The imodium to Trump’s logorrhea

I had planned to attend the anti-Trump rally in Edinburgh today, but the dug has eaten something that disagreed with him and is shiting everywhere. Rather like Donald Trump, although to be fair there are some significant differences. Whereas the dug is confining his crapfest to the local area, and it can cleaned up with a doggy bag or two, Trump’s ordure is polluting an entire planet and our government has shown not the slightest inclination to get out a Trump bag and bin the mess. And the mess that the dug is producing comes out of his arse. Donald’s come out of his gob. I’m sure that the dug will be fully recovered by tomorrow, which is a lot more than can be said for Donald Trump, whose condition is incurable. He has terminal logorrhea.

The protests in Scotland, and the rest of the UK, are nothing to do with how people feel about the USA or Americans in general, and everything to do with how we feel about Donald Trump. Today in Edinburgh tens of thousands of people are taking to the streets to show the world that Scotland, the land of a hundred thousand welcomes, has no welcome to spare for the racism of Trump. It was just one of many protests which are taking place across Scotland this weekend. Yesterday, Friday, there was a protest in George Square in Glasgow, which I did get to with the dug.

We might be divided by many things in Scottish politics, above all by our views on the constitution and the future of this country as either an independent country or as a part of the UK, but one thing that unites Scots across our political divide is rejection of the politics of racism, contempt for women, and hatred that is embodied by the Cheeto in Chief. Trump is not a divisive figure in Scotland. The vast majority hate him.

Rarely has there been such unanimity in Scottish politics. Even Coatbridge’s Labour MP Hugh Gaffney was in attendance at the anti-Trump rally in Glasgow’s George Square to protest against Trump’s racism. Hugh understands how bad racism is now that he’s done the awareness training. Even Ruth Davidson seems to have got over her aversion to traffic disruption, although to be honest she wasn’t too fussed about it during last week’s Orange marches either. That hasn’t stopped Sky News having Ruth’s wee tweet about the Edinburgh anti-Trump protest on its scrolling news bar as though amongst Scottish politicians she’s uniquely opposed to bigotry.

However there are those who support Trump. As the saying goes, by your friends shall ye be known. The US President with the tiny hands has been welcomed by Piers Morgan, Katie Hopkins, Nigel Farage, and Boris Johnson. The UK’s very own list of deplorables, the world’s most pathetic supervillains, the Gang of Attention Whores. In London, the rally which has been organised to welcome Trump was the work of the far right English Defence League.

In Scotland Trump supporters are not many in number but they do exist. Donald’s friends were in evidence at the Glasgow protest yesterday. All four of them, three of whom were identified as former candidates for the BNP, and the fourth was a far right campaigner and Holocaust denier who was considered too obnoxious even for Ukip. Donald Trump’s supporters in Scotland are yer actual fascists, bigots, certain members of the Conservative party, and the Orange Order. Naturally the Orangemen were always going to support Donald, seeing as how he’s distinctly orange himself, but he shares their politics of exclusion, hatred, and nostalgia for a supremacist past.

Many people say that they don’t understand the point of protesting against Trump. It’s not like he’s going to look at some guy with a sign in George Square saying We Shall Overcomb and say to himself – “You know. He’s right. Bigly right. The rightest. I’m going to stop blaming migrants, muslims, women, and disabled people and tackle the real cause of inequality in our society – those corporations and wealthy individuals who don’t pay their way.” Donald Trump doesn’t do self-reflection.

The stark truth is that the USA is currently led by a far right politician who preaches the politics of racism. The brutal reality is that the UK is at serious risk of going down the same path. Brexit was driven by English nationalism clothing itself in British drag and claiming not to be nationalism at all. It was motivated by fear of immigration, a sense of superiority, and a desire to return to a mythical past which never really existed. Brexit dreams of a lost empire, a global influence that has long since dissipated. Common sense is going out the window as the British government clings on to increasingly desperate fantasies in the pursuit of the impossible. These are the precursors of fascism.

The word fascist is much overused, but fascism doesn’t march up to us in Nazis uniforms announcing that it’s fascist. Fascism creeps up. Fascism tells you it’s on your side against those others who it tells you are stealing your jobs or changing your society. Fascism tells you it’s your friend. Fascism tells you it’s on your side against the elite. Fascism blames the disabled and the poor for the crimes of the rich. It blames the marginalised for the evils of the establishment. It blames minorities for the wrongs of the powerful. Protesting against Donald Trump in Scotland isn’t about changing Trump. It’s about changing Scotland.

And make no mistake, Scotland is changing for the better. The protests against Trump annd the recent outpouring of anger and outrage against the annual Orange parades is evidence of that. A tipping point has been reached in Scotland’s toleration of bigotry. The sorry suplication to Trump demonstrated by the British government is not what we want Scotland to be. We demand better. We will strive for better. There is a better Scotland, and it’s almost within our grasp.

Half the population supports independence, and that’s before there’s an official campaign to focus the minds of the majority who don’t live and breathe politics. We can make Scotland a better country. And while this weekend’s protests against Trump are not about independence, here’s a wee thought. Donald Trump’s mother was Scottish. In an independent Scotland Trump will be a citizen, which means that he won’t have diplomatic immunity in this country, and if women wish to come forward to make allegations against him, then we could arrest him here. An independent Scotland can be the imodium to Trump’s logorrhea.


It’s that time of year again. It’s been a year since I last did a fundraiser. This year is going to be a particularly expensive one for me personally. There’s a wedding to pay for, and I need to ensure that my earnings are sufficient to prove to the Home Office that I am able to import my American spouse into Scotland to live here permanently. As well as the need to demonstrate a minimum level of annual income, £18,600, there are also hefty legal and visa fees to pay.

I really don’t like doing fundraisers, and I really don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but I work my wee socks off for the independence movement. I publish this blog, and I do talks to local indy groups all over Scotland without asking for a fee. Don’t get me wrong, I greatly enjoy it. It’s a huge privilege to meet all the wonderful, talented, and committed people who make the Scottish independence movement something really special. However it takes up a lot of time and energy to keep blogging and doing public talks, time and energy that I could be using to generate an income to prove to the Home Office that I am able to support my American spouse.

The truth is that if every regular reader of this blog gave just one pound a year, I’d be pulling in well over £100,000 annually. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Publishing and selling books and maps helps, as does selling t-shirts, but it’s pretty hit and miss. I do get paid by The National for my twice weekly articles, but that doesn’t pay anything like as much as you might think it would. In order to be confident that I can meet the minimum income requirements demanded by the Home Office, cover the cost of a wedding on both sides of the Atlantic, and cover the fees required to pay the visas and associated legal costs, I need to do a fundraiser for £10,000.

Any help you can give would be immensely appreciated. Help me to keep campaiging, and help me to show that Scotland is a welcoming place for migrants – at least one special migrant in particular, the man I’m going to marry in October.

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Many thanks for all your support. You’ve no idea how much it means to me.

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53 comments on “The imodium to Trump’s logorrhea

  1. John Low says:

    Unfortunately, much as I love the idea of jailing the scumbag here, I can’t see us imposing citizenship on someone who doesn’t want it.
    The only place that does that, curiously enough, is the USA if you’re unlucky enough to be born there.

    • Doug Porteous says:

      Hi John as I recall it the proposal for Scottish citizenship would have required in Trumps case to hold a British or European passport and be resident in Scotland on Independence Day. However he could also claim citizenship through his mother.

    • Illy says:

      Can’t we arrest him anyway?

      • Doug Porteous says:

        Aye and let’s go further and have our independent Scotland legislate to give itself the power to prosecute war criminals and human rights crime regardless of where the crime took place.

  2. […] Wee Ginger Dug The imodium to Trump’s logorrhea I had planned to attend the anti-Trump rally in Edinburgh today, but the dug has eaten […]

  3. Macart says:

    The man is a narcissist, a con man and a purveyor of the fake news he professes to detest. He’s dangerous and in the worst possible way. Enormous power and access in the hands of a self centred man child with zero regard for the safety of those in his care. He’s no leader. He’s a protest gone wrong and a disaster waiting to happen. Or should that be one tweet away from disaster?

    He’s also the perfect front man and fall guy. A living example of look over here, not over there. Just sayin’ like, but intolerance and self entitlement didn’t begin with Trump. Nor did he create dirty politics tbf. It took a LOT of like minded people and their machinery to put him there.

    You’d think if history has taught humanity any lesson at all, it’s that appeasement is effectively and inevitably enablement.

    Apparently not though. (Well done Treeza and Fluffy. Well done)

  4. Macart says:

    Also? I’m kinda partial to politicians that stand for something other than the spreading of hatred, fear and intimidation.

    • Les Bremner says:

      While the First Minister is walking about without any sign of security, here are the snipers at Turnberry yesterday, as security to the Donald.

      • Macart says:

        Alex Salmond was no different I recall. I went to a couple of those summer surgeries for the SG when he was FM and the access to a National leader was phenomenal. I’d never seen the like.

        There were more polis escorting those four pro trumpets yesterday than were seen at those surgeries. 🙂

        As the man said more than once, he was always more for the masses than the classes. I’d say our current FM is very much cut from the same cloth.

        • Shagpile says:

          To Les & Macart,

          I recall that shortly before the first referendum, Salmond was assigned a “copper” for personal protection. As Macart says, it never prevented him from engaging with the public or made him inaccessible. The way it was presented on the beeb implied that he needed one because of his party’s divisive and dangerous politics… the decision to provide that copper did not come about due to a request from the FM. It was a decision entirely made by the police. This did not stop Salmond being ridiculed in Holyrood by opposition parties for that decision. “Who does he think he is”, sort of thing. Ms Curran, remember, would have liked to have seen Salmond “under a bus”. Yes well, Trumpesque statements pre-date his election to POTUS.

          I learned after the referendum of the reason he was given protection. It was because some Britnat ultra tried to run his car off the road!

          This was only revealed to me through a link I listened to on an American talk radio show, where the reputable journalist who was covering the last indyref reported it and said that if that incident had happened in the US to a state governor, the assailant’s car would have been riddled with police bullets.

          I never knew of that incident before. Never heard it reported on the beeb or other MSM.

          The British establishment approve of Trump because they are Trump. There is no other reason.

          I believe Tony Blair STILL has his “copper”.

  5. Robert Graham says:

    The BBC with their imported talking English head at Turnberry ,attempting to have a right go at Nicola Sturgeon, a flavour of it was trying to line up known opponents the Herald ! for one ,

    This really tortured attempt at a smear was truly woeful he wasn’t getting the answers he was pushing for and insisted on , he wasn’t interviewing he was leading with every known trick and every loaded question under the sun .

    I don’t know the commentators name but I think he presents outside source , I will be Questioning every assertion made by him and this program from now on .

    Fair comment by the BBC aye in yer dreams no chance .

    • robert alexander harrison says:

      Yet they shutting down there politics show a means they’ve used to attack us is being shut down by the BBC to save 1.9 million that’s gona weaken the britnats offensive capabilities and this with trying to get what they want to hear will cause them to lose more licence fees as people are slowly waking up and smelling the coffee that the BBC is an anti Scottish propaganda station pandering to English supremists yearning for a past they themselves destroyed.

      • Robert Graham says:

        It’s become clear the BBC in Scotlands only aim is a 24/7 constant undermining of our freely elected government, the people must never be allowed to learn anything other than what the BBC and the media wants them to know, when you try to explain this to people who haven’t realised it yet you get a strange look as if you are nuts, it seems so fantastic they can’t believe it , that’s how this government funded propaganda unit manage to function they’re relying on a good supply of stupid Scottish people and by Christ it’s a endless supply .

  6. Robert Graham says:

    A bit late, Just watching the BBC news paper review oh my ,

    The BBC has spent the day questioning and presenting it as a really bad idea for Nicola Sturgeon not to meet Trump ,The little inconvenience of it not being a official visit and Nicola not being invited was conveniently missed out.

    Well surprise surprise it turns out the only Royal to meet him was the Queen , all the other ones were eh busy ? ,

    Also Questions being asked as to how little respect he was shown by the royals in general I think the quote was it was a hollow visit because the usual performance wasn’t quite up to standard. And the bare minimum was presented.

    However bad it gets the BBC presents a totally different angle and view of what’s going on , now that’s a real surprise eh .

    • Illy says:

      Meet trump, or lead the pride parade?

      Such a hard choice there…

    • Macart says:

      The BBC are what they are Robert, a state broadcaster. (shrugs)

      Their choice of headline? Eeeeeevil separatist is a hypocrite for meeting POTUS who has no cordial relationship with the standing Scottish government, (putting it mildly). Or, boo hiss, Nicola Sturgeon choice of engagement brought into question. Ms Davidson? Reduced to a dubious tweet from her bunker and that leaves UK’s regional governor general to do the meet n’ greet.

      The message sent by the FM was loud and clear. Love and tolerance over hate and exclusion.

      An FM, minus heavy security, standing with the people (front and centre), marching for what she believes in. SNP MPs marching with and amongst the people at peaceful indy marches? Same thing.

      As I’ve posted previously on site. You can’t buy this and you can’t fake it. What people see, cannot be unseen.

      • Illy says:

        The difference in psudo-military presence is a rather stark contrast, and shows their respective levels of fear-of-the-populace.

        Trump, May, et al: Mercs with body armour, sniper rifles, air support…

        Nicola Sturgeon: Maybe an off-duty cop or martial artist who was attending anyway, and wasn’t asked for or paid in any case. (I know if I was attending a pride where the FM was leading the parade, I’d make damned sure that if I wasn’t nearby, someone with sufficient training was. But I wouldn’t let the FM know 😉

  7. tintochiel says:

    “The word fascist is much overused, but fascism doesn’t march up to us in Nazis uniforms announcing that it’s fascist. Fascism creeps up.”

    Exactly, Paul. The Nazis didn’t start with Auschwitz, they began by stigmatising minorities and instigating hate campaigns against them in their state-controlled press. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? If the rumours are true and the BBC is giving Farage his own chat show, we will be one step further along that road.

    And someone should remind Trump his mother was an immigrant.

  8. chicmac says:

    A genius utilizing direct popular support to by-pass the controlled mainstream media of a decadent and corrupt Western establishment and hence bring about a paradigm shift for the better.


    A clueless numpty narcissist whose buffoonery and blundering is puting the World at risk.

    The juries out… oh wait!.. their back, that was quick.

  9. Robert Graham says:

    Well wonders will never cease.

    Brian Taylor of the BBC in Scotland gives a clear accurate assessment of the current situation of Nicola Sturgeon not meeting the Donald , he was at pains to point out she wasn’t invited , and any comments made were directed at the person and not the American people, or the Office of the president.

    The BBC has spent two whole days and on every broadcast from Turnberry trying to push the ” Sturgeon snubs Trump ” line , They conveniently miss out that not one single prominent politician outside the Tory party has met Trump, also not one member of the royal family other than the Queen has had any contact with him.

    The proud Scots need to give themselves a good shake and bloody waken up, this BBC in Scotland distort the truth and lies to them every single day .

  10. Referendum1707 says:

    Robert Graham, for someone who despises the bbc so much (as I do) you seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time tuned into it.

    • Robert Graham says:

      1707 and your point is exactly ? . 1707 is a really strange name ashamed of using your real name ? , 4 posts over 2 days aye thats bordering on the excessive , yeh really must fix that one .now piss off thank you very much .

      • weegingerdug says:

        Can we calm down please? Thank you.

        • Illy says:

          Feel free to delete this comment if you want, but I couldn’t let one thing stand uncontested:

          People use pseudonyms for a very wide variety of reasons. Most of them are very good reasons. *DO NOT* knock people for using them. Anonymity is important for far more reasons that I want to go into here.

          But for just one example: 1707 could be a civil servant.

          • Robert Graham says:

            IIIy , Your comment on Anonymity is noted and entirely understood,

            That does not in any way excuse people who are drawn to all Independence supporting blogs and sites who’s only intent is to start arguments and cause disruption , most of them hide behind pseudonyms in my experience.

            The snide comment had absolutely nothing to do with Trump and his visit, it was made ,as these comments usually are ,to cause disruption and arguments,

            It looks like a successful mission by 1707 . eh, if someone bites i bite back, pointing out the strange name was the first thing that came to mind . Withdraw the comment nope if it caused offence oh get over it , if Paul wants to remove it that’s fine no problem it’s his blog and his rules.

            • weegingerdug says:

              The only rule I’ve got is that I don’t like to see people getting into disputes. I have a real life and don’t want to spend all my time holding the jaikets of people who want to slag one another off in the comments section. So please refrain from telling other people commenting to fuck off.

              • Robert Graham says:

                Yep don’t we all have life’s , up early to meet the management off an early morning flight , With all due respect I never told the arswipe to #uck off , I told him to piss off , just correct the record , and thanks for your support it’s heart warming .

        • Robert Graham says:

          Advice duly Noted , but he started it ,I have long since lost patience with Snipers and people who pretend to support independence but who’s only intention is to disrupt break threads and cause arguments with total guff , Sorry about the language Paul but rag lost long ago.

          • Les Bremner says:

            People use pseudonyms for various reasons. Some people are simply more comfortable being able to express their personal thoughts freely from behind a screen than in in full public view.
            In the early days of this blog I was Sue de Nymme. My favourite, however, has to be the Irishwoman, Patty O’Doors, closely followed by Elephants Gerald.

  11. Lovely piece, Paul
    Hope WGD is feeling better.
    Many of us have had a doze of the boak over the past WaistCoat Wonders 3 weeks.
    May on Marr this morning.
    ‘No Customs Union, No Single Market, No Freedom of Movement, No ECJ.’
    EngWaland is leaving the EU in a No Deal huff next March.
    Yet Rees Moog was on from his sunny garden muttering on about ‘negotiations’ with the EU, and rubbishing, quite rightly, May’s Last Chequers Stand.
    If Mum 2B Davidson disappeared off the face of the Earth, her media pals would still churn out articles, fake tweets, and photies for years to come.
    She does nothing, has done nothing, and will be off for Mat Leave doing nothing.
    She has had more U turns than the wash hand basins in a Trump hotel.

    We are ruled by fascists now, Paul, in Red Blue and Yellow rosettes.
    Prove you were raped and we’ll give you state aid. Otherwise, starve.
    We must demonstrate at every opportunity that these bastards will not win.
    The world must know that this ugly man is not welcome in Scotland at any time.
    A Ten million pound round of golf and we are paying for it.
    I sincerely hope that Mundell washed his hands after greeting Trump. We all know where his hands have been…

    • a ‘doze’ of the boak?

      • Molly McC says:

        May, Mundell, Davidson et al, are so far out of their depth, you couldn’t find them with a submarine. Scotland on the other hand, has a FM who knows her stuff and is a credit to all.

        • Hear,hear, McC.
          We’ll toast her properly in the autumn, sorry, the ‘fall’, when you come over.
          Mundell looked every inch the sycophantic lickspittle that he is hanging about on the Prestwick tarmac waiting to bow at Trump’s feet.
          A disgrace to Scotland.

  12. Excellent! I trust the wee dug is soon back to robust good health. I learn this morning that Trumpelthinskin advised the Maybot to “sue the EU” as opposed to negotiating with them. Ummm … sue them where and in what regard, I ask myself? His crass stupidity knows no bounds!

  13. Jan Cowan says:

    I’m sure the queen must have a list of all the idiots she’s been forced to entertain over the years – and Trump will head that list. Bet she decided, as she found herself dodging behind him, that this was his first and last royal reception. I’m not a royalist but I did feel sorry for her.

    • trish young says:

      Macart is correct, this needs to be read far and wide This frightened the life out of me….all my nightmares made real.. Spread the news – I have.

      • JGedd says:

        What happened to Germany has always been a terrifying lesson to those living in apparent democracies today. It should be a study in every school, not as a simple historical narrative but as a cautionary example of how to turn an advanced and sophisticated society in Europe ( arguably the most advanced at the beginning of the twentieth century) into a terror state of formerly unimaginable cruelty, carrying out the worst of crimes, genocide.

        Every step defined in this article happened to Germany in the heart of Europe and could happen to any human society. The same primitive responses are present in the the way the human brain has evolved and sadly, it seems that large societies are susceptible to this form of manipulation, especially if, as the article correctly suggests, the services of a large scale media can be employed. Large societies can be like an ocean in which a slight change of wind direction can provide the energy which eventually drives a storm.

        We should be alert to which way the wind is blowing.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Worrying article.

      Read also George Kerevan’s article in todays National on the same subject but with a different slant on the issue.

      • Macart says:

        As I alluded to above Andy, he’s a willing front man. A salesman and con man. Yes, he’s an ignorant arse, but he’s also extremely dangerous and backed by political machinery and ideology that is more than capable of taking advantage of democracy and using it against itself.

    • Jings, Sam! That is truly horrifying …

      • Macart says:

        It’s happening now Wendy. We’ve had more than a taste of intolerant legislation enacted ourselves this side of the pond. DWP branded inhumane by the UN, Brexit and the campaign run by the pro leave management. The UK mainstream right wing press, pretty much any day of the week.

        From legislative authority on down, the UK is well on its way along the same path.

        • I agree … the time when we could consider all these things to be mere aberrations on the part of deranged or incompetent individuals is now long gone. I tremble for what is left of ‘Western Democracy’ and sincerely pray that Scotland and Canada remain immune to this insidious virus.

  14. Alba woman says:

    I read the Fintan O’ Toole’s article with mounting concern….

    Ruth Davidson following instructions from London worked with the OO in the Indy Campaign…..this gave them some legitimacy and a boost to their reduced numbers and flagging morale.

    The Labour Party in Scotland did the same . Thoughts of whether this was detrimental to Scottish society were totally ditched in the struggle for the union.

    Again at the General Election stupidly called by May they all worked together with the OO.

    This time Davidson took a step further and trawled for candidates whose views were aligned with the OO….

    A major boost all round to this profoundly sectarian organisation.

    ‘Trial runs’, as described by O’Toole, continue with those candidates who were elected plus the 200 UK women who have been questioned about their rape experience.

  15. Jan Cowan says:

    These two articles are terrifying.
    I agree it’s most important that they are widely read.

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