Impotent imperialists and the pursuit of the impossible

Away back in 2016, when the world seemed a saner place – which is saying quite a lot because the world was pretty messed up in 2016 – the idea that the UK might crash out of the EU without any deal or with a deal that left us outside of the single market and the customs union was regarded with horror. In Scotland, it was viewed as especially noxious to the body politic, and particularly unacceptable, even to the likes of then Labour in Scotland leader Kezia Dugdale. Now here we are in 2018, facing the very real prospect of crashing out of the EU with no deal, and leaving the single market and customs union is touted as the will of the people by our Westminster rulers.

It’s the worst of the worst nightmares of the Remainers in 2016, who were supported by all the leaders of political parties in Scotland. Even worse, we now know that the campaign was bought by dirty tricks and the flagrant breaking of electoral law by the Leave campaign. The vote was bought by dirty money and outright lies. There are allegations and suspicions of Russian meddling in the campaign. Then after the Leave campaign secured the result that it had longed for for so many decades, we discovered that despite having a lifetime to prepare not only did it not have a Plan B, it had no Plan A. It had not a clue. All it had was a hatred of the EU and all its works.

British politics ever since has been defined by the pursuit of the impossible by impotent imperialists. They think Brexit is the Viagra that will make Britain stand proud, but it’s just a sop to a senile sexual fantasy of an empire that shrunk away a long time ago. It’s the blue pill of blissful self-indulgence, the ignorance of illusion. All of our futures, all of our prospects, all of our possiblities are being held hostage to Boris Johnson’s ego and careerism, to the vanity of Liam Fox, to the self-serving backstabbing of Michael Gove, to the casual cruelties of Iain Duncan Smith, to the Britannic wet dreams of Jacob Rees Mogg. Oh, nanny.

Yet there is no cry of outrage from the British nationalist parties in Scotland. Instead there’s a shuffling of feet and mass pointing at any SNPbad squirrel that comes along, and a complete betrayal of their responsibility to stand up for the interests of Scotland within the UK. Scotland is leaving the EU despite the fact that Scotland voted to remain a part of it by a much larger margin than it voted to remain a part of the UK, despite the fact that those British nationalist parties which are now so silent told us in 2014 that only a vote to remain a part of the UK could ensure that Scotland remained a part of the EU. And not one of them is demanding that the British government respect the will of the Scottish people. It’s only independence supporters who have to respect the result of referendums in Scotland.

I don’t despise the British nationalist parties in Scotland for wanting Scotland to remain a part of the UK. That’s a perfectly respectable view. It might not be the vision of Scotland that I share, it might not be the vision of Scotland that I believe allows this country to thrive and to flourish and to reach its full potential, but it’s a view that deserves a measure of respect if not agreement.

But I do despise the British nationalist parties in Scotland for failing on their own terms, for failing to stand up for Scotland’s interests within this UK that they insist Scotland must remain a part of. They are so terrified of doing anything that might lead to a growth in support for independence that they refuse to criticise or attack a British government for trampling over the interests of Scotland within the UK. They refuse to stand up and defend the devolution settlement that they sold to Scotland as the great British alternative to independence. They condemn the nationalism of Scottish independence supporters, but are blind to the visceral British nationalism that infests the British state. They do Scotland a huge disservice. And worst of all, some of their number actually welcome a no deal Brexit and the economic havoc it will wreak because it will in their eyes help keep Scotland enthralled to the UK.

This is possibly the worst, the most inept, the most malign and malicious British government in living memory. It flails about from crisis to crisis. It lurches towards self-destruction and it is taking us all down with it. Theresa May’s government may not survive much longer – but there is no answer to the question, “And then what?”

Another general election won’t solve the problem. At best it will replace a weak Conservative government which doesn’t have a clue how to tackle the Brexit its leadership is committed to with a weak Labour government which doesn’t have a clue how to tackle the Brexit its leadership is committed to. Both the main British parties are determined to take the UK out of the EU so it can strike trade deals of its own at the very time that the IMF is warning that the trade war sparked off by Donald Trump could cost the global economy $430 billion.

Theresa May and the Labour leadership both refuse to countenance a second EU referendum to decide the question of what sort of future best suits the peoples of the UK. There is a failure of politics in the UK, a failure of political leadership, and there is no apparent way out of the mess. However only a popular referendum can provide the political clarity that British political leadership cannot. The failure of Brexit is a failure of political leadership, a failure of the very concept of Britishness that is so beloved by Brexiteers. It’s a failure of the British state. Britishness is being destroyed by those who say that they love it. If you honestly think that an independent Scotland couldn’t do better than this sorry shower of incompetents, then you suffer from cringe that is pathological in its extent. You are Gordon Brown. We don’t need predictions of dooooooom about an independent Scotland, dooooooom is already here and it’s draped in a Union fleg.

If the British state won’t offer the peoples of the UK a referendum, then it’s up to the Scottish Parliament to offer the people of Scotland a vote. Changes in material circumstances don’t come much more material than the changes we’ve witnessed since 2016.


GINGER2croppedIt’s that time of year again. It’s been a year since I last did a fundraiser. This year is going to be a particularly expensive one for me personally. There’s a wedding to pay for, and I need to ensure that my earnings are sufficient to prove to the Home Office that I am able to import my American spouse into Scotland to live here permanently. As well as the need to demonstrate a minimum level of annual income, £18,600, there are also hefty legal and visa fees to pay.

I really don’t like doing fundraisers, and I really don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but I work my wee socks off for the independence movement. I publish this blog, and I do talks to local indy groups all over Scotland without asking for a fee. Don’t get me wrong, I greatly enjoy it. It’s a huge privilege to meet all the wonderful, talented, and committed people who make the Scottish independence movement something really special. However it takes up a lot of time and energy to keep blogging and doing public talks, time and energy that I could be using to generate an income to prove to the Home Office that I am able to support my American spouse.

The truth is that if every regular reader of this blog gave just one pound a year, I’d be pulling in well over £100,000 annually. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Publishing and selling books and maps helps, as does selling t-shirts, but it’s pretty hit and miss. I do get paid by The National for my twice weekly articles, but that doesn’t pay anything like as much as you might think it would. In order to be confident that I can meet the minimum income requirements demanded by the Home Office, cover the cost of a wedding on both sides of the Atlantic, and cover the fees required to pay the visas and associated legal costs, I need to do a fundraiser for £10,000.

Any help you can give would be immensely appreciated. Help me to keep campaiging, and help me to show that Scotland is a welcoming place for migrants – at least one special migrant in particular, the man I’m going to marry in October.

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31 comments on “Impotent imperialists and the pursuit of the impossible

  1. […] Wee Ginger Dug Impotent imperialists and the pursuit of the impossible Away back in 2016, when the world seemed a saner place – which is saying quite a lot […]

  2. Andy MacNicol says:

    As always, absolutely spot on. Do the people not see it, or do they just not want to see it? I fail to understand how so many can get through life successfully with these blinkers on.

  3. Jimmy The Pict says:

    Control or subvert the media and control the counting of the votes. Don’t need much more than that. We have to change both of these next time.

  4. Macart says:

    May has caved to the Rees Moog amendments. That leaves us with:

    a. Hard Brexit
    b. Leadership challenge
    c. Another snap GE


    I’m guessing (a.), but you never know. Regardless, Scotgov will soon need to make its own move.

    Who knew the summer was going to prove so important? 😎

    • Andy Anderson says:

      SG will wait until it is obvious that there is to be no deal before they start so that the campaign is fought against a backdrop of building fear. I cannot see any deal being possible. Westminster are a disgrace. Criminal in fact.

      If a GE is called the EU will stop any pretence at talks as March 19 is to close.

      • Macart says:

        TBF, they have to at this point. Also? Agreed that there doesn’t seem any deal possible and mainly because both Labour and the Conservative parliamentary parties are hopelessly divided. There’s no pleasing either faction within both parties and no party is willing to undo the narratives they created through the media to break the deadlock and heal divisions within the population.

        I believe the technical term is that they’re screwed. Whatever happens next, politics within the UK is now beyond repair and trust in the political class is at an all time low.

        Their choice Andy.

    • Who indeed? Myself, I’d guess “all of the above”, Sam.

  5. Indeed, Paul.

    My passport, a warm Jam Tarts (Hearts FC to the uninitiated) maroon with gold lettering headed ‘European Union’, is my ticket to wander the highways and byways of all of Europe, to look for work, to settle in a wee sunny corner, or just holiday in another land that is somehow MY land too.

    An English Government, for that’s what the democratic deficit means, 580 odd English MPs will always outvote 59 Scots MPs, ergo, we will always be subjugated as a country. It is England’s will to wander off into the desert. I’m not going with them.

    I refuse to give up my European citizenship, especially to pander to the megalomania of SE Tory zealots who are ushering in far right fascism while setting us up to be the 51st State of the US.
    As I observed before they already have a clutch of States called New England; it will logically follow that when Boris (who has both UK and US citizenry and passports) ascends the throne, then ‘Old England’ will join the Confederation.

    We will have our day at the ballot box; 29th March 2016 must be our jumping off point as England crashes over the Dover cliffs and plunges to certain death as an independent nation, controlled by Wall Street and the American Military and Industrial complex. (Eisenhower predicted this New World Order as far back as the early ‘fifties.)

    I refuse to be hemmed in behind barbed wire, in England’s Northern Colony, by London’s Homeland Security, fo4rced to complete Visa forms merely to go to Ireland or Spain on holiday.

    Marr sat like the little Uncle Tom lap dog he surely is and let May spout arrogant nonsense on Sunday Morning, snippets of which made the news bulletins all day long; No customs Union, No Freedom of Movement, No single market, no ECJ jurisdiction.
    ‘No Deal is better than a Bad Deal’.
    The woman has lost the plot completely.
    And Marr just sat dumbly challenging none of this nonsense.

    Over one million UK citizens will be stranded on mainland Europe, over 3 million EU citizens working, married, settled, retired in the UK will be ‘hostiles’, insurgents?
    Will the Silver Setttlers in the Costas get medical care on the 30th March 2019. Not according to May. No freedom of movement.

    The English Parliament shuts down next week for a 3 month summer holiday; nothing to see here , move along now.

    Admittedly some of our fellow citizens have not caught on yet, and the Herald, Scotsman, Record, P&J, and the TV Boys and Girls are making sure that real news is kept off the airwaves, the Dead Tree Scrolls SNP Bad diurnally, doing their billionaire Masters’ bidding.

    But the penny will drop, and soon now.

    We are not far from the first of many major global companies pulling out of the UK and sacking thousands of workers because of Brexit.

    A hanging, as Dr Johnson observed, concentrates the mind wonderfully.
    Tick tock.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      I hope that the penny will drop Jack.

      Today’s Wings post shows a high level of political ignorance in our fellow citizens. I hope the crash wakes some up. I se this ignorance of events with many, many people.

      • It’s perfectly understandable, Andy.
        Most folks are too busy getting on with their lives, providing food clothing heating and a roof over their and their families’ heads to spend too much time going into the nitty-gritty of politics.

        The bunch of lads who make up our week end Rat Pack at the watering hole collectively shy away from politics and religion; we’re out to enjoy ourselves, unwind, and crack daft jokes and slag off each other’s fitba’ teams or whatever.

        Brexit has made little impact as yet.

        But some have holiday homes in Spain and France, and Tenerife is the dream retirement of some who are looking for Blackpool in the arthritis healing sun.

        It has not occurred to them yet that the English Government is about to construct a barbed wire fence around Scotland, in which they will be imprisoned by English edict.

        I barely know the politics of many of them, but as Clydesiders, I sense that instinctively they have no time for the Blue Tories.

        They are no clodhopping dullards.
        They have made their way in the world.

        When the going gets tough, they’ll be in there with their sleeves rolled up, that’s for sure.

        We are approaching the End of Days in political terms.

        We have a get-out clause, let’s use it, and feckin’ soon.

  6. tintochiel says:

    Another zinger, Paul, but these Tory clowns have brought us to the edge of an abyss, and the people who voted for it in England beyond the South East are the very people who will suffer the most when EC regional development money stops and companies like Airbus and Nissan move production to the continent.

    Those in Scotland who are not politically involved probably think it will all work out and the politicians will strike a deal somehow, because they don’t really understand how the EU works or the importance and indivisibility of the Four Freedoms.

    The apolitical and those with financial worries caused by austerity continue to adopt an “I will not think, I will not think, until I have to” approach and unfortunately, the shock of Brexit might be the only thing to wake them from their torpor.

    Scotland must use its golden “Get out of Jail Free” card to avoid complete calamity.

  7. The E.U. will not compromise on the 4 freedoms, they will not get all the countries to agree.
    Great Britain will have to leave first, then try to agree to trade deals with the E.U.

  8. Andy Anderson says:

    To me Paul this says it all:

    ‘This is possibly the worst, the most inept, the most malign and malicious British government in living memory’, and that’s is saying something. I agree 100% with everything you have written.

    Two wee campaign stories follow

    Last weekend I met a friend on Saturday I have not seen for a good few years. We had a good few hours together. He was vague on all things political so we talked about the issues. Then he stated ‘but Scotland has too small a gene pool’. I then explained how small countries do the best. Made no difference but he was thinking, as was his wife. One to slowly follow up on.

    On Sunday I met a hard line Leave and No friend. No change. Anyway we started taking about cars, something we both like. I mentioned that Tata Steel have a Jaguar plant nearly now in production in Slovakia, It will start making the latest model of the Land Rover Discovery there early next year. They have also said that the Jaguar F Type is next to move from Birmingham. Answer: ‘It will be OK in the end!!’

    Had a whisky at that point.

    • Les Bremner says:

      The trouble with those you met is that, when their heads are in the sand their bums are in the air and prone to a right good kicking.

    • J Galt says:

      Will he change his mind when Glenmorangie shift production to Slovakia!

      They might as well as Scotch Whisky will have no protection in Europe soon.

  9. Andy Anderson says:

    Sorry me again!!

    We all know how Trump belittled Theresa before they met last Friday. If she had some metaphorical balls and had attacked him for what he said and did during the chequers lawn speeches it would have done her some good in the short term.Why she did not assert herself I do not know. As you say Paul, a useless lot.

  10. Ibus says:

    I was recently talking to a couple of neighbours, explaining in personal terms, just what we all stand to lose with the end of devolution.
    The answer from one – “Well they’ll just have to give us more money then”

    I also explained about the “pooling & sharing” again in personal terms, to be met with “That’s not what they tell you on TV”
    There’s a level of complete ignorance that we have to get through to, that I don’t believe were covered before, especially in this area.
    I’m happy to say we now have three more people on the voters roll, all ready to voteYes.

  11. Indyman says:

    Wait till house prices start going down. One of the main planks of red & blue Tory economic policy for the last few decades has been to keep the house price bubble blown up cos they know that once that bursts the middle classes will go batshit crazy and start shrieking for blood. And the Tories in their mind numbing stupidity have set off a laser guided missile aimed right at its heart and by proxy the heart of their core support class. They must know that this is coming which is why they are ramping up the divide & rule strategy, demonising Russia and plotting ever increasing crackdowns on freedom of speech.

  12. Macart says:

    Quite the day yesterday.

    An American pres has an epic car crash summit and press call.



    A Prime Minister caves on Brexiteer amendments rather than see a premature end to her tenure (see under strong armed).


    Commons votes descend into a game of thrones backstabbing contest.


    And the SNP in attempting to protect Scotland’s interests were (again) treated with utter contempt by opposition benches.

    Carry on Condescension HERE and HERE

    That was yesterday. Today starts with EC report finding vote leave broke campaign rules and have been referred to the police.


    And no, whether they broke the law or not? It won’t stop the Brexit process. Breaking purdah rules didn’t reverse 2014s result being a heads up there. Pretty much institutional carnage out there as they almost literally eat each other alive. Also? Popcorn sales futures continue to climb.

    Your daily reminder that you can change this up for a bit of peace if you really felt like it. That lifeboat is still there as and when you need it.

    Just sayin’ like. 🙂

    • Andy Anderson says:

      It is awful Sam. A farce.

    • England, The Tribe That Lost Its Head.
      By October, madness will stalk the greens lanes of Old England.
      There will be no doubt by then that the jammy piece has landed face down on the Kitchen Cabinet floor.
      Liam Fox got an unbridled five minutes on BBC Breakfast to spout absolute imperialist nonsense, while the two hosts nodded politely in the right places.
      England, and sadly Wales, are doomed.
      Ireland will erupt, and we Scots now have no alternative; either continued slavery as England’s grouse moor, or Independence.
      If a majority were to vote for serfdom in a second Independence Referendum now, there is no hope for us.
      That will not happen; the past 2 years of Brexit has surely opened many No eyes to reality. Scotland doesn’t count.
      But we must strike now, and certainly start the ball rolling by October.
      I doubt that massive Project Fear Campaign 2014 will be repeated though.
      Which Big Beast will attempt Project Fear II now, and would Tom Gordon and Alex Massie be willing cheerleaders knowing that they would be destroying Scotland in the process?

      Perhaps Dick Leonard and ‘Employment Law’ Monica may want to justify their WM Red Tory Comrades abstaining rather than voting for the SNP amendment yesterday.
      ‘Scottish’ Labour are traitors, and hate their own country.
      How any one votes Labour in Scotland these days beggars belief.
      They are Red Tories, Blair’s Babes, Brown’s brownshirts, and evil heartless fifth columnists out to betray their fellow citizens for money.

      There is the smell of revolution in the air.
      I suspect that the 48% Remian and those who didn’t vote Down There may rise before us once they realise what a Eurmaggedon awaits in March 2019.
      They can forget all that Transition period ’til December 2020 nonsense as well.
      They are heading for a No Deal car crash in March 2019. Jaguar No More Land Rover No More Prosecco No More…

      • Robert Harrison says:

        How anyone can vote for the 3 England party’s up here beggars belief especially the evil conservatives who’s the 1 party to stab Scotland in the back more than labour has.

      • Macart says:

        Not long now I’d guess. Autumn isn’t so far away.

  13. Andy Anderson says:

    One of the four amendments to Theresa’s white paper approved by Westminster last night ensures that there will be no Brexit deal.

    It stated that there can be no agreement with the EU that has a different customs arrangement in Northern Ireland to that in use in the rest of the UK. This means that there can be no customs Irish backstop agreement. As the EU has repeatedly stated there can be no deal without this then that is that. The EU was trying to protect the Good Friday agreement and the thriving cross border trade etc.

    Westminster does not give a toss about that agreement.

    • Macart says:

      No. No they don’t.

      The nanosecond it became a barrier to their own interests, that agreement and the people it protects were considered expendable.

      That’s what any agreement with the UK state is worth in a nutshell. Precisely the sum of hee haw.

      • That’s the nub of the matter, Sam, as you rightly point out. You cannot EVER believe a word that emanates from the collective mouth of Wastemonster or the British Nationalist parties therein. As soon as it becomes expedient for them to break that word they will do so without a backward glance. Is it any wonder that ‘yoof’ in the so-called Western Democracies are so completely politically disengaged?

  14. Geordie says:

    I’m definitely not in favour of a second EU referendum, and I say that as a fervant Remainer. If they backtrack on the 2016 referendum result then they’ll try the same thing if we vote Yes in Indy2. No, far far better to accept the full horror of the Brexit vote and use it to propel Scotland out of the UK and – ideally, in my opinion – back into the EU.

  15. Clapper57 says:

    Paul…excellent piece once again. You wrote :

    “They condemn the nationalism of Scottish independence supporters, but are blind to the visceral British nationalism that infests the British state”

    “blind to the visceral British nationalism that infests the British state”….nope they are not BLIND they are just willing enablers endorsing Brit nationalism against their false narrative of Scottish nationalism being divisive, insular and the wrong kind of nationalism.

    In Unionist BritNat land one is able to proudly fly the flag in promotion of the ‘Great Britain’ or England but any other flag within the (non) union is perceived as if a red rag to a bull….to fly the saltire is seen as an act of aggression and promoted as a ‘separatist’ banner.

    The ‘Great British’ campaign has been ongoing for a while on televised media…’The Great British this and the Great British that’… would almost think there was a Great British brainwash policy being implemented.Duh !

    The problem unionist politicians have within Scotland is that they cannot fight solely for Scotland’s needs and requirements while they remain a part of a ‘British’ political party…….when the majority of their respective HQ’s are based in WM representing the majority within ‘Britain’ aka England. There lies the eternal conundrum for them…..because tis the ‘British’ / English part of their parties that they MUST promote in any GE because all they care about is their own respective parties ruling at WM.

    If some Scots choose to accept this then they must also accept that they are then just willing colonists complicit in their own sub standard treatment as they will be consumed by the sheer vast of the ‘many’ within Britain’ aka England and thus we all , within Scotland, will be relegated to eternal second rate status as befits us being a part of the ‘few’ …..

    ‘Britain’ is a sham country and a mere fantasy that is promoted by the Britnats who are way too afraid to recognise and promote the distinctions that exist between each country within this dysfunctional non union. A non union that is falsely masquerading under the banner of a false flag of Great Britain aka UKOK.

    One wonders post Brexit and amidst the current calamity of WM politics if ‘Britain’ will soon be rightly exposed as a state now well past it’s appeal to those Scots who bought into the fear promoted by the BritNat Better Together’s campaign of terror as opposed to the hope that was and is promoted by the ‘YES’ campaign……..God I hope all Scots eyes are now well and truly open to the reality and lies…….. because the stars are indeed aligned for us to finally escape this destructive alliance promoted by political unionists in Scotland….Now IS the time because EVERYTHING has changed….we just need, via a majority, to see it !!!!


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