Katie Price and the smouldering squirrel

This week’s Sunday newspapers in Scotland were all devoted the serious issues which assail the country. There’s the utter disarray and confusion about Brexit in which both the Conservatives and Labour are mired as the clock is ticking and time is running out to reach a position that the EU will consent to. There’s the shameful way in which Theresa May has lied to and deceived Remainer Tory MPs and her constant attempts to avoid and evade the scrutiny of that parliament we’re always being told is sovereign. There’s the naked contempt with which Scotland’s devolution settlement is being treated by the Westminster government. There’s the sneering, the catcalls, the abuse from the Tory backbenches at the very idea that Scotland should demand to be heard, like Roman patricians booing barbarians offered for sacrifice in the gladitorial ring. There’s the replacement of the respect agenda with spite and malice. There’s the incredulity from the Brexicommetariat British press that Scotland should even imagine that it’s anything other than a region of a Greater England. There’s David Mundell’s unilateral rewriting of the Sewel Convention and his insistance that Scotland isn’t a partner but a part – and a bit part at that. There’s the surge in support for the SNP and the party’s new determination to play hardball. There’s the Vow being finally killed off and buried by the man who wrote it. There’s the full blown constitutional crisis in which we now find ourselves, and the new energy and enthusiasm which is animating the Yes movement.

Oh no, wait. They scarcely mentioned any of that at all. There are far more important issues for the people of Scotland according to our totally representative media – which is representative of Scottish opinion in the exact same way that Theresa May is. Take for example the Sun’s Scottish edition, the website of the most selling newspaper in Scotland leads on the vital news that Katie Price was in Glasgow for a night on the tiles with her new man. Clearly, the entertainment arrangements of a minor sleb are far more significant to the population than the certainty that Brexit will destroy the devolution settlement, fundamentally undermine the ability of the Scottish parliament to act as a bulwark against Westminster, and the increasing likelihood that Brexit is going to destroy jobs, livelihoods, and civil and employment rights. Way to go, Scottish press.

Naturally the fate of the Glasgow School of Art occupied much of the press’s attention this weekend. The word iconic is overused, but can fairly be applied to a building of global architectural significance. The fact that it appears that the building has been gutted and destroyed in a major fire just a few short years after the previous fire, and reports are that there were no sprinklers in place in the building despite that previous fire, is a tragedy for Scotland and Glasgow and a potential scandal in the making. Given the importance of the building to Glasgow and to Scotland, and the devastating fire that broke out a few short years ago, the School of Art ought to have been the safest building in the city. It’s only right and proper that this story should be given prominence in the media, but hey, Scottish press people, we’re capable of multitasking. Why aren’t you?

But it’s not just one historic edifice which burned to the ground this week. The edifice of Westminster rule in Scotland, the justifications Westminster gave to Scotland for remaining a part of the UK, the great British constitutional alternative to independence, the pretence that the UK could be a state that challenges inequalities and injustice instead of fostering them, they were consigned to the ashes this week too, and the gleeful arsonists were those who claim to love Britain. While the Tories burned down the house, Labour wrung its hands and did nothing, preferring to indulge itself in its own party game playing rather than get behind any motions that could actually lead to a defeat for Theresa May. They are as much a protection and defence for Scotland as an empty water bucket in the School of Art.

Ever since the Westminster power grab was first threatened, all we’ve heard from a succession of talking heads is that only talking heads are interested in an arcane constitutional wrangle. Who is really interested in arguments about food labelling eh? It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s a bit like telling people that Brexit is only about customs and excise forms and obscure measures about product safety regulations and then claiming that no one really cares that much. If the Scottish press had done more to explain the implications, then there would be considerably more public interest than there has been to date. However if they had explained the implications then people might start questioning whether Scotland’s interests really can be protected within the framework of the UK, and if you’re an anti-independence newspaper that would never do.

But this isn’t really about food labelling. It’s about the power relationship between Westminster and Holyrood. It’s about the undermining and dissolution of the devolution settlement that was presented to the people of Scotland as our great safeguard against the predations of a Tory government we didn’t vote for. It’s about the transformation of Brexit Britain into a unitary state in which the British government gives itself a free hand to overrule Holyrood whenever it sees fit. It’s about the reversal of devolution despite promises that it would be strengthened.

It took the drama of the SNP walkout to force any of this into the media agenda. It was happening anyway, and had the Speaker of the Commons not decided to bar Ian Blackford causing the rest of the SNP MPs to march out in solidarity, the Scottish media would have filled this week’s press with stories about Katie Price and building fires and would still be telling us that no one is interested in food labelling. But this weekend we’re back to business as usual. Nothing to see here Scotland. Oh look, there’s Katie Price with a smouldering squirrel.

The attempts of the British media in Scotland this weekend to return to quiescent business as usual only serve to illustrate that the most important role of the grassroots independence movement over the coming weeks and months will be to take the message of independence out into our streets and our communities, to speak to undecided people within our own families and circles of friends, to encourage and support those former no voters who have now come over to our side, and to persuade those who formerly supported independence but have drifted away to come back to Scotland’s cause. We need to tell people what Scotland can achieve. We need to warn people that remaining in the UK means worse prospects, worse jobs, worse public services. We cannot rely on the media, we have to do this ourselves. We have the commitment, we have the numbers, we have the will. We can do this. And we will. We can leave Katie Price and the smouldering squirrel to the British media in Scotland, but we’re the ones telling the real story.


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99 comments on “Katie Price and the smouldering squirrel

  1. […] Wee Ginger Dug Katie Price and the smouldering squirrel This week’s Sunday newspapers in Scotland were all devoted the serious issues which […]

  2. Illy says:

    Important fact about the new GSoA building: It wasn’t finished yet, and certainly wasn’t in use. So they might simply have not installed the sprinklers yet.

    And then there’s my private worry about the timeline:

    Wednesday: Tory Filibuster’s debate on Scottish powers

    Thursday: SNP mass walk-out gains media attention. SNP membership spikes.

    Friday: GSoA building burns down before it’s even finished.

  3. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Well said sir, the frustration, high blood pressure and sheer amazement I suffer when talking to No types confirms the excellent work done by the British Nationalist press and broadcasters.

    As one committed wasp chewing No lady commented when I questioned her on her knowledge of the McCrone report she asked ” What’s that some SNP thing? ”

    As Hommer Simpson famously said Doh!

    • Craig P says:

      I bet there is almost nobody who had heard of the McCrone report in 2014 then voted No. Our failure to get the story out there is one of the biggest (and continuing) mistakes of the indy campaign.

      • Cubby says:

        Craig P that is because the media is full of propaganda. Media was supposed to be devolved in 1997 but Labour after getting the snp on board to support the devolution then at the last minute pulled media control out of the devolved responsibilities. British Nationalist idea of fair play.

  4. Andy Anderson says:

    It is hard I must admit to sway people. You can only hope a seed planted can germinate a wee bit more as other Yessers talk to that person.

    I note from people I talk to that there is a willingness to listen.

    Your comments on the media Paul continue to show your annoyance which we all share. There has been more balanced reporting lately in the better media. Kevin McKenna had a good piece in the Guardian.

    I have a long time friend who is hard core NO to Indy and the EU. Impossible to talk to him so I do not. However the next time we meet I am going to ask him what he will do should we win our struggle. Will he move south and stick to his convictions.

    Onwards and upwards.

    • benmadigan says:

      sometimes one almost off-hand comment you make sticks because it resonates with that individual.
      You may do your best and think you’ve got nowhere but just as you’re moving off you say something about the awful predicament of EU nurses/doctors, service personnel, driiving licences,future travel, bedroom tax, . . . whatever . . .and the person in front of you picks up on that because it will have a personal impact on him/her or a family member.
      And then they will start thinking . . . .

  5. It is beyond my comprehension that anyone who isn’t living under a rock on Rockall could fail to have seen/heard/understood the shenanigans in Westminster this past week. Furthermore, I don’t understand why more people aren’t aware of the corner Westminster seem to have painted themselves into. Referring any devolved Scottish matter to the Supreme Court of England & Wales is a non-starter, because Scotland’s legal system is totally separate from that of the rUK, and has been since 1707! So, irrespective of any decision arrived at by the Supreme Court, Westminster will have broken the terms of the Treaty and Act of Union and thus Scotland will be released from it! If anyone knows different, I’d love them to explain it to me.

    • SandyW says:

      Andrew Tickell (@PeatWorrier on Twitter) has explained this. Unfortunately there is no neat, easy legal loophole to dissolve the Union. We’re all going to need to pull together, campaign and win a referendum or other vote to get out the Union.

  6. Copied from: Resisting The Right
    Yesterday at 13:44 ·
    Scotland may become effectively independent on July 25th.
    WM has 2 days in July (24/25th) set aside in the (NON SCOTS LAW) supreme court to try over rule the Holyrood EU Continuity Bill (passed under Scots Law).

    If the SC over rule Scots law, and side with WM, the Union is over.

    The SC does not have legal authority to over rule Scots Law.

    Why not ?

    2 reasons.

    1. Scots law is protected “in perpetuity” by the Act and Treaties of Union itself. Subjugation of Scots Law or Scots people’s sovereignty, which is enshrined in Scots Law, is illegal under the Act of Union.

    2. The critical bit. The Continuity Bill legislates in the area of DEVOLVED POWERS using Scots Law.

    And it is THAT which wins ANY legal case for Scotland.

    Uk law is ONLY primacy on RESERVED matters.

    Scots Law has primacy on DEVOLVED MATTERS.

    Any non scots court has no legal say so on a Devolved Scots law issue.

    If by an act of legal stupidity, the SC sides with WM, then SCOTS LAW HAS BEEN SUBJUGATED by the SC without legal authority.

    Scotsgov would then be able to simply hold a vote at Holyrood, on a motion that the Union has been breached by subjugation of Scots Law on a Devolved matter, contrary to the terms of the Act and Treaties of Union, with the intent of the vote, to dissolve the union.

    We then present our case to an international court as outlined above, and those courts have no choice but to rule in our favour for the reasons outlined earlier.

    There is a growing school of thought that Scotsgov are not too concerned about holding a referendum, as the recent developments have opened the door to dissolve the union in a courtroom. That first opportunity comes on July 24/25th.

    Scotsgov have brilliantly engineered events to help get us here, and WM, being the arrogant feckers they are, have completely walked into the traps set.

    Independence gained by using WM breaching the Union terms against them, no referendum required…delicious irony indeed !!

    But wait…what if the SC rules with SCOTSGOV ??

    Now THAT is a doozy.

    That would, as far as my knowledge goes, would mean the devo shafting of the other day would be unlawful and require dropping.

    Then of course, all returning powers from the EU MUST RETURN TO HOLYROOD immediately after brexit, which ruins WM’s Trade deal plans with not just America/rest of world, but also means NOTHING within those returning powers can be used to negotiate trade with the EU.

    For example, WM could not trade Scots waters fishing rights with the EU as fishing is devolved and as a result of the SC ruling with Scotsgov on Continuity Bill, Scotsgov will have FULL CONTROL over who fishes in Scottish Waters.

    If the EU wanted to fish in Scottish waters post brexit, they need to ask us, not WM.

    Imagine THIS conversation.

    “Hey, EU 27, want Scotland in the EU post independence”?

    If no, no fishing in Scottish Waters until you say Yes.

    Scots waters produce the vast majority of fish to the EU.

    We could even dictate terms, protecting the Scots fishing fleet rather than WM selling them out constantly.

    This SC case is MASSIVE.

    However, Scotsgov CANNOT LOSE.

    SC rules with WM = Not legally competent, union dissolved and referred by Scotsgov to international courts to affirm Scots Law status as unimpeachable on Devolved issues.

    SC rule with Scotsgov, utter chaos, plans for WM’s future EU and wider non EU deals in tatters.

    There is even the possibility that WM breached the Union terms by even ATTEMPTING to subjugate Scots Law in the SC.

    Then of course, Brexit itself breaches the Sovereign will of the Sovereign Scots People because we voted REMAIN by plebiscite but our people’s sovereignty is being subjugated by English votes, which is ILLEGAL under the terms of the Act and Treaties of Union itself.

    As i keep saying, you CANNOT LEGALLY have a “uk wide vote” when Scots people are SOVEREIGN.

    ESPECIALLY in a plebiscite, which is the ULTIMATE expression of our Sovereign will, protected under Scots Law.

    Honestly folks, a referendum is starting to look like the daft option.

    WM have provided us with a number of ways to end the Union without one.

    In short.

    Prove WM has subjugated EITHER Scots Law or Scots people’s sovereignty, in a court, and we are independent.

    We have an upcoming case, which, unless the WM gov fold completely on the power grab and return EVERY power to Holyrood IMMEDIATELY AND DIRECTLY, we cannot lose it and we can dissolve the Union.

    If WM does not allow Scotland to REMAIN IN the EU, we go dissolve the Union on grounds of Subjugation of the settled expressed will of the Sovereign Scots People by plebiscite, a right protected under Scots Law.

    The game is up.

    Its just timing now.

    • benmadigan says:

      Thanks for that link Abhniccoinnich. I’ve seen it posted around other sites.
      I don’t wish to doubt your word but . . . .
      Is this possible? probable? or just raising hopes on hair-splitting?

      Personally speaking as I am not a legal person I do not have the tools to test or judge the validity of this argument.
      I would appreciate “an opinion”

      Is there a lawyer in the house?

      • Lizzy55 says:

        Nicola Sturgeon is a lawyer and I believe she is well aware and considering her next move. It will come quicker than most ppl think.

        • Marconatrix says:

          You think then that WM are being led into an ambush … there are certainly some famous precedents in Scottish history … so stay calm and pass the popcorn? 🙂

          Interesting times, no?

          • I am really leaning towards the “ambush” theory, Marconatrix. Nicola is a lawyer – it would not surprise me if this has been her target all along … to let WM’s overweening arrogance lead it into a situation which it has no way of winning. I also wonder … being of a devious turn of mind … whether legal minds at WM are aware of this, aware that they can’t win this one, and using this SC business as a way of “giving in” without losing face? I don’t know … but I most sincerely hope!

      • Jamie MacDonald says:

        Saw this also elewhere.. Seems to make sense though have to wait and see, seems also a bit too simple and delicious tbh..

        You are right of course Paul, we need to do it ourselves, the marshy ground is everywhere right now and folks need a haven to head for.. Scotland is that place- let’s sell them our dream!

        Did yeez ever hear a mair inspirin’ speech than this fae James Maxton in the1920’s..

        “Give us our parliament in Scotland.
        We will start with no traditions.
        We will start with no ideals.
        We will start with purpose, with courage.

        We will start with the aim and object that there will be 134 men and women pledged to 134 Scottish constituencies to spend their whole brain power, their whole courage and their whole soul in making Scotland into a country in which we can take people from all the nations of the earth and say:

        This is our land, this is our Scotland, these are our men, our works, our women and children: can you beat it?”Thanks

        Let’s do his!

        Tragedy regarding the Mac building.. If it is deemed unsafe then surely it must be rebuilt..

      • hettyforindy says:

        Saw something from Peat worrier on twitter, and he reckons the Scots law and sovereignty issue is not so set in stone, and could be over ruled. I have my doubts, because even the UKgov could surely not change Scots Law without it taking a bit more than a supreme court judge’s ruling. Then again…put nothing past the Britnats, nothing at all.

      • I, too, would appreciate a legal opinion. It seems utterly logical to a lay person but who knows?

        • Stuart Mcnicoll says:

          If I remember correctly, the SC ruling in 2017 regarding whether or not Westminster required to to adhere to the Sewell Convention did exactly that. The SC ruling was that it was only a convention and there for not enshrined by an Act of Parliament. They body swerved the Treaty of Union, by stating that Holyrood couldn’t be Sovereign because the people of Scotland lent their Sovereignty to there elected MP;s. So no ambiguity there. To me that’s a pretty clear statement on Sovereignty. What has not been commented on is the claimed Sovereignty of Westminster.

    • RedStarTrout says:

      Nonsense on stilts.
      As PeatWorrier says:
      “A good rule of thumb: there is no cunning legal loophole or technicality by which Scotland can become an independent country, and anyone who tells you there is doesn’t know what they’re talking about.”
      In short, we won’t win this in the courts, we have to win it in the ballot box.

      • I don’t think this is suggesting that “we win this in the courts”. What it IS saying is the the Supreme Court of England & Wales has no jurisdiction, since Scotland has its own, separate legal system and has done so since the Treaty & Act of Union. It’s too easy and not a little patronising to just “pooh-pooh” this without actually considering what it means.

        • Ealasaid says:

          We also have the Secretary of State against Scotland with his reinforced Scottish Office ready and waiting to take over ruling us when the Scottish Parliament is closed down. He has just said that Scotland is not a partner in the UK but a part of the UK. Don’t underestimate Perfidious Albion!

      • weegingerdug says:

        I just have to say that I agree with RedStarTrout and PeatWorrier. The ONLY way Scotland can achieve indepedence is through the ballot box. There is no legal trick or wheeze that’s going to do the job for us, and to be honest, promoting this kind of stuff doesn’t do the movement any favours. It’s nonsense.

        • Jamie MacDonald says:

          In that case methinks it a planted story to do just as you say Paul.. They must be rattled for sure.. Let’s show them the Phoenix of Yes!

        • Janet says:

          I’ve the funny feeling that Lord Wallace of Tankerness had his hand in making the SC the ultimate court of appeal for Scotland.

          Not sure what the ramifications are for the constitution. Whatever, Nicola will have this covered. I forecast quite a few Parnell moments ahead!

        • Cubby says:

          At the great risk of the dug biting my ankle again and me missing the march on Saturday can you give us a summary of why there is no possible way the international treaty of Union cannot be dissolved/ended etc. Trump seems to do it every day. If there is a sound argument why this is an impossibility as distinct from an unlikely success happy to hear it.

          • weegingerdug says:

            Arguments that the Treaty of Union have been breached are arguments to make during an independence referendum. In the context of a referendum, they might persuade some people, but they are not going to bring about independence without a popular vote. This is about politics, not law.

            The bottom line is that we cannot achieve independence without a vote of the people of Scotland. It’s that simple.

            • Cubby says:

              Many thanks for the reply. What if as the British Nationalists say there ain’t going to be another independence referendum? In the union until infinity?

              Or if the British Nationalists boycott any referendum,even one agreed with Westminster, and say it is invalid.

              • weegingerdug says:

                See my responses on the next article.
                The Scottish Parliament doesn’t need WM’s permission to hold a consultative referendum.

                The anti-indy parties can’t boycott a plebiscite election where an election for Holyrood is turned into an effective indy-ref.

                • Cubby says:

                  It is worth remembering that The British Nationalists just plain denied that the mandate for an indyref was provided by the Scottish people in the last Holyrood election even though it is obvious that is the case to any sane person. I just hope that The SNP have a secret plan. The Tories have made their intentions crystal clear re devolution – destroy.

                  Vote and politics and the law. All tools will be required to defeat Britnats who would say black is white and get ther media to tell everyone black is white. The Catalonians had the vote but the government had the law. We need both.

  7. Toxidrome says:

    The media will try to ignore all of this, or play it down as much as possible. That much is clear. It took the walkout at WM to bring it into the spotlight. I don’t know what the SNP’s plans are, but guerilla warfare should feature. Make as much of a nuisance of themselves as possible and they and the issues will stay in the news. They tried playing the game by WM’s rules and it failed.

  8. emegra says:

    I’d love to think A’bh NicCoinnich is right and we can simply dissolve the union if Westminster break the treaty, but the problem is the last time there was a plebicide on the matter of independence the sovereign will of the Scottish people was to remain in the union and as far as we know that is still the case.

    So how do we overcome that problem ?

    Wouldn’t we be going against the sovereign will of the Scottish people even if we could legally do it ?

    Believe me I don’t want to pour cold water on the idea I love the idea but I just can’t see it being that simple


    • Lizzy55 says:

      A majority of Indy supporting msp’s in our parliament, majority of Indy MPs from Scotland in Westminster. That’s the majority you are looking for.

      Or we could dissolve the Scottish parliament and hold a vote on an indy ticket. It’s immediate and we would win.

    • Graeme – could it not be that we have been “gas-lighted” now for so many years that we are unable to believe it could be as simple as this? I honestly don’t know …

      • Stuart Mcnicoll says:

        If I remember correctly, the SC ruling in 2017 regarding whether or not Westminster required to to adhere to the Sewell Convention did exactly that. The SC ruling was that it was only a convention and there for not enshrined by an Act of Parliament. They body swerved the Treaty of Union, by stating that Holyrood couldn’t be Sovereign because the people of Scotland lent their Sovereignty to there elected MP;s. So no ambiguity there. To me that’s a pretty clear statement on Sovereignty. What has not been commented on is the claimed Sovereignty of westminster.

  9. Macart says:

    One more thing worth considering.

    The unionist parties continually stress the absurd notion that Holyrood is a bulwark to the excesses of Westminster government. With one stroke, Mundell’s statement on the nature of devolved government has blown this notion clean out of the water.

    If UK gov can overrule, gainsay or otherwise block any bill or legislation passed by Holyrood, then there is no safeguard, no mitigation, no bulwark against anything. There is only that which Westminster will allow to happen and that which it will choose as an opportunity to intervene. All they need claim is that ‘this is an unususal circumstance’ and bob’s yer wossiname.

    Your parliament folks. What kind of country do you want to live in?

    Do you believe that the population of a country has the right to govern itself?

    Choose wisely.

    • Marconatrix says:

      I’m sure I heard, when the Holyrood parliament first sat, that it was declared to be the original Scottish Parliament back in session after however many lang years. Am I right?

      Is that not the basic issue here : Either Holyrood is the original parliament with all the powers it ever had, save those it chose to ‘lend’ for the time being to WM …
      It is simply a creation of the UK parliament under devolution, and so subject to WM, effectively a local authority, a glorified county council.

      Where’s that lawyer somebody asked for …

  10. Brewer couldn’t get his pretty little head around all this fuss that the Scottish Government is making about trade deals today in his wee programme for over 61 year olds.
    He gave one of the new Labour MPs a wee shot on the show, running him in, coaching him…
    Brewer, either present a grown up programme, or wheel in an upright piano and sing London Cockney songs for your viewers.
    All together now, ‘Roll out the barrel..’
    Paul, of course there’s blanket embargo on Real News in Scotland now.
    It is 1984.

  11. chicmac says:

    The ultimate irony is that the only reason a Scottish MSM still exists is dependent on the very existence of Scotland as a nation. Of course, their current role is to denigrate and undermine that sense of nationhood as much as they can, at the behest of their London masters, but even the thickest of them must realise that without that real and present threat to the Londinian Empire the need for their own existence evaporates even more so than with independence.

    If we can perform the, admittedly gargantuan, task of convincing them that an independent Scotland will also still need an SMSM and that they, or at least those exhibiting genuine epiphany and contrition, may still find employment there, then perhaps that penny might yet drop.

    Sadly the 180 required for that will be beyond the perception and capabilities of most. Hence their clinging on till the very end.

    If independence is successful or not most of them are doomed to be turkeys writing in support of Christmas whether Scotland becomes a totally annexed part of Greater Londinium or escapes to normal levels of self government.

    They are between a rock and a hard place.

  12. Indyman says:

    What a coincidence though, 2 days and over 7000 new SNP members since the HOC walkout, a 2nd fire in an iconic Scottish building to fill the headlines. Anybody who thinks the Tories aren’t capable of something like this is naive to say the least.

    • Sadly, Indyman, it is not beyond the bounds of possibility.

    • chicmac says:

      Sorry for being somewhat flippant but even as a person of sufficient age to appreciate that the wildest of conspiracy theories, in hindsight, usually tend to err on the optimistic side, I’m struggling with this one.

      Why would the unionist cabal seek to draw attention to MackIntosh , who like many internationally renowned Scots had to win admiration furth of the UK before attaining grudging recognition in London?

      Again, why would they seek to point a potentially accusative finger at the restoration committee which consists largely of unionist luvees?

      But perhaps you may have a point. Perhaps the money donated by the Scottish Government for the first restoration was unusually flammable, a bit like the baby boxes. 🙂

      • There have been three major fires in the Sauchiehall Street area now, if you include the two infernos at the Mackintosh building.
        A serial killer in the making?
        If the whole building was alight even before the firefighters got there, surely it was a deliberate act?
        Why no 24 hour security?
        I doubt that it was Yoon sabotage though.
        Although they are stupid enough to try anything so desperate are they to hold on to their Northern Colony.
        We never got to the bottom of the original fire did we?

        • chicmac says:

          I just don’t see how this one can be turned into an SNP Bad story although heaven knows they’ll try if they can find any angle at all.

          • chicmac, Brewer spent half his Sunday programme on the Mackintosh fire, halving time with Mundell and newbie Red Tory Paul Sweeney when he should have been grilling them about the power grab and the walkout..
            But we now know that the BBC is the Broadcast wing of the alt Right Wing Government and English Establishment.
            May on Marr was allowed to spout about £20 billion ‘extra’ for the English HS over five years because of the Brexit Bonanza. This nonsense was allowed to pass unscathed throughout the day, and into Settle’s Monday Herald Britland piece..
            There is no Brexit Dividend.
            Wales and England will suffer badly..yet May gets free rein throughout the BBC day to spout nonsense, and Settle of the Herald headlines with NS being urged to spend the £2 billion fictional consequentials which will fall from May’s Magic Money Tree on the Scottish NHS.
            They have all gone stark staring bonkers.
            So fill the airwaves and column inches with the National Tragedy of the Big Fire….
            A good day to release bad news..

            • chicmac says:

              Hadn’t considered its value to the anti-Scottish sociopathic cabal as a smoke screen, in this case quite literally.

              • The programme is called ‘Sunday Politics’.
                There is nothing ‘political’ about a building on fire.

                • Cubby says:

                  Yes thought that myself I was waiting for some political point to appear but nothing. It was already on numerous news programmes so I do not remember anything new being said either. However Brewer did give Mundell a real going over. At times Mundell appears as if he is about to have a nervous breakdown. I remember being surprised that Brewer got stuck into him.

                  Not the usual Britnat chat show. Trying a bit harder these days to cover up their bias?

  13. Macart says:

    Mmmmm…. As attractive as it sounds, independence by technicality in the upcoming SC continuity bill case does seem very unlikely. That’s not to say the case isn’t crucial to what comes next right enough, but the most likely outcome, (I’d think), are the court will find in favour of UK gov. (shrugs It is the SC)

    Legal technicality isn’t why this case is important though and why its very enactment was an epic fail by Westminster government. Win, lose or draw, UKgov really lost the case the very second they took Scotland’s parliament and people to court.

    They’ll sell the dog and pony show in their media as SNP this, that and the other. But make no mistake, this is Scotland’s representation, our will and our parliament they’re taking to court, because we as a nation wouldn’t play ball with their Brexit wet dream. They’re seeking to sink the continuity bill and as last week, the need for actual consent on the power grab, just because they want YOU as a population and a singular body politic back in your box.

    Regardless of whether you believe in independence or devolution, Westminster government is in the midst of crapping on you from a great height, because it has to. It’s just that desperate.

    Will you allow it to lie there though? Or will you use what you are witnessing to inform your next vote?

    • Mundell actually believes that he is Grand Viceroy of an English colony. The man has lost it entirely.
      On Brewer’s Droop yesterday he asserted that he had rejected All Amendments, even from the Clunking Fist Manhatten Transfer Brown,who has no business interfering anyway, because Mundo the Michty didn’t agree with them.
      That’s not how democracy works, you stupid little man.

      Mundell The Quiver is the Blue Tories rubber johnny in Scotland, the Brit Nat contraceptive. Durex Davie.. He sees himself as Hortatio on the Bridge of Sighs, repelling the Pictish Hordes.
      Thdere is no doubt that he is a grovelling Fifth Columnist, and doesn’t give a toss about the people of Scotland.
      He is in charge of raping Scotland of its resources and wealth.

      WM Labour MPs are in bed with their Better Together Blue Tory allies on this, as are the Lib Dems, but Leonard and Rennie are keeping their own counsel.

      How long will the Labour and Lib Dem Branch Offices hold out against their London Masters?

      We could argue ’til we’re Brit Nat blue in the face but our ‘Betters’ still believe that they can lord it over us no matter what. They have the money, The Church, the Lords and Barons, the Universities, the Banks, the Merchants, and shopkeepers on their side, so back in your sweaty wee Black Hole of Caledonia, plebs.

      We do it at the ballot box. It’s the only way.
      Now IS the time.

    • Jim Chalmers says:

      Crivvens. Is the Sunday Post beginning to question it’s support for Unionism?

      • astytaylor says:

        Well said, the Sunday Post!
        Are Oor Wullie and the Broons still around?
        If only they would come out and show their support for an independent Scotland…
        It could be a game-changer.
        Help ma boab.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      I found the first article very interesting Sam. This is what happens without a written constitution.

      • Macart says:

        They’re a bit slow on the uptake, but it seems they’re playing catch up to the whole constitutional smash n’ grab thing. (sigh)

  14. Anne Martin says:

    Like the rest of you I’m no lawyer. My understanding is that Scotland cannot revoke the Act of Union, but they can temporarily suspend it while they have a referendum/vote, which has no interference from Westminster, on whether the Scottish people wish to remain in the Union.

    I suspect that a vote carried out entirely by Scots, with international scrutineers, would have a very different outcome to 2014.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      Fingers crossed Anne that this becomes fact.

      • Kenzie says:

        I was under the impression (mistakenly, obviously) that it wasn’t an Act but a Treaty???

        • AnnieM says:

          Pardon me, I stand corrected.

        • It is known as the Treaty & Act of Union. The treaty came first then I think WM enshrined it in law as an Act.

          • Cubby says:

            The bi partite international treaty was signed first then the English and Scottish parliaments both passed acts to ratify it. Like any international treaty it can be terminated/ dissolved/ ended by either party to the treaty. The Kingdom of England or the Kingdom of Scotland.

          • Stuart Mcnicoll says:

            The Treaty is the main event, the Acts are the mechanisms by which the terms are passed into law, passed by both the Scottish and English Parliaments. The Treaty can’t be amended( legally) unless agreed but both signatories, Scotland and England. It’s the Treaty, Internationally recognised, that is important. The Treaty are the rocks that Westminster will founder on.

            • Thanks to you too for explaining that so well, Stuart.

            • Kangaroo says:

              And the ‘Rocks’ are looming into view.

            • Cubby says:

              As I understand it there was a very different atmosphere in both parliaments when the acts were being passed. In the english parliament there was triumphalism as the speaker said we have caught Scotland. In Scotland the act was not signed in the parliament but elsewhere as they were hiding from rioters who would have lynched them if they had been found. An understatement to say it was not popular in Scotland.

  15. 2p3rf3ct says:

    “No, you are not getting a referendum”

    Dissolve Scottish parliament based on that intransigence and make the whole vote be predicated on another indyref vote.

    Oh … that’s happened already. Manifesto’s eh!

  16. Robert Graham says:

    I have been looking to see if i could catch up with Paul’s most recent public appearance with no success , anyone point the way ?. U/tube or INDY LIve etc .

    Back to the current topic ,the BBC in Scotland caught out Blatantly misleading scottish viewers and listeners by not reporting last tuesday nights fiasco in westminster , this wasnt just shuffling news around it was activly burying a disgraceful nights events that showed exactly the place scotland commands in this union ,

    That is in a corner bound and gagged some bloody union .

    PMQs walkout by the SNP centered round events of the previous evening , the events that instigated the walkout were not refered to by the BBC in scotland , so left most folk scratching their heads as to what happend to bring this about ,

    Cue questions to be answered BBC WHY NO COVERAGE ? and as ever silence from Pacific Heights , dont question us we are the BBC .

  17. Robert Graham says:

    Way Way off Topic , sitting with a white shirt on because I don’t have the correct top Supporting my new Team Yep Tunisia , sound muted because I am all out of sick bags and can’t bare the Engurland Puerile commentators and their belief the audience are supporting their team , come on Tunisia get right into them .
    Are you listening Smith of the BBC we ain’t supporting your team, and the feckrs have just scored a definite off side goal , #%~<€$$?|{ Bar-stewards .

    • Cubby says:

      Nearly bust my telly at the start of the programme when the BBC played a made up film that England had won the World Cup in 2018 complete with the one show the news and Trafalgar Square celebrations etc etc

      England the only country that can show a film that they have won the World Cup before they have even kicked a ball. English exceptionalism and superiority complex mixed with sporting delusion in all its glory. Unbelievable. Decided not to watch it after that.

      • Robert Harrison says:

        Well when it’s finally announced they got eliminated you can laugh your head of heck i will join you there.

  18. Cubby says:

    Watching the Sewell convention debate in HoCommons. Mundell and loads of Scot Tories not there. Must be watching the football. Shows their priorities. Only in a Westminster can they have the debate nearly a week after the vote. Westminster style democracy for Scotland.

    Heard Douglas Ross speak. Lie after lie. Accused SNP of not supporting devolution. The snp did not initially because of the lack of powers proposed but came on board when additional powers were added e.g. Media. The treacherous Labour Party then removed media at the last minute. The Tories who have never wanted the Scottish parliament and have an agenda to close the parliament saying the snp was against the Scottish parliament. Unbelievable.

    As the dug says we should change the name to the Sewer convention.

    • Robert Graham says:

      Cubby- For all that missed the debate I guess the BBC in Scotland will provide a detailed summary of all the main points just so their devoted Scottish audience are kept well up to date with all relevant information, no doubt the highlight will be the sterling work Fluffy & the other Tories are doing in protecting Scottish people’s interests,
      And as everyone wakes up and says what the f/k happened have we all been dreaming YES yah stupid dopes ! Not in anyone’s wildest dreams would that ever happen and the ones who voted Tory in the hope they actually cared are brought to earth with a bump , Well we told you Suckers .

      Just another day in this crap union nothing to report, same shit different Day .

      • Cubby says:

        Robert I’m planning a visit to my Tory mp for East Ren. Masterton – looks like a geek. He stood up and read out each and every one of the powers that are being passed to the Scot parliament and then sat down. I have heard some boring speeches but that takes the biscuit. I will be asking him some bloody awkward questions. Probably water of a ducks back to him but will make me feel better.

  19. Welsh Sion says:

    And this from the Leader of Plaid Cymru in the House of Commons:

    • chicmac says:

      Speaking truth unto power, great job by that lass. Used to be a CV requirement for journalism back in the days when the UK was still a democracy.

    • Macart says:

      Sadly a not unexpected result at the end of debate, but the lady spoke well.

      The debate itself was a farce in terms of procedure. How and ever it was important in terms of who was seen to represent their country’s interests and how those interests are continually at the mercy of a massive democratic deficit.

      It highlighted, once again, why this system of government is undemocratic and unrepresentative at best, hopelessly dysfunctional at worst.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Wacthing that as long as Wales is run by labour Wales is not to be trusted carwen Jones is going against us in the supreme Court the coward.

  20. Catherine says:

    Brilliant from Liz Saville Roberts from Plaid Cymru. Watched a good bit of the debate but so much of it was pretty dismal from the Scottish Tories and Scottish Labour. I needed a break from it and sorry that I missed this speech. Amazing that all those Tories did arrive to vote even although there were not there for the debate. The Secretary of State for Scotland……well……what can you say.!!!!!!

    • Cubby says:

      Catherine was it a coincidence that the vote happened at the end of the football? I don’t think so. Roberts speech and others were excellent. mcDonald from the SNP was was worthy of a particular mention. My own MPs speech the Tory Masterton was dire. He paints himself as some sort of super brain. He was boring but at least not a total Bampot like most of the Tories who spoke. Ross, Thomson and Kerr – the three amigos.

  21. If we needed any more confirmation that Mundell is a mere poodle whom the WM Establishment disregard and cannot be trusted to debate off the cuff in the HoC, then watching him sit in a dwam while David Lidington lied his head off in summarising the ‘negotiaions’ between WM and Holyrood and the massive concessions the Blue Tories had made to Mike Russell, and how it was all NS fault, ya de ya de ya, was that final straw.
    The little coward would not even speak for himself. He got his English Master to tell off the Sweaties while he sat there gazing mindlessly into the middle distance.
    Tories joined the debate after watching the world cup and voted, just to ensure a Brit Nat majority.
    It is clear that they don’t give a toss any more.

  22. Who will speak for Scotland?
    Not David Mundell.
    Not Ian Murray. Not Mundell’s Dirty Dozen. Not Liar Carmichael.
    They were is the Diners’ Car on the Westminster Gravy Train yesterday, defending ‘the Union’ and their fat wage packets and exes.
    The good of Scotland is the last thing on their minds.

    • wm says:

      Hello Jack just to let you know I am still here. I watched the debate on the Parliment channel, the Scottish labour and lib dems are getting better at sitting on their fence, we had a we game looking at their eyes while they joined their pals the Scottish tories to say SNP bad. the game was you had to guess who the pure liers were, and the ones that were just pure thick. They all have one thing in common and that is looking after their jobs, at the expence of the Scttish people. Some of them could’nae even spell MP.

      • Hi, wm. I am sure that Ian Murray and David Mundell will be announcing their engagement soon.
        I don’t know why the man in the three piece Butcher’s Apron suit doesn’t just cross the floor and sit with his fellow Blue Tories.
        Obsequious little toad of a chancer. It is small wonder that his Red Tory colleagues have ostracised him.

  23. Julia Gibb says:

    Issues such as the McCrone report and many, many other critical pieces of information are not in the public domain for one simple reason – we have no Scottish media.

    If journalism existed at any level in this country we would have achieved Independence a long time ago.

    The plus side is the Internet and our ability to bypass the propaganda of the MSM.

    The screaming headlines regarding Fake News by our media are quite amusing given that is what they have delivered for decades.

    • Cubby says:

      Spot on Julia. The only good news is bit by bit more and more people are coming to realise that is the case. Just as in the Soviet Union the people came to eventually realise that Pravda was telling them propaganda lies and this will happen in Scotland.

  24. Macart says:

    Pretty much last night’s debate and vote underscores just why the political union is wrong and broken on so many levels. (shrugs) Who knew?

    It didn’t matter that the arguments were with the devolved legislations. That they were in the moral and ethical right of those arguments. The procedure of the house, the legality it used to underwrite its vote and the sheer numbers commanded by those opposed to that argument, meant it was always going to lose.

    D. E. M. O. C. R. A. T. I. C.
    D. E. F. I. C. I. T.

    Noun: any situation in which there is believed to be a lack of democratic accountability and control over the decision-making process.

    Much like the argument for independence itself. Three hundred plus years of propaganda, the machinery of the UK state and media behind the anti independence argument and an entirely manufactured/propagated narrative won the day in September 2014. It didn’t have the moral or ethical right on its side, but it claimed the victory regardless. It used democracy against itself in order to deny people the right to govern themselves.

    It didn’t matter who was right or wrong, only who could field more advantage to win. All their numbers, their power and their influence didn’t make them right. It simply made them more able to get across the finish line and take the win. It doesn’t make the laws they pass and the legislation they enact right or good either. Ask the UN what they think of the UK’s benefits sanctions, universal credit, immigration policy… etc, etc. Too many appalling acts in human history carry the law of the day on their shoulders.

    Thing about power and influence though? It doesn’t last forever. It can be here one day and gone the next. Also? They’re not the only ones who can use laws and a system. Those laws and that system can be used the right way. Just as a system can be used against people, it can also be used for them and against itself.

    An ability to influence and manipulate the thoughts and votes of an electorate can only last so long as the next lie holds up and people vote for them. When you’ve seen a thing for yourself, it can’t be unseen and the lie can’t ever hold sway over your opinion ever again. You take your choice and your vote back. You empower yourself at that point. They only have this power so long as you allow them to. You decide who is more fit to wield it and administer to your needs. I’d say what people have seen in the past two weeks won’t be forgotten in a hurry. Folk should know how to use those memories by now. You don’t have to take what they’re doling out and you don’t have to accept their laws and legislation forever.

    Coming to a ballot box near you soon.

  25. Evan Davis on Newsnight last night allowed Ruth Davidson free reign to rubbish Scotland’s health service..there she was unchallenged yet again backing Big T and the English NHS ‘ Brexit bonanza’ and urging the SNP to spend the farcical £2 billion which will come to Scotland on our NHS.
    Well, you may recall my earlier ‘rant’ on England’s NHS.


    Miles Briggs and Annie Wells will champion Health in Scotland under the New regime. (Panic now.)

    Here are some abstracts from news reports on English Health and Care under Ruth Davidson’s Party at WM:-

    “The Conservatives have been accused of “economic murder” for austerity policies which a new study suggests have caused 120,000 deaths.
    The paper (BMJ Study) found that there were 45,000 more deaths in the first four years of Tory-led efficiencies than would have been expected if funding had stayed at pre-election levels.
    On this trajectory that could rise to nearly 200,000 excess deaths by the end of 2020, even with the extra funding that has been earmarked for public sector services this year.
    Real terms funding for health and social care fell under the Conservative-led Coalition Government in 2010, and the researchers conclude this “may have produced” the substantial increase in deaths.
    The paper identified that mortality rates in the UK had declined steadily from 2001 to 2010, but this reversed sharply with the death rate growing again after austerity came in.
    And the majority of those were people reliant on social care, the paper says: “This is most likely because social care experienced greater relative spending constraints than healthcare.”
    “It is now very clear that austerity does not promote growth or reduce deficits – it is bad economics, but good class politics,” [Professor King ]said. “This study shows it is also a public health disaster. It is not an exaggeration to call it economic murder.”

    Professor Martin Roland Emeritus Professor of Health Services Research, University of Cambridge said: “This study suggests that a change happened to cause deaths to stop declining around 2014. This is likely to be a correct finding. However, the link to health and social care spending is speculative as observational studies of this type can never prove cause and effect.”

    NHC England cancelled Operations
    The main points from the latest release are:
    • During the quarter ending 31st March 2018, 25,475 operations were cancelled at the last minute for non-clinical reasons by NHS providers. In the same period in 2016/17, there were 21,219 cancelled operations.
    • Cancelled operations during the quarter represented 1.3% of all elective activity, which is higher than the corresponding percentage in the same period in 2016/17 (1.1%).
    • Of these cancellations 2,948 (11.6%) of patients were not treated within 28 days of a cancellation. In the same period in 2016/17, 1,663 (7.8%) of patients were not treated within 28 days.
    The NHS is “haemorrhaging” nurses with one in 10 now leaving the NHS in England each year, figures show.

    More than 33,000 walked away last year, piling pressure on understaffed hospitals and community services.

    The figures – obtained by the BBC from NHS Digital – represent a rise of 20% since 2012-13, and mean there are now more leavers than joiners.

    Nurse leaders said it was a “dangerous and downward spiral”, but NHS bosses said the problem was being tackled.
    More than 10% of the nursing workforce have left NHS employment in each of the past three years
    The number of leavers would be enough to staff more than 20 average-sized hospital trusts
    More than half of those who walked away in the last year were under the age of 40
    Leavers outnumbered joiners by 3,000 last year, the biggest gap over the five-year period examined by the BBC
    Brexit may have had an impact. Since the referendum the NHS has gone from EU joiners outnumbering leavers to the reverse – more leavers than joiners
    Nurses are being pulled off research work, special projects and admin roles to plug the gaps

    BUT NOTE:-
    In Northern Ireland and Scotland, the leaver rates are rising. In the most recent years, 7.5% of nurses left NHS employment in Northern Ireland and 7.2% did so in Scotland. But in both nations, the number of joiners outnumbered leavers.

    Two in three hospitals and half of GP practices now have shortages of doctors, a poll of medics suggests.

    Doctors said they were being forced to “juggle” large numbers of patients and leave many suffering delays because of shortages of staff.
    Two thirds of doctors said Accident & Emergency services had deteriorated in the last year, while even more said access to GPs had worsened.

    The poll of 900 doctors found 71 per cent of those working in hospitals had seen shifts left uncovered, because of staff shortages, while 47 per cent of GPs reported vacancies in their practice.”
    Last night, Ruth Davidson argued that the ‘economic murder’ of 120,000 UK citizens was a ‘price worth paying’ to get the deficit down while reducing taxes to Big Business and the Rich.
    It is only the Many who have to pay the price, many by dying because of her zealous fascism, as she sits cheerily grinning in mock embarrassment as Davis reminds her that she’s being tipped for High Office.
    Has England gone completely off its rocker?
    The English Health service is in meltdown yet this jumped up wee Scottish Never was is given the Royal Treatment by BBC London yet again.
    Her precious UK is at the End of Days.

    • Robert Harrison says:

      They don’t even hide the fact they think we are scum and look down on us makes me so angry I want to break every bone in there bodys I hate cons always have always will.

      • Robert, they’d love it if we lost the rag.
        Saracens would be speeding up the Royal Mile and gunboats would set sail from the Faslane stockade to quell the rebellious horde.
        ‘Don’t get mad, get the house’. Zsa Zsa Gabor.
        They are destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of Scots, killing thousands by government edict, attempting to dismantle the Devolution Settlement, and won’t rest until our civic society is destroyed and Richard Branson owns the Health service.
        They are beneath contempt. They have no morality or compassion. The Market and profit is all that matters.
        They are the epitome of evil.
        Despise them, yes. But resist raising a hand to them.
        They will rot in hell for their deeds, if there is such a place. Probably G4S has bought out the devil by now.
        We are nearly there. Just as Davidson conveniently fucks off on Maternity Leave, in the autumn, the Brexshit will hit the fan.
        Then and only then will Scots realise what the English Oligarchy are up to. Destroy Scotland.

  26. Cubby says:

    Recent days have made it clear to even the most anti independence but devolution supporter that devolution is just a mirage. Devolution is power retained by Westminster. The vow is just a fraudulent act perpetrated on the people of Scotland. Even Murray Foote knows that. The vow is just the latest in a long list of lies broken promises and deceit.

    The Tories have made it clear that devolution is only there when it suits them. They run things and have done so for more than 300 years so if Scotland is crap as they say well they are just criticising themselves.

    Independence is and always has been the only solution.

  27. johnny come lately says:

    Unfortunetly sites such as this are echo chambers. All too often most think, that if it’s not reported by the msn then it’s simply not true. We must have the most docile, uncaring population in the world.

    • Cubby says:

      The numbers for independence have always been on the rise. It’s just a matter of time. More and more realise the media is an arm of the British state.

  28. Macart says:

    If you want to know the why of independence and why bringing government back to the people matters? If you want to know why government should NOT have access to unchecked or unaccountable powers?

    THEN WATCH THIS FROM 34mins till the end at 44mins.


    The principle is simple readers. Should the people of a country have the right to govern themselves? Should they be able to hold their government to account? Should the sovereign power of a nation, the right to choose and decide, lie with you? Three simple questions, plus one more.

    What kind of country do you want?

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