You can’t have a Union Day if there is no Union

Yesterday, 18 September, was the anniversary of Scotland’s first independence referendum. Only the anniversary of the first one, mind. There will be another. However since the first one produced the result that opponents of independence craved, they are determined that Scottish democracy should be preserved in aspic, forever stuck in the hours after the 18th of September 2014 like some Groundhog Day without any laughs or star quality. But it’s worse than that, Bill Murray was at least an agent of his own destiny, trapped as he was in the same day repeating itself for ever.

The British nationalist ideal for Scotland is to be stuck passively watching a David Starkey documentary about the Great British monarchy on a loop for all eternity, while our eyelids are held open, our mouths are gagged, and the Tories and Labour scream “You’re happy! This is what you voted for! Smile or I’ll put on the Neil Oliver programme!” in our ears. All the while your kneecaps are being struck by hammers to make sure that you’ll never move under your own accord again. Punching above our weight by being punched below the belt.

Ross Thomson, the Birdie Song of the Scottish Conservatives, graced our lives yesterday with a wee video on social media when he popped up against a backdrop of flegs to say how happy he was it was “Union Day”, and then for good measure he munched on a Tunnocks Teacake. Being lectured by Ross is like being threatened by a rabid hamster.

The reason that so many of us in Scotland are demanding a second referendum is very like the reason that so many in the rest of the UK are demanding a second referendum on the EU. It’s because we were lied to and deceived. The UK is being taken out of the EU by people who lied and deceived in order to win their victory. Scotland was kept in the UK by people who lied and deceived in order to win their victory. There were many lies in both campaigns, but Scotland was kept in the UK by the biggest lie of all, the lie that we’re a part of a union. The UK is no union, and it never has been. The UK is now and always was a unitary state in which Scotland was absorbed into a Greater England. The so-called Union was only ever a comforting lie told to Scotland as a sop.

If you are a part of a union, a real union, you retain agency. A marriage is a union, but the smaller spouse does not surrender all control over their entire life to their larger partner. The larger partner doesn’t get to call all the shots and make all the decisions, telling their smaller partner – but this is what you voted for when I put that ring on your finger. There’s a difference between a ring on your finger and a ring through your nose. In the tired old metaphor of the UK as a marriage, Scotland has a ring through its nose, not on its finger, and we are led where the larger partner takes us, without a say, without consent. The UK allows Scotland no agency.

If you are a part of a union, a real union, you have a voice, you have a say, you have representation in the body which leads and governs that union. Within the UK, Scotland has a right to send MPs to a parliament in which they are a small and marginalised minority where they can always be outvoted and their concerns dismissed. The UK is in effect an elective dictatorship, in which the party with the largest number of seats in that parliament takes all the power, and all that power rests with that party’s leader and the cabinet which he or she hand picks. The only formal representation that Scotland has in the UK cabinet is David Mundell, a man who has made it very clear that his job is not to speak up for Scotland within the British Government, but to speak up for the British Government within Scotland.  The UK allows Scotland no voice.

From the very beginnings of the UK, the Union was always the big lie. Scotland was bribed, coerced, and threatened into it by an England which sought to secure its northern border, and once caught became subsumed into Greater England, subjugated by military force for decades after 1707. In the eyes of the British establishment, it was Scotland which became extinguished by the Treaty of 1707, not England. The role of Scotland was to act as a tartan fig leaf, a disguise for English exceptionalism, allowing the proponents of Britishness to pretend to themselves that their nationalism was better than that of lesser breeds by virtue of not being nationalist at all. And all these years later, that lie still allows people to claim that they don’t want Scottish independence, because they say they don’t like nationalism. It blinds them to the British nationalism, the English nationalism, that is all around them, like fish who are unaware of the water they swim in.

The concept of the Union served to act as a comfort blanket to North Britons. It allowed Scots to pretend to themselves that we were not like those nations conquered by the British Empire. It meant that they could tell themselves that Scotland was a partner in a family of nations, a free agent freely associating itself, free to make its own decisions – just as long as those decisions were the same as those that England’s establishment made. And for much of the 20th century, Scotland voted much the same way that England did, and we could all keep pretending that the lie of the Union was no lie.

Brexit exposes the lie of the Union. There is no Union and there never was, and those who affect the conceit of Unionism are deluding themselves. You can’t be a Unionist if there is no Union. You’re just an apologist for British nationalism, for English nationalism in tartan drag. There is no Union Day if there is no Union.

So I have resolved to purge the words Unionist and Unionism from my political vocabulary. Those who seek to keep Scotland a part of this unitary state can call themselves what they please, but I’m not going to be a party to their self-delusion. I’m not going to allow them to keep pretending that the Scottish constitutional debate is a debate between nationalism and non-nationalism. They are British nationalists. Let’s call them that.  There can never be a Union Day because there is no Union.

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94 comments on “You can’t have a Union Day if there is no Union

  1. Willie N says:

    One of the things that really upsets me about the first Indpendence referendum was the fact that we knew it was unfair, but we seemed to be helpless to do anything about it.

    We MUST be better the next time.

  2. T C POTTER says:

    The endgame is truly upon us Paul. Let’s rid ourselves of these shallow parasites once and for all time.

  3. Les Bremner says:

    It wasn’t just the lies and deceit. There is coherent and believable evidence that the votes were rigged. The current voting system is full of holes. Whether or not these holes were used is irrelevant, they must be plugged.

    I have said it before, and I will continue to say it. Unless we ensure the security of the voting system, we will lose.

    • gus1940 says:

      The weakest link is the lack of integrity of The Electoral Roll which is an open door to fiddling the Postal Votes.

      I thought that NI Nos were going to be put on each entry – I have never been asked for mine.

      • Les Bremner says:

        Gus1940, That is an excellent point. Without an accurate Electoral Roll, the process is unsafe.

        Two points spring to mind.

        1. My memory of returning the annual form is that I am asked who is living at my address. If I were to add people, I don’t recall any proof being asked from me that they actually exist. Adding the potential voter’s NI data would solve that, provided that every application is checked by the local authority.

        2. I am prepared to be wrong here, but I don’t believe that European nationals living in Scotland will have a National Insurance Number in addition to their own country’s number. We need them to vote, so the system will need to check the validity of foreign numbers.

        The solution therefore, involves relatively simple changes in the local authority procedures.

        • Dave Ball says:

          In Scotland the electoral role should be getting matched against the citizen account database to prevent fraud

        • Steviesparkie says:

          E.U. nationals are issued a NI number here,but I think they have to apply for it is.not automatic.

    • Lisa Smith says:

      Agree 100%…it’s inconceivable to me that the SNP would agree another referendum to be run and rigged as in 2014 , with the same inevitable result – what’s to be done?

      • Les Bremner says:

        Lisa, what is to be done is to go to your MSP’s next surgery and voice your concern and ask what is being done about increasing voting security.

      • Andy Anderson says:

        Postal votes could be abolished as this is a weak area. Alternatively we could make it law that the envelopes must not be opened until the polls close.

        • Les Bremner says:

          Andy, I agree totally that the envelopes must remain intact as posted by the voter until the polls close.

          • Diane says:

            That can’t be done as the signatures on postal votes need to be verified against what’s held electronically. It would take hours and hours to do this at the count which is why they’re opened before hand. With polling agents of all parties and/or sides able to attend.

            • Les Bremner says:

              Diane, yes it will take time. I don’t care if it takes a week.

              We will have one shot at this, and one shot only. If we lose this time, we have lost forever. If we think that the revenge and abuse which we have had from daring to hold the first referendum was bad, it will be totally brutal and sadistic next time if we lose.

              Let’s take as long as we need.

              • Cubby says:

                “If we lose this time, we have lost forever”. Sorry Les but I disagree. Forever is a long long time. Never give up. People didn’t just give up after the pockled vote in 1979. People didn’t just give up after the pockled vote in 2104. We owe it to future generations not to give up.

                Who says there cannot be a third or fourth ref or more in the future.

            • deelsdugs says:

              And signatures change with age.
              Also, I know of a care home whereby the postal vote mail was shoved in a cupboard and not given to the residents…
              Furthermore, I attended an inter-area SNP meeting the other week where it was stated that postal voting is 100% safe, secure, and reliable…oh dear…

        • Tol says:

          @Andy Anderson

          I know this wasn’t the main thrust of Weegingerdug’s post…but at some point Scotland does need to discuss its voting., I am shocked that people accept any voting system that allows for the perception that the vote is not safe. I am constantly bemused how discussions on voting seem so random – targeting individual issues and never start from the fundamentals. But most importantly

          As Scottish people are sovereign, the vote is their most important right and responsibility. Sovereignty can only be protected if voting maintains all 3 voting fundamentals:

          1- Universal adult suffrage (1 person 1 vote + politicians must never get to choose the voters).
          2- Elections must be free, secure and verifiable (Your vote must not be stolen)
          3- An Individual’s vote must be secret.

          From these 3 fundamentals, it is surprising how many ideas about simplifying voting for “convenience” should actually be excluded and are usually only there to cover fundamental floors in the voting system.

  4. Cubby says:

    Back on top form. Excellent bit of writing by the wee dug.

    British Nationalists they are and Ross Thomson is the biggest Britnat Bampot.

    Great line about the ring on the nose rather than a true partner having a ring on the finger.

  5. Eckle Fechan says:

    Marvellous post, so enjoyed reading this one Paul. Travelling from Bucks to walk the streets of Auld Reekie on Sat 6th Oct. Will look forward to shaking the dug’s paw if the chance arises. Keep up the momentous work. Cometh the time, we shall prevail.


    • grumpydubai says:

      Wish everybody well on 6th. I shall miss it, as I did for Dundee, due to family matters but managed the other four marches. I am sure Edinburgh will be a ‘humdinger’ which will allow our movement to set the heather on fire.

  6. Az says:

    I must admit that I’ve been liberally using the BritNat terminology for some time. Some people attempted to dissuade me, claiming I shouldn’t be ‘alienating’ them. I think any reasonably intelligent adult can tell the difference between a BritNat and a person who merely voted No in 2014!

  7. […] Wee Ginger Dug You can’t have a Union Day if there is no Union Yesterday, 18 September, was the anniversary of Scotland’s first independence […]

  8. Craig P says:

    A British nationalist is someone whose country is Britain, rather than Scotland (or England. Or Wales. Or Ireland). Seems pretty straightforward to me.

    I don’t mind being called a Scottish nationalist but I’ve never yet met a British nationalist who didn’t take offence at being so described.

    The word of course has negative connotations, and it is instructive that people who want Scotland to run its own affairs are often described by Brits as bigots *purely* because the main party in favour of it has ‘national’ in its name. The ignore the policies! They’re nazis because of the name! level of debate.

    (Obviously the British National Party actually is your bona fide fascist party, so being called a British nationalist is a sore point there.)

    Perhaps we could come up with new words, loyalists and patriots perhaps like America had. But even then ‘patriot’ sounds a bit fighty for someone who just wants to live in a normal country and get it sorted at the ballot box.

    • Marconatrix says:

      Surely the only really appropriate name is ‘Unionist’, even despite its unfortunate Irish connotations?

      • weegingerdug says:

        The problem with the Unionist label is that it allows opponents of independence to pretend that they’re not nationalists.

        • Marconatrix says:

          Hmm … but they’re not just EngNats, they want to dominate everyone else in their precious union … imperialists almost. Maybe someone can suggest something that falls between National(ist) and Imperial(ist) ???

          • Kangaroo says:

            “English Supremacists” fits the bill.

          • Tol says:


            If they want to control your country, they are colonialist.

            Scotland’s issue is that England wants a “ring through Scotland’s nose” – not that English are wanting to dominate England. The English want to hide their empire and make their conquests grateful for the pleasure of being a colony.

  9. Marconatrix says:

    Strong words, WGD, but entirely necessary IMHO.

    Here, Mac Alba list some of more glaring porkies we were sold :

  10. Brian Mckenna says:

    Britnail firmly hammered in there Paul .

  11. Gordon Dunbar says:

    Spot on as usual WGD’ Liked the bit about the first anniversary. Blogger Peter A. Bell put’s it perfectly in context what the decisions meant in both referenda you mention:

  12. Daisy Walker says:

    I won’t ever be able to see Ross Thomson now without the ‘birdie song’ coming into my head.

    You have a very wicked sense of humour 😉

    Whenever I feel myself being riled by neighbours from down sooth now, and the subject of Indy comes up, I tell them 2 things,

    firstly that I’m happy to debate it, but the too wee, too poor, too stupid argument is just racist and they’ll need to do better, and

    second that I’m fed up with English Nationalists slapping a Union Jack on it, stamping the word British on the side and pretending they don’t have a dog in the race.

    Also if they don’t live here and will not have the vote, I just change the subject. I’m no longer interested in making the case to the bulk of England – deep down they know, and just want to keep us as a possession, no matter how unjust that is.

    Best wishes to all.

    PS There are some English with whom I have genuine discussions and who may be open to persuasion. The above is for the chancers. At least it opens their eyes a bit and calls out their BS before they start.

    • deelsdugs says:

      It’s a strange thing in the south. I have had people from Kent say to me they’re more than happy for Scotland to be independent, what’s the problem…? Ok…
      They also voted to leave the EU because of all the ‘incomers’ to Kent using and abusing the English NHS…right…? They then moved to Devon.
      And are adamant they’re British, not English.

  13. Luigi says:

    I hope that SNP politicians and other indy spokespersons take this sound advice onboard. The British nationalists have been hiding behind the “respectability cloak” of unionism far too long. Call out a British nationalist (especially a Labour variety) and you will see very quickly, by their furious reaction, that the truth is far too painful for them to bear.

    It’s great that many posters are getting into the habit of using the (British nationalist) term now. I just wish the SNP politicians would have the nerve to do likewise. The time to play fair and act proper s long gone. The SNP seem to be a couple of steps behind – that;s ok but now it’s time to catch up. Let’s face it, the BritNat establishment and MSM are going to hate you whatever you do, so be brave, be bold and rattle them vigorously. Call them out publicly for what they are, die-in-the-wool British nationalists.

  14. M biyd says:

    1 in 4 of Scotlands population are English born or are first generation English descent it’s therefore disingenuous to say that Scotland is independent of English nationalism. Many if not most of Scotland’s English population are supportive of the UK and the Union.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Eh… that’s precisely the opposite of what this piece argues. I said British nationalism in Scotland is English nationalism in tartan drag.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Maybe true but there are many like me. An Englishman who loves Scotland and has been a Yes person since 2013

  15. Luigi says:

    “You’re just an apologist for British nationalism, for English nationalism in tartan drag.”

    I can think of no better description of a “proud scot”.

    Genius. 🙂

  16. Macart says:

    Couldn’t agree more Paul. Unions are about consensus, oneness, shared goals and a shared vision. A partnership based on deceit, abuse, ignorance is no union. It’s institutional slavery.

    The mad eyed Thomson fella is a political irrelevance, a place man punchline gone wrong. The joke? Oh, it sits on the banks of the Thames. If he believes the UK we see before us today is in any way a united society then his medication is way stronger than anyone ever suspected. The state we live in is fractured along far too many political, economic and societal lines. Trust and care has also been undermined in too many institutions and demographics. But then the likes of Mr Thomson and the political class he exemplifies are already aware of this. It is after all the UK of their making.

    Their politics. Their management and their narrative. Brexit, austerity legislation, EVEL, the systematic assaults on devolution agreements, our choice of government? ALL as they made it.

    They don’t want unity. They don’t understand the word. It’s a political convenience. An excuse to abuse. A constitutional get out of jail free card for the hard of empathy. They don’t want partnership. They want unquestioning obedience.

    Yes, they lied about the UK going forward four years ago. They were set to lose the lifestyle and closed shop politics to which they’d become accustomed. So they made stuff up. Their devotees will continue to believe their guff too, even as they lose their jobs, their NHS, their services and their human rights.

    How and ever, those who believed because they were made to? Through fear, intimidation, false promises? That’s a different story. I’d imagine that today they have a very different idea of what constitutes the kind of country, politics and society they’d like to live in and with.

    Happily and with their help. We can all do something about that. 🙂

  17. susan says:

    There is no Union, we are a colony. And for British Nationalist read English Nationalist.

  18. chicmac says:

    Great post Paul. Nail on the head as usual.

    This from 1791

  19. J'en Daly says:

    I love everything you wrote there Paul, especially putting down what I’ve said my whole life, of how we are actually the british empires 1st colony!?! So many other colonies have reclaimed their independence why can’t we!!!!

  20. Macart says:

    RE: Yesterday’s P1 Assessment vote? And it seems pretty fitting we’re discussing Britnattery and their practice of politics.

    The Britnat vote and their reasoning was, as expected, both hypocritical and opportunist. The why is never in doubt where they are concerned. Opposition for oppositions sake. It’s what they do and who they are. The childrens’ needs were never a consideration in their deliberations.

    Who knew?

    The Greens though? This was not the time to play politics. They’ll come to regret their recent votes.

    Worse. We all will.

    If people want a Britnat parly run by a bigger Britnat parly? You know how to vote. If you want the popular policies and social gains made over the past eleven years reversed? You know how to vote. If you want Ruth Buffalorider or Richard Thing and a return to the good ol days of La Cosa Labour, even (God help us) Wee Wullie rentaquote as First Minister? You know how to vote.

    ALL of whom by the by, take their lead from parties based in a parliament that has laid waste to your economy, ignores your voting opinion, takes your cash and pisses all over your democracy. You’re aware of this already I’m sure.

    A QED moment: HERE.

    But if that’s what you want? You can have it and ALL that goes with it. ALL THAT GOES WITH IT.

    Or? Or you can show them how you appreciate the way they practice politics and gamble with YOUR cash, YOUR powers, YOUR democracy and YOUR lives. You can show them how much you appreciate being used as political poker chips and having your life yanked from pillar to post to suit their cretinous and self serving tribal idiocies.

    YOUR choice.

    • There will never be another SNP First Choice, Green Second Choice voting pattern again, Sam.
      At least Ross Greer is young enough to go back to Uni and finish his degree.
      He is toast politically.
      I have demanded to see Larry ex Labour Militant Councillor kicked out during Kinnock’s purge Flanagan’s 150 page ‘dossier’ from teachers and parents accusing the P! assessment as reducing children to tears, and soiling themselves.
      Yesterday not one Brit Nat ProudScotBut Uncle or Auntie Mac Tam offered an alternative to validating and evaluating early learning.
      I have corresponded on line with Upstart who declared that it was not their intention to create a ‘political storm’; aye, right.
      For two pins, if I were FM, I’d call a snap SGE, now, and let the people decide.
      Patrick Harvie, what small minded political mischief are you up to?
      You are putting independence in jeopardy because of this arrant nonsense.
      The Greens will never get my vote at any level ever again.
      I hope your metaphoric ‘Up yours’ was worth it.
      I wonder what the UK Greens think about their Scottish Branch siding with the Tories in anything, never mind a trumped up lie coordinated by the Brit Nats contaminating the unions and PTA’s.
      There is only one sure fire route to get rid of the Fifth Column who are the enemies of the citizens of Scotland.
      Vote for Self Determination.
      Liz Smith is starving our children…austerity for the poor, tax refunds for the rich.
      Good job, Neil Findlay. Good job.
      What a fucking bunch of useless Brit Nat tossers we are lumbered with in Scotland.
      They are beyond redemption. Slaves in England’s last colony, for cash.
      Weep not for me, but for your children, and your children’s children.

      • Robert Graham says:

        I just wonder how much the SNP can rely on the ones who voted for a rejection of the Westminster power grab to stay the course, as you say Jack the Greens are totally toast as far as SNP members are concerned , Lend us your vote won’t work again so well done Patrick you are playing a blinder son .

        • Robert, I am now in no doubt that if the English Establishment, the Iron Heel Oligarchy, the Elite like Rees Mogg decided to shut Holyrood on the morning of the 30th March 2019, then Rennie, Leonard, and Davidson, and their Fifth Column enemy of the Scottish people, would stand by and smirk, just like they did yesterday. Forget the notion that the English Parliament at WM, no matter the colour of their Tory rosette, and they are all Brit Nat Tories now, including the allotment farmer from Islington, ‘governs’ the UK.
          Russian Oligarchs, US Press moguls, the Nobles, and the Filthy Rich run these isles.
          The ProudScotsBut Collaborators would dance a jig with the Devil in a Tam O’ Shanter orgy of evil, and to feck with the 360,000 Scots children living in poverty in Scotland, who are that malnourished, and cramp with hunger and hopelessness, that they will be Poor House slaves of England’s Fattest colony in ten years’ time.
          WE must rebel, and throw them out of our country now.

    • Is it our choice though? The nearer we get to Indyref2 the more concerned I am about the legitimacy of the vote. As Stalin said, “The people who casts the votes decide nothing, the people who count the votes decide everything”.
      I was always concerned in 2014 about who received the vote counts, from the individual voting centres. Put up your hand, if you have any confidence in the Electoral Commission. The people who tallied up the count, hopefully had no ties to the UK Civil Service in Scotland. Who knows, who these counting officers were in 2014, or will be for Indyref2.
      The Scottish Gov had no say in the contract to count votes, going to Idox. Idox, are the largest provider of electoral management systems in the UK. They have, as a highly paid Director, Peter Lilley. Lilley, Tory MP from 1983 to 2017. Nominated for a Peerage, arch Brexiter and no friend to Scotland. They counted postal votes in the high 80s throughout Scotland, 70-30 No.
      If we think we can trust these private companies, to run the Indyref in a free and fair way, when they are stuffed with Tories, under the supervision of the UK Civil Service, MI5, MI6, and GCHQ, then we need to think again.
      So we require the EU to run Indyref2, from top to bottom. No, UK based company or authority, can interfere in any way shape or form. No UK Civil Servants are to be involved. I’d trust French, Germans, Italians and Lithuanians, even Russians, before I’d trust a Brit.

      • Anne Martin says:

        I completely agree with you. When we get another indyref there is no way the Tories et al will allow a yes vote to win. They’ll use absolutely every trick in the book, legitimate and dirty, to make sure it cannot happen because they know that the loss of Scotland’s resources will be a disaster for them.

        I can just hope and pray that someone can come up with a safe and fair way to count the votes.

    • Patience is a Virtue says:

      The vote I beleive went 63 / 61. This, irrespective of the topic / pros and cons, would appear to be ‘a majority’ of the Parliament and no doubt those in the majority, not unreasonably, in democratic fashion, will expect their voting intentions to at least be heeded.

      First things first though:! 28th March 2017, the Scottish Parliament voted by 69 to 59 in favour of seeking permission for a Referendum on Independence…..we are patiently waiting.

  21. alanm says:

    Paul is right; language is important and the words we use to define ourselves and our political opponents must be chosen very carefully.

    Our opponents already know this. That’s why you’ll rarely hear a UK Unionist/British Nationalist mention the word “independence.” People instinctively believe independence is a good thing and dependence is something to be avoided at all costs and so the word independence has become taboo and “Nicola Sturgeon’s plan to break up Britain” is used in its place.

    • chicmac says:

      I used to push for a change to Scottish Independence Party decades ago, but then an anti EU ‘party’ used the name and then UKIP came along as well which scuppered that idea.

  22. Tol says:


    I was so happy to read this post consigning the misnomer “UNION” to the dustbin.

    In the same vein, isn’t the term “BRITISH” an extension of “UNION”. As such, I really hope “BRITISH” will also disappear from your common parlance to be replace by a more accurate term.

    “ENGLISH NATIONALIST IN TARTAN DRAG” was such a good start.

    YES will only win when it sets the language that fits the realities of its Scotland’s cause instead of trying to argue its case using Westminster terms… Westminster’s language is inherently designed to negate ideas of independence and Scottish agency.

    • Yes, I would agree to the description English being used here. It certainly isn’t the Welsh wanting to screw us into the ground. Same with the Ulster unionists, as there are only 9 DUP MP’S. The English have 533 out of 650 MP’s. So no matter who Scotland vote for, we get the government England wants. This is what’s called, stating the bloody obvious.

  23. Mac says:

    Of course there’s no ‘union.’ There never has been; there never will be. We all know the ‘UK’ parliament is the English parliament and, as recent events have shown – never mind those of the past 311 years – Scotland is subsumed within the greater English state and expected to do as she’s told. And that’s without going into the recent Conservative power grab over devolved issues going to Scotland in the galactofuck-up that is Brexit.
    Which brings me to my point. Many say you can’t trust a Tory, but the reality is you can’t trust the English government, no matter the hue. It is clear that, if successive Westminster governments are not the enemy of Scotland, they are not our friends. Us being dragged, kicking and screaming, out of the EU against our will, the rape of our land’s resources, the scandal that is Brexit, the wearingly regular interventions from the son of the manse to speak out against the land of his birth, and the feeble interjections from the Lib Dumbs, are the proof of that.
    Stop the bus, we want to get off.
    Me? I’m getting the number seven bus to Kelty with wee Willie Rennie

  24. Dave Moir says:

    “It’s because we were lied to and deceived.” ………….best one ever Paul. I would hope everyone in the No camp might read it. Breathtaking accuracy.

  25. Clapper57 says:

    Off Topic apologies.

    Just seen a picture on twitter of Liam Fox doing the Tory open legged standing pose as modeled by his many current Tory colleagues in cabinet which includes T May and which was also used by D Cameron and his cabinet members too.

    This as we all know is NOT a natural standing pose genetically inherited because one is a Tory but actually a PR adopted deliberate and much contrived pose to convey a message of strength . Can you actually imagine that supposed serious politicians were TAUGHT and probably practiced this pose to portray , badly, such a false image to the voters.

    Has it really really come to this desperate place where the blatant weakness in your policies , your individual elected members and your party as a whole needs to resort to unnatural fake poses to convince people of the merit and strength you do not possess politically.

    Is the image they create substituting their lack of substance. It would appear so as far as the Tories are concerned. What is even funnier about this pose is how obvious it is… that…. IT IS indeed a POSE. They really have no respect for voter’s intelligence to deploy such an atrocious PR exercise upon us without expecting us to see it for what it is.

    Sorry Tory boys but it is what you SAY and what you DO that matters NOT how you can stand tall , legs apart , shoulders back and arms at your side as if a fearless warrior. Your standing position will not sway me to vote for your party while you adopt such hateful policies and lead us out of the EU against the will of those who, like me , voted remain and still want to remain in the EU.

    This is politics now ! Where we are being force fed false images, false news, false politicians , false journalism , false hope, false promises , false policies and not forgetting the false perspectives pre and post 2014 on how Scotland could not be wealthy as an independent country, ….yet we are simply just expected to buy into all of this as if it is the TRUTH while meekly accepting that we ourselves cannot adopt a defiant INDEPENDENT pose to offset their fake one.

    Is it any wonder we do not take them seriously and at face value when they think so little of us that they need to hire ‘specialists’ to fool us into believing they possess an attribute which in reality is nothing but a contrived con executed to give the illusion of integrity and strength which is actually blatantly lacking inside all of them.

    Posing Tories may seem somewhat petty to highlight on here, but the subliminal purpose in their using it , and the disrespect they show to voters in thinking it will work, speaks volumes as to their overall lack of ability they have in relating, either individually or as a party, in both the presenting and content of the policies they choose to implement …..which BOTH fail miserably to convince or enhance the lives of those voters, such as I, who they are so desperate to con.

    To pose or not to pose…that is the question…….whether tis nobler etc etc

    • Macart says:

      I agree. He is a poseur. Also? A serial fibber and apparently a good example of an empathy vacuum.

      • Clapper57 says:

        Don’t mention vacuum Macart….you’ll get Ross Thomson started….he’s trying to CLEAN up his act but we all know he’s a DUSTED sorry busted flush….he needs to BRUSH up on his people’s skills…obvious he has no FILTERS….he’ll soon find he cannot just SWEEP things under the carpet…sooner or later he has to realise he’s just BLOWING hot air….of course the other meaning of vacuum would also be appropriate for Ross.

    • JGedd says:

      That so-called power pose just looks absurd. If it causes laughter to see them standing spread-legged, with legs spread ridiculously far apart, then surely it conveys the opposite of what is intended. Frankly, it only demonstrates the stupidity of following what PR people tell you to do. It is the exaggerated stance adopted by drunks to stop themselves falling over or children who have wet themselves.

      As you say, all it demonstrates is their lack of understanding of how people will see them – not the way they think they are seen – and their willingness to give themselves over to the advice of PR airheads.

      • Clapper57 says:

        Yep JGedd, PR airheads indeed… for nothing….OUR money no doubt.

        Love the comparison of standing position being same as adopted by drunks……think that perhaps this is where this stance derived from….PR’s taking the P*ss or just p*ss*d when created this idea ….Tories so desperate to be seen as ‘strong and stable’ but end up looking like drunks who are so ‘wrong and unstable’ ….Lol

  26. Chris Airey says:

    Frankly Paul, it isn’t British Nationalism, as that would presume a ‘British’ entity. Its really nothing more than English nationalism.

    • Tol says:

      How many Scots would call England the “Mother Country”?

      There is a strange communal delusion in Scotland that is blind to the underlying power relationship embedded in the term “British”.

      “British” was a term use to ensure ownership of its empire and cast all those colonised as British subjects. This relationship was so controlling that global British were trained to refer to England as the “mother country” in common parlance (the James O’Brien interview of Gina Miller as a cringe worthy example – British in her subconscious is English and the terms are interchangeable).

      What makes the Scottish feel so exceptional that they alone were immune to being the only so called “British” that were not cast in that subserviant relationship by England.

      • Cubby says:

        The term British was and is westminsters colonial enabler. Invade countries and invite them to be part of the British empire or be conquered at the end of a bayonet. Either way the end result is that the colony is British and therefore its riches/ resources are owned by the British empire.

        British = scam for ripping off other countries resources by whatever means is appropriate by England. In Scotlands case the Treaty of Union was the appropriate vehicle. In Wales violence and castles.

        Britnat Scots are delusional in the fact that they think they are seen as equal to the English by the English. Sad sad people.

  27. Macart says:

    RE: Salzburg

    Diplomacy. Accept no substitutes. 🙂

    It’s one of a great many things that’s been lacking in UKgov negotiations over the past two years. For some, a deliberate act and choice. For others? A lack of. And for yet more, a misplaced sense of self awareness.

    Not only has UKgov lacked any kind of EU exit plan since … forever, over the EU question. The government also lacked people with the willingness or diplomatic talent at the highest levels to manage the situation in the post referendum situation.

    Most folk with any intelligence or sense, either resigned or walked away in frustration as soon as they possibly could. Most saw what was coming politically a long way off and what it would do to politics and its institutions in the UK and probably thought, sod this for a gemmme o’ sodjies.

    Hell, even some o’ yer arch Brexiteers are distancing themselves from the shitstorm claiming it was all May’s and her Chequers plan’s fault that it’s awwwl gawn so terribly wrong if only she had…etc.

    No. Brexit was always going to fail at a ‘negotiating’ table. Mainly because the UK had nothing to bargain with that would persuade the EU to effectively break itself apart. Some knew that, some didn’t and others simply didn’t care regardless.

    Unity of purpose is essential in any joint diplomatic or negotiating scenario. The EU has it and the unfortunately named ‘United’ Kingdom doesn’t. Mainly because the UK is anything but united.

    Helluva handicap to take into that world and a helluva payoff for a Tory pissing contest.

    Their choice.

    • The pictorial imge of Little Red Riding May and the 27 wolves at last brought it home to ‘the English’ on The Ministry of Truth Breakfast TV bulletin from Salford Quay this morning.
      Brexit really does mean Brexit.
      England and Wales have ‘taken back control’.
      They are on their own from next April, and it looks like they are still manufacturing ‘things; Down There in Birmingham. Coffee making machines apparently.
      No mention of Birmingham’s car industry of course.
      No Deal means bye bye Johnny Furriner manufacturers.
      Land Rover Jaguar No More..
      On Tuesday night we battened down the hatches preparing for storm Ali.
      I finally admitted defeat of any Indian Summer by bring in the parasol, and winter proofing the garden furniture. Our days in the sun are over.
      Brexit means Brexit. We can either huddle together for shelter and warmth, and trust that England will save us from nuclear winter (that’ll l be shining bright) or we opt for Scottish Independence.
      The presenters on TV this morning are either good actors, or they were genuinely shocked that No Deal was now the only choice on offer.
      Time to stock up on toilet rolls, tea bags, powdered milk and flour; oh, and perhaps a dozen or so gallons of the Dark beer before it rises to £10 a pint.
      To all those who suggest that we wait four or five years before Indyref2; really?
      No Deal destruction begins in earnest now, not 2022, or 23, or 24, or…

      • Macart says:

        “The presenters on TV this morning are either good actors, or they were genuinely shocked that No Deal was now the only choice on offer.”

        There’s a third option concerning those presenters. (cough)

        Ayup! That should be the big story today. PM gets TELT! UK meeja spin quite predictable though. Johnny Furriner is being awfully beastly to our plucky and practical PM.

        Not ‘EU does exactly what it said it was going to do for the past two years’. Honestly, you’d think the media, the political class and their support have been walking around for over TWO SOLID YEARS wi thur fingers stuck in their ears yelling LA LA LA LA LA, I CAN’T HEAR YOU!

        Not only that, but the EU members and negotiating team have been regularly insulted by both senior ministers and the UK media. Soooooo yeah! Yes, they did feel it was about time the shoe was on the other foot and made a very public spectacle of Ms May.

        Just t’be clear though. She’s not plucky or practical. UKgov hasn’t bent over backwards to be reasonable and the EU is not an enemy or opponent, or some evil stranger. They did nothing wrong in this whole process, but they have been on the receiving end of quite a lot of flak from this side of the channel. The UKgov has grandstanded, threatened, demanded exceptional status and treated their opposite numbers with complete disdain and arrogance.

        Wait now! I’m seeing possibly a historic pattern forming in their actions there. (sigh) 🙄

        Regardless, the EU WILL protect the interests of its member states and WILL NOT undermine their own principles of the four freedoms. The principles which underline their very existence.

        Yer meeja and political class are watching the stormclouds gather I’d reckon. When it breaks, (and it will break), they’re going to have a lot of explaining to do to the populations of these islands. They’re also going to need some pretty dark holes to hide in when folk don’t like their answers. (and they won’t)

        • Exactly, Sam.
          Throughout yesterday the Ministry of Truth, the Establishment propaganda wing of the English Establishment, ran out of road down which to further kick the Brexit Can of Inevitability.
          It is No Deal; May said as much last night.

          On QT last night, the Blue Tory wallah, his name escapes me, he was a Nobody forced on to the show by whomever is the Blue Tories latest Malcolm F–Tucker, repeated the side of the bus bravado.

          The’ British people’ voted to Leave: No Customs Union, No Single Market, no ECJ, and No Freedom of Movement.
          None of that is brought about by Johnny Furriner ‘threatening’ England.
          That’s what the market trader in Preston voted for.
          No more Polish plumbers.

          And that’s what May faced when she met the grey men of the EU yesterday.
          ‘A piece of cake, Prime Minister, but no cherry.’
          The EU is not threatening anybody.

          England and Wales are leaving the European Union on the 29th March next year.

          It’s not Tusk’s, or Barnier’s job to make nice with May or Gove, or Rees Mogg, or Johnson, or Fox.

          It’s not their problem.

          Not once was Scotland mentioned yesterday; the sun will melt the rocks before even Kirsty Wark or Andrew Neil, those tenement dwelling semi educated cravers of English social acceptance who are making good retainers would even consider Scotland, yesterday of all days.

          England and Wales are heading into the Wilderness. Scotland will not be joining them.
          Ireland will descend into open hostility once more, the Good Friday Agreement in tatters, which is what the DUP wanted from day one.
          What an almighty fuck, which, thankfully, we can avoid , if we choose Self Determination.
          And some would advocate that we sit on our hands until 2022 before we announce Indyref 2?
          Really? Now is the time.

          • brian lucey says:

            “Ireland will descend into open hostility once more”
            Well. Bits of NORTHERN Ireland might. Or not. Ireland will shrug its shoulders and get on with being a liberal northern european trading open to the world country. But sure Scotland is too wee and too poor to do that 🙂

            • Brian, certainly Castlenock will carry on its well heeled comfortable conservative way, just as it always did.
              Leopold Bloom’s Odyssey through Dublin is timeless. Your Irish Catholic Tory is as red necked as his Brit Nat counterpart.

              By ‘open hostility’, I mean that Arlene and the DUPs will no longer feel the need to pretend that there is a GFA any more.
              That was Arlene with her hand up Mays’s back speaking today.
              No Surrender!
              It’ll be back to Proddies and Kafflicks, and No Surrender from tomorrow onwards.
              Apparently, we are to have an Orange Walk in Ayr this week end, 4000 idiots stopping the traffic to hate the Romanists, in Ayr, where some say, the source of Ruth Mum 2B born again Maid of Orleans Davidson’s Dark Money was raised.
              The South will build a border to keep the Brits out of the EU, not the other way round.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Now they have one plan. Use the media to blame the EU. That is it they have failed.

      Anyone with an average brain knows the EU rules and treaty options. Brexiteers must be thick.

  28. grafter says:

    This is how it works. Real power and control lies here………..

  29. Clapper57 says:

    Meanwhile in cloud cuckoo land we have the village idiot sent to do a man’s job trolling people via a video in a pretendy Union celebration that’s real purpose was to stick two fingers up to the SNP and the supporters of independence….. a video whose ending was purely enacted to antagonise and ridicule those of us who he and his mob have failed to influence/persuade/brainwash into the British brand mentality being recognised as the only brand worth promoting to the world post Brexit.

    Thomson , number one member of Bojo fanclub, is getting so carried away he is forgetting who and what he represents and has instead ingratiated himself with the Brexit Tory club and from an outsider’s perspective he seems more inclined to represent opinions of and align to the rabid pro Brexit English regions as opposed to those he is supposed to represent in his Scottish remain constituency.

    If this specimen is acceptable to his constituents then good luck to them because they are not being served and their democratic wishes via the EU ref not being adhered to or respected by him. So if they continue to cut their noses off to spite their faces, to maintain the Union, then they most certainly deserve him.

    However I suspect the smoke screen of unionism has now lifted and they see that having a dud fud as an MP is extremely embarrassing , non productive, a threat to their future prosperity and quality of life via his Brexit position and overall must plainly see him now as a blatant self serving rogue whose eyes and ears are only open to opportunities for himself and his future and prosperity.

    Unfortunately that is the cost of supporting the Union , one is expected to support the runts , charlatans and selfish opportunists who hide behind the non existent greatness of a Britain that’s real reputation, as viewed by the rest of the world, is tarnished and perceived as delusional with a mad sense of entitlement. Kinda apt for Ross also…..but then he is only wanting to represent a specific type of constituent is he not …..him and Alberto Costa are intellectually bereft soul mates …or rather the two clowns dumb and dumber who perform in the political circus at WM.

    • There isn’t enough corn in the box sets of ‘Little House on the Prairie’, ‘The Waltons’, and Doris Day’s back catalogue for this one, Sam.
      EURPEAN COURTS will now rule whether Article 50 can be reversed by Parliament.
      My,oh, my..

      • Macart says:

        “However, the appeal judges noted that matters had since moved on, with the passing of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018. Section 13 of the 2018 Act sets out how parliamentary approval is to be sought once the negotiations between the UK Government and the EU Council conclude.

        The withdrawal agreement can only be ratified if it has been approved by a resolution of the House of Commons and been debated in the House of Lords. If no approval is forthcoming, the Government must state how they propose to proceed with negotiations.

        If the Prime Minister states, prior to 21 January 2019, that no agreement in principle can be reached, the Government must, once again, state how they propose to proceed and must bring that proposal before both Houses. “

        I’m heading down to the shops soon as I’ve seen what Treeza has to say in about qtr of an hour. 😉

  30. Maeolbeatha says:

    Many in Scotland are not convinced by the arguments put forward by supporters of independence.
    Apparently the majority of our country don’t see Scotland as a country, or worthy of becoming a country.
    There are likely many reasons for this. Self preservation/Greed, Ignorance and fear as I summarise them.
    Scotland does have a history of various parties or factions selling itself out for more personal gain, or self preservation.

    The facts are there but you have to go looking for them.
    Indifferent people will not go looking for facts they will accept what they happen across in their living rooms.
    Generally people will not seek out information contrary to their already held beliefs. So Brit Nationalists are not likely to check out pro indy web sites and look at the facts.

    I admit to being less optimistic this time around as most people appear to be “comfortable” where they are so why change?

    Brexit offers hope, in a perverse kind of way. The more pain it inflicts the more damage it does the more may be forced to think there is a better way.
    Maybe too late.
    We have not been made to suffer enough to force people into action.
    Sad if true. Wasteful.
    Maybe that is what Nicola is waiting for? So that people can see the full scale of the disaster that is Brexit?

    I would bet the ones looking after number one and too scared to make Scotland a country in its own right would still oppose independence right up until the pain visited them directly, visibly. Perceptibly.

    Would Scotland take up public disorder type action. I doubt it as things stand.
    Too concerned with criminal records and losing jobs.

    You see we are too civilised, too tame, too complacent in our mediocrity, so used to what we have that we fear losing even that. When there is the possibility if so much more.
    Domesticated. Like cattle.

    At least we appear to be. The majority that is, as was?

    2014 was an embarrassment. Scotland the brave?
    A population with a majority of cowards it appeared.

    Not politically correct. Not sensitive.
    Not bothered.

  31. Macart says:


    Treeza to give an emergency news briefing at 1.45.

    Where is that damn popcorn? Sod it! Might be time to break out the choccy raisins.

  32. Robert Graham says:

    Let’s hope it’s short and sweet something along the lines of – f\k this I am off .

  33. Macart says:

    Oh Jeez! Car crash. 🙄

    I don’t think she quite got the message yesterday you know. As in, is choosing to ignore it happened at all kinda thing.


    Also? ‘She won’t break up her country’… Mmmm she might want to rethink that statement. (cough)

    • No Deal WTO.
      Oh, dear.
      She may not survive the week-end.
      They’ll have gathered in the Gentlemen’s Clubs by now plotting her downfall.

      ‘Bye, Engwaland.

      We wish you well, in May’s Third Country.

      • But the 3 million EU citizens living/ working/ retired here don’t need to worry, Mamma May will look after them; but they won’t be protected by ECJ laws…Taxi for Fritz, Francois, Fernado and Frederico.

        • Clapper57 says:

          Aye Jack…and there’s the rub……if you were an EU citizen in post Brexit UKOK would YOU trust the Tories to keep their word ?……Nein…Non…Nie….etc etc…..perhaps some of those EU citizens dealing with the home office might want to have a word with their MP re treatment received currently and in months post Brexit vote…..which basically gives zilch confidence in future treatment being anything other than continued disrespect, contempt and disregard…..look how she treats us in Scotland so what hope for the poor EU citizens .

          • She is also hanging the 300,000 silver surfer pensioners on the Costa and Dordoigneshire out to dry as well.
            Already pensioners on the continent have seen the GBP pensions devalue because of the strengthening euro against the £.
            She was announcing No Deal WTO today at lunch time.
            She has signed our death warrant, or so she thinks.
            I doubt that she will last the week end now.

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