The baby has landed

You have to feel really sorry for people in London. There they were, depressed and hungover, out of the World Cup, home to what’s quite possibly the world’s most dysfunctional government, heading out of the EU despite voting heavily to remain and without even the prospect of an independence referendum to offer a modicum of hope. You wouldn’t think that it could possibly get any worse, and then the very next day Donald Trump comes to visit.

Football didn’t come home, but Donald Trump did, and incredibly the British government managed to find someone who hadn’t resigned to go and greet him. It was Liam Fox who turned up to greet the Giant Orange Baby Balloon when it came down to earth at Stansted airport, which is a bit like Dracula’s coffin arriving in Whitby and being greeted by Nick Cotton from Eastenders wearing a set of plastic fangs. Or to give him his proper title, the Disgraced Former Defence Secretary Dr Nick Cotton. Still, it was quite appropriate that the British Government met the world’s leading serial fantasist with a serial fantasist of its own.

The US Embassy has issued some ridiculous scaremongering advice to American citizens to hide away for the duration. As someone who’s planning to marry a US citizen, and who is also planning to attend the anti-Trump demonstrations in Glasgow and Edinburgh tomorrow and Saturday, I know the difference between Americans in general and Donald Trump in particular. So does everyone else in Scotland. The Americans that I meet, and I meet a lot of them, can’t wait to tell me just how much they despise their president and are immensely relieved to discover that Scotland hated Donald Trump before it was fashionable. Americans have nothing to fear in Scotland. This country welcomes everyone to our country who isn’t a cheeto coloured bigot who separates children from their parents in order to score some cheap political points.

Some have questioned the point of protesting against Trump, because it’s not like seeing a protest in Glasgow, Edinburgh, or anywhere else is likely to make him change his mind. However changing Trump’s mind is not what these protests are about. Everyone attending knows that they have as much chance of changing Trump’s mind about his misogyny, his racism, his undermining of democracy, as they do of changing Theresa May’s mind by calling her a robot. The reason for protesting against Trump’s visit is because if you don’t protest, if you’re not vocal about your feelings, then those in power take your silence as consent. Silence is complicity.

Trump’s mind might not be capable of being changed, changing your mind means having the capacity to distinguish between fact and fiction and as far as Trump is concerned the truth is whatever was the most recent thing to come out of his lying mouth. However Trump’s feelings are quite certainly capable of being hurt. This is, after all, a man who for almost 30 years has nursed a grudge against US journalist Graydon Carter because Carter wrote in an article in Spy magazine that Trump had tiny hands. All these years later, and Trump still keeps giving that notion a much smaller than average thumbs down.

When dealing with a narcissist like Trump, it’s impossible to engage with him using logic and reason because he is not motivated by logic or reason. The only thing that motivates Trump is his own extremely bigly and extremely thin skinned ego. He said just before arriving in the UK that he thinks that people in Britain like him. Trump has said in several previous interviews that he loves Scotland, the country where his mother was born. That’s all the more reason to show him that Scotland doesn’t love him back. Scotland rejects his politics of hatred.

Trump has also said he was “fine” with the protests against him. That’s fine as in, “OK I’m fine. OK! Look I said I’m fine! Can you not just drop it! I’m fine. OK? I don’t even care. Don’t even care. I’m fine. Why are you still going on about this I said I am fine. Right? OK. Fine. Totally fine.”

There are those who say that it’s hypocritical to protest against Trump, but not to show the same degree of anger against the likes of Erdogan of Turkey or other human rights violators who visit the UK. And to be fair there are a lot of human rights violators who are invited to the UK by the British Government. The British Government’s idea of international diplomacy is to calculate how many weapons it can sell, and it’s not too fussed about those weapons being used against innocent people. However the difference is that Erdogan or some random Middle Eastern dictator doesn’t strut the world stage posing as the “leader of the Free World”. The reason that there are more protests against Trump is that higher standards are expected of a democracy, and higher standards are expected of the world’s most powerful democracy. If you claim to be the leader of the Free World then the Free World is going to hold you to account, because in the Free World leaders are accountable or the term Free World has no meaning at all.

We protest against Trump precisely because the USA is the world’s most powerful democracy. If president of the USA trashes democratic values and undermines the social and political order in other democracies, as Trump does, then that poses a direct and immediate danger to the those of us in Scotland, the rest of the UK, and the rest of Europe that the likes of Erdogan doesn’t pose. Protesting against Trump isn’t virtue signalling, it’s self-interest. It’s self-defence.

Protesting against Trump’s visit is also a protest against a British government which is spitting in the face of the UK’s European partners in order to prostitute the UK to a racist buffoon who cages children and separates toddlers from their parents. We protest against Trump because we have a British government which likewise demonises migrants and separates families due to racist and unjust immigration laws. We protest against Trump because the British Government, because Liam Fox who met Trump at the airport, are taking the UK out of the EU in order to transform the UK into a cut-rate version of Trump’s America. We protest against Trump because we don’t want Trump’s America here.

Protests are taking place across Scotland. The largest will be tomorrow in George Square in Glasgow from 5pm, and outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh at noon on Saturday, with a march to the Meadows. Scotland is divided on many things. We’re divided on the constitutional question, divided on the political parties we support, the fitba teams we cheer for, but let’s show that we are united in our condemnation of the vile politics of Donald Trump.


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25 comments on “The baby has landed

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  2. mogabee says:

    Absolutely right that keeping quiet is akin to complicity. Mad leaders like DT should always be challenged and anyone who says different can ake a running jump!

    Anyway, he is a balloon…

  3. Guga says:

    Don’t forget his (empty) threats about pulling out of NATO (North American Terrorist Organization). Unfortunately he won’t pull out as the Yanks, like the English, are too busy selling arms to everybody they can, to enable the slaughter innocents by the thousands.

  4. Aye, to suggest we think don’t like Americans because we detest Trump is to suggest we don’t like the English because we think they are all like Theresa May, or we don’t like our fellow Scots because we think David Mundell is a slimy, loathsome little creature.

    Fortunately we Scots have always been able to spot an ersewipe at 1000 paces, particularly a dangerous, self-serving, undemocratic, mentally unstable ersewipe. And that goes for Donald and Theresa too.

    • scotsmanic says:

      I don’t really like a lot of Americans cos I lived there for over a decade. Experience teaches you things. 🙂

  5. Trump, who the hell is Trump, I must be ignorant. Aye.

  6. Robert Graham says:

    Why not try a different approach ,welcome him , he loves attention make him feel at home , the land of his mother welcomes Donald . His turnberry golf course flew the biggest Saltire ever seen in Scotland for publicity ,and really pissed off the BBC commentators ,Everyone who has had dealings with the Donald says the same thing ,agree with him and he is your friend , criticise him and your dirt , Mrs Mayhem has had to criticise him recently so shes on shaky ground , well help the situation along , Police Scotland have already burst the balloon that made fun of him , so we are one ahead already , maybe he will think the land of his mother understands his sensitivities , play on it .We all know he wont last but a bit of Mischief could work wonders .

    • Anne Martin says:

      I get where you’re coming from, but it would really stick in my craw to call this moron a ‘friend’. Scotland just can’t be seen to accept the things he thinks are acceptable.

    • alexandra says:

      I agree with you, Scotland needs to be smarter when it comes to politics. Sometimes you have to do things differently to achieve what you want. No need to sell your soul either.

      Independence is the goal, i don’t care if it takes saying Welcome to Trump, most people say the Scots are very hospitable, so anyone visiting the country should have at least a welcome. Don’t have to go overboard with the red rug,i mean red carpet treatment.

      Scots are known for their hospitality. Even people you don’t like, we are usually polite, even offer them a cup of tea. the publicity would be priceless.

      After Independence Then we can DUMP TRUMP play to his weaknesses, nothing to lose

  7. Macart says:

    This man has hacked off most of the Pacific Rim. He’s started a trade war with the EU and has divided the United States own population every bit as effectively as Westminster has the populations of the UK. The works(?) and woes of his administration are matters of public record. The child camps? There are no words.

    ‘Making America great again.’ I look across the ocean and I’m not entirely certain who or what I’m seeing anymore. I do feel it’s not greatness I’m witnessing. When you’re more worried about your friends, rather than worried for them? That’s not a good feeling.

    • Zorin says:

      Qute: “He’s started a trade war with the EU”

      and with China as well. Looks to me he is slowly but surely biting off more than he can chew.
      I’m not even sure if Trump is even realizing what consequences could follow his immensely stupid actions and of course- all the constant lying in almost every sentence that leaves his mouth…

  8. scotsmanic says:

    Going to say something that may make me seem like a bad person but, having lived in America for over a decade, I am no fan of most white, middle class, boorish, wannabe-Scottish American tourists. Pity the least interesting people in that country are the only ones with the money to travel. And if I sound mean, well…I have my (t)reasons. 🙂

  9. My American-born sister-in-law, now married to a Highlander and a Scottish resident, is as vehemently anti-Trump as anyone I know. The misogynistic, xenophobic, narcissistic bully “struts and frets his hour upon the stage” thinking that everyone sees him bestriding the world like a Colossus. It will therefore be salutary (one hopes) for him to see how many of us regard him as an inarticulate, self-obsessed man-baby! And I agree wholeheartedly that NOT to protest him is to admit ourselves complicit in his nasty world view. I hope that many of Scotland’s kilted gentlemen will line the streets where he passes and give him the “Braveheart Salute”!

  10. Jan Cowan says:

    All my American friends are of the same mind, A’bh NicCoinnich.

  11. Abulhaq says:

    His visit to Scotland would have been an excellent opportunity for Trump to be put right about Scotland, its history, especially the repression of Gaelic culture and the reason for an independence movement in our country.
    Instead we have a load of conventional, nose in the air ‘virtue signalling.
    The FM ought to have bitten the bullet and met him face to face, like a true leader, like heads of state everywhere have done. Instead she chooses a day out with ‘the they’ in Glasgow.
    On the world stage we appear pigmies.

  12. James cheyne says:

    Why are we behaving like sheep and following mass properganda.i thought that we were a very tolerant nation,peace loving and were not above researching all our information our selves,I am a firm advocate for independence and for many years past,BUT we must learn to think for ourselves and For example take the supposed Russian poisoning’s.there are more questions to be asked before we jump in and judge.Did the killer poison come into contact with the victim by door handle or in the flat or by syringe? Why were the police standing outside guarding the flat not wearing protective clothing and yet not affected while there were people in the back ground wearing protective clothing.
    Where are the victims of first poisoning now?why is the British government supposedly buying the property?And all this has yet to be connected or proven.there are dozens of logical questions yet to be asked like this poison was supposed to be of the deadliest kind but the people who walked past the victims,sat in the restaurant lived close by and worked in the vicinity are all going about their daily business to this day.this logical reason also has to be used for the president of the United States,
    Why are we so against Donald Trump for his policies when OBama had most of the same,How he behaves towards women,?Well BIll Clinton behaved appallingly to women. I am not excusing anyone for bad behaviour and never will. But come on,WE do not want this to backfire on the Indy movement through the British media properganda state,And they will turn on us in a second especially if they set the traps and we are so busy shouting and following the sheep in front of us.
    Let’s save our energy and very clear heads for independence,and not be diverted, There will be a lot more red herrings before were through.LOOK SQUIRRELL!

  13. wm says:

    The Donald cannot bear the thought that massive markets like the EU,China,Indiia,Russia etc. are rising before his very eyes, and that the USA he wants to make great again and had no competition in the past, will have these markets competing for any worldwide business in the future, hense the reason for him wanting to see the EU breaking up, it is easier to dictate to individual comparitivly small countries than it is to deal with a union as strong as the EU.

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