The Phantom Power Broadcasting Corporation

For your viewing pleasure and edification, here you have not one, not two, but three new videos from the one man broadcasting corporation that is Phantom Power.

First there’s a new episode in the well received Journey to Yes series, number 21 features Edinburgh councillor Ashley Graczyk who serves the Sighthill and Gorgie Ward and is Edinburgh’s first profoundly deaf Councillor. Ashley’s experience fuelled her interest in disability rights and then politics as she was swept up in Scotland’s independence debate during which she campaigned for No and the status quo. Ashley’s interest in politics continued and she went on to win the Sighthill and Gorgie Ward in 2017 as a Scottish Conservative hoping to influence policies affecting the most vulnerable.

Life as a councillor opened Ashley’s eyes to the human impact of her own party’s policies and she was angered by attempts to cut vital political and employment support – the Access to Elected Office Fund as well as Access to Work. The Conservatives’ treatment of Scotland during the Brexit process provided further revelation and left Ashley with no choice but to resign in 2018. Ashley reflects on life as part of, and after, the increasingly right-wing pro-Brexit ‘Scottish’ Conservatives. Creating a successful progressive future for Scotland within the union apparatus is impossible. The political landscape has shifted to reveal a new path.

Next up is the latest edition of the discussion programme Scotia, presented by the estimable Michael Gray and Robert Somynne. This edition of the programme discusses proposals for a tourist tax and a post-mortem of the annual Edinburgh Festival and its effect upon residents of the Scottish capital.

Last but by no means least is the annual Thomas Muir lecture. The Thomas Muir Lecture celebrates the legacy of the great Scottish political reformer Thomas Muir through a commitment to the ideals of democracy, liberty and human rights. In Muir’s own words as he was tried in Edinburgh in 1793 on the trumped charges of High Treason which ultimately saw him transported to a penal colony in Australia, “I have devoted myself to the cause of the people. It is a good cause. It shall ultimately prevail. It shall finally triumph.”

This year’s lecture is delivered by the award-winning poet, playwright, singer-songwriter Gerda Stevenson, based on her latest book Quines, a collection of poems in tribute to women of Scotland.


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12 comments on “The Phantom Power Broadcasting Corporation

  1. annraynet says:

    Fantastic, thanks so much for providing these. I missed some of Ashley’s speech at Dunfermline as my hearing is not that good and couldn’t get to the Thomas Muir lecture as the venue changed and they ran out of space. The Festival Post-Mortem should be interesting too.
    You and Phantom Power are providing a great public service.

  2. Macart says:

    We’re getting fair spoiled now. 🙂

  3. dunkmacrae says:

    Gerda’s a star, and Quines is astonishing. Ye’re nae bad yersel either.. D

  4. […] Wee Ginger Dug The Phantom Power Broadcasting Corporation For your viewing pleasure and edification, here you have not one, not two, but three […]

  5. Valerie Gauld says:

    I was through in Edinburgh at the Lighthouse Bookshop to hear Gerda Stevenson’s Thomas Muir Memorial Lecture. It was absolutely fantastic.

  6. Tom says:

    Scotia: the lady who wanted to hear Cecilia Bartoli in Tosca was surely referring to Bartoli’s appearance in the Salzburg Festival production of Bellini’s Norma at the Festival Theatre in 2016. There isn’t a seat in the Festival Theatre without (at worst) a reasonable view of the stage, and indeed (for opera) some of the best seats are the cheaper ones in the Upper Circle. So, whatever stopped the lady from attending Norma, it wasn’t a seat with ‘no view’, or a restricted view, as she claimed.

    The Usher Hall is another venue where, for classical music, it pays to sit in the cheaper seats. The sound is best in the Upper Circle, not in the Dress Circle or stalls. Admittedly, it’s a bit steep, and the seats a wee bit hard, but unless for a long Wagner evening, it’s the place to be, with a wonderful acoustic, a great atmosphere, and packed with ordinary folk rather than sponsors, having a great evening out, and for a very low ticket price.

  7. Petra says:

    Thanks for providing the opportunity to listen to these videos, Paul. All three an eyeopener, as is the fact that Phantom Power is a one man corporation. It just humbled me listening to them this morning in the knowledge that they are all working, like yourself, on our behalf: On the behalf of the betterment of Scotland. Not unlike the many Scottish women, of days of yore, covered by the highly talented Gerda Stevenson. So yes. Thank you.

  8. astytaylor says:

    Very well said, Ashley Graczyk!
    We have a vision of a fairer society.

  9. Pentland Firth says:

    Thanks for posting these videos. May I make a rather pedantic correction? Thomas Muir was charged and convicted of sedition. If he had been convicted of high treason he would have been sentenced to execution. Robert Watt was convicted of High Treason in 1794 and beheaded, while David Downie, who was also convicted of the same crime, was reprieved.

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