Respect starts with self-respect

This week was the second anniversary of the Brexit referendum. Twenty four months down the line and any reasonable person would have expected that any halfway competent government would have used this time for careful planning, highly detailed project management, and comprehensive decision making, all of which should have laid out a clear road map for the glorious post Brexit future which we were assured is going to await the UK. By this stage in the game, with the date when the UK is out of the EU looming, we should have had some sense of what the government is aiming for.

Instead, what we’ve got is a toxic mix of confusion, in-fighting, wishful thinking, fantasy, nostalgia, and sheer utter self-delusion, all of which have created a deep uncertainty and instability and the looming threat of a catastophic expulsion from Europe which will poison our links with those countries which are supposed to be our closest allies. Jobs are at risk, public services are threatened, businesses are making plans to relocate elsewhere, and the UK has turned into a peripheral and unimportant state which is only prevented from being the laughing stock of the world because it does not have Donald Trump as head of state.

We have all those things, in fact, which supporters of the British state claimed that were in store for Scotland if this country had opted for independence in 2014, and which could only be avoided by remaining a part of the UK. Is that what they meant by telling us that by voting against independence Scotland could have the best of both worlds? Still, at least we know what currency we’re using eh. It’s just a pity that it’s worth a lot less now than it was two years ago.

Here we are, two years down the line, and we still have no idea what the British government’s Plan A is. We had a general election which was supposed to give Theresa May her mandate to seek whatever kind of Brexit suited her, the result being that she lost her majority as the electorate looked upon the self-centredness, the confusion, the greed, the xenophobia, and said “naaa”. But despite losing her majority Theresa hasn’t changed tack.

Two years ago we were told that a soft Brexit was remaining a part of the customs union and the single market, a hard Brexit was leaving them, and crashing out with no deal at all was an unthinkable calamity that no one was even considering. Two years down the line and now we’re told that not leaving the single market and the customs union is no Brexit at all, leaving them with a deal is a soft Brexit, and the swivel eyed British nationalists in the Conservative cabinet think any sort of accommodation at all with the EU is a betrayal. The prospect of crashing out of the EU with no deal is a very real prospect.

It’s a litany of depressing gloom that’s worse than a November weather forecast. There’s no realistic plan to solve the conundrum of the Irish border. British citizens who live in other EU states and EU citizens who live in the UK have no clear idea of what’s going to happen after Brexit. Health workers are leaving the NHS and going abroad. There is no planning for the queues and delays that will be created at ferry ports as lorries use motorways as parking lots. Successive British governments have always relied on the financial sector to drive the British economy, but this week the European Banking Authority warned that Britain’s preparations for the impact of Brexit on the financial sector are inadequate. The EU’s most senior banking regulator has advised that banks should proceed on the assumption that the UK would crash out of the EU in March 2019 without a deal. Airbus and other major companies have announced that they are having to consider whether to shift production and other facilities out of the UK. Instead of the promised bonanza of extra spending because the UK will no longer be contributing to the EU, we’re faced with an unprecedented squeeze on public spending, a massive ballooning in government borrowing, and rises in taxes.

Any normal person who was responsible for this magnitude of fuckwitted-fuckuppery would be traumatised by the sheer horror and disaster that they had unleashed upon millions of people and would be unable to sleep easily in their beds, kept constantly awake by the terror of realising the harm that they have caused, crying into their pillow as they desperately tried to make peace with whatever deity they worship. But Theresa May’s government are not normal people. They get to sleep just fine, in coffins, wearing full evening dress. The only god they worship is the god of their own ambition. They don’t give a toss about the effect of Brexit on the rest of us. They’re going to be just fine.

Meanwhile, Tony Blair warns that we’re at risk of a return to the dark politics of the 1930s, apparently unaware that he’s possibly the single individual who has done more than anyone else to destroy public trust in traditional politics. The UK is descending down a dark and threatening path, the safe accepting place that Scotland was promised it could be a partner of back in 2014 doesn’t exist. The Britain that Scotland was told it was a part of doesn’t exist. There’s only the vainglorious Britain of shattered dreams and broken promises.

Two years after the Brexit vote, and there has been no meaningful input into the process from Scotland. So much for being a valued and much loved partner in a family of nations. The British government is instead using Brexit as an excuse to undermine the devolution settlement in its pursuit of a post-Brexit unitary state. That is not what Scotland voted for in 2014. Westminster disrespects Scotland, lies about it, then comes to us smiling and claiming that there’s nothing wrong. Well there is plenty wrong. Not taking action when you are disrespected is the most certain guarantee that the disrespect will continue. You cannot collaborate with those who treat you with contempt.

Amidst all the confusion, the muddle, the uncertainty, two years after the Brexit vote one thing at least is clear. If Scotland wants respect from Westminster, we need to start with self-respect. That means this country needs to start making its decisions and acting on them.

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21 comments on “Respect starts with self-respect

  1. “Still, at least we know what currency we’re using eh. It’s just a pity that it’s worth a lot less now than it was two years ago.”

    When, a few weeks ago, the pound was once again approaching the value that it had just before the Leave vote, the BBC made that headline news. Now that it’s back down in the basement, not a word about the exchange rate.

    And that’s relative to the sinking dollar.

  2. mogabee says:

    A media which hides the truth is no media at all.

    The whole thing stinks. How many times have we been informed by some incompetent minister that what the uk wants was “Set out in the PM’s Mansion House speech”!! Meanwhile, the EU is being blamed for everything going tits up and ministers are now jostling for prime spot at the Despatch box.

    Oh, and the economy is fine, yes, just fine and businesses won’t leave and all will be fine!!

    PLEASE somebody get me outta here…

  3. Cathy says:

    Totally agree and hope our good turnouts at all the rallies so far and planned over the summer are taken into account and that we have an announcement soon….I’m champing at the bit…

  4. jfngw says:

    Nobody should be surprised by the unitary state plan, after all it’s more or less what May promised when she became leader of the Tories. She always intended to effectively end devolution.

    What is more shocking were those outside the Tories who effectively collaborated to end devolution by urging people to vote Tory. Some of these people still sit in Holyrood.

  5. Graham says:

    ‘We have all those things, in fact, which supporters of the British state claimed that were in store for Scotland if this country had opted for independence in 2014, and which could only be avoided by remaining a part of the UK.’

    You ever consider, Paul, that they may well have been telling us EXACTLY what was going to happen to us once/if we voted no…because they knew EXACTLY what would happen?

    You know, George Orwell worked for the Ministry of Information during WWII. 1984 is not so much a fictional novel as it is a manifesto. Those bastirts plan a long time ahead.

    Just an observation, and I may be wrong.

  6. stewartb says:

    Have faith! This great, ‘one nation’ global Britain is on the way up. How do I know? Because Tory ‘big brain’, arch-Brexiteer Daniel Hannan tells us in The Telegraph on 24th June this year. This from his article “A manifesto to bring the nation back together after Brexit”:

    He writes: “Everything was full of promise on the morning of June 24 2016. Hectored and lectured by their leaders, the British people had displayed their habitual bloody-mindedness and voted to become independent again.

    Exactly two years later, MPs and peers have formally voted to restore that independence, reversing the 1972 European Communities Act that gave primacy to European over British law. We Eurosceptics have at last secured the thing we wanted: national sovereignty.”

    But just for the avoidance of doubt, I suspect Mr Hannan might add in explanation: (i) this ‘nation’ isn’t your Scottish nation – oh no, except when we English want to play a team game with you and the other ‘home’ colonies; (ii) this wanting independence, the idea that independence is (an intrinsic) good, doesn’t work when its your independence, Scotland – how could it be, your not great like England; (iii) that British law mentioned is English law don’t you know – so don’t get ideas above your station, Scotland; and (iv) yes securing national sovereignty is a very fine, noble thing, something to be prized above all else – but remember, Scotland’s sovereignty is a horrible, narrow nationalist thing – you can’t still aspire to that in the 21st Century surely?

  7. fillofficer says:

    thanks paul
    another bleak reality check
    my fear is that the general public are sick of it too
    so when the time comes they will recall BROON
    if you are not sure, vote NO
    who the f…knows whats really goin on
    seems everyones got an agenda
    not me tho
    indy all the way

  8. benmadigan says:

    off topic people but have a look at this BBC documentary on the DUP, brexit and dark money

  9. It may be argued that the Brit Nats are getting desperate.

    Plastering Union Jacks all over classic Scottish produce at the ROYAL Highland Show and pitching Aberdeen Angus as ‘Great British’ fare can be only a deliberate attempt to incite a reaction .

    Now the English Flag is to fly from Dover House, the London Branch of the Scottish Office, in support of England in the World Cup.

    Mundell has renamed the Scottish Office; it’s now the UK Government in Scotland, and he’s advertising English gin, despite their being dozens of Scots gins he should be promoting.

    They are irritants, childish gestures designed to get our backs up, and divert attention from the Withdrawal Bill, and the disaster that is Brexit.

    Alarmingly Johnson retorted ‘Fuck Business’ then hightailed it off to Afghanistan as the Third Runway shit hit the fan.

    Liam Fox actually purred that the EU need England more than England needs them, therefore the EU 27 (plus us) will blink first and give in to England’s demands.
    The man’s either mad, or an idiot, or probably both.

    It is going the way that Rees Mogg and Johnson want it to go.
    Badly wrong. Hedge Funds are betting on it, and will make a killing.

    It is about to go tits up big time while WM goes on holiday for ten weeks, and by October, we’ll all know the truth. England and Wales are going to US Hell in a handcart.

    Hold your fire until you can see the whites of their eyes, guys.

    Mundell can wear a Union Jack suit for all I care.

    I’m sure that Ian Murray will lend him his. It should fit.

    Let’s conserve our energy for the real fight over real issues; Scotland Independent, in control of our own destiny.

    • Robert Graham says:

      as usual Jack they over egg it , this stunt with the union flags all over scottish landmarks and trusted produce is so stupid its beyond belief , cant they see even supporters of the union might just think OH hold on a minute that’s all scottish stuff , what happened to scots and scotland and at the royal highland show .

      I just wonder who will volunteer to raise the English flag in Edinburgh our capital , will they be one of the proud scots who spend their lives in total subservience to our big angry neighbour , for a scottish ” if he is actually scottish ” a scottish secretary of state to even think that a great idea gives the measure of that slimy snake , even the english despise that artical as they would any tractor , because in the end no one trusts a tractor , ever .

      Words cant cover the utter contempt i have for that artical , a sleeket turd who beavers away out of sight trying to do what his masters expect of him , lower than a snakes belly that one .

      • I understand that Mundell is moving his Empire into a new build in the centre of Edinburgh.
        3000 staff…right enough, they’ll need that many to process our rUK Pensions when we declare Independence.
        Despite Labour lies we’ll still be entitled to a UK pension, just like retirees in Spain, Canada, Australia.
        It was one of the threats that needed stamped on during Indyref 1. Even the Herald, the Scotsman, the Courier and the P&J backed this downright lie by Brown Sarwar and Darling.
        They lied to pensioners by announcing that they would lose their pensions if they voted YES.

        Next time we make sure every pensioner is given one to one support, and assurance that the Brit Nats lie through their teeth as a matter of course.
        There’s a mighty storm brewing. They will not ‘respect’ us; they will lie, cheat and threaten us.
        So, fuck ’em all.

    • bringiton says:

      I think the UK embassy in Scotland would be a more appropriate term.
      We will claim Buck House in London for our embassy post independence as part of the division of assets.

  10. Waiting for Scotland says:

    I was reflecting on what clearly is Article One of the new faith of our latter day buccaneers, and Ayn Rand enthusiasts. Their ace in the whole and biggest chip – the City. Or, Mos Eisley to Star Wars fans.

    It makes the whole narrative of the UK being one nation a useful fiction to distract trolls. In reality, Leavers/Brexiteers/Remainers, innocent lambs, take your pick, are all just useful idiots trapped in a nightmare episode of The Twilight Zone.

    The City is all for the spivs, and their factors in Westminster and Whitehall. The City’s media organs ably assist by churning out hatred by the bucket loads. What passes for news product in this country is almost approaching the hysterical creed of Der Sturmer. Its purpose reduced to providing a target rich environment for misdirected rage. For the spivs, as long as the City prospers, nothing else matters.

    The UK is no more than a City State masquerading as a country. With a lot of bunting. The present leadership is just a sad reflection of the populations average IQ and the “ill of its people,” to coin a phrase. A tragedy of tremendous comic potential. This is the only dividend Brexit bequeaths to future generations.

    The only rational solution is an amicable dissolution of the fiction. Bring down the curtain on their play pen. Just to punish the sods. Simple morality, and a fervent desire to save our own sanity, demand we take this action. This will be our gift to future generations. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

  11. Robert Graham says:

    Well you covered the whole sorry state of affairs Paul .

    I suppose it’s like watching a party being held in your house and you are looking through the window , you know you should be in there but the big buggers inside have locked the door .

    If after all the shenanigans of the last few weeks when the mask has finally slipped and we saw the real british nationalism in all its glory , if after that people here still regard the union worth supporting they will go to the top of league for the stupidest people in the whole world , it’s Totally BAFFLING .

  12. Andy Anderson says:

    Unfortunately every think you have written Paul is true. I read English versions of EU newspapers so you will not be amazed when I say they have total contempt and disbelief in Westmonster. They cannot understand the incompetence and self harm under way here.

    They are all planning for a crash hoping it might only be a bad Brexit!!

    The port of Rotterdam is doing a full trial of the effects on them in November.

    Although a crash would be dreadful I hope it happens as it will do our cause no harm, sad as this is.

  13. Graeme McAllan says:

    We’ve been dragged into a sea of sundry pishflappery against our will 😦

  14. Tol says:


    It only looks like incompetence if you expect Westminster is attempting to just carry out an orderly Brexit….

    Does the facts on the ground support that media/public expectation? If not, then YES and Scotland needs to be looking at the actual events and work back to what Westminster are really doing under the guise of “incompetence”.

    Westminster appears to be on a campaign of misdirection of massive proportions. While everyone has been looking at Westminster through the lens of an organized Brexit and only seeing incompetence. Westminster has been careful to silo its actions regarding transfer of power to the Cabinet executive and transitioning Westminster to a totally dominant centre. (Hence its murmurs about a British single market and by extension its attacks on Scottish law and parliament)

    While people are mockingly deriding the Tories for lack of planning at ports, the Tory Cabinet has been building the foundations of a new and very dangerous legislative framework. Think of it like a join-the-dots picture….at the moment we the public only see random dots…The full impact will only become obvious once they link them at the end.

    If you expect an outcome but it doesn’t match what you are seeing look at what they are really doing.

    Ports = NO
    Irish boarder = NO
    Trade negotiation = NO
    Citizens’ Rights = NO
    Gibraltar = NO

    Killing Devolution = YES
    Erasing Scotland the brand = YES
    Expanding Westminster’s “Scotland Office” bureaucrats (over 3000 and counting) = YES
    Henry VIII powers = YES

    They are not incompetent….they see Brexit as an opportunity to centralise power…

    Brexit is the equivalent of Westminster’s “Death Star” that they are about to unleash on the UK…

    • Andy Anderson says:

      An interesting take on events. Thought provoking.

      With Brexit and an attack on our governance I suspect even the closed mind NO person who is not a Brit Nat will understand soon. I reckon 2019 will be the game changer for a 2020 vote. Of course a mega crash next year may alter things.

      • Tol says:

        @Andy Anderson

        2020…that is hugely risky.

        Once Scotland showed it wasn’t going back in the box, Westminster has not stood still and has been continuously ramping up its attacks on Scotland. To be safe, Scotland needs to hold any vote before Westminster can enact their new and insidious legislative powers they have been marshalling in the guise of Brexit.

  15. There’s spin, and then there’ are spinning tops.
    Apparently England deliberately threw the game against Belgium last night because being ‘second’ gives them any easy ride all the way to the Final and World Cup Glory.
    Aye, right.
    Are our English neighbours sporting cowards?
    They don’t want to take on the Best of the Best in World Football? Surely not?
    They’d rather fluke winning the top prize by being in the Diidy Group all the way to the final?

    Brazil, Spain, Belgium, Argentina, Coatia, and France will apparently slug it out among themselves for the ultimate prize of taking on the mighty Exceptional England in the Final, which, whoever battles their way through to earn the privilege of gracing the same turf as the Blessed Harry Kane, will surely be trounced by the Heirs to ’66.
    England’s warped view of how the world actually works has brimmed over from Brexit into football hence May declaring BAE selling the Type 26 Frigate drawings to Australia as a success, while 4000 jobs are lost on the Clyde.
    England has lost it.

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