A CO2 filled box of frogs

Back from Islay now, where the dug and I had a fantastic time participating in The National Roadshow’s event at the Islay Show. Many thanks to the wonderful hospitality that everyone in Islay gave us.

It’s very much the silly season politically, and it seems that this is a term which our British nationalist friends take quite literally. A few days before going off to Islay I blogged about the frothing hysteria from certain opponents of independence. I just didn’t realise quite how crazy supporters of the British state were getting. There are boxes of frogs which seem calm, rational, and sensible by comparison.

Labour and the Conservatives are not bothering overly much about the looming Brexit deadline and the increasing possibility of crashing out without a deal, or a so-called “blind Brexit” in which the UK leaves without the terms of its exit being finalised. This last option is rather like jumping off a cliff in the hope that there’s a nice big inflatable airbag waiting for you at the bottom, and not some jagged rocks. But this isn’t the big political topic right now. Instead Labour and the Tories are competing with one another about which of the two is more bigoted.

Labour can’t be arsed opposing Brexit. It can’t be bothered presenting a cohesive and coherent policy to counter the most dysfunctional, inept, and vindictively selfish Conservative government in living memory. Thatcher’s government was every bit as vindictively selfish, but at least it was efficient about it. You’d think that Labour would have an easy time against Theresa May’s bunch of talentless clowns, but no, Labour would far rather tear itself apart over accusations of anti-semitism. However the tragedy for the rest of us is that even if Labour wasn’t falling over itself to shoot itself in the foot, it would still not be capable of mounting an effective defence against the Tories’ reckless Brexit because Jeremy Corbyn is as keen on leaving the EU as Liam Fox is.

Meanwhile the Tories aren’t even pretending any more that they’re no longer the nasty party. No amount of cheesy photo ops featuring Ruth Davidson putting lipstick on a pig at some agricultural show can disguise the fact that the Tories fundamentally exist in order to enable nasty bigots to extract as much cash as possible from any given situation. It’s only now that the Conservatives are facing the music in the media for at least some of their many faceted bigotry, because in his column for the Telegraph, the most embarrassing Foreign Secretary in the history of a country which once went to war over its right to export opium to China used patronising and insulting language to denounce the face veils worn by a minority of Muslim women. Johnson said that the veils look ridiculous, and to be fair he is something of an expert in looking ridiculous.

The party is now desperately trying to close down the accusations that it’s Islamophobic which an investigation into Johnson’s comments which is only being carried out so that Tory politicians can claim that they can’t comment on the matter because it’s the subject of an internal party investigation. They’re hoping that everyone will forget about the matter over the summer, then in a few months time they’ll produce a report saying that the remarks were rude and unnecessary, but which falls a long way short of forcing Boris Johnson to resign from the party.

Ruth Davidson is of course in hiding, and may very well be wandering the streets wearing one of those veils in case someone asks her about the dark money scandal, the accusations of Islamophobia, or the Scottish Conservative politicans who keep getting outed as some sort of bigot, racist, misogynist, homophobe, or racist. She will pop up next time she’s got a book to promote, a baking show on the telly to appear on, or finds an opportunity to claim that Scotland doesn’t want another referendum. Then the press will hail her as the refreshing and modern face of the Conservatives. It’s an act that’s worn pretty thin.

Perhaps they’re taking their cue from the main parties backing the British state, but Scotland’s home grown opponents of independence are also spending the summer months competing with one another about which of them can be the most outlandish, hysterical, over-the-top, or just plain crazy. Former Conservative MSP Brian Monteith has already put in his bid for the craziness crown with his new website promoting what passes for thought amongst British nationalist knee-jerkers. His site has already carried a gloriously insane article calling on the Republic of Ireland to submit to Westminster again, but this week it topped even that with a piece about new guidelines on dealing with gender identity issues amongst school children.

The new guidelines essentially call on teachers and other professionals to support kids who may be experiencing gender dysphoria. The transgender issue is fraught, complex, difficult, and full of strong emotions, but whatever your views on the topic the debate is not going to be helped by an article which claimed that the guidelines – all the fault of the SNP naturally – were being promoted by people who have a sexual interest in children. This piece was the exact opposite of dealing sensitively with an issue which needs to be treated carefully and with thought and compassion.

Then there’s my very own stalker. There’s an opponent of independence who obsessively reads this blog and then goes and writes what he thinks is satire. The thing about satire is that it’s supposed to be funny, witty, and well written. This guy fails on all accounts and instead settles for claiming that I’m a morally degenerate Nazi who’d support gassing English people. And there was me with such nice things to say about him. I’ll just console myself with the fact that over 80,000 individuals read this blog every month whereas his site doesn’t get enough hits even to register in site rankings – and I sure as hell won’t be sending any traffic his way. Try writing something that’s actually readable love. There’s a wee tip for you there.

But the prize for peak frothery must go to the diehard opponent of all things Essempee who lives on Islay. Most weeks he’s got a letter in the local newspaper, the Ileach, complaining about some dreadful thing Thatessempee has done. But he’s finally achieved the gold standard of zoomery, despite strong competition from Brian Monteith’s contributors, and the puffing hypocrite who stalks me in his deluded belief that opposing Scottish independence and supporting the British state means he’s not a nationalist. He’s even outdone Magnus Linklater who recently managed to blame the uncertainty faced by EU citizens on the SNP. Islay’s very own gammonista has surpassed them all.

In his most recent letter to the Ileach, the individual concerned tore into the SNP and the Scottish government for their carbon emission reduction targets. It’s outrageous that the SNP is reducing carbon emissions, because apparently that’s the reason why there’s a shortage of CO2 for the food and drink industry. It’s all Nicola Sturgeon’s fault. I fully expect that he’ll be offered a column in the Scotsman.

British nationalists are getting desperate. Their strongest arguments in 2014 were that it would be foolish to trade the security and stability of the UK for the uncertainties of independence, and that it was only the UK which could ensure that politics remained tolerant, decent, and moderate. They’ve blown those two arguments out of the water all by themselves. All they have left is hysteria, hyperbole, and outright lies. They’re asphyxiating their own arguments with a CO2 filled box of frogs.

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77 comments on “A CO2 filled box of frogs

  1. Rebecca Hislop says:

    Another superb blog post Paul. It did make me laugh. If I didn’t laugh I would weep at the Brexit going on ( or lack thereof)

  2. From decades of experience, believe you me, there are two months when England completely shuts down; August, because it’s the ‘summer holidays’, and December, one long round of Christmas parties and time off to Christmas shop.
    WM is shut, and the Civil |Service is on holiday.
    It’s not as if there were anything urgent that needed their attention over the ‘summer break’, is there?
    Our kids go back to school in a week, but it’s the holidays in England.#
    get out your bucket and spade and head for Brighton beach!
    No Deal looks like this is the accepted option even more now.
    welcome back from the isles, Paul.
    Lovely warm dry wry piece.
    Pork chops burning must go. Bramley apple sauce..mmmmm..

  3. […] Wee Ginger Dug A CO2 filled box of frogs Back from Islay now, where the dug and I had a fantastic time participating in The […]

  4. Andy Anderson says:

    You are correct Paul. The funny season of lies is going at full pelter.

    Just log on now to see three examples posted today on the http://www.thoughtcontrolscotland.com website. This is atrocious junk. One even compares Nicola and our health service with Beeching and the railways.

    I am do frustrated and angry. I hate all journalists for allowing these one sided stories to be published. Lying twats, all of them.

    Glad you enjoyed Islay.

  5. WeeChid says:

    Am I missing an in joke here? Someone didn’t really send such a letter, did they?

  6. Alasdair Macdonald. says:

    The internecine and wholly solipsistic squabbling in the Conservative and Labour parties would be laughable if it were not for the huge black hole facing the UK next spring. Undoubtedly, a majority of MPs in both parties realise that the immediate future looks dire, but, they are under pressure from activists within constituency parties and face savaging from a rabid media. They also have the memory of Ms Jo Cox MP and realise that there are serious bampots out there who feel liberated by the festering views being spewed from our media, much of it calculatingly wilful as with the odious article by Mr Boris Johnson.

    However, being creatures of the Westminster cesspit, the internal politicking and jockeying for position, the vanity of small differences overwhelms them and they get into trivial willy-waving contests – female MPs, too.

  7. ScotsCanuck says:

    ….. I’m going to take “a stab in the dark” as to the identity of your Zoomer, Paul ….. Brian Wilson ?

  8. Is Brian Montieth still resident in France?

  9. Macart says:

    Pretty much a thing which marks both of the main Britnat parties. Who they hate. Who they want you to hate for their benefit. You can see why they get on so well together. Y’know, share each others votes, form allegiances at every level of politics and so forth. Tory mad, Tory and I can’t believe it’s not Tory. All equally bigoted toward some demographic. But still, better thigither, one nation, family of something or other. All warm and fuzzy in a ‘unity’ they aren’t capable of understanding, let alone expressing.

    Here’s the thing though, and there’s no getting round it. For all their screeching of essenpee baddery. For all the column inches and broadcast bandwidth they are freely allowed without serious challenge. For all the media saturation and political pull at their backs. Their united Kingdom is falling apart before their very eyes and THEY are the source of the rot.

    Quite simply, it’s the way they treat and view other human beings. The way they alienate major demographics of their own populations. The appalling dehumanising legislation passed from their system of parliament. The way they practice their politics, the levels of propaganda, naked mass manipulation and of course the othering and targeted alienation of the demographic du jour.

    Pretty much a case of reap what you sow. They sowed hatred, bigotry, fear and anger. They divided and divided again for personal and political gain. Karma however, is a very unforgiving philosophy. What goes round WILL come round. There was always going to be a price to pay for dividing and subdividing those supposedly in your care. There was always going to be a tipping point where people say enough is enough. A time when you absolutely need ‘unity’ and there’s none to be found, because for long enough it suited their purpose to break and undermine that unity. To destroy public trust in institutions, authority, communities. Each other.

    They chose their campaign strategies in an inevitable tragedy that was decades in the making.

    THEY chose.

    We can choose differently and we can do and be better. That can be our choice.

    So, what kind of country do want to live in?

    • scotsmanic says:

      Would agree, but the hing aboot aw this antisemitism rubbish is that it’s a load ay internecine crap, no onyhing real.

  10. Waiting for Scotland says:

    The peanut gallery aka supporters of the union, are hopeless in discussion because they have no hope. The UK, as a concept, has already expired. They just refuse to accept reality.

    Rule by an entrenched aristocracy, and its factors, is an anachronism incapable of adapting quickly enough to prosper in the modern age. The current amateurs running UK Plc., all products of Eton, Oxford and Cambridge et.al., are a perfect example of the failure of education in these lands.

    Brexit is an algorithm for their ineptitude, written large and for all to see.

    One of their saddest defence’s of the union is a case in point. It is a perfect example of their self delusion.

    They often harken back to the last world war – i.e. Britain Alone. A defining moment for unionists. They fail to acknowledge that Britain was never alone. Our allies abounded. It is a myth they create to delude themselves of their unfounded exceptionalism. The Britain’s of that time embraced their allies. The current crop demonises them.

    China, Canada, the ANZAC people, the peoples of Africa, and the millions on the Indian sub-continent and in south east Asia all opposed the fascists and militarists. Our allies in Norway, Greece, Belgium, Yugoslavia, the Netherlands and France fought with us side by side, even after their nations were overrun. All conveniently ignored in the Britain Alone narrative.

    It is a measure of the collective myopia and arrogance of British nationalists to always belittle the efforts of others so as to stroke their own egos.

    To be a modern British nationalist, you must be practiced in the art of endowing yourself with the borrowed virtues of others by the simple expedient of slapping a union jack on it. It is easier than actually doing anything noble themselves. In fact, in modern Britain, the past is now the only place they can find any nobility. This is why they have no hope.

    • Well said, Waiting For Scotland.
      I am sure that I am not alone in being fed up with the Anglo Scots Little Englanders whose only option following a No Deal is to huddle together Underground in Kelvingrove subway and sing ‘There will always be an England’ and ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’ as shortages-fuelled riots turn Scotland into a dystopian nightmare.
      We have nothing in common with England in Crisis now.
      I think they know that.
      Every man and woman for themselves would be their philosophy.Dog eat dog.
      Not ours.
      And so to bed.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      For many in the UK, not just England, this illusion is ‘oh so true’.

      The MSM has repeated this for years. The believe this in the same way many believe that the EU is all crap, because the MSM has told them this for years.

    • Macart says:

      Well said. The UK was never alone, but it is studiously working on standing alone right now.

      A terminal case of the ‘gratitude of kings’.

    • chicmac says:

      You are right, the mantra narrative we have been force fed, plucky little England standing alone against the might of Germany and winning (with a little help from those Johnny-come-lately Yanks) is no more than ridiculous delusion.

      The big picture description of WWII in Europe is that it was, or became after Hitler’s fatal error, a Russo-Germanic conflict. The statistics speak for themselves, German military casualties on the Eastern Front 5 million, Russian casualties over 10 million whereas Britain and America’s total for WWII, including the war against Japan, was less than 1 million.

      Effectively, Britain and America stood by watching Russia and Germany slug it out until Russia broke through in the Southern part of the Eastern Front and then they went in for a land grab.

      Britain and America did create a large number of civilian casualties in Germany over the course of the war by dropping nearly 2 million tons of ordnance mainly on specifically working class civilian areas at the behest of Churchill, again for comparison, the tonnage of bombs dropped by Germany on Britain in WWII was well less than 5% of that dropped on Germany.

    • Indyman says:

      The main factor in Germany losing WW2 was Hitler’s insane decision to try and invade Russia, opening a second front which they did not have the resources to back up when the going got tough. The Russians lost around 20 000 000 people, a fact that they have not forgotten and which never gets any mention in the UK media. Had it not been for this decision the whole of Europe would have been overrun by the Nazis, and the British posh boy run establishment, never motivated by anything other than self interest, would have welcomed them with open arms. As they are doing now with the modern face of Nazi-ism.

  11. alanm says:

    I’d be interested to know what the Islay letter writer has to say about your recent visit – nothing too complimentary I expect. Can’t get my head round how anyone living in a remote island community can believe London does a better job of looking after their interests than Edinburgh. Perhaps the pro-independence movement should be conducting more research into the mindset of the enemy in our midst. In order to defeat them we first need to understand what motivates them.

  12. A little (but not much) off topic. The demonstration at the BBC was reasonably well attended – maybe two hundred but difficult to gauge as people arrived and left throughout. I saw two very relaxed people in uniform (who are the ones who wear the blue checked ribbons round their hats?) strolling towards the demonstration site. Plus two hi-vised security men at the door of the BBC presumably to stop a concerted rush by the maddened demonstrators. The demo was its usual self with speeches and home made placards. But no actual police presence that I saw.
    I went over to Partick later and heard the tootling of flutes and the banging of drums. An Orange Walk indeed. I got a bit annoyed until I saw it. There was a banner in front followed by maybe half a dozen bowler hatted elderly men followed by the band. I laughed out loud. It was accompanied by possibly more policemen than there were marchers excluding the band. Contrasting pictures indeed.
    Colonel Ruth has been lurking in the borders holding at least one meeting I believe behind closed doors. Where is what’s-his-name – the leader of the Labour Party in Scotland? Who knows or cares?

  13. Luigi says:

    The BREXIT Frog is already half-cocked. The water is coming to a boil. It has already passed the point of no return. No recovery. And yet BREXIT Frog remains blissfully unaware of its fate. After all, this is Blighty and the BBC assures us everything is just dandy. It will be fine cos we are British and noone gets the better of us. 🙂

  14. diabloandco says:

    Glad Islay was a wonderful experience for you , I am damned sure you were a wonderful experience for them !

    I can’t be bothered telling the media of Scotland how much I despise them any more , or how I look forward to their imminent demise .

    Glasgow was curiously quiet on Saturday , roads normally requiring death defying runs to cross were almost empty . It was possibly due to so any road closures and folk were wary of attempting outings , which might account for the smallish protest at the BBBC.

  15. I have a sense that when England (and Wales) realise that they are about to lose Scotland over Brexit, there will be a second EU Referendum, probably in October.

    Latest Voces Pop and opinion polls seem to indicate a dramatic switch from Leave to Remain as the NHS £350 mill / chlorinated KFC lies are exposed as buffoonery.

    Southern Brits returning from their favourite European hot spots will spread tales of woe and £5 lager throughout the land.
    I’d suggest that this is why the English Establishment is spreading the news that it looks like No Deal.

    Tell an Englishman that leaving Europe would hit his pocket badly concentrates the mind wonderfully.
    There may even be a snap GE in October.

    • Catherine Kerr says:

      ref the Southern Brits etc. At Brexit the pound against the euro was 1.3, in Cyprus today it is 1.09, so the pain is being felt. Hell scud intae them!

    • Les Bremner says:

      Jack, that was subtle, I almost missed it. It is normally vox populi, the voice of the people, but you used the plural, the voices of the people.

      That epitomises the Scottish system of the sovereignty of the people, and the thousands of marchers at recent events.

      • We are a coat of many colours, Les. As it should be.
        We find ourselves in the position that Liam Fox, a disgraced Arch Right Wing Zealot is travelling the world reportedly striking trade deals which will undercut our own farmers, distillers, manufacturers and he will not rest until he has ruined the Scottish Economy.
        We didn’t vote in Blue Red or Yellow Tory Anglos , we didn’t vote for Brexit, yet Mundell and his Brit Nat ProudScotsBut collaborators, and their scribes and broadcasters, defy the express will of the people of Scotland, because English MPs control us..
        It is time, Les. It is time.
        They are all in hiding at the moment.
        ‘If ye are no’ for Scotland, then against her you must be.’

    • deelsdugs says:

      Jack, I’ve been saying this all along. I suspect however, that Maggie-May is waiting for Nicola to announce Indy 2, then she’ll jump out of the sewer. And I suppose a snap GE, yet again, will bring in the £’s of corruption for a Tory gluttony.

      • A snap UK GE seems the only way out now, if you are Red,Blue or Yellow Brit Nat Tory, deelsdug.
        The Red Tories would stand on a Remain/Reform EU ticket, if they had any sense, but, ‘aye, there’s the rub’.
        The 50 years of Tombolas and Raffles in Blue Tory social clubs which allegedly raised the third of a million in so called Dark Money used to fund even darker deeds doesn’t half stretch far.

        As I posted over on Wings, Carlaw leads a delegation of Lister Brit Nat MSP’s to Israel.
        Who is paying for that little Jolly to the sun and Ferrero Rochar sweetened Ambassadorial Receptions and dinners?

        A Bring and Buy Fundraiser in Eastwood?
        That’s a helluva lot of home baked carrot cakes and muffins.
        There is no way on this Earth that the Blue Tories will get away with announcing No Deal in October.
        There would be riots in English cities and towns.
        We have an escape pod, a valve on the lid of the Scottish pressure cooker.
        Independence, which is within touching distance now.

        • robert harrison says:

          It will be civil war in England doing that as the die hard brexiteers could attack those who don’t want it hence the rioting and there’s no way the English police force could contain that level of trouble thanks to conservatives cutting them down.

  16. chicmac says:

    Many years ago, when learning Gaelic I used to take the Stornoway Gazette as it had a Gaelic column. I still remember some of the eye-popping letters which sometimes appeared, especially from Wee Frees.

    The two which still come to mind were the one where the opinion was stated that allowing children to play with dolls encouraged idolatry and another where it was opined that dancing was tantamount to sexual intercourse.

    That latter raised the possibility in my mind that either he wasn’t performing sexual intercourse correctly or I wasn’t dancing correctly. 🙂

    Of course, those were merely opinions based on a sincerely held belief system and are not, therefore, in the same zoomer category as the chap you cited.

    • Lol, chicmac.
      In my mid-teens in the early ‘sixties the ‘MC’ used to walk the floor during slow dances when you actually got to embrace your dancing partner, ‘moonies’ we called them, the slow romantic dances nor the ‘MCs’, paraded the dance floor and intervened physically if it was considered that any couple was dancing just a little too close for decency.
      I look forward to an eternity of hell of fire and brimstone for my dancing sinful past.
      ‘Vertical sex’ it wasn’t.
      God, we were so young and innocent.

      • chicmac says:

        Aye Jack, I think we are in the same ball park, I was 9 at the start of the 60’s so 67 to circa 73 was my right of passage years.

        • chicmac, I am of 1947 vintage; a good year.
          Of course if the Bible is anything to go by, my ‘three score years and ten’ are up.
          ‘St. Peter don’t you call me ‘cos Ah just can’t go’.
          ‘Now is not the time.’
          Anyone who has made the 1000 mile walk across a dance floor and asked a girl for a dance, only to be given a condescending onceover by the girl in front of all her pals then rejected has my sympathy.
          Scotland says to England, ‘Let’s dance’, and England says ‘Naw’.
          England we did offer.

    • On visiting Stornaway some years ago I heard that the Wee Frees objected to sex being performed standing in case it led to dancing.

      • Graeme, you couldn’t get pregnant if you did ‘it’ standing up either, before the pill.
        Jaisus, we were so ignorant and smothered in guilt and trepidation by religion and prurient convention.

  17. Wonderful piece, Paul, as usual. The ‘Silly Season’ indeed. Let them carry on JUST the way they are going … they are doing our job for us!

  18. billy says:

    a wee bit off topic resd grouse beaters blog hopefully start debate about scottish Constitution

  19. Walter says:

    Not so much a comment as an enquiry ??

    How do I get to the place where I can see, and buy the Gaelic maps and tee shirts.
    Got to prepare for Christmas now, spread costs and all that.

    Or am I just not seeing the subtill klink here linc, (mair in the Chrissy pud and less in you granda)

    • weegingerdug says:

      There isn’t a link. Email me and I can send you pics if you’d like to see them first.

      • Walter says:

        Although it would be nice, I don’t really need to see the maps. I have already seen some at some of the events where you spoke. I’m guessing but the map title would probably give away the content.
        Dun Eideann & Lodainns is on the wall above my desk, so detail and workmanship is not in question.
        Having said all of that I would be happy to email you. To further this enquiry if I indeed knew your email address which for the moment escapes me (ah the adventure of dementia).
        I feel sure that you are acquainted with my email for the initial enquiry above.
        So if it is not to much trouble could you drop me a wee email.
        To educate me as to simplest and most convenient method of purchasing said maps and or tee shirts.

        Awe the Best

        Tha am post-d seo (agus faidhle neo ceanglan còmhla ris) dhan neach neo luchd-ainmichte a-mhàin. Chan eil e ceadaichte a chleachdadh ann an dòigh sam bith, a’ toirt a-steach còraichean, foillseachadh neo sgaoileadh, gun chead. Ma ‘s e is gun d’fhuair sibh seo le gun fhiosd’, bu choir cur às dhan phost-d agus lethbhreac sam bith air an t-siostam agaibh, leig fios chun neach a sgaoil am post-d gun dàil.

  20. astytaylor says:

    Ok, Sunday morning in Canada, and I’m going to put my mind to this. It’s about time, as Miss Eadie, my old French teacher, would say…
    Scottish independence? Here we come.
    Molly, is there a website thingy for that All Under One Umbrella march in Embra? (Edinburra)
    Sat Oct 6th, I believe.
    I’m gonna go there. (Need to be in London/Cambridge for the 7th, but why not come over a couple days earlier, into Glasgow for a Friday night, hop over to the capital city for a day out, and then down to London/Cambridge from there. screw the jetlag…)
    Anyway, that’s by the by.
    Really, I was just thinking, in the toilet, we’ve had enough of this Conservative govt. Enough. More than enough. I’m done with them. The world is done with them.
    We’re crying out for a better way.

    Islay; what a fine place. I lived at Caol Ila for 4 happy years. Beautiful place; absolutely beautiful.
    Happy days sea-kayaking around the islands.
    Anyway; on with the day.
    See you in Edinburgh, Molly. I hope a few more of youse will be there also.
    And if it rains, it rains.
    We’re thanful for the rain here, by the way. It’s putting out some of the forest fires.
    cheers, Asty
    ps; Thank you Paul.

  21. gus1940 says:

    Disgraced former Conservative MSP Brian Monteith.

  22. Doug says:

    He is a regular fixture, much to the amusement of locals. I read it on my regular family holiday to Islay and responded as follows:

    “Dear Sir,

    Anent (name) suggestion (letters, July 7th) that the Scottish Government’s plans to reduce vehicle emissions may jeopardise commercial supplies of CO2.

    The main source of such CO2 is as a by-product of industrial processes (e.g. fertiliser plants) rather than from vehicles. It is the shutdown of those which has led to a Europe-wide shortage. Vehicular emissions play no part.

    Therefore, the current plans to reduce emissions will have the twin benefits of reducing atmospheric CO2 and improving air quality without endangering the functioning of breweries and slaughterhouses.

    I think we can all be reassured, however, that supplies of hot air will go on uninterrupted.

    Yours Aye,”

    By reputation, he won’t get the joke.

  23. Tis the “silly season” right enough but this time with sinister overtones .. .. thanks for the lift fae the doldrums Paul and the conversations among the comments.. icin an the cake! 😊

  24. Macart says:

    Hunh! Who knew?

    Don’t recall the mainstream meeja howling about this last month.


    Still, seems some folks ideas on pooling and sharing are bit different from others.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Two farmers near me have known about this issue for years and of the SG’s attempts to get the cash. They also no about Gove saying NO. Both have moved from labour to SNP this year.

  25. Andy Anderson says:

    Something to cheer you all up….

  26. mogabee says:

    So the local ‘worthy’ AR has come into your view? This person is even better face to face and can hardly open their gob so challenging his view results in a lot of stuttering and stammering!

    There isn’t an issue not touched by him in all local papers. He knows nothing and that’s a fact.

    In fact he probably trawls through all the indy blogs in case he is ever mentioned. Which is why I won’t. 😀

  27. grumpydubai says:

    WGD, With regard to your last para on Britnat desperation and reference to their claims in 2014, I was wondering the other day, whether these claims should all be resurrected and ‘billboarded’ for the benefit of our fellow Scots as to how well they have stood up to the rigours of the last few years and the introduction of Brexit?

    • Sam, below is an abstract of an earlier post from me 12th August at 10.10 am above.

      “Southern Brits returning from their favourite European hot spots will spread tales of woe and £5 lager throughout the land.
      I’d suggest that this is why the English Establishment is spreading the news that it looks like No Deal.

      Tell an Englishman that leaving Europe would hit his pocket badly concentrates the mind wonderfully.
      There may even be a snap GE in October.”

      A hanging concentrates the mind wonderfully. I think that I may have quoted Dr Johnson before on Brexit.
      Hit a person’s pocket and they revolt.

      Ruth Mum 2B seems to have timed her Expected Date of Confinement to perfection, either by accident or design.

      She will join Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, Milliband, Farage, and Dugdale, out of the firing line, posted missing, in hiding, as their Precious Union crashes and burns.
      They lied to us about oil, and how poor, stupid and wee we were..
      I trust none of them and will never be any of their company. There’s only so much that I’ll take from this bunch of money grubbing Collaborators.
      They are the Enemies of Scotland, the country where they were born, or chose to live in search of a better life.
      They disgust me.
      I posted comments over on WoS regarding BBC Scotland’s Breakfast ‘Scotland is Shite’ contribution this morning.180 seconds of SNP BAD nonsense. Shortage of radiologists so don’t get sepsis or be involved in a car crash.
      Midwife Unit closed through lack of staff. !/3 of Scottish Housing sub satnard. White fluffy bunnies affecting Lord Chinless of Chiswick killing bird for fun and blood lust, and Andy Murray got cuffed at the tennis.
      They are still at it. Lie to the People for the good of the Iron Heel oligarchy of London.
      Our day is here.

  28. susan says:

    The msm just got crapper: now we have The Herald and the Sunday Herald merging. Will there be a voice for independence on Sundays anymore?

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