This is what contempt looks like

Back before the independence referendum, Ruth Davidson told us that a vote to remain a part of the UK was a vote to strengthen and entrench devolution. Aye. Right.  As far as Scottish democracy is concerned, the Westminster Parliament is the biggest waste of time since someone tried to explain to Scottish Tory MSP Jackson Carlaw that roadsigns in the Gaelic language don’t actually cause potholes. When Ewok Mundell, the supposed voice of Scotland in the UK cabinet, failed to present the necessary amendments to the EU Exit bill at the third reading or the report stage some months ago, he faithfully promised Scotland’s MPs that they’d be able to debate how the EU Exit Bill was going to affect the devolution settlement when the bill was returned from the House of Lords to the Commons. Well fat chance of that.

Instead of a strengthened and entrenched devolution we got a motion passed in Westminster that permits the UK Government to trash the Scotland Act, to throw a bucket of cold water on the last dying embers of the Sewel Convention, and to thumb their nose at the result of the Scottish devolution referendum. In the UK, the only referendum results that need to be respected are those that suit the Tories.

No Scottish MPs were called to speak. Instead of Scotland’s MPs holding the Westminster Government to account for its handling of Scottish interests, we got just over 15 minutes of Tories using the debate as an opportunity to slag off the Scottish Government, followed by an hour of points of order, most of which were equally composed of Tories using the debate as an opportunity to slag off the Scottish Government.  This is what passes for Scotland’s ability to hold the UK Government to account in the House of Commons. Several of those Tory MPs seemed indignant that anyone from the SNP should express any opinion at all.

The devolution issue was only allocated a short amount of time by the British Government’s managers. There was no time to move any amendments. There was all of 19 minutes allocated to discuss Clause 15 which deals with devolution (originally Clause 11 of the EU Exit Bill). This is the clause which seizes powers over devolved competencies for seven years. Scotland’s MPs were not given any time to debate and discuss it, despite the promises made by the Scottish Secretary of State.

The SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford addressed the Speaker of the House of Commons, asking what options were available to MPs to ensure that the British Government really understands the real concern that people in Scotland have about this unprecedented power grab and how can Scottish MPs make sure that their voices are heard. A Tory MP shouted in reply, “suicide”. You’ll have had your valued and equal partner in a family of nations, Scotland.

The Scottish Conservatives naturally sided with their bosses to allow the devolution settlement to be unilaterally trashed by the British Government, and the Labour party and the Lib Dems did bugger all to stop them. You can expect the Tories to do all they can to destroy the powers of the Scottish Parliament. It’s what Tories do. Well that and answering every question with “Scotland doesn’t want another referendum.” Being surprised that the Conservative party is bent on trashing the devolution settlement is like being surprised that Dracula doesn’t give blood donations.

Labour on the other hand pose as the party of devolution. The devolution settlement was their baby. Labour sold the devolution settlement to Scotland after the long dark nightmare of the Thatcher era as a means for Scotland to protect itself from untrammelled Tory rule. Yet when that devolution settlement is threatened by the Conservatives, Labour wrings its hands and does nothing to stop it. They would prefer to see the devolution settlement destroyed, a settlement that the people of Scotland voted for in two referendums, rather than stand against the UK Government and take the same side as an SNP administration in Holyrood. When Scotland is threatened, you can always count on Labour to abstain.

You know, personally I may be a strong advocate for Scottish independence, but holding the view that Scotland is best served by remaining a part of the UK is a perfectly legitimate opinion. It’s not my opinion. I think those who hold that view are profoundly mistaken, but there is nothing inherently dishonourable in the belief that Scotland should remain a part of the UK.

However what really sticks in my craw is when opponents of independence are so terrified of adding fuel to the fires of evil separatism by overtly criticising the UK Government’s treatment of Scotland and its trashing of the devolution settlement that they refuse to stand up for Scotland within their precious UK. It means that even on their own terms they are failing because they would rather that Scotland was abused within this so-called Union than give succour to those of us who seek self-determination. That is dishonourable. That is contemptible.

By failing to stand up for Scotland’s interests within the UK all they are proving is that the only way Scotland’s interests can be served is through independence. They are making the case for independence by demonstrating that Scotland’s voice cannot be heard within the framework of the UK. That’s precisely what we saw in the sham debate in the House of Commons this evening. For those of you who cling to the quasi-religious belief that St Jeremy of Corbyn will deliver us from Tory evil, you got your answer today. Jeremy doesn’t give a toss about Scotland’s interests. When push comes to shove you can rely on the Labour party to abstain. Hugh Gaffney made a wee intervention before abstaining. It wasn’t a remotely useful intervention, but at least we can be grateful that he didn’t say anything racist or homophobic.

It’s at moments like this that you wonder what the point is of Scotland sending MPs to Westminster. And the answer is, none. There is no point. The Tories were always going to ram this measure through by fair means or foul. It’s clearer now than it ever was that if Scotland is going to make her voice heard, it can’t be done through the British Parliament. That’s not a Parliament that speaks for us. It’s a Parliament that dictates to us.  It’s a Parliament that ignores us.  It’s a Parliament that treats us with contempt.

After the independence referendum, the playwright Alan Bisset pointed out that those who voted No might have thought that they were demonstrating their faith and belief in Britain, but that’s not how the British establishment saw it. The British establishment saw it as weakness and vulnerability. They were always going to see the No vote as the opportunity to take advantage, and that’s precisely what they’ve done. This is what contempt looks like.

Enough of this farce.

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81 comments on “This is what contempt looks like

  1. John says:

    Ah, but no doubt in the morning the media will tell us (if we’re told anything at all about this) that there were some minor objections by a minority party to a matter of procedure. I watched some of this farce and couldn’t believe the cynicism of some of those on the government benches who claim to hold democracy as precious. Appalling.

  2. As ever right on the money
    The Union will rue this day
    In the long history of these Islands this day will be talked about and written about for centuries as the day the Union started it’s unrvalling in earnest
    They’ve destroyed the very thing they were trying to protect
    Thieir Union

  3. Capella says:

    Spot on Paul. We’ve all had enough of this farce. Now is the time to move on.

  4. Macart says:

    Grim Paul and yes, though expected, still gutted.

    It was going to come to this from the second the idea of repatriating powers came to light. There was always going to be a power grab and the Scottish parliament and government were always going to fight to retain them. Westminster, in its desperation, arrogance and ignorance, were pretty much guaranteed to pilfer them anyway.

    People needed to see it. See it and understand, FULLY, the nature of Scotland’s relationship and place within the Westminster system of government. They needed to see who would stand to defend their powers, their rights and their parliament.

    And who would sell them out for their own narrow party political agendas.

    Today Westminster drove a JCB through not only the standing devolution settlement, but the result of 2014 and the promise of the UK going forward.

    As I said earlier in the last post – No pooling and sharing. No broad shoulders. No devolution journey. No leading with… No consideration. No partnership. No respect. No empathy.

    What they’re doing today in that chamber isn’t democracy.

  5. nijinski says:

  6. Mark Austin says:

    The SNP and Sturgeon will do nothing. Sturgeon bottled it last year and the British government took it as a cue she was no longer a threat. Sturgeon is a quizling. Tonight I have resigned from the SNP after 40 years of being a member. Now is the time for the true patriots to avenge the contempt towards our country. The war of liberation has begun.

    • FM says:

      Do you know Peter Dow?

    • benmadigan says:

      I think all SNP branches and members in the MPs constituencies should call for an urgent emergency meeting on the proposal

      “we call our MP back to Scotland and support his/her abstentionism from Westminster”.

      Hopefully the MPs agree !

      Once those motions are passed, there will be a breathing space to formulate an emergency SNP policy. Pity this happened after conference, not a week or two before.
      And Scotland can take it forward from there as things develop

    • Richard James Robertson says:

      Hae ma doubts – know your enemy and it is not the SNP

      • Philip Maughan says:

        If the SNP roll over and don’t make a stand then they simply endorse the Parliamentary system that’s just shafted Scotland. Self-determination is as much about dignity and self-respect as the economy. To do nothing after such a humiliation will, quite rightly, be seen as supine and deserving of contempt.We can all blame Labour’s lack of backbone in this matter but now we need to see the SNPs backbone.

        • wm says:

          The SNP,Greens & Scotish Socialists are the only parties with backbone, the Scottish Britsh Nationalist Parties are to busy crawling up the a**e of their London/South East bosses(the red,yellow & blue Tories) to think about supporting Scotland. I say this as an ex Labour Voter.

  7. Maria Sheridan says:

    Paul, you recently asked for our favourite quotes …..sorry, but there are so many I couldn’t decide. But reading this column after watching the Westminster Circus tonight …..this is the most powerful quote for me…”Enough of this farce” and so say all of us who are awake and aware.

  8. xsticks says:

    The UK is now a tory dictatorship. London is Madrid and we are Catalonia (but not quite)

    We have once chance that must be taken before 19th March 2019 or we will be locked into their grasp. They will have “catched Scotland and will bind her fast.” (the Speaker of the English House of Commons 1707).

    I seriously fear for the future of Scotland now.

    Bold actions are required as time is short. Do we have what it takes?

    • Tol says:


      Don’t be fooled by that offical Brexit schedule. It is as reliable as David Mundell’s promise to table amendments….ZIP.

      Scotland’s deadline must be before Westminster can activate their insidious Brexit legislative agenda…including the all-consuming Henry VIII powers.

      If Westminster crashes out or passes the legislation early, that may be well before March 2019.

  9. GrahamB says:

    Yes, “enough of this farce”. Time to fight back.
    Starting with getting rid of all the anti-Scotland MPs. However until we get another GE we can’t shift them but we can make life uncomfortable for them. Anyone unlucky enough to have a unionist MP as their stooge in WM should go along to surgeries and ask awkward questions. In particular Mundell needs to get constituents camped out on his doorstep. If I knew how to formulate a parliamentary petition to remove Mundell from his ministerial post I would start one, anyone able to get a petition going?

  10. Ricky says:

    Now is the time for the SNP to show what they have , do they have the backbone to do what is needed , and by that I mean legally dissolve the union . No mention of independence , no mention of leaving the UK , dissolve the union and have and attempt to force federalism ( I know it won’t work , but to get no voters on side ) when the Tories say no , we become a self governing independent nation state once more . No guts no glory .

  11. Fillofficer says:

    “Enough of this farce”
    Indeed, Paul
    Alan Bissett predicted the future so accurately, is he a time lord, I wonder
    Anxious times for us jocks the noo

    • Craig P says:

      He’s no time lord.

      He was just alert enough to learn a lesson from the Thatcher years, which the majority of Scots who actually suffered the 1980s and are still around somehow failed to do.

      The only question is, how will they screw us over next?

  12. stewartb says:

    “It’s at moments like this that you wonder what the point is of Scotland sending MPs to Westminster. And the answer is, none.”

    This is true but it has been painfully evident for some time.

    On the matter of EU/Brexit alone, the democratic irrelevance of a majority of the Scottish electorate and the majority of Scottish MPs has been stark and cumulative: (i) didn’t support the Cameron government that proposed an EU referendum; (ii) didn’t support the formal calling of an EU referendum; (iii) voted ‘remain’ in that referendum – supported by even Unionist party leaders in Scotland; (iv) did not support the implementation of Article 50; (v) compromise proposals on single market and currency union ignored by the UK government; (vi) ‘power grab’ proposals now rammed through in the most disrespectful manner and with Labour and LibDem complicity.

    And alongside all this, ‘now is not the time’ for us to have the opportunity to decide on a different path! Sorry, the time is already passed.

    • Cubby says:

      Well said Stewart’s.

      For a long time I have thought and said that too many people believe we live in Scotland in a democracy. It is not a democracy. It may at first glance appear to be a democracy but upon closer inspection it is a FAUX democracy.

      We live in a dictatorship. A WESTMINSTER DICTATORSHIP. If you are happy to live in such a dictatorship don’t bother coming along to Bannockburn. If you believe this is unacceptable go to the Bannockburn march on Sat 23 June and every other All under one banner march to send a message to the SNP to do something about this.

      • crabbitgits says:

        Your right Cubby; Now Is The Time. Now is the time for all red blooded Scots, men and woman to stand up and fight back. And Bannockburn on 23rd is the exact way to start. We need to send a message loud and clear to our politicians here in Scotland that enough is enough and to finally end this sham of a union. Sturgeon asked us all to get organised and send her a signal that we’re ready, well then it’s time we did! Lets do it. I’ve had it and pig sick of this shit coming from London. Wake up Scotland and rise to the challenge! Grasp the thistle once again or forever be at the mercy of the fools down in Westminster! it’s in our hands.

  13. hbtw says:

    The Scottish MPs ,59 of them, should repudiate the treaty of union of 1706 and carry out Maggie Thatcher’s advice with the majority of Scots MPs, 35 SNP are the majority, withdrawing their support for Westminster and declaring the union ended.

  14. astytaylor says:

    Time to grasp the nettle, seize the day, wake the heck up.

  15. manandboy says:

    Today, Scotland received a death sentence. Death to Democracy for Scots; death to Devolution and death to any political self-respect which Scotland might have had.

    Today, as rarely before, we saw naked the contempt in which Scots are held by the English ruling classes.

    Today was a day of humiliation for Scotland as Westminster had its way while Scotland chose to do nothing about it.

    Though many in Scotland are oblivious to what took place in the House of Commons today, Westminster will make sure they feel the effects of it for a long time to come. Unless of course Scotland comes up with an answer. Over to the Scottish Government.

    • Tol says:


      Well put.

      Scotland must must move from a position of its own strength – a sovereign country (not a colony)…Why would a sovereign country “ask permission” of another country?

  16. Ronald Gillies says:

    We picked a fight with a big guy with the referendum. We lost it but gave him a fright. There’s alway punishment after an event like that. This is it. Nae point in complaining. Time to watch the spiders again.

  17. hettyforindy says:

    SNP need eyes in the backs of their heads quite frankly. When the Labour branch in Scotland voted against the power grab I thought, hmm, I just don’t trust them, what is gtheir game here?
    Hmm, I wonder why. Their agenda? To portray themselves as actually working in favour of the people of Scotland, while in fact, their ploy was to ensure that the UKGov’s power grab went ahead with no problem at all. So, let’s see how the Britnat rags report this, if at all.

    A cunning lot these establishment troughers, you know, paid a huge wage, to shaft Scotland, while making it look like they were in favour of devolution being protected. The only thing the Britnats in Scotland have done is to protect themselves and their own interests, they will be the new lords, at £300 a day. Disgusting slugs.

    These people take their orders from their London masters, and beyond, dodgy regimes.
    They hunt, they know how to outfox, how to make it seem all is faux safe and cosy, only to pounce on the unsuspecting prey, ie Scotland!

    It’s sickening, and not to be downplayed at all the seriousness of this. It’s huge, it’s dangerous and it is not trivial in any way. Fracking, nulcear waste dump, massive pipes taking away Scotland’s water, the clean bits, massive unemployment, no healthy service, tuition fees, mass exodus, and yes as that Tory git of an MP said, what’s left? ‘Suicide’. Let’s hope there is a place in hell for him and his ilk.

    Next move? Eyes in the back of your head SNP, not to be outfoxed again.

  18. hettyforindy says:

    health service, doh!

  19. Catherine says:

    Thank you Paul for putting into words how I feel just now. Watched that so called debate. Absolutely shocking. Full of admiration for the SNP MPs down there. I honestly do not know how they put up with it. The Scottish Tories are an absolute disgrace and certainly do not represent their constituents in Scotland. Too busy trying to be noticed and heard by their Tory masters in London. Labour and Lib Dem MPs were as bad, why did they abstain? I just hope this farce makes the people of Scotland realise that we certainly need to get out of the so called Union.

  20. Ken Clark says:

    Glad to see you have, as always, the words to express what the rest of us feel, Paul.

    Oddly, it was expected. The arrogance, the ignorance, all of it. I was however taken aback about how f’n blatant it was.

    Angry doesn’t cover it, but tomorrow that will change to a cool fury, with one goal. Independence.

    These idiots are driving it, but are too arrogant to believe it possible because, as we were warned by Allan Bissett, the English establishment now believe we are weak.

    They took Scots’ loyalties and rubbed their faces in it.

    After tonight’s events let’s see how far they will go in order to cloak Scotland in a union flag.

    The English long for their own “independence”, along with a forlorn 21st century search for Empire 2.

    Let’s make sure it’s dated pre-1707. It’s the least we can do to send them on their way.

    • It was the sheer, brazen brass-neck of it that struck me, too, Ken. They did everything but give us the middle finger. I am still fizzing with rage!

      • Ken Clark says:

        Yes, A’bh, it was a the middle finger, but it’s going to end up their own arse.

        Apologies for mental image. 🙂

        I thought I’d have cooled down by now, but went for a copy of the National earlier and made the mistake of checking the other front pages.

        “Fizzing” sums up my current mood, but in no way suicidal.

  21. Robert Graham says:

    This will be the third time I have tried to post a comment without resorting to foul and really colourful language directed at the fools who voted NO in 2014 .

    Their No vote got them exactly that NOthing , and what’s more the older generation who would still vote no , need to be confronted with the simple fact , All the protection the SNP government were providing has gone ,
    in the space of possibly 15 – 20 Minutes , the time allocated to preserve your parliament. English Tory MPs have just Mugged You , does that make your day .

    Happy Now Suckers ? .

  22. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Indeed this is what contempt looks like.

    This is a scandal nothing less.

    The TV and Radio and newspapers will be briefed to ignore the whole thing.

    A large number of our fellow Scots simply dont understand whats being done to them and their families.

    The normal processes have been ended by this, a choice made by the Regime in Westminster a decision taken in the full knowledge that the democratic process is nearing an end.

    Do our enemies want to provoke something or are they confident that they have divided the Scottish people sufficiently to allow this to stand.

    Of course the whole thing dispels any suggestion that there is any difference between Labour and the Tories when it comes to Scotland.

    New thinking is now required a different approach is being forced on us.

  23. Wonderful. Paul.
    It was what we expected, and it is panning out just as an arrogant WM English/Scottish Branch of the Establishment wants it to.
    They genuinely believe that we were holed under the water in 2014, and that there is no appetite for a second Referendum.
    Today the mass English ranks delighted in humiliating Scotland, while 24 Red Blue and Yellow Scots Tory MPs watched on.
    They crushed us underfoot and 24 Brit Nat Scots sat silent.

    The Blue Tories have 13 MPs, 31MSP’s. most of whom are list constituency failures, yet today they swept Scotland aside in their contemptuous disregard for democracy and devolution.

    It is apparent that they consider Scotland a conquered territory, a colony, an English possession, and that the matter was settled 4 years ago, forever.

    In Mundell’s eyes, and Davidson’s, and the rest of their destructive crew, Scotland no longer exists.

    To millions of us, this is the final straw.

    We shall have a second vote, and no English politician will stop us. They will argue that they can, confirming what we already knew.

    We are a subjugated race in their eyes, like Palestine, or Cyprus, or Ireland, or India.

    Well, this worm has turned.I am tempted to consider UDI, that’s how enraged I am with this farce.

    If the Fifth Column Fourth Estate Up here on telly or in newspaper columns attempt to defend this treachery, they will have a hard time getting any pro Self determination politician or activist to appear on their Brit Nat Propaganda programmes.
    Passive resistance.
    They can all talk among themselves on Reporting Scotland.

    Our TV and newspaper broadcasters are Old Guard Unionists from a common ‘culture’ and background, who care not a jot about their fellow Scots and the future of their children under the English (WM) Iron Heel.

    This is not going to end well.

    Well, I expect to see Davidson of the toothy grinning ba’ face on BBC Reporting Scotland tomorrow laughing her feckin’ head off at this betrayal of the land of her birth by her WM colleagues.

    Come on, Toodle Oo The Noo, tell us how great your precious Feckin’ Union is now.

    As for the Red Tories, they are happy for tens of thousands of the Scots ‘Many’ to die at the hands of English engineered destruction of our civic society, just to hold on to their cruddy little jobs.

    I am beyond reasoning with any of them

    We must seize the day, and that day is within the year.

    There can be no doubt now that we cannot wait beyond the end of March 2019, when Wangland crashes out of the EU on a No Deal fit of pique.
    On April the 1st 2019, we would be at the mercy of Mundell and his Quislings, who will gladly oversee the destruction of Scotland, its society, its economy, and its place in the world, for English booty.

    I observed last week that we are at war. It certainly feels like that after today’s insult.

  24. Molly McC says:

    “If we vote NO, London will hear only this! Do whatever the Hell you like to Scotland,because we don’t care enough about ourselves to stop you”.

    Alan Bissett, Author 2014

  25. Molly McC says:

    I meant to add to my post above, that when Allan penned that prophecy in 2014 I thought dear god don’t let it come to that. It has. Scotland, PLEASE fix it.

  26. Macart says:

    Measured response is the only response.

    Be angry by all means, but be measured. This was entirely expected by Westminster government. It is who they are and what they do.

    Oh and the SNP aren’t the problem here. They never were. They work within the boundaries the PUBLIC set for them in 2014. It’s the public who need convincing. It’s persuadable no voters from the first indyref.

    Those who felt federalism possible. Those who were intimidated and voted out of fear or uncertainty. Those who felt indy, but not yet and those who felt ‘give devolution one more go for old times sake’.

    Back then they couldn’t or wouldn’t believe UK gov or Westminster parliament would do what they have done in that chamber. Whatever the reason, we simply failed to convince enough of the electorate last time out.

    Today, mibbies some folk will be more open to reason. So yeah, we could go all outraged (plenty of cause to be sure) and tilt at windmills. Or… mibbies there’s some folk out there looking for help and a reason to help us set things straight.

    Worth a thought.

    • mogabee says:

      Thank you Sam. You are right but yesterday felt almost as bad as after Sep ’14..almost.

      We need, all of us, to stop shouting and blaming the SNP, didn’t Nicola say it was up to the people to make the change!

      To everyone, join a yes group, the SNP or start talking to your neighbours and friends, family too.

      • Macart says:

        Know what you mean. Pretty angry myself, and I was fully expecting this to happen. Indeed, knew it needed to happen and there’s a couple more in the coming summer months equally as bad.

        As I’ve been saying for quite some time, process, consequence, response.

        Worth reading.

  27. grizebard says:

    Paul is right, the biggest betrayal here is not of those Scots who have long given up in expecting any good to come from the Union, but of those who still actually believed it was worth something.

    Now they know better. Or ought to.

  28. Powerfully put, as always, Paul. The “How bloody dare they?” rage I am currently feeling will pass. The only road out of here now is the road to Independence and it cannot come soon enough!

    • Macart says:

      Yes. It was avoidable by Westminster government, but I had zero doubts it’s exactly what they would do regardless. Pet theme of mine, but Westminster will be Westminster. Their own nature determined their course from 19.9.14.

      People need to understand the nature of what they’re dealing with and they also need to understand that if they voted no in 2014, this is what they actually voted for. This is the blank cheque they gave that institution. They chose poorly, but they can choose again.

      What happened yesterday isn’t on the SNP. They work within the constraints set for them by the public in 2014. They work within the powers they are allowed to exercise by the public and by the devolution settlement (NOW ASH). There is more yet to come from this summer in the form of an SC appearance and Brexit. Yesterday is by no means the worst that Westminster government will do to ALL of the devolved legislatures and the populations of these islands.

      Now is a time to be angry, sure, but it’s not the time to fly off half mad with rage. Lose it now and we lose it all. They need the YES movement to go off on one. They need their opponent to fly into a rage. Nothing, but NOTHING, would make them happier. An enraged opponent is an easy target.

      Measured response and process will do what all the rage in the world can’t. It’ll skewer those sociopaths where and when it hurts most.

      Personally, I reckon NOW is the time to start talking to those soft nos from last time out. Reassure them. Hold out our hand. They’re not alone and unlike the unionist parties and their howf on the Thames, they CAN count on us.

      You might find this link useful Wendy. Worth reading.

  29. Tol says:

    Until today there has always been a plausible deniability for Westminster’s subterfuge…..Not any more.

    I am surprised that Scotland is first cab off the rank where Westminster has revealed the true nature of their Brexit intentions. I thought it would be the Irish border or EU citizen’s rights….But NO, Westminster must have calculated that their Scotland subjugation wont spook the others.

    I wrote previously that:
    “While people are mockingly deriding the Tories for lack of planning at ports, the Tory Cabinet has been building the foundations of a new and very dangerous legislative framework. Think of it like a JOIN-THE-DOTS picture….at the moment we the public only see random dots…The full impact will only become obvious once they link them at the end.”

    That picture is now taking shape and Scotland should be very scared.

    Moreover, If the worst Brexit is on the cards…by extension, Westminster must also be planning to never let ‘their cash-cow” Scotland escape. Brexit only works for the rich and powerful if they can bankroll it on your resources and they’ll consume your sovereignty to make sure of it.

    • Tol says:

      After today, there is only one question for Scotland now:


      Everything else can be decided by Scotland after that.

  30. Sam,
    there is nothing quixotic about converting our rage and sense of betrayal into tangible action now.
    Righteous anger is OK sometimes.

    I’d argue that England is not some sort of metaphorical ‘windmill’, and we have more than a trusty steed and lance with which to repel the Alt Right Brit Nat Establishment’s ‘insurgency’.

    The campaign for Scottish Self Determination is not a vainglorious gesture.
    True, there are 58 million of them, and only 5.4 million of us, so we are ordered back in our tartan box because the RH Member for Solihull will decide whether GM crops are planted in Ayrshire, Bathgate is fracked, Kentucky Fried chlorinated cheap US chicken will flood our fast food joints, and Scottish workers rights, health and safety, and wages are held at ‘competitive’ Third World levels?

    For three centuries we have been corralled into submission by the various forms of Establishment government from feudalism to FPTP 85% built in English majority repression.

    We have a WM Government for which we didn’t vote yet again, screaming at our elected representatives to kill themselves, live and in colour, on Toodle Oo The Noo Brit TV, their naked aggression and hatred of Scotland and Scots no longer hidden beneath even a thin veneer of caring and inclusiveness.

    By October it will be clear what sort of Brexit we can expect.

    Eurmageddon will be exposed for what it is: a FPTP coup d’état by the Alt Right fascist English Establishment and their Scottish Branch of Money Men, Merchants, Lords, and ‘Professional Class’.

    They even dismiss the wishes of the 48% of English citizens who wanted to Remain within the EU.

    There is no compromise in a fascist version of ‘democracy’. Crush the defeated underfoot.

    WM considers Scotland defeated and crushed underfoot.
    We have been vanquished. Our only escape, kill ourselves.
    I demand more of my representatives than submission and a slow death by imperialism.

    WE are not lashing out like a moggie trapped in a corner by a rabid dog.

    WE are not in the Last Chance Saloon, on a suicide mission.

    We are Scotland.

    We shall no longer endure many more days like yesterday, outside, looking in, while a baying pack of ‘foreigners’ slap down our representatives, and impose the Imperial will of another nation on our proud nation once again.

    Carpe diem.

  31. Kenzie says:

    The time has come for the Scottish Government to separate the sheep frae the goats and form a National Assembly and Craig Murray gives some credence to this in his collumn. We have to do something. Surely, for even the most supine of proud Scots-but, this is the bloody terminus…or was Burns right all along?

  32. Derick Tulloch says:

    The reason we need MPs at Westminster is that, when a referendum, even an unconditional one won on a majority in the Scottish Parliament, is refused, we need the option to revert to an electoral mandate for independence.

    Refusal of S30 on the grounds Holyrood is devolved, and only Westminster is sovereign, immediately implies that a majority of Scottish MPs, elected on a manifesto of Independence, is all that is needed.

    Withdrawal without that would be pointless

  33. Luigi says:

    Many people are asking how can we get the Scottish people to notice, to fully understand the way we have been treated by WM. Very difficult with a British Nationalist media controlling the airwaves.

    Difficult but not impossible – the answer is for the SNP government to be bold and seize the initiative. So much time was spent placating the SNP NO voters – well it worked spectacularly in 2015 (“it’s not about independence”) but in 2017 the BritNats wised up and the SNP started losing seats. Forget them – they may have provided a few SNP seats in the northeast for a couple of decades, but they are a lost cause – they will always vote NO and have learned to vote tory again.

    To seize the initiative (and media attention), the SNP have to rediscover their angry rebellious side. This fight is going to get dirty and WM will forever change the rules to suit themselves.

    A decade of gradualism and sound management has worked wonders, but the time is approaching for the gloves to come off. A complete recall of SNP mps from WM, telling the world the reason, is an example what they can do. No fear – the people that believe in independence will support this, and the opposers will continue to oppose. The important thing is that the undecideds, that crucial group, will be forced to sit up and pay attention and find out what is really happening.

    Time to be bold. 🙂

  34. ewenart says:

    Dear Dug, I’m one of your regular followers and your post: “This is what contempt looks like” is, in my opinion, perfectly correct and accurately sums up my own conclusions. I’m a member of the SNP. I am now going to reconsider that… why pay for a membership, when your party is looking as if it’s in compliance with London’s Westminster? Unless that party can prove that it’s evidently moving against the people who hold Scotland’s parliament in contempt, then their own members and Scotland’s electorate will feel as if we are equally contemptible!

    Ewen A. Morrison 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴

    • And by resigning from the SNP, I assume that you are pro Self Determination, will achieve exactly what? A speedier smoother path to Independence?
      I have a sense that the Brit Nat Trolls will be out in force:- ‘I’m an SNP member but they have turned out to be useless’ has been used before.
      You propose that being outside the SNP tent pissing in is now your Road to Independence?
      Aye, richt.

      • ewenart says:

        Hello, Jack, and I apologise for this late reply… too much to say, by way of reasons etc. I’m guilty of giving way to a degree of frustration, after all, I’ve been entirely for us regaining our independence since my teenage years! I’m old enough to know better, however, I’m definitely not a teenager and I am aware enough about Alba/Scotland’s history – without mentioning that I realise that our Independence is almost ours again! That first-ever sign of impatience will be my last one!

        Thanks for your interest,


  35. jamescaine709 says:

    1. SNP mp’s remove themselves from the Westminster shit hole.
    2. Send copies of yesterday’s farce to the United Nations and the European Union as evidence of the contempt Scotland is held in by the Westminster government along with other evidence such as the defrauding of the EU and Scotland regarding the EU farming subsidies to Scotland withheld by the Westminster shit hole.
    3. A Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

  36. 16 seconds. That’s how much time BBC Scotland TV Breakfast news devoted to The Great Betrayal this morning in 3 1/4 hours of hegemony from BBC England.
    No mention of Scotland in the ‘national’ news, but endangered bats and the English Team (after all, ‘the nation expects’) got coverage.
    A wee bat is a more endangered mammal than a Scots citizen, apparently.
    BBC Pacific Quay, you are an absolute disgrace.
    The main headline featured a renewed appeal by murder victim Suzanne Pilley’s parents to locate her body 8 years after her death. Certainly a tragedy, but the biggest piece of news affecting Scotland overnight? Who edits this crap?
    What an evil little propaganda unit the Pacific Quay stockade is.
    Toodle Oo For Ever, Taylor and Co.

  37. Clydebuilt says:

    Scots aren’t being told why the power grab matters. They need to be informed about what difference these powers have made!

    Here’s a clear powerful example ( there will be many more)

    The Scottish beef herd have been declared BSE free at least THREE years ahead of England’s due to the actions of the Scottish Government

  38. grafter says:

    There’s no point in continuing with this farce of democracy. It’s time to remove our MP’s from Westminster and to dissolve the Union. Explain to the people of Scotland the reason for doing so loud and clear and begin a Referendum campaign with a target date before 2019.

  39. mogabee says:

    Must admit that last night I could gleefully have bitten the head off of a Labour activist and probably was the angriest and most upset I’ve ever felt. And I knew this would be the result too!!

    80% of me wants all those MP’s of ours to just leave Westminster, I’d even help pack their bags for them.

    But that 20% knows we cannot do that as we have not got the numbers to win a referendum on indy yet.

    But campaign has to begin soon and we have to have our voices heard…and no, not through the media but by talking to people in our local areas.

    We have to leave, there is no respect left…

  40. gerald keogh says:

    The majority of all these comments are so sad to read. However should Scotland ever be totally crippled by Westminster Dictators they will only weaken and destroy their present good fortunes. It is an obvious fact that without Scotland and it’s people England could never ever flourish. The whole world knows that Scotland has an abundance of wealth and resources which Westminster does it’s best to waste.

  41. Bevan got it right when he described Tories as lower than vermin, unfortunately the party that he was proud to support are now no better. Rats, the whole fucking lot of them.

  42. Melvin says:

    Tories are traitors, they should wear balaclavas ,they are terrorists to Scottish democracy. I beleive we have seen the end of th Union with this vote. The SNP should walk out of Westminster and never return. I would not be surprised if there is damage to British government buildings and institutions in Scotland. It’s clear that the British are anti Scottish and we need to mirror that back. Never will this be accepted , Scotland is not a colony.

  43. Iain says:

    I don’t understand the outrage. This is how the UK works and we all know that, including supporters of British nationalist parties, none of whom (I hope) have the nerve to feign concern at Westminster’s Rajoy-style views on democracy. You knew exactly what you were doing when you voted No in 2014 and Tory/Labour last time.

    Those of us with more memory cells than a peanut remember how the Liberal Conservative Labour Party.has struggled through the ages for the right to abstain on important matters and ensure they let their supporters down.

    Power To The People (of anywhere but Jockistan)!

  44. Marconatrix says:

    A good overview of where we find ourselves, I think :

    • Anne Martin says:

      I agree. Listening to this made me feel a lot calmer this morning. I’m as keen as everyone else for things to move on soon but, as Gordon says, it all has to be recognised in international law, so we must try and be patient just a wee while longer and let WM completely shoot themselves in the foot.

  45. Theresa May and her United Kingdom is having their collective arse kicked by Trump and the EU. Like a bully who has been humiliated by bigger bullies, they look around for someone to take their frustrations and humiliations out on. Who’s weaker than us? Who can we bully without recriminations? Who doesn’t have any power? Who doesn’t have any allies to protect them? Ah yes, those Sweaty fcuckin Jocko’s. We can pummel them to our hearts content and there’s not a Goddam thing that they can do about it.”
    We Jocko’s, can now look forward to, “We give these Jocko’s too much in subsidies, and they don’t fcuking appreciate it anyway. All they do is whine. We’ll cut right back on that, from now on”.
    You think yesterday was bad? That was just the start. Holyrood will go. There can be no doubt about that. We will be therefore be ruled by people like David Mundell. With Holyrood, free prescriptions and free tuition will also go. The Bedroom Tax will be back in place. No baby boxes. The elderly, will have their homes sold from under them, to pay for their care. Don’t own your home? To the workhouse or the street then. With Brexit, there won’t be the numbers of care workers to look after the elderly anyway. Even if one did have a house to sell to pay for care, the money would be used up lickity split.
    USA Health corporations are already slavering over our NHS. Any deal with Trump, will include selling off all of it to these mercenary US companies. Trump will make mincemeat of May. He can’t stand her. Can’t disagree with him there.
    As in America, there will be a black market in prescription drugs. The drugs are priced way above the means of Joe Public. The only reason we have access to these drugs is because the Scottish Government chooses to pay them for us, instead of giving tax cuts to the wealthy as in the US. You won’t know what’s in these drugs. Could be anything. The reason the EU never came to an agreement on a trade deal with the USA, is because their standards are so much lower than ours. After Brexit, that won’t be a problem. Our standards will fall like a bag of cement.
    How does £40 per GP visit sound. Pointless anyway, as you won’t be able to pay for the drugs the GP prescribes. Dentist? Expensive now, just wait. Same as for large sections of the American population, many more than now, will be on zero hours contracts. Visits to the dentist will be a thing of the past. We’ll all be walking around placing our hand over our mouth when we smile to hide the gaps, the holes and the rot. Smile? We won’t be doing much of that.

  46. I sincerely hope that NS rips their all singing all dancing three part Better Together harmony SNP BAD tripartite hearts out at FMQ tomorrow. That is if any of them have a heart.
    Sam and Paul are spot on.

    To quote Zsa Zsa Gabor on divorce: ‘Don’t get mad, get the house.’

    Earlier I described my emotion as ‘righteous indignation’.
    I am not a ‘moggie cornered by a rabid dog’.

    But, it is perhaps 12 months now since I declared, ‘No more Mr and Mrs Nice Guy’.
    From now on in, we attack, attack, attack, every newspaper article, every TV and radio broadcast; we use any available media outlet at our disposal to call them out at every turn.

    We must be relentless and ruthless from today until independence day.

    Hands up all those who expect Richard Leonard to stand up tomorrow and apologise for his WM Masters’ shameful display yesterday.

    It will be the usual ‘parish council’ level nonsense, with demands made for Nicola Sturgeon to intervene on LA funding for school orchestras, or another gurney in the corridor of one of our hospitals from Anas Sarwqar, while Rennie, who has been off in England campaigning for one of his English Gravy Trainers, will mumble something about ‘mental health’ or the ‘children’ and what a feck up the Bad SNP are making of everything.
    Pointless meaningless drivel to clog up the Administration, and sell their country down the river.

    It is time we swept these list Never Were Holyrood Freeloaders aside and got down to business: Freeing Scotland from England’s yoke.

    I repeat, and as Macart alludes to here, worse is yet to come over the summer months, when 590 WM MPs are off on their hols to their villas in Tuscany and the Algarve.

    By October, the Brexshit will have hit the fan, and we will know.

    Then, soft Nos and hard Nos alike will face a stark choice.
    I have a sense that many, and it will be a tipping point, will opt for Scotland an independent nation, free to make its own way in the world, in or out of the EU, rather than global isolation and financial meltdown.

    • Robert Graham says:

      Jack agreed ,a bit of real vindictive spite should be shown to all the unionist tractors who take money under false pretences at Holyrood ,

      I believe most of the tories have sneaked in the back door using the De f/k up voting con trick , one for sure is Murdo i dont think he has ever won any election he has stood for , get rid of them from any commitee they sit their ample arses on ,

      The SNP should make life unbearable for Ken the Labour man , eh i dont think he was elected either , i could be wrong , anyway the SNP should intervene every time these arsewipes try the political statement farce under the guise of a question to the first minister .

      The Tories dont recognise the parliament and really dont want to be there so make it very uncomfortable for every one of these wasters .

      • There is no point to FMQ sessions now, Robert.
        England has declared that devolution is dead.
        They really believe that they can overturn any decision, any policy objective presented at Holyrood.
        We have no choice but to leave their crooked Union.

  47. Robert Graham says:

    Yeh the SNP have just walked and told the English to stick their Parliament up their ARSE

    • Macart says:

      Beat me to it. 🙂

      Now it begins.

      • Marconatrix says:

        Ha! You just beat me to that remark, McC 🙂

        • No more Mr and Mrs Nice Guy.
          BBC English lunch time news mentions the walk out, but fails to include WM ‘s power grab as one of the burning issues facing May when summarising the list of EU dilemmas and pitfalls ahead. Ireland of course gets a mention.
          No footage of Bercow banishing the SNP Leader either. I wonder why.
          There is a terrific piece over on WoS on how our media have completely omitted WM treachery over their Power Grab..

          Jo Swinson is more concerned about Wales than the good folk of Bearsden and Milngavie, and Macwhirter at last arrives at the conclusion which we all reached here four years ago, following the farcical Smith Commission:- devolution is dead.

          We have been returned to subjugated colony status, held in check by Fifth Columnists like Mundell Davidson Murray and Carmichael.
          Was it Jock Stein or Bill Shankly who observed that ‘the best form of defence is attack.’
          Attack, attack, attack.

          • Just watched the Scottish TV stockade’s report on the walk out.
            It got as much coverage as the second item, zero tolerance of boorish boozers on airplanes.
            Yer man Porter outside WM commented that Brexit was ‘confusing’, presumably plumbing the depths of banal political comment for which Reporting Scotland aims when catering to the few thousand 61 year olds who now watch the ‘nothing to see here’ nonsense which serves as news and current affairs at the Pacific Quay stockade.
            The bulletin was shorter than usual..I wonder why?

  48. Cubby says:

    Yes that’s more like it SNP. They show us contempt then we show them that we have contempt for the Westminster dictatorship.

    Westminster making up the rules as they go along. Just like the zuK so called constitution. Just make it up as they go along.

  49. Robert Harrison says:

    The snp walked out at pmqs today as bercrow kicked Blackford out for defending Scotland it’s shown the torys are out to take more powers may let it slip in her frist response as it seems that it’s only 80 odd powers which is a close 30 odd powers they want.

  50. Macart says:

    Worth watching.

  51. Robert Graham says:

    The BBC in Scotland are now obliged to break their blanket ban on last night’s vote , the excuses for this blatant omission will be interesting , How did it get to this point BBC ? know one knows because you refused to report it , a national broadcaster aye in yer f/n dreams .

    Tomorrow’s FMQs should be interesting , treat the unionist parties exactly how our MPs are Treated stop the detailed replies to their stupid questions that they dont listen to the answers anyway , get stuck in Nicola and present the unionist parties with their Arses on a plate .

    • Robert Harrison says:

      Well theres a hoop demonstration happening the sametime as fmqs outside holyrood im going to attend it hope to see a lot more there as well.

  52. Marconatrix says:

    Well, make of it what you will …


  53. Peter Barlow says:

    Paul, we are on the same side here, though I don’t always agree with your perspective.

    But this absolutely hits the nail on the head.

    Events on 13th June compounded it – the Speaker according to rule 163 should have held a vote ‘forthwith’. Was it only because Ian Blackford was a Scot? We’ll never know.

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