ? Wakey bloody Wakey .

    At the end of this tory conference we will get the statement , now thats the conference season over now let’s get back to business, anyone wanting to follow the SNP conference will have a bloody hard time finding it , if any news escapes it will be broadcast only in Scotland and will include any unionist talking head who wants to make a snide comment , aye you will have had yer democracy then ?.

  18. Gaelstorm says:

    Harsh words. Intestinal parasites can have some use.

  19. Craig P says:

    >> They’re setting the stage for a no deal Brexit that they’re going to blame on those nasty Germans and French.

    And sadly I think a lot of low information voters are going to lap it up like they did the ‘£350m a week for the NHS’ pish.

  20. Referendum1707 says:


    Reading your post got as far as where you started doing (or trying to) the neocon bbc’s work for it. I suppose you think Putin’s planning to invade Europe or something. What a cretin.

    The US and the DisUk are the major threats against the world right now. Try looking a bit closer to home next time you want to throw some blame around.

  21. From Johnson’s speech today denouncing Chequers:-
    ” Instead of reasserting our ability to make our own laws, the UK will be effectively paraded in manacles down the Rue de la Loi like Caratacus.

    Do not believe that we can somehow bodge it now and fix it later.”

    The Express helpfully adds the following footnote for us numbnuts who do not live in Boris’ world of two thousand years ago.

    ‘Mr Johnson’s metaphor referred to the 1st century British chieftan Caratacus whose military success in Europe triggered the major clampdown of the Roman invasion.

    The Rue de la Loi is the main street in Brussels housing many of the offices of the EU.’

    And this man would be king; Caratacus II ?

    So much for Mum 2B’s demand that we all get behind Big T.

    We are about to enter the Event Horizon.

    • I was going to resist it, for fear of being seen as a smart ass, but ‘Mr Johnson’s metaphor’ is actually a simile.
      I am a pain in the bahookie pedant.

  22. Phil says:

    Whats shaping up is an Event Horizon where all alternatives are smeared in evil syrup, sweet and ultra sticky so no escape is possible. A vote such as IndieRef2 looks unattainable no matter who sanctions it. The Iceland method looks more likely – send a letter to Brenda politely informing her we are her loyal citizens of the independent nation of Scotland and that she will be welcome to visit at any time requiring no personal visa.

    The worry, more and more, is, like Catalunya, law and order will be enforced by Henry VIII’s loyal “legal” armed forces.

  23. Derek Grainge says:

    Caractacus: I know it’s deeply unfashionable to refer in any way to Rolf Harris, but this little ditty rang a few bells.

  24. They will blame a no deal Brexit on the SNP as a last ditch attempt to derail independence.

  25. Arthur thomson says:

    A great piece of writing as always Paul.

    Davidson is no more than a balloon that is kept inflated by the Brit media.

    With regard to analysis of the Brexit shambles, there are virtually an infinite number of variables involved and it is consequently impossible to predict its outcome. ‘Clever’ predictions about what is definitely going to happen are nonsense designed to lower our morale.

    This leads me to what the SNP are doing. They are observing, listening, planning, etc. etc. They will make a move when they gauge the time is right and they will surely understand that we are not playing some daft game that will be over by bed time. The off repeated adage about not interrupting your enemies when they are conscientiously behaving like idiots applies at this moment.

    Entertaining as it is, we really shouldn’t give credence to any Muppets who come on here to tell us that they have it all sussed. We, the SNP and unaffiliated supporters of Scottish independence, will not be brushed aside by proclamations that we will not be permitted. When the right time comes we will be telling not asking.

  26. chicmac says:

    OK its late but I’ll give it a a go.

    Jeremy Hunt is a bit of a runt,
    The other contenders, a much better punt,
    All in all he’s just a big stunt,
    No shortage of elbows to give him a dunt.

    You see how I avoided the rhyme,
    Cos satire is now a cybernat crime,
    The BritNat slurs are ‘just pantomime’,
    But if your a cyberna,t you would do do time.

    Theng yow and g’night.

  27. chicmac says:

    erm But if your a cybernat , you would do time.

    Been up late working on my flag furra merch.

  28. Alba Laddie says:

    O/T – Anas Sarwar has got his books.

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